So George Made Me Do It

From our friends at the Babylonbee.Com:

LOS ANGELES, CA—Religious people in Southern California have found a bold, creative solution for in-person meetings in spite of the continuing lockdown. This past weekend, several area churches attended church services disguised as righteously indignant rioters.

Leaders from Spirit-River In The City Church in LA County are reporting a successful Sunday service after using this method. Churchgoers were given bricks and fake Molotov cocktails before they surrounded the church with menacing looks on their faces. Several deacons then smashed some church windows to make the riot look more realistic. Unfortunately, onlookers grew suspicious when the massive group of rioters broke out into a round of the smash-hit worship song “Reckless Life Engulfment.” Some of the attendees were forced to stage brawls in order to keep up appearances. 

According to sources, some churchgoers in the area are planning to continue wearing masks to church even after the lockdown has ended in order to hide their identities from Hollywood directors and producers.



  1. George Michalopulos says

    If it wasn’t for The Babylon Bee, I’d be stark, raving mad by now.

  2. Steven J. M. says

    A couple of clever remarks I found online today, which gave me a laugh, were: “I haven’t seen the Democrats this worked up since the Republicans ended slavery” and “which George are they rioting for? Floyd or Soros?”

  3. Sage-Girl says

    George, you + rest of sane America is going  stark raving mad ?!  
    To watch images of broken glass in our streets from stores across the nation, smashed up by vicious agitators during a Pandemic no less has left the good with PTSD  — but demonic Rioters are enjoying the attention, emboldened by celebrities urging them on + spineless politicians who can’t condemn. Apocalypse has landed.

  4. I was thinking some ceremonial burning of the US Flag, or chant of “Damn, Damn USA,” during coffee hour, or some such.  It would give the Leftist inclined what they consider a valid reason to risk their lives to congregate in church, and everybody could unite about condemning the US for “something,” which if left unstated could be anything, including sodomy and abortion.