Shoe . . . other Foot

There’s an old Japanese saying:  “if you sit on the river bank long enough, you’ll see the dead bodies of your enemies float by.”  

One of the good things about the Dark Brandon presidency is that we are seeing a lot of hypocrisy and double-standards being exposed on a near daily basis.  Things are so bad at this point that it’s impossible to say anything good about progressivism, liberalism or leftism in general.  (Unless of course you’re paid to lie.)

I never thought there was anybody stupider or more mendacious than Jen Psaki but Karinne Jeanne-Pierre has proven me wrong.  Psaki at least knew that she was peddling a sh!t-sandwich, poor Karinne has no idea where the turds are.  Or what they look like.

We certainly live in interesting times.  They’re actually speeding up if you ask me.  Whether this is because I am aging or because Christ said it would be so in the end-times, I cannot say.  Perhaps both.

Anyway, as you can tell by this meme, the High Elves who live on Martha’s Vineyard are caught in a tizzy.  It seems that Govs Abbott of Texas and DeSantis of Florida have attained godlike  troll status.  (Those who played Dungeons and Dragons know what I’m talking about.)  DeSantis is absolutely savage when it comes to smearing the faces of the elite in poo-poo.  

Yep, these two gentlemen have singlehandedly exposed the blatant hypocrisy of those who consider themselves to be our betters.  And they did it on the tax-payer’s dime.  I for one, don’t care at this point.  If that’s what it takes to give these people heartburn and expose their duplicity so be it. 

It’s totally worth it.  

Who knows?  Now that we’ve got these elites’ attention, we might be able to solve the illegal alien crisis after all.  Then again, I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Those people are so obtuse gamma rays can’t penetrate their skulls.

Oh well, we might as well have some fun as we’re sinking further into the abyss.




  1. My opinion Texas should release Ms-13 illegal gang members from jail and put them on a plane and dump them off in one of these sanctuary cities or in front of a Democrat politicians house. It’s a double hit, criminals out of jail on early release and they are here illegally. That would be loads of fun to watch.

  2. Joseph Lipper says

    Flying migrants on very expensive chartered planes to an island that is essentially a gated community, and that isn’t prepared at all to receive them, is completely irresponsible and cruel. It’s cruel to both the residents and the migrants. Governors DeSantis and Abbott were purposefully surprising the residents of Martha’s Vineyard in a mean spirited way and while basically telling the migrants to “eat cake”.

    Why weren’t these migrants at least sent to some city in Massachusetts where they could have more opportunities? Most cities rely on migrant people like this for work, and yes, even cities in Texas and Florida where jobs for them are usually readily available.

    • Gov. DeSantis knows how to play politics to win. By flying that small group of illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard, DeSantis was sending a strong message to Joey Biden and his puppet master Barry Obama that two can play that game of “alien chess”.

      Biden and his junta are guilty of criminal negligence in that they have ignored their primary duty to protect our national sovereignty. They have opened the Mexican border in an attempt to flood our nation with illegal aliens. Tell it like it is, Joseph. Those people may consider themselves to be migrants, and God help those who truly need help. Nevertheless, as far as our government should be concerned, they are criminals once they cross the Rio Grande River or the fence in the desert. Govs. DeSantis and Abbott are trying to get the other sort of criminals in the White House to pay attention to that distinction.

      • . . . per the articles I’ve read, the migrants at issue applied for asylum, a LEGAL process that can only be instituted at a port of entry or in country and permits their presence in the country pending the adjudication of the claim. IF the claim is denied and if they refuse to leave, they then would not be legally present. But right now they are. . .

        • Gail Sheppard says

          No one is arguing migrants can’t legally apply for asylum. The problem is they’re releasing undocumented families and adults before they’ve even been given dates for court appearances and telling them to “keep in touch.” It can take years to see a judge so the legality is put aside, per the present administration.

          Kind of hard to follow the law after the fact.

          This doesn’t mean they’re here legally. It just means that our laws and regulations for determining asylum have been thrown out the window because of the enormous influx of migrants walking here in flip flops from South America, if you believe that.

          OR, you can state the obvious: They were brought here in droves to overwhelm our infrastructures and collapse our country.

          This extinction event takes many forms.

