Some Thoughts on the “Blue Wave”: Dems Stealing Votes Edition

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

It’s as if Chicago’s legendary Daley political machine never went away. Or has just metastasized in a different form. I mean really, do the miscreants who run Broward and Palm Beach counties think that the rest of the nation is that stupid?

I mean, it’s so obvious.

This time though the Republicans are not going to behave like the good little cucks of yesteryear. Trump is many things, but he’s no Jeb. He’s going to relish this fight and the rest of the GOP will have his back this time around. Mitch McConnell likes being Majority Leader and Lindsey Graham absolutely loves being the Lion of the Senate.

They finally learned that courage is contagious.

Yours Truly will deliver his comments regarding the Blue Trickle after a short sabbatical. (Working title: “The Blue Wave Meets the Red Wall”.) I should be back in a week.

I’ll be gone for about a week to Holy Archangels monastery in the beautiful hill country of Texas for some much-needed guidance and reflection. (I could use a few prayers if y’all would be so kind.)

Anyway, even though I won’t be commenting, my editorial assistant will be publishing your comments. Remember, keep it clean and topical. Nothing ad hominem or inflammatory. Thanks to you fine folks, this blog has grown in popularity and influence.

Keep up the good work!


  1. Constantinos says

    I wish you all of God’s blessings on your trip this week. You are doing great work and are a truly great man. Now, having said that, I would like to digress.
    I don’t agree with every thing President Trump does and says, however, I think he has been the best president in my lifetime. I support him 100% in his righteous effort to enforce our borders. He tweeted the acceptable number of crimes committed by illegal aliens in our country is zero, nada. Couldn’t agree more with him. His new policy of refusing to grant asylum to any alien crossing our border illegally is courageous and correct. We must put the lives of Americans before the so called rights of illegal aliens. We need a border wall as high as the sky to protect ourselves from these disgusting, illegal criminals trying to enter our once great country. I say deport, deport, deport!!! If a pointy headed liberal snowflake doesn’t agree with me, then they don’t love our country,and are a disgrace. I have no problem whatsoever with family separations or any other means that will keep our borders safe for our citizens. No open borders whatsoever, and if someone disagrees with the enforcement of our laws, they should move to another country. I get so tired of these libtards. Before you know it, our national language will be Spanglish instead of English. In the not too distant future, these liberal snowflakes will be saying speaking English is “racist.”

    • George Michalopulos says

      Costa, you are too kind. While I appreciate your kindness, I am most definitely not a “great man”. Regardless” I thank you for your readership and commentary.

    • Alitheia1875 says

      Sexist, sexual predator, racist, nationalist, draft dodger, consummate pathological liar, immoral, unethical, boor, violator of the emolument clause of the Constitution every time he goes to one of his properties, extreme narcissist, lover of dictators, would like to be president for life, cannot abide criticism or disagreement, wants political opponents jailed, would curtail and censor the press and who, by all of the above, brings dishonor and shame to the office of the presidency. (And, no, I didn’t want Hillary as president, either). Those who are ignorant of 20th century history should read what brought Hitler to power and what happened in Germany from about 1930 to 1945.

      • Exactly. That the Clintons and in UK context Blair and the rest of them are found out for what they are, is no surprise but WHY OH WHY does anybody with any nous consider this man, Mr T, their answer??? Shades of Weimar Republic. . And sure the economy doing well now, it will, till the pile of sand crashes, as it will.
        But above all simply as a human being he is entirely lacking to a degree that is unbelievable. Just witness the weekend, no doubt in his lights why should he stand in rain for a group of dead dumb losers who could not find a bone spur or avoid the rain and the mud. Dumb losers all..
        And I am tired of having to disclaim support for Clintons etc every time. They are not in issue now. We talking about this man.
        Anyone with a Christian conscience does not need a lesson on this.
        Yr zionists evangelical lot are not christian in any way known to me. I doubt if they ever read the Gospels do they? They are judaizers. ( 16c heresy in Russia)

        • Thankfully now the House is in the hands of Democrats, who can provide oversight on this Idiot-in=Chief. I am sure he is shaking knowing that more people will now be questioning his tactics, taxes, and overall competence to be in office. More women are now in office too, to provide oversight and to take actions when his misogyny and racism kicks in. A great BlueWave!

          • George Michalopulos says

            And yet, the Dems will continue to shoot themselves in the foot. All they had to do is not act crazy and they couldn’t even do that.

            • Constantinos says

              Hi George,
              One of the great historical myths of our nation is that it was built by immigrants. Not true at all. Our culture is British, mainly English. British settlers and pioneers built this country, in fact, they created this country from thirteen colonies. “Out of the many, one. That is in reference tot the thirteen colonies forming one nation. Pioneers and settlers from England along with high birth rates built America. I’m tired of this nonsense that diversity is our strength. It isn’t. The immigration act of 1965 has very nearly destroyed our once great country. Immigration – legal and illegal- needs to be massively curtailed if our country is to have any future at all. Blame everything on the Founding Fathers; they created this country, not immigrants.

              • Michael Bauman says

                Mr. C not all of our Founding Father’s owned slaves. John Adams for one, and there were others.

              • Monk James Silver says

                Constantinos (November 15, 2018 at 5:57 am) says:

                Hi George,
                One of the great historical myths of our nation is that it was built by immigrants. Not true at all. Our culture is British, mainly English.

                So. the English weren’t immigrants to North America? Says who? Certainly not the people who were here before the arrival of anyone from Europe!

                It isn’t clear just what sort of dictionary ‘Constantinos’ is using for his definitions, but it’s rather esoteric. Perhaps it’s the one which provides the vocabulary for white supremist theory or for the mythology of WASP = American.

                • Constantinos says

                  Monk James,
                  That’s a real cheap shot on your part. I don’t ascribe to white supremacy so why hurl the scurrilous accusation? Nothing like putting words in someone’s mouth.
                  Please allow me to make myself clear. I support President Trump. He is smashing political correctness, and multiculturalism. As an Orthodox Christian, I want to be able to worship freely without someone trying to make me feel guilty. I don’t want to apologize for saying the extremely warm greeting ” Have a very Merry Christmas.”
                  I don’t want to see “open borders” for our country. I love Trump’s America First policy. For too long this country has been taken advantage by other countries. This has to stop. By the way, I’m outraged by the spectacle of people invading our country from the third world carrying the Honduran national flag. Illegal aliens should never be granted US citizenship because they flout our nation’s laws. I like the fact that President Trump is making it more difficult to claim asylum. To me the only legitimate reason for immigrating to the US is because that person loves America, wants to assimilate, and be part of our great country.
                  Also, this country was not founded by immigrants. Every one of the Founding Fathers was born on this soil. The Founding Fathers are the ones who created the United States. Pioneers like Daniel Boone were born in the US. Our culture and language is English. I agree in large degree with the views of Patrick Buchanan and Ann Coulter. I don’t want to say “Adios America.”
                  I am thoroughly disgusted with you for insinuating that I am in any way, shape or form a “white supremacist.” The trouble with you is that you don’t read what is written; you just pontificate without really knowing what you are talking about.
                  America loving immigrants have contributed to this country’s greatness, but are in no way responsible for it. That distinction goes to the Founding Fathers. They provided the culture and infrastructure for it. When James Madison was president, America was already well on its way to being a world power. It is in no way “white supremacy” to honor our Founding Fathers for creating this country and giving us our constitution which liberal judges have twisted into a pretzel. I’m really tired of the tedious, boring , trite shibboleths of you cultural marxists, and America hating liberal snowflakes. You remind me of one of the three characters Dorothy met on the way to Oz- you know, the one without a brain. I think it was the scarecrow, wasn’t it? Would you mind explaining to me the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798?

                  • Monk James Silver says

                    Constantinos (November 16, 2018 at 7:08 am) says:

                    Monk James,
                    That’s a real cheap shot on your part. I don’t ascribe to white supremacy so why hurl the scurrilous accusation? Nothing like putting words in someone’s mouth.

                    A more careful reading of what I actually wrote in my last post in this thread will show clearly that I described a hypothetical dictionary as possibly allowing the British colonists in North America to be included within its definitions of ‘immigrants’.

                    I accused ‘Constantinos’ of nothing more than using a mistaken definition of ‘immigrants’ which might lend itself to white supremist theory. .That’s all.

                    Yet he went on at great length here about other matters, ignoring the issue which both BTikhon and I had I raised. He then not only repeated his error, but reinforced it.

                    There are some people who accept criticism badly and correction not at all. It’s impossible to have reasonable conversations with them.

                    • Constantinos says

                      Monk James,
                      Who are you to correct anybody? You foolishly accused me of white supremacy. How high and mighty of you to suggest that I “repeated” my error. You sure aren’t an historian. You know nothing about the history of the United States. Let me put it this way: you don’t correct me,- I correct you. Unfortunately, you are an extremely arrogant man. “Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.” Folks, please forgive me for my churlishness. Unlike Monk James, I am far from perfect. Monk James, you are a paragon of virtue, now go back to sleep.

              • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                “Constantinos” wrote “One of the great historical myths of our nation is that it was built by immigrants.” The man is very very mistaken: British settlers emigrated from Great Britain and immigrated to the land of the Native Americans. They are the original immigrants: although, there is evidence that the Vikings immigrated earlier but they died out. They created a the United States out of the original 13 colonies which never existed before. Diversity is our strength: it most definitely is not nonsense. The founding fathers were immigrants all. Try night classes Constantinos: you, like Trump, appear to be poorly educated! I’d be very surprised if any of the educated people posting here agreed with your amazing idea that settlers and pioneers were not immigrants!

                • Michael Bauman says

                  Your Grace, it all comes down to what an “immigrant” is.

                  To immigrate by definition is to come to live permanently in a foreign country.

                  Until the Articles of Confederation followed by the U.S. Constitution, there was no country here at all–thus no immigrants. You can classify the original English people as explorers, settlers, rebels, invaders, colonists, exploiters, and probably a host of other things, but immigrant does not fit the bill at all.

                  To reiterate someone can only immigrate to a sovereign foreign country.

                  The government of any sovereign country has the duty and responsibility to regulate its borders for the protection of its citizens–to allow or disallow entry.

                  Diversity in our cultural context is part of an egalitarian destructive ideology. It can never be a strength. So can artificial homogeneity.

                  • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                    Michael, when you leave your home country behind that’s known as emigrating. Migration you know just means moving from one place to another emigrate means to move OUT OF one place: immigrate means to move INTO another place. You shouldn’t try to change our language to fit your political purposes! No matter what our president’s speech habits are, we shouldn’t try to invent our own personal language— that’s what people do, or used to do, in the old insane asylums! It’s a pathology…

                    • Michael Bauman says

                      Thank you your Grace. Good advice. Now if you could just get you buds to do the same and stop their Orwellian quest to redefine words to fit their agenda.

                      Even simple words that would seem not to have any political overtones. Male, Female and now at the University of Leads: do and don’t.

                      It is a part of the Transvaluation of All Values going on don’t you know.

                  • Monk James Silver says

                    Michael Bauman has offered a very distorted view of history here.

                    The various local peoples who lived in eastern North America before the arrival of the British had their own ‘sovereign governments’, nations, and federations. In fact, some of the founders of the US consulted with these federations in the process of designing their own government.

                    There is no doubt that the British (and other Europeans) were regarded as foreign immigrants by the locals.

                    • Michael Bauman says

                      Monk James, a bit harsh. The English did not recognize the sovereignity and were therfore not immigrants but more like invaders or colonizers. Not unlike the caravan.

                      BTW, there is no view of history that is not distorted. Yours as much as mine.

                    • OK BOYS AND GIRLS!

                      Since we are off to sillyland, may I add.

                      The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints proclaims that a man named Lehi and his family got on a boat a sailed to the American continent in about 600 B.C., and they became forebears of the the American Indians of North and South America.

                      So once we figure out who owns the deed to Jerusalem, riddle solved! Of course the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also believe the garden of Eden was in Missouri.

                      Many also believe the american Indians originated from Asia over the land bridge over the Bering Sea. DNA trials seem to point that direction. If China finally takes over America, all will come full circle, NO?

                      Speaking of immigrants. All you of Irish descent are not really Irish, but Greek! According to my dad. Memory Eternal. He always told me as a child, that the ancient Greeks also had their own Alcatraz Prison Island for their criminals. Modern day Ireland!

                      Ramble on children…

                    • Tim R. Mortiss says

                      The Europeans colonists were not immigrants. They were settlers, colonists, conquerors. “…no doubt [they] were regarded as foreign immigrants by the locals”? Very doubtful indeed. Foreign conquerors, no doubt.

                      Were the Turks “immigrants” into Asia Minor? Were the Normans “immigrants” into England? Don’t think so….

                    • Constantinos says

                      No Monk James, you are wrong as usual. Mr. Bauman is completely correct. The only distorted view is yours. I’ve have conclude that Mr. Bauman is brilliant; you- not so much.

                  • M. Stankovich says

                    The OED defines immigrate as “To come to settle in a country (which is not one’s own); to pass into a new habitat or place of residence; to bring or introduce as settlers.” An immigrant is defined as “One who or that which immigrates; a person who migrates into a country as a settler.” A settler is defined as “One who settles in a new country; a colonist.” One who settles in a place as a resident.” These definitions were in use as early as the 15th century. This should not have been difficult.

                • Tikhon you are truly lacking in the decorum or dignity a retired bishop should display. Your slur on President Trump’s education is untrue, you who so quickly accuse others of calumny. But as hominem attacks are what you are best at, peppered every once in a while with some interesting facts. And if you can’t show the office of the President and it’s occupant the respect it and he deserve by virtue of that office you deserve no such respect for your former office. I would tell you to grow up and stop your temper tantrums but at age 86 I think it’s too late.
                  As for Constantinos I think he has told us his education is largely from the streets and while I often disagree with him he always makes me think and often causes me to re-examine my own views. That is how brothers converse. Tha is what George encourages us to do. I think you could take a lesson from him on how to disagree without being personally disagreeable and attacking him for whatever formal education he may or may not have. My grandfather has a 6th grade education, was a Pearl Harbor survivor and one of the most successful wisest men I ever met. But your arrogance will not let you accept correction. You will just pontificate on.
                  Thank you Constantinos for sharing here and doing so in a respectful way that adds greatly to this discussion and George for giving us a place to do this.

                  • Constantinos says

                    Hi Michael,
                    I have a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering , but I’m certainly not an historian.You have helped me to change my views on the state of Israel. Thank you.

                    • Thank you Constantinos! I hope I did not come across as implying you did not have formal education. The point I was inarticulaty trying to make was that much of your wisdom comes from your life expectancies and success as a businessman. I have great respect for you and hope my comments reflect this!

                  • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                    Hiya, Michael! I Michael Feel better? I explained to you what an immigrant is, and you reply with three paragraphs expressing your fury. Who knew that educating you meant to lack of decorum or dignity? You say I won’t accept correction: what was it I said that you have corrected? I’m glad your grandfather survived Pearl Harbor. I had three aunts and uncles living in Honolulu in December 1941 they also survived the grandfather had sixth grade education. My dad only had 1/9 grade education he had to drop out of school and support his mother brother and sister. I never thought it was anything to brag about I attacked no one for not having any kind of education. However I am distressed when I come across people who have had an education but failed to learn anything! Pres. Trump distresses me that way. I wouldn’t dream of making any slurs on his education, which you have you accused me of doing. Now, you say my arrogance will not let me accept correction. Who corrected me when? Who tried to correct me? Just asking. I’m grateful however that you recognize my lack of concern for my decorum or dignity! You’ve made my day.

                    • Tikhon wake up and pay attention. Your discussion about immigrants was with Michael Bauman not me. I think Michael Bauman was correct and you were incorrrct however.
                      My “fury” as you call it was with your ignorant demeaning tone that you use in speaking to other people here. Specifically I was reacting to your telling Constantinos he should go to night classes because he, like the President, must be poorly educated. Your arrogance and ignorant tone are unworthy of your former position and says much more about you than Constantinos. Why don’t you try and maintain some dignity in retirement.

                    • President Trump uses fallacy constantly. It is his great vice. Example, just within the last week, he stated that Californians needed to rake up and manage their forests better. This is a statement that basically says Californians are lazy; much to the lust of even his unwariest consumer of ilk. And those smart enough to see through him think he is being crafty and still manlove him.

                      Those educated fools who really have looked over California in flight realize the worthless scrub brush up and down the mountainsides is impossible to manage and of no value known to mankind, other than the expense to firecut a mountain.

                      In other words, anyone with half a brain is smart enough to see through the fallacy. The rest just give Trump a hooray cuz that is as smart as they get.

                      Doubt me? How about this one? Obama wasn’t born in the US. Another fallacious lie the denizens of Trump loved.

                      Or Hillary is crooked. Or pick a tweet a week. His game is so simple. Just talk big, truth is irrelevant. When they say you are untruthful, call them fake news. Yada, yada.

                      Or how about 6 weeks after the Saudi killers of Kashoggi finally get Magnitskied; long after their US accounts have been shuttered by themselves. We sanctioned them! Trump blessing foreign assasinators needs to stop, too. King Jong Un, Putitin, and now the Mohammed bin Laden of Saudi Arabia – none of them deserve a US President caterer.

                    • Michael Bauman says

                      The poster Michael is not me BTW. I always use my first and last name in case anyone wants to find me.

