So, When Are the Knights Going to Saddle Up?

. . . and come to the rescue of the Ecumenical Patriarchate?

The “knights” I’m talking about are the Knights of St Andrew (aka the “Archons”).  After all, their stock-in-trade is to be loyal to the Ecumenical Patriarchate and come to its defense.

Well, now would be a good time for them to saddle up and do that.

You see, according to The Orthodox Times, the Ecumenical Patriarchate is getting ready to get another black eye.  This time, the ancient monastery of Chora is going to be converted into a mosque. 

Yet another of the sterling accomplishments to have graced the career of Patriarch Bartholomew.

[Snark off.]  We shouldn’t be surprised at this point.  In some ways, it really doesn’t matter any more what happens to “Constantinople” for that matter.  Why do I say this?  Because the conversion of Hagia Sophia back into a mosque three years ago was a kick in the head.  This was the grandest church in all of Christendom.  It was because of its magnificence that those viking traders from Kiev boasted to Grand Prince Vladimir, thereby setting in motion the conversion of the Slavs, one of the greatest missionary endeavors of all time.

Believe it or not, King Richard I the Lionheart attended Divine Liturgy there while on his way to lead the Third Crusade in the Holy Land.    

To say that Hagia Sophia was historic would be the understatement of the year.  It was all that and more.  And so, now we lose Chora, one of the oldest monasteries in Christendom.  

So what do we hear from the Phanar?  Crickets.  That’s what.  

But what about here, in the GOA, the “jewel in the crown” of the Ecumenical Patriarchate?  A land in which we enjoy religious freedom?  Specifically, what do we hear from the Archons, the so-called Knights of St Andrew?  If you listen to them, they will tell you that they are the bigs of American Orthodoxy.  I mean, given the martial tenor of their order and militant devotion to the Phanar, you’d think there’d be outrage.  

You might think that, but you’d be wrong.  

Instead, whenever they do speak out, it’s always about those wascally Wussians.  

Petros, if you don’t mind, I’d like to end this story by borrowing your comment:

First Hagia Sophia, now Chora..Halki still closed. Really seems like Bart cuddling up to politicians has done nothing


  1. Lord have mercy!

  2. The Tale of Brave Sir Robin:

    [Video – 01:26]

  3. Adding insult to injury, it will open officially as a mosque in May, just in time for Pascha which is on May 5th this year.

    First Hagia Sophia, now Chora..Halki still closed. Really seems like Bart cuddling up to politicians has done nothing

    Thanks for the shoutout George. The above quote really makes you think. Bartholomew sold Orthodoxy to the highest bidder in Ukraine, snuggles up to politicians, dialogues with heretics, schismatics and pagans, yet refuses to speak to his fellow Orthodox bishops and patriarchs. All seemingly to gain worldly political favor. The problem is, he is so much in his own bubble and believes his own hype that I genuinely think he believes what he’s doing is the right thing. The problem is, no one else in Orthodoxy thinks that.

    And for what? Loosing Hagia Sophia, losing Chora, failing to reopen Halki, losing primacy in Orthodoxy, overseeing the decimation of GOARCH.

    Really makes you wonder what is going through his head. Trying to be everything to everyone means you’re nothing to no one. The supreme irony in all of this is that the ones Bartholomew should have been building stronger relations with, and quite possibly the only ones that could actually assist him on a religious and even political level is none other than the Russians. Me thinks that ship has sailed, hit an iceberg and has sunk.

    • “Me thinks that ship has sailed, hit an iceberg and has sunk.”

      Your metaphor on the course of the Phanar
      reminds me of the poem by Thomas Hardy:

      The Convergence of the Twain | Lines on the Loss of the “Titanic”

      In a solitude of the sea
      Deep from human vanity,
      And the Pride of Life that planned her, stilly couches she.

      Steel chambers, late the pyres
      Of her salamandrine fires,
      Cold currents thrid, and turn to rhythmic tidal lyres.

      Over the mirrors meant
      To glass the opulent
      The sea-worm crawls — grotesque, slimed, dumb, indifferent.

      Jewels in joy designed
      To ravish the sensuous mind
      Lie lightless, all their sparkles bleared and black and blind.

      Dim moon-eyed fishes near
      Gaze at the gilded gear
      And query: “What does this vaingloriousness down here?” …

      Well: while was fashioning
      This creature of cleaving wing,
      The Immanent Will that stirs and urges everything

      Prepared a sinister mate
      For her — so gaily great —
      A Shape of Ice, for the time far and dissociate.

      And as the smart ship grew
      In stature, grace, and hue,
      In shadowy silent distance grew the Iceberg too.

      Alien they seemed to be;
      No mortal eye could see
      The intimate welding of their later history,

      Or sign that they were bent
      By paths coincident
      On being anon twin halves of one august event,

      Till the Spinner of the Years
      Said “Now!” And each one hears,
      And consummation comes, and jars two hemispheres.

  4. Antiochene Son says

    OT: Church of Finland blesses the desecration of bodies for research purposes, as well as cremation.

    Lord have mercy.

    • I genuinely wonder if there is any indication from Orthodox saints who were also doctors, like Saint Luke the Blessed Surgeon from Simferopol, about what they thought about medical studies on dead bodies.

  5. Turkey’s actions against the Patriarchate have more to do with America’s diminishing geopolitical power than any particular actions of Patriarch Bartholomew. Turkey has always wanted to expel the Patriarchate and do what they are doing. It was prevented from doing so by Western power. Now that the West is in retreat, Erdogan no longer has to do the dance, and can press its own expansionist designs (dubbed “Neo-Ottoman” by the press). American power is what kept the Patriarchate in Turkey. Once Turkish public opinion and circumstances move far enough, the Patriarchate will be sent packing to Thessaloniki or God knows where. The Ecumenical Patriarchate’s survival depended on America. Much like The Antiochian Patriarchate depends on the Assad regime for survival (the alternative is…ugly). Bishops have to make deals with Caesar. Such deals can turn from beneficial to compromising very quickly. American support for the Patriarchate had strings attached. I think the situation in Russia is no different.

    A stunning and harsh rebuke of the Moscow Patriarchate by UOJ, who can’t be accused of being State Department shills. I would encourage everyone to read it. It calls out the “support” of the MP and its partisans, dismantling their arguments point by point. Interestingly, it compares the OCU and the ROC, saying that they are essentially serving the same function for their respective governments: A chaplaincy for nationalism, where Christ is nowhere to be found.

    It illustrates the larger point, in that the Church has to keep some distance from Caesar. The MP’s support for Putin has compromised it. The UOJ is giving voice to the sentiment that prevails in Ukraine (and the Baltic states). America’s support for the Ecumenical Patriarchate compromised it. What began as a benefit (geopolitical protection, money for churches/monasteries) became a curse when the political winds shifted.

    The Ecumenical Patriarchate can’t wave its hand with “canonical privileges” to maintain its position and impose its will, and the Moscow Patriarchate can’t gaslight Eastern Europe and weaponize the canons in a similar fashion to keep Churches in the MP fold. Big changes are coming all around.

