Russia as a Civilizational Realm and Counterweight to the West

In the previous blog post, I talked about the Russian Hacking Narrative and its collapse. After presenting my case as to why I believed this was so, I alluded to a more broad narrative. That is to say, the idea that Russia is a counterweight to Western nihilism.

One reason that this is so is because I believe Russia –much like the Anglosphere–is a civilizational realm. Besides the “three Russias” (Byelorussia, Ukraine and Great Russia), it appears that because of its resurgent traditionalism, Russia is absorbing (after a fashion) several of the Eastern and Central European states, some of which made up the Warsaw Pact at one time. And not all of these are Slavic in origin.

This is ironic of course. Regardless, the reach of Russia further west cannot be discounted. Nationalist parties in Germany, Scandinavia, Greece and Italy –as well as the Front National in France–have made common cause with Russia. Or at least a political accommodation.

This of course frightens the globalists. And of course the Ukrainians (but not oddly enough, the Poles or the Hungarians). The reason I suppose is because in the eyes of most non-Westerners, the Russians are a normalnovo people. In other words, morally they are basically where we were just twenty or so years ago. And besides, any talk about “the Red Menace” is unbelievable. The Russians have neither the capability –nor the desire–to conquer any lands to the west of the Ukraine.

In the video below, I will flesh out more about Russia as a counterpoise to Western nihilism and expand more on what a possible military conflict between the West and Russia might look like. Please forgive the pace of my speech as it was extemporaneous and without any notes. (And yes, I violated my self-imposed 6-8 minute length. On the other hand, it’s “safe for work” as they say.)

In the links below, I will explain in more detail about the subject I broached in the previous video about the disastrous tenure of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Specifically,
the revival of the African slave trade in Libya. (Above that is a link detailing Trump’s accomplishments in his first year.)

P.S. It’s three weeks now without any tobacco. Thank you all for your encouragement.


  1. This is the first of your u-tube videos that I have watched, George. Bravo!

    America can certainly defend itself, I’m sure. At least for the time being. But conquering Russia – regime change, in any form – is a fool’s errand. Firstly, for all of the reasons you mention in your talk. The military dominance of Russia in their own front yard plus their willingness to use nuclear weapons in defense creates a no win situation for the West.

    The West can try to undermine the RF from inside. They can try to contain it economically through sanctions. But outright military supercession would be a suicide mission. When W looked into Putin’s eyes, he thought he saw something he liked. What he really saw was steel, a diamond. Forged in a political situation which would have crushed someone like W, probably.

    The thing is, Putin is not the only one. The experience was shared by enough Russians that there is a cross section of Russian character which is absolutely indomitable.

    The other practical matter is that during all this Western mischief, the Russians are not simply going to sit on their hands. Western aggression is a red carpet invitation for the Kremlin, the FSB and all current and former friends of Putin to f*ck with the West from every conceivable angle. Beware a country of chess-masters and physicists when they are pissed. The screwing will go so deep and from so many indecipherable angles that the powers that be here will be shooting at each other in a Mexican standoff, not knowing from whence the grief is coming today, tomorrow, etc.

    Just make peace and let ’em be.

    PS: Russians did not invent paranoia, they merely perfected it. And they certainly know how to inflict it:

  2. Mekas Peliflonas says

    Leonidas and his 200 Spartans begat the agrarian warrior glory of western civilization while Huntington’s Clash put Athens in the Islamo-Soviet zone. Sparta colonized Sicily, hence begat Rome, while Athens colonized Scythia hence begat Russia. Alexander’s dad choked Athens by grabbing the Besant straits to choke off Scythian wheat. Macedonia was Great because the population was mostly Albanian Illyrian Pelasgians, and the roylaty was from Spartan Argos. The Athenians are the source of all heathen leftist ideas like globalist commerce, Delian central banking and socialist taxation. Herodotus (i57,ii1,vi137) knew the Arvanitas of Koropi were Pelasgians which is why Metxas expunged it. All the emperors of the Besant married Athenian women which is why they begat Islam and communism.

    • Johann Sebastian says

      Word salad, anyone?

    • Will Harrington says

      The Roman Republic was a going concern about a century before the Spartan colonization of Sicily and owes far more to Tuscany than to Sparta. Byzantium never ruled Arabia (Why would they have wanted too?) and did not begat Islam. Marxism and Communism is a German, IE Western European invention that was exported to the east. Without German philosophers, it would never have been invented, without the Kaiser’s government’s covert operations, Lenin would never have been in Russia to launch a Bolshevik revolution. Your history is questionable and puts entirely too much of an emphasis on the roles of Athens and Sparta. There was much more going on in the world than Greece and there role is vastly overrated. For instance, Athens is credited with inventing democracy, but democracy went extinct, thanks to Sparta. Western Democracy owes its origins to the Anglo Scandinavian cultural mix. The tradition of the Things and the evolution of Parliament as the nobility, the crown, and finally the commoners, worked out their power sharing arrangement over centuries. Sure, greek ideas were dusted off as justifications, but the forms of modern Liberal democracy are distinctly Western with little of Athens in them at all. Russia is not influenced much at all by Classical Greece, but obviously by Orthodox Roman Greek culture.

