Evidence for Recall

Independent Pharmacovigilance Report Confirms Evidence for Recall of Covid-19 Vaccines

World Council for Health | June 11, 2022

Adverse Reactions for Novel Covid-19 Vaccines More Numerous Than for Similar Products by Factor of Between 10 and 169

BATH, UK — A new report prepared by the World Council for Health (WCH) has confirmed that data on adverse drug reactions from the experimental Covid-19 vaccines exist in an amount sufficient for the recall of similar products in the past.

The report was prepared to determine whether sufficient pharmacovigilance data exist on official and public databases (WHO VigiAccess, CDC VAERS, EudraVigilance, and UK Yellow Card Scheme) to establish a safety signal on the novel Covid-19 injections.

On all databases, it was found that adverse drug reaction (ADR) reports linked to Covid-19 injections are more numerous than other similar products by a factor of between 10 and 169 (see graph below). Many of the ADR reports are serious in nature and there exists sufficient evidence of associated harm on these databases to indicate a product recall.

Total Adverse Events per Pharamacovigilance Database

In total, more than 40,000 deaths are linked to the novel Covid-19 vaccines in the official databases analyzed.

In addition, the WCH pharmacovigilance report found that several thousand adverse drug reactions on official databases are related to the use of the experimental Covid-19 vaccines among young boys and girls for whom the vaccine had not been approved at the time.

The purpose of pharmacovigilance databases is to provide a signal of safety, and not to prove causality. To ensure that harms are detected in time, the suspicion that an event is linked to the administration of the medicine is enough to register an event. “There is no need to prove that the medicine caused the adverse reaction, just the suspicion is good enough,” Dr. June Raine, head of the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, said in 2006. When sufficient pharmacovigilance data show a signal of harm, administration of the product should be ceased, the product recalled, and the safety signal investigated.

It should also be noted that such systems of passive surveillance result in significantly fewer ADR reports than active surveillance reporting. As a result, the actual number of adverse events that occurred in temporal relation to Covid-19 injections is likely to be much higher than revealed by the available official data.

In December 2021, World Council for Health called on regulators and governments around the world to immediately cease use of all experimental Covid-19 injections.

Dr. Tess Lawrie, the co-founder of the World Council for Health, calls for people to come together to raise awareness of vaccine injury so that those harmed can get the help they deserve. “It is concerning that a grassroots organisation has had to do this work and point out that none of these experimental vaccines are safe according to publicly available official data. Why have the regulators not done their job and protected us?“  Mrs. M


World Council for Health Covid-19 Vaccine Pharmacovigilance Report: https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/resources/covid-19-vaccine-pharmacovigilance-report/

World Council for Health Calls for an Immediate Stop to the Covid-19 Experimental “Vaccines”: https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/campaign/covid-19-vaccine-cease-and-desist/

World Council for Health Statement on Covid-19 Vaccines: https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/news/2021/12/covid-19-vaccines/14001/

World Council for Health Statement on Risk of Myocarditis in Children: https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/news/2022/01/risk-of-myocarditis-in-children/18570/

Contact: Dr. Katarina Lindley at katarina@thewc4h.org


  1. Consider that almost every Orthodox bishop on this continent told us to take the vaccine, some even loudly morally blackmailing us to do so.

    This is the same capital-S Science industry that wants you to take antidepressants and insulin. If they lied about this, then they’re probably lying about everything else.

  2. Scientists discover some Fully Vaccinated Children are
    suffering Sepsis & Autoimmune Disease when exposed to Covid-19


    A new study conducted by several doctors on behalf of the University of Colorado has found that Covid-19 vaccination can cause children to suffer Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease (V-AED), and further analysis of the confidential Pfizer documents forcibly published by court order reveals both Pfizer and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) knew it would happen.

    ‘ The study, published 31st May 2022, aimed to prove that Covid-19 vaccination effectively protects children against multisystem inflammatory syndrome. But unfortunately, they discovered the study authors discovered the complete opposite.

    Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) is a condition that mainly affects children, and causes dangerous inflammation throughout the body, including in the:

    Digestive organs

    The condition can be both severe and life-threatening. Unfortunately, experts have no idea what causes it, but this hasn’t stopped the U.S. Centers for Disease Control from attributing the condition to complications of the alleged Covid-19 disease.

    Researchers from the University of Colorado carried out a detailed study of two otherwise healthy, fully vaccinated children in the USA who were diagnosed with multisystem inflammatory syndrome.

    Child 1

    In the first case, headache and myalgia developed in a healthy 14-year-old boy, but by day 7 of suffering illness, fever, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, emesis, bloodshot eyes, red cracked lips, and rash had also developed. On day 10, he was brought for treatment to the emergency department and admitted to a quaternary-care pediatric hospital.

    Three months earlier, he had completed the Pfizer-BioNTech 2-dose COVID-19 vaccine series. One month later, he experienced three days of coughing and congestion and tested positive by PCR for SARS-CoV-2 infection, from which he allegedly recovered.

    At hospital admission, an examination by doctors noted a sickly appearance, fever (39.1°C), tachycardia, rash, conjunctivitis, cracked lips, and abdominal tenderness.

    Laboratory testing revealed hyponatremia; thrombocytopenia; lymphopenia; and elevated C-reactive protein (CRP), N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP), and liver function test levels …

    Child 2

    In the second case, fever and fatigue, followed by congestion, cough, myalgias, headache, nausea, and vomiting, developed in an otherwise healthy 14-year-old girl.

