So, Is It OK to Like Nazis Now?

[Editor’s note:  Gail and I plan on writing about the Midterms fairly soon.  The results are still coming in but for now, it looks like the Red States got redder and the Blue States got bluer.  It’s also clear that the GOP  Establishment did everything that could to sabotage the MAGA movement. 

That said, something almost as important happened the day before at the United Nations.  So, if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to write about it today.]

It looks like it’s finally “Springtime for Hitler” (even though it’s six months early)!


It would seem so.  Take a look-see at this short, 6 minute video by Jackson Hinkle.

OK, did you see it?  Now let me explain when I say that we are actually seeing the slow-motion  rehabilitation of Hitlerism right before our eyes.    

The United Nations passed a resolution condemning Nazism.  It passed –but not overwhelmingly.  Believe it or not, fifty-two nations voted against it and 15 abstained!

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself:  “I bet it was those Islamic countries which voted against this resolution.  After all, the only beef they have against Hitler is that he “didn’t finish the job.”  (You know which “job” I’m talking about.)

Incidentally, Last year when this same resolution came up for a vote only two (2!) nations voted against it.  So, if you’re not well-disposed to those pesky Hebrews, you could say that this year’s vote was a giant step in the “right” direction. 

The trouble is, when it came to this vote, and guessing the identity of the nations which voted against it, you’d be wrong.  Way wrong.

Because you see, most of those fifty-two countries were Western countries.  And get this –they were led by these United States!  In fact, last year, the only two countries that voted against the same  resolution condemning Nazism were America and Ukraine!  

Now, I can understand why the Ukrainians would vote against this resolution, given their admiration for one Stepan Bandera, the Azov Battalions, and their fixation with neo-paganism, but the United States?  Seriously?

Shockingly, Great Britain, France, Norway, Canada, Poland (and even Greece!) –the “Allies”–were all on board.  Curiously, Saudi Arabia and Iran, two nations that have never been sympathetic to Israel, voted for the resolution.  Clearly, we’ve entered some bizzaro world where up is down and black is white.  (Per capita, Greece lost a greater percentage of its population during the Second World War than any other country that was engaged in that conflict.)

Of course, the countries that voted for this resolution are either in the Global South or on the side of the Russians in the present conflict in Ukraine.  Truth be told, if you did a Venn diagram of these two groups, you’d see a remarkable overlap.  

So what does this mean?  In the past, any inclination that revisionist historians have had about the causes of World War II and/or the Third Reich would have been met with instantaneous derision and opprobrium.  Hitler the man has been the stock villainous figure in the West’s imagination for over two generations now.   Whenever an American president felt the need to sound the tocsin of war, Hitler was the paramount demon that was invoked.  “Saddam” we were told, was “worse than Hitler.”  Remember that?

But now, when the West is confronting a superpower that actually did most of the fighting in that war, and which suffered horrible casualties as a result, and has extremely negative views about Nazism, we seem to have forgotten where we placed all our anti-Nazi outrage. 

Excuse me for being cynical, but I guess it’s all “nuanced” now (or so I suppose).  

<–Georgii K Zhukov, the Supreme Commander of the Red Army.  His horse is trampling a Nazi battle-standard.  The Russians take the events of 1940-1945 very seriously in case you didn’t know.

Truth be told, I can understand why.  You see, the meta-narrative of the West ever since the Crusades has been that “it is best.”  The Papacy never forgave the East for not recognizing papal supremacy over the entirety of Christendom.   Nor for our unwavering steadfastness to the orthodoxy, orthopraxy, and ecclesiology of the first millennium.

I’m no hesperophobe.  In fact, I consider myself as a man of the West; unfortunately what passes for the West in our day and age is nothing short of abominable.  I’m talking about the sanctification of sodomy, the mutilation of little children, two-click pornography, single women women running amok, and the destruction of the family.  And that’s just for starters.  We no longer live in America but unAmerica; that’s as obvious as the nose on your face.

That said, I also happen to think that in Orthodoxy, the Gospel implanted itself more fully in the cultures and nations of the East.  That’s one reason why Orthodoxy has blossomed again in the former Iron Curtain countries, even though their Bolshevik masters smeared the faces of their peoples in the excrement of virulent atheism.  