      • Billy Jack Sunday says

        Will Harrington

        Your comments are spot on

        Especially concerning the origins of Western democracy

        The truth of the Anglo Scandanavian reality is ignored and romantic embellished claims of the Greeks get headlines because of all the actions of the promoters of Hellenism

        That’s why church comes with all the Greek commercials

    • Who was Huntington? As in Huntington’s clash

  3. Tim R. Mortiss says

    Russian civilization, or rather its current reps, seem to have carried out another poisoning in England of a perceived enemy….and his daughter.

    • Michael Bauman says

      Timor, Sergianism notwithstanding the Orthodox Church has always been reluctant to condemn the acts of rulers that are deemed to protect their rule. I do not like that but it is there. Chief example: St. Irene the Empress who was instrumental in restoring icons to the Church. She had the eyes of her own son gouged out because he was conspiring against her rule, yet there she is a Saint. Indeed it is relatively easy to see such acts in many of the saints who also held high political office.

      I am not in any way suggesting that Putin is a saint just that the Church seems to have held rulers to a somewhat more flexible standard than the rest of us due to the exigencies of their office. They have been given the sword after all. Not to mention this particular action may be akin to the killing of Thomas of Canterbury: “Will no one rid me of this priest?” Henry II reportedly cried out to four of his loyal knights in a drunken stupor. They took that as an order and went and killed Thomas on the steps of his own Cathedral for defying the King. To Henry’s credit he repented of the actions of his knights in public in sac-cloth and ashes on the very steps where Thomas died.

      I am not excusing the poisoning in any way I am merely suggesting that the moral calculus is not as straight forward as it may seem. It is a murky part of the kind of leadership our brother Misha calls for. It is something which we of western sensibilities find horrific. Still, our own governments do such things as well.

      For the Church to call Putin to a similar repentance would require a similar level of proof that the Church had against Henry. It also might require the courage of a Fool-for-Christ Basil who publically called Ivan the Terrible to repentance. The latest to be poisoned may have the courage. Putin may not repent as Ivan did not but Ivan commissioned a glorious Cathedral in honor of St. Basil.

      Putin’s ostensible actions must give us pause to be sure both privately and from a public policy perspective. How we respond in both spheres?

      The lesson which I take from this: It is easy to condemn Putin and others for such acts while I ignore the murderous evil in my own soul. Who would I kill if I had the means and opportunity? Who would I not?

      Next step: The Prayer of St Ephrem–and of course: Lord have mercy on me a sinner.

      It seems to me this should be our natural response especially during Lent.

      But one thing I would not do if I were an opponent of Putin–live in England.

    • Tim,

      ” . . . seem to have carried out another poisoning in England of a perceived enemy . . .”

      * * *
      . . . “Let the jury consider their verdict,” the King said, for about the twentieth time that day.
      “No, no!” said the Queen. “Sentence first–verdict afterward.”
      “Stuff and nonsense!” said Alice loudly. “The idea of having the sentence first!”
      “Hold your tongue!” said the Queen, turning purple.
      “I won’t!” said Alice.
      “Off with her head!” the Queen shouted at the top of her voice. Nobody moved.
      “Who cares for you?” said Alice. (She had grown to her full size by this time.) “You’re nothing but a pack of cards!”

      * * *

      The fact is that there are a lot of former FSB and intelligence people with this type of capability, patriotic motivation and sufficient expertise to cover their tracks so that no one really, actually knows who particularly did it.

      As to the victim:

      He was a double agent, convicted of state treason in Russia and released on a prisoner swap. Apparently he was still cooperating with British Intelligence.

      So he should technically be off limits to official action, but nothing can free one from the vengeance of ones trained countrymen in their private escapades. Even if it were the RF, spies know the risk of treachery, it’s what they’re paid for.

      PS: another great and timely one from Pat:

    • Michael Bauman says

      Even Russia is warning “traitors” not to move to the UK:

      Kirll Kleimenov a commentator on state control TV said:

      I don’t wish death on anyone, but for purely educational purposes, I have a warning for anyone who dreams of such a career. The profession of a traitor is one of the most dangerous in the world. Some traitors have lived “to a ripe old age” while some others have spiraled into a world of substance abuse issues, depression and suicide.

      Don’t choose Britain as a place to live. Something is wrong there. Maybe it’s the climate, but in recent years there have been too many strange incidents with grave outcomes there.

