Parents, School Boards & Other “Domestic Terrorists”

Welcome back to The Steve Bannon Is Right Again Show! 

For those of you who had “Ordinary People Are Now Terrorists” on your bingo card, you can scratch it off now.

Our esteemed Attorney General, the Honorable Merrick Garland, has now deemed parents of school age children to be “domestic terrorists”.  You can read it for yourself right here:

Now, some of the pharisaically minded of you might say “George, there has been some hubbub at some of these PTA/school board meetings.  Some of the office-holders may feel threatened.”

To which I will gently respond:  “Horse sh!t!  What the hell do you think happened all last year in scores of American cities?!?!!  A year-long memorial service for George Floyd?”  Where was the FBI then, when things were going to hell in a hand-basket?  I’ll tell you where they were:  attending symposia on Critical Race Theory and memorizing pronouns!  That’s where!

Or, I could be really snarky and say:  “These meetings look ‘mostly peaceful’ to me”.  Better yet, I’ll turn the snark off and get right to the point:  with this memo,  the Administration is signaling that they are going the full Bolshie. 

Mind you, I’m not fearful but I am concerned.   After all, the full force of the Federal government is not something to sneeze at.   You know, Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc.  

So why am I not fearful?  Is it because this is America and Leninism “can’t happen here”?  No, not at all.  It’s because the Democrats running the show are full-tilt crazy.  Lenin, wasn’t.  Not only can they not pass a budget when they control both Houses of Congress as well as the Presidency but they’ve totally neutered the military with all their insane social experiments.  

Whatever else you could say about the Bolsheviks, they were not hesitant to unleash terror on the Russian people.   No sirree Bob, they proved that in July of 2018 when they brutally murdered the Czar and his entire family in cold blood. 

And that was just their opening act.  

Our Progressives today think guns are icky.  They would never stoop to actually getting their hands dirty.  It’s one thing to eat an omelet, it’s quite another to actually make one.  That’s a job for the help.  

Which leaves them with a problem, which is this:  will the people who have to do the skull-cracking be willing to do it?  As I wrote recently, the military and the police forces are the wild card.  Five years ago, I would have said that they were on the side of the People, what I call the Deep Country, and would therefore refuse to carry out any insane, unlawful, and unconstitutional orders.

Now, I’m not so sure.  St Hussein did a great job in clearing all the patriots out of the top brass and our culture has accommodated the cultural marxification of the Federal government.  That includes the military as well.

But then Kabul happened. 

And in less than 48 hours, we saw Humpty Dumpty fall off the ledge and break into thousands of pieces.  The Lockdown Liberals may not be upset, ensconced as they are in their cushy Beltway Mcmansions, but the military is demoralized.  At least those who do the actual fighting.

So now, I’d say that the “tooth” of the Deep State is –at best–a wild card.  Which is to say that I don’t think that they can count on them to do their bidding.  

This would include the FBI as well.  They’re the ones who are going to have to do the heavy lifting.  From what I hear, only those jackanapes on the seventh floor of the J Edgar Hoover Building are still boning up on their BLM literature.  The rest are looking for ways out.

Then there’s the fact that the Deep State has made several massive unforced errors.  One of them is this whole vaccine mandate business.  They have gone out of their way to alienate big chunks of their base.  In New York State alone, the new governor is actually firing close to seventy thousand health care workers because they won’t get the jab.  

Think of this, in the middle of a “pandemic”, a governor is getting rid of thousands of the most important people you need to help fight it.  Does this even make sense?  And she’s not simply firing them, she’s denying them unemployment benefits.  If a Republican did that, he would be roasted alive.  As well he should be.

And now black people are refusing to get the jab.  At 70 percent, blacks are the single largest demographic that are “vaccine hesitant”.  In New York City alone, restaurants and other public places are almost devoid of black customers.  They’ve actually come up with a name for it:  “Jim Crovid”.  

Now, leaving aside the morality of mandatory vaccinations for the time being, doesn’t anybody in the higher-ups of the Democrat Party see how self-destructive this is?  