    On day 3 of illness, rapid SARS-CoV-2 and influenza test results were negative, then on day 12, she was brought to the emergency department due to suffering persistent fever, headache, cough, and vomiting. This time she tested positive for Covid-19.

    Three months before her illness, she had completed the 2-dose Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine series.

    The child was prescribed amoxicillin for possible sinusitis and discharged. But then on day 14, she returned to the hospital for dyspnea and required low-flow oxygen for hypoxemia. Electrocardiogram, troponin, and NT-proBNP test results were normal.

    She was admitted and criminally received 1 dose of remdesivir, which was discontinued because of elevated liver function test results …

    What does the Study tell us?

    First, let’s take a look at some of the horrific illnesses that were suffered by these two children.

    Hyponatremia: This is a condition characterized by low levels of sodium in the blood. Its symptoms are similar to those caused by dehydration. In severe cases, the brain may swell, which can lead to headaches, seizures, coma, and even death
    Thrombocytopenia: This is a deficiency of platelets in the blood. This causes bleeding into the tissues, bruising, and slow blood clotting after injury.
    Lymphopenia: This is a disorder in which your blood doesn’t have enough white blood cells called lymphocytes, which play an essential protective role in your immune system.
    Sepsis: This is a life-threatening reaction to an infection. It happens when your immune system overreacts to an infection and starts to damage your body’s own tissues and organs.
    Toxic shock syndrome: This is a rare but life-threatening condition caused by bacteria getting into the body and releasing harmful toxins.
    Vasculitis or another autoimmune disease: Vasculitis is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and narrowing of blood vessels. Autoimmune disease happens when the body’s natural defence system can’t tell the difference between your own cells and foreign cells, causing the body to mistakenly attack normal cells.

    It’s hard to believe that two children could possibly suffer all of these horrendous conditions following infection with Covid-19, when we know that children are at negligible risk of suffering illness worse than the common cold.

    But the reason these two otherwise healthy children suffered these conditions is because they had received two doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 injection and unfortunately went on to suffer Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease once they were exposed to the alleged Covid-19 virus.

    How do we know this? Because it’s all in the confidential Pfizer documents that the U.S Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has been forced to publish by court order. … ‘

    Kurt Vonnegut: “And so it goes…”

    • Gail Sheppard says

      AED after being exposed to COVID; the sole reason they stopped exploring mRNA technology in the first place. It’s a crime.

  3. Isidora B says

    Evidence for recall?? More like evidence for criminal prosecution.

  4. Maybe things are changing? Slowly?

    This beautiful young Christian woman was just elected to US Congress from south Texas. The first non-Leftist to represent South Texas in more than 100 years. Check out her site:


    The American Left has taken the Latino vote for granted for too long! No more!! Thank God the vibrant American Latino community is waking up!!!

    Now if we could only figure out how to missionize our Orthodox faith to the American Latino community….. it’s a perfect fit: a naturally traditional, beautiful people who know in their hearts that Christ is deeper than the platitudes that modern protestantism offers. There’s a wonderful Orthodox parish (OCA) in the Rio Grande Valley, and some small Mexican mission activities, but aside is that it?

    Bishop Alexander (Mileant) and the late Archbp Dmitri of Dallas paved much of the way for Orthodox missionary activity to Latin Americans. Can we keep it up?

  5. Doctor says Pfizer’s COVID shot trial
    should be ‘null and void’ after ‘twisting’ data


    [Video – 04:39]

    ‘ A British pathologist and researcher has said that Pfizer’s clinical trial for its COVID jabs in babies as young as six months old contains so many egregious flaws and misrepresentations that “the trial should be deemed null and void.”

    Diagnostic pathologist and co-chair of the Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART) group, Dr. Clare Craig recorded a six-minute video analyzing the data from Pfizer’s COVID jab trial in children aged between six months and four years old.

    Collating information from Pfizer’s June 15 Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) application with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use of the drug in young children, Craig discovered that the vaccinated cohort contracted the virus in greater numbers than the placebo group, but that the pharmaceutical giant misreported the data to instead show that the “vaccine” was marginally more effective at preventing infection than foregoing the shot….

    The former NHS consultant noted that the trial had “recruited 4526 children aged from six months to four years old” but that “3000 of these children did not make it to the end of the trial.”

    “That is a huge number, two-thirds of them,” Craig emphasized. “Why was there this drop off? That needs to be answered and without an answer to that on that basis alone, this trial should be deemed null and void.” …

    And still the evil does more and more abound…

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Good grief. Why else would they “not make it?” It’s only one shot. It’s not like the trial included 4 boosters or anything. I don’t understand how it could be anything else.

      I also don’t understand how they can just drop these children if they didn’t make it but that’s what they did in their adult studies. They just carved them out as if the injuries disqualified them from the trial. – How can they offer the shots to the greater population before the results are available for review?

      • I would have thought that misreporting of data
        might be construed as evidence of fraud,
        thereby rendering Pfizer’s immunity
        from legal action null and void.

  6. “President” Joe Biden confirms a planned 2nd Pandemic
    is on the way as UK Gov declares National Incident
    after Polio found in country for 1st time since 1984


    [Video – 45sec]

    ‘ In the footage below, President Biden was asked by a journalist on June 21st how many children will the United States be able to vaccinate before the Government needs to request more money from congress.

    Biden’s response?