    • Greatly Saddened says

      Mr Mortiss,

      Please excuse me for responding here to your post to me from yesterday on the “More News on the GOA Front.” Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to respond to you since it was closed for comments shortly thereafter.
      Tim R. Mortiss says:
      March 8, 2018 at 6:37 pm

      A pretty low-grade “terrorism” attack, I should say.

      Hate to complain, but it seems that 30% of Monomakhos these days is dominated by Greatly Saddened’s news clipping service….string posts, to boot.
      I would like thank you for your heartfelt kind words directed towards me. I wish you a good and blessed great lent. May
      the Lord make us all worthy to experience it in health and an uplifting of the soul. To be ready spiritually to worship His Holy Passion and His Glorious Resurrection. God bless.

      • Tim R. Mortiss says

        Perhaps there has been a misunderstanding. I do indeed question the use of the blog for such a high and continuous volume of string posts containing only links, something we haven’t seen here before. But it’s George’s outfit.
        But I didn’t direct any words to you personally; however, if you interpreted my post that way, it is gratifying, and charitable of you, that you found kindness in them. I assume there is no irony, because that would be at odds with the rest of your remarks!

  4. Greatly Saddened says

    I could not directly access the above links by clicking on them. I had to copy and paste and when doing so, the Rasmussen link comes up as “module not found.”

  5. michael james kinsey says

    The ugly deceit of the West is in full bloom as usual with Sordid secret societies, Knights of Malta,Freemasons,Jesuits, Rothchild’s Zionist, all who seem enamored of the NWO and Agenda 21 depopulation. They are on this rush to destruction like the swine who were possessed by legions of demons. They do see Russia as a stone in their shoe, as Rothchilds and Jesuit and the Vatican always have. But, they have faith in the coming destruction, which offers global warming, with the loss of sea life, especially the oxygen producing part of it, and cause the destruction of forests by Geo-engineering with insanely toxic metallic spraying which contribute the other half of the worlds oxygen. We have fluoride, to drink and brush with, toxic drugs that cure nothing.And in Portland we have Fukashima radiation. We also have a very hot feeling and lethal radiation from space due to the lack of an ozone layer. There are more delimas, methane 50 g giga burst in the melting turnda, plus the rising oceans due to the melting pole and the Northern hemisphere that circumvents the global. Seems to me the very wicked have things the way they want it.They have indeed come to the full. The suffering these dire catastrophe.s cause will be as the Christ described. Never until now,nor will ever be again.Putin is only one man, who will not be able to stop the West, he also contribute to the Geo-engineering, as does China. The money under their control is all they seek, as the nearest prediction of a one world cashless currency is 2020. then ,of course a one world government with a permanent fiat currency that will not fall on it’s own. The Christ will destroy it in one hour. Never underestimate the power of the Victorious Lord Jesus Christ. Water food and oxygen are being eliminated systematically.

    • Seriously? says

      Jesuits??? Lol, are y’all ever delusional.

      • Antiochene Son says

        Perhaps Clement XIV saw a vision of the future if the Jesuits were allowed to continue. Maybe he even foresaw Pope Francis.

  6. I mean, come on, how could anyone say that God is not pleased with this:

    “62 churches have been built in Moscow as part of the program over the past 8 years, including 24 last year alone. The main objective of the program is to build enough new churches throughout the capital so that there is always one within walking distance in the residential areas. The program has been actively underway since 2011, with a plan of building 200 churches. The program runs entirely on the donations of citizens and organizations. A foundation established for collecting funds is co-chaired by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia.”

    • Antiochene Son says

      Glory to God! Meanwhile, in Western Europe, churches are being shuttered by the hundreds.

  7. Thor Baltersen says

    Harvard’s Arne Westad is right to note the Cold War started at Poltava as the Glorious Crusade against the Hersey of Photius.

  8. Hesforad Alonis says

    Harvard’s Arne Westad is right to note the Cold War started at Poltava as the Glorious Crusade against the Heresy of Photius. Westad is a protege of John leDonne who promoted the Poltrava revival. leDonne is a protege of Brzezinski. Thor Halvorsen, a Westad protege, is behind Putincon, because the Scandinavians rightly want to reclaim St Petersburg and Kaliningrad. By uniting the Ukranians behind the Teutonic Knights, the evil soviet monster can finally be slain.

  9. Teutons claim Russia is the Magog, yet Vikings have Fennic and Lapp Magog blood. Indeed, many Swedes have names interchangeable with Turkish. And Liz Wareen is Cherokee Magog. Indeed, now we see that Uyghur Magoguery is really a psychiatric disease marked by both bipolar and schizophrenic components which made them flee civilization and then turn around and raid it. Protohippies if you will. Maybe it was all the LSD in the rye bread, because certainly the Irish have a lot of Viking lineage.

    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

      The answer is obviously blood transfusions—transfusions of monarchistic monopolar Indo-Aryan bloods! Hesforad Alonis is the long-sought source of an antibody against Monomachistic idolatries!
      It’s so simple!