Pogrom? Can You Say “Al Sharpton”?

There, I said it.

The Rev Alfred Charles Sharpton, Jr, has peddled in race-baiting pretty much all his adult life. A hustler extraordinaire, he has gotten away with false accusations which have destroyed the lives of many and even murder. And gotten away with it. He has stoked the fires of racial hysteria because he can.

You see, Sharpton performs a vital role in the Establishment. Mind you, he really doesn’t believe in justice because if it were ever achieved he’d be out of a job. The role he plays is that of hustler-in-chief, a sort of unofficial “emperor” of the black community. As long as he does what he does, then he serves as sort of a safety-valve for racial grievances.

And to keep him in line, the Establishment has more than a few things on him. You see, several years ago he was a snitch for the FBI, giving them valuable information on real malcontents within “the Community”. He was forced into this because of his own criminality. It’s the oldest trick in the book and elites have used it since time immemorial.

He’s always gotten away with it because of his value to the Establishment. Until now: The Golden Don is finally calling him to account. And forcing the Democrat Party establishment to “defend the indefensible”.


Sharpton (as Yours Truly pointed out several years ago) called the ancient Greeks “homos”. Strangely, the commissars over at Big Gay, Inc. were silent. As was the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. Had a white supremacist said that the ancient Greeks lost their civilization because of homosexuality, we never would have heard the end of it.

Today however, I want to refresh your memory about Sharpton and how he presided over a series of pogroms in New York City, specifically pogroms against Jews. Or as he affectionately called them “interlopers”.

I imagine that Sharpton has outlived his usefulness to the Establishment. As have the other race hustlers such as Elijah Cummings and the Jihad Squad. Within a space of two weeks, President Trump has forced the Democrats to make the unlovelies of the Jihad Squad the face of their party, to make Baltimore the face of Democrat governance and Al Sharpton, the “conscience” of the progressive left.

That’s not just a hat-trick but 4D chess on a level that causes heads to explode.

Now someday, I’ll write about the pogroms in the Russian Empire, for now, I would ask us here in “progressive” America to express a little humility. After all, the “conscience of the Democratic Party” has presided over a couple of them in the not-too-distant past. Not only was property destroyed but people were actually killed.

And every Democrat running for president has rushed to kiss his ring –even the “homo”.

P.S. And for those who are offended by my use of this slur, here’s a refresher course about the “homo” thing and the Rev Al:

Bed. Made. Lie in it.


  1. George pogroms in Russian empire were actually not top down enspired but bottom up that the imperial government was afraid of as disliked all civil unrest.
    It always sought to  stop them even if finding directed  elsewhere anger, useful   
    Of course this is not to say that there were not individual anti semitic officials that sought to use them as often revolutionary and Jew were synonymous, and of course the active anti Jewish policy of Alexander iii did not help matters.
     But often the concern was to protect Russisn and Ukrainian peasants from Jewish money leaders.  And nor to forget they were hated by peasants as seen as landlord ‘s agent grinding them down, especially in western Ukraine and witness the spontaneous 17th cossack uprising and massacre of jews in Ukraine  . 
    Of course in contrast to nazism,  there was no darwinian racist theory.   Any Jew who converted could be accepted into Russian society, even in to high society.  
    Rasputin was surrounded by jews he supported. 

    • George Michalopulos says

      Correct, they were “bottom-up” affairs. The later Romanovs tried to integrate the Jewish population but because this required their loss of monopolies. Which was an economic burden to the Jews, hence massive migration to the United States.

      • Correct George and while no one defending the suffering of western Ukraine and Poland, Jewish population ,  especially during wwi and revolution ( from both sides), their was never a  nazi – like racist attitude and systematic slaughter of jews.  The last Tsar may have been anti- semitic in the way of all western high society was then,  but no more,unless with sick horror, could  he envisage the nazi actions as he could the communist in relation to  his own family.  The imperial government aim was as u say to break up their economic power and intergrate them into Russian society.
        Proof being the millions of jews the wwii German invasion found peacefully living in the former Pale.  
        Also sad truth is many of their Ukrainian and Polish neighbours turned on their Jewish neighbours even before germans got to work . 
        One must also recall that in response to arguement over capacity of gass chambers etc, much killing was by ‘ einsatz gruppen Mass shooting.  300,000 at Babi Yar, Kiev in autumn 1941, alone. 
        We are all drenched with their blood.   RACISM and hatred and nationalism in this nazi sense have NO PLACE IN THE CHURCH. 

        • Yevteschenko the  late Russian poet wrote a moving poem about Babi Yar.  300,000 is NOT an exageration  of numbers either. 
          I am more than proud of bulgarian action as  even as German ally, in defending and  saving their Jewish community, lead by the actions of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. 

          • George Michalopulos says

            True that. Thanks to the Patriarch of Bulgaria, that country was the only country in Europe in which its (admittedly small Jewish population) grew during WWII.

            • Monk James Silver says

              It wasn’t just the Bulgarian patriarch who defended the Jews. Many of the Orthodox Christian laity did the same, led by their king, who suffered many personal indignities because of this.

              The Greeks, not supported by their government, were less successful in protecting the Jews of their country. While nearly all the Jews of Thessaloniki were rolled up and sent to the death camps, people in rural areas of Greece did their best to hide their Jewish neighbors from the SS.

              It is said that the people of the island of Zakynthos, where St Dionysios of Aigina served as archbishop three centuries earlier (and promoted the use of the DL of St James there), yielded up not a single Jew.

              There are other edifying stories, too, from all over Europe, mostly about ordinary people, not their governments, who risked everything to be of help..