                  • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                    Speaking of dignity and decorum, I wonder what the denizens of Monomakhos think about the dignity and decorum of the President of United States when he sends out a public tweet like this one today?
                    :”So funny to see little Adam Schitt (D-CA) talking about the fact that Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker was not approved by the Senate, but not mentioning the fact that Bob Mueller (who is highly conflicted) was not approved by the Senate!”
                    10:01 AM – Nov 18, 2018)

                    • Constantinos says

                      Your Grace,
                      Did you ever complain about Bubba Clinton and his desecration of the Oval Office? You know the place where he was getting his rocks off under the desk in the Oval Office with a young White House intern? Did you ever complain about the fact that Bubba sexually assaulted Kathleen Wiley in a side room off the Oval Office? Were you disgusted by the fact that Bubba ejaculated into the sink off the Oval Office?
                      President Ronald Reagan had so much respect for the Oval Office that he never took off his suit jacket off when he lived in the White House, but then we had losers like Bubba disgracing it, and Barry Sotero aka Barack Obama putting his feet up on the furniture.
                      No one ever said that President Trump is George Washington and his Rules for Civility; he’s just the best President in my lifetime. President Trump will go down in history as one of the three or four best Presidents of all time. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Donald Trump- there you have it. President Trump’s face belongs on Mt. Rushmore.

                    • It is both funny and nauseating to hear a bishop who posts a photo of three militantly pro-abortion judges and radical leftist Nancy Pelosi (all Democrats) on his public facebook page, lecture others about “dignity and decorum.”

                      Here’s the photo of Elena Kagan, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, and Nancy Pelosi, bishop Tikhon selected as his facebook cover page with the message: “I really like my new cover photo!”


                    • Very accurate tweet.

                    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald): says

                      “Centurion”—I love those four women whose picture is on my Facebook homepage to which you call our attention. Abortion is the crime of murder: a sin against the commandment of thou shalt not kill. However being for or against abortion has nothing to do with dignity or decorum. Centurion is incorrect when he calls Elena Kagan. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayer “militantly pro-abortion.” Nor is Nancy Pelosi a radical leftist. “Centurion,” my life is an open book: what about yours? Are you an American? Are you an Orthodox Christian? The three female Supreme Court judges are not militant about anything. Nancy Pelosi is not a militant anything and not a radical anything. The problem many Democrats have with Nancy Pelosi is that she’s kind of a crypto-Republican like Bill Clinton and company. She gave Pres. George W. Bush a free ride on the topic of torture did she not? Many Democrats feel that she, while knowing that Pres. Trump may have committed impeachable offenses, would do everything she could to stop him from being impeached as she did with President Bush. No, Judge Kagan Judge Ginsburg and Judge Sotomayor are not militant anything and never have been. I don’t know what Centurion has been reading in his clandestine private life… anyone? Now if I were to reason as Centurion apparently reasons, I would say that he’s militantly “pro” illegal abortions.

                    • Elena Kagan’s Pro-Abortion Position is Clear, Just as Obama Promised

                      25 Years of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court
                      As a senior justice, Justice Ginsburg has consistently been a strong voice in favor of gender equality, abortion rights and workers’ rights.

                      Justice Sotomayor Hides Good News For Abortion Clinics In An Obscure Case About Hotels

                      Nancy Pelosi on Abortion = 100% Pro-Abortion
                      Pelosi scores 100% by NARAL on pro-choice (pro-ABORTION) voting record.

                      For over thirty years, NARAL Pro-Choice America has been the political arm of the pro-choice movement and a strong advocate of reproductive freedom and choice. NARAL Pro-Choice America’s mission is to protect and preserve the right to choose while promoting policies and programs that improve women’s health and make abortion less necessary. NARAL Pro-Choice America works to educate Americans and officeholders about reproductive rights and health issues and elect pro-choice candidates at all levels of government. The NARAL ratings are based on the votes the organization considered most important.

                    • M. Stankovich says

                      As near as I can tell, these three Supreme Court Justices are no more militant, no more extreme, and no more vocal in regard to a woman’s choice receive a legal abortion than Vladimir Putin, who sponsors, presides over, funds, and guarantees a safe legal abortion to any woman in Russia without cost, and defends her right to choose to do so. In my mind, this is a level of culpability that is fundamentally more militant, more aggressive, and more outrageous than anything these Supreme Court Justices have, to date, factually advocated for or facilitated in their official capacity in our justice branch of government. Inexplicably, Mr. Putin is openly a communicant of the Russian Orthodox Church, directly under the nose, as it were, of the Patriarch of Moscow, who is silent about the matter, except on two occasions in nine years as Patriarch – and that would be nine years of Moscow and the Moscow District having more live abortions than any other district in Russia.

                      Given these facts, I am at a loss as to how it is that you are able to adopt this attitude of smugness and judgement to mock Vladyka Tikhon for admiring three justices who attempt to serve by the rule of law, and not the foolish opinion of rich white people from the south who believe you can legislate morality.

                      That was a cheap shot at the Bishop.

                    • Yes, I was mistaken. Only 2 of the 4 progressive Democrat women on BT’s facebook cover photo he “loves” so much are “militantly” pro-abortion, while the other 2 are “just plain” pro-abortion.

                    • Constantinos says

                      Dr. Stankovich,
                      Oftentimes when you post I feel like Tony Soprano lecturing Richie Aprile about something he’s done to annoy or upset Tony. Your post is okay, until your last paragraph. The part that bugs me is “and not the foolish opinion of rich white people from the south who believe you can legislate morality.” It’s nonsensical. Why introduce race into the conversation? What’s wrong with being a rich white person from the south? What’s wrong with believing one can legislate morality? We’ve been doing it since the beginning of our republic.
                      You talk about legislating morality. Wasn’t the civil rights movement about morality? It is true that many northerners wanted slavery abolished because they couldn’t compete with free labor from the south, but a lot of northerners objected to it on moral grounds. It is immoral to enslave another human being.
                      I hate to say this, but you have been brainwashed by the liberal news media. You are not an original thinker. When you talk about rich white people, you are engaging in demagoguery.
                      Surely, you don’t mean to suggest these foolish black punks are law abiding citizens when they murder police officers. I’ll never forget the horror when I watched on television this lunatic black punk taking pot shots against the Houston Police Department. Be very careful about this black and white stuff; you could get decent, law abiding citizens killed. The blacks in America have nothing to gripe about whatsoever. If black people feel they are being mistreated in America, they can stop immigrating here. Remember, all lives matter, not just black ones. I get very tired of you liberal snowflakes believing you occupy some moral high ground. You most assuredly do not. Yeah, I think I said it right the first time. You are the “Al Sharpton” of Monomakos. By the way, how did Tawana Brawley work out for you? Geesh!!!

                    • M. Stankovich says

                      Simply put, you lack any substantive qualification to lecture me. Your singular qualification is to regurgitate these childish, inept, and mind-numbingly trite names (e.g. snowflake, liberal, leftist, nerd, and now “Al Sharpton”) that confirm the fundamental lack of depth that characterizes your insatiable need to try and convince anyone who will listen that you really are a “smart guy” and worthy of respect. There is, however, the small problem of the body count of all the people you have needlessly and inexplicably insulted and berated for no reason I can ascertain – other than your own ego needs – and who, like me, universally ignore you for cause.

                      You would seriously attempt to shame me for seeking a moral high ground when our Lord commands us, “Therefore be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.” (Matt. 5:48) I would suggest you really can’t go much lower than this, presuming to arrogantly “critique,” judge, and mock anyone’s struggle to “work out [their] own salvation with fear and trembling” (Phil. 2:12). I suggest you reconsider this ridiculous thought, and in fact, the lesson for you here is a constant plague for you: discernment is realizing that every stupid, ignorant, mean, and offensive thought that passes through your minds need not pass your lips. When you realize this, it suddenly dawns on you that you will no longer need to make the lengthy and embarrassing apologies that also characterize your presence here. Just in case you are missing my point, the “problem” here is not liberals, leftist, snowflakes or anyone but you. How is it that the “smartest guy in the room” is oblivious to being ignored for cause, when he is the cause?

      • Constantinos says

        Hi Alitheia,
        I wanted to mention this to Bishop Tikhon, but I felt it best not to bother any more about his use of the term “Hitler.” As an intelligent person like you already knows calling anyone “Hitler” is Reductio ad HItlerum. It’s also called playing the Nazi card. It’s also called an ad hominem, ad meriscordian,and a fallacy of irrelevance. It’s also considered a form of association fallacy. It’s called argumentum ad nauseam. Comparisons to Hitler, are incorrect, argumentative,and logically fallacious. In other words, in the annals of history, there has only been one “Hitler.” In my humble opinion, it’s an extraordinarily good idea to stay as far away as possible from ever using the “Nazi card.” You know the saying, ” He or she who pulls out the Nazi card loses the argument and embarrasses himself or herself in the process. Bishop Tikhon has forever tarnished his good name by doing this very thing.

