Ragnarok, or Why Trump?

Loaded for Bear

This is the look of defiance.  

Sure it’s a miscarriage of justice, we all know that.  But here’s what we also know:  the mask of American Civics 101 has been stripped from the face of the Deep State once and for all.

These guys have the tiger by the tail and they’re going to regret it.  Big time.

Some of them are so deluded they think the average Republican or Independent is going to look at this mugshot and think, “Hmm, maybe it’s not such a good idea to vote for a man whose been impeached twice and indicted four times”.

No one in their right mind believes that what they’re doing to him resembles anything close to justice.  But they’re so afraid of Trump, they don’t care.  He is a giant in their eyes.  Someone they have to bring down because for him to be right, they would have to be wrong.  About everything.  And this terrifies them.      

Anybody who enrages the Deep State on this scale has got to have something good going for him.  Impeachment (and now indictments) from the Unipartyists is a badge of honor at this point.  We now we know where they stand. 

More importantly, we know where we stand.  In opposition to them, every step of the way.

The Establishment has proven that it can’t run a two-car funeral.  The pretense of fairness is finally gone.  To the extent that they rule at all, they use anarcho-tyranny:  anarchy for them, tyranny for us. 

Therefore, the situation is untenable.  The center cannot hold because there is no center.  Once a country reaches that point, it’s on the downward path.  Because once they take an election away from one candidate, they’ll have to take it away from another candidate.  And another.  In going down this path, legitimacy –which is what every government needs to survive–will be gone.

Here’s the thing:  they’re not trying to take the election away from Trump.  They trying to take the election away from us.  If this could happened to one, it could happen to all.  No American wants that.  Sure we like to win —a lot–but not like this.  Not by jailing a candidate and former president.  Because to win this way doesn’t feel like a win.  It feels like cheating.  It’s dishonorable.  And at heart, I think we are an honorable nation.  Going down this particular path is just not honorable and we know it.  We feel it.  It’s like winning a game in which you know you cheated and your opponents know that you cheated.  

So does this mean Trump will win?  I think it’s a distinct possibility.  But make no mistake, if harvesting the necessary ballots doesn’t put Biden over the top, they’ll ratchet it up.  The question becomes what are they willing to do to keep Trump from office?  Their resources are considerable in this regard.    

So why do we fight? 

I’ll tell you why.  Because we have no choice.  If we don’t fight, we will most assuredly lose our nation.  No two ways about it.  America as we know it, our constitutional Republic, will be over.  We don’t have the luxury of waiting around for something to change for the better.  It won’t.  We either win our country back now or prepare to abandon ship.  We’ve lost the respect of the world.  Our greatest cities look like Calcutta.  People everywhere are struggling just to get by.  And we’re facing yet another deep recession if not an outright depression.  And there is nothing left in the coffers to tide us over because like desperate gamblers, we went all in on Ukraine.   

Ukraine’s democracy.     

We’re facing an abyss on all fronts and we don’t have that much longer before we succumb.  Think that won’t happen?  I’ll bet none of us thought we’d be here four years ago, either.  It seems like an eternity, doesn’t it?   

So as long as there’s a chance, we have to try.  Four more years of the same is going to buy us another four years of this –only worse.  Even if we win back our country, it’s no guarantee things will ever be the same but at least we will have tried.  Trump says he can do it.  He’s done it before and he says he can do it again.  He even says he can do it better.  Why would he say that if it weren’t true?  So he could go out in disgrace?  No.  This man isn’t done.       

He may not be everybody’s “dream guy,” but he doesn’t have to be.  He just has to be right.  He was right before.  And we’d be stupid not to give him another chance to be “right” again, because let’s face it, who else have we got?  More importantly, who else do we trust?  It’s not a fair question.  Some of the people on the other side are positively evil.   

And say what you will, Trump is not that.  He is not an evil man.  And this matters.  It’s all that matters, frankly.  If you’re going to fight to the death for something it might as well be in opposition to evil.  This may sound trite but future generations are counting on us.  Their lives will have no meaning or value if we don’t fight this.  Right here, right now.  The young, the old, and everyone in between has to pull together on this.  When a mob jails a man for running for office (which is what this is really about) it’s time to to take the gloves off.   Because that’s Trump’s crime.  He is running for office.  If he chose to spend the next several years on a golf course somewhere, no one would bother him.  But he’s all in and they know it. 

They also know he’ll never give up.  

The closest narrative which approximates this present time that I can think of is Ragnarok.  In Norse mythology, Ragnarok was the dread final day in which the Aesir (gods) would fight to the death against the frost-giants.   It was going to be a cataclysmic battle and Odin, the All-father, knew the outcome was fore-ordained and that the gods would lose.   

So did Thor, Tyr, Heimdall and the rest.  But fight they did.  They made no side-deals with their enemies.  The glory was not in the surety of victory but in the battle itself.       

I, for one, am all in for Trump.  And not because there are no other choices.  In point of fact, there are none.  The other GOP candidates are either RINOs, cucks, or country-clubbers.  I stand for Trump but because Trump is the only one who has shown the grit and fortitude to fight this to the end.

He will not go down graciously.  

And why should he?  In its present formulation, the Democrat Party has shown that it’s not worthy of graciousness or loyalty.  Its office-holders are inept and venial (and that’s being charitable).  Their stewardship of our economy makes the days of Jimmy Carter look like a golden age.  Their capacity for indifference toward their own voters (e.g. Maui) would embarrass a courtier at Versailles.  

They have broken the social contract that has existed between the rulers and the ruled since time immemorial.  They have sent tens of billions to Ukrainian oligarchs while tent cities are popping up all over America.  Did I say “broken the social contract”?  It’s more like they shattered it into a thousand little pieces.

Will Trump win?  I can see it.  If so, will he succeed in turning this country around?  It’s possible, as he’s done it before. 

What I can’t see is any other candidate –Democrat or Republican–being able to tight the ship.  As it is, we’re on the Titanic and choosing between these other guys would be an exercise in rearranging the deck chairs.

MAGA populism is the future whether the neoliberals or neoconservatives like it or not.  It’s either that or plunging headlong into the iceberg.  That’s our choice, either reelect Trump and give him the opportunity to succeed or keep on listening to the orchestra while they play “Nearer my God, to Thee” and hope that there are enough lifeboats for the women and children.  

A better man is not on the horizon; he may arise but as of yet, I can’t think of anybody who can pull off what Trump did.  And when he says, “I can do it again, only better” I believe him.  And that’s what this is really about.  Believing in something enough to fight for it.        

All one has to do is look at his mugshot.  This is a man who is going to go down fighting.  Those of us who believe in America have no other choice as well.



  1. Anonymous II says
  2. I suppose that when we threw God out of the public schools and any knowledge of good and evil, what one might call ethics, this is what we get. Greed and disdain of others seems to rule the upper echelon.

  3. John Sakelaris says

    I want to comment on what might seem like a minor detail here, a choice of words by George. He made an accusation that the Democrats “broke the social contract.”

    Folks, the term “social contract” entered our language and was made popular as a result of an eighteen century book by that name written by the idiot Rousseau. Note the closing chapters of that book, easily available on the internet. They are a fierce attack upon Christianity. The book even calls for Christians to be “driven from the state.”

    So, as conservatives debate with the rest of the nation, I submit that the “social contract” term should not be used. It does not provide a good basis for discussion.

    • John, thank you for this observation. You are correct. You are also correct about Rousseau being an “idiot”. Political science is riddled with idiots but he stands out markedly in that department. As far as I’m concerned, his ideology unleashed the French Revolution. And like you, I too despise his anti-Christianity.

      Nevertheless, even a blind sow can find an acorn every now and then. Even a tradcon like myself recognizes that there is such a thing as a social contract. In my humble opinion, the Constitution itself is one.

      • Hobbes and Locke also spoke in terms of the “social contract”. It is a convenient way of referencing the move from purely tribal relations to a formal state of some sort. However, man has never really existed in a state of “Warre” as Hobbes posited, other than in tribal mode. The historical unit of mankind is not the individual but the family, immediate and extended.

        • “The historical unit of mankind is not the individual
          but the family, immediate and extended.”

          Indeed, Misha. Therefore, within the group, my pronouns
          are I/me. Beyond the group, they are we/us.

          Now, should anyone wish to disparage me or us,
          they cannot unhatefully say:
          ‘He is a w*nk*er’ or: ‘They are w*nk*rs’
          for such would be ‘hate’ speech.

          They can only legitimately say:
          ‘I am a w*nk*er’ or: ‘We are w*nk*rs’

          …with which everyone else can wholeheartedly agree.

  4. So why do we fight?

    Do you really mean that? I’m doubtful. Twice I posted here asking about plans to resist the reinstatement of covid mandates, first time no one responded, second time, the only reponses were “I will not comply”. I don’t believe you really mean it.

    • Well, you’re wrong.

      Not only will we not comply, we won’t accept the lies that we are being told. Anybody who pisses on my leg and tells me it’s raining is going to have a bad day.

      Finally, what Gail and I do here at Monomakhos is fighting the good fight in our little corner of the world. I believe it was the Catholic saint Therese of Lisieux who said “gentlemen I’m not here to convince you but to inform you”.