    “We do need more money. But we don’t just need more money for vaccines for children. We need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There’s going to be another pandemic.” … ‘

    “Here’s another one we prepared earlier…”

    • Gail Sheppard says

      They’re talking about vaccine-induced polio, as the result of using the oral polio vaccine (OPV) with the live attenuated vaccine in undervaccinated countries.

      In 2018, we only had 33 cases of “wild” polio, the type of polio we had in the 1950s. It was in 2 countries and these cases were no longer contagious.

      The WHO wanted to stop vaccinating; however, Bill Gates did not. He insisted the WHO continue.

      Now vaccine-induced polio from the use of OPV is in 140 countries so it’s not surprising it would end up here. That doesn’t mean we have had any cases that have originated here or that we’re vulnerable to getting this kind of polio, as we are probably the most vaccinated country in the world and the vaccine we received, the inactivated kind (IPV) protects us from both the “wild” kind (regular polio), and “vaccine-induced” kind, which is the type that is rampant in under-developed countries because Bill Gates chose to use the OPV and would not replace it with the IPV in 2014 when it was scheduled to be released to underdeveloped countries.

      Let me repeat this: Bill Gates caused the pandemic by using the OPV in largely unvaccinated countries.

      It is extremely unlikely that it would have any impact on the U.S.

      So yes, there is a pandemic because it’s in multiple countries. Are we at risk? No.

      Just because people with polio come to this country does not mean we’re vulnerable to it. Plus, few people realize that even if you get polio, there is only a 1% chance you’ll end up with symptoms (like paralysis).

      This is just another fear tactic and they’re scraping at the bottom of the barrel with this one.

  7. Did Biden actually specify a polio pandemic? I don’t think so.
    But if they can scare people into taking mRNA polio vaccines,
    which might leave immune systems vulnerable to new strains
    (as we are seeing with the coronavirus pandemic),
    who knows what the result may be?

    Then there is the monkey-pox vaccine,
    made from live attenuated smallpox.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Bill Gates Warns of Smallpox Terror Attacks;
    Tells Global leaders to use ‘Germ Games’ to Prepare


  8. Igor Chudov: Vaccine Shedding Finally Proven!
    Statistically Significant Vaccine Shedding from Parents to Children


    ‘ Do vaccinated people shed their vaccine byproducts to us? We definitely, for sure, knew that vaccine shedding was not a thing, because “health experts and fact checkers” told us so. And we “believe science” and our “health experts”. Right?

    Except that it is WRONG and vaccine shedding has just been proven by science!

    Even I believed that there was no plausible mechanism for vaccine shedding. I thought that it was a baseless conspiracy theory. Stupid me. It turned out that I WAS WRONG and vaccine shedding is real and can be measured.

    A study “Evidence for Aerosol Transfer of SARS-CoV2-specific Humoral Immunity” was just released.

    Evaluation of samples in this fashion revealed that high intranasal IgG in vaccinated parents was significantly associated (p-value = 0.01) with a 0.38 increase in the log transformed intranasal IgG gMFIs within a child from the same household (Fig 1F).

    Let me try to explain it. First, these scientists from the University of Colorado looked at face masks, worn by vaccinated health care workers. They found that those workers shed antibodies generated by vaccination, and some antibodies got trapped in the masks and could be detected. This means that vaccinated people are literally “shedding” vaccine-caused antibodies.

    Interested in that, scientists looked further: they compared unvaccinated children living with unvaccinated parents, to similarly unvaccinated children, but living with vaccinated parents.

    It turned out that vaxxed parents actively shed vaccine-produced particles onto their children so that the kids acquired “humoral immunity” following shedding from their parents! Not only was this finding evident in the data, it actually was STRONGLY statistically significant with p-value of 0.01! This means that this was not a chance finding.

    It remains to be explained WHY children have intranasal IgG. The authors seem to think that it is because of antibody shedding via droplets. In other words, they seem to propose that what is transferred is IgG itself in saliva droplets. They may be right. That said, there is a possibility that children DEVELOP intranasal IgG because other vaccine byproducts or exosomes are being shed.

    It could even be due to lipid mRNA nanoparticles themselves shed and being transferred via saliva, like a virus. In fact, considering two replies to this article that I quoted at the bottom, mRNA lipid nanoparticle shedding is most likely. Why? Because the responders report experiencing STRONG IMMUNE REACTIONS.

    Such byproducts would be CAUSING intranasal IgG in children as an immune reaction in children, rather than those IgGs being essentially mechanically spat from parents onto their children.

    The article, while very interesting, is only the first step in researching vaccine shedding and I hope that further light will be shed (pun intended) on this phenomenon!

    The authors, possibly in hopes of getting their article approved by science censors, call it a good thing:

    Our results suggest that aerosol transmission of antibodies may also contribute to host protection and represent an entirely unrecognized mechanism by which passive immune protection may be communicated. Whether antibody transfer mediates host protection will be a function of exposure, but it seems reasonable to suggest, all things being equal, that any amount of antibody transfer would prove useful to the recipient host.

    I am not sure if I can call it a good thing myself. Antibodies or mRNA nanoparticles from vaccines NOT [then] approved by the FDA for children are being shed from parents to children, without consent or knowledge of either parents, or children. All of this is followed by denials by authorities.

    Do you think that it is a good thing? ‘

    Igor’s footnote: ‘Please share this article widely!’


    [Video – 06:17]

    ‘ Of all the extraordinary humans I’ve had the honor of befriending through my work, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, or “Zev” as we call him, shines like no other. He is a man of unshakable faith, love, compassion, integrity and courage.

