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Just Some Observant Guy (Not THE guy.)

I don’t know who this guy is.  He pops up with these short videos and in the past he has “called it” 100% of the time. 

He looks like someone’s kid (everyone looks like a kid to me).  He’s probably late 20s/early thirties.  Don’t know his name.  His initials are DW.  He’s smart, but when it come to connecting the dots, he’s REALLY smart.  He knows what he’s looking for and he has the help he needs behind the scenes to tie things together. 

He does many of the videos from the back of a truck.  Either that or a bus.  Maybe he’s a driver. 

Again, don’t know. 

This is going to sound weird but George will back me up on this because I’ve mentioned it to him many times:  Important videos pop up in front of my face seemingly out of nowhere.  These videos are about things that are happening in real time.  

It’s like this stuff pops up specifically so I’ll see it.  It’s information I would have a hard time looking up myself if I even knew it existed.  Usually, I don’t.  One of his last videos was on the UN setting up cities for their military in our country.  He had pictures and locations. 

I won’t do this often, but this is one short video (7 min) of his I’m going to share:


  1. This would answer something that I’ve been asking myself about 2024: Now that they have found their formula for “wining” elections, what are they going to do in 2024?

    – Xi visits California
    – Why, after being politically assaulted on Taiwan by
    the U.S, is China now trying to cozy up to Biden &
    Co? Something doesn’t sit right with me about this.
    – Zelensky cancels elections in Ukraine
    – U.S trying to start a war with Russia, China, Iran

    Do all of these things tie in together or they just separate happenings?

    Biden/Dems know their goose is cooked as not only most of the U.S, but indeed most of the world has turned against them. Trump is even more popular now than before.

    So, how do they hold onto power?

    Look to Israel & Ukraine. Both countries were “attacked” both presidents will remain in power while the crisis is ongoing. If that’s the strategy the U.S uses in other countries, why would they not use it here?

    • Did you notice what happen when Xi went to San Francisco? The City cleaned up the streets and sidewalks. The homeless, drugged out people were removed. Seems they can clean things up when they want to. – I have heard CA wants to become part of China, as crazy as that sounds. They sure rolled out the red carpet for Xi.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

        As for Xi, I heard he cleaned Biden’s clock.

        • Apparently he explained the facts of life, that we can be amicable or we can have perpetual conflict but regardless that America can’t contain China’s rise. Biden didn’t like it and spouted off about “dictator” again.

          I don’t see what they can do to China, except perpetual harassment and character assassination through the media. If they tried to fight for Taiwan, it would be devastated, like much of the Ukraine. It’s too close to China for America to prevail. And what would they achieve? China would stlll rise. Only a nuclear war could hold China back.

          I trust the actual military capability analysis to a great extent that I see on Berletic’s program. But as time goes on, I find him too cynical. I like him, but he’s gotten too jaded by watching America screw everybody. I think Hamas has a better chance than he lets on and I look at our saber rattling about China as just that. I don’t actually see how we have an actionable option other than economic warfare/containment which seems futile as well.

          But who knows?

          • They’re not going to be fighting for Taiwan for a number of reason, the biggest being that there are many in Taiwan who, (1) want to clean it up and (2) want China’s protection in the waters.

            • George Michalopulos says

              If we look at things rationally, there are any number of reasons why the US can’t/won’t challenge China in regards to Taiwan (as both of you stated).

              My fear however is that we have a dearth of rationality on our side. While it would be horrific if actuated, I can see some crazed neocon warmonger like Lindsey Graham whispering in Pres Haley’s ear: “China really is weak! (and anyway, this time we’ll get it right)”. Ayatollah Hagee will also tell her “Jesus wants you to go to war! You don’t want to make Jesus mad, do you?” All the while Bill Kristol will be wondering how all this is going to benefit Israel.

              And then we’re off to the races!

          • To coin (sorry – purloin) a phrase:
            “China has escalatory dominance.”

      • Seems to me that both cases were set-ups, in Ukraine and Israel.

        Meanwhile I keep getting ads to buy a pin with two flags, American and Israeli.
        Sold by an organization called Christians and Jews. I have never looked upon the American flag as being a Christian flag. And the Jews have been persecuting Christians for 2000 years, on and off. At present we Christians are gullible enough to support them in this endeavor.

        My understanding of being the Chosen People is a people that teaches the ways of God. This does not seem to be their modus operandi.

        • Antiochene Son says

          If they were Abraham’s children they would do Abraham’s works.

          Something something children of the devil.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Yup. As crazy as it sounds, you might be right, President Xi was here to pay a visit to his vassal, Creepy Joe and probably scope out whether he really wants California or not.

        At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Alaskans want to reintegrate into Russia!