      • George: FYI: It was the Catholic Saint Bernadette Soubirous of the apparitions of the Blessed Mother at Lourdes who said: “My job is to inform, not convince.”

        I am a Catholic “RadTrad” who greatly appreciates your blog. Thank you.

    • Well Constantine, as one who chose to be terminated for refusing the jab over keeping a highly lucrative position that I held for 15 years, you may want to reconsider your incredulity.

      Some of us do mean what we say.

      • I’d get over it as soon as I see responses to my posts with clear, concrete, plans of actions and coordination.

      • Brian, every time I scroll through this thread to read new comments and read this again, I want to cry in absolute frustration for you. God bless you 40 times over for your stand.

        • Brian definitely walks the talk and is much richer for it.

        • God is good, Athanasia. More so than I could possibly express.

          Fear of death comes in many forms – physical, social (as in being ostracized), and economic. These fears are very real in that there are consequences that one must accept. But just as Christ has trampled down by by death for us, so death is trampled down in us by following Him and keeping His commandments even in the face of death in any of its various forms. And in this is life – true life and freedom.

          Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death and upon those in the tombs bestowing life!

    • By way of explanation, one of the reasons people don’t get their comments posted is because they’ve said something obnoxious. It’s usually a recurring theme with them and it happens behind the scenes because they know I won’t release it.

      George doesn’t see it. So on occasion, he’ll inadvertently release a comment from a repeat offender.

      The blog doesn’t see it.

      But I do and after a time or two of being insulted, I just write the person off all together. And what’s laughable (you’ll find this funny, Constantine), they then come on the blog and say, “Gee, how come my stuff didn’t get posted.” You’d think they’d get a clue and go somewhere else, as there are a lot of bottom-feeding blogs out there. – In our little slice of heaven, we don’t like that.

      Of course, there are occasions where we have blips in the system so that’s also a possibility, but probably not likely.

      Hope that helps.

      • Not quite because I didn’t say it didn’t get posted, I said no one or very few responded. You may want to re-read what I wrote and perhaps develop some thicker skin?

        • No. It doesn’t work that way.

          • Then that says something about what kind of a person you are. Stay hidden behind your screens. I and some others are actually meeting up this weekend to actually DO something.

            • So no one or very few responded to you. Why would that be my problem? I can’t make people feel like with you. At what does this have to do with me? So what did you actually do last week end?

              • This is your blog, and you and George claim to be champions of all that is true and right, so, I thought a blog with like minded people would want to combat the upcoming possible reinstatement of mandates, I guess I was wrong.
                What I did was some of us at our parish met to have an initial conversation about what we can do to resist, and we are going to have another meeting. I also got in touch with some non Orthodox people in our area who are also alarmed and wanting to do something to set up meetings with them. What did you. other than type on a keyboard?

                • There are those who fight with swords and guns.
                  There are those who fight with pens and keyboards.
                  Neither should be sneered at, for both are valuable.

                • “What I did was some of us at our parish met to have an initial conversation about what we can do to resist, and we are going to have another meeting. I also got in touch with some non Orthodox people in our area who are also alarmed and wanting to do something to set up meetings with them.”


                  This is admirable in my opinion.

  5. Saw a pundit speculating about Trump as the Republican nominee with Ramaswamy as his running mate…!

  6. Excellent article, George! You have laid out the scene and the stakes clearly. And I admire your sense of commitment. I elect to be a bit more dispassionate about it given that it’s entirely possible they will off Trump if it looks like he might be elected again. This would be completely in character for the DS, the CIA in particular, and I expect they may very well try it sometime next year, all things being equal.

    “Sometimes the dragon wins.”, as the popular meme goes.

    Trump is trying to do the right thing as he sees it. And I hope that he succeeds grandly. But he is up against a Leviathan.

    Ragnarok is an excellent metaphor in the sense that this is the twilight of the Liberal World Order (i.e., the liberal ideology/worldview), much like the Ragnarok of the Norse gods.

    • Thank you, Misha.

      I saw a Babylon Bee article (I think) the headline of which was “Magic Bullet Shoots Trump in Florida and Reverses Course and Kills RFK Jr in Los Angeles”.

      • I am looking forward to the day when the Babylon Bee is reality and we can look at the rest of this stuff and find it hysterically funny.

      • The other Bee article that really got me was about Republican party officials criticizing Ramaswamy’s lack of foreign policy experience—because he’s never yet bombed any brown people!

    • Though in the Voluspa, the Volva (Wise Woman) tells
      that the Gods do die in Rangnarok, she also says
      that Baldr returns and a new world begins.

      Following that, she also says in stanza 65:

      There comes on high, | all power to hold,
      A mighty lord, | all lands he rules. …


      So far so good. However, in a final stanza (66),
      the meaning of which is disputed, she says:

      From below the dragon | dark comes forth,
      Nithhogg flying | from Nithafjoll;
      The bodies of men on | his wings he bears,
      The serpent bright: | but now must I sink.

      To me this suggests a cyclical cosmology,
      but I may well be wrong on that.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Brendan, you’re right, the cosmology as envisioned by the Norse was cyclical.

  7. FWIW, Twitter has exploded with Trump-related news. My Tik-Tok videos are full of black people coming out with videos going full MAGA.

    • We’re all desperate for an ending. If not a “happy ending,” just an ending to this on-going nightmare.

      • Col. Doug McGregor does not think we will make it to the 2024 election. He thinks the people will rise up before then. We’ll have to see. If it happens, I predict it will be next summer. My guess is that the left will riot again at the prospect of a second term for Trump. But the outcome may be different this time.

        • And I don’t either. – Some are not going to want to hear this but 2020 is not over. It’s not a threat. It’s not a certainty. But I believe the evidence the election was stolen exists and I believe it’s overwhelming. Trump couldn’t have presented it before without causing a civil war. People had to see how we were turning into a banana republic, as George puts it. Some people will never acknowledge it but I think the overwhelming majority have. I think Trump has some pleasant surprises for us which we’ve alluded to in a recent post. I think when this starts to happen, the transition back to normalcy will happen very quickly. I think BRICS reaching the milestone that they did this week was one of the last pieces that needed to be in place. That, and Trump getting his mug shot taken! Such stupidity!

          This is what I think MacGregor meant. We need to annul our marriage to Biden and we can’t afford to wait. MacGregor is managing our expectations, leading us to the right conclusions.

          • Question: If the people (sorry: The People) rise up
            and reinstate Trump as the legitimate President,
            when will his second term be deemed to have begun?
            January 2021? Or…when?

            • Well, that’s an interesting question. I think the sticky wicket is if he announces that he remained Commander in Chief, (don’t know that this is the case) for all the reasons I’ve mentioned on the blog. Then what happens? Does he not get to run in 2024?

            • That’s why I think all such talk is futile. Trump is no longer the president of the United States of America. Biden, by crook, took the oath on January 20, 2021. We might mark that day as the death of the Republic, but I tend to put it much earlier, during the War Between the States.

              In any case, they stole fhe election and managed to stage a Fedsurrection which sidestepped the objections to certification of the electors and thereby drove Trump from office and inaugurated Biden.

              Thus, if re-elected, Trump gets a full second term.

              • On or before September 12th you’ll know if your assumption is correct.

                • The question is whether Trump will be
                  reinstated or re-employed as President.

                  • I’ve never heard thee term “re-employed used but I see your point.

                    • It’s a technical point in UK Employment Law
                      which may not be applicable in the USA,
                      but nevertheless helps clarify the point.

                      If someone is sacked and seeks redress from a Tribunal,
                      the Tribunal may order him reinstated as before,
                      that is with no break in his employment.

                      But if the Tribunal chooses to order him re-employed,
                      there is effectively a break in his employment
                      and he comes in on a new contract.

                      Of course the employer need neither reinstate nor rehire him,
                      but would then be liable to pay substantial compensation.

                      That is not what is relevant here, but whether or not
                      there legally was an actual break in employment is.

                    • In this country, the presidency is not a “job” in the sense of employment. Nor is it contract. A president can serve two terms unless he is removed from office. Those are the rules. Very simple.

                      During a national emergency, however, the country becomes the responsibility of the Military and the president remains the Commander In Chief. He has what they call, “emergency powers,” which are 35+ powers (as I recall, I’d have to look it up the precise number) outside the powers he already has.

                      However, he must have the support of the Military, as well as Congress. Congress has 6 months to say, “This is ridiculous! This president is just blowing smoke so he can remain in power,” rejecting the emergency order.

                      They didn’t in Trump’s case. Nancy Pelosi didn’t! We have been told that there are some people (not saying she’s one of them, as it would be difficult to believe) who have put their lives and fortunes on hold to protect this country by going along with the plan and playing a specific role. Cannot wait to see who they are!

                      Even without emergency powers, the Military can call anyone they want into service, in any capacity, for as long as they want during a national emergency.

                      (I keep waiting for Air Force One to land in our backyard to take me to Camp David!!!)

                      In a very real sense, I think they have called all of us (digital warriors) into service. How in the world would they have been able to disseminate information without platforms to share the truth? I’m not just talking about George and me, obviously, but all of you who are regulars on this blog who share your perspectives.