    If Patriarch Bartholomew is to be condemned, he won’t be alone in the dock.

    • Hi David (used to be Joseph, no?)

      The UOJ is located in… Ukraine. As in the territory controlled by the current regime in Kiev. And they are in a constant position of having to navigate the court system in Ukraine as well as pray that perhaps someone in the western political establishment might lend them some diplomatic support. It’s obvious that in this situation, they practically have no choice but to write the occasional hit piece on the Moscow Patriarchate. If you notice, the Moscow Patriarchate practically ignores these hit pieces because it is well understood what is going on. Same as the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad understood the context in which negative statements issued from the church in Moscow under the Soviet regime were political necessities and not a reflection of actual opinion.

      As for the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the Archons are indeed having a hard time redeeming their frequent flier miles with the State Department. For the latter, the need to keep Turkey ‘in the fold’ is too great. Ever look at where Turkey is on a map? The State Department’s Greek playbook has been obvious for decades: keep them on a leash by loosening or tightening the leash on the Turkish monster as necessary. Cyprus 1974, enough said. This will never change, unless there is a drastic change in geopolitical dynamics (something that is possibly happening as we speak).

      • No. I’m not Joseph, as I have no interest in defending the Ecumenical Patriarchate’s mess. The Tomos was an unmitigated disaster.

        Did you read the UOJ article? It isn’t a hit piece. It is an anguished “What the hell is your problem?” directed at a Patriarch (and the MP in general) that is supposed to be a Spiritual Father, but has blessed a war that is killing his own flock. It is the grief of a Church that has been betrayed from all sides. If the Moscow Patriarchate thinks that once the war is over, the Ukrainians will embrace “their liberators,” they are wrong. It is pure delusion, on par with anything one could accuse Patriarch Bartholomew of.

        I know something about that. When I and so many of my brothers and sisters in arms were sent to Iraq, we were also told that we were “liberators.” The talking heads waxed eloquent on how what we were doing is a great and noble thing. Funny, the local people didn’t seem to agree. That cognitive dissonance, which Vietnam and Afghan veterans also share, is quite something. The hatred in their eyes…One Iraqi policeman looked me right in the face, and I knew he would have slit my throat right then and there, if he could have done so. I had never seen such hatred in a person’s eyes, and I hope to never see it again.

        One thing I know with absolute certainty: You can’t bomb people to “save them.” Even if Russia wins, how can the Moscow Patriarchate operate in a country that has been aroused to Hamas-IRA peak Troubles level hatred? How did that work out for us? The arrogance I’ve seen in some quarters, that “Ukrainians have been brainwashed, and need an attitude adjustment.” How Soviet. How utterly insane.

        But what do I know? I’m just another cliche, the anti-war war veteran. In that, I suppose I am “naive and foolish,” like Father Alexei Uminsky, the old “hippie priest” who got defrocked for being a peacenik (by all accounts, a beloved spiritual father, the most his detractors could say is that he is “naive” and foolish,” which the last I checked, wasn’t a canonical crime).

        NATO is going to NATO. The EP was wrong to interfere in Ukraine. That doesn’t excuse any malfeasance on the part of the Moscow Patriarchate. To turn a blind eye because it dovetails with ones politics or ideology is wrong, not to mention spiritually ruinous. One can stand between the two “sides.” That is where Metropolitan Onuphry stands.

        The “pox on both your houses!” position is becoming more popular by the day, I think.

        • I know something about that. When I and so many of my brothers and sisters in arms were sent to Iraq, we were also told that we were “liberators.” The talking heads waxed eloquent on how what we were doing is a great and noble thing. Funny, the local people didn’t seem to agree

          All due respect, when you went into Iraq you were an American operating on completely foreign soil. The whole Russian-Ukrainian conflict is over mutually shared territory and national identity. These two things cannot be compared.

          Even if Russia wins, how can the Moscow Patriarchate operate in a country that has been aroused to Hamas-IRA peak Troubles level hatred?

          The same way that the Good Friday accords were signed and now there is overall a semblance of peace, even though there are still some small groups of IRA and Loyalists on the sidelines. As for Hamas, that’s a totally different ball game, more on par with Greeks and Turks than the Irish situation.

          The “pox on both your houses!” position is becoming more popular by the day, I think.

          While nobody likes a military conflagration, let’s just suffice it to say that this war has been in an active, hot phase since 2014. As for the rest, the Russian president just gave an excellent explanation of the history, precursors, and reasons that triggered the special military operation.

          Only if we stop blaming Russia for starting this war can there be the basis of any constructive dialog.

          • Ukrainians are not Russians, like Austrians are not Germans and Canadians are not Americans, and…..wait for it….Macedonians are not Bulgarians. Part of the problem here, is the “Ukraine is not a real country” attitude exhibited by many in Russia (that includes Church figures). They see themselves as separate. Period. It is the same thing George III said to us—-you guys are British! We thought differently, and so do they. The belligerent denial of Ukrainian identity has long been a festering wound and obstacle to friendlier relations.

            The Good Friday accords happened because there was a mutual acknowledgement of the other. One of the major issues at work here, is the Moscow Patriarchate’s obtuseness towards the former Soviet bloc. They truly seem mystified and surprised that many in Ukraine and elsewhere want nothing to do with them. The fact that dispensations to not commemorate Patriarch Kyrill by name are widespread in some areas should tell them something. The fact that it doesn’t illustrates the MP’s inability to pastor those people.

            Russia does not bear sole blame for this war, but they do bear some. It is easy to blame the West, but why did the former Eastern Bloc run into NATO’s arms? Were the crimes and wounds of the Soviet period ever fully addressed? Did the Moscow Patriarchate try to make amends for its role in Soviet repression (the official part of the MP, anyway)? In the eyes of many, perhaps not.

            Constructive dialog begins with a humble acknowledgement of the sins one has committed. It is never one way.

            • Genetically speaking, Ukrainians and Russians are virtually indistinguishable. Their relationship changed with the influx of Nazis in 2014. Until then, they shared the same past, same language, and went to the same Russian Orthodox Church.

              It was the globalists intent to redefine Ukraine and separate it from Russia that is the problem. Bartholomew split the Russian Orthodox Church Ukraine they had shared with Russia. Only that wasn’t good enough for the Nazi. They wanted to grind the faces of the Russians into the dirt, destroying the relationship they had with one another. They beat the clergy up, bulldozed their parishes, and pillaged their monasteries turning them into museums. They jailed the bishops, monks and priests and literally outlawed the canonical Church.

              These are all Crimes Against Humanity, BTW. I have heard Bartholomew’s name mentioned in this regard more than once. He was instrumental in setting up the circumstances allowing this to happen and purportedly received money from Poroshenko to do it. He may think an organization like the NSA wouldn’t know that, but thanks to his buddy, Obama, they know everything. Bartholomew knew what they were doing and he assisted them. He’s been in the Church too long not to know he broke every rule in the book. Bartholomew may think the Church will influence the powers-that-be not to go after him, but he is wrong. What he has done to the Church is irreparable, as long as he remains in it. If an example isn’t made of his role in all this, there will be another “Bartholomew” waiting in the wings.

