Some thoughts on Egypt

Clearly, this is not going to end well. It seems to me to be a replay of the Fall of the Shah in 1979, in which largely well-educated youth took to the streets and brought down a tyrant (who in retrospect was quite benevolent) only to have their revolution co-opted by religious fascists. That certainly is one scenario.

I suppose however that a case could be made that the Egyptians are largely secular and the Egyptian Army will not allow the Muslim Brotherhood to take control. Word on the street was that it was the Army which ousted Mubarak.

I fear this is wishful thinking on the part of American liberals and neo-conservatives. To my mind, the totalitarian impulse is simply too strong among Islamic peoples. There is something utterly retrograde about the oriental cultures that cause them to fear freedom and kow-tow to strongmen. This was obvious to the ancient Greeks and to those Western cultures which followed.

I hope I’m wrong. I fervently hope that what follows in Egypt is a secular republic with honest elections and some modicum of transparency.

What concerns me more however is our own flaccid response to it all. It seems that our leaders cannot see the inchoate rightness of our own civilization. Our Ruling Class is still besotted by multiculturalism. Now, anybody with two active neurons knows that multiculturalism is not only evil but stupid. It is merely the transition stage from one orthodoxy (Christendom) to the another (Islam). Man cannot bear the cross of secularism. At the root of every culture is a cultus and this means a religion.

The tragic irony is that the leaders of the three greatest and richest European nations –Germany, England, and France–have come to this realization. They have said that state-sponsored multiculturalism is dead. This gives me hope. Perhaps the spirit of Christendom is not as moribund in them as we have been led to believe. Perhaps it is the Holy Spirit Himself who is rousing them from their idiotic torpor.

Unfortunately, the most religiously observant Western nation –the United States–is unable at present to join our mother countries. Our president and his regime continue to believe in multiculturalism. Those of us who are Christians and/or men of the West are hamstrung from touting the glories of our civilization. We are immediately shouted down as “rednecks” or “bigots.”

I’d like to think that we can correct this horrendous mistake in 18 months but I’ve gone on record as saying that the Ruling Class will make every effort to get Obama re-elected. In ordinary times, I’d say that those Republican candidates who are waiting in the wings are reputable, competent men, I don’t think these are ordinary times. With the exception of Rudy Giuliani, the majority have comported themselves as girly-men and have bought into the Ruling Class’s meme that Conservatives are evil and should just shut up. This was shown to us in the aftermath of the Tuscon shooting tragedy. Only one Republican chose to fight back and refused to back down when confronted. And she was a woman.

Make no mistake, even if Obama wins reelction, the present civilizational crisis will clarify issues one way or the other. Either we will become dhimmis –which is what our betters want for us–or we will rise to the challenge and join our brothers to reclaim our heritage. The battle lines are being drawn. There is no escape. One way or the other we will be forced to make a decision, of this there can be no doubt.


  1. I really believe the people of Egypt are just hungry for a democratic nation. They are fed up with the autocratic form of government that has prevailed in Egypt for decades. Egyptians want their freedom now.

  2. Michael Bauman says

    Why would they be hungry for a democratic nation? They may not want to be ruled by a specific autocrat, but what makes you think that anything different will take its place.

    There is no rule of law in Egypt (just ask the Copts). Our own democracy is breaking down because of the liberal assualt on the rule of law.

    If the Copts are respected and the attacks on them stop, then you may be right. If the peace treaty with Israel is maintained. Otherwise, the Egyptian nightmare has just entered another round

  3. Robert Mahoney says

    @ Michael,

    You have to get the language right if you are going to fight the progressives. You said “Our own democracy is breaking down”

    That is not correct, our democracy is not breaking down because there is no democracy to break down. Our Republic is breaking down. Remember, we were founded as a Republic (Rule of Law) not a Democracy (Mob rule)

    Progs are trying to turn this Republic into a Democracy by assaulting the constitution and the rule of law.

    Remember the pledge, “And to the Republic for which it stands”

  4. Michael Bauman says

    Robert, I am quite aware of the distinction you make, but IMO we lost the Republic during the Civil War. What has occured since is the battle between those oligarchs who want to rule in the name of the people and those who wish to rule for the benefit of commerce, i.e. the Robber Barons and the Progressives. It was little more than a neo-Platonic dream in any case and few even know what the word means any more.

    The fact that the dialectic forces have been, more or less, in balance has kept us from full flight into either a socialist tryanny or a fascist tryanny. The demagogic pandering to the populace from both sides has increased over the years to such a point that we are effectively in a consumerist democracy that allows us full expression of our most vile passions while belittling, hamstringing and punishing those who attempt to live as a republic demands. Mass protests breakout if there is even the slightest possibility that our passions will be curbed in any way (Wisconsin).

    As more and more folks exit the tax roles, the race toward tryanny will increase its pace. Vote fraud is rampant, illegals have tipped the results in some districts and the classic fraud of recent memory: the dead folks who voted for John Kennedy at the behest of Mayor Daley the First and won the 1960 Presidential election for Kennedy. I’m sure the fascist side of the equation has purchased elections as well over the years.

    In the process we can begin to see more clearly the cost of freedom and what it means to be free. I thank God for that. This country (as all countries) will be brought to its knees one way or another whether we are a monarchy, republic, democracy, oligarchy or tryanny. The rule of law was the last shred of civility that allowed us to live in the illusion that we have a republic.

    Our political system of the moment will always reflect the spiritual state of the populace; so the only ‘winning’ in this battle is by witnessing to Christ in love without regard to consequences: living a life of thanksgiving in repentance. The Cross, the grave, the glorious third day Resurection.

    “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”