Saturday Evening Post: Jan 27th Edition

So here we are, another action packed week under our belt and things are getting out of control.  Regardless, I’ll keep this edition at 20 minutes.  

Quick take:  if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that our Deep State hates the American people?  Anything else make sense to you?

So, why do we have a government in the first place?  (0:37) “Oklahoma stands with Texas!”  (So do 25 other governors for that matter.)  Good on Governor Stitt –and DeSantis too!  BTW, have you noticed how happy DeSantis seems since he dropped out of the race and endorsed Trump?  

OK, so are these “people back East?  (2:05)  Kari Lake spills the beans.  This is chilling:  I guess I need to re-watch The Godfather to get a grip on how to navigate our “republic”.  (Perhaps bone up on Machiavelli?)

Did the Church of Greece derail globalism?  (3:55)  Let’s hope so.  At any rate, I’m more hopeful.  However, I’m curious, will the laymen in the GOA take the hint or will the gayification continue?  Apropos of nothing at all, Istanbul installs a new metropolitan for Mexico.  (Just sayin’.)

 So why did the Ukrainians kill all those Ukrainian POWs? (5:25)  Was the downing of the Ilyshin 76 an accident or the result of palace intrigue in Kiev?  Either way, St Zelensky takes another hit.  

Comments answered (7:30):  Responses to Kosta, Petros, Markos & and Brendan.  (You know what the difference is between a conspiracy theory and the the truth?  Six months.)

All aboard the Trump Train!  (19:18)  So what’s the Deep State going to do now? 

Don’t take the Black Pill!  Ft Sumter 2.0:  Texas wins!  The Feds back down!  (Then again, the GOP in Congress has been known to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.)

Here’s the video with Kari Lake.  Seriously, this is chilling:



  1. Michael Martin says

    Kari Lake’s video has been removed (soo-prize, soo-prize!)

  2. Here is the Kari Lake video:

  3. Everybody talks about the Deep State but so far I have read no identification of who comprises the deep state.

    I am perplexed that after all this time it hasn’t been identified. Why the hush hush?

    • Fr. Thomas says

      In the USA look first at the Council of Foreign Relations and the Rhodes scholars. Look then to those who have participated in the World Economic Forum and the Bilderburg group. Look at the Central Bankers and the Bank of International Settlements. But behind all this, it is true, the most evil and significant groups and individuals seek anonymity. It is quite possible those who speak of a “Black Nobility”, a grouping of families whose roots go back to Venice and even the Roman Empire, are correct. It is clear the creation of the Federal Reserve in the US needed to precede our entry into WW1 and the attempted formation of the League of Nations, with the goal of corrupting government and hollowing out of sovereign states and institutions. All of the above is just scratching the surface, but it is enough for one to begin their own honest investigation. This is only hush hush to the corrupted “main stream media”.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Good question.

      For a start, the “Deep State” are those ideological operatives within the Federal government that have permanent employment (which means they can’t be fired for anything short of murder, and even then, it’s iffy). These are the people who are in the State Dept, Pentagon, assorted alphabet agencies who do their own bidding, regardless of who is elected president or who his cabinet appointees are.

      That’s a start. If you don’t mind Lina, I’d like to address your question more fully in next week’s installment of “The Saturday Evening Post”.

    • It isn’t a secret. The deep state is the establishment politicians in Washington from by the executive and legislative branches and their minions such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, and all the other fed agencies that the founders would never have dreamed of creating.

    • Antiochene Son says

      The deep state is the permanent federal bureaucracy that is not subject to the policies of the administration in office, and therefore perpetuates its own interests.

      Since government employees tend to be left of center, and can’t be removed by the administration, the combined institutional intertia is permanently bent to tend to support and more strongly implement left wing policies, while pushing back and minimizing right wing ones.

      It’s not a mystery and it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s manifestly what happens whenever a right wing administration attempts to enact its policies. The employees of the institution, the administrators and policy writers, fight it, with no recourse to the elected officials.