              No one wants the Church involved with intelligence agencies. It’s been going on too long. The GOA won’t do anything about it so may be the law is going to have to get involved, which means all the secrets regarding St. Nicholas will come out. We need closure on that, as well. Where did the money go?

              Prohibited acts include:

              Deportation or forcible transfer of population
              Sexual violence
              Persecution against an identifiable group
              Enforced disappearance of persons
              The crime of apartheid
              Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health
              Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, Art. 7

              Bartholomew turned the ecclesiastical Church on it’s head when he failed to ordain the clergy of the OCU which means they will remain schismatic. They vehemently opposed having any ties to the canonical Church if it includes Russia.

              Bartholomew took care of this, too. He refused to recognize the Russian Church unless they started commemorating him in Ukraine. With Bartholomew’s help, the Nazi swooped in and severed the Church’s ties with Russia. “Little Russia” is no more, even though they speak the same language and attended the same Church for centuries.

              If the former Ukraine were attached to Russia, Russia would take very good care of them. How do I know? Because it is to their advantage to do so. Putin doesn’t want Ukraine the way it is. He wants “Little Russia” the way it was because it secures Russia’s borders against the West.

            • Ukrainians are not Russians, like Austrians are not Germans and Canadians are not Americans, and…..wait for it….Macedonians are not Bulgarians.

              I’m sorry, you’re taking a very American view of a European problem. To say that a person from Lviv is more similar to a person in Donetsk than a person in Kursk or St. Petersburg shows ignorance of the facts on the ground. I’ll let the other nations you cited speak for themselves, but anyone who knows the history of the region to any degree understands this. It’s another question if they’ll admit it or not.

              The irony is that when the people of eastern Ukraine wanted to express self determination the west tarred them “separatists”. Yet earlier when Lvov declared independence from Yanukovich run Kiev in 2014, Nuland was all applause. That proves just how political this gets. Same story with the Soviet ‘nativist’ policy that Stalin started in the 1920s, which introduced the ‘Ukrainian language’ (which was not defined at that time) into regions where it was never spoken.

              This is the greater American problem of telling other countries of what they should do when they have zero understanding of what the facts on the ground are, when they merely take the ‘facts’ from one group of political actors whom they want to support: in the case of Ukraine the fundamentalist Banderites from the west. This is the only reason why the neocons support people with neo-Nazi tendencies, because that is the chief Russophobic kernel in Ukraine. Eliminate them and you eliminate the ideological ‘otherness’.

              Be it no surprise I’ve met and befriended a number of western Ukrainians who understood that they were Russians and they spoke Russian with pride, these are the same people that sympathize with Russia – only it is dangerous for them to be open about it.

              I could go on and on here with evidence and facts, but I frankly think I’m wasting my time here. The pathetic BBC ‘historical fact check’ of Putin’s speech speaks for itself with its lack of specifics, focusing instead on a ‘reputation’ based argument and putting an inordinate amount of weight on the Polish-German question (clearly a political calculus).

              They truly seem mystified and surprised that many in Ukraine and elsewhere want nothing to do with them. The fact that dispensations to not commemorate Patriarch Kyrill by name are widespread in some areas should tell them something.

              I don’t see anybody being mystified at anything. The lack of commemoration of Patriarch Kirill was accepted as a political necessity given the tense political situation of those churches operating within the Kiev regime’s grasp. Same concerns the Union of Orthodox Journalists’ slant: they really have no choice given the way the SBU persecutes them.

              It is easy to blame the West, but why did the former Eastern Bloc run into NATO’s arms?

              Two very simple reasons a) they got ample western funding, and b) their politicians are cheap to bribe. When you live in a country like Romania where average salaries were at that time a fraction of any neighboring non-comblock country, it’s super easy to stuff pockets and buy all the politicians you want. Mr. Soros was extremely active in those countries, including his native Hungary. Only he wasn’t able to prevent someone like Orban coming into power, he sort of let that one slip by.

              Were the crimes and wounds of the Soviet period ever fully addressed? Did the Moscow Patriarchate try to make amends for its role in Soviet repression (the official part of the MP, anyway)?

              The crimes of the Soviet period were denounced at the political level in the 1990s. Unfortunately the west has weaponized this situation and is trying hard to use anti-communism as a hammer to beat Russia with, but I find that particularly ironic these days given how the west itself is moving rapidly toward neo-Marxist ideas as framed by the New Left.

              As for the Russian Orthodox Church, there were clear statements and positions published in the 2000s that discussed and summarized the problem of Sergianism. This is a very long subject that I won’t care to expand on here, as it is not exactly relevant. Let’s remember that anyone who is part of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine was as much affected by this as anyone in Russia, Belarus, etc. So it’s an ‘all in one boat’ problem. Either way the statements made by the church were sufficient to serve as an adequate basis for the reunion of the Moscow Patriarchate with the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad in 2007 and years later the Parisian exarchate. Only a small percent ended up refusing to go along with this.

              In the eyes of many, perhaps not.

              My family fought the Bolsheviks in the civil war, was repressed by Stalin. I can say with full certainly we’re way past that era, and the current Russian administration can in no way be morally equated to the Soviet period.

              You’ll always find people who use such situations to extract political concessions, in a similar vein to those who are calling for ‘slavery reparations’ here in the United States.

            • “…Macedonians are not Bulgarians”.

              No, they are not. Macedonians are Greeks.
              North Macedonians are Bulgarians.

        • A few problems with your thesis and the talking points the UOJ received from the State Department. The Moscow Patriarchate is not the government of the Kremlin anymore than Evangelicals or the OCA represent Washington DC.
          Secondly a major portion of Ukraine are ethnic Russians. Just like the Galicians want nothing to do with the ethnic Ukranian Russians most of east Ukraine wants nothing to do with their western Ukranian counterparts.
          The fact that Ruthenians or whatever these people are called would not say no to NATO after centuries of intermarriage and economic cooperation and tell the Europeans to buzz off with their bloodthirsty NATO madness, is almost non-human behavior in my opinion. It’s something otherworldly to me. I’ve never had a high opinion of Ukraine being the homebase of the Uniates, among other social ills I won’t get into here. The people attending UOC temples see how their fellow countrymen are treating them. I’m Greek and id have no sympathy if other Greeks began persecuting a segment of the Greek traditional population. I don’t care how much the Greek media, the Greek regimes and the official church attack old calendarists, they will be in a world of hurt (as many have found out the hard way). It matters not that I’m “official canonical Orthodoxy (aka liberal European Orthodoxy). No I will not be on the side of the majority

          • War has a way of uniting people. The UOJ is not a state department organ. You have them confused with Orthodox Times.

    • George Michalopulos says

      David, thank you for this comment! (I intend to comment on it more fully on Saturday.)