Take for example all the health care workers in New York State:  does anybody think that these people are all MAGA types?  I’d say no more than 5 percent voted for Trump.  As for blacks, Trump got only 15 percent of the black vote.  That means that 85 percent of the 70 percent of blacks who refuse to take the jab are Democrats.  

That means that the Democrat governor of New York State, has crapped all over two of the biggest –and most reliable–constituencies of her party.   How is this not insane?

Look, cards on the table:  Joe Biden made a huge, strategic error when he became president.  His first executive order should have been to lift all COVID restrictions, to sing “Happy Days Are Here Again!” at full throttle.  (For those who may not know, that’s the unofficial anthem of the Democrat Party.)

In other words, proclaim a jubilee of happiness and frivolity now that Orange Hitler was sent packing.  The economy would roar and Biden would be sitting at 65 percent approval ratings, instead of 40. 

But no.  Instead he listened to the Deep Staters who knew what a good thing they had with the lockdowns.  If by “good” you mean keeping decent, hard-working, patriotic Americans permanently locked down and living in fear, then the pandemic was your ticket.  And so, Biden listened to the teachers’ and other government workers unions and said we got to extend this thing for the foreseeable future.  After all, they still got paid for sitting the pandemic out.

Now, I could keep on waxing poetically about Biden, his mistakes and the sheer awfulness of the Deep State, but that wasn’t the point of this essay.  The issue at hand (as I see it), is whether the Deep State has the cojones  to go the full Bolshie on us.  My initial take is that they do not.  And not just because they’re as soyified as the rest of us but because they don’t have the smarts to do so.  

There’s an old riddle that goes like this:  “What’s the difference between Communists and liberals?  Answer:  the Communists knew what they were doing.”

Anyway, let’s hope that this is the case.  



  1. July 2018?

    • George Michalopulos says

      The mass murder of Czar Nicholas II and his family.

      • July 1918.

        I once got tickled listening to Russians visiting for a baptism at my church talk about liberals and communists all being the same people. It’s true, but you don’t hear it said so plainly and forthrightly, sincerely really, on a daily basis here in the US. Of course, they should know. And that’s why you are hearing those who survived the communist horror living in the US going off like canaries in a mine regarding what’s happening now.

        But it also bears saying that “a liberal is simply a socialist who lacks the courage of his convictions”. But they are getting bolder. The coup against Trump was quite bold and their push for federal voting reform is an attempt to normalize massive fraud. If it is still possible to stop them, and I believe it is, this will not be the case for much longer.

        What is in doubt is whether there is any force on the right willing to impose a dominant party system, replacing everyone in the government and military necessary to do so. It is also unclear how the public will react to such a prospect when it becomes clear that that is where things are heading.

        Where there is a will, there is a way.

      • I think you meant July 1918. 🙂

        At least I hope there was no further regicide in 2018 – this world needs more monarchs, not fewer.

  2. We can be thankful now that Mitch McConnell was able to thwart Barry Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to fill an empty seat on the supreme court. At least that bullet was safely dodged.

    • George Michalopulos says

      That’s why ultimately, I can’t find too much fault with Cocaine Mitch. Truthfully, if he didn’t set that stratagem into play (keeping the Scalia seat open), then Trump might not have won in 2016. When Trump promised that he would nominate only judges from the Federalist Society, that galvanized constitutional conservatives to come out in droves and vote for him. (Previously, they were the most hesitant.)

  3. Jon Rapoport: Where Is the Biden Executive
    Order Mandating the Vaccine? Does It Exist?

    ‘ I’m talking about the Executive Order (EO) commanding all US companies with more than 100 employees to mandate the COVID vaccine for those employees.

    I can’t find the EO. I don’t see it in the Federal Register, where it’s supposed to be published.

    If it hasn’t been published, then there is no mandate. …

    Governors and lawyers have been threatening to sue, because the EO is unconstitutional and overrides state powers. But if there is no Presidential EO, then all these legal cases would be meaningless, because, again, there is no official mandate.

