“Save the Day”: the People’s Edition

Some time ago, Robert Downy Jr and Mark Ruffalo of The Avengers fame got together and did a cheeky video entitled “Save the Day.”

They recruited several Hollywood actors such as Scarlett Johanssen to speak to the public about why it was so important that America not elect a horribly racist xenophobe.

Now don’t get me wrong: I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. And I’m not going to stop seeing their movies just because I think Downy, Ruffalo, et al have an opinion about the new president which is directly at odds with reality. But I do have a problem with elitism; an elitism that is so out of touch with the lives of ordinary Americans. The people who actually pay the salaries of these Hollywood actors.

It seems that there are hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans who feel the same way I do. A select few took the time to mimic Downy’s cinematic effort and turn it upside-down. Please take the time to watch this cheeky riposte to “Save the Day.”

P.S. It might be a good idea for our “betters” to watch and study this little vignette. They may learn something about ordinary, everyday Americans. You know, the people who work hard and play by the rules.


  1. Of course the people in this video are actors too following a well written script after rehearsal to get the timing and inflection Just right. They are just not famous ones. Packaged, polished, pushed.

    This message brought to you by real actors, not people.

    Now you know what to think. Isn’t that great?

    • George Michalopulos says

      I’m not so sure about this Michael. Has this been verified? I’d like to know.

      Regardless, it’s a fantastic video which shows the contempt that ordinary people have for our “betters”.

  2. Priceless!

  3. Bear in mind, this is what we are dealing with:


    And I thought this was quite poignant:

    There is quite a bit of Archie Bunker’s revenge in all of this. The thing is, often, Archie was right. It used to be the “Archie show” as we called it in the Upper South.

    Blue collar whites, especially men, but women too, changed horses. I’m sure for good. Whether Trump can deliver or not, they dare to imagine a different world. A world terrifying to the Sorkin’s among us.

    And that suits me just fine.

  4. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    The American people, you know, who work hard and play by the rules, HAVE SPOKEN!
    59,814,018 votes—Mrs Clinton
    59,611,678 votes—Mr Trump

    She can out THAT in her pipe and smoke it!

    • George Michalopulos says

      Your Grace, how many of those HRC voters were dead and/or illegal aliens? I imagine some half a million.

      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        George, according to Archbishop Dmitri’s translation of the prayer at the bowing of heads, we ask to be protected from “EVIL IMAGINATIONS!” THAT APPLIES TO YOUR ATTEMPTED RATIONALISATION OF MRS CLINTON’S POPULAR VOTE BEING HIGHER THAN TRUMP’S!

        • BISHOP TIKHON, PERHAPS YOU IMAGINED THE UNITED STATES HAD A POPULAR VOTE IN PLACE, INSTEAD OF ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTE! Is that loud enough to hear, or do you need to bow, and pray more Your Grace, to rid yourself of such imaginations?

          Even Gida The Chinese Prophet Monkey knows that, Your Grace!

          • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

            Dino! the United States DOES have “a popular vote in place!” Didn’t YOU contribute YOUR vote to that popular vote? I did! {“”Popular” means “pertaining to the people!) I see that Mrs Clinton got hundreds of thousands more of the people’s votes than Mr Trump did! But that popular vote, WHICH IS IN PLACE, does not elect the President, Only the people of the Electoral College, not you or I, elect the President! Don’t they teach civics in our public schools any more?

            • Bishop Tikhon! You know exactly what I mean. I may not be as “educated” as you, but you sure do like playing dumb.

              Playing dumb does not win your argument or The Presidential election,or your bet to Peter, as we both know the Electoral College repects the Popular vote of each state, and so on and so forth, even Gida the Chinese Prophet Monkey is not fooled by your Federal popular vote crying game. The monkey knew who would and did win the election why can’t you? I look forward to perhaps a picture posted of Peter enjoying his Irish Whiskey.

              • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                Dino, looks like a million more American voters voted for Mrs Clinton, whom I don’t like, than voted for Mt Trump, whom I also don’t like. When I total up all the votes that the American people made, that is, the Popular Vote–Popular meaning “peoples”— that popular vote of the American People, when counted, shows Mrs Clinton getting a million more than Mr Trump got! Nevertheless, Mrs Clinton lost the Electoral College vote, in spite of that big All=American popular vote! I assure you, too, looking at a photo of Peter A. Papoutsis drinking Irish is not NEARLY as satisfying as drinking Irish! The only problem with the Electoral College vote is that the votes of one American voter in California weighs less than the vote of one American voter in North Dakota—the individual states being more important to America than their citizens!

                • George Michalopulos says

                  Not so, Your Grace. It now looks like Trump got 700,000 more votes than did Hillary. (And that’s not even taking into account how many dead people and illegal aliens voted for her. That number could be in the 2 million + range.)

                  • Source?

                  • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                    George, what is the source of your fantastic claim that Mr Trump got more popular votes than did Mrs Clinton? Do all these people who so emphatically justify the Constitution’s Electoral College know WHAT YOU KNOW? Please, don’t keep us in the dark!