      In the meantime, I’d like to offer a quibble: I am now of the opinion that the Turkish government would like to keep the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Istanbul for the foreseeable future.

      Why do I say this? Mainly because the EP is a de facto hostage. Also, let’s go a little deeper and say that his continued existence in Turkey is to the NWO’s benefit as well.

      I’ll expand more on this soon.

      • Looking forward to it!
        I haven’t said this lately but I want to sincerely thank you and Gail for this blog. I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye but I’ve always felt like I was among friends. Thank you!

      • George I have recently come around to this view as well. Turkey secretly loves having the EP in Turkey. It is one more pressure point they hang over our heads. They name the tune and the EP dances.

        And the EP doesn’t mind. For all the faint protests they make from time to time, the last thing they want is to be resettled on Mount Athos or another holy place. They are not holy people and would die of boredom in a day.

        The EP crew presides over some services from time to time, enjoys the Turkish banks to deposit their ill-gotten gains, and cosmopolitan daily life in Istanbul. You couldn’t pry them away to Mount Athos with a crow bar. Preaching the Gospel in Turkey? I don’t think so.

    • American power is what kept the Patriarchate in Turkey. Once Turkish public opinion and circumstances move far enough, the Patriarchate will be sent packing to Thessaloniki or God knows where.

      This is a very good point David, and something that has been discussed on The Duran a couple of times.

      The survival of the EP, and IMHO the thing holding Turkey back from taking more Greek land, was America & NATO, the former is in geopolitical decline and the latter is going the way of the Dodo having been broke by Russia/Ukraine.

      No one will dispute the EP is in a precarious situation and up until the ecclesiastical invasion of Ukraine by the EP I feel safe to say he had the force of the entire Church behind him in support, myself included.

      Let’s take a look at what has happened in the realm of the EP since he decided to recognize the OCU:

      – Hagia Sofia retuned back into a mosque
      – Chora back into a mosque
      – Halki still not open
      – Failure to call a council of the “Ancient patriarchates”
      – Only getting 3 Churches, all Greek, to partially agree with him on the OCU
      – Getting called out by many across world Orthodoxy for the OCU
      – Being rebuked by Athos

      This isn’t even touching on Elpi & Co., and this is just a small list of what I would call the, possible, permanent downfall of the EP.

      I wrote a letter about a month or so ago called The Flickering Flame of the Patriarchate of Constantinople that touches on this.

      Rather than siding with the Church and having the force of the entire Church behind him, including Russia, he sold the patriarchate to the highest bidder and could very well oversee it’s demise.

    • I agree entirely with this. And why I keep away from this blog and won’t reply.
      The Phanar is corrupt and modernist , welcome to the club. That is obvious and possibly worse in some areas. Although there are also many decent priests and some bishops.
      Kyril reminds me of the Jewish high priests who crucified Christ. A man devoid of anything spiritual whose spiritually dead corruption of the church back to soviet times stated long before 2022 . He runs it in KGB fashion. I know Russia well and have Russian friends and live in Bulgaria so I may well have a clearer view than USA based blogs. The massive decline in church attendance even at Easter and Christmas ,has been noted . Russians , especially young ,vote with their feet.
      I won’t go on .The facts will intrude on us all. Christ is far from them . The way clergy have been treated is a scandal not seen even in late USSR times
      As for the Phanar and Mr elpidoktonos, they speak for themselves.
      The Church today is under existential threat and the enemy is within the gates. Yet all I see the bishops doing is arguing about the arrangement of the chairs on the Titanic deck. For God’s sake WAKE UP!
      As for the Phanar

      • You say you “keep away from this blog and won’t reply.” Not sure what you want me to do with your comment so I just posted it.

      • Niko, all I can say is that I’ve been to Russia (twice) and I experienced a lot of religiosity.

        Is it 100% of the people? No, not even close. But I’ve also been to the UK, France, Italy, and the Netherlands and I never saw people in church. As far as Greece is concerned, seeing anybody but old ladies and their grandchildren was the general rule.

        By comparison, what I saw in Russia was astounding.

  6. Alexander Dugin | The Green Dragon and its Agony

    ‘ This problem has arisen not just now, but as the West, having received for one historical moment a semblance of sole planetary domination (after the collapse of the USSR), was unable to put its leadership into practice, as a result of which new sovereign poles—Russia and China—began to assert themselves. Other poles are on the way—India, the Islamic civilization, Africa and Latin America. All in all, there are seven centers of power, including the West. Six of them have united in BRICS and are beginning to build a multipolar order.

    The West continues to cling to its hegemony and is attacking the most dangerous opponents to its dominance—Russia, China and the Islamic world. This did not begin today, but rather in the very early 2000s. But the current contrast of the political map of the world has finally come into focus in recent years—and especially after the beginning of the Special Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine. The SMO was the first hot war of the multipolar world against the unipolar world. Before that—especially during President Trump’s first term and because of the rise of populism in Europe—it seemed that a direct clash would be avoided, that the West would peacefully accept multipolarity, and try to reclaim its rightful place in the post-globalization world order. This is what Trump had in mind when he called for draining the globalist swamp in the US itself. But then the swamp managed to drain Trump himself and, during the period of the swampiest President Biden, to unleash a bloody conflict in Ukraine, throwing all the forces of the collective West against Russia as the most important pole of the multipolar world.

    The main result of 2023 was Russia’s disruption of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, which for the globalists was the decisive moment in the entire conflict. They gave the Nazi regime in Kiev maximum support with arms, finances, political, informational and diplomatic resources. When Russia stood its ground and began to prepare for its own offensive, it turned out that everything the globalists had done had been in vain. However, as long as globalists are in power in the U.S., they intend to continue the war. And, apparently, not just to the last Ukrainian, but to the last globalist.

    At the end of 2023, however, the second front in the war of unipolar and multipolar worlds opened. This time the vanguard of the West in the Middle East—the state of Israel in response to the invasion of Hamas began a systematic genocide of the population of Gaza, without any consideration at all. The United States and the collective West fully supported Tel Aviv’s actions, thus drawing a new fault line—the West against Islamic civilization.

    The American neocons were already on this path in the early 2000s, which resulted in the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, and then support for radical Islamists in Libya, Syria, and so on. Now the West is again confronted with the Islamic world, led by the Palestinians, the Yemeni Houthis, the Lebanese Hezbollah and also Iran.

    In addition, in West Africa, another springboard of anti-colonial struggle against unipolarity and for multipolarity, an alliance of the most determined countries has emerged—Mali, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Gabon and Niger, where a series of anti-globalization coups have taken place. Thus here, too, a new front is emerging.

    And finally, Venezuela, whose legitimate ruler Nicolas Maduro the US tried to replace with the puppet Guaido, and which ended in a complete fiasco, entered into a territorial conflict over the disputed areas of Guyana-Essekibo with the pro-Atlantist puppet, British Guyana. And Argentine President Javier Milay, though refusing to integrate with BRICS, urged England to reconsider the Malvinas issue. Thus, another front of struggle has emerged in Latin America.

