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Col Andy Milburn (USMC-Ret): No Boy Scout   

For those who believe in the myth of St Zelensky, the glorious Kiev regime, and the heroic foreigners who have gone to fight against those wascally Wussians, the following video’s gonna hurt. 

Col Andy Milburn (USMC-Ret), the former head of the Mozart Group, an American-led consortium of foreign mercenaries who are training raw Ukrainian recruits, spills the beans about the reality of the Ukrainian military, their leadership and the quality (or lack thereof) of their soldiers.  It’s not a pretty picture.  We’re talking about horrible atrocities being perpetrated by the Kievan regime that would make a Waffen SS officer blush.  

The words he uses to describe the absolute cruelty and lunacy of the Ukrainian soldiery and the Kievan regime are not for the faint of heart.  The language is harsh and odious to the extreme.  Gail likes to rib me coming as I do from the Bible Belt, having said that, I won’t print them here for you, instead you can click on this link to get Larry Johnson’s account.  (Spoiler alert:  Milburn makes liberal use of the F-bomb.)

The situation is so bad in Ukraine that I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s trying to thoroughly burn his bridges so he can’t be called back to the front.  He admitted to leaving the Marine Corp just months before his official retirement, so abandoning ship before the end is nothing new for him.  At any rate, based on what you’re about to see, nobody would want him leading a squad at this point anyway.

Why did he make such a fool of himself?  Hard to say.  He’s got an attitude alright, it just isn’t a military one.  It’s also clear he’s as drunk as a skunk.  To paraphrase what Trump said about Mexico:  “they’re not sending their best.”  And Milburn certainly isn’t one of our best.   

Anyway, here is Col Milburn telling the truth.  According to a Marine office buddy of Johnson’s:  “The real shocker for me comes at the 1:42:30 mark when he starts talking about ‘Cannabis’ and other drugs which he says are better than alcohol.  Active duty Marines would face a court-martial for the conduct he describes.” 

In spite of his therapeutic drug use, it’s clear he and alcohol have remained good friends.  (In his defense, if I had to do what he does, I’d be drinking, too.  A lot.)

Unfortunately, this isn’t his first rodeo when it comes to embarrassing interviews.  He bemoans the fact that he can’t get a previous interview with Team House off the Internet.  They say they tried to help him but were unsuccessful.  (They could have deleted their stuff.  Just saying.) 

The TH guys clearly know what they’re doing.  As they say: “in vino, veritas.”  So, it shouldn’t surprised us one (empty) bottle becomes two at the very end of the video.

Episode 130 (below) could be the interview that has been immortalized on the Internet because TH announces Milburn has had 6 whiskeys as they open another bottle and say, “Give him a refill.” (approx. 2:05)  He seems taken aback and says, “Are you counting?” 

You bet they are.   Boys will be boys on the battlefield and on the Internet. 

Episode 130:



  1. George Michalopulos says

    Here’s an interesting analysis about the relative debt/GDP of Ukraine (and other Western countries) to Russia (courtesy of Moon of Alabama):

    “On the economic side the Ukraine has already lost the war. It is living off loans from ‘western’ governments it will surely default on:

    “The Ukrainian government has struggled to raise money on bond markets during the war and is paying investors more than it is collecting, according to a Central Bank statement that points to the country’s deepening dependence on foreign aid.

    “The economy has been projected to shrink about 40 percent this year, drying up tax revenue and indefinitely delaying previously planned spending that would have spurred growth.
    The Central Bank statement, published on Monday, pointed to a less visible side of Ukraine’s financing shortfalls caused by the war: an inability to raise money on the market. Since Russia invaded on Feb. 24, Ukraine has not been able to roll over debt accumulated before the war. The country paid investors about $2.2 billion more than it collected in bond sales in that time, the Central Bank said.

    “All of that has left Ukrainian public finance, which has been wobbly at the best of times in the post-independence period, deeply reliant on assistance from the United States, the European Union, European countries that donate individually and other donors.