    Zev was one of the first and loudest family physicians to speak out against the suppression of safe and effective medicines. As a result, he saved countless lives worldwide, during a time when he was desperately fighting for his own.

    I had the honor of conducting several deep interviews with Zev, but it was his final interview that went the deepest. Knowing that his time was finite, he wanted to leave a message for his children and for all of us.

    May his words reawaken our gratitude for this gift we call life. In joy!

    Mikki Willis
    Father/Filmmaker ‘

    A great man facing death, talks of the joy of life, the love of family,
    and the ecstasy of the sun, the breeze, on his face.
    It is tremendously moving.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      He fought for humanity tirelessly and was responsible for coming up with a protocol that gave people an option to fight COVID.

      I followed that protocol.

      I posted it on the blog and someone said, “I’d rather not get medical information from a family physician.”

      If I got COVID, I didn’t know it. Wonder if she can say the same.

      God bless you, Zev. May God reward you richly in the life to come.

  10. Christine says

    Does anyone have thoughts on CERN starting up again on Tuesday? It’s been off for a number of years but they are firing it back up next week. Interesting timing.

  11. Christine says

    Clarification: CERN reopened last month but they are flipping the switches on several of their machines on Tuesday.


  12. Steve Kirsch: In Memory, Zev Zelenko 1973-2022

    [Dr Zelenko speaking from his hospital bed; Video – 07:29]

    ‘ Early this morning I was informed that my friend Zev Zelenko had died at the young age of 48 after a long battle with cancer.

    Zev had a heart of gold and was never afraid to speak the truth.

    I last talked to him on May 24 and asked him how he was doing and he basically said “I have metastatic sarcoma” so he knew the outlook was grim and he didn’t have a lot of time left.

    On June 10, the last message he sent me was to let me know that his memoir was coming out in 2 months. It is called “Zelenko: How to decapitate the Serpent.” He wanted my help in promoting it.

    Zev is best known for inventing in March 2020 what has come to be known as the “Zelenko protocol,” which is a combination of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), zinc, azithromycin, and other drugs for treating COVID.

    The key to the protocol was very early intervention. The use of the Zelenko protocol has spread worldwide. His medical advice was responsible for saving countless lives.

    Zev was nominated along with other courageous doctors for a Nobel Prize in recognition of his groundbreaking treatment and outspoken advocacy on behalf of patients.

    He will be missed. ‘

    Dr Zev predicts the horrors to come but is ultimately optimistic:
    “So let the culling begin…the world needs a cleaning…
    and when the process is done,
    the world will be filled with the knowledge of God … ‘

    • Gail Sheppard says

      He saved tens of thousands of lives from what I understand. I greatly admired him for not glossing over the truth. He was straightforward and honest in spite of all the pressure.

  13. Dr. Joseph Mercola: Former Pfizer Exec
    Believes Leaky Vaccine Was Intentional


    [The link above connects to an embedded video interview (01:37:22)
    of Dr Mike Yeadon by investigative radio journalist Maajid Nawaz]
    by journalist Maajid Nawaz

    ‘Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., a former vice-president and chief scientific adviser for the drug company Pfizer and founder and CEO of the biotech company Ziarco, now owned by Novartis, has become one of the most prominent critics of COVID mandates and COVID-19 shots. In this riveting interview with British radio presenter Maajid Nawaz, he shares why he believes that the narratives around COVID-19 are false and were put into place deliberately to exert control over society.

    Yeadon is uniquely positioned to speak on this topic, as he has degrees in biochemistry and toxicology, and studied respiratory pharmacology. You have likely seen Yeadon being interviewed many times previously, but I strongly encourage you to watch this one as he explains items I have never heard him previously discuss. He is one of the sharpest guys out there in this area and you will be glad you took the time to listen.

    In the film, he says: “So, I understand … inside of cells and how cells and tissues talk to each other, and how dangerous chemicals can affect and injure humans and others.”1 Not only does Yeadon explain why COVID-19 shots aren’t effective, but he details why using spike protein in the vaccine was one of the most diabolical mistakes made.

    “First,” Yeadon says, “you’ve been lied to about the magnitude of the threat represented by this entity called SARS-CoV-2 and the disease COVID-19. Been lied to about that, in every way, shape and form … the bottom line is, we’ve been lied to and it’s deliberate, and they knew it, and no action was needed whatsoever, other than if you’re sick, stay home.”2 Further, the wheel may have been set into motion in 2009, during the swine flu pandemic.

    The 2009 Swine Flu Was the Final Dress Rehearsal for COVID

    During the 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic, secret agreements were made between Germany, Great Britain, Italy and France with the pharmaceutical industry before the H1N1 pandemic began, which stated that they would purchase H1N1 flu vaccinations — but only if a pandemic level 6 was declared by the World Health Organization.

    Six weeks before the pandemic was declared, no one at WHO was worried about the virus, but the media were nonetheless exaggerating the dangers.3 Then, in the month leading up to the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, WHO changed the official definition of pandemic, removing the severity and high mortality criteria and leaving the definition of a pandemic as “a worldwide epidemic of a disease.”4

    This switch in definition allowed WHO to declare swine flu a pandemic after only 144 people had died from the infection worldwide. In 2010, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, then head of health at the Council of Europe, accused pharmaceutical companies of influencing WHO’s pandemic declaration, calling swine flu a “false pandemic” that was driven by Big Pharma, which cashed in on the health scare.5

    According to Wodarg, the swine flu pandemic was “one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century,”6 — and it shares many similarities with the COVID-19 pandemic. Yeadon explained:7

    “He [Wodarg] was public health officer and a politician during the swine flu pandemic in 2009. And some very similar things that happened in COVID were happening in 2009. There’s a very interesting experience here and I think 2009 was the final dress rehearsal for COVID.

