So Much for Tolerance

I’ve never fallen for the claptrap that we should all be “tolerant.” I’m a live-and-let-live kind of guy and I treasure free speech, but let’s face it, outside of Nat Hentoff, Alexander Cockburn, and the late Christopher Hitchens, few on the Left really do. I learned this lesson the hard way when I went to college in the late 70s. Grades, grad school, and girls were all-too-often contingent on not saying the wrong things.

So where was I? Oh yes. Now that homosexuals have been granted a sanctity that black people could have only dreamed about when Theophilus “Bull” Connor was turning water hoses on them, I get especially tickled when the Brownshirts show their true colors.

The idiot mayors of Boston and Chicago decided to take on Chick-Fil-A because *GASP* the CEO of that fast-food franchise believes what President Obama said he believed about marriage just a few short months before his views “evolved.”

These bozos (Mendino and Emmanuel) should be welcoming any company which is willing to set up shop in their economically depressed cities. In a saner world, they’d be booted out of office or subject to immediate recall. Of course that’s not what’s going to happen because many of bigger cities in Blue-State America are giant rotten boroughs, with indigent populations who live off the largesse of government. As long as the Liberals keep shovelling out other peoples’ money to them, then they’ll keep relatively quiet.

Ironies abound: Rahm Emmanuel knows that Chicago is more dangerous than Baghdad. So what’s his bright idea to keep the peace? In our political theater of the absurd, he suggested that the Black Muslims (who hate Jews, whites, and gays in equal measure) should police the streets of Chicago. Boston’s Tom Menino helped open a new mosque in Boston the other day. I wonder if anybody told them what the Koranic penalty for sodomy is?

Nah. Muslims can stone homosexuals to death but that’s OK because they’re part of the Oppressed People EverywhereTM, Christians though aren’t allowed to look the other way when it comes to sodomy.

Anyway, you wouldn’t know it from the Lamestream Media but Chick-Fil-A had their best month ever. And all those “gay kiss-ins” at the various outlets failed spectacularly. That’s one reason I don’t despair about the secularist insanity that has gripped our world. Whenever Lenin was dealt a military set-back, he asked if the Reds still controlled the telegraph office. As long as they did, they could spin a defeat into a victory and hopefully demoralize the Whites. Those days are gone. That’s why the Homintern continues to fail; despite all the “popularity” of gay “marriage,” it never ceases to fail at the ballot-box, even in ultra-liberal states.


  1. Bill Christensen says

    I don’t get the point——tolerance= claptrap, or some kind of personal rant?

  2. David Axelnerd says

    I’m all for gay marriage in so that all liberals enter monogamous homosexual relationships. Within three generations liberals will have self-sterilized themselves out of existence. This is change I can believe in.

    • George Michalopulos says

      David, I’d say if we wanted to solve this problem then we need to pioneer the legal arena of gay “divorce” law. Even homosexuals who are in a “common law” relationship should be subjected to divorce penalties should one of the partners decide it’s time to call it quits.

      • The same divorce penalties as everyone else, right? Don’t they have “no-fault” divorce in Texas and other states that “protect marriage?” I thought that Archdeacon Gregory Burke got a civil divorce in California before returning to the nest in Miami. At the recent Diocesan Assembly of the Diocese of the South, did anyone have the nerve to ask a question about this from the floor? Or was it too important to maintain the fine and superb spirit of cooperation and peace that characterized the Diocese at its convention? The Satisfied South according to one Priest’s wife, right?

    • M.Vasiliou says

      With a number of homosexual “couples” bearing children though invitro fertilization and/or sperm donors, or adopting children, it is unlikely that this aberrant population will die out. Instead, Catholic and Orthodox Christian adoption agencies are closing rather than risk giving such precious children to those engaged in immoral lifestyles.

      A worse scenario is upon us as many states, such as California, have enacted educational laws that mandate homosexual pride history and sex education which indoctrinate children into believing the diabolic lie that adultery, homosexuality, and fornication are normal and good.

      • Monk James says

        M.Vasiliou says (August 9, 2012 at 6:52 pm):

        ‘With a number of homosexual “couples” bearing children though invitro fertilization and/or sperm donors, or adopting children, it is unlikely that this aberrant population will die out. Instead, Catholic and Orthodox Christian adoption agencies are closing rather than risk giving such precious children to those engaged in immoral lifestyles. ‘

        While most of us find it unacceptable for same-sex couples or even single homosexuals to adopt or vicariously generate their own children. it’s untrue that those children are likely to grow up as homosexuals, thus assuring that the gay population will perdure.