I’m not talking about Russia only:  Serbia and Romania have vied with Russia to build even more grandiose Orthodox temples.  This is not megalomania.  It’s a massive middle finger to the demons who thought that they could destroy their respective Orthodox cultures.  (That said, it’s most regrettable that the Fordhamite version of Orthodoxy is gaining traction in the eparchies of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.  Oh well, not on my watch.)

So where am I going with this?  Only here:  that in due course, we will see the peoples of the West come to appreciate Hitler and Nazism even more.  Our elites will see to it.  After all, this is what it will take for them to complete their millennial crusade against the Orthodox Church.

And the Lord, in His wisdom and mercy, will raise another St Alexander Nevsky to beat back the legions of the West.  And those of us who are Orthodox will see the West for what it is. 

They will never like us as long as we remain Orthodox.  The Greeks were promised union with Cyprus after WWII if they fought with the Allies.  That didn’t happen.  Cyprus itself was dismembered by the Globalists in 1974.  Serbia was carved up by NATO in 1999.  And Russia is next on the chopping block (as you can see from the map to the left).

The West will never rest until they bring the Orthodox Church under its boot heel.  

The vision for Russia that Zbigniew Brzenzski wanted.  No doubt due to some innate racial hatred on his part.

Truthfully, I can’t see it any other way.  Russia as a Christian country has never been a threat to the West.  Not once.  Whenever it did last out and take territory, it was only as a reaction to Swedish, German, Polish or French aggression.  Look it up if you don’t believe me.  

And when you do, please tell me why all of a sudden it’s important for the West to try and conquer Russia this time.  It won’t be because of “democracy,” unless of course democracy means degeneracy or whatever else the Alphabet People want today.




  1. The reality is that this resolution has nothing to do with Hitler and historic German National Socialism. It’s a litmus test of “do you agree with the West or Russia?”

    The RF does this every couple of years. If I remember correctly, a few years ago it was only the US and Ukraine that were red. The fact that the majority are green is a demonstration of Russia’s moral superiority in the eyes of the non-Western world. Asia and Africa are looking to Russia to stand against (and hopefully destroy) the unipolar world order, not “Nazism” or “fascism,” which are both effectively dead (and generally misrepresented) ideologies.

    As for the drug-addled neo-pagans and satanists of Azov, the soldiers of any of the WW2-era Axis armies would look askance at these degenerates. They were fighting for a world without this kind of stuff.

  2. Perhaps now is the time for the True Tsar to appear.

    I am not talking about the current claimants.

  3. This is not my grandfather’s country anymore. His country was a moderately liberal, emerging welfare state which belatedly chose sides in WWII on a pretext by taunting the Japanese and declaring war on the Axis as a result of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

    Modern America, what I refer to sometimes as Soviet America, is actually, in political science terms, a fascist oligarchy. The name of the fascism is “Liberalism” and those who dissent from it are called “illiberal”, “deplorables”, “insurrectionists”, “election deniers” and even “fascists”. But it is a code enforced by the totalitarian state marshaling the productive forces of the country under the direction of government to a national purpose (Green Wokism). “Political correctness” is a totalitarian concept, as is “disinformation”. The nature of the totalitarianism is not communistic/socialistic, however, inasmuch as big business is not the enemy but the partner in crime. There is no nationalization of the means of production or even the commanding heights as was the case with the NEP. They believe themselves to be all powerful and use business, technology and industry to enforce their will.

    That is fascism.

    They overthrew the executive branch in a coup d’etat. They just attempted to overthrow the rightfully elected legislative branch but probably failed. They persecute political prisoners. They abhor free speech and partner with big business to suppress it. They are attempting to outlaw patriotic Americans who call them on their despotism and perversion through lawfare and the use of the DOJ. They have tried to disqualify candidates for office based on participation in protests/demonstrations. They have brown shirts on the streets who rioted for 120 days straight.

    I could go on indefinitely. They are fascists.

