Pat Condell: America’s Moment of Truth

Pat CondellEver since I discovered Pat Condell on YouTube I’ve always liked him. Though an atheist, he reminds me a lot of Christopher Hitchens, also a moralist who was an atheist. That whole crew –Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, et al–don’t understand that atheism and moralism really don’t work together. It’s nothing but a rhetorical club to bash Christians over the head because of their own moral lapses. Someday, I’ll wax poetically on that but for now let’s just chalk that up to a character defect.

Regardless, when he’s right, he’s right. One hundred percent right. Especially when it comes to issues in which moral clarity is plain for all to see and that any counter-argument is sophistry at best.

When it comes to a nation’s sovereignty, its peoplehood, there’s really no argument and Condell lays it clearly on the line. The fact that Condell is a man of the Left makes his argument even more powerful in my opinion. Please take the time to listen to his eloquent speech.


  1. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    Thank you for not waxing (becoming) POETIC!

  2. Interesting.

    Though I agree with much of what he says, what is being advocated is a kind of status quo of decadent America as-is vs. an even more decadent globalized America.

    Is it not time to reject the notion of democratic governance in a res publica? The masses have no opinion other than that offered to them by various media in alloted proportions to produce predetermined results. If an “outsider” invaded this little mechanism and disrobed it for all the world to see, is the solution to resume life under the mechanism and new management? Maybe that’s the best than can be accomplished. Monarchy is not on the ballot.

    The thing is, it’s possible that nothing fundamentally will change regardless. Perhaps none of the errant actors operating the mechanism will be disciplined. It may be as though America briefly were allowed a peek at life outside the matrix and had no reference to orient itself, thus returning to what is comfortable.

    Now, who heads the mechanism is important. If the ideological direction of the mechanism is changing then that would certainly be significant.

    That will become apparent soon enough.

  3. More on the morally bankrupt failed former standup comedian

    • George Michalopulos says

      Whether he’s “bankrupt” or not is immaterial. Curt Cobain used drugs and despaired of his life. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a gifted musician or that he was uninsightful.

    • This passage-quote from the wiki link is interesting and I guess you can say is the atheistic mindset characteristic:

      In an interview with the Bosnian magazine Start,[50][51] Condell says his intent “is to get other people’s unprovable beliefs out of my life, and out of government, the law and education. I don’t care what people believe as long as I don’t have to keep hearing about it.”

      Well, you won’t have to “KEEP” hearing about it because you will die in not too distant future. Man’s “lifespan” is tops, somewhere thereabouts “120” years (Guinness record). “Life-expectancy” what, about 83 to 87 something thereabouts. When the Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses come a knock’n you can take their leaflet and call it a day. “In God We Trust” on coinage and currency? Well, we can’t say “in atheist pea-brain intellect we trust.” Like “life-span” man has an upper level of “IQ,” guys like Tesla, Shakespeare, Newton, Galileo, DaVinci, Michelangelo, Steve Jobs, add a contemporary, Spielberg. Then your “life-expectancy” equivalent thats lots of people with nice successful careers in all different spheres of human endeavor.

      But here you have “atheists” who think they are “smarter” than everyone else, especially when it comes to things eternal. They have rigorous unbiased intellectual evaluation capabilities backed by an IQ of .. how generous are we here, oh, lets give them 140 IQ. They demand “PROOF”!! .. Ok. Lets get a mirror and have the atheist look at himself in the mirror and ask, do you exist? Sure. Ok. We agree on something. Then we can go on about all the invisible things we know to exist but can’t “see” but do they exist? Yes! Even though the “visible proof” is not there. Feelings, emotions, intuitions, electrons, peptides, radio waves etc.

      Atheists usually are always Evolutionists. Gold never evolved. Nope. Gold is gold the Earth was Created with one finite amount of it there never were evolutionary transformations that formed gold. So atheists don’t know a lot of things. Yet they act like they think they can interpret everything as “proof” of something or not. They believe all reality has to be provable to their mental intellectual senses understandings. They’re just potato bugs in the overall scheme of things.

      • Atheists look at life like its a battery. Life span 120 years/volts. Some are reliable, car batteries, others, Samsung. Some batteries that lived an honorable service get recycled but thats not “re-incarnation” thats your battery parts forming “battery fossil fuel” for future generation batteries so its really depressing, no hope, and funk man, atheists have nothing to look forward to.

        • And of course the Christian Belief is we are all plugged into the wall socket.
          Forever. So thats right thats actually the Orthodox teaching you have to be able to channel the energy, easier said than done, Saints have that expertise.

  4. Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

    Moment of truth? Sounds like time for FINAL ELECTION PREDICTIONS.
    Clinton 323 EV, Trump 215 EV
    Clinton 48.9%, Trump 43.6%, Johnson 4.8%, Stein 1.8%