Putin Prohibits Nationwide 5G and Tears Down All Towers – Update 08/12/2023

Update 08/12/2023:  When we post a story without comment like this one, it means we have no opinion on it one way or the other.  It’s something to watch.  It would be a mistake to assume we’re guaranteeing it’s veracity.  

This particular story, however, is not new.  For a few years now there have been stories that Russia is abandoning 5G.  Their reasons change from story to story, but not that they’re doing it.   If it’s really for health reasons, it’s alarming.    


“Russia aims to develop super-fast 6G technology, skipping the deployment of 5G networks altogether, hoping to achieve a generational leap.”  https://www.gizchina.com/2022/07/27/russia-will-skip-5g-and-develop-its-own-6g-network/  July 2022

“In Russia, they decided to develop the 6G format, bypassing the 5G stage.”  https://frontierindia.com/russia-develops-chip-for-6g-network/  September 2020

“I can’t tell you where exactly, but one Russian lab has made a breakthrough in 6G just recently, creating a new type of chip that did not exist in the world before. What I’m saying is that the 6G is already in sight,” Peskov told Russian news agency Tass.  https://frontierindia.com/russia-develops-chip-for-6g-network/ September 2020

Earlier this week, NYT published a story with the headline “Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise.” The story outlined how RT, the Russia-backed and U.S.-based television network, has been peddling 5G cancer fear-mongering stories, making claims that 5G causes brain cancer, infertility, autism, Alzheimer’s and other health disorders.  https://www.fiercewireless.com/5g/nyt-s-russia-5g-propaganda-report-receives-pushback  May 2019

Putin Prohibits Nationwide 5G and Tears Down All Towers

Russia Banned 5G Towers – Concerned that the technology is medically dangerous and has led to the deaths of schoolchildren near St. Petersburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned 5G towers in the Russian Federation. Concerns about 5G’s potential downsides are not new.

It is beyond the scope of this website and the author’s awareness that alternative media have linked technology to a wide range of health difficulties, such as immunosuppressive disorders and virus reproduction, for over a decade. Putin’s promise to demolish already-built 5G mega towers, however, demonstrates that the risks associated with electromagnetic radiation are more grounded in truth than conspiracy.

When the technology, created by Qualcomm and the mobile ecosystem, became accessible in 2015, Russia did not immediately begin erecting towers as the United States and Western Europe did. Since then, American telecom corporations have erected 150,000 towers, while Russia has added just 22, mostly in Moscow.

With the nation’s elementary schools closed due to the pandemic, cell operators in the United States rushed to build towers near them. When classes resumed, kids were taken aback by the sight of massive 5G dishes popping up everywhere, including atop their schools.

Only MTS, out of Russia’s four largest mobile operators (MTS, Megafon, Rostelcom, and Vimpel-Communications Public Joint Stock), began a limited rollout of 5G in 2021, installing towers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Novosibirsk, the country’s three most populous cities, and one tower just 15 meters from a school playground on the outskirts of St. Petersburg.



  1. Praise God.
    A leader with sense!

  2. Sheesh. How many reasons to move to Russia are they gonna give us?

  3. What sources did the article writer use?

    This Russian news website however, on August 7, says that the Russian prime minister hopes to expand 5G. The translate function will help non-Russians speakers


  4. I’m a Russian speaker and I can’t find an original source for this guys. Can you share what you’ve got? “Fact Checkers” making me suspicious on this because my default is actually not to trust them due to their bad record.

  5. To find 5G towers near you and across the world, check out the Ookla map at this link: https://www.emf-experts.com/5g-towers-near-me.html. This is an important topic that Orthodox Christians should truly be educated about, and thanks to our blog hosts for always remaining cutting edge in bringing us stories like this.

    • Antiochene Son says

      How is a cellular standard of special note to Orthodox Christians?

      I get my home internet via 5G. This message was posted with it, as were all my other posts over the last year or two.

      • Orthodox Christians understand that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We joyfully accept God’s will for our physical health and wholeness, while at the same time using our own will to make intentional choices to keep our bodies healthy. This Synergy gives Orthodox Christians a deep understanding of the body and soul, and Scripture and the Fathers emphasize that we are to be good stewards of our bodies.

        5G technology bombards our body temples with high (up to 3000GHz) radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs). In order for 5G technology to work, towers and receptors need to be placed every 100-500 meters. These radio waves will be unescapable. 5G emits up to 100 times more radiation than what the Senate Committee on tech oversight recommends. Many scientists and physicians have called for a pause on this unevaluated technology, and you can research some of their appeals and research on your own. Yes, Orthodox Christians should absolutely care about and get involved in this issue.