    So yes, Russia is fighting fascism again because it is fighting the UkroNZ’s and the DNC, which are both fascist entities – full blown – totalitarian, believing that the government takes the place of God, marshaling business to their draconian political code.


    • You can’t do the whole “if I don’t like it, it’s fascism” thing. Fascism as a political philosophy has actual tenets which don’t jive with our current regime. All these people calling each other “fascist” (which both sides of the Ukraine war are) are both wrong. There are no fascists anymore, at least in any viable political entity, anywhere in the world.

      Your Soviet America is simply that – Soviet. Or Soviet, but gayer. It’s not fascist.

      If it’s Soviet, it’s not fascist. If it’s liberal, it’s not fascist. If it’s woke, it’s not fascist. If it’s politically correct, it’s not fascist. If it’s against patriotism, it’s not fascist. If it’s globalist, it’s not fascist. If it’s a bunch of primitive savages rioting and looting on the streets, it’s not fascist. If it’s pushing LGBT, it’s not fascist. All of these things are contrary to fascism.

      If it’s authoritarian, well, it could be fascist, but it could also be a lot of other things. If it’s censorious, well, it could be fascist, but it could also be a lot of other things. If it’s a coup d’etat, well, it could be fascist, but it could also be a lot of other things. All major democracies have been guilty of these things in the past century.

      Fascism is an overused and abused term. It really means nothing nowadays, other than “stuff I don’t like.”

      Russia isn’t really fighting fascism at all. Neither is NATO.

      • I explained ideologically why it is fascism. Evidently you have no counterargument but begging the question. You may want to revisit what Mussolini meant by “fascism”.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Fascism as I understand it is the marriage (or at least open cohabitation) of two equally powerful partners: the State and Big Business. With Communism on the other hand, the State controls the means of production. (Also, one is “nationally socialist” the other is “internationally socialist.” For the Fascist, the scapegoat is some domestic ethnic entity, for the Communist, the scapegoat is an international class of people.)

        We have that now in the US. The domestic scapegoat is the white, Christian male.

        The difference btw the Fascism of Mussolini and Hitler is that the power of this cohabitation (State + Big Business) was harnessed for the benefit of the proletariat. In fact, Mussolini maintained to the end that he was a “socialist.”

        • Quite wrong, but I will assume that both of you are probably basing your hot takes on the extremely common (fake) Mussolini quote: “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power.”

          A good breakdown of the quote’s history and inaccuracy is found at a progressive blog:

          and a libertarian blog:

          Classical fascism on the Italian model is the state absorbing everything under its direction, not pairing up with industry. Neither does fascism mean the control of production, as it’s a mixed economy of both state and private enterprise. The “corporations” of fascism are not big business like Microsoft and McDonald’s, but state bodies, not dissimilar to guilds, which regulate the various professions, facilitate manager-worker dialogue, and resolve industrial disputes. Not even the National Socialists did away with private industry or private ownership; they actually promoted family businesses.

          When a Third Positionist identifies as “socialist,” as the NSDAP did, as Codreanu did, and as Mussolini occasionally did, they don’t identify as Marxists, but, as some would say, as “right wing socialists,” which usually entails support for private enterprises, albeit subject to the state.

          What Misha described in his initial post is simply Social Democracy run amok. Rather than Soviet America, a better moniker would be Weimerika, as it more closely resembles the Weimar Republic than the Italian Fascist state or the Third Reich: massive inflation, an economy mismanaged and ruined by champagne socialists or bought-and-paid-for capitalists, an unstable and ineffective government, gangs of violent lefties out on the streets attacking patriots and nationalists, sexual deviants forcing the LGBT agenda with massive support from above, widespread child prostitution among the elites, deviant art, literature, and other media being force-fed to the populace, patriots and nationalists being arrested and accused of “putsches,” far too much power in the hands of the major corporate and banking families, etc., as well as something Kanye West pointed out recently that I won’t go into. I could go on.

          Watch the documentary Berlin Before Fascism: or the shorter version, Babylon Before Hitler: and tell me that we’re not in a very similar situation.