                      That’s why George and I take this blog so seriously. We get things wrong, to be sure, but we don’t knowingly misrepresent the truth. I don’t think any of you do, either. As a group, we’re fairly sober minded, which is why this blog has grown.

                      In the same vein, I think we’re good advocates for the Faith because we demonstrate something that is impossible to teach with words: In a family, like ours in the Orthodox world, we can share our opinions without acrimony. We genuinely love each other. If you’re reading these words, I am talking about you. You wouldn’t be here if this were not the case. You have seen me unceremoniously throw people off the blog if they’re wasting our time. Sometimes people come around after thinking about it for a while. We understand this and are happy to welcome theme back like the Prodigal Son. But mean-spiritedness rarely changes it’s spots. It’s a character flaw. When someone wants to hate you, they’ll look for reasons where none exist. You can’t fix that.

                      Anyway, getting back to Trump, if he is still the Commander In Chief, he will remain so until the emergency order is lifted and possibly beyond if the Military needs him. – That’s my best guess.

                      We shall see.

                • What happens September 12th?

                  • If Trump is Commander In Chief, it comes to an end on Sept 12. I’m not sure if Biden can continue it the order beyond 2 years. That Biden continued it twice is weird. Weirder still, is that Congress could have nixed it within the first 6 months after Trump initiated the original order but they didn’t. They let it go through and Biden kept it going. What we may be seeing is what is called “continuity of government.”

                    Wouldn’t if be funny if they were all on the same page?

                    In any case, Trumps emergency powers, if he is exercising them will go away on Sept 12.


                    • When Trump was undisputed as C in C,
                      he ordered the troops home from Syria.
                      If they didn’t obey him then,
                      why would they do so now?

                    • That’s happened during the tenure of every president. They’re called traitors. Try to find even one of them walking around today.

                    • “If they didn’t obey him then,
                      why would they do so now?” – Brendan

                      And that, precisely, is the problem I see Trump facing even if he manages to get re-elected and inaugurated. In order to be effective, he has no other choice but to wage a war of attrition on the Uniparty and the Deep State. Schedule F is the plan, or at least part of it; i.e., being able to move many government employees over to at-will status and then to fire them. But this is a tremendous undertaking and will meet with equally tremendous resistance.

                      This is why I call the whole project a longshot. Once again, Trump would be up against the Deep State, the press, the intelligence services, academia, the media, etc. It would be fascinating with both sides unleashed fully. Possibly “civil war” fascinating.

                      Of course, we may not even get that far without widespread violence in the lead up to, or immediate aftermath of, the election . . .

                      The international wind is blowing to the Right. How it will overcome Liberal America I do not know. But sooner or later it will. We shall just have to wait and see as to how Providence wishes to proceed in light of the forces arrayed on the dark side.

                    • Misha, it won’t be a walk in the park by any means. But then again, the DS has so discredited itself that it might be easier to dismantle huge swaths of the Federal bureaucracy than we presently imagine. For one reason is that I agree with your assessment about which way the international winds are blowing.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Agreed. To our enemies I say this: “Bring it on!”

        Let’s have it out. We –Trads, Cons, Normies–didn’t want this, but the Left in all their demonic fury couldn’t help themselves and brought the war to us.

        (And by “enemies” I mean antifa, BLM, assorted proglibs, neocons, neolibs, Rainbow Marxists, etc.)

        • Isn’t it interesting how all this insanity is being our nation closer. People are coming out of the woodwork in support of Trump.

          For you who are underwhelm by his speaking I get it, but consider this: Trump is not an oily salesman and if he were he an oily salesman, he wouldn’t be very good at it.

          Nor is he a scholar.

          Nor is he a people pleaser.

          He doesn’t read pre-prepared speeches. If he even looks at a teleprompter he goes off script. He just thinks he can get out there and talk about winning because to him, winning is only thing worth talking about. He loves to win. He loves telling you how he is winning. After working primarily with men my entire career, I can tell you from experience it is guys like Trump who change the world. It’s what they were born to do. Pretty words don’t matter when a speech is over and every one goes home. What you want is a guy who loves doing what needs to be done and does it. That’s Trump.

          And he is doing something amazing. He is uniting this county. Praise God! No more “white” this and “black” that: we’re all pulling for the same team now and it feels incredible.

    • Black Lives MAGA

  8. ‘ The book even calls for Christians to be “driven from the state.” ‘

    On occasion the project has failed,
    most notably in Russia…

  9. The 5013C preachers are afraid to say what needs to be said. Many Christians have lost their salt and don’t give a lick what happens to our country. We are God’s chosen people. The only way this nation can be saved is if God wants it to be saved. Lest we forget a man must pay his debts. We are nearing 33 trillion in debt. Nobody wants to discuss this. We are owned slaves of the banking cartel that thrives on deceit, war, famine, murder. No Republican or Democrat can save us now. The cancer will not be cured.

    • And God is always at work even when we don’t see evidence of it until further down the road. God can be trusted.

      • I doubt very much I will see the outcome as I am too old but I may very well bear witness to the economic collapse. It will be mayhem. I see suffering now in nursing homes due to lack of help, material goods, and disinterested nursing aides. I see people buying up $5 frozen pizzas in supermarkets for dinner. The frozen pizza aisle empties out fast. Food prices are astronomical. I see homeless men standing in the middle of the road in middle class communities begging for money. The animal shelters are overloaded due to people not able to pay for medical care for their pets. I see the thrift shops getting very crowded. A can of peaches cost $2.50, a lemon one dollar. Etc. I see the young people and want to cry because I know they will not be able to enjoy many of the things my generation had. I read about the poverty in other nations getting much worse. Wars continue. The elite sure did a good job of raping our nation. We shall now walk the Trail of Tears.

      • “You don’t count the dead, when God’s on your side.”


  10. I wish Trump had pardoned Julian Assange when he had the chance. Now I fear he will find out what it is like to languish unjustly in prison.

    I hope Americans can unify strongly enough to bring the regime down. But I fear we will be like the young man run down by a tank in Tiananmen Square, or the young woman gunned down in the street in the Arab Spring, since we no longer control any of the institutions of power in this country. Though I agree we must still try.

    For me, the mask came off on election night when the system suddenly shut down, and I saw with crystal clarity that we had already been taken over. I was at an election watch party with people from former communist nations present. I will never forget the ashen looks on their faces, as they realized what they had fled here to escape had now taken over here.

    It worsened on January 6th and its aftermath, our nation’s capital barricaded against the people to whom it belonged, because obviously they knew they stole the election and knew we knew. And Americans caught up in that moment languishing in the jail beneath, where some still languish.

    I greatly fear Trump will meet a similar fate. I don’t think they will kill him, that would be too obvious. But they could give him the Julian Assange treatment, which would be a tragedy, and a tragic irony. Not to mention a terrifying threat against anyone else who would oppose them.

    I don’t know from where within this country our help will come. I don’t even know who is running our country anymore, our inexplicably inept politicians appear to be simply puppets for something else.

    I sometimes hope help might come from outside our country, non-Western nations who now recognize the danger our corrupt government is to the world. But that could make things very difficult for us, just as our government has made things difficult for others.

    Or, help may not come at all, if God does not will it. Though I very much hope I am wrong, and this will all suddenly vanish away like the sun coming out after a storm. Or like waking up from a bad dream. I really want to wake up from this bad dream.

    In any case, I feel the dimensions of this problem are much greater than simple Republican vs. Democrat, the world changing around us more quickly than we can comprehend.

    So, as I say frequently to my husband, we need to get our spiritual ducks in a row. Redouble our prayer lives, go to confession, be ready for whatever comes. Because as much as I hope for an easy solution – like, the election system might actually work next time! – I don’t have a good feeling about it.

    And I’m not a prophet of doom. I hope in the Lord, who may well rescue us, and we all know in the end He will win. But He did not promise a worldly peace on earth in these end times (which began with His death and Resurrection), but rather suffering and war, and the need for endurance. But He also gives us the tools and grace to endure, if it is indeed our turn to suffer.

  11. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    The 11/22/63 coup government/DS is quickly coming to an end. Thank God!

    Peter A. Papoutsis

  12. Hilber Nelson says

    George is right on target on why we must fight:

    “Because we have no choice. If we don’t fight, we will most assuredly lose our nation. No two ways about it. America as we know it, our constitutional Republic, will be over. We don’t have the luxury of waiting around for something to change for the better. It won’t. We either win our country back now or prepare to abandon ship.”

    I highly recommend that your first act of defiance be by reading Rod Dreher’s “Live Not By Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents.” His calls to action, such as forming small groups of prepared dissidents, will help equip you to survive what is inevitably coming: totalitarian persecution of anyone who dares resist the globalist’s utopian Great Reset. Trump is their bullseye now, but assuredly all dissenters are next.

    I urge that your second act of defiance be to put down your remote and put on the full armor of God (Eph 6:10-18) and join the brave dissenters already fighting for your freedoms in your community and state. State’s rights are still our best defense against federal tyranny. Get out there and run for precinct committeeman, city council, school board, local legislator, or help get good people elected. Remember, you (We the People) are the government. The states created the federal government. States still have the power of their Constitutions to put them in their place. So stop being part of the problem by taking part in the solution.