                    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                      George! I’m still waiting! Where did you get your numbers? I ask because all the sources I can Google on “popular vote” give just the reverse; in fact, last count Mrs Clinton got OVER A MILLION more popular votes than Mr Trump! It’s the biggest margin EVER for an election in which the results of the popular vote and of the electoral college vote were at odds! I think Clinton’s majority was greatly influenced by that video that shows Trump moving his arms, hands, and head spasmodically to mock a handicapped commentator for LAUGHS!

                    • I heard that claim of Trump “really” winning the popular vote through some sort of Breitbart source — even after reading through the methodology, I still didn’t understand it. Probably because it’s not true. In any event, as I have pointed out elsewhere, claiming some sort of “victory” based on the national popular vote makes about as much sense as the losing Super Bowl team declaring victory because they got more total yardage. Interesting stat, but meaningless when neither team was playing that game, but was playing for points.

                      What I find interesting is that there are a little over 3100 counties in the US. Clinton won only 420 of them, while Trump won almost 3700 of them. (Obama won 700 counties, putting the lie to the “racist” explanation for the difference between 2012 and 2016). After getting past the 100 most populous counties, Trump won the popular vote over Clinton by an astonishing 11.5 million votes. (Source for all of that is a recent Atlantic article.)

                      And I don’t see any of this shifting anytime soon, since with every election cycle, the Dems only double down on their insulting and condescending rhetoric about Americans in non-urban America. I know that given my own humble rural origins, it would take a gun to my head to make me vote Democrat in today’s climate. It wasn’t like that growing up. My extended family and neighbors included both Dems and Republicans. Today I would be surprised if a single person in my extended family or neighborhood is a Democrat.

                    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                      Edward! I differ with: ” In any event, as I have pointed out elsewhere, claiming some sort of “victory” based on the national popular vote makes about as much sense as the losing Super Bowl team declaring victory because they got more total yardage. ”
                      I don’t think that revealing that many more American voters voted for Mme Cinton than voted for Grazhdanin Trump is any kind of VICTORY cry! I do admit to being amused, bemused, observing the indignant reactions of some at being reminded of the preference of the American people, who voted for the Democratic Party’s nominee! Our Constitution, holy or not, does not provide for electing the popular candidate at all! One ACCEPTS that, but in doing so does not forfeit the right to cite the popular vote as proof of POPULARITY!
                      And EDWARD! You wrote, ” Trump won the popular vote over Clinton by an astonishing 11.5 million votes. ” Surely, you meant Obama, not Trump! The “Atlantic” went to print before ANYONE voted this year!

                    • To the best of my knowledge, there are still quite a few uncounted ballots. I think George jumped the gun a bit. I assume Hillary won the popular vote unless I see it reliably reported otherwise. I don’t believe that that makes any difference since Trump was legally elected pursuant to the Constitution’s provisions regarding the Electoral College. It will be official when the electors actually vote on December 19th and the government will have changed hands, so to speak, at noon on January 20, 2017.

                      The electors are usually part of the respective state party apparati so no one expects any surprises there.

                    • Peter Millman says

                      Your Grace,
                      I would like to wish you a belated Happy Birthday. Many years!

                    • Your Grace, please stop bearing false witness.

                      Trump waving his arms around is how he imitates someone who is flustered. He has done it in speaking about many people, including himself. Also, the reporter in question is not spastic; his arms are locked up, in fact, so it wouldn’t make

                    • It’s simple, Edward, it seems they don’t count certain absentee ballots unless there are enough of them to potentially change the outcome of the election.

                      For example, if Candidate A gets 1,000,000 votes in State X, and Candidate B gets 800,000, and there are 50,000 absentee ballots, they don’t bother to count them, because even if every single absentee ballot is for Candidate B, those 50,000 extra votes will not change the outcome, and State X’s electors will go to Candidate A.

                      But let’s say Candidate B won enough other states to give him the edge in the Electoral College, despite appearing to lose the popular vote. He may have lost State X, but those extra 50,000 votes that were cast but never counted could have added significantly to his total popular vote, especially when added to the popular vote in the several states that he did win.

                      In other words, we will never really know who won the popular vote. Besides, the distinction is utterly irrelevant. Mr. Trump appears to have succeeded in securing enough electors to win the Electoral College vote easily. May God grant our President-Elect wisdom and strength as he prepares for the work ahead.

                    • Vladyka, please reread the whole sentence of what I cited that the Atlantic said, online, about that 11.5 million vote difference. You read it too quickly.

                      Their point was that after the 100 most populous counties, Trump annihilated Clinton in the other 3000. Their point was that Democratic support in this election was in an increasingly small urban portion of the country. Not a formula for being a competitive national party.

                      The big difference came from Clinton losing nearly 200 counties that Obama won, and from Trump racking up even bigger margins against Clinton in red counties than Romney and McCain did against Obama.

                      Anyone who wants to become President needs to garner some sort of broadbased support. That is how the Electoral system was designed. Smaller states at the time were concerned about being overwhelmed by more populous states.

                      Gore, for instance, could have sealed the deal in 2000 by merely being acceptable to the voters in his home state of Tennessee.