    Is the White House stalling? Do they realize the EO and the mandate will be overturned in court? Are they hoping to achieve corporate compliance without an official mandate? … ‘

    If Joe Biden attempted to enforce his will by means of extralegal threats,
    would that not make him him and his enforcers domestic terrorists?

    • Lexcaritas says

      Nonetheless, corporations are doing it. We have clients who are and losing a few employees. I have son-in-law and son who face last days of employment on 11/22 and 12/8. One has chronic Lyme disease the other proven antibodies. Both have religious objections. None of this matters. Together they have eleven dependents. lxc

      • Indeed. The USA is no longer ruled by law,
        but by fiat. The law is: “Don’t do as we do. Do as we say.”

        Once upon a time, Americans started a revolution for less…

        • Gail Sheppard says

          We’re working on it. My how the rules have changed.

        • Brendan,
          How are things in Scotland? For awhile it seemed like Britain was getting pretty harsh but now I feel like I don’t hear about it anymore. It’s all Australia and Canada, with America trying desperately to catch up.

          • ” MACDUFF:
            Stands Scotland where it did?

            Alas, poor country!
            Almost afraid to know itself… ”

            [Macbeth – Act IV, Sc 3]

            A small majority was scared into voting NO to independence in 2014,
            when the arguments were fought purely on economic grounds.
            A larger majority was scared into voting STAY (as against Brexit),
            when the arguments were again fought on economic grounds;
            but were fortunately outmatched by the UK (English) majority.
            Now 76% have had one jag and 69% have had two (as of 10/10/20);
            having been scared into it by the same lying media as before,
            while the economy collapses as a direct result of government policy.

            Meanwhile the governing “Scottish National Party” has been hijacked
            by self-seeking LGBTQwerty “progressivist” activists,
            in thrall to the Open Borders ideologies of the likes of George Soros.
            Independence appears to be the last thing on their minds.

            Some twenty or so years ago, Pat Buchanan wrote that:
            “Scotland is becoming a very dark place.”
            Indeed, she is living down to her name.

            Still, though the Evangelist says:
            … τὸ φῶς ἐν τῇ σκοτίᾳ φαίνει, καὶ ἡ σκοτία αὐτὸ οὐ κατέλαβεν
            … the light in Scotland shines and Scotland grasped it not
            some of us retain our faith.

      • George Michalopulos says

        We will pray for them, Lex.

        • …as will I, Lex. I am in the same boat as them, though with less to fear financially, thank God.

          One has chronic Lyme disease the other proven antibodies…. None of this matters.

          The “science” these tyrants insist we believe in is conveniently ignored when it doesn’t suit their agenda. The whole point (ostensibly) of these mandates is to keep an employee from spreading the disease to others. Yet they ignore the clear science that that the ‘vaccine’ lacks this ability and have no concern whatsoever for those who have contraindicating medical conditions.

          They “care about our health.” Yeah…sure they do.

          It is evil, pure and simple. Lies within lies within still more lies wrapped in the deepest darkness of hell promoted by the very same people who insist that “health decisions (abortion) are a private matter between a woman and her doctor.”

  4. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. Although that is probably hate speech now.

  5. Say the J-word, George.

    You know, Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc.

    After the Oklahoma City bombing, there was no more Waco or Ruby Ridge. Just pointing that fact out.

    It’s because the Democrats running the show are full-tilt crazy.

    You’re only looking at this humanly. There are demonic forces behind all this. Mohammed was also full-tilt crazy.

    So now, I’d say that the “tooth” of the Deep State is –at best–a wild card. Which is to say that I don’t think that they can count on them to do their bidding.

    That’s what rioters are for.

    Now, leaving aside the morality of mandatory vaccinations for the time being, doesn’t anybody in the higher-ups of the Democrat Party see how self-destructive this is?

    The implication is that you expect Democrats to not be self destructive.

    The issue at hand (as I see it), is whether the Deep State has the cojones to go the full Bolshie on us. My initial take is that they do not. And not just because they’re as soyified as the rest of us but because they don’t have the smarts to do so.

    You misunderstand the nature of evil. They absolutely will go full Bolshevik, not because they have a grand master plan, but just because they hate us for the sake of hatred itself. Why are you expecting these people to be rational?