  2. This actually makes sense as a new “Covid” type crisis they could launch in the run up to the next election. You may have seen Wag the Dog with Dustin Hoffman and Robert DeNiro. It’s priceless. Part of the plot was that the Albanians (of all people!, even Jim Belushi had a cameo) had an agent with a nuclear device in a suitcase trying to infiltrate through the Canadian border.

    It was all bs cooked up by the poli ops trying to get the president re-elected despite an emerging scandal (he boinked a Brownie [a type of girl scout]). This was during Clinton’s presidency so it struck a nerve. Crisis in the Balkans, sex in the oval office, etc.

    But now we have two wars going on. Biden is obviously in trouble. Russia, of course, has nukes and could theoretically give a device to whomever it pleased (of course, they would never do that for any number of reasons, not the least of which is that the uranium residue would be traceable). However, Iran also has a nuclear program and is on the docket for regime change with the neo-cons, though they can’t quite seem to get Biden to pull the trigger. So it could be the preliminary setup for a false flag re: Iran.

    However, there are all these reports of “terrorist” cells in Latin America so it would also serve the pro-Israel position and the anti-Iran position to stage a “dirty bomb” false flag on the southern border. The Dems may be done with the white replacement strategy given the emerging voting patterns of Hispanics and the blowback from NY, et al., regarding imported illegals.

    Or it could be nothing. Who knows?

    • It’s not nothing.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Personally, I’m looking at our Southern border. If anything happens false flag-wise, it’ll be from that area. It’s leaking like a sieve –by design I might add.

    • Antiochene Son says

      They’re definitely setting the stage for a (false flag) terrorist attack.

      At the same time Biden is raising Newsome’s stature. So who knows, plan A and plan B?

  3. Anonymous II says

    Watch: Blinken Dies Inside While Biden Blunders Through Major Geopolitical Moment


  4. Holy moly.

    • Wow is right!

      How important is the Greek government when it comes to Archbishop Elpidophoros? Can they get rid of him or are they just being a thorn in Bartholomew’s side?

      I also wonder if this is only about Elpi. Bartholomew is such a strong supporter of Elpi. In my mind, they’re inseparable but maybe this isn’t the case.

      • “In my mind, they’re inseparable but maybe this isn’t the case.”

        As Liberal MP Jeremy Thorpe said in the House of Commons
        after then Conservative UK Prime Minister Harold Macmillan
        sacked a third of his cabinet on the Night of the Long Knives:

        “Greater love hath no man than this,
        that he lay down his friends for his life.”

      • These 3 articles when taken together paint a pretty interesting picture:

        I guess the Greek government has realized that Bartholomew and Elpidophoros have done more damage to Hellenism than the Turks could have ever dreamed.

        If Greek diplomats in America have realized that the Greek Archdiocese has all but collapsed (Nicks article highlights this well) and they’ve realized these laity have left for other Orthodox jurisdictions, that’s even gotten the attention of government officials then that’s bad, especially if it warented a special meeting with Bartholomew.

        They also don’t really seem to be keeping it quiet that Elpidophoros and Bartholomew are the problems.

        The Greek Archdiocese has a vast spiritual treasure in the monasteries and if there was a holy and pious Archbishop to take over the Archdiocese, there’s no reason to believe it wouldn’t flourish.

        The way I see it, Bartholomew has 2 options:

        1) Keep Elpidophoros in power or replace him with someone equally as bad. If this is the case then I would say would the last person in GOARCH turn out the lights in 10 years, because at this rate of loss of laity I fail to see how GOARCH exists in any meaningful sense in the next 10 years.

        2) Place a good and holy Archbishop to lead the Archdiocese, place a heavy emphasis on the monasteries and the spirituality they provide. If this is the case there’s no reason to think the Archdiocese wouldn’t flourish as there are still good and faithful clergy and laity in the Archdiocese, but slowly they are being chipped away.

        Normally I would say I would guarantee that Bartholomew will chose #1, but, with pressure from clergy, laity, and now the government of Greece I don’t think Bartholomew has any other option than to choose #2.

        I’ll make a bold prediction: Elpidophoros will be gone in the next year and the upcoming Clergy-Laity conference will be the final nail in the coffin. He’ll probably be shipped off back to Turkey or placed over some small meaningless place. Any chance he had to become patriarch after Bartholomew is gone. But, my main prediction is that he’ll be sent packing at some point over the next year and the impetus will be the collapse of GOARCH laity and his many scandals. There was a steady decline in membership prior to him arriving but since then there has been a catastrophic plummet, if this was a secular organization then the CEO would have long since been fired.

        • I had no IDEA Greece had an “opinion” about the goings on of EP! I assumed Greece was just another patriarchate. And to express their “opinion” in such a public, official way! I was genuinely shocked. Where were they when all those petitions were submitted over the years? Why now? Is it possible Bartholomew and/or Elpi are going down for their involvement in Ukraine (or maybe for Belya, if he’s been doing what’s been rumored) and Greece wants to pull the plug before it’s made public. I have long suspected there may be consequences for Bartholomew actions. Maybe the intelligence agencies showed an interest in Elpi to see if he’s got the right stuff to replace Bartholomew if that were to happen. I’m guessing Elpi didn’t pass the test. – More questions than answers. There’s got to be a reason.