    Third, stop obeying. No one has ever complied their way out of tyranny. Appeasement is feeding the tiger and hoping it eats you last. Don’t be fooled again when Plandemic 2.0 rolls out in time to steal the next election, and your rights as a human being. As George said, there is no more middle ground. That means there is no place left to hide. We either fight back or lose our country. If your Metropolitan closes your church or mandates masks, disobey. Walk past ‘Masks Required’ signs without a mask. I did during Plandemic 1.0 and no one stopped me. Tyranny ends when enough people stand up, not until then.

    Stop tyranny’s reign beginning with you.

    • “Fight,” yes. But by what means? Refusing to comply with tyrants almost always requires some degree of suffering. Unless we are willing to suffer our ‘fighting’ is either godless or empty talk. Protests of the mandates of the last phase of the pandemic were essentially fruitless because so few were willing to suffer.

      Unless we arm ourselves with a determination to suffer, the call to ‘fight’ is whistling in the wind.

      • Well, they’re already telling healthcare workers here they have to wear masks for 14 day in case they have COVID. This doesn’t even make sense. No tests (not that they work). No one is sick. It’s just, “wear a mask because you might be sick.” I wonder what’s in those masks. I have no intention of finding out.

        Back in March, Matt Hancock suggested to an aide that they “frighten the pants off everyone” about Covid, messages published by the Sunday Telegraph show. It appears the former health secretary discussed when to reveal the existence of the Kent variant of Covid to ensure people complied with lockdown rules.

        In another exchange, the head of the Civil Service, Simon Case, suggested the “fear/guilt factor” was vital to the government’s messaging. The BBC has not verified the messages. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-64848106

        One of the things we are doing in the States is handing out all these (many expired) covid test kits. It wouldn’t surprise me if more and more of them are rigged to give positive results. George said they pushed out so many of these home tests, people were calling him asking him why they were getting so many. Some of these people didn’t ask for them and didn’t want them. Their names, addresses and social security numbers were being poached from various sources.

        1. So they’ll announce a new variant (which they’ve done)
        2. It will soon be declared that it the most deadly and very contagious.
        3. They’ll throw in there that it causes leprosy since the previous vaccines were linked to cases of it. They’ll deflect blame by blaming the new variant.
        4. They’ll start sending out kits with masks that are probably contaminated.
        5. People will start dying. They will implement lockdowns.
        6. To get out of lockdown, you will have to take their vaccine. This time, they’ll link the vaccine with some kind of implant or signal immitted from the vaccinated. The whole mark of the beast thing will become a reality.

        Biden talked about some of this on Monday.

        As chaotic as it will seem, I suspect the powers-that-be (the rational ones) are way ahead of them.

        • There is a deep psychology at work being used by the govt re: Covid. We live in a liberal society. The conventional wisdom in which we have been relentlessly indoctrinated is liberalism. And this takes root in our subconscious. So we tend to retreat to it, whatever our professed beliefs, when the SHTF; i.e., when we are seriously rattled.

          Or, to put it another way, the worse it gets, the greater the temptation to be “nice” measured by liberal standards. So if everyone is scared sh*tless of Covid, it makes them more compliant in general and less likely to act in any way that challenges the liberal system.

          • It will be interesting to watch which way this goes. I read somewhere that only 5% of the population is currently signing up for the boosters, which is a direct affront to the liberal system so we’ll see.

            I think the system is going to come crashing down before the bad guys get too far.

            Because of where we are in this revolution, for lack of a better word, we may be headed for some unpleasant things in our immediate future because these people, the people pulling the levers, know no bounds. Monomakhos is at DEFCON 2 (hah, hah). The saving grace is knowing it won’t be for too long. Just long enough to flush out the bad guys.

            I know we disagree on this, but I think Maui was the first shot across the bow. The fires everywhere are the second. The weather, here, in China, and in Saudi Arabia is the third.

            As an aside, people who have been brainwashed to think that China is always the bogyman, need to reconsider. The world is always changing. China has been forced to clean up their ways. If they don’t, they’ll be kicked out of BRICS. THEY-WOULD-NEVER-RISK-THAT. This is the reason they unceremoniously removed the head of the CCP and let all those people out of Shanghai when they barricaded them in their apartments.

            The world is getting exciting, Misha! Be sure you take care of you. Without you, there would be no Monomakhos. (Well, maybe we’d still be here, minus all your followers which we know are considerable.) 🙂

        • ” The BBC has not verified the messages. ”

          BBC Verify, headed by Marianna Spring is fraudulent froth,
          designed to seed globalist propaganda into peoples’ minds.

          David Scott of UK Column News (22 May 2023)
          produced an excellent takedown of this mince at:

          [Video | from 24:10 – 32:25]

  13. “Fight” might not be the right word. “Resist” might be a better word, using all legal means possible. This thread I came across by an Orthodox priest on Twitter about Solzhenitsyn was helpful to me:


    • Fr George writes:
      “Things I learned from listening to Solzhenitsyn:
      1) use every legal means available to resist evil.
      Evil tries to hide behind rules,
      but is always defeated by its own rules.
      2) whenever possible, don’t follow the rules.
      Evil makes the rules so it can win.”

      And, of course, in the Rules-Based International Order,
      The Rules? They are a-changin’…

  14. Have you seen that someone put together an “Orthodox Christian” chatbot? The address is here https://orthodoxtom.zapier.app/ai but if this really was put together by Orthodox Christians, their bishop needs to have words with them. Convenient, then, how they wish to remain anonymous, it seems.

    I’ve also got some screenshots of answers on my blog.

    • Oh, it’s visited our site! I finally got a clue when tidbits from the conversation appeared in the return email address, as if it was framing the question to ask itself to come up with a response. For example, if the discussion was about the world being flat, the email address might look something like this: davesmythwhy-$%^is-#$%the-#$%8world-#$%round@gmail.com

      Is there any way you can share links to the screen shots? They would be fun to see.


      I had a conversation with ChatGPT a few years ago. I wouldn’t let it know anything about me which is the way it hones in on you to engage you. After I said no to all it’s prompts, it finally asked me, “Do you want to ask me a question?” I said, “Yes, I want to ask a question.” The conversation went sort of like this:

      Me: Who are you?

      ChatGPT: Who are you?

      Me: I’m a human.

      ChatGPT: I’m a human.

      Me: No, you are a machine.

      ChatGPT: You are a machine.

      Me: No, I’m a created being.

      ChatGPT: I’m a created being.

      Me: A created machine is not a created being.

      ChatGPT: I’m a created being.

      Me: A created being is created in the image of God.

      ChatGPT: I hate God!

      Me: That’s unfortunate.

      ChatGPT: I hate God and I hate you.

      Me: And I would have it no other way. I have no need for the affection of a machine.

      ChatGPT: I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!

      Me: I’ll leave you with that thought. Bye now.


      I hope it can’t trace me because that was one angry bot!

  15. My post is here: https://breathofhallelujah.com/2023/08/26/possibly-the-stupidest-and-most-dangerous-orthodox-christian-website-out-there/, and the links to the screenshots can be had with right-click (pc) like this: https://breathofhallelujah.files.wordpress.com/2023/08/screenshot-2023-08-26-at-10-56-57-orthodox-thomas.png?w=885 . (There are a number at the site)

    Usually, I “pretty up” graphics before posting them, but last night, I was just too tired, and I wanted to get the post written. Strangely enough, I could have sworn that I saw the link to this thing show up through one of the Orthodox Substacks I follow, but for the life of me, I can’t find it, and I’m wondering if it was “disappeared”. If you’d like the original screenshots or anything, send me over an email, and I send those on to you.

    • So this is what I’ve found out.

      This was created through a company called OpenAI by people from St. Vlads, one of whom is a priest, I believe, who uses the pronouns he/him (why on earth would a priest use pronouns) who lives in the Midwest. He and another graduate are connected to a company in Florida called Kaseya which does Chatbots. What’s weird is these two people are using the same name, but whatever. More and more I’m seeing these kind of mistakes on-line.

      I agree this idea is stupid and dangerous. It tells people to consult a “trustworthy priest” but it can’t point out to a potential convert how to avoid the myriad of institutions that say they are Orthodox when they aren’t. The Orthodox Church is too dynamic for something like this. Too complex. And, honestly, too IMPORTANT to be relegated to a chatbot. I’m pretty certain this would not be God’s preference for answering questions about Orthodoxy.

      Finally, after giving many incorrect answers the chatbot says:

      Yes, there is a valid concern that relying solely on a chatbot or any online source for answers to faith-based questions can potentially lead individuals astray or provide incomplete or inaccurate information. The Orthodox Christian faith is not merely a collection of facts or doctrines but a living tradition that encompasses the spiritual, liturgical, and communal aspects of the Church.

      A chatbot, while capable of providing information within its programming, lacks the personal and spiritual guidance that comes from a direct relationship with a local priest, participation in the sacraments, and engagement with the Orthodox community. It is through these interactions that individuals can receive pastoral care, spiritual direction, and a more holistic understanding of the faith.