          Watch these two short clips and it will be very clear that we in the West are NOT living in a fascist system, period: and

          • Gail Sheppard says

            RE: “A good breakdown of the quote’s history and inaccuracy is found at a progressive blog”

            Nothing good is found on a progressive blog.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Personally, I’ve become fond or the concept “Weimerika” ever since I first across it several years ago. We are there, especially as you describe the social pathologies so well.

            However, that doesn’t mean that we are Weimar-before-the Third Reich. The tight embrace between Big Business + Big Government, a hallmark of Fascist Italy under Mussolini and the Third Reich, is nigh unbreakable at this point. And unlike those two governments which at least were able to stabilize their respective states by putting their economies in order (while eradicating their cultural pathologies), the present regime has no intention of reining in the worst excesses of the American urban landscape. Nor does the Biden regime intend to rectify the present chaotic situation.

            The late Sam Francis called this “anarcho-tyranny,” the rule (arke) of the majority through chaos. The tyrant class is more than willing to allow this state of affairs while selectively prosecuting violations of the law which they see fit. An example would be looking the other way while BLM/antifa destroy entire neighborhoods while mounting military-like raids on political prisoners.

            In other words, we have the worst of both worlds.

          • Respectfully, you are wrong – and splitting hairs. One could say that fascism itself is “social democracy” or “socialism lite” run amok. There is no doubt that the American Democratic party is totalitarian. That is one key facet of fascism, but also of Leninism. The state is God, so to speak; i.e., the state is the highest judge of all matters. But inasmuch as this totalitarianism does not nationalize private property but rather harnesses big business to its purposes, it is fascist.

            “Classical fascism on the Italian model is the state absorbing everything under its direction, not pairing up with industry. Neither does fascism mean the control of production, as it’s a mixed economy of both state and private enterprise. The “corporations” of fascism are not big business like Microsoft and McDonald’s, but state bodies . . .”

            This is internally contradictory and irrational. You can’t have it both ways. Bald assertions that fascism does not use private businesses, yet it’s a mixed economy of state and private enterprise – this is gibberish.

            If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, has feathers and a beak, then it’s a duck – as opposed to a platypus. Now it may be a novel breed of duck. That is what we are really differing upon. Classification is a dicey business. You are welcome to your models, as I am to mine.

            • Communism has a two-stage program:
              1) nationalise everything,
              2) tell everyone what to do;

              whereas Fascism has a single-stage program:
              tell everyone what to do.

            • I didn’t write that they didn’t use private business, but that they didn’t pair up. It’s not some equal partnership. Private enterprise was encouraged, but subject to state direction and brought under the yoke of fascist economic doctrine. The state called the shots; there was no equality there. “Corporate power” in fascist speak is the collection of state bodies that are doing the telling. Big business either got in line, or got put in line. Completely different to the contemporary US situation.

              This isn’t a case of classification according to personal models, but actually pointing out what fascist doctrine actually is, from those who developed it. We’re in agreement that statism and totalitarianism are bad, but statism =/= fascism just as much as totalitarianism =/= fascism.

              George’s quote is telling:

              And unlike those two governments which at least were able to stabilize their respective states by putting their economies in order (while eradicating their cultural pathologies), the present regime has no intention of reining in the worst excesses of the American urban landscape.

              This is exactly why you can’t call the Biden regime fascist, because it wants chaos. Fascism wants law and order, no degeneracy, and a healthy nation. All means available are harnessed and focused on improving the situation. Everyone is expected to strive and work hard to achieve the goals set by ideology. Bidenocracy wallows in the filth and thrives from its spread.

              At the end of the day, the fascist groups of the 20s and 30s were out on the streets fighting hand to hand combat with communists to save their nations while big businesses and banks were pumping money into the Soviet Union, Henry Ford included. The multinational corporations blockaded Germany and put them under a media curse because they upset the economic apple cart.

              Really, if you want the closest comparison to a fascist state today, you need to look at Russia. I don’t think that Russia or Putin are really fascist (either socially or economically) but it has all the hallmarks: a strong leader, a massive patriotic wave, burgeoning traditionalism mixed with forward-thinking technological development, strong state input into media and industry (but not total domination), a healthy militarism, stabilization of the economy, restrictions on degeneracy – and the traditional reactions too: sanctions, slander, media crusades, accusations of anti-semitism and racism, provocations and, ultimately, being forced into a pre-emptive, defensive war.