        • Alitheia1875 says

          Well, perhaps it’s not so ad hominem as you want us to believe. The demonizing of minorities, the crackdown on those who disagree, the suggestion to jail political opponents, the separation of families, constant attempts to undermine the free press, the consistent lying to create a world view where the liar can do no wrong, and does no wrong, is just plain wrong. So the president isn’t Hitler but his sway over his base is eerily familiar to those of us who are well read on the tactics used in the Third Reich. And you can bet everything you own, and them some, that I am neither embarrassed nor repentant for what I said above. The truth hurts.

          • Michael Bauman says

            Perception, interpretation even desire it be truth.

            All I can say is that as much as I am not in love with Trump’s personality as long as the democrat party publically, consistently and virulently condemns me and the majority of what I hold dear and know to be true I will never vote for any one of them for any office of public trust.

            • All I can say is that as much as I am not in love with Trump’s personality…

              Indeed. Watching what he accomplishes, as well as prevents, is largely tolerable and even positive. Watching him talk about it is often embarrassing.

              But let’s see… what do we have here as far as Alitheia’s claims?

              Claims of pundits that have no basis in any presidential action (in other words, nothing more than a narrative):

              The demonizing of minorities, the crackdown on those who disagree, the suggestion to jail political opponents

              And then we the claims of pundits and journalists that are almost entirely the direct result of their own actions:

              constant attempts to undermine the free press

              And finally one statement that is accurate.

              the consistent lying to create a world view where the liar can do no wrong, and does no wrong

              I’ll even give Alitheia’s “the separation of families” a passing grade if she admits to the parents’ responsibility for committing a crime that negatively impacts their children. And I challenge her to name one U.S. citizen rightfully jailed or incarcerated for a crime who is not himself the cause of the separation of his family. O the humanity!

          • Constantinos says

            I can’t believe it. You played the Nazi card again. It seems to me that you have been brainwashed by the liberal snowflake Democratic Party and their acolytes, the liberal media. As far as lying goes, we have the pristine examples of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and the execrable Barry Sotero aka Barack Obama.
            As far as racism and misogyny goes, we have the founding fathers who did not allow women the right to vote, and all owned slaves.
            As far as dictators go, Abraham Lincoln was Hitler before Hitler. He jailed his political opponents, issued an arrest warrant for Roger Taney, the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, obliterated freedom of the press, lied through his teeth, was a white supremacist, caused the deaths of in excess of 600,000 Americans, and his face is on Mt. Rushmore.
            Do you see how ridiculous you sound when you compare Trump supporters to the Third Reich? You are not a free thinker nor an historian; you’re just another liberal snowflake. Sorry, the truth hurts! My apologies to pointy hatted, liberal snowflakes.

            • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

              “Constantinos!” Just as one may say, in demotic, “Porni ‘nai porni,” one may say that a given wannabe Nazi is a wannabe Nazi without accusing that person of being a Nazi.

          • Zelon Polyclimas says

            Please learn that your understanding of the term ad hominem is itself ad hominem. You intended to use the term ad personam, which is a subset of ad hominem. Ad hominem refers to “everybody knows that”

        • Constantinos says

          Dr. Stankovich,
          You make me laugh, First of all, I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. As far as apologizing goes, I have never once seen you say your were sorry for any of your inane, silly, egotistical posts. To be honest, I find you singularly unimpressive.
          For example, you are forever trying to control this forum, and have the audacity to tell George what to do with his own website. Have you ever expressed your gratitude to George for giving you a platform to gush your jive?
          This is George’s forum, it is Orthodox Christian, and, yet, you spew obscenities in front of women -no less. I can just imagine how vulgar you must be in real life.
          You have the unmitigated gall to instruct Michael on how he should express himself, and, yet, Michael is 100,000 times more successful in his life than you are in yours. Michael happens to be a highly successful attorney practicing law in Washington, D.C. Michael is powerful while you are inept.
          I pay attention to words; I notice you have the propensity to frequently use the word “creep,” and I think to myself “hmmm,” then I read about your creepy behavior toward that intoxicated young lady in the bar, and I think to myself,” there’s something not right here.”
          My point is you are pompous, and proud without any reason whatsoever. I have previously stated that I do almost all my sinning on this forum. I’m decidedly not a fan of my behavior on George’s website although I do believe that I speak the truth as I comprehend it. On this forum , you see the very worst of me.
          As far as liberal snowflakes go, I coined that phrase, and it has deep resonance with me. Yes, I believe that liberals like you are bad for Orthodoxy, and harmful to our country. Why didn’t you call out Bishop Tikhon for suggesting that some Trump supporters remind him of Nazis? That is a liberal canard that has been in use against conservatives since the 1980s. You know the funny thing is the Democratic Party is the party of anti- semitism, racism, the rich, and socialism.
          By the way, you are the problem because you are a stumbling block due to your pride, arrogance, and self love. In spite of your plethora of faults, I may have as many as you because of my greed and ruthlessness. I’m a very greedy man. I have pursued the almighty buck for many years. There is no excuse for my selfish ambition, and showing off by driving a brand new Corvette. Why else would a nearly sixty four year old man drive a Corvette? No reason, except to show off.
          I respect George because he is a successful businessman, and he uses his money to advance the kingdom of God on earth. If I want to emulate anyone in order to be a better Orthodox Christian it is our brother George, never you.
          As far as this site goes, neither you nor I are important. That distinction belongs to George alone. This forum can do fine without you and me, but without George, there is no Monamakhos so I would strongly suggest that you get off your high horse, besides high horses make a person bow legged. In my humble opinion, you place much too much value on yourself, when, in truth, you and I are both nothing at all. Neither you nor I deserve any approbation whatsoever. I am an unworthy sinner just like you.

          • M. Stankovich says

            You always manage to present an impressive laundry list of my deficiencies and faults, continually repeating incidents I have described in great detail and with exact precision. You never miss a post, and respond almost immediately to whatever I choose to make comment. Even when I respond to anyone for any reason, in any thread, you somehow always manage to be the first to reply. Further, you are exacting and precise as to how my commentary is disturbing to you – being either ignorant, illogical, or wreckless, but always in need of your personal correction – but you are clear that the whole matter is beneath you, and distasteful. So, you will pardon for asking myself, exactly what sort of dumbass, who has never met me, never heard me speak, and knows absolutely nothing about me, and who continually says he can’t bear my arrogance, keeps coming back for more with such diligence, even when the payoff is silence? Someone who is obsessed</em.

            As a matter of course, I never read what you write regardless because I already have hostile, angry creeps and violent gangstas calling me childish names all day long, every working day. You are hardly memorable and never distinguish yourself. So, here I will conclude by saying to you that when you sit down to compose your next response to me, laden with all your schoolyard name-calling and childish mocking, try to imagine whatever voice you think might be mine saying, “Who are you to me and what value is your “opinion” to me?” But now, I would like you to lean over to the speaker and hear exactly what that will sound like:

            Got it? Good. I’m done.

            • Constantinos says

              Dr. Stankovich,
              Blah, blah, blah. You demand R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!! What else is new? I have a novel idea; how about you trying to act like an adult for a change instead of a petulant little child. Doc, I’m not looking for anything from you. What could you possibly give me? Now, take your beach ball and go home. I’m done as well. Thank goodness, and good night. By the way, when it comes to you, silence is music to my ears. I have no intention to responding to any more of your jive. Adios, Amigo!!

  2. Sorry I am not american but I hold yr democrats in total contempt for all obvious reasons but dress this Mr T up as much as u like and I still say no to buying the PIG.
    Could not even be bothered to pay respects to his dead fellow Americans cos it was too muddy. Is that why this draft dodger ( as clinton et al) avoided Vietnam.? Oh sorrrry!!! Bone spurs, as we greek say ‘μάλιστα κύριε ‘ ( certainly Sir!)

  3. Wallace Q Henderson says

    May the Holy Spirit engulf you as you rest and restore while at the monastery.

  4. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    “Constantinos” has written: “Bishop Tikhon has forever tarnished his good name by doing this very thing.” He wishes……… It is said “the blessings of heretics are curses”: the reverse is also true.

  5. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    I agree with George that this site has indeed grown in notoriety!

    • George Michalopulos says

      Thank you, Your Grace. I think.