    Thus, we approached the new year, 2024. And here all the trends continued at an accelerated pace. Tensions for the U.S. in the Middle East are growing by the day. The war in Ukraine will certainly continue, and now the initiative is on Russia’s side.

    We should also expect an escalation of the conflict over Taiwan, where the United States pushed through the election of anti-Chinese candidate Lai Qingde; further escalation in the Middle East; continuation of anti-colonial revolutions in Africa; and escalation of contradictions in Latin America into a hot phase.

    In the West itself, the crisis is growing at an accelerated pace. The US has an election this year in which the globalists will face a strong wave of Republicans.

    The EU is in decline, and there is a rising anti-elite, anti-liberal wave of populists—left and right—rising again. There are leftists like Sarah Wagenknecht and her new party. “Red Sarah” is becoming the symbol of Europe’s anti-liberal left.

    Such leftists are first and foremost enemies of global capital—unlike the Soros-bought pseudo-leftists, who primarily advocate LGBT, Ukrainian Nazism, the Gaza genocide and uncontrolled migration, and desperately fight against Russian influence, Putin and Russia in general.

    There is also a right-wing component—badly shabby, but in many European countries representing the second most important political force. For example, Marine Le Pen in France. In Germany, the Alternative for Germany is gaining strength. In Italy, despite the liberal weakness of Prime Minister Giorgi Meloni, the right-wing half of society has not gone anywhere. All right-wing populism is as it was.

    But there is the globalist West, which tries to pass itself off as the entire “West.” And there are anti-globalization right-wingers and left-wingers, as well as a huge stratum of Westerners who constitute the “silent majority.” This is the most important thing—the average European person understands nothing about politics at all. Ordinary Europeans and Americans simply cannot keep up with the demands to change sex, forcibly castrate their young sons, marry goats, bring in and feed more migrants, eat cockroaches, recite bedtime prayers to Greta Thunberg, and curse the Russians. The Western common man, the petty bourgeois is the main pillar of the multipolar world. He is the core of the real West, not the sinister parody into which the globalist liberal elites have turned it.

    It is very possible that in 2024 all these fault lines—wars and revolutions, conflicts and uprisings, waves of terrorist attacks and new territories of genocide—will turn into something large-scale. The downward tide of a unipolar world is already giving way to a rising multipolar one. And it is inevitable.

    The dragon of globalism is mortally wounded. But we know how dangerous the agony of a wounded dragon is. The global elite of the West is insane. There is much reason to believe that 2024 will be something terrible. We are an arm’s length away from a global world war. On all fronts. If it cannot be avoided, there is nothing left to do but win it.

    It is necessary to finish off the dragon to free mankind, and the West itself, which is its first victim, from its evil spell. ‘

  7. From the father of a murdered daughter:

    Aleksandr Dugin: Is Putin’s Russia Winning the Ukraine war?

    [Video – 23:59]

  8. I doubt these “Knights” are capable of mounting a horse unassisted……..and proboably couldn’t fight or ride once they got up there……might explain why things are the way they are…..


    I’ll continue to say it…. I don’t trust people in power.
    I don’t trust Biden, Trump, Clinton, Bush, McConnell, Schumer, Putin, Zelenskyy……none of them.
    I trust my Christ! I trust my Bishop , fellow clergy and my Orthodox brethren.

    • You actually trust your bishop though? How many in the 2000 year history of the church been on the wrong side of history? Usually the majority. From the 1922 Congress to the Crete council to Florence, they just follow the path of least resistance. In the iconoclast council most bishops went along with it and 30 years later they all “repented” in the 7th council. Then they recanted again till 843 ad. For whatever reason the Episcopal ranks is one of cowardice

    • I trust my Christ! Put not your trust in princes, in whom there is no salvation. When his breath departs, his plans perish! But our God will reign forever!

      Trust in bishops, clergy and Orthodox brethren? I dont mean to sound cynical, but they are mere men. If you can say that you trust your bishops, clergy, and brethern, then you are very blessed. I pray that those who are faithful will remain faithful, and to those who have been deceived, find their way back. They need our prayers

  10. Merril Zofter says

    Athens had archons as leaders even under the Turks in 1806. See
    (Biddle will fit your conspiracies as he was the president of the first USA central bank.)

  11. Jerry Bessarios says

    When Taki Tedracoplos was persecuted for “slandering” Papandreou
    or the blogger for punning Gedon Pustacius or Putin persecuted Pussy
    Riot it shewd that Ochrafuxy is purely oriental despotism with no rule
    of law. That is why you are so vile in your opposition to
    Freemasonry, on which the Greek Friends Company, Galitsine’s Magna
    Carta offered to Anne of Curland and the USA Constitution were based.
    Clearly your heathen sovietical presticulations have deprived you of
    your birthright claim to democracy, westernism and rule of law. That
    is why your urine scented goats fled Loyola’s vows of poverty by
    rejecting the Council of Florence and embracing the Ottomans. Why
    do “Orthodox” countries still have blasphemy laws when it is exactly
    with such that Jesus was slain? It is because you are the inheritors
    of the evil empire that slew Jesus and stole his religion. After all,
    the Creed says “under Pontius Pilate” not Cayafus who was suffering
    from Stockholm Syndrome just like Papotricharch Phartolopuke.

    • “Clearly your heathen sovietical presticulations have deprived you of
      your birthright claim to … rule [by] the international rules based order.”

      There. Fixed it for you…

    • “Masonry… democracy, westernism and rule of law.”

      As an old friend of mine used to ask when confronted with such obstinate ignorance…

      How’s that workin’ for you, Jerry?

    • You must be a complete imbecile. First off all those examples you gave are democracies persecuting people they don’t like. You know how the bureaucracy called the EU that parades as a democracy wants to ban Tucker from European soil for doing his job. Pussy Riot wasn’t persecuted they were arrested for trespassing and harassment.
      And as a Greek I loathe democracy as St Gregory Nazianzen taught democracy has a shelf life before it turns into division and finally into anarchy (playing out in real time before our very eyes).. I’m a royalist as all Orthodox Christians should be. Also as a Greek I’m glad we were under the Ottomons, it protected us from all the bizarre wars the Europeans were fighting Napoleonic wars, 30 years wars, inquisitions, wars by the Hapsburgs etc. What happened after the Greeks were freed? They went from being under the Otto-man to being under the Otto-boy and in perpetual war. We lost substantial population in 2 world wars, then were pressured by the french to send troops to the Crimean intervention of 1919 and we lost, we then had a brutal civil war between two competing western European ideologies (Marxism and Keynsenists), then we sent and lost troops to the Korean war because once in Europe, all wars are your wars. The wonderful Greek music whether Rebetika or Laika are Anatolian, our cuisine is Anatolian, our religion is eastern. Our culture is eastern, it’s not western European feminism, it’s not western European globohomo ideology. It’s not European protestantism nor European (un)enlightenment. The great Asia Minor academic and saint, Photos Kontoglou saved Byzantine art from being overwhelmed by the baroque and Renaissance religious art of the west, yes Byzantine style iconography is far superior to those chubby life like figures found in Renaissance paintings. So yes the turban was indeed a lot better than being under the papal states of the Middle ages.