    Nor do they have to worry about future elections. That’s the whole point in having a brutal police state. The Bolsheviks were not worried about popularity ratings.

  6. Antiochene Son says

    This is real. I know someone locally who blew up at a recent school board meeting on masks and he was visited by FBI agents earlier this week. We are living in open tyranny now, people. Everything you read about happening in the nasty Soviet Union in the 1950s is happening TODAY in your red, white, and blue Murrica.

    Yet, despite the anger of many parents at the meeting, ultimately they decided it “wouldn’t be Christian” to cause too much of a fuss. Nobody wants to play hardball in creative ways or “hurt the school,” so they’re largely going to go along with it anyway. They blew off their steam, and now it’s masks back on.

    What conservatives need to learn is: speech means nothing. Going to speak at the school board meeting is useless, and if you lose your temper the Feds WILL show up at your house. They will show you their power and you will shut up. Raw power is the only thing that matters, and the only way we are going to win is to take power.

    • George Michalopulos says

      I don’t disagree at all. And I am acutely aware that many conservatives revert to “but we’re Christians and Christians don’t act like this” form.

      Having said that, there’s always a breaking point. It’s just that right now we don’t known where that point lies. If on the other hand things just plod along then it’ll be into an oblivious state. A whimper, not a bang. And then it won’t matter.

      • George,

        After WWI and especially after WWII there seems to have been a conscious emasculation of Western Christianity including an absolutizing of Christ’s exhortations to love one’s enemies and turn the other cheek. Stripped of context, such sentiments form a barrier to the healthy exercise of masculinity. There had been a tendency toward this feminization in Western Christianity since at least the Enlightenment, possibly the Reformation itself. It has found its way into the modernist Orthodox jurisdictions in the West to varying extents.

        It is a terminal illness if left untreated. We all try to do our part who recognize it. It is the cult of Christian “niceness”. Essentially it is semi-Marcionite and based on an irrational lie regarding the relationship between the biblical testaments. Yahweh, Zealous and Wrathful, God 1.0 is replaced by Christ, Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild, God 2.0.

        It’s bullsh*t. Indefensible, illogical bullsh*t. But it’s a sickly, lingering feeling within Western Christianity that bodes ill for its future. For God 2.0 is impotent and open to being replaced by God 3.0 (the God of Woke-ism, I assume). God 1.0 is the real God, though He also is love. The entirety of Christ’s significance depends on His identity as the Son of this God and as God Himself.

        Absent God 1.0, there is no Christ, just an early forerunner of Gandhi.

    • I wish Christians held in their hearts more of the images of Jesus doing what He did so well. Turning over the money lenders tables and goods in the Temple. Rebuking the Devil in the desert. Taking on demons and the hordes of darkness. You know, the fiery Jesus. The Jesus who is coming with a sword to divide families, the “I am come not to bring peace but a sword” Jesus. The Jesus who is descending with armies from the sky to separate out God’s people from those who aren’t part of His Kingdom. The Jesus we call on to “Grant Orthodox Christians victory over their adversaries!” Yes we all love Frodo Jesus, but we need a bit more Aragon Jesus right about now.

    • “Going to speak at the school board meeting is useless, and if you lose your temper the Feds WILL show up at your house. They will show you their power and you will shut up.”

      Shut up then, and quietly act instead. Parents can cripple the system by withdrawing their children from the school system, and homeschooling them instead. Move states if need be, give up a career or dual incomes, whatever it takes, if you value it enough.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        These are hard choices but at the end of the day, you have to protect your child.

        This stuff is really bad. The injections have graphene oxide in them, random shards of mental, and a creature called Hydra Vulgaris that can literally reassemble itself so it will never die. If you put it in a blender it can put itself back together. These are the things they’ve introduced into the vaccine.

        If their true intent was to innoculate people to save lives, it wouldn’t kill more people than it protects since people are no longer covered after 6 months.

        I have a close friend. I BEGGED him not to take it and he did it anyway. He said he’d be fine because a “Christian” injected it into him. This was several months ago. I understand he had to be tied to the bed in ICU for 4 or 5 days because of seizures. I think Myocardiotits can start with seizures.