                      I’m not saying that Clinton’s popular vote total is completely meaningless. I think it clearly means that Trump cannot claim a popular mandate any more than JFK could claim a popular mandate after his squeaker over Nixon.

                      I merely assert that one cannot assume that she would have won an election that was, from the start, designed to be a national popular vote. That is ultimately unknowable. Too many people simply don’t vote in noncompetitive states or vote 3rd party, knowing it won’t affect the outcome.

                  • The new journalism.

                    In other hard news …

                    The people of the lie are probably gonna get a belly full.

                  • https://twitter.com/DecisionDeskHQ/status/799414139445596160

                    After today’s updates from OR AZ WA CO IL CA NM MD NC:
                    Clinton 62,947,053 48% 232 EV
                    Trump 61,564,503 47% 290 EV

                    Still a significant number of votes to count, in California especially. And saying Hillary’s totals are inflated by dead people and non citizens is the equivalent of saying Trump’s totals are inflated by Russian hackers. Extraordinary claims, require extraordinary proof. I think we all know how poorly this site manages at that latter part.

                    • M. Stankovich says

                      Interesting “source” in today’s Washington Post: Google’s top news link for ‘final election results’ goes to a fake news site with false numbers, complimented by this.

                    • I don’t know what is the point of speaking about “the popular vote” (which is a creation of the media; there is no such thing). It is theoretically possible to win the presidency with as little as as 25% of the “popular vote”, but that doesn’t matter.

                      What does matter is that a near supermajority of state legislatures are controlled by the GOP, which makes the prospects for constitutional amendments interesting.

                      Also worth noting: the holding of statewide plebiscites to choose electors is not required by the U.S. constitution. In 1789 only three states held a “popular vote.” The electors from South Carolina in particular were always chosen by the state legislature until after Reconstruction.

    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

      Excuse me, but you lost our bet. Please inform me and the rest of us if you will be paying up.

      Thank you, and Shibboleth my good bishop.


  5. Now some of these “famous Hollywood actors” want to leave the country and a bunch of liberals and democrats as well but funny thing they all want to go to Canada ?? Huh ?? Why just Canada ?? Where is the DIVERSITY in Canada ?? No no no. Mexico. They can go to Mexico “make Mexico great again” that is what they should do. Cha-cha-cha.

  6. cynthia curran says

    Cy, yes they can. They are only in the US because wages pay higher and Mexicans are not the only ones here illegality, lots of Asians and Central Americans as well. Trump could agree to cutting down on agricultural products going to Mexico, so Mexico can start up their small farmer corn farmers again. Also, Mexico like other Latin Countries are gradually improving their educational system. In 10 years it might be more common for Mexicans from rural parts of Mexico to have graduated high school.

    • George Michalopulos says

      The irony Cynthia is that Mexico is truly one of the world’s richest nations in terms of natural wealth. Except for the racial divide between the Iberian (Castizo) elite and the Indio peasants (with the Mestizos occupying the middle ground), there is no reason that Mexico couldn’t be a France or an Italy in terms of per capita wealth.

  7. George after spending a good portion of my life on and around the stage, the line delivery by all of these folks is too technically correct and to poised to be delivered by folks without acting experience. The lines are pointed in just the right way. At the very least there was a lot if good professional direction going on.

    If I am wrong that is a pretty unusual group of people for them all to be so polished.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Michael, I defer to you regarding your experience. However, if I may add a caveat and that is this: for the past six or so months, I’ve discovered Youtube and there was a wealth of commentary –good,bad and indifferent–on it. One thing that shocked me was the production values. It seems to my uneducated eye that with a wing and a prayer that there were some standout sites with seemingly boffo optics.

      Regardless of what one may think of their opinions, some of these standouts included Rebelmedia, Infowars, The Next News Network, Infinite Flames, etc. Some that were skimpy on razzmatazz but provided excellent content were: Freedomain Radio (Stefan Molyneaux’s outfit), Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, Bill Still, Jimmy Dore. (Dore was anti-Trump as well as anti-Hillary.)

      I recommend spending about 15 minutes a day with any one or two of these as they give you insights that the Legacy Media (FOX included) won’t or can’t give. My thinking is that they are way too lazy and too plugged into the Versailles, DC narrative to rouse themselves to actually say something profound or do old-fashioned gumshoe journalism.

      Anyway, my point is that in the age of smartphones and instagraphics, I wouldn’t put it past the producers of this video coming up with such a slick product. Regardless, the point of this video still stands: you can’t rule a country that you’ve never been to.

  8. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    There’s a wonderfully funny Boing Boing photo someone put up on Facebook: Michelle Obama holding up a placard which says, “MY JOB IS BEING TAKEN OVER BY AN IMMIGRANT! Heh heh heh!

  9. George Michalopulos says

    In the spirit of Yee-hawww! and continued gloating, I bring y’all this newsstory out of Brooklyn:


    Extra bonus: enjoy the video clip of Lynard Skynard singing their greatest hit in front of a giant Rebel Flag!

  10. “This is so inappropriate,” the woman said. “Can we turn this off?”

    Priceless. And the Oakland concert is great. Steve Gaines tears it up.