      • Youlis Tarilas says

        The myth of Orthodox autocracy was foisted on Catherine by Diderot as Bikelas 1890 showed Byzantium was the most democratic regime of its day, with the Senate vetoing imperial decrees and even impeaching emperors. Gregory’s support of monarchy was in opposition to dumvirs as the USA clearly fits his definition of monarchy, but the byzantine double eagle, emperor and patriarch, however was a dumvirate. Just as Schmemmann wrote Dread Ivan’s incorportation of Kazan boyars tatarized Russia, 1922 turcified what had been a perfectly western Greece, introducing Vafiades-Zahariades communism, antisemitism, Kontoglu icons, maqqam liturgy, hesyogasm, rubetic rhythms and gyro. Although Napoleon tried to convince Egyptian muslims he was miaphysite, the obsession of Nesselrode, Uspensky and Ignatiev with miaphysites brought religious extremism to Russia, even Skoptsy circumcising their women like Copts – by conjuring a sovietical blaming of Greeks for linguistic oppression debunked by Jones JTS59. Oriental Orthodox are clearly heretics, as real Orthodoxy has more in common with “heterodox” western Christianity, even masonic Protestants. The West always knew it was Cantacusene hesyogasm, not Turks which destroyed the Besant.

  12. At last! A politician with courage!

    Canadians FLEE to Alberta under Danielle Smith
    to avoid Trudeau’s TYRANNY | Redacted News

    [Video – 13:50]

    Trudeau: “It woz Tucker wot dunnit! The BAAAD Man!”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Looks like most of the knights are in cahoots with the state department which is in cahoots with the sionistas.
    Lord have mercy.

    There is obviously a gang out there who want to eradicate Christianity.

    As David the psalmist says, Put your trust in God and Him only. Start reading the psalms!

  14. Or maybe the knights are mercenaries and work for the highest bidder.

  15. Everything I have seen of Dugin tells me he is Russia’s version of John Bolton. A true believer in Russian “destiny.”

    “We are an arm’s length away from a global world war. On all fronts. If it cannot be avoided, there is nothing left to do but win it.”

    Spoken like a true lunatic. Are we remaking Dr. Strangelove? Do you know who the winners are going to be? The cockroaches.

  16. Have you guys seen this?

    In an interview published yesterday, Amsterdam reveals that his team recently learned from the Assistant Secretary of State under Trump that the destruction of the UOC was a point of U.S. policy, which involved former Ukrainian President Poroshenko and Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople.

    The Washington DC-based law firm is offering pro bono assistance to the UOC. Which frankly is amazing and unprecedented, so far as I’m aware.

    Has the United States ever before coordinated to destroy a church in another country??? And frankly, it’s time the entire Orthodox world excommunicated the EP.

  17. Hilber Nelson says

    Judging by the extra lengthly replies, this article touched many a raw nerve. Mine included. The collective takeaway in a nutshell: Knights will be a no show. WAOON: we are on our own. This being the case, leadership’s epic fail means it falls to us ordinary parishioners to step up and stand up for our faith, our families and of what remains of our freedoms. Ironically, I have found myself turning to devout Protestant and Catholic talk show hosts for guidance where whimpy Orthodox shepherds fear to tread on such matters as LGBTQIA+, tranhumanism, wokeism and climate cultists. The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, Michael Knowles, and Andrew Klavan are standing in the guidance gap while our leaders go MIA. The longer they remain silent and play politician, the less credibility they command, and even lesser confidence that they are fit to lead.

  18. New CDC propaganda Comic-Book (sorry: Graphic Novel):

    The Junior Disease Detectives | Operation Outbreak

    Are they giving up on the adults
    and just targeting the kids?

  19. Soldiers told to avoid Christian ‘elements’ in Acts of Remembrance

    A Pagan Song For A Pagan Day:
    “No more Christian soldiers
    Marching as to war,
    And no Cross of Jesus
    Going on before…”

  20. Speaking of defending Hellenism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece has released what amounts to a strategic plan for diaspora Greeks:

    As it pertains to Orthodoxy, here are some points:

    Point #4: Maintaining and strengthening ties with the ecclesiastical institutions of Orthodoxy as the main cohesive factor of the metropolitan center – Homogeneity.

    Care for the ecclesiastical matters of the Greeks in
    abroad and actions for the development of its ties
    of Orthodoxy among the Immigrants through Orthodoxy,
    as a national and spiritual factor.

    1. Maintenance, development and expansion of its activity
    Apodimos Kliros, of the Orthodox Theological Schools,
    of ecclesiastical Centers and Schools, Institutions and
    Associations located abroad.
    2. Promotion of cooperation between its Church
    of Greece and the Greek Orthodox Churches abroad
    and between the last and the Supreme Theological
    Schools in Greece.
    3. Encouraging and supporting the use of the Greek language in
    Divine Liturgy through the development of partnerships with Greek
    Universities and institutions.

    There is zero mention of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and given that all diaspora Greeks are under the EP, it makes you wonder if there are plans to move the EP Eparchies under the Church of Greece proper?

    This could very well explain why so many Greek politicians have been meeting with Bart & Elpi lately. Given the insane attrition that these eparchies, specifically GOARCH, have experienced under both Bart & Elpi, maybe the Greek government (whether good or bad), is forcing Bart’s hand and moving the eparchies under the Church of Greece.

    Though I seriously doubt the Greek government has good/holy/spiritual intentions for this, the Church of Greece is much more solid spiritually than the EP and it would open the door for much better candidates for the episcopacy.

    Curious times.

    • He should be under the Greeks. They’re the ones who support him.

      I really think his role in Ukraine is going to come under scrutiny. He engaged in an act to destabilize Ukraine at Poroshenko’s request. It was Poroshenko who asked for the tomos. Not the schismatics who refused to be ordained. Epiphany was saying he was the patriarch from day one, as if to distance himself from his ties to Constantinople. He may have been thinking:

      “OK, thanks and all that, but we’re done now so we’ll see you around. We really didn’t want to be part of the ‘church’ stuff because it included the Russian Orthodox Church. But you knew that. We just wanted to take something away from Russia to provoke them into a war and you were willing to do it.”

      Bartholomew split the Church and demonized Russia to the point where the Church that had been there for centuries was outlawed! This is after decades of him recognizing the UOC in general and Metropolitan Onufrey, specifically. The Church was the one fragile thread that connected the Ukrainian people until Bartholomew entered the picture around the same time as the Nazi in 2014.

      The tomos was at the behest of a politician on behalf of the Nazi nationalists, not the Church. No one in the UOC asked him to get involved. It’s going to be hard for him to prove he wasn’t part of the plan to provoke Russia into a conflict so the west could wage a war against Russia, especially if there is an audit trail of the money he purportedly received. You know Poroshenko is going to have an audit trail. I think I read where it was 25M. If this happened it would all be made public.

