Sorry for the Delays…

Monomakhos apologizes for the tardiness of his replies and the posting of new items. My father is presently recovering from knee-replacement surgery and convelescing quite well, but it has taken me off my game. I should be back and running by tomorrow. Thank you.


  1. Hope your dad recovers quickly.

  2. Sorry to have missed this until now, George. I’m glad your dad is doing better.

    • CodeNameYvette says

      First things first, George, and right now that means your Dad. We can all restrain our impatience!

  3. Geo Michalopulos says

    Thank you, Yvette, Helga. He should be going home tomorrow.

    • A close friend of mine had knee replacement surgery in his eighties. The second one was done when he was 84 and he is doing just fine. So glad to have new knees, otherwise he wouldn’t be walking at all. No pain, and he doesn’t even think about it any more. It takes a while for recuperation but well worth it.

    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

      Buddy! Sorry I missed this. Take care of your dad. Knee surgery and the physical therapy thereafter is tough. He and you are in my prayers and for a quick recovery. Take care.


      • Geo Michalopulos says

        I appreciate that Peter! He’s doing better. The first 48 hrs were not pretty but it seems your all’s prayers are doing good. Yesterday he turned a corner for the better.

  4. cynthia curran says

    Well, Good luck with your Dad George.

  5. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    Ooof! Knee surgery! There’s much evidence to support the belief (I hold it myself) that knee surgery is just like “women’s work” in the popular saying, “It’s never done!”

    • Fr Andrei Alexiev says

      May we have your father’s name,so that he can be commemorated at the Holy Proscomedia and in our private prayers as well?

    • Never done is right Bishop Tikhon…I’ve had both knee surgery and replacement when the surgery didn’t ‘take’…second knee was scheduled, but I backed out. Not worth the torture…it never ends. And it’s not easy on recovery, especially when one lives alone. My prayers and wishes to anyone who goes through this.

  6. My apologies George for posting this message twice (both here and in another thread), but with the AAC fast approaching I wanted to have it in a recent thread with fewer posts so it wouldn’t be buried under 200+ messages!

    I had hoped to attend the AAC in person, but due to an illness in the family will not be able to do so. I have therefore decided to upload a project in support of Met. Jonah that I’ve been working on for some time. The project consists of two “campaign button” style images featuring our Metropolitan and are intended to be worn while at the AAC in a show of support. Rather than going for something satirical, I decided this morning in favor of understatement and to simply let the images speak for themselves.

    There are two different button images to select from, and the images can be downloaded from here: Click on the images without the lines and save them by right-clicking and selecting “save as” from the options listed. Once you’ve saved the images to a directory (be sure to remember where you’ve put them) you can then go to Zazzle and have buttons made up for your use quite inexpensively using the following url:

    Once at the url above, simply select a button size and them hit the orange “Customize It” button and follow the instructions. (The sample buttons on my Photobucket Album from where you downloaded the images depict the 3 inch buttons, but the images themselves are suitable for all sizes available. In the samples, the area inside the red lines is what will be visible, that outside the lines will of course curl underneath the button.)

    I hope folks attending the AAC will find the buttons useful and go to the effort of making a few for yourself and friends too wear with pride while at the council. Better yet, make a few extra buttons and hand them out to others at the AAC – the more open support our Metropolitan receives in Seattle – the better.