      • Constantinos says

        Hi George,
        If I may say this, isn’t immigration the most important issue facing this country right now? America has drastically changed since Ted Kennedy’s promotion of the Immigration Act of 1965 which has had a deleterious effect on our country. Two excellent books to read on the subject are Patrick Buchanan’s State of Emergency, and Ann Coulter’s Adios America.
        When our truly great President Trump asked why we have all these people immigrating here from bleep hole countries, he was 100% correct. The Immigration Act of 1924 gave priority to origin of country, mainly Northeastern Europeans.
        The Democrats favor massive immigration because they want to destroy the Republican Party. Look at what Hispanic immigration has done to some of our states. It turned California blue, and is turning Texas blue.
        We need a moratorium on all immigration for at least four decades until all these immigrants assimilate into our culture. We need to end birthright citizenship. Also, we must end all illegal immigration. No asylum granted to these people who are escaping poverty. Governments like Mexico don’t want this, otherwise there would be a nasty revolution if the Mexicans weren’t allowed to invade our country, and make no mistake about this , this is a third world invasion. Of course, what we call common sense and patriotism, the pointy headed liberal snowflakes call “xenophobia.” Like President Trump, I am proud to say “I am a Nationalist.” President Trump is so great, it’s pathetic. It’s a shame that he is so old. I pray God will grant Mr. Trump respite from these silly Russian investigations, the foolish Democrats, and the strength to build the wall we all so desperately need. May God grant him excellent health, and protection from all his loathsome enemies.
        By the way, he was 100& correct to revoke Accosta’s pass to the White House. It is the President’s house, and he has the right to keep anyone out as he so chooses.Press passes are a privilege, not a right. Yes, CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington are all purveyors of “fake news.” It’s kind of early, but I’ll say it anyway,” Merry Christmas, President Trump.”

  6. Constantinos says

    Your Grace,
    You have called me a Nazi, stupid, and a heretic. What did I ever do to you ?

    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

      Constantinos! I have never ever called you a Nazi, stupid, or a heretic. Why did you write such a falsehood here? Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

      • Constantinos says

        Your Grace,
        Okay, I’m sorry. You only called me stupid, a heretic, and Nazi wannabe. Am I not a Trump supporter?

        • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

          “Constantinos!” I have never called you stupid, I don’t believe I’ve ever said that Trump supporters are stupid, heretics or Nazi wannabes. Never ever. You are lying. If I refer to any stupid people or heretics or Nazi wannabes I have never identified you as such and you know it. Stop lying please. You aren’t stupid or a heretic or Nazi wannabe are you? I don’t know who you are. I don’t know if you are male, or female, an adult, or a child’.You may be Hillary Clinton, for all I know! Or Ivanka Trump! Or Robert De Niro! Get a life, whoever you are. A life with our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ. Stop bearing false witness. Come out of hiding. Start worrying about your soul and its salvation.

          • Constantinos says

            Your Grace,
            First of all, I have an excellent life, believe me. Secondly, I honestly couldn’t care less what anyone calls or thinks about me.. My first post about you calling me a Nazi, stupid, and a heretic was meant to be tongue in cheek, i.e. funny because I’ve called you a liberal snowflake, and irremediably stupid. You didn’t pick up on that. As far as worrying about my soul and its salvation, you don’t think I don’t worry about that? Believe me, I’m nothing but a sinner, maybe more than you. As much as I respect you, and disagree with your political views, I still hope to exceed you in holiness, and love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I apologize for any offenses by me toward you, and ask your forgiveness. I also forgive you for your foolishness, and silliness. I’m in no way suggesting that I am not also foolish and silly.

  7. Michael Bauman says

    Dino? Your point on the Mormans supports my statement that all history is distorted by one’s own bias, unknowing and desire. The only way to begin to see “history” is providentially.

    • Michael Bauman,
      Lack of historical proof, tests the Mormons depth of faith they profess. Even in this age of technology we live in today, that has debunked so much of what their original “Prophet” Joseph Smith has taught, it is amazing to witness their Blinders on tight, “faith”. One of their deluded, Mitt Romney, could have our President! In some ways I feel sorry for them because part of their faith is repressing the pit of doubt deep in their hearts of hearts.

      The Mormon laity are truly the most kind, charitable, and faithful you will ever find, and a unrivaled American born religious tradition and culture that still controls an entire state(Utah). Quite amazing how well organized they are. I do see similarities with them and us Orthodox, in that the pit in their their heart comes from false theology from well organized leaders, and our pit, True Theology, from unorganized leaders. Makes me chuckle in a dark way.

  8. Thank you Centurion for your informational posts on high profile influential women who promote and support abortion. Reading any clergyman or layperson who jokes about or around this tragedy saddens me deeply. I pray everyone will read the Amicus Curiae Brief to the Supreme Court on behalf of the Holy Orthodox Church and its members, signed by countless hierarchy and quoting numerous Holy Fathers. Many Saints have spoken as clearly as the Early Fathers in support of each life created by All Holy God in His image. On December 29 all Orthodox mourn for the 14,000 Holy Innocents slain by the evil one. I am grateful to the pillars of our Holy Orthodox Faith which all mourn for the evil of abortion. I am grateful for the constructive action taken in the brief, especially when others in our Church seem to have become utterly blinded to the intrinsic evil involved. The link to the Brief for the text:

  9. Michael Bauman says

    The poster Michael is not me BTW. I always use my first and last name in case anyone wants to find me. Too many Michael’s. Neither am I the Michael Bauman Ph.D from Hillsdale College who is a Protestant writer. I don’t want to tarnish his good name by what I say either. Just to be clear.

  10. Dear Centurion,

    Unfortunately no reply link to your posts or others on this topic!

    With regard to your post distinguishing from “militantly” from “just plain for”, that pseudo distinction encouraged by others in this blog, tragically, really sinks home. A high-profile, influential woman supporting abortion openly (not to mention voting for it or judging for it in addition) clearly colludes with the massacre and influences countless young men and women as well as our society in general (and possibly faithful Orthodox who yearn to be popular with the world?) and how can God, if not our Churches, hold such accountable with natural consequences? Social media intensifies our passion of wishing to be popular and we can all be unconsciously swept up/deluded by the evil one on this issue. Thank you Centurion for speaking soberly as our Patristic Tradition and Holy Church does officially. Praying to Panaghia to remove the veil from the eyes of all beguiled by our fallen soeciety and our unacknowledged, uinrepented passions into minimizing the importance of lives and treating the subject matter as fit for political “humor.” God help us all.

    • Correction please: Ah late night typos! The one substantive correction I must make in CAPS is to alter the phrase: “how can God, if not our Churches, NOT hold such accountable with natural consequences?”

  11. Nicole, well said all the way around. Abortion is the great sin of America. Who can possibly think it is okay to rip a living being, whom our God Himself breathed life into, out if its mother’s womb and kill it because it may be inconvenient or unplanned.
    It turns my stomach when a former bishop of the Orthodox Church, who should teach God’s word in truth, holds up for veneration the women who have fought with all their energy to prevent even the most limited restrictions on this monstrous practice. To do this is to collide with the evil one himself. Yes Tikhon you are colluding with the evil one when you hold up the women best known in this country for fighting for abortion on demand. You give comfort to believers who want to turn their backs on the unborn and can point to your befuddled FB page to support their delusion.
    I cannot tell you how much your open support of judges and politicians best known for supporting the abortion on demand lobby sickens me. I am sure my personal sins are greater than yours, and I am a sinner, but your actions while wearing your bishop’s costume (yes on you it is a costume) harm not only your soul but all who by virtue of your former office may look to you for guidance.

    • Dear Michael,

      I can’t tell you how heartening it is to read a post from a man in particular who values the unborn and grieves for what is happening. I am reading St. Paisios now who speaks eloquently about abortion and also about suffering with and praying with tears for the whole world, one person at a time and all collectively…Thank you for doing so.

      A Joyous Feast honoring our Panaghia who protected, nurtured and prayed for her Child as the example to us all.


    • M. Stankovich says

      My thought here, Michael, is that you need to follow your own advice: shut up or have an adult take control of your access to the internet. The day will come when you will weep for speaking to a Bishop of the Orthodox Church in such a manner. You are the type who will offer lengthy “justifications” for your increasingly hostile, hysterical, increasingly personal attempts to demean and humiliate, yet describe it as both necessary and even “righteous,” because, after all, he is “colluding with the evil one.” Please, read this again: The day will come when you will weep for speaking to a Bishop of the Orthodox Church in such a manner.

      You have made your point, no? The value-added repetition of your nausea ad nauseum is superfluous at best, and I am confused already as to what specifically it is about Vladyka Tikhon that is so distressing for you. His position on Israel? His ideas about Trump and those who support them? Abortion? Him as an “example?” Nah. You seem to be simply substituting an “issue” to plug into a description of your rage. You don’t know Vladyka Tikhon, I’m sure never met him, have never spoken with him; he is, in toto, words on a computer monitor to you. And no one has such personal rage against words on a computer monitor. Some one or something else deserves your rage, and it’s not Vladyka Tikhon.

      I am asking you to assume an adult role here, and if his writings are so scandalous as to cause you such distress, scroll by. You are not obligated to read or comment upon his writings. Whomever has ears to hear has already heard you, and you have no control over their position regarding Vladyka Tikhon. You can call me trite, dismissive, and/or patronizing, but I suggest you not dismiss my words: The day will come when you will weep for speaking to a Bishop of the Orthodox Church in such a manner.