      The notion of federal employees being untouchable was a grave error of the late 19th century. Anyone exercising executive authority should be subject to removal by the chief executive, the president. The constitution embodies all executive power in the president himself, how can he be restricted towards his underlings when they exercise the power that flows from him? It makes no sense.

      • Totally agreed. The Pendleton Act of 1882(?), passed by Pres Chester A Arthur (in response to Pres Garfield’s assassination by a disgruntled would-be bureaucrat), was a horrible mistake. At least in retrospect. Although in context it seemed like a good idea, as there were only a few thousand bureaucrats at the time, that number has now metastasized considerably. It needs to be revisited and scrapped entirely.

    • Simple. Out of fear of the Jews.

      • That’s rather excessive if you ask me. If anything, the ADL –which in my opinion is an odious organization–has received significant pushback from its many critics.

        That said, there are thousands more gentiles in the DS than there are Jews. For that matter, 90% of all Zionists are (regrettably) Christian gentiles. (I commented on this fact in my three-part podcast on Christian Zionism.)

        • By “fear of the Jews,” I didn’t mean Jews as an ethnic body. Rather, the problem includes the modern Sanhedrin, who continue to betray and despise Christ insisting on no king but Caesar i.e. making an idol of the State.

    • The bureaucratic machinery commonly referred to as the Deep State is simple to identify. But why does this civil service act with such clear and direct animus against the very people it pretends to serve? Such a strange anomaly, no? How and why would the supposed elite of a nation hate its own people? It’s like watching a snake devour itself alive. Are we to presume that this is just what nations do? It makes no sense.

      Indeed it is impossible to oppose an enemy that one cannot identify and name. This is the question back of mind that is really troubling and confusing to many people when they first begin to investigate such matters and many are turned away before they can identify the issue. Just asking the right question is something highly discouraged and many turn away and hide their faces before getting there…

      tl;dr the answer, as born out time and time again throughout world history is intertwined with the history of occultism (literally hidden/secret practices), secret societies, “intelligence” agencies and organized crime, it is “the usual suspects”

      The Truth is of course hidden in plain sight and has never been any mystery to the Orthodox Church. Our mysticism is inherently apocalyptic and it has been given to understand such matters from the beginning. We read about who is responsible throughout the Bible, the Holy Fathers of the Church, and even all over mainstream media.

      However, to simply notice and make any comment along the lines of a fair and logical characterization is considered as offensive today as it was to take the Lord’s Name in vain not long ago.

      These people are followers of Antichrist and spread his religion everywhere, just as their own religion requires that they deny that Christ has come in the flesh and that they must prepare the way for the False Messiah so that they may rule over the nations of the Earth with him. 2 John 7

      They dwell as wanderers amongst all nations and at the same time despise all “the nations”, as they see themselves in spiritual conflict against with “the nations” until they rule over them completely through the power of Satan and the Antichrist.

      This is why they frequently curse the name and memory of Christ and Panagia and mock His Sacrifice and hate Christians and our liturgies. This is why the blood of their people alone is considered sacred above all others and the loss of which is commonly referred to in specific religious sacrificial language, above all atrocities, as the preeminent marker of modern history, the moral lens through which all moderns are to understand and realize their post WWII, “New World Order” which is both here and yet to come (which the French and Russian revolutions served as preludes to and the agents of WWIII are now seeking to resolve).

      This is why everywhere that they corrupt the elite of a nation, the nation’s elite suddenly begin to corrupt, betray, enslave, and bring ruinous death upon their own people, with every manner of sin and curse multiplying in the land. They always corrupt through power of enticing covetousness, lust, usury and deception, sowing mistrust and teaching everyone to hate their neighbor.

      Of course they do not act alone.

      They have many servants not of their blood, clearly. But this does not change the fact of their unifying motive and purpose, or the overarching nature of their true identity.