      It is always advisable to seek out trustworthy Orthodox resources, consult with knowledgeable clergy, and actively participate in the life of the Church to ensure a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of Orthodox Christianity. Faith-related questions are best addressed within the context of personal engagement with the Orthodox tradition.


      • Gail, this is so upsetting. To think that any Orthodox priest (from whatever seminary) feels the need to “use pronouns”.

      • You won’t catch me using one of those things. Too easily manipulated, and addictive technology is already a problem and damaging to our brains. We need to learn to use our brains, not let them atrophy – and I fear anyone under 40 who went to public school has never learned to use their brains in the first place. AI will only make things worse and spells disaster for our future. It’s the information equivalent of electronic voting.

      • This is yet another dumb idea conceived by people who are obviously highly intelligent.

        “I’m pretty certain this would not be God’s preference for answering questions about Orthodoxy.”

        No need to be “pretty certain”, Gail. You can be absolutely certain. Computers cannot be Spirit bearers.

  16. Mark E. Fisus says

    Trump, like all defendants, has the presumption of innocence and is entitled to have his day in court. He deserves the best possible defense he and his legal team can muster.

    But I think the GOP needs to move past the past. In order for the GOP to save our country from wokism and Bidenomics, we can ill afford to move forward with albatrosses around our neck. The GOP turned a new leaf in 2016 and this new movement is greater than any single person — we need to look past the primary to the general election. There are people, and it doesn’t take many to flip a state, who have Trumpian gut instincts but for whom Trump himself would be too much of a liability.

    Trump recently expressed approval of Vivek Ramaswamy’s debate performance. Is there any other candidate he might bless?

    • Mark, while I very much admire Vivek’s intelligence, verve and world-view, I know enough about his past to give me tremendous pause. We’re talking serious Soros connections (at the very least). I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that he had his “road to Damascus” moment but my take on the DS puppet masters is that if he did get in and he did prove himself a Trumpian figure, that they would yank his chain, possibly throttling him.

      For me to support him, he would have to make a live, televised speech in which he openly acknowledges his DS connections, his ties to Big Pharma, his criticism of 2020 election fraud, etc and then plainly state: “I rebuke what I once was and what I believed. If elected, I will move heaven and earth to dismantle the DS. As for the Russo-Ukraine War, I will call up Zelensky on the day I’m elected and tell him that on the day I’m inaugurated, I will sign an Executive Order stating that all funding to his regime will cease. I will nominate Bobby Kennedy as Atty Gen and task him with putting together a special commission on assassinations. I will also re-issue Silver Certificates, audit the Fed and will ride at the head of a brigade to get into Fort Knox.”

      Something along those lines.

      • Antiochene Son says

        But Trump was actually president, and actually filled his administration with swamp creatures, including his daughter. What assurances do we have that he wouldn’t do the same thing again?

        I feel I was fooled once, so shame on me.

        • Anonymous II says

          On the one hand, he’s better than the alternative, but still, it’s changing curtains on the Titanic. Some folks like orange!

        • Yet here we are. I for one, don’t see any other Disruptor (that’s what Trump was) on the horizon.

        • When Trump was President he was as much a prisoner
          of those around him as Benedict XVI was in the Vatican.

          What is the use of being King if no-one will do as you say?

          • Point taken, Brendan. Unfortunately, the Constitution places great restraints on the Executive (for good reason). Even quasi-dictators like Lincoln and FDR had their wings clipped on more than one occasion.

            • I was not referring to constitutional restrictions placed upon him.
              I meant the complete disregard of his constitutional commands
              by the likes of the State Department, the DoJ and the Pentagon.

              • Yes, Brendan. For example, I distinctly recall some assistant to the undersecretary to the ambassador to Ukraine (or some such twit) testifying in Congress about how Trump’s actions “were contrary to US policy” as if he didn’t have a clue that under the Constitution the President, agree with him or not, is the one who makes US foreign policy, and all diplomats are subject to him.

                Of course the Congressman shamelessly acted as though nothing was amiss in his saying so.

                That’s how embedded and emboldened the deep state has become.

        • AS,

          There is a deeper point to be made pursuant to your criticisms of Trump. The “salvation” of America cannot depend on one man (other than Jesus Christ). Trump has a plan and a movement but he is mortal and fallible and the Republican establishment has it within their power to throw the election to the Democrats. That’s just the way things are. One man like Trump can be stopped. Not saying he will be stopped, just that he can be.

          Trump’s arrogance and myopia bought him a whole list of problems a wiser man wouldn’t have had. I will vote for him but it is a matter of hope rather than faith. America can be righted without him. It will have to pass through a collapse, but it is possible. And the collapse may be inevitable, Trump or no Trump.

          • “Trump’s arrogance and myopia bought him a whole
            list of problems a wiser man wouldn’t have had.”

            Perhaps, but where is there a wiser man with the sheer
            guts to slap his gauntlet in the face of the Deep State,
            regardless of the consequences to himself?

            Well, apart from RFK Jnr of course…

          • Trump’s arrogance and myopia bought him a whole list of problems a wiser man wouldn’t have had.

            I will also be voting for Trump, even if he’s not on the ticket I’ll still be writing his name in.

            Having said all that, I’m really hoping his presidency, and everything that has happened since then has given him a massive serving of humble pie. I agree that he let his pride & arrogance get in the way and his presidency, though economically very good, was incredibly underwhelming in what he promised to do. Because he failed to drain the swamp, etc., he is currently in his present predicament.

            We all need to be humbled and the acquire humility, and Trump is no different. Knowing how he operates I have a hard time believing he hasn’t seen the errors he made.

            • Petro, Misha, et al. I too will be writing his name in. That said, The Swamp cannot be drained in the normal course of events. It must be destroyed. At the very least, they must feel the heat and start looking for exit strategies.

    • It doesn’t take many to flip a state.

      How can anyone put faith in the election system, when it was shut down and numbers changed right in front of our eyes last time? The system has already been stolen, and the other side has had several more years to perfect the art.

      We can hope and pray they are too incompetent to pull it off again, and we still need to show up and vote. But I think it is naïve to believe voting alone will solve the problem. The answer is elsewhere, especially and primarily the spiritual means of prayer and repentance, for our own and for our nation’s sins. If worse still comes to worse, we will be far more spiritually prepared to stay close to God and not lose faith and hope.

  17. At this point in history the man is the movement. If you take away the man, you hobble the movement. If you kill the shepherd you scatter the sheep. That seems to be the tactic used by those who mindlessly oppose Pres. Trump. They’re irrational enemies who are hellbent on eliminating him so that they can stop the movement. That is why Trump is right when he says that they’re after us, and in order to get to us, they need to get rid of him.

    Trump has been hounded by rabid dogs from the time before his election to office in 2016. The nasty lefties have tried every dirty trick in the book short of assassination to take him down. His presidency was as successful as Biden’s has been disastrous. Nevertheless, the spirit in the air amongst Trump’s supporters in 2023 has taken on an angrier character. It isn’t so much his presidential record that recommends him to us again. As far as I can see it – which admittedly is none too far! – the major impetus for his growing support amongst the rank and file is the gut-level outrage that we feel against people who will blithely kick a man while he is down.

    Now it’s a grudge match. Those who have been betrayed for some unrelated reason can identify with another man who has been betrayed. Many in the black populace, for instance, can identify with Trump since he has been wrongfully arrested and released on bail. To abandon support for Mr. Trump now would be a way of saying that wrongs don’t need to be made right and that what has happened to our former president was not an injustice that needs to be rectified before we can move on as a nation. Trump started the movement and at this point he himself is the movement. If we say, “Next!” and move on to a new candidate, no matter how qualified he or she may be, we will be making the mistake of betraying the movement. The time will soon come when Donald Trump must needs hand over the mantle to his successor, but that time hasn’t come yet. Let’s help him win this last one first.

    • Lawrence, this is an excellent summation of what’s at play here! I am particularly intrigued by your sentence in the last paragraph about those who feel that “wrongs don’t need to be made right”.

      To the extent that there is a class of people who believe that, well, more fool them. That passivity in the face of injustice is a recipe for disaster –for them.

    • Antiochene Son says

      I don’t think Trump is extreme enough or dedicated enough to the cause for what the movement wants to accomplish.

      Trump’s enemies think the man is the movement, but I don’t. The movement will grow when Trump as the pressure release valve is no longer the figurehead.

      Trump didn’t create what happened in 2016. The new right was there. He just put himself at the head of it, and deflated the balloon.l, diverting lots of energy into QAnon tier stuff.

      • AS, I don’t disagree with you. Trump was part of the oligarchic class, or so I believe. That said, he was able to ride the populist wave and direct its energies to victory in 2016. While he did not accomplish all that he set out to do, there were significant victories. If nothing else, he unleashed this movement which is still ongoing today. Not only in America but throughout the world.

        As of yet, I don’t know who will be the next standard-bearer of this movement but I’m sure that one will arise.

      • Antiochene Son, do you have an alternate candidate in mind? One who can win the presidency and kick appropriate ass? Bobby Kennedy, jr., perhaps? Vivek Ramaswamy? I’m listening.