    • Antiochene Son says

      Yes, how would our society function without our modern day quasi slave class?

      • George Michalopulos says

        Hmmm, following your logic, we should owe the Founding Fathers (slavers-owners all) an apology? (And the ancient Egyptians, Israelites, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Africans, etc. as well?)

    • Oh and we down here in Texas are prepared to receive a Million plus a year? No we are not. Our boarder is being invaded those in charge won’t do anything. The only way to wake up the ones in charger is to put them where our betters vacation., put them in front of their houses. It’s amazing how fast the government acts when you drop someone who unwanted in obamas neighborhood.

    • Mark E. Fisus says

      How are they not prepared to receive the migrants? Their wealth and their moralizing toward others about kindness toward migrants makes them prepared. Instead of being charitable with other people’s hospitality, Gov. deSantis offered them the opportunity to be charitable with their own.

      Nobody likes a hypocrite. Open-borders amnesty liberals should walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

    • @Joseph Lipper

      Because the cities in Massachusetts (and the towns) cannot accommodate them either. We are already in a crisis with immigration. At full capacity now and have been for a long time.

  3. I doubt Mr. Lipper has ever been on Martha’s Vineyard. I know I have: many times, in fact. Yes, the element of a gated community abounds in specific parts of the island, but a significant year-round population lives there as well. Who takes care of everything when the high rollers are gone at summer’s end? Folks like you and me, of course. And the notion that 50 migrants couldn’t be accommodated on the Vineyard is absurd at best. Governor DeSantis had a point to make, and he did so in spades. Had the migrants remained on the island, they would been the happiest cohort to have ever crossed our southern border. The concern of the Obamas and their ilk, however, is that others would likely want to follow.

  4. Chris Banescu says

    If only Martha’s Vineyard was located on our southern border. America’s illegal immigration crisis would be immediately addressed and solved.

    Liberals, leftists, and progressives are incredibly generous with other people’s money, property, and rights. They are infinitely stingy and greedy with their own money, properties, and liberties.

    Rules for thee but not for me” is the ultimate rule they live by; pathological hypocrites and liars, driven by greed, envy, and hatred of neighbor, like other socialists and communists before them.

    • George Michalopulos says

      If only our Elites cared as much for our Southern border as they do for the one between Russia and the Ukraine.


      • Of course I am sure you understand George, the Elites do not care at all for Ukraine, nor their people. They want Putin out of power. The ignorant and/or innocent masses once again have been fooled.

        So far as our southern border, it will backfire on the Democrats/leftists. The border optics right now will hurt the Democrats in the coming elections.

        In the long run, Hispanics will not all flock to the Democrats.

        One, the majority of Hispanics are Christians, and two, the great numbers coming from Venezuela understand what Socialism/Marxism has had to offer them. Venezuela used to be a very rich country, with a decent sized middle and upper class. They will politically go the same direction most Cubans have gone. Conservative and/or Christian leaning in their vote.

  5. So, if I understand you correctly, Sr. Lippert, if you’re an illegal then you must rsvp to go to really nice shore town like rehobeth or island, but you can just show up on someone else’s property in TX NM AZ Cali NY OH PA NJ MI ND SD NC SC OR WA WV CO WY TN etc etc?

    And they need opportunities too? How generous of you to offer.

    This isn’t a 1922 situation where a small impoverished Greece was inundated w fleeing fellow Hellenes. This is a design to shatter everything that everyone holds dear and true. We need to be kind and w open hearts, but we also need to be wary. Me ta matia anixta: w open eyes. Not woke.

  6. Trying to be patient says

    I feel like in this whole illegal alien/wannabe migrants issue people feel like they have to be completely for or against it…..I’d like to point out that we in this nation have a very realistic and attainable legal process already in place for anyone that seeks to live in and contribute to the success of our country. Truly way easier and much less stringent than many others. If you want to be a member of this nation, start by following the rules of the civilization you wish to be part of, if you don’t like the rules, don’t embark on the journey. Every country, church, and organization has rules. They exist to keep peace, protect our freedoms, and to further the success of the entity. If you can’t control who comes and goes from your house are you really the master of it? If you cannot protect your own boarders, then do you truly own the land?