              It’s a pity that the Allies didn’t act sooner, and that the world altogether — including and especially the United States — gave no shelter to the Jews as they fled the Nazis.

              Perhaps a sort of collective guilt over this moral failure fuels some of the anti-Zionist invective coming out of those countries now. The very existence of Israel is a reproach to them.

              • Estonian Slovak says

                Tsar Boris was probably poisoned by the Nazis.

                • George Michalopulos says

                  I’ve heard that about Boris III.  In the inter-war period, he presided over what was considered a mini-golden age for Bulgaria.

                  The irony as to why the Greeks did not do as much as the Bulgarians is because Bulgaria was an actual ally of the Third Reich whereas Greece was an enemy.  After the conquest of Greece by the Wehrmacht, King George II went into self-imposed exile and took the official government with him.  Unfortunately, a Vichy-like puppet regime was installed in his absence and I imagine they helped the SS round up the Jews of Greece.

                  Bulgaria could get away with more.  As could the Albanians who were also allies of the Reich.  

                  At the risk of tooting my own horn, my late aunt Katherine told me that during the war, her parents on two separate occasions hid two Jewish men in their house.

                  • Estonian Slovak says

                    The Finns also did not give over their Jews. Nor did Hungary until the end of the war when Admiral Horthy was already overthrown.

                  • George. Yes older Bulgarians look back on pre war as good time and with warmth on royal family, and Tsar Simeon now in 90s, lives in Sofia and was PM in first decades of this century doing some good. 
                    Tsar Boris is well remembered as a good and simple family man and many statues etc to him. 
                    Yes it’s ironic that being German ally helped Jewish community.  Also the bulgars as a race are a phlegmatic bunch not given really to extremes when one considers Balkans.  Greeks may not agree but that is truth of it. 
                    Greece of course as you say was occupied, but people including my family and the Church did all they could. There was really no genuine anti -semitic grouping beyond few extremists. and yes the bishop of Cephalonia was a hero as Damaskimos the archbishop. 
                    Actually the  quisling governments of initially Tsolokoglou and then Rallis,  to be fair to them,  were not in Vichy sense, over active collaborators re jews,nor were police and Evert, Athens police Chief, did much to help.  Their obscession was communism. 

                    • Veras Coltroupis says

                      The Greek royals, too. Think of how the Jordanian Hasematies, the truest descendants of Mohammed are the paragons of Islamic modernity and moderation. The Glucksburgs, directly descended from Constantine the Great via Romanov marriage, were absolutely centrist, moderate and modern. It was the extremists of both sides who brought them down.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      I do know that the Glucksburgs have at least three lines of descent from the Comneni but I don’t known anything about any Flavian ancestry (although I suppose it could be possible).

                      Regardless, Greece was a happier place under the monarchy.

              • Monk Silver,  one must understand that being occupied by germans made effective resistance to Jewish persecution difficult unless there were the easier circumstances of Danemark thst managed to send it’s almost all 800 jews across in to Sweden. 
                However even under occupation one distinguishes the forced acceptance of event to the willing collaboration of vichy France who as with the Paris round up in brutal circumstances of Parisian FRENCH  jews, as opposed to all others,  even jumped the gun ahead of germans. 
                The Greeks opposed where could and as with bishop of Cephalonia etc, bravely,  but even the Rallis quisling government, being the most pro German,  was a passive part of operation not an active one. 

        • George Michalopulos says

          Niko, I’m glad you brought that up. The attitude of Tsar Nicholas II towards Jews in general was the same as was found in all Western societies –especially among the elite. It wasn’t invidious or eliminationist in any sense of these words. It was more along these lines: “Well, I wouldn’t want my sister to marry one”. This view was especially preponderant among the higher classes, mainly I imagine, because they viewed Jews as economic competitors and didn’t want to have them assimilate into Christian society, thereby playing both ends against the middle. Hence the idea of exclusive country clubs and businessmen’s clubs (such as Kiwanis, Rotary, etc.) in which all luncheons began with overtly Christian prayers.

          Gentile fears of economic competition played heavily into the transformation of the Inquisition into the Spanish Inquisition, which became a tool of royal control in the newly-united Spain of the 16th century. The Spaniard elite used this particular Inquisition in order to root out Jewish-descended Christians from society. These “New Christians” (or Nuevos Cristianos) operated under a heavy cloud of suspicion, going all the way back to the 13th century, when there was a broad influx of these conversos into the Christian Church. The main beef against them by the indigenous Iberian Christians was that they weren’t real Christians but engaging in crypsis, thereby being insincere. Another beef against them was that like most middleman minorities, they continued to practice ethnic networking, preferring each other in contravention to Christian universalism. This in-group preference enabled many of these conversos to rise to the top of the economic and ecclesiastical hierarchy.

          • Exactly George and much German support of Hitler initially was that they saw him in this tradition of fighting   supposed Jewish economic domination, and had no idea, or dream, of what he had in mind.  
            Of course it’s unclear to me and Hitler’s own words seem to support, that total destruction rather than emmigration was the aim, until the war.  Now that he was instrumental in causing wwii himself,  never crossed his mind, but he blamed ‘ world jewry’.  

            • Gus Gelipas says

              Jews brought economic dynamism that even Metaxas admired. Debunking the claim of “communist Jews”, Jews fleeing the bolsheviks made 1920s Iran and Romania very prosperous, causing many Greeks to emigrate there. As Thomas Sowell wrote in Ethnic Americam the Jews behave like middle class even when they were poor.

  2. GL Farmer says

    Al Sharpton reportedly had dealings with the mafia and turned FBI informant. A very dirty man.

  3. George Michalopulos says
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