              The historical (not ideological) parallels between Putin’s Russia and Hitler’s Germany are uncanny, and I’m not saying this from a “derp derp Putler” POV, but as someone watching the chain of events unfolding just as they did in the 1930s, but in slower motion: the Syrian Civil War is Putin’s equivalent to the Spanish Civil War; the Anschluss with Crimea; the persecuted Russians of Donbass like the persecuted Germans of Poland, waiting for liberation; the frequent failed attempts to negotiate with the West; gathering of unlikely allies (Italy/Japan – Iran/China). It’s all there.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Basil, my assessment of the present unAmeridan regime of Big Biz/Pharma/Ag/etc + Big Govt is fascistic up to a point; that point being that they have not eradicated the cultural degeneracy. Truth be told, I don’t think they can at this point. The Social Credit system of China works because the Chinese are the oldest, continuous civilization on earth and have been imbued with Confucionist principles for over two millennia. They crave stability. So, too, does the core American nation.

                The problem is that whereas the CCP uses the Social Credit system to maximum benefit of its 90% Han majority, our elites will use the Social Credit system at the expense of the American middle classes.

              • Well, there’s a grain of truth in all of that, Basil. First of all, totalitarianism is putting the state in place of God – vox civitatis, vox dei. That is the difference between Putin’s Russia and the US under Democratic leadership. The first is not totalitarian, the second is. In Russia, the old Orthodox model of symphonia has re-emerged, it is a form of classical conservatism which is a kind of partnership between the church and state to reinforce their dominion in their respective realms. But this acts as a guide to government, and a check if necessary. Deification of the leader or extermination of the Jews is inconceivable in such a system.

                In the US, the liberals, the Democrats, have long since given up on the concept of God. Thus, in a way, they see Christian Nationalists as fascists since they do not preserve the distinction inherent in totalitarianism vs. classical conservatism; i.e., the temporal role of the Church. This is why I don’t bristle at being labelled a “fascist”. The thing that distinguishes my worldview from fascism is something loathsome to the Left – a robust role in government and society for the Church.

                Now, it is arguable that Russia after Peter the Great was quasi-fascist in that the Church had been reduced to a department of state and the patriarchate abolished. And others have called Tsar Peter, “the first Bolshevik”; i.e., due to his quasi-totalitarian concept of the state.

                But fascism and socialism/communism are simply two distinct manifestations of totalitarianism, distinguishable by their attitude toward private property. One nationalizes it, the other coopts it into systemic control. One is godless and requires absolute obedience to the state; the other simply deifies the state and leadership (see Mussolini’s use of the imperial “We”).

                You balk at the seeming lack of coercion involved in the Democratic controlled federal government’s coopting of Big Tech, Big Media and other entities. You shouldn’t. Those Big Tech and Big Media entities that do not need to be coerced are simply wholehearted fascist supporters – good Germans, if you like. But the government does coerce many other business entities to implement its ideological order. You can’t be ignorant of that.

                Mind you, ten or twelve years ago, I might have agreed with your assessment of the US, though it was still heading in the direction of fascism due to the fact that Liberalism was approaching a wall. Having bribed every fringe element, perversion and interest group in creating its twisted ideology, it had no place left to expand to attract political support away from more sensible souls. I.e., due to the largesse running out and the exhaustion of the colors in the rainbow coalition, the liberals were forced into using coercive measures to impose their ideology inasmuch as electoral politics would no longer suffice. It may have originated from a synergy between the intelligence services and Big Tech and Big Media for purposes of national security. But it evolved into full blown fascism.

                Really, there is no other word for it. I’ve pondered it quite a bit and finally come to the conclusion that the “f” word is the most descriptive. Some on the Right toy with the concept of cultural Marxism. But I prefer neater categories than that, though no category is pristine. When one remains a totalitarian while jettisoning the hostility to private ownership and embracing a mixed market economy, almost by default one becomes a fascist.