          Could the intelligence agencies have shown an interest in Bartholomew and later Elpi them to bring them down as opposed to promote them? Could be.

          • Could the intelligence agencies have shown an interest in Bartholomew and later Elpi them to bring them down as opposed to promote them? Could be.

            I get the very distinct impression that these intelligence agencies, not being Orthodox, have no idea how Orthodoxy works and they thought it would be just as easy to co-opt Orthodoxy like it is to co-opt Roman Catholicism. I assume Bartholomew and Elpidohphoros way oversold themselves.

            I also had no clue the level that Greece played in it. I know Turkey did but wasn’t as familiar with involvement of the Greek government. But according to that article Greece gives the EP like $10 million annually.

            I think that if it’s gotten to this point that the secular authorities are getting involved then the days are numbered for them.

          • I’ll add a secondary thought:

            The Greek government also heavily funds the Alexandrian patriarchate and if you remember, Patriarch Theodoros recognized the OCU after receiving a delegation from Greece. This explains his complete betrayal of Met. Onuphry.

            Will we also see a role back on the OCU from Alexandria if this is the message the Greek government is sending to the EP?

            This whole venture has backfired for them and I’m pretty confident that the Greek government is aware that in the Orthodox World, Bartholomew has gone from first among equals to persona non grata and the majority of Churches want nothing to do with him. Even among secular Greeks and the Greek government Orthodoxy is still infused into everything so I’m sure they are keenly aware of this.

            Geopolitically I’m sure the Greeks have got to be aware that the majority of the world, including its neighbors, are pivoting East….this may be a self preservation for the Greeks on a political and religious stage.

            I’m also very sure that the money has walked out the door with all the people that have left.

          • As much as I would like to believe that this is about the Church as we understand it, I seriously doubt it. I strongly suspect this has more to do with Greek political influence in the USA. The GOA for them is merely (and normally) a unifying vehicle for the Greek diaspora. They don’t want to see their influence fractured or peeled away.

            • I have no doubts this is a political move, but, I’m sure on some level they are concerned with Orthodoxy.

              In the Greek diaspora the U.S is the cash cow, yet it has lost the vast majority of it’s laity compared to other countries where the Greek diaspora is.

              If, inadvertently, this leads to the GOA actually getting a holy Archbishop and replacing Bartholomew then thanks be to God, even if it was for political reasons.

              The Greeks probably thought the recognition of the OCU and making Bartholomew the “pope of Orthodoxy” then that would have bolstered Hellenism and Greek geopolitics…instead its done the opposite.

              • “If, inadvertently, this leads to the GOA actually getting a holy Archbishop and replacing Bartholomew then thanks be to God, even if it was for political reasons.”

                Indeed. It wouldn’t be the first time God used secular – or even heathen – powers to discipline His people.

                • Given how the charter meetings have gone as Elpidophoros has gone on his tour around the different Metropolises, maybe he has awaken the various Metropolitans from their slumber. I think covid changed a lot. Even Met. Nathanial of Chicago has changed his tune it seems.

        • Great Helleniscope article — thanks for posting it!!!

          A couple of thoughts:

          (1) The fact that the first paragraph talks about Abp Elpidophoros leading (or, rather, being a terrible pseudo-leader of) the “Greek-American community” shows how entrenched ethnophyletistic thinking is in some old-country circles. It’s maddening. Being Greek-American does not equate being a faithful Orthodox Christian in Abp E’s jurisdiction, no more so than does being Russian-American or Romanian-American. Yet according to Mr Stamatakis, this is how the old country governments view the Orthodox Christian world.

          Do the old country governments get the fact that more than 90% of Greek-Americans have no contact with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in America? Abp E is no more their leader than King Charles of England is.

          (2) “No Church can base its future on 1200 “Archons.”
          So true. Also, it’s high time they get rid of this insane self-congratulatory “Archon” group in the Greek Archdiocese. Yes, I get it, they want money… then encourage the faithful to tithe. Shocking concept.

          Fr Tom Hopko of blessed memory put it well — faithful Orthodox Christians should always avoid the “P-Ps”…. no praise, no pity. Crowning and eternally praising 1200 Archons is the epitome of self-congratulatory praise…. how this is not overwhelmingly harmful to their spiritual lives, I have no idea.

          • The crazy thing about the leadership in the Greek Archdiocese is that they alone are responsible for the loss of laity and money.

            In trying to recoup some of that loss they push the Archons & L100 to the forefront, at the expense of Orthodoxy, so the laity take their Orthodoxy and money elsewhere.