      He’s on record that he would jump at a chance to “protect his throne,” according to the CIA which was captured in Wikileaks. Replacing the UOC with his own church was the tipping point. The Nazi were the requisite thugs who did his dirty work by punishing the people who held onto their struggling parishes. And this has nothing to do with Russia. Must have scared the people to death when they started coming into the parishes during services and physically pulled them out. I still see that little boy, Lucas, crying to his mother about them bulldozing the parish where he was baptised and the ankle monitor they put on a Metropolitan before throwing him in jail. Bartholomew was the catalyst for all this. If he hadn’t created the OCU, the Church would still be intact.

      The tipping point is defined as “that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.” Bartholomew was that tipping point in Ukraine.

      Crimes against humanity are acts committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population. Doesn’t have to be in a war. The UOC is a civilian population. That they were displaced, beaten and robbed of their Church at the hands of an entity created by Bartholomew is common knowledge at this point. Genocide even, as this includes all acts committed with the intent to destroy a national, ethnic or religious group. There are letters from more than a dozen Churches that testify that none of them approved what he was doing and all of them told him to stop. He didn’t. The situation continued to deteriorate. If they include the rape and torture of women and children, that would qualify as well. That Hillary, Biden and Pompeo were frequent visitors of his won’t help as they, too, made no secret of their hatred for all things Russian. I’m sure the NSA has it all.

      The UN Security Council can submit the case for evaluation as this would not be the first time they discussed the matter. (Although initially, they didn’t know the extent of Bartholomew’s involvement. – They probably do now.)

      Could this be the reason the Greeks are thinking of changing things up? All I can say is, God’s speed. There are times in a person’s life where they have made so many wrong turns they can’t recover. Bartholomew has made many, many wrong turns and shows no misgivings. In fact, he just digs his heels in deeper when the subject comes up.

      • Possibly all true, Petro & Gail. The way you both describe things, it looks like the Greek govt is circling the wagons as far as worldwide Hellenism is concerned. Doing so in order to strengthen an increasingly weak international hand.

        When businesses do things like consolidating departments, that usually means one or two get attrited. In this case, it’s the Phanar that is being “downsized”.

        Now that I think about it, this would fit rather nicely with the Church of Greece’s plans to totally take over the so-called Northern Territories, the semi-autonomous archdiocese of Crete and the Dodecanese (all of which are under the EP).

      • I really think his role in Ukraine is going to come under scrutiny.

        I really hope so. I hope this was something that was discussed between the Serbian & Antiochian patriarchs:

        The UN Security Council can submit the case for evaluation as this would not be the first time they discussed the matter. (Although initially, they didn’t know the extent of Bartholomew’s involvement. – They probably do now.)

        It would be very interesting if a case against Bartholomew was brought forward at the UN, I’m not even sure how that would work.

        Could this be the reason the Greeks are thinking of changing things up? All I can say is, God’s speed. There are times in a person’s life where they have made so many wrong turns they can’t recover. Bartholomew has made many, many wrong turns and shows no misgivings. In fact, he just digs his heels in deeper when the subject comes up.

        Completely agree.

      • George Bermiker says

        Oleska has confirmed that the best the GOA will ever hope to being allowed to be is a gateway to western religions, not a beachhead for sovietical fifth column religions. The “diaspora” has every right to a racketeering lawsuit against the Greek government for violating their American birthrights and trying to control them. And the use of nazi terms like diaspora, expatriate apodeme, and homogeny (homogeneity, how horrid!) constitutes slander against Americans of Greek ancestry most of whom are victims of communism. Further, the United States government’s Foreign Influence Task Force has every right to prosecute those in Greece (and ultimately Russia) trying to use the “diaspora” as a fifth column. This document is clearly a smoking gun. Lastly, it is very clear Japanese Americans assisted in the bombing of Pearl Harbor by providing intelligence and later by concealing downed fliers and this justified McCloy (who had prosecuted the Axis for bombing Black Tom JC NJ, that was headed by von Pappen) in implementing Japanese internment. Von Pappen, Hilter’s mentor, was the architect of the Armenian genocide. Further Trump’s grandfather had a barber shop in the basement of 60 Wall St, where von Pappen planned the Black Tom sabotage. Argument may be made that had von Pappen and Trump been prosecuted more fully early on, future catastrophes would have been prevented.

        • You make it sound as if most Greeks don’t want association with their old country.
          I know Italians and Irish here in America who wish the governments of Ireland and Italy used similar tactics as Greece, as they hate when native Italians or Irish belittle them as fake Italians or they should just call themselves Americans.
          Greek- Americans are totally onboard with retaining connection with their old country and this is why many seek out Greek passports and why the diaspora Greeks of North America and Australia constantly go back as tourists and organize themselves in enclaves such as Tarpon Springs and Astoria, Melbourne in Australia and the various Greek Towns
          Now speaking of controlling expats, it is the United States that should be sued. For sending the 5th column into Greece such as Minnesota born Papandreau and globohomo American born advocate Kaselakis. Or how the Greek secret service was started by and funded by the CIA for decades or how the Junta did Americas bidding. Or better yet, how America enslaves their own expats who seek to live abroad through taxation by citizenship and through draconian tyrannical laws such as the FATCA Act.

        • Argument may be made that
          if some x had occurred
          some y may have been prevented.

          But until such argument is made,
          I need not trouble myself about it.

        • I’m going to table this to give you an opportunity to provide support for what you’re trying to communicate. Most of us don’t know much about any of this but if there are links out there, you can include them.

          I will also say I love America. I am not fond of our leadership. They are a bunch of criminals. So sure, sue them.

        • Billy Leftry says

          The term racketeering for what the gyro mafia does in the ghettos is
          extremely appropriate, so I am surprised no one used it before. The
          gyro mafia conspires with the urban political machines to manipulate
          and supress various ethnoreligious groups by herding them into ghettos
          where they are ignorant, isolated and misguided, especially when they
          don’t even bother to learn English or become citisens. By having the
          liturgy in Greek instead of English, they can keep their dirt hidden
          not only from the greater community but even their children, as on
          scam day of Orchrafuxy they fess up to idolatry “achran Eikon
          proskein” not timein. In the USA, non citisens do not vote but count
          in the census for redistricting, thereby overweighting their districts
          just as the South did with nonvoting slaves before the USA Civil War.
          Further, the un-Englished are guaranteed to vote the way the politcal
          bosses want or not at all. In a typical suburban assembly district,
          twenty thousand vote, but in ghettos, only eighth thousand vote, not
          only guarantying the seat, but also allowing for much lower voter
          contact costs. Brought over wives are heavily abused because they
          don’t learn English and are not allowed to drive or even own cell
          phones or use the internet. If you need an Hague Convention notary
          apostile you normally obtain it from the state (eparchial) government
          for like ten dollars, but “Greek” lawyers will charge you a thousand
          dollars and claim they “took it to the court of the Hague”. One
          “leader” of the Astoria ghetto (a major opponent of AHEPA, whose son
          became a judge) had his illegal nephews paying double rent in the
          1950s but paid them half wages. Illegal workers are told not to worry
          about asbestos (amiantos or asvistos in Greek) because it is just
          harmless asvesti (quicklime). The gyro mafia will also insist that
          immigrants buy grapes and fish and other overpriced goods supposedly
          flown in from Greece. They are told heavily inspected American
          beaches are contaminated but uninspected beaches in Greece are
          supposedly pure. My own family left Astoria because of early 1960s
          communist death squads, at a time when Papandreou and (maternally
          Armenian) Vallone funded Lulurgas cult to subvert Iakovos.