          • Forgive me (truly), all of you, but why should Christians be arguing over “-ists” and “-isms” when they are all doctrines of demons?

            • Gail Sheppard says

              It’s a discussion. Not an argument.

            • Brian, most of the pioneers behind fascism and its sister movements were devout Christians, either Roman Catholic or Orthodox, Mussolini, Hitler, and their inner circles excepted. Higher and lower clergy from both the Orthodox and Latin churches supported various kinds of fascism.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Correct. Even so, it should not surprise us if ordinary believers fall prey to political ideologies. Both Winston Churchill and FDR admired Mussolini, he “made the trains run on time.” W E B DuBois, a leading African-American intellectual (and Communist) was given a tour of the Third Reich in 1935 and he was positively ga-ga over what he saw. He said that Nazism was the “perfect synthesis” which would suit blacks in America the best.

                If you look at the statue of Lincoln at his memorial in DC, you will see his arms resting on armrests in which the Roman fasces are on the front. I believe you will see that same motif in the House and other state capitals as well.

                The writer of The Pledge of Allegiance was a Methodist minister who was a socialist. School children saluted the flag every morning by giving the so-called Roman salute (the same one that the Germans used).

              • Indeed. Fascism – excepting for a moment Nazism, which is exceptional in its genocidal racism – gets it mostly right. It simply errs in its totalitarianism.

                Riddle me this: What is the difference between Christian monarchy and fascism?

                • There’s really only two things I’ve been able to decipher about fascism. 1. Europeans like to use it but the rest of the planet have no idea what they mean by it. 2 I’ve heard 10 explanations on what fascism is and none agree with each other.

  4. Rethinking Nazism and Religion:
    How Anti-Christian were the “Pagans”?


    ‘ In June 1937, a thirteen-year-old boy by the name of Fritz Brüggemann wrote Heinrich Himmler, the Reichsführer-SS and head of the German police, asking for some theological advice. Himmler, a leading “neopagan” in the Nazi movement, had formally left the Catholic Church in 1936, but had been lost to Christianity years before. Fritz Brüggemann had also left his church, which meant that he, like Himmler, formally went by the designation gottgläubig (literally “believing in God”). Those designated as “believing in God” did not just avoid church taxes; they were also making a statement about their rejection of Germany’s two confessions and their interest in a new völkisch alternative. Still, for this young Hitler Youth squad leader from Schönebeck, a speech on religion delivered to his troop was causing him concern. He was not sure if he had heard correctly, but he thought he understood the speaker to say that Jesus had been a Jew. He wrote to see if the Reichsführer-SS could perhaps enlighten him on this question. He received a reply from Rudolf Brandt, Himmler’s personal assistant and a leading figure in his entourage. “The Reichsführer is of the opinion,” wrote Brandt, “that Christ was not a Jew. You must certainly have misunderstood the speaker.” ‘

    The blind leading the blind…

  5. All the West seems to have forgotten their history.
    In 1812 Alexander I abandoned Moscow to Napoleon.
    But what happened thereafter? La Grande Armée got de-Granded…

    Army Of Tsar Alexander I of Russia Enters Paris – On March 31, 1814

    Alexander: “When God made me powerful and gave my armies success,
    He wished me to secure the peace of the world.

    If we can do so without shedding any more blood we shall be glad,
    but if not, we shall carry on the fight to the end ….”

    I wouldn’t worry.

  6. George Michalopulos says

    On the one hand, the American DS is engaging in terrorism against Turkey:

    “This Is Getting Curiouser And Curiouser…
    I am talking about news which will not be reported by “free” and “democratic” US media. Granted that it was CNN Turkiye which reported on it:

    “Son dakika haberine göre, İçişleri Bakanı Süleyman Soylu, İstanbul Taksim İstiklal Caddesi’ndeki patlama sonrası yaptığı açıklamada ” ABD Büyükelçiliği’nin taziye mesajını kabul etmiyoruz. Eğer saldırganı yakalamasaydık bugün Yunanistan’a kaçacaktı.” dedi.
    Translation: According to the breaking news, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said in a statement after the explosion on Istanbul Taksim Istiklal Street, “We do not accept the condolence message of the US Embassy. If we had not caught the attacker, he would have fled to Greece today.” said.

