Should We Start a Pool?

The pool in question concerns a certain elderly fellow named Joe Biden.  Specifically, how long before he receives the 25th Amendment treatment?

Over the past two months, there’s been a steady drip, drip, drip, not unlike Chinese water torture (oh, the irony!) being applied to President 81 Million, also known as the Most Popular President of All Time.

First, it was the admission by the Corporate Media that the Hunter Laptop Story was —gosh darn it!–true after all!  I mean, can you believe it? 

(Personally I wish that there was some mechanism, some institution which ferreted out information and informed the public about momentous stories like this.  If only we had such a thing.)  

Then there’s this persistent story about Creepy Joe’s predilections for being uncomfortably close with little girls.  The little girl in question this time happened to be his daughter Ashley, who kept a diary in which she describes showers she and Pop used to take together. 

And now comes looming indictments.  It looks like Hunter went to China on Air Force Two, hoovered up some money from some Chinese oligarchs, and started a hedge fund called Rosemont Seneca.  With these funds, he and other American princelings invested in Ukraine and cleaned up on the back end.  And yes, the “Big Guy” referenced in those emails was nobody but Good Ole Joe himself. 

So this is now all open-sourced and no longer a “conspiracy theory.”

But if you wanted proof that Joe’s days in the Oval Office (or whichever set is pretending to be the Oval Office) were numbered, you need look no further than this video:

In the higher reaches of the Establishment, what you just witnessed was a b!tch slap.  If this were the Forbidden City, a performance such as this would have told you that the emperor had lost “the mandate of Heaven,” and would have sent a signal to all the satraps that the empire was ripe for a takeover.  I mean, look at Kamala, she’s practically slobbering over Obama.  That’s the equivalent of the empress openly flirting with the Captain of the Guard.

Now, I realize that Obama has got it all over Biden.  He’s The Man.  The Top Dog.  We’re not only talking charisma but looks, youth, comportment, likeability, pretty much everything else for that matter.  Having said that, it’s clear that as far as the Democrat Establishment is concerned, he’s the guy who’s calling the shots.  And he has just signaled to everybody with eyes to see that Biden’s days are numbered. 

The question is when this is going to happen.  Some are speculating that this will happen after the November mid-terms.  That would be a great way to clear the decks and try to start things anew.  (Bush 43 did this in 2006 when he took Defense Secretary Rumsfeld’s resignation on the day that the Democrats took control of the House.  It took some of the sting out of the GOP’s defeat.)

There are other signs that he’s getting ready to be thrown to the curb.  Here they are in no particular order:

  1.  80,000 of Hunter Biden’s e-mails are getting ready to be dumped in our laps, probably by tomorrow  
  2. Jen Psaki is leaving, getting ready to take a better-paying gig at MSNBC,
  3. The economy is tanking, even the Corporate Media have given up trying to put lipstick on that pig, which brings us to:
  4. The Democrats are getting ready to take an apocalyptic shellacking come November (not that the GOP is any better but in a two-party system, it’s a zero-sum game).

No doubt, there are other reasons.  I’m sure you can think of others.

Anyway, things are looking pretty grim for Joe.  I should feel sorry for him, me being a Christian and all, but Lord forgive me, I can’t.  And you know why?  Because compared to a year and a half ago, things have gone so far down the crapper that it’s hard to see the rim, much less daylight.  And a lot of the bad things was intentional.

I could give you a litany of awfulness but what good would it do?  Those who are suffering know how bad things are, why make things worse for them?  As for those who still think the Orange Man was Bad, no amount of facts will make them think otherwise.  For them, everything that can’t be blamed on Trump will be blamed on Vladimir Putin, even though things started going south eleven months before the Russians invaded the Ukraine.  The sanctions against Russia have now boomeranged against the West and have accelerated our present economic decline.  For whatever reason, Putin is the demon that lives rent-free inside their heads now. 

Now, please forgive me but I’m going to engage in some psychobabble.  Why do people on the Left not hold the Corporate Media accountable for their lies and mendacity?  Even when they’re exposed?  Here’s what I think:  It’s because Proglibs (but curiously, not honest Leftists) go to the well of the Media to get their biases confirmed.  That’s all.  Even when they know that what they’re hearing is not true. 

Whatever platitude is vomited out of the mouths of  Stephen Colbert or Rachel Maddow, it is viewed as a Higher Truth, one that justifies The Narrative, even if it flies in the face of all facts and/or common sense.  If you can’t fill your tank up with gas it’s Putin’s fault, not Biden’s, even though it was Biden whose first executive order was to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline.