    Even the U.S. controlled IMF is unwilling to throw more money into that black hole:

    “The budget passed by Ukraine’s Parliament for next year includes a deficit of about $36 billion. About half of the planned expenditures are for the army, the police and other military outlays. The deficit this year has run even higher, at about $5 billion a month.
    The International Monetary Fund, which bailed out Ukraine through a long run of post-independence financial crises, has not continued large-scale lending during the war.

    They are worried about debt sustainability,” said Tymofiy Mylovanov, a former economy minister who is a professor at the Kyiv School of Economics. “If the I.M.F. is worried about debt sustainability and ability to finance, imagine what private investors are thinking.

    “In contrast international trade with Russia has been booming this year and its financial numbers, recently mentioned by its president Putin, look better than those in the ‘west’:

    “First, the predicted economic collapse did not happen. True, we have posted a decline, and I will repeat the figures. There have been promises – or predictions or hopes maybe – that Russia’s economy will contract. Some said its GDP would drop by 20 percent or more, by 20–25 percent. True, there is a decline in GDP, but not 20–25 percent; it is in fact 2.5 percent. That is the first thing.

    “Second. Inflation, as I said, will be a little more than 12 percent this year – it is one of the most important indicators, too. This, I think, is much better than in many other countries, including the G20 countries. Inflation is not good of course, but it being smaller than in other countries is good.

    “Next year – we have mentioned this, too – we will strive for the 4–5 percent target, based on the economy’s performance in the first quarter – at least, we hope so. And this is a very good trend, unlike in some other G20 countries, where inflation is on the rise.

    Unemployment is at a historic low of 3.8 percent. We are running a budget deficit, this is true, but it is only 2 percent this year, next year too, then it is projected at one percent, and less than one percent in 2025: we are expecting about 0.8 percent. I would like to point out that other countries – both large developing economies and the so-called developed market economies – are running a much greater deficit. In the United States, I think, it is 5.7 percent, and in China, it is over 7 percent. All major economies are running deficits above 5 percent. We are not.

    “This is a good foundation for moving confidently into 2023.

    “When the war ends the Ukraine will have an incredible amount of debt that it will not be able to pay for in generations. It will have no more land to sell off to foreigners and no industry left that will be of any value.

    “The people who had thought up, designed and implemented the ‘western’ sanction war against Russia have done more damage to Ukraine and the ‘west’ that anyone had imagined. But they utterly failed to hurt Russia. They should all be fired for their demonstrated incompetence.”

  2. George Michalopulos says

    Is Kiev ordering an evacuation from Donetsk City on Jan 2? (Also from Moon of Alabama):

    ⚡️ Is Kiev preparing to surrender Donbass or is the Ukrainian Armed Forces retreating to a new line of defence?
    The Kramatorsk city council has published a curious announcement: on 2 January, the evacuation of all territories of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) occupied by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to a new line of defence to several Ukrainian regions will begin.

    There are several options:
    ♦️the simplest one is that the Kiev regime has no money to provide the residents of Donbass with.
    ♦️FFAA from Ukraine are preparing to withdraw to a new line of defence, which will actually run along the DPR borders (Krasny Liman – Slavyansk – Kramatorsk – Chasov Yar – Konstantinovka).
    ♦️ We are talking about the implementation of the infamous “Sullivan formula” – an agreement between Patrushev and a US official to resolve the conflict in Ukraine (not very likely).