      • Constantinos says

        Dr. Stankovich,
        I can always count on you to write a self righteous, threatening post. Michael has as much right as you do to read and comment on any post he so desires. May I remind you that George is the proprietor of this site. Your threats toward Michael disgust me. Worry about your own salvation and sins before criticizing another poster. In other words, take the beam out of your own eye first. I certainly don’t look to you as an example of the way an Orthodox Christian should conduct himself nor do I wish to emulate you in any way.
        Judas Iscariot was an Apostle to our Lord Jesus Christ, performed many miracles, did many good deeds. participated in the first Eucharist, and, yet, the Lord consigned him to hell. With your churlish warnings, you exalt yourself above our Lord and Savior. The Lord alone knows those who are His. He’s the righteous Judge of the earth, not you. Remember that the next time you torment us with your self righteous, holier than thou attitude.

      • Mr. Stankovich your writings are a prime example of clericalism. Your thinking is what put the Roman Church in the mess it is in. One must stand up to evil even when it wears a black cassock. Especially when it wears a black cassock. You are entitled to your opinions. Although lately you just rant and rave and insult. Much less interesting than you used to be. I will speak to Tikhon in any way I believe calls attention to his glorification of the culture of death and promotion of people in public life most known for their support of abortion on demand. Chrysostom said the road to hell us paved with the skulls of bishops. If Tikhon’s sins were personal it would be no one’s business. When he uses his former post to promote the culture of death and things that are antithetical to Orthodox, he damages the whole Church and should shut his big mouth or start using his name before religious life. You should step off your soap box a bit as well.
        I am presently trying to talk a young friend’s wife out of having an abortion. They are Catholic. One of her answers to me was that the bishops don’t even believe or practice what they preach so why should she? Hard to argue with that. Tikhon makes this argument apply to the Orthodox Church as well. This is where faith in action happens. Sitting with a young girl into the wee hours arguing for the value of God’s most precious gift. Not Tikhon posting pretty little pictures of Pelosi and Kagan and Sotomayor and his other heroes on his precious little face book page. I think my God cares more about my standing up for the unborn that whatever I may say to “Bishop” Tikhon. I’ll take my chances any day.

        • M. Stankovich says


          You will not lecture me on confronting immorality, injustice, or hypocrisy inside or outside the church, nor will you tag me with your idiotic christian right jingoism such as “clericalism,” or possessing a form of thinking that has made a mess of anything in regard to any aspect of publically confronting immorality or unethical behavior. You will find me – by full name – in the New England Journal of Medicine, in the NY Times editorials as recently as five weeks ago, Lancet (British Journal of Medicine), the website of GLAAD, ACT UP, NARTH, APA (Both psychiatry & psychology) , and and so on; I have resigned from more “committees” and projects of Orthodox jurisdictions because of what they asked me to say, or not say, or because they were manipulative or inept, or they flat out compromisesend my values and/or professional ethics; I have walked away from personal relationships – e.g. the spouse of a colleague and friend of mine, who is one of the best physicians I know, is my US Congresswoman since 2002, and I found I had no choice but to leave our relationship because of her position on abortion; and I lost my job almost exactly two years ago to the day, and was literally abandoned by my colleagues, because I refused to address a male “transitioning” to be a female by a woman’s name and refer to him with he pronouns of a female in official county electronic case notes & billing. You want to bitch about a “high moral ground?” Get in line. I fear no one and have nothing to lose

          I will Say this much: I confronted hypocrisy whenever I found it necessary, but never – and I mean not even once – did it cross my mind to demean, embarrass, humiliate, shame, curse, or disrespect anyone in whom I was engaged in conflict. This, it seems to me, is the fundamental difference between us. It seems to me you were so captivated with formulating your arrogant response to me that you didn’t really read what I wrote to you. Not once did I attempt to dissuade you – or anyone else – from “confronting evil” or wrong going.” What I said was you will weep for the manner by you addressed an Orthodox Bishop. I stand by this statement as consistent with the Scripture, the writings of the holy Fathers, the Canons, and our Holy Tradition. As is customary, I am confident in saying that if you are able to demonstrate that the Scripture, the Fathers, the Canons, and our Tradition does in fact support your tactic of humiliation, shaming, disrespect, and abuse are acceptable in the eyes of our God, I will sincerely repent before you and this forum, immediately. My thought is that, having been in the church your whole life, you know, in your heart, how wrong this behaviour is.

      • Beryl Wells Hamilton says

        Michael Stankovich, I have to say I appreciate you and your posts. Thanks.

        • M. Stankovich says

          I included my appreciation to you regarding your kind words about my father. Unfortunately, it sleeps with the fishes, and so it goes… On one of my last visits with my father, he was watching the evening news and a story about the “born again” Mr. Putin,” who was receiving a blessing from Patriarch Alexi II before he undertook travel. My father quietly observed, “A leopard cannot change his spots,” and turned the television off. Your comment was appreciated.

      • Michael Bauman says

        I would implore “Michael” to post with some other identifier as I do not wish to be associated with your comments. I have enough of my own stupidity to worry about.

  12. re: “Yes Tikhon you are colluding with the evil one when you hold up the women best known in this country for fighting for abortion on demand. ”

    Truthfully and accurately stated. You shall know them by their fruits (words and deeds).

    Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ — Matthew 7:21-23

  13. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    Dear “Nicole” and “Michael.” Thank you for condemning me. I am against abortion. I am against sin. I admire our female chief justices. They are sinners I am a sinner you are a sinner. I admire them. I would much rather take them out to dinner than take out Pres. Trump, Mohammed bin Salman, John Bolton, Benjamin Netanyahu, Vladimir Putin, any of our American mass shooters, Rev. Graham, Sen. Graham, etc. to dinner. After being ordained a priest in 1978, I heard tearful confessions from a few women who had aborted their children during the war. One Russian woman found herself in Yugoslavia at the end of World War II with three children and pregnant with the fourth one, she and her children fled from the advancing Russian communists. She said she had to cross the mountains but could not make it in her seventh month. She confessed that she had to choose between her unborn baby and her other three children. She aborted her unborn baby and had been confessing the sin in confession ever since arriving at liberty. I felt that as a man I could not condemn her choice although the abortion was a terrible sin. I have no idea what I would do if I were a woman in such a situation. Michael, we all wear costumes. St. John of Kronstadt, St. Seraphim of Sarov and thousands of clergy down through history wore costumes. (Perhaps you meant to refer to theatrical costumes?) Unless you are naked you’re wearing a costume as well. By the way, I’m not a former bishop: I’m still a bishop and I can ordain deacons and priests and consecrate churches, as well as concelebrate the Divine Liturgy. If you think my admiration of our chief justices, our female chief justices, is cause for my deposition, you should ask your bishop to make charges against me. I wonder, do you, like Pres. Trump, feel that low gas prices get the Saudi Crown Prince off the hook for the murder and dismemberment of one of his neighbors? By the way, NONE of the female Supreme Court justices, or Nancy Pelosi, supports abortion. They support legal abortion as a lesser evil than illegal abortion, which they oppose..

    • Constantinos says

      Your Grace,
      I wasn’t going to comment on your facebook page because I feel that is your own business, and I really don’t want to be a “Gotcha” kind of guy. I agree with you that the woman committed a very grave sin by killing her unborn child. My own personal view is no abortion under absolutely any conditions whatsoever at any time. Many women have died giving life, and I honor them all. The Lord is merciful and forgiving of even abortion.
      Nancy Pelosi is a radical pro death congresswoman. She is completely “pro choice.” She has a 100% positive rating with pro death groups. Her church should deny her communion and she should be excommunicated, but if they didn’t excommunicate Hitler, what can you expect?
      Your support for these radical liberal feminists is a stumbling block to all Orthodox Christians for which you must give an account to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at the Great Judgment.
      As far as defrocking you is concerned, what is the point? Simply disagreeing with you is enough for me. I’d like to ask you a question: what was it like to be in the presence of real saints like Archbishop Job Osacky and Metropolitan Dmitri Royster? In that respect< I envy you. I also understand that your successor Bishop Peterson is a real good man, and enjoys unsurpassed your former diocese. Now, that's a man I can proudly support. Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        “Constantinos”! First, I’d like to ask your and”Michael’s” forgiveness for my conviction that you are both cowards who hide your identity while attacking my open identity. I don’t believe that my affection for our three female Supreme Court justices and Nancy Pelosi is a stumbling block to any Orthodox Christian. But I realize that believing that is some kind of comfort and support for you . You asked me a question: “what was it like to be in the presence of real saints like (Ever-memorable. as we Orthodox say) Archbishop Job (Osacky) and (Ever-memorable, too, and NOT a Metropolitan but Archbishop) DmItri Royster.:” Both good friends of mine who were well acquainted with my political opinions, I enjoyed being in their presence. I remember conversing with Archbishop Job in a Los Angeles restaurant when he came out to California to interview me and prepare me for my ordination to the episcopate. I used to travel from Shreveport. Louisiana, to Dallas to pray, confess and to be communed at St. Seraphim church in Dallas where father Dmitri Royster was the rector at that time. I was stationed at a classified ordnance site in Louisiana and could only make the trip every third weekend; nevertheless, Father Dmitri and I became very good friends back then in the early 60s. Later on then Bishop Dmitri ordaieds me to the Diaconate on St. Nicholas Day 1971 at St. Nicholas Cathedral in Washington DC. Much later, in 1987, Archbishop Job and Archbishop Dmitri were two of the Orthodox hierarchs who laid hands on me consecrating me to the Orthodox episcopate. I must say that of all the hierarchs in our Holy Synod Archbishop Job, Archbishop Dmitri, and I were the greatest repositories of off-color jokes. [Archbishop Dmitri, of course, was the champion and gold standard in that respect. He was an inexhaustible source!] Nevertheless, I pray fervently for the blessed repose and forgiveness of sins of both Archbishop Job and Archbishop Dmitri . Poor Archbishop Job underwent a sudden death all alone and in a motel parking lot—– something no Orthodox Christian cannot contemplate without horror! Archbishop Benjamin (Peterson) was my Deacon for several years, then Priest, here at Holy Virgin Mary Cathedral in Los Angeles. I nominated him to the episcopate and was one of the hierarchs who laid hands on him making him a bishop. He was my vicar and chancellor of my Diocese of the West until I retired. Here’s another of your quotes: “your support for these radical liberal feminists is a stumbling block to all Orthodox Christians…” WHAT? “ALL” Orthodox Christians? YOU stumbled? I interfered with your salvation? Oh wait, maybe you’re not an Orthodox Christian… At any rate, thank you for wishing me a happy Thanksgiving! I really condemn no one, and I think I am in agreement with the other bishops of the Orthodox Church in America in that, except for the serving of the anathemas at the annual service of the Office of Orthodoxy on the Sunday of Orthodoxy. By the way, while recognizing that Donald Trump is the greatest loser to have ever been elected president of the United States of America, I must also recognize that the losers in the country are greatly comforted by that presidency. They probably feel something like: “a guy from our own team finally WON!” God bless them all!