    They misused PCR, they overdiagnosed cases, they twisted the arms of governments all around the world to pay for billions of dollars’ worth of vaccines, and not very good antivirals.

    And then they all ran off. And Wodarg was the one that managed to point out in the second season that it was a false positive pseudo epidemic. It was all bad PCR testing. And as soon as they fix the PCR, it all went away. All went away.”

    PCR Tests Labeled Healthy People Sick

    For the first time in history, during the COVID-19 pandemic the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests were used to dictate whether someone was healthy or sick. If the test was positive, then you’d be labeled as sick and counted as a case, even if you had no symptoms.

    The PCR tests used for COVID-19 use a powerful amplification process that makes them so sensitive they can even detect the remains of a dead virus, long after infection.8

    Wodarg said COVID-19 “was a ‘test’ pandemic. It was not a virus pandemic,”9 because PCR tests may give a positive result when it detects coronaviruses that have been around for 20 years.10 PCR tests weren’t meant to be used for clinical diagnoses, according to their inventor, the late Kary Mullis, Ph.D. Yeadon explained:11

    “And the reason is … that the PCR test has a theoretical lower limit, that is, what’s the smallest amount it might detect and give a positive result, the smallest amount is one, one virus, one piece of a virus.

    … And then basically, every time you run a cycle of this polymerase chain reaction, like cranking a handle, it gets hot and cold, hot and cold, and it goes through basically a doubling, every cycle is a doubling …

    So basically, if there’s an infinitesimally tiny amount of a piece of a virus, or the sequence you allege is a virus, in the sample, and then you run it 40 cycles, you could get a positive result even though there’s only one piece of one virus — not enough to make you ill, not enough to make you infectious.”

    The same strategy was used in COVID as deaths characterized as being COVID related, but only because they had been falsely lumped into that category due to a positive test being recorded within 28 days of death. “If you die from something entirely unrelated but you’ve tested positive by a PCR test, and you die within that 28 days that’s counted as a COVID death,” Nawaz noted.12

    90% of COVID Immune Response Is Not to Spike Protein

    Yeadon stresses that there are “design errors” in COVID-19 shots. “The main problem with them is there’s no dose where you can get obvious signs of benefit without attendant harms, that are much greater at a population level than any possible benefit.” Further, the use of the spike protein was a mistake, as it’s been known for more than 10 years that it causes adverse effects in humans:13

    “There are no gene based vaccines on the market for very good reasons. And that’s one of the problems. But let’s see, you could like pull it pull it apart, you can pull the spike off, you could pull the ball in the middle of this virus, which bit would you give to people? … what you would do is ask, what’s the toxicity of the bit I’m going to give to a person?

    So if I told you that the spike protein, like a floating landmine in … the sea with the spikes sticking out, I told you that we’ve known for more than a decade that the spike bits from related viruses had unwanted biology that could cause blood to coagulate and activate platelets and make blood clots. That’s true.

    And if you knew those things, you’d think well, probably a bad idea then to give them the spike to train on … So the fact that they chose spike protein, gene for spike protein, make your body become a manufacturing center briefly to make that virus spike protein — that’s the first mistake.”

    Further, according to Yeadon, the human body mounts its best immune responses after natural COVID-19 infection, not exposure to the spike protein in the shots. He states, “90% of the immune response to COVID are two bits of the virus that are not spike protein. So I think I am right that that was not the best bit to give, because it’s not the thing your body likes to respond to.”14

    Spike Protein Mutates Rapidly, Destroying Shots’ Protection

    By choosing the spike protein on which to base COVID-19 shots, scientists picked a protein that was known to be toxic to humans and that was not the part of the virus that prompted the best immune response. On top of that, spike protein mutates rapidly, which essentially destroys virtually any protection that the shot provides shortly after it’s given. The end result is a seemingly never-ending series of annual shots and boosters.

    COVID-19 shots have been found to have dismally low effectiveness rates of 12% in children, according to research conducted by the New York State Department of Health.15 Among adults, within four to five months post-booster, protection against emergency department and urgent care visits due to COVID-19 decreased to 66%, then fell to just 31% after five months or more post-booster.16 Yeadon explained:17

    “What you should do is pick the bits of the virus that’s genetically most stable. Now, I don’t know that we knew it at the beginning, but it’s certainly true now that the thing that undergoes variation most quickly is the spike protein … now you’ve picked something that’s going to rapidly go out of focus to rapidly evolve to a different variant, new vaccine won’t work anymore.”

    Further, because the spike protein is similar to “lots of bits in humans,” it can prompt your body to make an immune response to human proteins — “that’s called an autoimmune response,” Yeadon says. Yet, scientists chose the spike protein anyway — even though it violated all of the “rules” when it comes to creating a safe and effective product. Yeadon believes this wasn’t a mistake at all; it was intentional:18

    “So just to say, again, you deselect things that are toxic in their own right, you pick things that are genetically stable, and you pick things that are most different from humans, all three of those, in the words of patents, they teach away, they will teach you away from picking spike protein.

    But guess what? Moderna picks spike protein and so does Pfizer, and AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson. So I put it to you, colleagues, any scientists out there or just logical people. How the hell would they pick?