      For example, even though the FBI denied the existence of a “Mafia” and called anyone naming it a “conspiracy theorist” for the longest time (until the Sicilian Mafia had begun to outlive its usefulness, then it suddenly wasn’t just a conspiracy theory anymore), it was commonplace to name the “Sicilian Mafia” simply acknowledging the defining characteristic of certain organized crime rackets which controlled and mediated the vast criminal element of entire cities, while at the same time clearly understanding that it was not JUST Sicilians or ALL Sicilians behind it. Clearly many more were not Sicilian (nevertheless Sicilian Mafia influenced whether wittingly or unwittingly) than were. Neither is that what is meant by the characterization. There is NOTHING confusing about this.

      But now such an obvious observation is called ignorance, and one is met with lies and gaslighting that surely you must not be aware that many more non Sicilians were committing organized crime and in fact did much more of the dirty work. Okay. We have unwittingly come full circle in our blackmail security state to the point where the FBI originally would have it, but much worse, so that no one may notice or make any characterization at all without being unfairly impugned and censured for it.

      Who benefits most of all from no one noticing anything anymore? As Orwell once put it, “If you want to know who rules over you, look at who you aren’t allowed to criticize.”

      All of this just to say, of course it is just the usual suspects.

      • Meyer Lansky was not Sicilian
        but for long years he shared Common Purpose
        with Lucky Luciano…

        • hehe yep

          • George Michalopulos says

            I once saw a photo of Meyer Lansky inspecting a construction site in Las Vegas. The caption read: “Meyer Lansky, Businessman.” Interesting character, to say the least.

            True story, he met Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel one day in 1918 in NYC when he was a plumber’s apprentice. He was walking by a building and heard screams. He took out his pipe wrench and went inside where he saw a young naked couple who were being beaten up by a pimp. He beat up the pimp, saving the young couple. The young man was Siegel (he was enjoying the favors of a prostitute gratis so the pimp was outraged).

            And thus a long and illustrious friendship was born. (I don’t know why I remember these things.)

            • The phrase “well-known Glasgow businessman”
              was a well-known Press euphemism for gangster
              Arthur Thompson Senior in the later 20th century.

              As Tessio might have said: “It was just business.”

              • The expanding power vacuum created by our nation’s rising lawlessness accelerates greater sense of trust in the agency of the cartels to tackle the frictious side of governance that our politicos are reticent to be associated with, and a renewed sense of partnership as viewed from the perspective of the security state

                the Kari Lake audio leak seems to confirm this business trend

                • George Michalopulos says

                  Dysmas, what you describe is reminiscent of what obtained in the latter days of the Roman Empire in the West, where the role of the cartels was practiced by the various barbarian chieftains. Eventually, the descendants of these chieftains became the hereditary nobility of Europe.

                  Oh well, I guess our descendants can look forward to newly-minted coats-of-arms.

      • Thank you all. Just as I have been learning these past months.. the pieces started to fall in place when I read the autobiography of Golda Meir years ago and realized that she wanted nothing to do with God, as did many of her cohorts. How long can a nation last created under false pretenses? I wondered.

        And somewhere I was reminded recently that the big dividing line in history is Jesus on the cross. And that there are still people who can’t countenance that event. The battle rages on, full of rage.

        The old hymn “Onward Christian soldiers”. Takes on renewed meaning. We are in a battle for our souls but we are more like crabs being boiled.

        • I think the dividing line where everything changed
          is the Resurrection, rather than the Crucifixion.

          Other than that, I agree with you completely.

      • “Solomon Friedman is the new owner of PornHub. He is a Jewish attorney and RABBI. His private equity firm took over Mindgeek, the umbrella company of virtually EVERY PORN site.
        He vowed to save PornHub from ruin and make it a better place. What he means by a better place might not be what most people think is “better.”

        In the clip below, Solomon coaches defense attorneys of pedophiles on how to get lesser sentences for their sex offender clients…”



      • Antiochene Son says

        I watched Sam Shamoun’s series on Youtube against Christian Zionism and it was enlightening. The guy knows the Bible.

        God’s intention with Abraham was to bring the nations to salvation through the Jews. But as they fell away time and again, finally having their Messiah killed, things changed, and now the Jews can only be saved by the Christian faith of the nations.

