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Maybe it’s duct tape.  Might hold your face in place in a COG situation.  


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  1. Honestly I’ve warmed up to Ole Joe. He has weakened NATO and Europe severely through the Ukraine folly. He has fostered the Eurasian Alliance through his foreign policy adventures. He made Russia’s economy independent of Europe and thus much stronger by imposing ten rounds of sanctions which barely affected them and made them impervious to Western economic warfare. He has depleted NATO stocks to a dangerous level. And he has, paradoxically, gone a long way toward demilitarizing Ukraine by making them feed men and equipment into a merciless meat grinder.

    That’s just foreign policy.

    Domestically, he is so corrupt that even the MSM are beginning to abandon him. He is now regularly behind Trump in the polls, even over a year out from the election. That is dark for the incumbent because the polls are skewed toward the Dems. Every time they indict Trump he gets stronger. And with a recession now unavoidable, Biden has practically guaranteed a Republican will win in 2024, absent cheating like we’ve never seen before, which would destabilize the country further.

    Bear in mind, a second Trump term might have defused the Russian-American situation and delayed the Sino-Russian alliance. The sanctions actually moved Russia in a direction it should have taken years ago but for continued delusion about the possibility of working with the West.

    Biden has done as much as anyone to institute the emerging change in the world order. “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f things up.”

  2. According to author, Philip Geraldi’s post on July 4, 2023, The Unz Review, we must confront good old Bart and Elpi regarding how they feel about the following statement by Geraldi:

    “ The Joe Biden Administration, in which nearly half of all senior appointments are Jews, as well as nearly everyone who deals with foreign policy, is doing its part to comply with traditional White House submission to Israel’s perceived interests. Israel is in the driving seat, and Biden knows it, declaring himself to be personally a Zionist. Much has been made of the fact that Biden has not invited Netanyahu to the White House to congratulate him on his latest electoral victory over concerns relating to the proposed judiciary changes and increasing settlement expansion, but it is clear that Israel and America’s Jewish Lobby are fully in control of both the White House and Congress.”

    Who are Bart and Elpi getting their schismatic orders from?

  3. Christianity is under attack in Israel
    Author – Philip Geraldi

  4. Anonymous II says

    Don’t forget the videos/photos of him during Covid getting his ‘shot’ in front of a green screen. Seriously. If nothing else, he is this moment’s Boris Yeltsin.