    No team I was ever part of would ever have picked bloody spike protein for this vaccine. And you know, what, if we did, and we have competing groups, we would not, all four of us, make the same mistake. Not possible. It’s collusion and malfeasance. The did it on purpose, knowing it would hurt you.”

    For the Next Pandemic Understand Vaccines Are Not the Answer

    Bill Gates has made it plain the next pandemic is inevitable, by stating publicly that COVID-19 was “pandemic one” and “pandemic two” is coming. “We’ll have to prepare for the next one. That will get attention this time,” he said — while smiling.19 The implication is that “next time” another experimental mRNA shot will be available much quicker with which to inject the population. But Yeadon wants the public to learn from COVID-19 and understand that the shots aren’t the answer:20

    “It’s really important that you listen to me here, that if there’s another respiratory virus, you must know this time that whatever however they design, the damn vaccine is the wrong answer. It’s the wrong answer for loads of reasons. One is, you will generate an immune response in your blood that cannot possibly affect infection, it doesn’t matter what it is, it won’t affect infection.

    Secondly, if you if you design it using spike protein from some other virus, then if it has that same property of causing toxicity, it will cause toxicity because when you inject these gene based vaccines, it’s like launching a go kart that has an accelerator, no steering wheel and no brakes … there’s nothing in the design of these vaccines that limits where they go.

    Some of it will go into your brain, the back of your eyes, your ovaries or testes, your blood vessels or your heart … you can’t develop rapid vaccines, and then give them to billions of people, because you will never have enough safety data to allow you to know whether that was a good bet or not. And without that data, it’s reckless. Don’t do it.”

    What else can be learned from the COVID-19 fiasco, Yeadon says, is that the nonpharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) — things like masks, lockdowns, border closures and mass testing of the population — were also useless in curbing the spread of the disease, and world leaders knew this in 2019, when a paper by WHO scientists showed that most NPIs were ineffective in stopping the spread of respiratory viruses.

    “Of course, many of them have really serious side effects on the economy, psychology, social relationships and so on,” he noted.21

    Evidence of Supranational Coordination

    “Public health officials knew perfectly well those things didn’t work,” Yeadon said, but the fact that virtually every country worldwide followed suit nonetheless suggests a coordinated effort was underway. “I think it’s the strongest evidence of supranational coordination, something happening above the level of country,” Yeadon said, and he wants to get the word out:22

    “They were doing it because there was pressure to do it … They did not oppose what was happening. That’s the most disappointing and frightening thing that why, why none of the scientists from Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Britain, why none of them, said, ‘You know, this is absurd.

    I’m not doing this. And if you’re going to do it, I’m resigning, and then I shall go to the media.’ Either that didn’t happen or they tried to try this and BBC … said, ‘Well, we’re not interviewing you.’ That’s possible.

    … There was a supranational agreement or pressure to do it. I don’t know whether that pressure was instantiated in spring of 2020, or whether they had already agreed to do it a few months ago, but either way, nobody spoke up. And as far as I know, nobody resigned even though what was being imposed on all of those countries was … ineffective and would damage their economies. That’s the kindest thing you can possibly say.”

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  14. ‘Pandemic babies’ with no immunity are ending up
    in intensive care across Australia with respiratory illnesses


    Rising number of ‘pandemic babies’ with no immunity admitted to intensive care
    Children presenting with ‘co-infections’ with Covid and other respiratory illness
    RSV – respiratory syncytial virus – kills 120,000 young children each year globally
    NSW cases have exploded from 355 a week just three weeks ago to 3775 a week
    There is no vaccine for RSV but it has almost identical symptoms to flu and Covid

    ” A concerning number of ‘pandemic babies’ with no immunity to respiratory viruses are ending up seriously ill in ICU.

    Doctors have revealed children born during the Covid-19 pandemic are requiring intensive care ‘from encountering viruses they haven’t come across before’, such as influenza, RSV and Covid.

    The children had been born and raised when there were virtually no other viruses circulating in Australia, other than Covid-19.

    The Children’s Hospital at Westmead infectious diseases paediatrician Dr Philip Britton said an analysis of ICU admissions across shows babies are testing positive for influenza and Covid at the same time.

    ‘Over the last month or so, we have seen four times the admissions to hospital for flu in children as for Covid,’ Dr Britton told The Daily Telegraph.

    Infectious diseases paediatrician Dr Philip Britton said an analysis of ICU admissions across shows babies are testing positive for influenza and Covid at the same time

    Dr Britton said five per cent of the children presenting with co-infections were being admitted to ICU, a statistic he described as ‘very concerning’.

    About half of the children had no pre-existing health conditions, with the elevated number of admissions putting pressure on the hospital system.

    Some of the ‘pandemic babies’ are presenting with inflammation of the chest, brain and heart caused by influenza, Covid, and RSV.

    RSV – respiratory syncytial virus – is a major cause of lung infections in children and can lead to pneumonia or bronchiolitis, which is particularly dangerous in young infants.

    Severe cases can kill babies and toddlers, whose tiny airways have not yet fully formed and who struggle to cope with the infection.

    ‘Among that group who are previously well … It’s not just a chest infection, some of these children can be impacted with the flu affecting the heart and the brain,’ Dr Britton told The Daily Telegraph.
    Some of the ‘pandemic babies’ are presenting with inflammation of the chest, brain and heart caused by influenza, Covid, and RSV.

    Some of the ‘pandemic babies’ are presenting with inflammation of the chest, brain and heart caused by influenza, Covid, and RSV.