        Environmental Health Trust

        WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer and Freiburger Appeal

        National Library of Medicine: National Center for Biotech Information

        International Petitions from Physicians to Ban 5G: https://www.jrseco.com/european-union-5g-appeal-scientists-warn-of-potential-serious-health-effects-of-5g/

        Countless resources exist online, and I’d encourage anyone concerned to find and study them.

        • Antiochene Son says

          I suppose one could live a life avoiding of all possible carcinogens (even though non-iodizing radiation isn’t one of them).

          But I would rather sip scotch, smoke a pipe, drink diet soda, eat grilled red meat, and browse edifying material over high speed internet…

  6. I don’t think this story is accurate. Can’t find any trace of it in Russian media and, as someone mentioned above, the Russian PM recently announced 5G expansion on the 7th.

    • They absolutely did. The pharmacies, however, were prohibited from dispensing for anything COVID related. The supplies were cut, as well, as I recall. I this right, George?

      • Fr David, because we still have a Federal system, these emergencies are treated on a state-by-state basis. States which had witches like Gretchen Whitmer as governor were forbidden from dispensing Plaquenil (Hyrdoxychloroquine) while states which had more libertarian governors (like mine) were allowed by Executive Order to dispense #6 tablets/per patient.

        Because of Federalism, those states which had sensible governors (DeSantis, Abbott) did not suffer from the totalitarian lockdown regimes.

    • Yeah, when I had terrible COVID, the only thing that helped the symptoms to improve was ivermectin…. which we had to get through a mail-order specialty compounding pharmacy. Thank God they were able to supply it.

      Fortunately, my wife and I had planned ahead and had some ivermectin on hand.

      Local pharmacies here in Texas (yes, in Texas) were forbidden from dispensing ivermectin. I had taken the script to several pharmacies (CVS, Wallgreens, supermarket pharmacies, military base pharmacies)….. all of whom said they were forbidden by new laws/regulations from dispensing the ivermectin for COVID treatment. Even with a script. This was spring/summer 2021 timeframe.

      Politics interfering with healthcare…. Hmmm thought that only happened in the Soviet Union.

      Ivermectin knocked out COVID in India…. for some reason American authorities pretended to not notice that.

      Yet we all know that if they acknowledged that ivermectin was effective at COVID treatment, then there would be no “emergency use authoritization” for the novel and untested COVID vaccines.

      The worst thing that has ever happened to American healthcare has been the partnership of big pharma with government, to enrich the profits and power of both.

      • Just a dad says

        My wife built a “go kit” in the summer of 2020, she had a whole box (for family of 5) of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, antibiotics, etc. ready to go by June or so. Mostly from offshore sources she knew about and trusted. We didn’t need it until the following year, Aug 2021 – Delta variant I believe. Boy did we need it then, all of us, and it was what kept us out of the medical facilities and away from their remdesivir, vents, and other nonsense protocols.

        As for the “the worst thing that has ever happened to American healthcare; I can’t agree more. It’s not quite on par with the “partnership” of the corporate defense contractors (MIC in general) and the US government but it’s all bad.

        • Same was true for us, although no one can say with any certainty they had COVID given the false positive rate. But we did have it and we did use it.

          • Just a dad says

            we are on the same page on these issues, but as I recall – based on my recollection – the false positive rate was off the chart with the PCR tests that were spun 30+ times (well over recommended rates) until minute, and probably dead, virus particles recorded a positive result.

            The nose swabs were much more crude: if the viral load was very high, you get a positive finding. Therefore the home tests were more likely to show false negatives (you have Covid, but just a very low viral load) than false positives.

            So based on my research, albeit 2+ years ago, I tended to believe that a positive home/urgent care nasal swab that came back positive was more accurate than a PCR test showing positive.

            In any event – we were sick… no question about it. The home remedies we had made a difference for us. Sadly, many we know trusted only what they saw on TV or were told in the hospital. Some are no longer with us.

            • Looking for a higher virial load would be a MUCH better determinant, IMO. I’m not sure this is what these homes tests are looking for, though. I’ve asked George because his pharmacy was sending them out and even he doesn’t know how they work.

      • “Politics interfering with healthcare…. Hmmm
        thought that only happened in the Soviet Union.”

        Pfizer: Vax Was Prototype For DoD, Exempting Them
        From False Claims Act & Whistleblower Lawsuit


        [Video – 29:42]

        Why do Pfizer have immunity to federal laws?
        Because their ‘vaxx’ is a bioweapon prototype.