        It seems the devil has hijacked the Jews’ mindset of God’s old plan, and now essentially the Jews are working to corrupt the world instead. Religious, Orthodox Jews hate Christians and shocking as it sounds, that a rabbi owns Pornhub doesn’t surprise me. It fits the MO that is bent against God, his image in man, and salvation through Christ. Notice religious Jews themselves don’t partake of the anti-natal degeneracy they and their atheist compatriots promote, it’s all to corrupt the Christian population.

  4. Thank you, George.

  5. 11-month-old baby boy dies after being forced to wear mask at Taiwan daycare

    The baby’s mask had become soaked with his tears and
    mucus from crying, inhibiting his ability to breathe.

    TAIPEI, Taiwan (LifeSiteNews) — An 11-month-old baby boy suffocated after being forced to wear a mask at a daycare facility in New Taipei, Taiwan. The mask had become soaked with the baby’s tears and mucus from crying as the frustrated child tried to reject the mask, inhibiting his ability to breathe.

    Multiple local news outlets offer the same details surrounding the tragic occurrence, noting that all the children at the infant care center were required to wear face masks due to an increase in childhood colds and flu in the region.

    Others have noted that although the mask mandate for school children and daycare centers was lifted last year, post COVID-19 mask-wearing remains deeply woven into many cultures.

    The heartbroken parents — who reportedly had tried for nine years to conceive and have a child and had been preparing for their only son’s first birthday — have filed a lawsuit against the daycare manager and three staff members for negligent homicide, according to

    The report, quoting CTS news anchor Lin Yen-ju who broke the story on Facebook, continues:

    According to surveillance video footage viewed by the parents… the incident on Monday happened when the boy became irritated and took off his mask, after which the teacher put it back on for him.

    At that point, the child burst out crying, which ‘possibly saturated the mask with tears and mucus, causing it to stick to his nose and mouth and suffocate him,’ the message said.

    In the video footage, the child was then seen ‘struggling’ and ‘falling over.’ The teacher, however, apparently assumed he had become exhausted and fallen asleep, and only discovered that he was unresponsive 20 minutes later, when it was time to move the kids to another room, the message said.

    “There are daycare centers all over Taipei and I see kids inside wearing masks,” a local who wished to remain anonymous told LifeSiteNews.

    “Everywhere in Taipei, public spaces have constant reminders to wear masks. They will emphasize that they’re not required but highly recommended to wear masks,” he explained. “Of course, the message sinks in and people get paranoid whenever it’s flu season.”

    “The government, as usual, covered their a**es by responding with the official declaration made a year ago that kids in daycare are not required to wear masks,” he added.

    Twenty minutes is all it took…

  6. anonsayswhat says
    • This link leads to a question submitted on X (Twitter) trashing Kerry Lake. But if you read the story, it’s more about two friends going their separate ways because they each changed too much for the friendship to remain viable.

      Many MAGA people are the Democrats of yesteryear. We abhor war, the military industrial complex, and spending money on that which doesn’t come with a dividend. Like the Head Start program, No Child Left Behind, and the sizable monthly income we give to migrants when inflation is through the roof and the American people are losing their jobs.

      Not to mention we’re bankrupt. So much to look forward to! (Actually, there is! More to come.)

      And then there is the “money pit” called Ukraine. People actually believed Ukraine could win and if we didn’t help make that happen, it was a threat to our “democracy.” Huh????

      What democracy? We don’t have a democracy. We have a dictatorship where a handful of people decide our priorities. If we had democracy our government would be defending TX’s 14th Amendment rights given more than half the country is sending their own National Guard to defend them.

      The establishment is misaligned with the priorities of the American people and has been for a long, long time. – Now that’s a war we’re willing to fight and it’s long overdue.

      This just in: FBI tied J6 pipe bomber to metrocard of ex-government official.

      • George Michalopulos says

        well, that’s interesting. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, the entire J6 “insurrection” was a Federal plot from soup to nuts.

  7. Sinners have been known to repent.
    Is this a problem?

  8. 🙂

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