    A warning was sounded about RSV three weeks ago when there were just 355 cases a week in NSW, but three weeks later that has rocketed up to 3,775 in a week.

    Around a fifth of those developed the potentially lethal bronchiolitis, with 40 per cent of them ending up in hospital.

    Infectious disease researcher Dr John-Sebastian Eden said the triple whammy of RSV, flu and Covid was packing out the emergency department of Sydney’s Westmead Children’s Hospital.

    ‘There is a widespread three-way outbreak occurring,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

    International borders opening up has seen flu come back and new strains of RSV.

    ‘With Covid layered up on top, these are three main viruses which will lead to hospitalisation.’ ”

    As Bill says, “if we do a great job with vaccines…”

  15. Pfizer Must Prove Efficacy Of Its Covid Vaccine
    Within 48 Hours In Uruguay | July 6, 2022


    ‘ The media in Uruguay reports that a judge in Montevideo has mandated that a variety of facts on Covid vaccines be disclosed – within 48 hours. The government, the Ministry of Health, the state health organization, and pharmaceutical behemoth Pfizer are all mentioned in Administrative Judge Alejandro Recarey’s order.

    Comprehensive information on the vaccine’s formulation and proof of its safety are among the items that are sought.

    The hearing, where the needed information must be provided, is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. on Wednesday and will be attended by representatives of all agencies as well as pharmaceutical behemoth Pfizer.

    The judge issued the ruling in response to a case asking Uruguay to halt child vaccinations.

    The following information is required, under the decree:

    The vaccine purchase agreements between the Uruguayan government and Pfizer, along with details on whether they contain provisions for civil damages or provider immunity from prosecution in the event of potential negative effects.
    Information about the distribution of vaccination batches and quality control procedures.
    Information about the vaccine’s biological makeup, including whether graphene oxide and other nanotechnology-related components are present.
    Information on the used mRNA and proof that it is safe.
    An explanation of whether the vaccine or some of its components are experimental.
    Detailed information proving the vaccination’s efficacy and safety, i.e., “the negative or positive impact of the so-called vaccination on the number of infections and deaths diagnosed with Covid from the beginning of the campaign to the present.”
    Information on the average age of those who passed away after receiving a Covid-19 diagnosis, as well as how many of those fatalities were due solely to the illness, is to be provided in detail.
    Information on if studies on the rise in deaths in Uruguay since the vaccination program started in March 2021 are being undertaken.
    Scientific proof that those who are not vaccinated are dangerous.
    Information on the people in charge of the vaccination program, including their affiliations with NGOs and (pharmaceutical) enterprises.
    Information about the scope of the research into alternative remedies for COVID-19.

    On Wednesday, it will become evident to what degree the government and Pfizer can offer the necessary proof (and whether doing so will have repercussions). ‘

    Will Pfizer come up with the goods?
    Or will the court be nobbled?
    We shall see…

    • Demonstration against Pfizer vaccines staged
      in Montevideo amidst court hearing | Thursday, July 7th 2022

      The Government’s requests to drop the case or change the judge were turned down.

      ‘ A group of Uruguayan anti-vaccine protesters gathered Wednesday at the courthouse doorstep in support of Surrogate Judge Alejandro Recarey’s decision earlier this week to request information from the Health Ministry (MSP) and the Pfizer laboratory regarding anti-COVID-19 vaccines.

      In response to an injunction sought by lawyer Maximiliano Dentone, the magistrate agreed that the Uruguayan government needed to disclose the details of the agreement for the purchase of the chemicals and that the manufacturer should disclose the components of the drug sold.

      Congressman César Vega was among the demonstrators who showed up before the Judiciary hearing in Montevideo carrying signs in support of those objecting to the administration of experimental medication to children.

      Dentone, who has also acted as Vega’s lawyer in a defamation case, filed a request to halt vaccination against COVID-19 among children and the case landed on the desk of Recarey, who was on duty during the judiciary’s winter recess.

      According to judiciary sources, the magistrate was also interested in evaluating information from Pfizer about the drug’s possible side effects.

      Presidential Secretary Alvaro Delgado said that the Uruguayan government “is going to give all the information it has to give” about the vaccines. “If there is something we have done during these two difficult years that all Uruguayans have suffered, it is to be transparent with the people,” Delgado stressed.

      Recarey also agreed to hear a complaint from two unvaccinated Argentine women who felt discriminated against when asked to produce a negative PCR test to enter Uruguay.

      Before the hearing, the MSP and the Uruguayan Presidency argued that Judge Recarey had been biased regarding the pandemic and should not be ruling on the request to suspend the vaccination of children. They argued in a document filed Wednesday morning that Recarey was not impartial and that the case should be handled by “a judge who has not issued previous value judgments, which could taint the case under debate and produce violations to due process.”

      They claimed Recarey had voiced previous opinions, “both relativizing the effects and seriousness of the pandemic, and questioning the role of science, the Administration, health professionals, and certain companies, among which the laboratories would be included.”

      The Government lawyers argued that the legal requirements for an injunction had not been met, including the standing of the petitioners and the time elapsed since the start of vaccination of children, among other legal issues.

      Plaintiffs have “thirty days from the date on which the act, fact or omission occurred,” argued the defendants, who added that Dentone had taken “13 months to do so” since the first Uruguayan child was vaccinated against COVID-19 with Pfizer’s drug.

      The MSP legal team argued that there was “an evident indetermination of the holders of the action in question and that Dentone was representing ”diffuse interests.”

