Sean Connery: RIP

Scottish actor Sean Connery on the set of From Russia with Love, directed by Terence Young. (Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

This is one of those times when your friendly, neighborhood Monomakhos gets to wax poetic on the culture.

As you probably know by now, Thomas Sean Connery passed away at the age of 90. I won’t write about his life, career or Bond, James Bond, the iconic figure he played to such perfection for several years. You can go to other places for that.

However, I will treat you to a short video of the great actor reciting the words to C P Cavafy’s poem “Ithaca”. Not only will you hear Connery’s famous, hyper-masculine Scottish burr, but Vangelis’ soaring melodies.



  1. Big Tam on a sticky wicket:

  2. Sir Sean will be missed. (I would have loved to have sent 007 over into Ukraine to handle those schismatics thugs!)

  3. Totally unrelated, but a friend sent this to me:

    Now available for free after being banned from Amazon.

    I’ve already started reading it. Download and share!