        This is easily demonstrated by the single fact that homosexuals are generally the offspring of ostensibly heterosexual relationships of one or another kind. It’s been noted by parties on all sides of the question that children adopted by heterosexual couples or individuals are no more or less likely to experience same-sex attraction than children born to their natural parents.

        What IS likely, though, is that children born to, adopted by, and raised by unembarrassed homosexuals will grow up without negative feelings about homosexuality regardless of their own sexual orientation.

        Unless we Christians completely concede our defeat in the culture wars, and agree that this sort of matter-of-fact acceptance of homosexuality as a neutral (or even good) way of life, the children so raised can reliably be expected to develop antichristian attitudes, and THAT’s a problem.

        • Priest Justin Frederick says

          So: concede defeat? We know the early Christians had trouble on various levels with Roman culture. They opposed the exposure of unwanted children; they remained in the city and tended those stricken with plague rather than running to the hills to try to save their own lives. Their chastity, their refusal to worship idols, etc., created all sorts of antichristian attitudes. Was that a problem?

    • Joseph I. says

      David, that’s not necessary. Liberals do not reproduce enough to continue. That’s the reason why they recruit in the schools and the media. Make those unavailable to them and they will be gone in a couple of generations.

      But I think we don’t have to wait that long, they will have killed this civilisation and themselves long before. Traditionalists just have to step aside and not stop them from going over the cliff…

      • Political beliefs and opinions are not hereditary. Good grief, that’s nothing but dime-store Darwinism of the sort that would have old Charles spinning in his grave.

        And why on Earth is this even a topic of conversation here? There are plenty of secular blogs where folks so minded can rant a out the tea cut tempests of the wonderful world of American politics.

        • George Michalopulos says

          No, but culture is hereditary in the sense that biogeography does have an evolutionary effect on the phenotypes of populations as well as the way they order their societies. The mild climate of the tropics cannot be compared with the harsh winters of Eurasia.

    • George P. says

      Thank you for the laugh.

  3. Michael Bauman says

    We had two Chick-fil-a’s open in my town recently. The number of people who came on the grand opening days was so great that Chick-fil-A and neighboring businesses had to hire extra security guards for crowd control even over night to prevent the cars wainting in line for the opening from taking up parking spaces that belonged to others.

    I’ve live in this town on and off for most of my life. I’ve never seen anything approaching that level of interest.

  4. V.Rev.Andrei Alexiev says

    As usual,you’ve expressed the feelings of myself and many others,although more eloquently than I myself could have done.
    Sad to say,I’ve experienced what you write about in my secular job.I had a militant lesbian manager who bullied underlings like myself,whom she knew to hold traditional values.At the same time,she allegedly made openly racist comments about African-Americans, and nobody called her on it,no doubt fearing that they would be labeled as “gay-bashers”.That’s probably why the general manager treated her with kid gloves as well.
    On the other hand,this same woman treated the Muslim employees with kid gloves,they could get by with felonies,but I and others like me would get busted for the slightest thing.
    In other words,……in this politically-correct madness,gay trumps black,but Muslim trumps even gay.Ever notice you don’t hear a peep out of the feminists or the gay-libbers about how Islam treats women or gays,but the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church and others get slammed because we don’t ordain women or bless same-sex marriages.Yet we don’t call for gays to be stoned,nor do we consider a woman’s testimony to be worth half the testimony of a man.

    • Gailina Sheppard says

      What’s ironic is that is that all this PC stuff is supposed to level the playing field, but what it actually does is tilt the scales in the opposite direction.

  5. Er, um, uh! That would be “the LATE Alexander Cockburn” as of last week or two.

  6. Gailina Sheppard says

    “In a saner world?!” We left “sane” decades ago.

  7. The so called gay rights movement has produce martyrs and today it is a strong religion. The question is, are those of us who oppose it willing to be martyrs for the truth?

  8. G. K. Chesterton once said “Tolerance is the virtue of those who believe in nothing!”

  9. Michael Kinsey says

    They underestimate the God given heterosexual sex drive and the genuine love of parents for their children. Getting people to disavow the wired in natural impulses as God created us, is a task they are utterly incapable of accomplishing on a scale that might offer them a majority in any culture that isn’t dead. St Paul mentions an increase in this soul destroying perversion, but even then, it will still be greatly in the minority. A silk purse and a sows ear are equally difficult to make one into the other. God made them male and female, if you trust in this, they have no power to change your mind. As a man thinks, so is he.