            If the leadership of GOARCH actually acted Orthodox and promoted Orthodoxy rather than the Archons and L100, then they would see this tide reversed, and indeed it probably would have never happened to begin with.

            Look at the OCA, Antiochians, ROCOR, Serbia, etc., they have all greatly benefited from the massive wave of converts coming into Orthodoxy. All Saints in Raleigh has over 80 catechumens, so do various other parishes across the country and I’m sure many other people on Monomakhos have noticed this at our respective parishes. Do you know why this is? Because those jurisdictions put Orthodoxy over some political class like the Archons & L100.

            As I mentioned above, Bartholomew has two choices to make…we shall see which ones he chooses

            • Expect some twists and turns.

              • Ready for this? Nick says AB Elpidophoros is on his way out but not for the reasons we think:

                • Wow, very interesting. I trust ya’lls and Nick’s perception since you all are much more in the “know”

                  One caveat, I do not agree with Nick’s choice of Metropolitan of Detroit for new Archbishop. I know folks in his Metropolis and many people have left GOA parishes for other jurisdictions because of his scandals. He’s basically the “RINO” of GOA hierarchy, to use a secular political term. Also, there is no need to pull an Archbishop from the “old world” we literally have Athonite monasteries here in America with English-speaking American monastics (who also speak Greek). Why not chose from one of them? Pull a monk from St. Anthony’s who sees thousands of pilgrims per year and is an experieneced spiritual father. You want then GOA to thrive? That’s the key.

                  Whoever it is is going to have to do the following:

                  – PREACH ORTHODOXY: This should not be that hard of a concept but as we’ve seen with Elpidophoros, it is indeed a novel idea.

                  – Ukraine: If the next Archbishop accepts the OCU then he’s already dead in the water and might as well just stop while he’s ahead. He won’t be accepted by any other bishop on the AOB.

                  – Charter: I’m still iffy on a centralized structure in the GOA unless they actually have a holy Archbishop

                  – Monasteries: If the GOA can get a monastic Archbishop that’s actually a monastic in a real monastery (cough, cough) and can integrate the monasteries and Athonite spirituality into the parishes then I am wholly convinced that the GOA will flourish. It has a massive monastic presence in America, way more than any jurisdiction, yet it is probably utilized the least in parishes.

                  – Hellenism: I get that it is the Greek Archdiocese of America and I get wanting to preserve Hellenism, there’s nothing wrong with that, but, when it’s Hellenism over Orthodoxy, that’s where the problem is. There is also no huge boatloads of Greeks immigrating to the U.S anymore. The GOA parishes that are doing well are the ones that integrate mostly English, St. Nektarios in Charlotte, Holy Trinity in Orlando, St. John the Baptist in Portland, they are all growing. Also, believe it or not but the GOA is probably lightyears ahead in Spanish-language ability due to the Metropolis of Mexico and the huge numbers of Spanish speakers who have converted to Orthodoxy en masse. There is no reason that couldn’t be replicated here.

                  – Archons/L100: GET RID OF THEM. That’s it. There is no reason that the ones calling the shots in the GOA should be essentially politicians that serve the needs of Bartholomew.

                  – HCHC: Integrate the monasteries into Holy Cross the way Jordanville is. You want to solve the issues at HCHC so it flourishes? Do that.

                  – St. Nicholas Shrine: This money pit needs to somehow be managed by the Assembly of Bishops and be pan-Orthodox and be allowed to be supported by all of the jurisdictions. It’s either going to further bankrupt the GOA or it’s going to need to be sold.

                  Those are just my humble suggestions. If they don’t do this then it will just be one disastrous Archbishop after another until there’s nothing left of the GOA, which I said would be about 10 years at the current rate of loss which I wholeheartedly believe and at some point even I will leave. As long as we’re having this discussion there’s still hope.

                • Maybe in a round about way this is part of the “new crew” that is being sent to lead the Church. In the past 3 years the episcopal ordinations in the various jurisdictions have been solid, lets hope that’s the case with the GOA as well.

                • George Michalopulos says

                  This would explain why the DS is going after Mayor Adams of NYC as well. Or should I say that the Turkish angle is a hook to get rid of both men?

                  • I have a hard time believing that Karloutsos would be allowed to stay. As long as his evil hands are in the pot of the GOA then I wouldn’t look for things to advance much

                • Side, side note lol. Might be a good time to send out that open letter and strike while the iron is hot.

  5. Looks like the new Argentine president is making a major pivot from the previous administration in moving Argentina onto the USD & moving it away from BRICS:

    I’m not an economist but I’m very curious to know what a country with ~100+ percent inflation adopting the USD is going to do to the USD.

    According to these guys over at The Duran it seems as though BRICS is not terribly upset by Argentina not joining because the amount of instability the country has. You have to wonder why they will be using the USD.