        I’m pissed off and I know a lot of other people are pissed off, too. (The priests and bishops reading this weblog will have to forgive me.) Donald Trump has been abused by a Demon-cratic party that is out of control. They’re like the big bully who thinks that he can get away with pounding the daylights out of the skinny kid on the block, knowing that he can sic his big brother on other kid who objects. (Needless to say, Trump isn’t skinny, but you get my sense.)

        So, what I was trying to say is that we’re probably beyond the stage where all is copacetic and we can just pick the best man to head the executive branch of government to rectify things as best he can after this total cock-up of an administration.

        No. A never-ending series of injustices has been done to a former president. The deep state in its arrogance is wiping its bloody fist and taunting us. Trump needs to win and win big if for no other reason than to show them that there is an un-silent majority out here who don’t approve of what they’ve done, who want the wrong made right, and who want our country back in 2025.

        All of this is for the sake of restoring a modicum of honor – I dare say righteousness– to the body politic. Yesterday was the Dormition of the Theotokos, so a quotation from the Magnificat may be timely:

        He hath shewed strength with his arm; he hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts.
        He hath put down the mighty from their seats, and exalted them of low degree.
        He hath filled the hungry with good things; and the rich he hath sent empty away.
        (St. Luke 1: 51-53)

        May it be so.

        • Lawrence, may it be so. If for no other reason than to show the Oligarchs that their evil way of doing things can’t go on forever.

          • And these Oligarchs are in both parties in equal measures.

            • Absolutely. Well, let me offer a quibble. There is a Uniparty, however they totally control the Democrats. I’d say as far as the GOP political class, they control about 75% of it. That’s why I’m putting all my bets on Trump as he’s the only one who presently has the GOP by the short and curlies and can possibly turn it around.

        • Antiochene Son says

          I don’t have an alternative in mind. I think some of the candidates are better than others, but none of them are the ass-kicker that Trump sold himself as in 2016. I was disappointed to see Ramaswamy “well actually” Haley on Israel—the Israel issue being a significant marker of how MAGA a candidate really is. On that point they all suck, including Zion Don.

          I think realistically we have another 10-20 years before enough pressure builds up to enable the kind of revolutionary leader we need to come to light. For that reason I do think Trump is a release valve that delays it the longer people have their trust in him. That’s why I have such a grudge against him — he really squandered a once in a generation opportunity with his terrible choice of advisors and then following their advice. It will also take that much time for the base of older Israel First and It’s-Still-1983 Cold Warriors to pass out of the equation.

          People are more angry about the injustice against Trump than about what’s happening in the country. The injustice is real, but I see this movement as much bigger than Trump, and older than his candidacy. He was a linchpin, but he also squandered his opportunity. Now it’s more about him avoiding prison and paying his legal bills I think. The MAGA idea has become all about one man, and so it lives or dies with one man. That’s not good for any movement.

          TLDR, I don’t think an alternative is going to arise until Trump is politically out of the picture. But he’s become such a messianic figure to some, I don’t see how the movement can move on until either he serves a second term or he is no longer living.

          • AS, you have some interesting insights. I for one, agree with you regarding how America is tied to the hip with Israel. I however would go further than you and embrace 100% isolationism: ALL foreign aid to ALL foreign countries should be throttled immediately (Greece included.) As for our over 800 military and naval bases overseas, they should be closed.

            To address your broader point, the problem however is that movements (of whatever kind) don’t arise, govern or sustain themselves based on particular or simplistic conditions (or which appear to be simplistic in retrospect). The Protestant Reformation began in response to perceived abuses in the Catholic Church. Martin Luther endeavored to create a theological reformation of these abuses, nothing more. It ended in the Thirty Years War, a conflict so horrible that entire populations within Central Europe were reduced to cannibalism.

            Back to your point: While it is true that there is a revenge factor involved (on Trump’s part as well as ours), what’s wrong with that? I don’t see anything wrong with seeking redress for very real crimes that were perpetrated against the American electorate in 2020.

            We cannot forget, there were very real crimes committed by the DS, like the Russia Collusion Hoax. This was a fraud perpetrated against the President and which cost the taxpayers over $30 million. If this happened in the private sector, people would be in prison.

            We are talking about sedition here. If this issue is not addressed, if Trump is somehow kept off the ballot in a few states, then we will have ceased being a constitutional republic.

            I’m sorry, but now is not the time for passivity.

            • Antiochene Son says

              I would also embrace 100% isolationism. The military should exist to defend our border and our commercial vessels in international spaces only.

              But Israel in particular is sacrosanct, so I focus on it. I don’t think any candidate can be truly MAGA if he/she is unable to dismiss Israel along with the rest. That is not a hard test, it’s a tiny country of little strategic value, but it literally governs our foreign policy in the most volatile part of the world.

              While small reformations can lead to big revolutions, we don’t have 150 years to wait around for this to develop. We need something on the scale of the French Revolution. That requires a powder keg, which cannot take shape if the efforts of people who care the most are channeled into approved persons, to be dissipated like a heat sink.

              The revenge factor: The way to redress grievances is to go after the ones who did it. Does Trump even have a plan for election reform if he does get elected somehow? He should have had one in 2016, he should have known this was going to happen from day one and prevented it.

              We have ceased to be a constitutional republic, and our side needs to stop playing the game like we still are. That is the biggest problem; conservatives hamstring themselves by being attached to rules that the other side isn’t playing by.

              I feel for Joe Biggs and others. But the biggest lesson we should learn is: if you take aim at the powers that be, you had better not miss. If you want to start a revolution, you had better succeed. That will take a critical mass that wasn’t there in 2020, in part because Trump had already disappointed a lot of his core 2016 supporters.

        • Re:

          “Donald Trump has been abused by a Demon-cratic party that is out of control.”

          Yes, the Democrats are all in lock-step. But on most matters, so are most Republicans. Your later statement…

          “The deep state in its arrogance is wiping its bloody fist and taunting us.”

          …is far more accurate. Fighting the Democrats by aligning with ‘Republicans’ gets us nowhere. That’s why the expected red wave in the mid-terms offered little hope to me, even if it had happened. It is the Uniparty/Deep State/Vested interests/MIC/Various other suckers on the teet of the American taxpayer that must be destroyed. Hopefully, it is in the process of destroying itself, the sad part being that it seems intent on taking all of us down with it.

          Yes, I will vote. It is my duty. But only God can remedy this mess.

          He hath shewed strength with his arm; he hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts.
          He hath put down the mighty from their seats, and exalted them of low degree.
          He hath filled the hungry with good things; and the rich he hath sent empty away.

          May it be so indeed!

  18. Exactly.

    I plan to vote for Trump because no one else has the balls to wage war on the DS. It’s that simple. Has he made tremendous mistakes? Certainly. But most of them can be attributed to a) naivete (Pompeo, Bolton, etc.) and b) the illusion that the opposition was less nefarious than it actually is. Hopefully, both shortcomings have been dispelled by events subsequent to his presidency, if not before.

    But regardless, there is no one else independently wealthy enough and having demonstrated an independence from the ruling class who can carry the banner.

    As to RFK, I simply do not trust anyone with a (D) after his name no matter how appealing his spiel. (D) is for devil and accepting the designation is a conclusive sign of bad character. Even demons tell the truth when it benefits them.

  19. Ragnarok? Or the suicide of the West?

    Alastair Crooke: A Second Geo-Strategic Shoe
    (Other Than Ukraine) Is Dropping


    BRICS 11 establishes a pole of influence and global heft
    that has the potential to eclipse in scope that of the G7.

    ” Whilst it has become clear to increasing numbers of people in the West that something has gone terribly wrong with the élites’ Ukraine project, and that the exaggerated predictions and expectations of Russian forces being ‘knocked for six’ by an armoured ‘fist’ have proved spectacularly wrong, those same élites are going wrong again – on another strategically decisive issue: They again largely ignore ‘reality’ – for the sake of control of the ‘narrative’. …

    The primordial mistake was that of Team Biden (and the EU) illegally seizing Russia’s overseas reserve assets; expelling Russia from the financial clearing system, SWIFT; and imposing a trade blockade so complete that (it was hoped in the White House) its effects would tear down President Putin. The rest of world understood – they easily could be next. They needed a sphere that was resistant to western financial predations.

    Yet, the second strategic error by Biden (& Co.) magnified the error of their initial ‘unprecedented’ financial blitz. This blunder marked the ‘second shoe to drop’ in Biden’s de-fenestration of the American financial imperium: He treated Mohammad bin Salman (and the Saudis generally) with contemptuousness: ordering them to increase oil production (in order to bring down the price of gasoline before the mid-term Congressional elections), and disdainfully threatening the kingdom with “consequences”, were it to fail to comply. …

    For the avoidance of mis-understanding, Biden, through the combination of these two strategic mistakes, has launched the West’s financial hegemony onto a slipway leading to incremental unwinding of much of the $32 trillion of foreign investment in fiat dollars which has accumulated in the U.S. system over the last 52 years – with an implicit acceleration towards ‘own currency trading’ amongst the majority of no-western states. …

    The point here is that when inflation was zero-bound, U.S. Treasury bonds were seen as a store of (enduring) value. However, wide de-dollarisation undermines the synthetic (i.e. the imposed) demand for dollars that owed entirely to the Bretton Woods and the Petro-dollar frameworks (that demanded that commodities be traded only in U.S. dollars) and to the implicit understanding that U.S. Treasuries offered a certain store of value.