  7. For a time, I was the lead engineer for the 5G rollout in a certain island state. All “G” iterations can be dangerous to health, with the proximity of the emitting antenna to humans being the main issue. What makes 5G millimeter wave more dangerous is that emitting antennae are being placed closer to the ground (e.g. on utility poles instead of on hundred foot towers or on top of multi story buildings). In some cases, I’ve seen antennae placed on utility poles that are on the same plane as a second story balcony or window. Very irresponsible.

    • This is crazy! This woman lives a few miles from us. There was NOTHING she could do about it. The City gives out X number of permits to AT&T and they have no input (they say) into where they put these. These are the small poles, too!


      • Not surprising. Looks like that’s a neighborhood with entirely underground utilities, too. The dangers of utility easements. Also of note, with utility poles, the major cell carriers will never place an antenna on a pole that has a competitor’s equipment already present. Wouldn’t be surprised if 2 more similar poles pop up in roughly the same area. It was also pay-to play to the city and county as well, at least where I was. $5k per as I remember. Big $.

        • Ral, when I wasn’t home AT&T dug 4′ trenches inches from my home all the way around it and put in fiber cables that are now causing my home to sink.
          Are they dangerous?

          • Fiber cables are passive, carry no voltage, and shouldn’t emit EMF, so you’re ok there. The main concern would be the disruption of the ground when they placed them. In many cases, it’s the lowest bidder doing the work.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Gail and I drove by that unfortunate house. The owner was able to put a cease and desist order on the pole but it’s ugly. I imagine it depressed her property value significantly. I certainly wouldn’t want to buy that house. I can’t imagine anybody else do so either.

    • For a time, I was the lead engineer for the 5G rollout in a certain island state
      🙂 Which island?
      Those are of course fake news. Putin will never sign anything like this as is funny. But some use him like a trump card to prove their point 🙂

      • What fake news are you referring to? The woman who lives maybe a mile from me with the two poles in her front yard?

        As far as Putin goes, I’m not sure how a lead engineer would know what Putin is doing.

      • Oahu, though I did look at some sites on Maui and Kauai.

  8. Those are of course fake news. Putin will never sign anything like this as is funny. But some use him like a trump card to prove their point 🙂

  9. Tony Clifton says

    5G is a technology, not necessarily any particular spectrum or frequency. Many of the spectrums used have been broadcasting for years in other forms of radio signal.

    If this story is true, my guess would be, it was due to the actual equipment being used and security risks rather than concern for health.

    The US has banned cellular equipment vendors from China over security issues.

  10. Anonymous II says

    From what I have gathered, Putin has played the war all very well. He knew very well the, as he calls them, “the satanic elites”, are evil to the core and war with them will be a total war. He gives speeches to his people, selling them on why they have to struggle at home for a war hundreds of miles away.

    It seems he is a great student of history. He made all this moves very slowly and calculating a few moves in advance. Slowly taking power away from the Yeltsin gang of traitors. Installing people he could trust, while not causing too much of a stir. Building a team he could depend upon while the west continued to encroach closer and closer to Russia’s border with the expansion of NATO (whom promised Russia they would not do). For 8 years the west, under 3 different presidents, funded Ukrainian terrorists cells that killed and attacked ethnic Russians in Ukraine and even fired across the border. The entire time Putin remained patient, building, warning, setting a track record in place.

    In early of 2022, Putin knew it was time. He moved his army to the Ukrainian border and demanded we knock it off. What we didn’t know, and our “intelligence” community got wrong, was how much Putin was preparing for this war. The trade deals with China and India had Russia ready for the expected economic backlash of war. Trading military technology with Iran and using drones that cost a fraction of our equipment to take out targets. Staying strong in Syria, keeping us distracted and resources spent there, and seeing some of our technology in action. Putin’s speeches, reaching out to the west, which could turn almost any western against their own govt. if only heard, and thanks to social media they are heard. Putin was planning for this war for 8 years and knew the time was right, after the west managed covid so badly.

    The war Russia has fought is brilliant. Slow moving, drain the resources of the west, win the hearts and minds of the west, keeping your flank guarded, and the entire time asking for peace, knowing the dummies of the west will not take it.

    You’ll hear increasing frustration around US inflation and with our money going to Ukraine while our schools, cities, economy and overall culture are falling apart.

    If Putin’s goal is to the destroy the USD, which he has said it is, he doesn’t want to negotiate. He wants to keep slowly draining us. If the USA was smart, they would negotiate and put an end to this madness. But we know, Putin knows, that the satanic elite will not negotiate. So, he just continues holding us in a headlock until the USD collapses and then our economy really collapses.