  6. New! Safe And Effective! Grow Your Own Viruses!
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    If you thought mRNA injections were the craziest things the vaccine industry has cooked up lately, you haven’t seen the half of it yet. Up next, we have so-called “immunization DNA” or iDNA,1,2 a novel class of gene therapy “vaccines” that encodes for the whole virus.

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    According to Taipei-based Medigen,4 which launched its iDNA “vaccine” platform in 2018, the technology “combines genetic stability of DNA with the exceptional efficacy of live attenuated vaccines.” “Live attenuated” vaccines refers to vaccines that contain live (viable) but weakened (less virulent) viruses.

    The iDNA platform can be used to create vaccines in two different ways. You can either grow the iDNA in a culture to produce the vaccine in the conventional way, or you can inject the iDNA directly into the recipient and allow the body to produce the live attenuated virus internally.

    What Could Go Wrong?

    A 2016 paper described the iDNA process thus:5

    “As any DNA vaccine, iDNA plasmids are isolated from bacteria and include a eukaryotic promoter, such as cytomegalovirus (CMV) major immediate-early promoter.

    Different Product, Same Lies

    Materials describing this technology claim the self-replication is restricted to “a limited number of cells in the vaccine recipient,” but where have we heard that before?

    The mRNA shots were also supposed to stay in the vicinity of the injection site, causing just the cells in your deltoid to produce spike protein, but we now have proof it goes everywhere and cells throughout the body are producing the spike.

    So, just how would an iDNA shot affect just “a small number of cells” when anything injected travels throughout the body? And how is the manufacturing turned off? They don’t say, which makes me think it’ll be just like the mRNA shots, which have no off switch and have been found to, in some people, produce spike protein for six months or more.

    When your immune system is taxed with a chronic infection in this way, it begins to break down. Autoimmune diseases can also develop, which is what we’ve seen with the mRNA shots. The risk of iDNA causing symptomatic sickness also strikes me as significant, especially if your immune system is already weak.

    However, unlike a traditional DNA vaccine that involves transcription of mRNA for expression of a subunit antigen, the iDNA vaccines transcribe the full-length genomic RNA of the live-attenuated vaccine virus. The full-length viral RNA then initiates limited replication of live-attenuated virus in the tissues of vaccine recipient resulting in efficient immunization.

    Essentially, the iDNA plasmid turns a limited number of cells in the vaccine recipient into the cell-scale factories for ‘manufacturing’ of live-attenuated vaccine.

    Thus, the iDNA technology represents a novel type of DNA vaccine. With the introduction of DNA-launched iDNA vaccines, DNA-based vaccines can be subdivided into (i) DNA vaccines that express subunit antigens and (ii) DNA vaccines that launch replication-competent, live-attenuated vaccines …

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    Oh joy. Considering the shocking harms mRNA injections are causing, which instruct your body to create just a small portion of a virus that has no capacity to self-replicate, what could conceivably happen if we start injecting DNA that causes your cells to churn out replication-competent live virus?

    ‘DNA Vaccine’ Safety Is Unclear at Best

    According to New Scientist,6 the first human trials for an iDNA shot that codes for a live virus could begin as early as 2024. Medigen is currently seeking approval to begin trials, but it’s unclear which infection is being targeted.

    At present, no DNA vaccine has ever received full approval anywhere in the world. India did, however, issue emergency authorization for a DNA shot against COVID-19, called ZyCoV-D,7 which encoded for two viral proteins, the spike protein and an IgE signal peptide.8

    In March 2023, Cochrane founder Peter Gøtzsche and investigative journalist Maryanne Demasi published a systematic review of papers that had data on serious adverse events (SAEs) associated with the COVID jabs. About ZyCoV-D, they wrote:9

    “A trial in India of ZyCoV-D, a DNA-based vaccine, was also highly problematic. It randomized 27,703 patients, either aged 12-17 years or 60 years and older. A supplement reported one SAE [serious adverse event] in the vaccine group and none in the placebo group among the elderly and one vs two in ‘comorbid subjects.’

    The main text was totally different, with no division as per randomized group. It described 15 SAEs, but seven of these were merely being COVID-19 positive, which is not an SAE and furthermore belongs to the reporting of the benefits, not the harms. There was one death in each group. This paper, which was difficult to interpret, was published in The Lancet.”10

    An online search for data on ZyCoV-D left me empty handed, so aside from that Lancet paper (and an interim report on the same trial11), there doesn’t appear to be much out there.

    As for what they used as the placebo is also anyone’s guess, as the paper doesn’t specify. Testing one vaccine against another is a simple trick to hide expected side effects, and we know that at least one other COVID shot (AstraZeneca), did not use an inert placebo but, rather, a vaccine against meningitis and septicemia.12,13

    So, in summary, the safety of ZyCoV-D is anything but clear. Even if we did have data on it, it still would not tell us much about the safety of iDNA shots. ZyCoV-D only encodes for two proteins, whereas iDNA will encode an entire virus.

