Pervywood 1-9

I want to bring you all up to speed on why so many actors are playing actors in Hollywood, which could explain why some of them are just a little off (like why Matt Damon appears to be bigger and taller than he really is). 

Spoiler alert:  It’s probably not Matt Damon. 

There are 9 episodes.  The first episode is about the history of how we got here.  The rest are things you’ll recognize today.  You do not have to watch these in sequence.

Forgive Carlin’s language.  I actually saw this skit back in the day.  I didn’t understand it then, but you will.   

Not everyone is going to buy into all of this, but we found it fascinating just the same.



  1. George Michalopulos says

    Babe, nothing surprises me anymore.

    I used to be skeptical about things like the elites being part of a demonic pedophile cult. But the recent trial of Ghislaine Maxwell sealed it for me.

    Follow me:

    1. Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.
    2. Ghislaine Maxwell is the fall girl.
    3. James Comey’s daughter is the lead prosecutor in the procurement case against Maxwell.
    4. Four witnesses are brought forward to testify against Maxwell. They were the men who Maxwell procured young girls for. They are therefore criminals themselves.
    5. But their names and testimony is sealed. No one knows who these criminals are. They skate.
    6. Ghislaine goes to prison.

    This is tangential: Prince Andrew is the highest-profile felon who is named, so it was he who was thrown to the wolves. And why not? He’s very famous but he’s a prince. In other words, he has no real power. Just a celebrity. So he can take the fall.

  2. I observed that our news has been full of the fallout on the Prince. There has been nothing said about anyone connected to JE in the USA. No one has been hounded, as far as I have seen. Strange. Not one guilty person? And all those flights were empty?

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Maybe they’ll come to justice another way. Again, people are seemingly disappearing. Where are they taking them and why aren’t they coming back?