Saturday Evening Post: Feb 3 Edition

More fun, frivolity and frolic from the past week!

Where to begin? 

How about here:  John Kass, the Sage of Chicago says that the clamor for Mike Obama for President (0:40) is getting louder by the day.  Biden’s sinking like a stone in the polls.  Even Democrats are admitting it.  He should have been 25th’d months ago.  But there’s this problem:  her name is Kamala –the greatest diversity hire of all time.  Allow me to discuss the pros and cons of a Mdme Obama candidacy.

Anyway, here’s Kass getting right to the point:  “He thinks if she seeks the Democratic nomination, and Barack gives her the green light, no Democrat can stop her. You couldn’t stop a Gorgon with a little hand mirror either. A Michelle candidacy would unleash the flesh eating harpies, also known as the AWFULs (Angry White Female Leftist Suburbanites) and no amount of Holy Water could protect us.”

“Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran…” (2:20) (Sung to the tune “Barbara Ann”.) Is this a great diversion?  Specifically from Biden’s embarrassment on the Border?  Old Vulcan saying:  “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, in the end you get John McCain.” 

“Come and Take It!” (4:30)  The Texas National Guard unfurls the Gonzalez Flag.  Isn’t it great to see Texas acting like Texas again? 

The Continuing Kievan Clown Show (6:13)  Will they ever get their act together?  Nope.  About a year ago, I said something to the effect that once it became obvious that there was no way the Ukraine could win, then you’d start seeing palace intrigues breaking out in Kiev.  My money was on General Valery Zaluzhny replacing the Cocaine Kid as president and sue the Kremlin for peace.  I stand by that. 

Maybe the apple does indeed fall far from the tree (8:40).  As we all know, George Soros (a man who could have played a Bond villain without taking acting classes) has long been viewed as a nation-destroying malefactor.  He’s in his 90s so a lot of us have been worrying about his son Alexander; after all, he’s got (what?) another 5 decades ahead of him.  Anyway, please take the time to watch the following clip (below) in which Candace Owens exposes him for the empty suit that he is.     

And speaking about Texas acting like Texas, how about this:  The OCA acting like an autocephalous Church (13:07)  Wednesday night, Gail and I received a very welcome bit of news from one of our readers (you know who you are).  His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon, Archbishop of Washington and Metropolitan of All-America and Canada issued a challenge to iconographers everywhere.  By the end of 2024, a new icon, depicting All the Saints of North America is to be inaugurated.  Not only is this an excellent idea, it portends good things for Orthodoxy in America.  (Question:  will the GOA get on board or are they going to continue to sink into the morass of Byzantine nostalgia?)

Comments:  you guys are killing it! (17:24)

Here’s Candace’s take on Alexander Soros.  I think the lovely La Owens has him pegged to a “T”:  



  1. I have it on what may [not] be good authority
    that Michelle Obama will not run for office:

    Top White House Cyber Official tells O’Keefe in Disguise
    “they can’t say it publicly” the White House wants to replace
    Kamala Harris and Confirms President Joe Biden mental decline.

    [Video – 13:09]

    • Now you tell me Brendan! 😉

      Seriously, I get the fact that Mike has a chip on his shoulder, doesn’t like the hoi polloi, would rather count their millions, etc. On the other hand, if that’s the only way to stop Trump from unleashing hellfire and damnation on the Democrat Party, then, he may (sorry: she) may have to bite the bullet and take one for the team.

      Regardless, God bless and keep James O’Keefe!

      • Well, the Dems could always have the Killery as Prez along with Bubba Billy as First Husband ! Yuck

      • I once took part in an entertaining pub argument
        over the use of the phrase “the hoi polloi“.
        I was told that “the hoi” was a useless redundancy.
        I replied that whereas “hoi polloi” was “the people”
        considered purely as a collection of individuals,
        the hoi polloi” or “the the people” was the same
        considered as a singular corporate entity.

        I cannot remember if my argument succeeded.

        • Well said, Brendan! “The hoi polloi” is indeed a redundancy. Perhaps if Ancient Greek were still taught in America schools more people would know this and it would not be necessary to resort to such linguistic inaccuracies.

          Since we’re at it, “co-conspirator” is also a redundancy. One is either a conspirator (a person who breathes the same air) or not.

  2. George Michalopulos says

    BTW, I must apologize for the somewhat lethargic delivery of my remarks. The night before, we had a 5.1 magnitude earthquake here in the Sooner State and I lost some sleep. Otherwise, no apparent damage.

  3. George Michalopulos says

    Looks like Zaluzhny is still in charge of the Ukrainian armed forces:

  4. George Michalopulos says

    I realize this is off-topic but Toby Keith passed away yesterday, after losing a battle with stomach cancer. One of my all-time favorite Country singers. He was 62. Rest in peace, Toby.

  5. George Michalopulos says

    The country’s in the very best of hands:

    So, Resident Biden talks to dead people? So did Mary Todd Lincoln. But at least she knew what she was doing and did it the right way, by holding a seance.

  6. George Michalopulos says
  7. George Michalopulos says

    So it looks like Zaluzhny is (finally) out and Syrsky is in.

    A few observations: I wouldn’t count Zaluzhny out just yet. Because he’s tight with the ultra-nationalist Right, I can see him coming back –guns blazing.

    As for Syrsky, he’s not going to do the Budanov thing. If they put Budanov in, then we could expect the Ukies to “go to ground” and engage in guerilla warfare. Syrsky is going to be doing more of the same.

    So what does this mean? That the Ukies can expect more material and money from the West, I image.

    This was orchestrated by that ghastly woman Victoria Nuland. Regardless, I think the situation is more fluid than we know, hence, my assertion that Zaluzhny can come back guns blazing and replace Zelensky.

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