Think of it this way:  let’s say your a habitual thief.  Wouldn’t you like to go to your priest for confession and have him tell you each time you rob somebody that you’re not guilty of anything because of [White Privilege/Capitalist Exploitation/Reparations/Mommy made you eat broccoli]?  That’s basically the mindset of proglibs:  I can’t be bad because I’m not a Redneck; I would never vote for Trump.  The Corporate Media confirms this bias.  

Anyway, my money as to when Biden either resigns (because of his health) or is removed by the 25th Amendment, is in mid-May.  Things have gotten so bad so fast that there’s no way we can keep on going the way we are presently, not for much longer anyway.  And certainly, we can’t keep going this way for another two-and-a-half years.  No way in hell.

Now I realize that this means that we’d have Miss Obnoxious Human Relations Director as our president.  And yes, she’s going to be worse than Biden.  Far worse.  We’ll have to put up with her inane cackle as she grimly tries to announce to the nation that the Sixth Fleet is lying at the bottom of the sea due to a recent altercation because of some silly little misunderstanding with Russia (or China).  She will try to soften the blow by announcing that we now have a Supreme Court justice who doesn’t know what a woman is (even though she is one herself).  Kamala’s purpose, as far as the Deep State is concerned, is to put a pretty face on the the Global American Empire.  They think she’ll be immune from criticism, being not only a Person of Color but a woman as well.  

But history doesn’t always repeat itself so cleanly.  There’s only so much cognitive dissonance a person (or a nation) can endure.  Yes, she’s “black” (really an octoroon) and yes, she’s a woman, but when you have to decide whether to get groceries or gas or when you’re worried that the annual BLM riots are starting to inch ever closer to your lily-white suburb, the Deep State will find out pretty quick that the Race Card has maxed out. 

I suppose that with a GOP House, there could be a restraint on the president’s agenda but I’m not hopeful.  Especially with all of the fire-breathing warmongering talk coming out of the GOP at present.  (It looks like they’ve forgotten all of the lessons that The Golden Don taught them about America First.)  Even here though, it’s possible that the RINOs may bite the dust; we should never forget that eight months is an eternity in politics. 

So, under the best of conditions, that is a MAGAesque GOP in control of the House and Senate, the worst excesses of the Deep State can be restrained.  (Notice, I did not say will be restrained.)  Otherwise, if the Romneys, Grahams* and Crenshaws of the world remain in control of the GOP, then we’re royally screwed.


*Yeah, I know:  four years ago during the Kavanaugh hearings, I sang the praises of Lindsey Graham to high heaven.  In my defense, he was right then.  He brilliantly quarterbacked a sinking nomination of a good and decent man, snatching victory from the jaws of certain defeat.  Now, I wish he would just retire and let another take his office. 


  1. I’m good for an “orthochip” (worth two bits) and my coin says that Uncle Joe will indeed last beyond May. Beyond the midterm elections, even.

    Why, you say?

    Because the Demoncrats are canny enough to know that, with “Cackling Camala” as head of state before the elections, and the disgust that voters have for her, they’ll lose more than their shirts in November. The Republican Party can get off track for sure, but they’re all we’ve got and I’m hoping that they’ll win a veto-proof supermajority this year.

    Everybody’s gotta vote, though, ’cause it ain’t gonna happen by itself, especially since the other party has learned how to stuff electronic ballot boxes.

    Once the new congress is seated in January, I say, “Let the hearings begin! First up – Tony Fauci, Dr. Death himself!”

    • George Michalopulos says

      You’re probably right, for all the reasons you stated.

      However, nothing would surprise me. The other day, Biden talked about how he and Xi were hiking in the foothills of the Himalayas. Maybe I should consider the fact that nobody cares about our Oligarchy. Especially given the fact that the majority of us are wondering where our next meal is coming from.

  2. I’d say the odds of them ousting Biden are very high. The NY Times releasing the laptop story didn’t happen on accident. The guys over at The Duran spoke on this. It’s all part of a plan.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Agreed, the question is whether he has until mid-May or after the midterms? (My money is on the former.)

      • They have to consider the composition of the Senate. Without Harris’s vote, they can’t confirm a new vice president if the GOP refuses to play ball. After the election, the GOP will likely pick up seats in the Senate, but by that point the House will be taking up articles of impeachment. If Biden is ousted, one way or another, and the GOP doesn’t want there to be a Democrat VP, there won’t be one. They may even include Kamala in the impeachment so as to let the GOP Speaker of the House succeed Biden/Harris. It would be swinging for the fences but, hey, the Dems impeached Trump twice without cause, the second time after his term expired.

        Gloves are off.

  3. George Michalopulos says
  4. I just want to know who was in the rabbit suit.