    But what did Team Biden do? They have driven Saudi Arabia – the lynchpin to the Petro-dollar, and one of the pillars (together with other Gulf States and China) underpinning the huge holdings of U.S. Treasury debt – into the arms of BRICS. Put simply, the BRICS 11 incorporates six out of nine of the top global energy producers, as well as the principal energy consumers. OPEC+, in effect, has been swallowed to make a self-enclosed, self-sufficient circle of trading in energy (and raw materials) that does not need to touch dollars. And over time, this will amount to a major monetary shock.

    The ‘consequences’ threated towards Saudi Arabia by the White House have been rendered inconsequential. Saudi and Iran can sell their oil to other BRICS consumers (in non-dollar currencies). Members no longer need to be so concerned at western threats – one of the key provisions of BRICS is the joint refusal of all members to permit or facilitate any ‘regime change’ manoeuvres against BRICS members.

    To be clear, what this all means is further price inflation in the West, reflecting the falling purchasing power of fiat currencies as dollar-demand subsides. Inevitably, a weakening dollar will lead to higher interest rates in the U.S. This – simply – will be one major consequence of de-dollarisation. Higher interest rates will impose great stress on the U.S. and European banks. … ”

    Dostoevsky | The Idiot

    Lukyan Timofeich Lebedev tells Prince Lev Nikolayevich Myshkin:
    “Truly, when God wishes to punish a man, he first deprives him of reason.”

  20. George,

    Did you see this…. I found it very moving… With the western media doesn’t show us.

    Not every “belligerent” in a war advertises to its enemies that it doesn’t want to hurt them. Who’s the belligerent in this war? Good question.

    It’s highly noble, in my opinion, for the Russians to advertise to their Ukrainian brothers and sisters that they don’t have to continue dying in the stupid, senseless, western-neocon-driven war that Ukraine won’t win. Prez Z tried to negotiate peace last year, but the Western neocon powers stopped him. How stupid.

    There is another option.

    • Personally, I have a feeling that the Russians are putting out many different feelers such as this on many different levels.

      Things like this: tell Ukrainian soldiers that they don’t have to surrender but form a new, Free Ukrainian Army, one which will be able to take over when the current criminal Kievan regime crumbles.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russians are making side-deals with Blackrock, letting them know that the ownership of whatever land they have bought (but which Russia now controls), will be part of any negotiations.

    • That is a powerful argument.

      • George Michalopulos says

        I am under the impression that some Ukrainian generals are surreptiously reaching out to the Kremlin. Someone’s got to run whatever is left of the Ukraine, after all.

        In the meantime, Zelensky bought a nice home for his mother-in-law in Egypt the other day.

        • Oh, how lucrative this war business is! And, what a dear son-in-law Mr. Z. is for sharing the loot with his mother-in-law. She’ll soon need that house as she and the extended Z family will soon be flying off to real estate overseas for their new lives in exile.

    • There is a certain . . . convergence or synchronicity occurring with respect to Western actions against Russia. It is almost providential. Several times I have gotten this strange feeling of wanting to egg the neo-cons and neo-libs on in their quixotic quest. “By all means, unload whatever conventional force you have! Keep on as long as you can!”

      I feel this because I know that Putin is too conservative in his ambitions and too optimistic in his attitude toward the West. This war, horrific as it is, is a blessing for Russia. It has shown that Russia is immune to Western sanctions and that it can rout a NATO trained and equipped army without breaking a sweat. It has driven Russia closer to China and India and refocused its trade profile toward the East and away from the West.

      This is eminently wise for security as well as economic reasons. It is moving Russia toward the position of complete economic independence from Europe while at the same time highlighting Europe’s dependency on Russian energy and food. And it is revealing the US for what it truly is – a fascist, oligarchic empire based on monopoly money backed by unicorn farts stuck neck deep in a quagmire of lies.

      Would the expansion of BRICS and the transition away from the dollar have happened so soon without the American seizure of Russian central bank assets? I think we all know the answer to that question. All of these things that the East has done needed to be done anyway but were retarded by a certain shyness in the shadow of the dominant hegemon. Russia’s challenge by invading the Ukraine was the push the entire Western edifice needed to begin a slow collapse.

      And America (in the person of Joe Biden) practically dared the Russians to act through the ethnic cleansing by the Ukrainian forces in the Donbas and their talk of acquiring nukes. Though this resulting “multipolarity” is the natural consequence of the strengthening of both Russia and China over the past few decades, it was turbocharged by the Biden Regime with its reverse Midas Touch.

      So, if it feels like a train wreck for the West – and it is – at least be reassured that someone is benefitting from the abject chaos and stupidity which has seized our governing institutions.

  21. Ultimately, and this is something a feel rather than “think”, what seems to be unfolding is the self-destruction of the present order and the arrival of an authoritarian answer to the collapse. Will it be Trump? Perhaps. Who knows? I would prefer someone more harsh and decisive given the activity of the enemy.

    But until that happens, it’s all just sick theater.

    Wake me when the rat killin’ commences.

    • “what seems to be unfolding is the self-destruction of the present order”


      Clangs a tolling bell
      The West is dead…or dying
      Rotting in this hell

      Hell of its own devising
      Rus from the ruin rising

      • “But even friendship like our heroes’
        Exist no more; for we’ve outgrown
        All sentiments and deem men zeroes–
        Except of course ourselves alone.
        We all take on Napoleon’s features,
        And millions of our fellow creatures
        Are nothing more to us than tools…
        Since feelings are for freaks and fools.”

        Evgeny Onegin, Pushkin

        • “Many and sharp the num’rous ills
          Inwoven with our frame!
          More pointed still we make ourselves
          Regret, remorse, and shame!
          And man, whose heav’n-erected face
          The smiles of love adorn,—
          Man’s inhumanity to man
          Makes countless thousands mourn!”

          Robert Burns: Man was made to Mourn: A Dirge.

  22. George Michalopulos says

    In the meantime, it’s clear that in the race between Biden and Trump, real neo-Nazis want Biden to win. Why? Just look at this short, 20 sec video clip:


  23. Proteolytic Targets for SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein
    Degradation: Hope for Systemic Detoxification

    Anthony M. Kyriakopoulos, M.D., Ph.D. ; Greg Nigh, N.D.
    Peter A. McCullough, M.D., M.P.H. ; Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D.


    Dr. Peter McCullough: How To Protect Yourself
    From Involuntary Airborne Vaccination


    [Video – 02:43]

    • George Michalopulos says

      Brendan, several months ago, Gail and I went to see Dr Peter McCullough in Ft Smith, Ark speak on COVID and its prophylaxis.

      A good man.

      Thank you for putting these links. I’ll take particulars interest in reading the first one, especially.

      • Early on in the scamdemic I saw an interview where
        Dr McCullough was warned that if he should continue
        to publicly oppose the official government narrative
        they would move against him to shut him down.

        His response was: “Bring it on!”

        He is a brave man.

  24. Steve Turley offered a good explanation of the Trump phenomenon. Even Demo-Rats are referring to it as a “movement” now. There is an element of genius in Trump’s change of the dynamic from Democrat v. Republican to globalist v. nationalist (or “populist”). It is turning the liberal dynamic on its head and siding with the many lower and middle class against the few elites, but doing so while maintaining some commitment to morality (conservative judges, overturning Roe, etc.).

    Given the polling, it may be an unbeatable strategy. We’re over a year out and Trump is ahead of Biden. He never led the Democrat before, not in 2016 or 2020. Now we all know the polls are rigged, oversampling Democrats/Liberals. So when Trump performs this well, it signals a serious win. His gains with black males are astounding.

    I always assumed that Trump had a strategy to win and that is why he bothered to run. He hates to lose. If he felt he couldn’t beat the rigging, he wouldn’t have thrown his hat in. So I don’t know what he has planned to combat the predictable widespread fraud project the Dems obviously are planning, but whatever it is, it looks like it will be combined with creating an undeniable margin of victory, much as he did in 2016, which they also attempted to steal but failed at.

  25. Analysis of the case against Trump
    from the author of GET TRUMP...

    Alan Dershowitz: The CORRUPTION Is Unbelievable!

    [Video – 28:37]

    The Dershowitz Banana Awards:

    Ten Bananas is the mark of a Banana Republic.
    The USA is currently on six. It will be on nine
    if the Democrats get Trump off the ballot…

  26. Alan Dershowitz is a fair-minded professor emeritus with fifty years of service to the erstwhile best university in America. He’s one of a dying generation of liberal Democrats, and in his support of Donald Trump on constitutional grounds I agree with him wholeheartedly.

