“Gay Pride” Month, a Brief Retrospective

It is not my intention to go on an anti-gay crusade nor to critique that subculture.  It is however my intention to “live not by lies”.  For too long, Western culture has been gripped in a moralistic frenzy that was propagated by dishonest academic elites. My only concern is to set the record straight, nothing more.  

One of the hallmarks of liberalism is tolerance.  That and a willingness to look at both sides of an issue.  For those of us more forensically minded, we like to look at the facts of any given situation and accept whatever conclusion they lead us to.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a tolerant world, do we?

In college, I took two degrees in the health sciences.  My curriculum, as you might imagine, was heavy on the “hard” sciences.  It had to be.  That doesn’t mean that everything I was taught was rock-solid science.  Indeed, much to my chagrin, I later learned that some of the things I was taught were based on propaganda if not outright lies.

Perhaps the most egregious offender in this regard was Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, commonly known as “The Kinsey Report”.1  

The Kinsey Report, published as it was in 1948, was controversial from the start.  Within a few decades it had acquired an almost mythic status as a foundational scientific text, right up there with Darwin’s On the Origin of the Species.  Only later would it come out that Kinsey’s data was heavily manipulated, calling much of its conclusions into question.2 

The most explosive claim propagated by Kinsey’s apologists was that 10 percent of American men were homosexual.  (In reality, Kinsey stated up to 34 percent of men had engaged in homoerotic relations, at one point or another, in their lives.3)  It was only much later I found out that much of Kinsey’s data came from studies of prison inmates.

Kinsey’s report, coming as it did in tandem with a loosening of morals in the later 1950s, gave a jump-start to the burgeoning homosexual rights movement.  This was the beginning of “emancipatory politics,” as it later came to be known.  A political agenda that was concerned with the present, in order to redirect the future.

At the same time however, humanities departments in colleges and universities were working overtime to rewrite the past.  And so another myth was being propagated, namely that homosexuality was not only rampant, but accepted in Ancient Greece.  In fact, we were told, that Greek philosophers taught that there was no higher love among the ancients than pederasty.

Both narratives became so preponderant by the 1980s, that to question them risked professional ostracism.  

As we have since learned, the Kinsey Report was fraught with scientific malfeasance (to say nothing of unethical behavior on Kinsey’s part).3  So too, the myth that homosexuality was not only normative in Ancient Greece, but idolized as the romantic ideal.

In fact, the weight of evidence against that assertion is preponderant.  For example, did you know that those men who allowed themselves to be penetrated were forbidden from citizenship and often punished by having radishes stuffed in their anuses?  Or that the word lesbiazo (literally, “to be a lesbian”) actually meant to perform fellatio?  As for Sappho herself (who was married), the evidence that she was engaged in sexual relationships with other women is exceedingly thin.  

Rather than bore you with footnotes, ancient manuscripts, and photographs of pottery shards which supposedly showed homoerotic acts,5 I would kindly direct your attention to the following video, which is entitled “The Lie Told to Us About Our History”.   

It is long (50 minutes) but it is detailed and if may say so, well worth it.  

  1. Kinsey, Alfred C; Pomeroy, Wardell B; and Martin, Clyde E (1948: W B Saunders).  Together with Paul Gebhard they wrote a companion volume entitled Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.
  2. Cashill, Jack; Hoodwinked: How Intellectual Hucksters Have Hijacked American Culture (2009)
  3. Kinsey was a voyeur and a closeted homosexual himself.  Among his many unethical procedures, he often forced the wives of his graduate students to partake in sexual encounters with strangers, which he avidly watched.  
  4. I have in my possession a report from the Guttmacher Institute (which is from 2010 and as far as I can tell, is no longer in existence).  According to the numbers provided, only 4 percent of the male population is homosexual while only 2 percent of women are lesbians.  Surprisingly, that same Guttmacher study stated that homosexuals were responsible for 36 percent of all cases of pedophilia, while heterosexuals (who made up 96 percent of the general population) were responsible for the other 54 percent.  In other words, homosexuals were three times more likely to engage in pedophilia than heterosexuals.  
  5. One of the most mendacious arguments that has been put forward by these mythicists is that there are “approximately 600 vases” from Ancient Greece which show men engaged in homosexual activity.  In point of fact, out of these 600 artifacts, only thirty do so.  



  1. Monomakhos article on gay pride month was educative and I recommend listening to the video and checking out the footnotes provided at the end of the article. I hope readers will take the time to share it. Many thanks!

    Alfred Kinsey was a zoologist, most famous for his sex research in the 1940’s. What is less well known is his use of known pedophiles in his experiments with children. There is evidence to suggest that Kinsey’s scientific research into child sexuality was actually molestation.

    Dr Judith Reisman documented the abuse of more than 300 infants and children in the production of Alfred Kinsey’s research. These kids were aged from 2 months to 15 years.


  2. Lk16:15, read it!

  3. If anyone here is on Twitter, report all and any Pride related posts. The more reports Twitter gets, the better. I reported Biden, the WH, and the VA for posting inappropriate content.

  4. Athanasia says

    If anyone is interested, read about “Fidelity Month” here (https://www.ncregister.com/interview/robert-george-fidelity-month).

  5. Anonymous II says

    Look up John Money and the sacrifice of David Reimer

    • The brains of these so called researchers need to be studied after they die. They are demented human beings. What a tragic life the children endured from this wacko!

  6. The God’s honest truth – which must be acknowledged – is that all functional, healthy societies in the history of the world would be considered “homophobic” and “transphobic” or whatever by modern secular standards.

    It’s staggering to consider how dysfunctional, abnormal, and unhealthy modern public western/American culture is. Without the light of Christ, without His Church and His love, this fact would bring outright nihilism and overwhelming despondency.

    We definitely live in times where “what’s normal is considered abnormal, and what’s abnormal and unhealthy is considered normal.”

    One light at the end of this dark tunnel is that outside of the white, western, post-Protestant Anglosphere, most cultures aren’t this stupid.

    Our cultural leaders circle jerk (pardon the pun!) about this pride month stuff because they delusionally and narcissistically think that everyone everywhere wants to be like secular westerners. They don’t. Our hope is international and is among the tens of millions of invisible Americans still out there who’d happily be labeled by CNN as “homophobic.”

    Great video – thanks for posting!

  7. Factual, historical accounts evidence the truth that the American electorate overwhelmingly voted AGAINST the normalization of homosexuality. Almost, if not ALL, states passed legislation upholding the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman only.

    Our form of governance does not allow five citizens to dictate the perverse reality of homosexual practice to the rest of the nation, even when the five citizens are Supreme Court Justices. Our citizenship responsibility is to REMOVE from office citizens who lie, cheat, and manipulate in service to an alien anti-American agenda.

    Ends-justify-the-means folks are not picky; whatever lie works, works for them.

    Proverbs 28:18

  8. fr Angelo Pepps says

    Matt Walsh’s Well worth watching documentary masterfully produced on “what is a woman” on daily wire https://www.dailywire.com/show/the-matt-walsh-show I saw it off the daily wire’s Twitter acct

  9. Speaking about pedophilia and child sacrifice, Mel Gibson is getting ready to release a four part documentary on international child-trafficking. Watch all 20 minutes. At minute 9. Clayton Morris mentions the Ukraine connection:


  10. I found an interesting article. What do you think?

    “The letter of the law can be deadly – St Paisios of Mt Athos”


    • Martin,

      It is a very good article. We must all learn (through the Spirit) to love everyone without justifying sin or attempting to redefine love in in any manner discordant with the commandments. These beautiful examples do the former without stooping to the latter.