Thank You Bud Light

And I mean that sincerely.

Dylan Mulvaney and Bud Light DYLAN MULVANEY/INSTAGRAM

If it weren’t for Bud Light we may not have found our ticket out of this mess.  Anheuser-Busch may not have been the very first to tank themselves, but they were definitely the most successful at launching a truly unsuccessful campaign that involved the pairing their American brew with the tranny movement.   

Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s

(Is Mulvaney trying to be Audrey Hepburn in this picture?  The tall, elegant actress of Breakfast at Tiffany’s?  Please say it isn’t so.  This poster of Audrey Hepburn is in my daughter’s room. Eww!)

Going from “Whassup?” to “how low can you go” was a shock to be sure, but it turns out nobody was “down” with any of it and it cost them.  Now, they can’t even give Bud Light away and they’ve tried, too, with $15 rebates.  Few takers.  Too few to matter, as it’s estimated Anheuser-Busch has lost an whopping $18.8 BILLION and counting.

But there is an upside to all this.  Not for Anheuser-Busch to be sure.  An upside for those of us looking for a way out of this LGBTQXYZ mess that the gays have long since abandoned.  The gays are yelling, “Abandon ship!  Abandon ship,” at every opportunity. 

And the newbies don’t want them.  They want a “rainbow” to express of all the colors that never were, and with very good reason.  (Because it’s turned into a tie-dyed mess of debauchery, if you ask me.) 

Again, there is an upside.  

When you reward anti-campaign groups with success, they’ll hit you again, and hit them again we did.  Recently, the “target,” was, well, Target.  

Some of the items in Target’s Pride collection were designed by UK-based designer Abprallen, who identifies as a transgender gay man and is a proclaimed Satanist.

Thanks our anti-campaign, items from Abprallen in the Pride collection are no longer available in Target’s online store following the backlash.  An outspoken Satanist, Abprallen, is known for pushing messages like “Satan respects pronouns” on apparel and “burn down the cis-tem.”

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) slammed Target for its ties with a Satanist. “Even by the standards of “woke” corporations, @Target’s partnership with a satanist to push the transagenda on children is remarkable. The next time @Target comes begging for help, Republicans should respond, ‘best of luck,’” he said in a May 23 tweet.

Now, would-be customers in Targe are taking down the Pride display signs in their stores and throwing their merchandise on the floors.  

I’ve never called a department store to complain about an ad campaign in my life, but I can tell you it felt really good to call Target and complain.  Really good.  Target has lost $10 BILLION and counting. 

And now it’s the Los Angeles Dodger’s turn to see what it’s like to run afoul of good taste.  CatholicVote President, Brian Burch, had this to say in a letter addressed to Dodgers principal owner Mark Walter and CEO Stan Kasten:

“I represent the nation’s largest lay Catholic advocacy organization,” Burch wrote. “We are supported by millions of devoted Catholics across America who believe that the time-honored values of life, family, and freedom — which the Dodgers used to celebrate — are demonstrably good for America, and worthy of respect, not ridicule.”

“We wrote to you last week with a reasonable ask: Please do not honor this anti-Catholic hate group.  There is no place for anti-Catholic bigotry, mocking of religious sisters, or celebrating a perverse activist group whose identity is marked by blasphemy and mockery of Catholics.”

Ya think?

And why did they deserve such a dressing down? 

Apparently because they welcomed the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to the team’s annual Pride Night:  “We have asked the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to take their place on the field at our 10th annual LGBTQ+ Pride Night on June 16th,” a team statement said.  “We are pleased to share that they have agreed to receive the gratitude of our collective communities for the lifesaving work that they have done tirelessly for decades.”  The group received the Community Hero Award in a ceremony before the Dodgers’ home game against the San Francisco Giants.

So why are we all suddenly balking en masse?  Why can’t we take it on the chin yet another day? 

Well, in the first place it’s way too much.  It’s one thing to be tolerant of other people who look and act like you. 

It’s quite another to to be accosted by all you see. 

When you’re at the point where you have to fight the instinct to cover the eyes of the person standing next to you, whether or not you know them, you’re there, there.  And I know what I’m talking about.  My great-aunt Gertrude was there-there when she asked a man at the country club to put out his cigar at dinner.  He ignored her so she took her purse and wailed on him.  There-there is when all your buttons are pushed.  When you’re over the top.  Out of control.  Very uncool, as we used to say.

No one wants to feel out of control.  I don’t want to lean over and tell someone else what they should or shouldn’t do.  But that’s where they’re pushing us.    

I literally have to fight the urge to round up other people’s kids and usher them out of stores.  We don’t want our kids to have to grow up with this crap.  It’s one thing to teach kindness and understanding, it’s quite another to celebrate something dark with fanfare and balloons.

There really is a difference. 

Kids like fanfare and balloons.  It reminds them of presents and cake!  Of course, they’re going to gravitate to what they’re seeing and want to be part of the party, and these people know it.  It’s the very reason they’re packaging it like this.  Live and let live is not enough for them.  Not nearly enough.  They want us to give up all sense of propriety.  They’re gender-bending us and they want us to be OK with it.  

But we’re not OK with it and because we have reached the threshold where we just can’t take it anymore, we’re fighting back.  Finally!  And we’re hitting them in their pocketbooks where it counts.  And who do we have to thank for this?  Good ol’ Bud Light. 