        • Constantinos says

          Your Grace,
          Thank you for your kind lengthy response to my questions. I really appreciate it. Also, thank you for the humor. No, you are definitely not a stumbling block to me. I’ve only been an Orthodox Christian for eleven years, before that I was an Episcopalian.
          The problem I’ve had is that my heroes have always been wealthy Christian businessmen. They’ve been the ones I’ve admired, regardless of denomination. Men like a couple of older but wealthy friends of mine, Demos Shakarian, W. Clement Stone, Wallace Johnson, Kemmons Wilson, Peter J. Daniels, Arthur DeMoss, S.S. Kresge, Sam Walton, Thomas Monaghan, and others. It’s kind of funny, but W. Clement Stone was a thirty third degree freemason. If it wasn’t for Mr. Stone, there would have been no Charismatic Renewal in the Roman Catholic Church because he was the main benefactor of David Wilkerson of The Cross and the Switchblade fame, and his Teen Challenge program. When the Catholic Charismatic Renewal first began the participants were told to read David Wilkerson’s book along with the second chapter of Acts. I only mention this irony because of the Catholic Church’s war against the freemasons.
          Never having been an admirer of the clergy, I’ve always found it difficult to understand the fancy titles and reverence given to the hierarchs. It’s funny because the Orthodox Church condemns the freemasons, but they use similar fancy titles as do the masons. I’ve never been a freemason, but I respect and admire them because of their philanthropy such as the Shriners Hospitals, etc. The devout Maronite Catholic Danny Thomas, the founder of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, admired them so much that he joined the fraternity becoming a thirty third degree mason.
          Some liberal snowflakes have compared Trump supporters to the people who shop at Walmart, and the liberal snowflakes like you to the Amazon crowd. That’s okay by me because I always shop at Walmart, unfortunately I also use Amazon. I don’t want to be mistaken for a liberal snowflake. I guess what I’m really saying is I’m not naturally drawn to the clergy, and the inordinate respect they receive. It just rubs me the wrong way.
          Also, I don’t think President Trump has gone anywhere near far enough in implementing an America First foreign policy. We should have been out of NATO along time ago. I’m a little puzzled by the president’s demand that Congress fund the wall because one of his campaign promises was that Mexico would pay for it. Have you ever condemned Crooked Hillary, and her rapist husband Bubba J. Clinton? How about the former divider in chief, the most incompetent president in US history Barry Sotero aka Barack Hussein Obama, and his America hating wife Michelle (Sotero) Obama? You need to read more, starting with Pat Buchanan, and Ann Coulter. You’ve got to get some of that liberal snowflakeitis out of you. One final point: I think much of this undue reverence toward the clergy is really all about people control. This disease also afflicted many of the Saints from the monasteries with their unquestioned obedience to their spiritual fathers. Now, you did call me a coward. That’s alright, I still love you, and am always entertained by you, for which I am thankful. By the way, would you mind sharing some of the more off color jokes you exchanged with your good friends?

        • Constantinos says

          Your Grace,
          If I may be so presumptuous, I believe that I have singular honor of having the most responses to a poster by you on this forum. I really love you in a good way. The motto: folks, if you want Vladyka to respond to your inquiries, just throw in a couple of insults. Vladyka, I love you, and I know you love me back. Thank you most sincerely.

          • Constantinos says

            Hi George,
            Because of Vladyka’s disdain for the state of Israel, I’ve had to reevaluate my own position toward the Jewish state. After long thought and study, I now support Israel because it is the moral, decent thing to do. The same people who denigrate the Jewish state also condemn the US. We have the same enemies. They are our close allies, although I don’t support foreign aid to any country, certainly when the interest on the national debt exceeds our defense budget. In my opinion , the Palestinian homeland is Jordan, and Jerusalem should be the eternal, undivided capital of the Jewish state. The Palestinians are an invented people; they’re really Arabs. There are more than enough Muslim states polluting the world already. I believe that Islam is a very dangerous, pernicious religion. They’ve been a cancer on the body of Christ ever since their inception. Orthodox Christianity is spread through the gospel of love while Islam is spread by the sword and forced conversions. A special thanks to the poster Michael for helping to open my eyes to the truth.

    • Michael Bauman says

      I would implore “Michael” to post with some other identifier as I do not wish to be associated with your comments. I have enough of my own stupidity to worry about.

    • Michael Bauman says

      Your Grace, please realize that while I have disagreed with you, this “Michael” is not me. As a Bishop you deserve honor and respect. Forgive me if I have not always acted that way.

  14. Alitheia1875 says

    So, since the original theme of this particular story was something about a blue wave, the dems being dissed, and President Trump being elevated to sainthood, allow me to remark (actually, paraphrase and unabashedly plagiarize) on the president’s recent attack on the judiciary as icing on the cake of his attacks on the press: first they came for the Jews and no one spoke up for them; then they came for the Christians and no one spoke up for them; then they came for your neighbors and no one spoke up for them. When they come for you who will be left to speak up for you? Truly, an extraordinary contemporary example of those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

    • Constantinos says

      This puerile post quoting Niemoller and Santayana is a perfect example that the aphorism “liberalism is a mental disorder,” is true.” Geesh!!!

    • Constantinos says

      There’s a very dangerous psychosis afflicting the liberal snowflakes in this country called Trump Derangement Syndrome. The histrionics, shibboleths demagoguery, and hypocrisy of the loonie left is shameful. Case in point: These weepy willows are horrified that our Border Patrol used tear gas against the raucous, illegal aliens throwing rocks against our officers. Well, it seems that Mr. Obama’s administration used tear gas on our southern border 26 times in 2012, 27 times in 2013, and 3 times in 2016. This is ding battery and nitwititis at its finest.

  15. Fortunately, more and more Republicans are speaking out, recognizing the craziness that the Idiot-in-Chief is providing with his stupid tweets and inhumane actions. And there’s Mueller still in the background, too. So maybe hope for all of us.

  16. Fortunately, Alitheia, we have a vigilant press which fights back, example being Mr. Acosta’s case in which his press credentials being pulled because the current Oval Office resident did not like the course of the questions. More and more people are speaking up; even more Republicans are getting a backbone these days. We can only hope.

    • Constantinos says

      Dear George,
      With all due respect, I have to blame you for making Monomakhos so interesting. If Monomakhos wasn’t so interesting, I wouldn’t be reading it, or posting. Hopefully, I can make myself to cease from commenting with all my distractions.
      Hopefully, for the sake of Monomakhos, one final word. After reading a column by Ann Coulter on Breitbart, I am deeply pessimistic about the future of our country. She has stated that due to massive immigration, Donald Trump is the last Republican president. That means no re-election due to the effects of disastrous, ruinous immigration from the third world. The America we once knew and loved is finished- over- kaput. I don’t fear for myself so much, but for our children and grandchildren. Their going to be aliens in their own country. It’s really too sad to even contemplate.

    • Michael Bauman says

      Anthony, everything you say in your post is, at best, an ideological skreed based on a variety of assumptions that I reject entirely.