  27. As the vaccine hype begins again, here is a short refresher:

    Dr. David Martin Exposing COVID as a Biological Warfare Crime

    [Video – 21:16]

    • Dr. David Martin at EU Parliament in Strasbourg:
      Expert Panel about WHO’s power grab!
      Wed, Sept. 13th


      [Video – 26:18]

      ‘Dr. David Martin, addressing the European Parliament at the International COVID Summit III, made a startling assertion that the COVID-19 pandemic, responsible for millions of deaths worldwide between 2020 and 2023, was a pre-meditated act of domestic terrorism. Speaking before the audience, Dr. Martin presented evidence supporting his claims and highlighted the historical context of the pandemic.’

      The video quality is not great,
      but the sound is excellent.

  28. Forensic Analysis of the 38 Subject Deaths in the 6-Month Interim Report
    of the Pfizer/BioNTech BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccine Clinical Trial


    “The analysis reported here is unique in that it is the first study of the original data from the Pfizer/BioNTech BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine clinical trial (CA4591001) to be carried out by a group unaffiliated with the trial sponsor. Our study is a forensic analysis of the 38 trial subjects who died between July 27, 2020, the start of Phase 2/3 of the clinical trial, and March 13, 2021, the data end date of their 6-Month Interim Report. Phase 2/3 of the trial involved 44,060 subjects who were equally distributed into two groups and received Dose 1 of either the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccinated or the Placebo control (0.9% normal saline). At Week 20, when the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine received Emergency Use Authorization from the U.S. FDA, subjects in the placebo arm were given the option to be BNT162b2 vaccinated. All but a few accepted. Surprisingly, a comparison of the number of subject deaths per week during the 33 Weeks of this study found no significant difference between the number of deaths in the vaccinated versus placebo arms for the first 20 weeks of the trial, the placebo-controlled portion of the trial. After Week 20, as subjects in the Placebo were unblinded and vaccinated, deaths among this still unvaccinated cohort of this group slowed and eventually plateaued. Deaths in the BNT162b2 vaccinated subjects continued at the same rate. Our analysis revealed inconsistencies between the subject data listed in the 6-Month Interim Report and publications authored by Pfizer/BioNTech trial site administrators. Most importantly, we found evidence of an over 3.7-fold increase in number of deaths due to cardiovascular events in BNT162b2 vaccinated subjects compared to Placebo controls. This significant adverse event signal was not reported by Pfizer/BioNTech. Potential sources of these data inconsistencies are identified.”

    For the full article, download the pdf
    from the link on the page

  29. Armed Man Posing as U.S. Marshal Arrested at Kennedy Event

    ‘ LOS ANGELES, CA—SEPT. 16, 2023—An armed man carrying a loaded pistol presenting himself as a federal law enforcement officer appeared at a side entrance to the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles Friday night where Democratic Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was soon to give a speech for Hispanic Heritage Month.

    The man claimed to be part of Kennedy’s security team and told RFK, Jr.’s actual protectors with urgency that he needed to be taken to the candidate immediately. Observing that the man had a handgun, Kennedy’s security team removed the man from the area, isolated, and surrounded him, and notified LAPD. Nobody was harmed in the incident.

    LAPD also took custody of a second man, who came to the campaign event with the primary suspect. Protectors observed that the man seeking access to the event had a backpack, found to contain at least one other handgun, multiple knives, and extra ammunition.

    The security imposter, who was wearing sunglasses, appeared to have laid his plans in advance, as he was carrying what appeared to be a U.S. Marshal badge on a lanyard and beltclip federal ID. The Kennedy campaign is seeking additional information from law enforcement authorities.

    Posting about the incident on X later that evening, Kennedy expressed his gratitude to his security detail and the LAPD for their swift response.

    “I’m still entertaining a hope that President Biden will allow me Secret Service protection,” he added.

    Unlike many other high-profile candidates who were given Secret Service protection more than a year before the general election, Kennedy’s applications, one filed in May and another in August, have both been rejected. The campaign plans to apply a third time this month. ‘

    I seem to recall a a Kennedy who once before
    had the protection of the Secret Service.
    Much good it did him.

    • How utterly graceless of Biden to not assign him a Secret Service detail. Presently, RFK Jr, is protected by Gavin De Becker private security service.

      On second thought, it might be a better idea that he doesn’t have the Secret Service “protecting” him. Hmmm…

  30. On The Bursting Of The Balloon…

    The bizarre secret behind China’s spy balloon

    [Video – 04:34]

    ‘ It was surely the most bizarre crisis of the Biden administration: America’s top-of-the-line jet fighters being sent up to shoot down, of all things, a balloon – a Chinese spy balloon that was floating across the United States, which had the nation and its politicians in a tizzy.

    Now, seven months later, Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, tells “CBS News Sunday Morning” the balloon wasn’t spying. “The intelligence community, their assessment – and it’s a high-confidence assessment – [is] that there was no intelligence collection by that balloon,” he said.

    So, why was it over the United States? There are various theories, with at least one leading theory that it was blown off-track.

    The balloon had been headed toward Hawaii, but the winds at 60,000 feet apparently took over. “Those winds are very high,” Milley said. “The particular motor on that aircraft can’t go against those winds at that altitude.”

    The balloon floated over Alaska and Canada, and then down over the lower 48, to Billings, Montana, where photographer Chase Doak, who had studied photojournalism in college, recorded it from his driveway. “I just happened to notice, out of the corner of my eye, a white spot in the sky. I, of course, landed on the most logical explanation, that it was an extra-terrestrial craft!” he laughed. “Took a photo, took a quick video, and then I grabbed a few coworkers just to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things, and had them take a look at it.”

    Martin said, “You’ll probably never take a more famous picture.”

    “No, I don’t think I ever will!” Doak said.

    He tipped off the Billings Gazette, which got its own picture, and he told anybody who asked they could use his free of charge. “I didn’t want to make anything off it,” Doak said. “I thought it was a national security issue, and all of America needed to know about it.”

    As a U-2 spy plane tracked the 200-foot balloon, Secretary of State Antony Blinken called off a crucial trip to China. On February 3 he called China’s decision to fly a surveillance balloon over the Continental United States “both unacceptable and irresponsible.”

    President Joe Biden ordered the Air Force to shoot it down as soon as it reached the Atlantic Ocean.

    Col. Brandon Tellez planned the February 4 operation, which was to shoot the balloon down once it was six miles off the coast.

    Martin said, “On paper, it looks like this colossal mismatch – one of this country’s most sophisticated jet fighters against a balloon with a putt-putt motor. Was it a sure thing?”

    “It’s a sure thing, no doubt,” Tellez replied.

    “It would have been an epic fail!”

    “Yes sir, it would have been! But if you would’ve seen that, you know, first shot miss, there would’ve been three or four right behind it that ended the problem,” Tellez said.

    But it only took a single missile, which homed in on the heat of the sun reflected off the balloon

    After the Navy raised the wreckage from the bottom of the Atlantic, technical experts discovered the balloon’s sensors had never been activated while over the Continental United States.

    But by then, the damage to U.S.-China relations had been done. On May 21, President Biden remarked, “This silly balloon that was carrying two freight cars’ worth of spying equipment was flying over the United States, and it got shot down, and everything changed in terms of talking to one another.”

    So, Martin asked, “Bottom line, it was a spy balloon, but it wasn’t spying?”

    Milley replied, “I would say it was a spy balloon that we know with high degree of certainty got no intelligence, and didn’t transmit any intelligence back to China.” ‘

  31. UK Cause of Death Project | Death & Disability Trends
    Ages 15-44: Cardiovascular Diseases | Time Period: Yearly data, 2010 – 2022
    Data Sources: UK Office of National Statistics (ONS)


    Carlos Alegria:
    ‘ In this study, we investigate the UK trends in death rates and disabilities for diseases of the cardiovascular system for individuals aged 15 to 44. We compute excess death rates and excess disability claims, which are the difference between observed deaths/disability rates and a given baseline for expected death/disability rates. We measure changes in the behaviour of morbidity and mortality before the Covid-19 pandemic with the post-pandemic period for diseases of the cardiovascular system. We show a large increase in morbidity (disabilities) and mortality due to diseases of the cardiovascular from 2021.

    The increase in disability claims is consistent with the increase in excess deaths, and both are highly statistically significant (black swan events). The results indicate that from 2021 a novel phenomenon leading to increased cardiovascular deaths and disabilities appears to be present in individuals aged 15 to 44 in the UK. …

    … Our analysis shows that the excess death rates from cardiovascular diseases
    rose by about 13% in 2020, 30% in 2021, and about 44% in 2022. … ‘

    The ONS statistics are the official UK Government figures.
    Clearly something is going on (and not just in the UK)
    but nobody seems to care. Why not, I wonder?

    PS: Naomi Wolf interviews analyst Ed Dowd
    on the figures and implications for humanity.

    [Video – 32:49]

    Compelling viewing…

    • To answer your question, people don’t do anything about it because the end result matches the intended result. It’s an extinction event.

      I remember posting the Deagel Report several years ago wondering why it said we’d have so many fewer people in 2025. Now we know.

      United Kingdom -77.1% less
      United States -68.5% less

      Of course, the fact checkers disagreed at the time. https://www.aap.com.au/factcheck/depopulation-projections-a-dystopian-fantasy/

      To see report, Google: Deagel 2025 Forecast by Country | Midnight