Last I checked, the Orthodox Church has no canon dictating that vaccines be mandatory in the monastic orders, or anyone for that matter- YET there are plenty of canons that speak about abortion/life begins in the womb, homosexuality, women’s role in the Church, and repentance. Hmmm. Let’s see if Ancient Faith applies this “non-political content creators” rule equally, shall we? Are you as shocked as I am to find out they do NOT?!
Funny how they still carry materials from HIGHLY POLITICAL personalities such as George Demacopoulos (of Public Orthodoxy-a constant stream of Marxist garbage insisting the Church needs to get with the times and allow gay marriage); Ashley Purpura (also of Public Orthodoxy where she’s written about her desire for the acceptance of female Orthodox clergy and the transgendered); Summer Kinard (also an apparent trans supporter and attendee of pro-abortion/rainbow-washed “apolitical” Women’s March, who incidentally worked closely with Riggle); and Sarah Riccardi-Swartz (who wrote horrible hit-pieces full of lies about Holy Cross Monastery and also pushes for female priests) etc. etc. I could go on but I don’t want to lose the contents of my stomach.
It’s my humble opinion that Ancient Faith is a veritable sewer of modernist anti-Orthodox trash and has been for some time. Others have written about this and have tried to sound the alarm so that the Orthodox Faithful aren’t fleeced by wolves in sheep’s clothing. Time to do it again!
The few token GOOD writers over there will hopefully vote with their feet and stand in solidarity with Abbot. That platform might as well rebrand and change their name to “Ecumenist Faith” because they sure ain’t Orthodox. I haven’t bought a thing from them in ages, I recommend you search your conscience and do what YOU feel is right in light of these recent facts.
John Maddex, you should be ASHAMED. Repent of your vanity and foolishness, CLEAN HOUSE of the vipers, reconcile with Abbot [Tryphon] and re-dedicate your organization to CHRIST.
Or STEP DOWN and let SOMEONE ELSE right the ship before you run it aground.