  21. Here is a short video of Brave Sir Michael,
    ‘dancing on the graves of Palestinian civilians’:

    Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo Dancing With IDF Soldiers

    [Video – 00:35]

  22. Let the bright Seraphim by Handel

    [Video 05:32]

    Let the bright seraphim
    in burning row,
    Their loud, uplifted angel trumpets blow.

    The metropolis of Piraeus “excommunicates” those
    who voted for the law on same-sex couples

    Stops society [with] the MPs who voted “yes” ―
    They are “collaborators of the “archhectic serpent””,
    says the Piraeus metropolis

    ‘ A week after the historic vote in the Parliament , the Piraeus metropolis not only does not accept that same-sex marriage and procreation is a law of the state, but calls for its annulment and takes “measures” against the MPs who voted for the bill.

    It is recalled that the marriage of same-sex couples and procreation became the law of the state with 176 “yes”, 76 “no” and two “absents”, in the vote that took place in Parliament. For those 176 deputies who voted in favor of the bill, the metropolis of Piraeus decided to suspend society “with all that entails”.

    On Thursday morning, an extraordinary priestly meeting was held, following an invitation by the Metropolitan of Piraeus, Seraphim, on the topic “Dealing with the consequences of the passing of the law for the “marriage” of persons of the same sex”, according to a related announcement.

    The passage of the law ” alters and perverts the anthropology and physiology of God’s creation ” and “blasphemously attempts to nullify the divine Law”, at the behest of the “woke agenda”, the announcement states.

    Furthermore, the metropolis of Piraeus accuses those who voted for the bill that they ” contempt the divine Law “, therefore “they are culpably proven to be accomplices of the “archekaku ofos” in the deterioration of the work of salvation and the gospel message ” and “they have voluntarily lost their Christian status ». Thus, communion with them “carries the risk, for the weakest, of altering the faith and nullifying the work of the Church”.

    For these reasons, the metropolis of Piraeus announced that ” we are breaking our communion with those who voted against the divine Law, with all that this entails ” and will not invite them to events of its parishes, until “the actual post-membership of those due to the annulment through the national parliament of this disgraceful legislation”.

    Marriage of same-sex couples: The announcement of the metropolis of Piraeus

    “In Piraeus today, February 22, 2024, Thursday at 11 am in the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Piraeus, we met at the invitation of the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Piraeus, Faliro, Saint Ioannou Rentis and Drapetsons, Mr. SERAPHIM, in an extraordinary priestly meeting on the subject: “Dealing with the consequences.” of passing the law for the “marriage” of persons of the same sex”, N. 5089 FEK A’ 27/17.2.2024.

    Rev. Metropolitan of Piraeus, Mr. Seraphim, was duly placed on the emerging issue of overturning human ontology and physiology and the implementation of the “woke” agenda for the reconstruction of Christian doctrine, morals and culture, and a thorough discussion was held in person of the Church Councils and Administrative Committees. of the Parishes and foundations of I. Our diocese, we co-decided on the issuance of this resolution.

    We vote on the following

    The charter city of Piraeus, the first port of the country, is a holy city, as testified and proven by the historically verified miracles of the Most Holy Virgin Mary and the Virgin Mary, which are recorded in newspapers and publications of the time, as presented by the Allegorical President of Philology Stegis Piraeus Mr. Stefanos Milesis in his opinion “The miracles of faith in Piraeus as recorded and printed by newspapers and publications” ed. Archontariki 2019, and especially the miracle of the Virgin Mary “Rodon the Amaranth” with the apparition of the deadly pandemic of the blessing, as recorded in the SFAIRA newspaper of 9/3/1896 and the apparition on 24-25/3/1929 of the Most Holy Theotokos to crowded St. Church of the Evangelist Piraeus, as recorded in the Newspapers AKROPOLIS on page 29/3/1929 and SCRIP on page 29/3/1929. Deacing in an elected Metropolis of the Holy Orthodox Catholic Church through our ordination we have taken over the multidisciplinary work of the church’s ministry, which presupposes it. cover for the overwhelming of decay and death and the transmutation of the world into a Kingdom of goodness, justice, peace, truth and love. Consequently, we owe it to the Domitor of the Lord’s Church, who has called us to the ministry of his People, to ensure and transmit by deed and word the uninitiated faith of the Apostles, the God-bearing Fathers and the Holy Ecumenical Synods.

    The passing of the above law by our National Parliament alters and distorts the anthropology and physiology of God’s Creation, it blasphemously attempts to annul the divine Law, which is handed down to us in writing through the Old and New Testaments, at the behest of the “woke” agenda and passionately opposes the Canonical framework of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, which was given to Her by the Holy Spirit. According to this, those who legislated as a legal good the overthrow of human ontology and physiology and who instituted unnatural celibacy, which deprives man of the possibility of communion with God according to the false word of the Creator: “my spirit shall not abide in these men forever because they are flesh” (Gen. 6:3), he proves them by deed and word as despising the divine Law and opposing the salvation and eternal perspective of the human being, who is called to voluntarily and lovingly become a temple of the Holy Spirit and the like to His Creator, according to the Lord’s word: “If he loves me, he will keep my word, and my father will love him, and to him we will come, and we will come to him alone” (John 14, 23).

    Therefore, they prove to be culpable accomplices of the “prime evil” in the deterioration of the work of salvation and the gospel message and, as the God-bearing Fathers march, they voluntarily lose their Christian identity and the society with them carries the risk, for the weakest, of alteration of faith and annulment of the work of the Church, which throughout time is called to prepare in the Holy Spirit citizens of the divine Kingdom.

    For the protection of our ministry and respect for our responsibility before the Holy God, in accordance with the provisions of art. 4, paragraph 9 of the Charter of the Church of Greece (L. 590/1977- GOVERNMENT A’ 146) we break our fellowship with those who voted against the divine Law, with what this implies, by not inviting them to the Andean manifestation of of our parishes, without the practical transmutation of them through the annulment by the National Parliament of this shameful legislation.

    We are in prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the human race incarnated for us and His blessed Mother, and we call the faithful people of God to practical repentance for the blasphemy and insult against our innocent faith that took place with the vote of Law 5089 Official Gazette A 27/17.2.2024.

    This resolution was read and approved by our General Assembly”. ‘

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