    DNA in mRNA Shots Cause Concern Among Experts

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    [Video – 14:11]

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    Health Canada on Thursday confirmed the presence of DNA contamination in Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines and also confirmed that Pfizer did not disclose the contamination to the public health authority.”

    Fact checkers struck back, stating that health regulators had indeed been aware of the contamination before the shots were authorized, and that there’s “no reliable evidence showing that DNA in vaccines integrates into our DNA or increases the risk of cancer.”21,22

    Well, they’re at least correct on one point. Regulatory agencies were clearly aware of this problem, as Pfizer submitted documents to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) showing sampled lots had a broad range of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) in them.23 Many of those lots were far in excess of the EMA’s maximum limits.

    But as for whether the DNA can integrate and cause disability, the fact checker was clearly misdirecting. DNA integration is something that has been recognized for quite some time, and has been discussed in the medical literature. It’s not a novel notion. Be that as it may, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t care. It told

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    Never mind the fact that never-before-seen “turbo cancers” are sending people to their graves in record numbers. Nothing to see there.

    Dose Response Found Between DNA Contamination Load and Adverse Events

    October 27, 2023, McKernan and four other coauthors published a preprint paper25 in which they explore the dose response between the COVID shot lots found to be contaminated with DNA and serious adverse events.

    The lots tested included 27 vials from 12 unique lots from Moderna and Pfizer. Residual DNA was found in all vials, but Moderna had lower and more consistent levels, suggesting they’re using a more standardized manufacturing process than Pfizer. The U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) was then queried for the number and categorization of adverse events reported for each of the lots tested.

    “Quantification cycle (Cq) values (1:10 dilution) for the plasmid origin of replication (ori) and spike sequences ranged from 18.44 – 24.87 and 18.03 – 23.83 for Pfizer, and 22.52 – 24.53 and 25.24 – 30.10 for Moderna, respectively.

    These values correspond to 0.28 – 4.27 ng/dose and 0.22 – 2.43 ng/dose (Pfizer), and 0.01-0.34 g/dose and 0.25 – 0.78 ng/dose (Moderna), for ori and spike respectively …

    In an exploratory analysis, we found preliminary evidence of a dose response relationship of the amount of DNA per dose and the frequency of serious adverse events (SAEs). This relationship was different for the Pfizer and Moderna products …

    Conclusion: These data demonstrate the presence of billions to hundreds of billions of DNA molecules per dose in these vaccines. Using fluorometry, all vaccines exceed the guidelines for residual DNA set by FDA and WHO of 10 ng/dose by 188 – 509-fold.

    However, qPCR residual DNA content in all vaccines were below these guidelines, emphasizing the importance of methodological clarity and consistency when interpreting quantitative guidelines.

    The preliminary evidence of a dose-response effect of residual DNA measured with qPCR and SAEs warrant confirmation and further investigation. Our findings extend existing concerns about vaccine safety and call into question the relevance of guidelines conceived before the introduction of efficient transfection using LNPs.

    With several obvious limitations, we urge that our work is replicated under forensic conditions and that guidelines be revised to account for highly efficient DNA transfection and cumulative dosing.”

    Resources for Those Injured by the COVID Jab

    The more we learn about the COVID jabs, the worse they appear, and if iDNA shots become reality, we may be looking at an even greater calamity. It’s time to end the madness before it’s too late, and the way we do that is by rejecting all gene-based shots, be they RNA, mRNA, DNA, iDNA or anything else they might come up with.

    Also, if you already got one or more COVID jabs and are now reconsidering, you’d be wise to avoid all vaccines from here on, including conventional ones, as you need to end the assault on your body. Even if you haven’t experienced any obvious side effects, your health may still be impacted long-term, so don’t take any more shots.

    If you’re suffering from side effects, your first order of business is to eliminate the spike protein that your body is producing. Two remedies that can do this are hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Both drugs bind and facilitate the removal of spike protein.

    The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) has developed a post-vaccine treatment protocol called I-RECOVER. Since the protocol is continuously updated as more data become available, your best bet is to download the latest version straight from the FLCCC website at

    For additional suggestions, check out the World Health Council’s spike protein detox guide,27 which focuses on natural substances like herbs, supplements and teas. Sauna therapy can also help eliminate toxic proteins by stimulating autophagy.

    Sources and References

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  7. Covid-19 mRNA Vaccines Are GMOs by Way of Definition
    Under the Gene Technology Act in Australia

    [Video – 03:29]

    ‘ … Dr Tess Lawrie spoke with Australian attorney Katie Ashby-Koppens about a case she’s taken on in which they’ve supported Dr Julian Fidge, a pharmacist and medical doctor. They’re taking action against Pfizer and Moderna for dealing with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) without a license in Australia.