    Posted by: ? | Dec 28 2022 17:02 utc | 5

    • Anonymous II says

      Some predictions for 2023

      – High volatility in the energy market
      – A revival of the Chinese stock market
      – A drop in housing prices and owners getting nervous
      – Southern European countries need to be saved economically by Northern Europe
      – Shots fired on Eastern European ground (could be Moldova, Poland, Serbia, Kosovo)
      – Worsening relations with Turkey and the EU, Russia will be have open sea through Turkey
      – Middle east will turn east
      – Government won’t give the real death data from the vaccines
      – A general feeling of hopelessness in the West, people calling in sick, burnouts, no future
      – The rise of Orthodoxy, churches will be fuller, priests are surprised
      – Ukraine won’t be solved, will effectively continue the trench war begun since 2014. Although things could certainly esculate…
      – A trend of disconnecting starts.
      – Greater urban decay, continued rises in robberies, public drug use and mental health disorders
      – Any possessions will be uncertain, government will tax what they can and go after every dollar you have, whether it’s stocks, money, houses or gold
      – A few right wingers/awake but not woke celebs will be handled, deplatformed, car accidents/heart attacks probably
      – More power station/grids taken, possibly by people’s resistance to growing oligarch control of America
      – Will see more crack downs on dissidents like the German government did with the fake coup
      – The US election build up, more people than ever will realize what a fake show it is, that there is no choice, it’s just entertainment

      • I just said in a separate post that we should do predictions for 2023, both secular and Orthodox, and you’ve beat me to it!

  3. Anonymous II says

    ‘I Also Orchestrated It’: Uncharged J6 Witness Ray Epps Transcript Released


  4. Let’s hear from Retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor, Stop underestimating Russia :

  5. In vino veritas…

  6. None of this stuff, Blackrock, Ukrainian debt, etc. are going to make any difference once the Zelensky regime is deposed and something else takes its place that is beholden to Moscow rather than DC. They’re all just trying to milk every last cent out of Country 404 before the curtain closes. It’s like a Mafia bust out. Order everything that the credit will support, sell it all or stash it and then burn the place and collect the insurance.

  7. Tulsi taking over for Tucker had this tid bit other day. Northrup Grumman stock up around 40% believe it was then Lockheed Martin around 30% and finally Raytheon only %20. Meanwhile NASDAQ as whole I think 20% (or 30, 40?) plus down for year. Why I don’t do mutual funds or etf’s for that matter don’t want participation with these guys or J&J Moderna Merck Lily Pfizer Glaxo, have soft spot for Bristol Myers that was the rancid Cod Liver oil we took as kids and Abbott used to be ok but they’re doing covid test business don’t want that, all the woke have to sell all that off left with .. Home Depot, Lowes and Petco couple like. But getting back to subject mater three aforementioned companies sure plenty others as well make a lot of dough off Ukraine war, doesn’t serve any need of US or the American people, Russia is not USSR and poses no threat to any Americans or Westerners. US also has no ethnological-cultural history with Ukraine, only political ties in recent years whereas Russia and Ukraine essentially single country nation empire going back 500 years before Christopher Columbus ever wore baby diapers. Russia Ukraine need to do settlement between themselves it should not be any business of Pentagon goons at all whatsoever.

  8. Zerikas Kalavolas says

    Optics is a field in Physics

  9. The UK is embarking on an ambitious plan
    to accelerate research into mRNA cancer vaccines,
    with German pharmaceutical company BioNTech.

    ‘ Following the success of Covid vaccines using the same messenger-ribonucleic-acid technology, scientists now want to conduct more trials in cancer patients.

    And they are hoping to provide this personalised type of treatment to about 10,000 patients by 2030.

    Britain is the first nation to sign up to such a partnership. …

    Unlike chemotherapy, which attacks lots of different cells as well as the cancer, the mRNA treatment is tailor-made for the individual and presents the immune system with bits of genetic code from the specific cancer so it can attack only the tumour.

    This makes it more expensive to produce. BioNTech says it will be affordable for healthcare systems. But much more work is needed…

    And because cancer is a complex disease, patients might need several doses to keep the immune system on guard. …

    Health and Social Care Secretary, Steve Barclay said: “Once cancer is detected, we need to ensure the best possible treatments are available as soon as possible, including for breast, lung and pancreatic cancer.