      The Government’s request was turned down by the magistrate,
      who thus remained in charge of the case. ‘

      So the government tried to shut the case down…
      Who’da thunk it?

      • Uruguayan court suspends anti-Covid vaccinations
        for kids under 13 | July 7, 2022

        ‘ The Uruguayan judiciary on Thursday suspended anti-Covid vaccinations for children under age 13 after Judge Alejandro Recary upheld a motion to that effect presented by an attorney.

        On the second day of hearings on the matter, the judge ruled that vaccinations must be paused for this age group, a decision that may be appealed within 72 hours by the Public Health Ministry and the President’s Office.

        As per the ruling, which was publicly read on Thursday in the Administrative Dispute Court of Uruguay, the suspension of vaccinations, which are not obligatory in Uruguay, will take effect “immediately” and prevail until the requirements stipulated by Recarey are fulfilled.

        Specifically, the judge ordered the health ministry and the President’s Office to publish in “unabridged” fashion “all the purchase contracts” for vaccines administered in the country, where vaccines produced by China’s Sinovac pharmaceutical company, the Anglo-Swedish AstraZeneca and US Pfizer have all been used in the fight against the pandemic.

        He also ordered a text to be prepared to be distributed directly to children under age 17 who want to get vaccinated informing them “fully and clearly” about the substances contained within each vaccine, their benefits and risks, as well as the “already detected” adverse effects associated with them.

        Recarey, who was assigned the case, stipulated that once all these requirements are complied with, the possibility of “requesting the resumption, also immediate,” of vaccinations “will be authorized.”

        The case came into the hands of the judiciary this week after attorney Maximiliano Dantone presented a motion requesting the suspension of vaccinations, a move that was received with celebration and chants like “Don’t touch our kids” by anti-vax demonstrators in the vicinity of the courthouse.

        Meanwhile, the Uruguayan government said Thursday that it will observe the judicial ruling obligating it to temporarily suspend vaccinating under-13 kids, although it called the court’s decision “a blunder.”

        The presidential press secretary, Alvaro Delgado, commented on the matter at a press conference after Judge Recarey’s ruling was made public, adding that the administration will appeal the ruling immediately and that it expects that parents who want to be able to have their children vaccinated against Covid will be able to do so within a few days.

        Anti-Covid vaccination has never been obligatory in Uruguay, which in June 2021 became the first country in Latin America to start vaccinating children between 12-17, and then in January 2022 began inoculating kids between 5-11.

        As of Thursday, 43.57 percent of Uruguayan kids in the 5-11 age group have received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, while 75.44 percent of those in the 12-14 age group have received two doses and are thus deemed to be “fully” vaccinated. ‘

        So far, so good…

  16. …Fully Vaccinated account for 4 in every 5
    COVID Deaths in Canada since February


    ‘ The Government of Canada has confirmed that the vaccinated population account for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 deaths to have occurred across the country since the middle of February 2022, and 70% of those deaths have been among the triple vaccinated population. …

    Unfortunately, the Government of Canada is attempting to deceive the public by providing a tally of cases, hospitalisations and deaths that stretches all the way back to December 14th 2020. By doing this they’re able to include a huge wave that occurred in January 2021 when just 0.3% of the population of Canada was considered fully vaccinated. …

    Canada recorded 429,335 Covid-19 cases between 14th Feb and 29th May 2022, and 376,451 of those cases were among the vaccinated population. With 11,211 cases among the partly vaccinated, 138,086 cases among the double vaccinated, and 227,154 cases among the triple vaccinated.

    This means the unvaccinated population accounted for 12% of Covid-19 cases between 14th Feb and 29th May, whilst the vaccinated population accounted for 88%, 60% of which were among the triple jabbed. …

    In the space of nearly 4 months, Canada’s hospitals suffered an influx of 25,332 Covid-19 patients, and 19,717 of them were vaccinated. With 855 hospitalisations among the partly vaccinated, 6,489 hospitalisations among the double vaccinated, and 12,373 hospitalisations among the triple vaccinated.

    This means the unvaccinated population accounted for just 22% of hospitalisations, whilst the vaccinated population accounted for 78%, 63% of which were among the triple jabbed. …

    The following chart shows the number of Covid-19 deaths across the whole of Canada by vaccination status between 14th Feb and 29th May 22 –

    Over these 15 weeks, there were 4,954 Covid-19 deaths across Canada and the vaccinated population accounted for 3,796 of them. With 135 deaths among the partly vaccinated, 1,174 deaths among the double vaccinated, and 2,487 deaths among the triple vaccinated.

    The means the unvaccinated population accounted for just 23% of deaths, whilst the vaccinated population accounted for 77%, 70% of which were among the triple jabbed.

    If you don’t find these figures that concerning, perhaps you will once you realise between 30k and 50k Canadians are getting their third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine every single day, and this was how the pandemic was shaping out across the country a couple of months ago –

    Because between 16th Jan and 22nd Jan 22, the vaccinated population accounted for just 41% of cases, 68% of hospitalisations, and 69% of deaths.

    But now, despite the Government of Canada clearly trying desperately to conceal it, a bit of time, effort, and simple maths has revealed 88% of cases, 78% of hospitalisations and 77% of deaths were recorded among the fully vaccinated population between 14th Feb and 29th May 2022.

    Should we be seeing this if the third jab is effective? Absolutely not, these figures strongly suggest the third jab has made the situation worse for the vaccinated. ‘

    The article itself has plenty of charts has to show what is happening