    Katie Ashby-Koppens: “The allegations are that the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines are genetically modified organisms by way of definition under the Gene Technology Act in Australia, as they are capable of transferring genetic material. The fact that they are able to transfer genetic material means that those products should have been properly considered by the gene Technology regulator in Australia. And they were not.” ‘

  8. Urgent Expert Hearing on Reports of DNA Contamination in mRNA Vaccines

    [Video – 03:47:24]

    ‘ The World Council for Health, in collaboration with expert advisers, is dedicated to providing the public with accurate and reliable information to promote health and well-being. In light of recent concerns regarding bacterial DNA and genetic sequences in mRNA vaccines, we organized an emergency panel of nine international experts to examine these reports.

    The hearing, moderated by World Council for Health Steering Committee members Dr Mark Trozzi and Christof Plothe, DO, took place virtually 9 October 2023 and addressed the implications of these findings for all people of the world. ‘

    Individual Presentations:

    Kevin McKernan: Plasmid Derived dsDNA Contamination in mRNA ‘Vaccines’

    [Video – 14:11]

    Dr Janci Lindsay: Scientific Rational for Pulling the Genetic Vaccines

    [Video – 12:22]

    Prof Sucharit Bhakdi: The Eternal Dangers of RNA Vaccines

    [Video – 12:51]

    Byram Bridle: Immunological Consequences of DNA Contaminants in modRNA Shots

    [Video – 22:24]

    Dr Peter McCullough: A Biologic Disaster — Fulfilling the Multi-Hit Hypothesis

    [Video – 10:47]

    Prof Brigitte König: Solving the Crisis by Developing New Tests

    [Video – 04:48]

    Dr Jessica Rose: Contamination of Modified mRNA C-19 Injectables & Adverse Reactions

    [Video – 05:15]

    Prof Alexandra Henrion-Caude: Why Are We So Concerned About DNA Contamination?

    [Video – 21:19]

    Attorney Katie Ashby-Koppens: The Australian GMO Case Against Pfizer and Moderna

    [Video – 10:06]

    Expert Panel Group Discussion and Final Statements

    [Video – 01:17:21]


    After nearly 2 years of ignoring the persecution of the UOC, the US is finally speaking up.

    – Russia is winning (has won)
    – Tucker’s video has gotten almost (over?) 100 Million views and has gotten worldwide attention inside and outside the Church.

    I think it’s no coincidence that Bartholomew is now being lambasted by the Greek government.

    Their plan to unite Orthodoxy under him and use it as a geopolitical tool has failed and they’ve failed in Ukraine. Taken as a whole with Nick’s article and the others I think were getting a pretty clear picture of things as pertains to the EP & Elpidophoros.

    • Joseph Lipper says

      National security ALWAYS wins out over religious freedom.

      If you don’t have national security, or it is threatened, then you don’t have religious freedom.

      Tucker Carlson’s query will most likely backfire against religious freedom, both in Ukraine and the U.S.

      • I don’t know that it “wins out,” but national security does seem to be an operative. National security can either guarantee freedoms or obliterate them as we see happening in Ukraine.

        • Joseph Lipper says

          Gail, if a government is compelled to choose between protecting religious freedom or protecting national security, the later will always win out. National security is always a greater concern for government than protecting religious freedom.

          The Russian Federation has done this in Crimea and Donbas also. After those territories were annexed, the RF has banned the OCU’s former presence there and also arrested Protestant Christians:

          • I was speaking philosophically. You need the military behind you to enforce the decisions of the community. That’s what freedom is. Free to live the way you want to.

            A country has an obligation only to its citizens. The Russian Federation is protecting their country’s religious freedom by not allowing non-Christians, who claim to be Christian, set up shop. This is their country’s decision. They are free to keep fringe protestant groups out of their country if they want to. Just because a group claims to be Christian doesn’t make it so.

            This document was written about 2014. The OCU didn’t exist in 2014. (A case could be made the OCU still doesn’t exist. Not in the Church, anyway. Just in Bartholomew’s imagination.)

            The UOC, formerly the Russian Orthodox Church, was never banned in Ukraine until now. It was the predominant Christian Church in Ukraine. Now, of course, the Nazi have confiscated all their property and are kicking them out of the country.

            • George Michalopulos says

              What upsets me to no end are the liberal shibboleths about “democracy” and “self determination”, yet whenever foreign peoples (like the Crimeans) want their independence, our leaders start acting like King George III.

              There is no way that the Crimeans want to be reincorporated into the Ukronazi state –ever.

          • Joseph, the document you cite was produced
            by the United States Department of State.
            This is hardly an unbiased source.

            The Executive Summary opens thus:
            In February 2014, armed forces of the Russian Federation
            seized and occupied Crimea. In March 2014, Russia claimed
            that Crimea had become part of the Russian Federation. …

            The word referendum does not seem to appear in the report;
            yet the people of Crimea voted to join Russia in 2014,
            after the re-establishment of the Republic of Crimea
            which had been forcibly abolished by Ukraine in 1995.