After the Mulvaney mess, at least two Bud Light executives are on leave and a Human Rights Campaign is taking action against them for caving.  Talk about playing both sides against the middle!  I love it!  I’m OK if Anheuser-Busch goes down.  It feels delicious to make an impact and it won’t stop here.

You can bet your booty it won’t stop here.                        




  1. The beauty of the Bud fiasco is that no one, to my knowledge, organized the boycott. No organization was required, and that should give us at least some hope.

  2. CS Louis says

    A shocking thing about whole trans marketing fiasco, is that it didn’t just get cooked up overnight. The Target apparel was probably ordered at least 12-18 months ago. –From clothing design to the Target buyers ordering, the manufacture, and then distribution to stores – as well as design of the store display. We are being slowly boiled like a frog. As for Bud Lite / AB sponsoring Gay parades – that has been going on for many years now, but few complained. “Since the 1980s, Anheuser-Busch has been a major supporter of the LGBT community. The company has been a long-time sponsor of Pride events across the country …”

    • ” A woman does not wear that which pertains to a man, nor does a man put on a woman’s garment, for whoever does this is an abomination to Yahweh your Elohim.”
      Deuteronomy 22:5

  3. Enough ants can kill an elephant ( mega corporation ). We just did it and it feels great!

  4. Whoops! Just read Khol’s store displaying its Pride!
    I will be calling them tomorrow and visiting their store. I don’t need Khols anymore.

    Some customers are calling for a boycott of Kohl’s after the department story became the most recent major retailer to sell LGBTQ merch for babies and kids.

  5. Mark E. Fisus says

    He will never be a woman.

    • Mark, no higher authority than Jesus Himself agrees with you:

      “Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator made them male and female and said, For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh? So they are no longer two, but one flesh.” (Matt 19:4-6)

  6. No doubt, Mulvaney is a trans impersonation of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Not just the dress and outfit but the dialogue in the ad as well, “I don’t know much about basketball blah blah blah but if you enjoy it I’ll keep you company with a Bud Light” etc. That would have been her style in the movie, Holly GoLIGHTly .. engaging, friendly and submissive in that independent feminine kind of way. Gail, have to give you some credit for picking up on this one (nice job!). So what next? Are they gonna go after Greta Garbo in the “Grand Hotel?” (take me to the hotel in your Ford F150 daling, and leave me alone’)

    • Hopefully, they won’t get that far. It’s a subtle attack on our world of days gone by. They want EVERYTHING, even our past.

    • The grimace on the mouth, combined with the slit eyes,
      makes the expression look like one of extreme pain…

  7. “What is behind the sudden appearance of US corporations as flag wavers for LBGT ? Who is responsible for the corporate push to normalize sexual perversity? It is impossible that every corporation simultaneously had the same idea to promote LGBT and to remove white families from their advertisements. Some entity organized this. Were the corporations bribed, threatened, or are today’s executive and boards woke graduates of the anti-Western civilization Ivy League Universities?”

    Paul Craig Roberts
    Former Assistant Treasurer under Ronald Reagan

  8. I wonder if all of this is to take our minds off war and famine, at least food scarcity and other political disasters

  9. Yay!! Righteousness powered up among the people.

    Perhaps Americans reached the tipping-point when the administration-which-we-did-not-elect blamed innocent TN children and staff for their own murders by a crazed, brainwashed gunner.

    Blame the slain: Classic tyrant-speak, repeat from history’s maniacs. Certifiable delusion!

    Yep. Relativistic, create-your-own-reality thinking always ends up in insanity.

    What a boost to see Americans pushing back against evil.

    Proverbs 12:7

    • Proverbs 12:7
      The wicked are overthrown: Having no root in righteousness, the wicked cannot and will not stand. They will one day be overthrown and simply perish

    • What is great (and hopeful) about the Bud Light/Target brouhahas is that this was a spontaneous uprising among the people. As was the Tea Party in its earliest manifestation (until it was co-opted by the Koch brothers).

  10. What about extending our righteous pushback to millions of phone calls asking for the resignation of death-based politicians, judges, school board members, media moguls and “educators” who absolutely refuse to represent We the People and who have blatantly disqualified themselves from serving constitutional governance?

    Without the consent and cooperation of We the People, the plans of deluded dictators fade to irrelevance.

    Who but the Citizen Branch of our American Governance can “make America safe for children again” and “make tyranny irrelevant again?”

    Righteousness exalts a nation.
    Proverbs 14:34

    When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, the people mourn.
    Proverbs 29:2

    • Not sure that would have done it, sadly, as it was not as public as Bud Light. Many people don’t have much faith in doing the right thing these days and Bud Light showed them you can make a difference with very little investment in terms of time. It took me all of 5 minutes to call Target.

  11. True, that.

    Perhaps the American populace will spontaneously combust to vent our peaceful spleen, via phone / email, as much for our Constitution as for our businesses, Prayers for millions, en masse, to righteously impose our will to peacefully eject from office despots whom we truly did not elect.

    The 2024 election will be usurped in like manner as the 2020 and 2022 fraud unless We the People together “deal truthfully” to assert, with unflinching resolve, our God-ordained right to be governed by CONSENT through valid, verified election. Only ourselves (with God’s power) can rescue us from tyrannical reign by increasingly lawless bullies.

    Proverbs 11:1, 12:22