    “That’s gotta hurt. Then Soylu explained why Turks do not accept any condolences from the US. Minister Soylu said, “Operations continue. All of our security, security forces, and all intelligence units are on alert together. We said what we were going to say last night. We know how the incident was coordinated. We know how it was coordinated. “We will bury our bodies. We have just sent our Ecrin to Adana and sent his father. It must be said. We know the message that was given to us, we received the message that was given to us and we know what the message was given to us. We will send a very strong message to this message,” he said.” (Courtesy of Andrei Martyanov’s Reminiscence of the Future.

    On the other hand, they’re desperate for negotiations with Russia, having sent CIA Director William Burns to Ankara to meet with his Russian counterpart. (Courtesy of Helleniscope.)

    Question: if the Ukrainians (read: NATO) are really winning, why are we here in America asking for negotiations?

    My analysis?

    Basically what we have are two warring factions within the American Deep State. On the one hand, we have the State Dept/Neocons who want this war to continue ad infinitum, in their delusional thinking that they can effect regime change in Russia and break it up into several different regions. On the other hand, there are still several people in the Pentagon who know that the Russians are well on their way to winning the Ukraine in its entirety. Perhaps the latter people want to head that eventuality off at the pass, so to speak. If so, then the neocon faction may have perpetrated the terrorist action in Istanbul in order to derail the negotiations between the Pentagon and the Kremlin.

    Question: will Patriarch Bartholomew condemn the recent terrorist action?

  7. George Michalopulos says

    Well, this is interesting: CNN has been banned from the Ukraine because they showed people giving the *ahem* Roman salute.

  8. The big push for dictatorship?

    Dr. Francis Boyle issues URGENT WARNING about WHO
    pandemic treaty designed to enslave & exterminate humanity

    [Podcast – 57:23]

    Mike Adams interviews Dr Francis Boyle who drafted the US ‘Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, that was approved unanimously by both Houses of the US Congress and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush’

    Dr Boyle outlines how the draft of the new WHO pandemic treaty
    aims to usurp the treaty ratification powers of the US Senate
    and over-ride the authority of the States.

    Thereafter they can create new pandemics at will,
    impose lockdown and vaccine mandates as they choose.

    The United States is where this will be decided.
    Let’s hope the bishops will not fold again.

  9. Lies My Government Told Me
    And The Better Future Coming

    Dr. Robert Malone talks mRNA, FDA criminality,
    depopulation and WEF agendas with Mike Adams

    [Video – 01:09:33]

    – Why Dr. Malone invented key mRNA technologies decades ago

    – How the tech has been exploited by today’s pharma companies to harm billions

    – Dr. Malone unloads on FDA criminality and other sensitive topics

    – Dr. Malone answers false accusations about links to the CIA

    – How the mRNA tech really works and WHY it takes so long to clear from the body

    – Is there really a risk of chromosomal alterations from mRNA?

    – Why a BETTER FUTURE is coming once we defeat the depopulation pushers

    – About the Malone Institute which exposes the WEF and “Young Global Leaders”

    – The DEPOPULATION question: Dr. Malone talks about the intentions behind “vaccine” harm

  10. In other news, Russia is in the process of outlawing LGBT propaganda in public, not just that which is directed at minors.

    • God bless them. If only our leaders had any such sense of decency! I have to turn off the TV sometimes when watching some streaming channels’ commercials – during shows I used to watch with my family- and not because there are children in the room. Muting them isn’t enough. The visuals of men who are clearly strangers to one another learing lustfully at each other in an airport, men kissing are more than I can bear. It is utterly disgusting (and yet ironically an accurate depiction of the lascivious nature of the “lifestyle” that would not be tolerated by any else who dared to describe it as it is).

      All brought to us (of course!) by drug companies, courtesy of politicians and regulators who think it is just marvelous that perverts can now flaunt their perversions in the public space and “prep without pills.”


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