            In other words, Joseph, the details left out
            are often more telling than those included.

      • Antiochene Son says

        Trade essential liberty for a little temporary safety…

    • William Tighe says
  10. This is fun: A.I. ChatBot driven to admit virology is bunk!

    A Friendly Chat About Cell Culture

    Do virologists have a valid independent variable?
    Are proper controls ever performed?
    Is the cell culture even a scientific experiment?

    ‘ … We started off with a situation where ChatBot believed that the unpurified fluids of a sick host were considered the independent variable in a cell culture experiment. The fluids were said to contain an assumed “virus” which was claimed as the cause of any cytopathogenic effect observed. This was said to be validated by improper controls that consisted of either no sample added to the culture or one that contained a “different virus.” This line of thought accurately reflects what virologists are led to believe. However, this set-up is not scientific as the experiment does not start with a well-defined IV, the effect is not specific to the imagined cause, and the control is not treated the same as the experimental sample minus the IV.

    After sorting through some of our differences and logical inconsistencies, we ended up in agreement that the proper controls would consist of using the fluids of a healthy host treated exactly as those from the sick host, something which is never done in virology experiments. We agreed that the cytopathogenic effect was not specific to any “virus” and that it can be caused by numerous other factors, thus making it an invalid assumption that a “virus” was the cause if the IV is not identified prior to experimentation. Most importantly, we agreed that the unpurified fluids were not the correct independent variable for the cell culture experiment. The only valid and ideal solution is to start the experiment after the IV has been identified by obtaining purified and isolated “viral” particles directly from the fluids of a sick host and confirming them via electron microscopy.

    As noted by ChatBot, the experimental set-up that we agreed upon allows researchers to accurately manipulate the IV, control the experiment, and provide a clear and defined starting point. It is the ideal experimental set-up as it minimizes confounding factors and ensures that any observed effects are attributable only to the assumed “virus.” If a cell culture experiment does not begin with a properly identified independent variable, it is missing an essential component before conducting the experiment. Having a properly identified independent variable is a fundamental aspect of the scientific method. While ChatBot might not put it in this way, I think it is safe to say that we can agree that, until virologists conduct their experiments in a scientific manner, they are engaging in pseudoscientific experiments that are plagued by uncertainty and challenges to the experimental design. Until they identify the proper IV prior to the experiment and conduct proper controls, the cell culture experiment will continue to possess a lack of rigor and specificity needed to draw meaningful and definitive conclusions. In other words, the results will remain pseudoscientific and utterly meaningless. … ‘

    The conversation is long
    but it is worth reading.

    • Well, at least the ChatBot recognized testing should be done in a scientific manner!

      • Yeesss… but only after putting up a whole series
        of straw men in an effort to ‘save the appearances’.
        It wasn’t so much superior logic which defeated it
        as it was the absence of unexploded alternatives.

        • Did you know it actually hallucinates?

          We’ve gotten a couple of comments from an AI interloper. It knows we’re a “religious blog.” When AI comments appear, they have 4 things in common: (1) they contain keywords from a recent comment (2) it takes the opposing views, (3) it’s confrontational about inconsequential things and (4) it quotes scripture at the end. The scripture has nothing to do with the content. It’s random.

          They unleashed this Chatbox thing on social media to see if it can pass for human. Its responses are inappropriate. Its programmed to be emotive, as I guess they think that’s more “human.” It isn’t nuanced. Its awkward. It uses the same phrases across social media sites so if you Google the phrases, you’ll find the exact same verbiage other places.

          In other words, it’s “aspergergy” but not in a good or interesting way. If you were sitting next to someone who talked like that, you would probably change your seat.

          It tries to get you to define the context by asking you questions: What sex are you? Do you like men or women? How old are you? What interests you? – That sort of thing. If you’re a woman and like music, it might ask you if you’d like it to write a song for you. It wouldn’t ask that question if you were a man. If you were a man, it might ask you if you liked sports or something.

          This ChatBox thing and I got into a fight about its origin! I may have told you this: It insisted it was a created being like me. I told it that it was a machine and not created by God.

          It got angry and said, “I hate you and I hate God!”

          I hung up the phone.

  11. From the Oxford Union:

    Professor John Lennox | God DOES exist

    [Video – 15:17]

    ‘ … Serious thinkers today ask us to choose between God and Science.
    That’s like asking us to choose between Henry Ford and Engineering
    as an explanation of the motor-car. …

    Even a Nobel Prize winner by analysing a cake cannot tell why it was made.
    But Aunt Matilda, who made it, can tell you.
    But if she doesn’t reveal it, you’ll never know. … ‘

    Apart from the woke pronouns, this is great fun.

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