    “BioNTech helped lead the world on a Covid-19 vaccine and they share our commitment to scientific advancement.

    “This partnership will mean that, from as early as September, our patients will be among the first to participate in trials and tests to provide targeted, personalised and precision treatments using transformative new therapies to both treat the existing cancer and help stop it returning.”

    Cancer Research UK welcomed the news, but said…
    “Getting there will require lots more research.” ‘

    Monty Python:

  10. KC [King’s Counsel] finds Scottish government’s
    conversion therapy proposals draconian

    ‘ The Scottish government is on a collision course with the courts again as it prepares legislation criminalising conversion therapy, according to a KC.

    Double silk [= KC in both Scots and English Law] Aidan O’Neill KC has warned that the proposals would be outside the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament.

    The SNP-Green alliance is considering plans to outlaw any activity – including parental chats, prayer and preaching – deemed to be an attempt to change a person’s sexuality or gender identity.

    They appointed an expert group which made a series of recommendations for a new criminal offence, which it claims will be within Holyrood’s devolved powers.

    Mr O’Neill, however, has said the proposals are “fundamentally illiberal” and “beyond the powers of the Scottish Parliament to legislate”.

    In a written opinion for the Christian Institute, Mr O’Neill said the far-reaching ‘conversion therapy’ proposals would criminalise innocent parents and preachers.

    Simon Calvert, a deputy director at the CI, said his organisation is preparing the ground for legal action similar to the named person challenge.

    He said: “If the Scottish government follows the advice of its Expert Advisory Group it will be exceeding its powers and inflicting the most totalitarian conversion therapy ban in the world.

    “Mr O’Neill says the proposals would have the ‘undoubted effect of criminalising much mainstream pastoral work of churches, mosques and synagogues and temples’ and that ‘Prayers and sermons would be criminalised if their content did not conform to the new State requirements’.

    “Church workers, feminist activists, mums and dads – all sorts of innocent people could find themselves on the wrong end of a prosecution if this becomes law. And I think Scottish taxpayers will eventually find themselves picking up the legal bill for another court defeat.

    “LGBT people are rightly protected from physical and verbal abuse by existing law just like anyone else. But these proposals go much, much further. The Scottish government is considering a law that could criminalise churches and gender-critical feminists alike simply because their conversations around sex and gender don’t conform to a narrow, state-approved brand of LGBT politics.

    “We’re very concerned that the Expert Advisory Group is urging them to pass a law that would put the ordinary work of churches in the firing line.

    “The report advocates a new criminal offence that does not require any proof or intention of harm. It will be illegal to say the ‘wrong thing’ even if it is totally harmless. Aidan O’Neill refers to this as a ‘strict liability’ offence where there is no need for any criminal intent in order to be found guilty.”

    In his opinion, Mr O’Neill also states that the legislation would breach the European Convention on Human Rights – specifically Article 8 which protects family life, Article 9 which guarantees freedom of religion, Article 10 which guarantees freedom of expression and Article 11 which guarantees the right to association.

    He said: “The Expert Group’s recommendations undoubtedly involve proposals for radical changes in the current law and a marked expansion in the powers of the State; indeed they are fundamentally illiberal in intent.

    “This is because in order to stigmatise and change what the Expert Group’s members clearly regard to be morally objectionable behaviours and attitudes (“conversion practices”) the Expert Group recommends a new use of, in particular, the criminal law.

    “The Scottish authorities are called upon by the Expert Group to use the full weight of the state’s coercive powers of expropriation, incarceration and humiliation… against individuals and associations in Scotland deemed guilty – even at an individual’s request, or with their consent – of performing, offering, promoting, authorising, prescribing or arranging for any treatment, practice or effort that is deemed to be aimed at changing, suppressing and/or eliminating that person’s sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression.” ‘

    Stan wants to have babies:

    [Video – 02:01]

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