      The “vigilant press” is populated by folks like the ones who were crying and in despair on election night. They have routinely proven to be nothing more than attack dogs for those who wish to abrogate the Presidency of a legitimatly elected President just because they don’t like him. It is, IMO, an attempted coup. Wholly illegitmate in every respect. Illegal, immoral and deranged.

      Acosta’s ban had nothing to do with the content of his questions but was due to his near assualt on the aide who came to retrieve the microphone when his time was up. An amount of time that was graciously extended by President Trump despite his ungracious and pugnacious attitude.

      As I have said before, the Democrats and many of their supporters continue to publically and politically hold in destain everything which I believe and know to be true. The level of aggression and violence in them and their policies is disgusting. As long as they continue in that manner I will never again vote for any democrat for any office of public trust despite the hypocrisy and corruption of many Republicans.

      If they succeed, the political cohesion in this country will be dealt a probably lethal blow. The disintegration that has been evident for decades will accelerate at a rapid pace and we will all suffer.

      • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

        Well-said, Michael!

        Mr. Acosta practically accosted that young White House intern and for that and his unprofessional, obnoxious, boorish, and clownish behavior he ought to be excluded from all White House briefings in any presidential administration. The so-called Fourth Estate has an inflated regard for themselves as both the 1st and 2nd “Estates” in the États Généraux before the French Revolution.

        Lately I’ve been pondering the hypothesis that a profound, ubiquitous prelest has gripped the souls of the radical political left (which includes, as far as I can tell, most of the mainstream media in the United States).

        Your thoughts?

        • George Michalopulos says

          I for one completely agree with you, Fr.

        • Michael Bauman says

          Father, I don’t know whether it is prelest or not, I pray not. What I do believe is that ideology trumps everything with them (pun intended). For those who put everything through an ideological filter, facts and truth simply do not matter. All that matters is a mental agreement to the ideology. Shoot, these days, it does not even take thought, one just has to “feel” that something is right and that gives permission to destroy anyone who does not “feel” or “think” the same way. Promises are enough, results are not required.

          All ideology is anti-God, anti-human, vicious, brutal, bigoted, and untrue no matter what precepts it champions—left or right. That is why ideologues of the left and the right hate Trump. He has no ideology. He has a policy agenda but it is not ideologically driven. It is not about “ideas” but how to achieve concrete results. One should be able to disagree with the results he wants to achieve without going start raving mad.

          The “press” is vigilant about promoting its ideological propaganda and defending its ideological beliefs while attacking anyone who disagrees, I will give Anthony that.

        • Nate Trost says

          The most extraordinary thing about the Acosta incident wasn’t the actual incident, it was the White House Press Secretary retweeting doctored video of the exchange that was altered to make it look more dramatic than it actually was.

          Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster, George Michalopulos and Michael Bauman give no indication they are aware of this, or if they are, that they care. It’s like watching a bunch of people argue over who cut the cheese while the room burns down around them.

          It’s also rich hearing talk of prelest from those who cast their lot with a man who in daily life, in word and deed demonstrates a boundless capacity to live out the exact opposite of the kenotic love of Christ.

          I suppose it’s easier to clutch one’s pearls over the banality of CNN than confront brazen pathological lying coming out of the White House. But, of course, on Monomakhos, rather that face that, it’s time to embrace postmodernism!

          • Constantinos says

            What are you talking about, If you watch the Associated Press raw footage, you can clearly see the intern go to take the microphone away from Acosta, then he presses the microphone into his chest, while his left hand is coming down, he makes contact with the intern’s arm with his hand. He was belligerent, and should have relinquished the microphone immediately. He also should have been arrested on the spot for assault and battery because he made physical contact with the intern. Don’t forget, CNN only won a preliminary injunction, all impartial legal experts have said CNN will surely lose the case. Press passes are a privilege, not a right. The White House is the President’s home, and he can bar anyone at anytime he so desires from entering his premises. There are hundreds of millions of people in this country who think President Trump is doing an excellent job including me. Is he perfect? No, but neither are you.

            • Nate Trost says

              Yes, I watched the raw footage. Which was entirely unremarkable so it wasn’t surprising Infowars had to give it a little ‘juice’. That part wasn’t surprising, it was the Press Secretary retweet that is the scandal.

              It’s hilarious watching the pearl clutching about this nothingburger after all the chest thumping here when Gianforte bodyslammed Jacobs. Now that was assault.

          • Antiochene Son says

            The footage was not “doctored.” Slowing down and zooming in is not “doctoring.”

          • Michael Bauman says

            Nate, here is the core of my post:

            As I have said before, the Democrats and many of their supporters continue to publically and politically hold in distain everything which I believe and know to be true. The level of aggression and violence in them and their policies is disgusting. As long as they continue in that manner I will never again vote for any democrat for any office of public trust despite the hypocrisy and corruption of many Republicans.

            Here is a list of Presidents: LBJ, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama. I think it is a real push to decide which of them had more pathology and lied more. My personal favorite is LBJ. There was a real sleaze bag. Let us not forget Empress Irene, deemed a saint because she presided over the official return of icons to the Orthodox Church, but who also had the eyes of her own son gouged out because he challenged her beliefs and her power.

            Politicians lie and are often immoral in other ways. The quest for power tends to attract folks like that and corrupt the few who are not. The fact is however that there are many people like me who see the pathology of the “Progressive” left and their inhuman ideology and will support anyone who fights against that.

            Trump is despised not because of his “pathology” as that is no better or worse than any other power politician., but because he is a non-Democrat who fights back against the entitled, poisonous bovine excrement that flows like a stream of toxic waste from the mouths and the actions of the Democrats. He actually harkens back to Andrew Jackson and the late 19th century progressives (before they got co-opted) that fought against the rapine of the east coast money men.

            But what do I know? I am a just a deplorable, stupid hick from fly-over country who should just acknowledge his betters and be quiet. Isn’t that what you mean too Nate? It seems like it.

        • Michael Bauman says

          Orthodox Christianity is profoundly non-ideological being about the revelation of and communion with the living incarnate God even unto ages of ages beyond our normal boundaries.
          Subsuming our suffering and transfiguring it in glory.

          As such it is totally incomprehensible to anyone who has given themselves over to an ideological mindset. That mindset is not only the ultimate legalism but allows for no Providence, color or life. It is the most linear expression I have ever seen. It rules in The Wasteland and created the Gulag. The energy in ideology is destruction. We somehow destroy our way to paradise.

          We are all infected with the temptation in part because we live in a giant propagada organism and in part because ideology promises certainty without effort.

          Thus there are forms of ideology with a Christian veneer.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Anthony, there is nothing “vigilant” about our press. Limbaugh is right, they are nothing but demographers who lick Democrat jackboots. And act like crybabers when a Republican is in power.

      It’s more than a lack of inconsistency, the corporate media are incredibly lazy and out a cheap product. That’s why they’ve lost all credibility and why most people get their news from YouTube.

      • George,
        I think the same can be said about some media licking Republican boots, too. i.e. Fox News. Theirs is a bias view of events, also. As Nate so wisely says, above, it’s easier to fault the media than fault the misogynist and liar in the Oval Office right now.

        • Constantinos says

          Dear Anthony,
          I get the impression you must be a young man in your early thirties. Not to hurt your feelings, but you have not shown one original thought, just regurgitating the same old liberal palaver, and folderol. As you should know, if you studied history, the last time a US President didn’t lie was when George Washington was in office. All Presidents lie. Misogynist? Please!!! I respectfully suggest you study some history starting with Ben Franklin’s autobiography, The Federalist Papers, the Enlightenment, the Articles of Confederation, and the US Constitution. Nancy Pelosi is not a good source for information. Good luck!!!

  17. I am not American but know America quite well. The hypocrisy and corruption of Democrats, the Clintons etc and their identity mood music for the folks while collecting their wall Street share is obvious and open.
    But re republicans and trump. Yes agree he won the election and as for popular vote, it’s not decided by that as I understand, and if Clinton was in trump position on that night, She would not be mentioning his popular vote.
    If they want him out, they do it in an election in 2020.
    However re Trump. I just cannot respect this boorish, abusive, totally vain glorious man, self obscessed with a disgusting attitude to American war dead. WELL LOSERS WERE THEY NOT., GETTING SHOT. AND WHAT ABOUT CREMATION HEY!!
    He is yr president but for me an ignorant fool, regardless what the others are. And his interfering in UK politics for example is appalling. If you want him you can keep him but please let’s be honest who you dealing with. And please he is no Christian apart from technically. After all Stalin and Hitler were Christians too technically. And no not equating as they were far brighter Bro. But just saying
    Yes I know the neo cons and neo liberals as macron but please do not sell me Mr trump as sone Constantine.
    Yr evangelical mob apart from being heretics I hardly consider as Christian. Outside the Old Testament they probably have never read. They are judaizers, an old heresy from eastern Europe.