        Previously, I knew a few people who got COVID. Now I know more than a few very well of those who took the vaccine are now having trouble. A girl I grew up with whom I knew very well seemed complete “off” mentally. Nothing I could say or do would please her. She kept saying her husband was putting his entire fist in his mouth and then have a seizure. (He took the vaccine, too.) I never saw it but she says he does it all the time. – I don’t know what’s going to happen to them.

        I have heard that a good portion of the batches we’re filled with saline. I pray this is true. If you have taken the shots, you really can’t afford to get COVID because that jumpstarts your immune system and it will attack everywhere your cells have made those spike proteins.

        I hesitate to tell you this because I don’t know if this will make a difference, but they did a study on me and I was told I am missing cytokines. This makes it extremely unlikely that I could die from COVID. There are supplements that reduce cytokines. They may help with respect to lowering the intensity of the cytokine storms. This is what I’d be taking if I didn’t have this unique problem with not having them at all.
        Unfortunately, the downside of being in my position means I have fibromyalgia with all the sleep disorders that come with it and a LOT of pain. Every single blood and urine test shows I have optimal profiles for a woman 40 years younger than me. So I’m really healthy but suffer incredible pain. We all have our crosses.

        • Wow, I had never heard of the Hydra Vulgaris in the vaccine and will do some research into that. Could our times be any more Sci Fi?

          • Gail Sheppard says

            Me either. Can you imagine these creatures getting cut up into tiny pieces to get themselves into a form so small it can be injected into your system and entegrate by reassembling itself into its former self? It’s seemingly alive forever In your body. It keeps populating and makes more and more of itself until . . . well, no one knows the answer to this either? Again, I don’t know?

            • Sorry ladies, but this hydra business just doesn’t make sense. It is many, many times the size of even the largest cell in the human body, which is the female ovum. It can literally be seen with the naked eye. No matter how much you cut it up, you won’t get it to fit inside a cell (not even, through a typical syringe needle), or for that matter make it able to survive inside the human body if you imagine it running loops inside your circulatory system. The Hydra Vulgaris is a small freshwater animal, related to the jellyfish. It will not survive in your bloodstream, or inside cells in your body, and certainly won’t be able to get to your brain.

              This hydra business, along with the graphene oxide stuff, seems to have been cooked up by people that have no knowledge of microbiology or of organic chemistry. When one has the slightest bit of knowledge in these areas, the stuff that is claimed reads as absolute nonsense.

              • Gail Sheppard says

                This “hydro business” is about nanoparticles.

                Conceivably, just one part of a Hydra Vulgaris could be dehydrated, crumbled up and put into a vaccine before it’s frozen. When you bring the vaccine back to room temperature and look at it under a microscope, it would explain the “blobs” they are seeing. Instead of lipids, it could be the Hydra Vulgaris rehydrating itself, and growing into its former body. (In science journals they talk about them looking like “blobs” when they do this.) If true, everywhere they reconstitute themselves would hurt, immensely, which is why so many people report excruciating pain in specific places, e.g., a single arm, one side of the head, in their legs, etc.

                Hydra Vulgaris eat shrimp, I am told. Maybe they eat platelets, too, which is why people are coming into the ER with thrombocytopenia. If they cross the blood/brain barrier, maybe they eat brain tissue, which is why people are having strokes!!! The whole “reconstitution” part could definitely result in damage to the body.

                It would also explain why so many people have these symptoms hours to days after injection, as a rule.

                Who can know what they’re doing or why but getting the stuff into a syringe and injecting it would not be the hard part.

                • This “hydro business” is about nanoparticles


                  It’s helpful to understand differences in scale. A nanometer is one thousandth of a micrometer. A micrometer then is one thousandth of a millimeter (and a nanometer is one millionth of a millimeter). So, our subject – the hydra vulgaris – measures about a millimeter across, and is typically 20-30 millimeters long. That is, it can be seen with the unaided eye. At the same time a typical cell is 10-100 micrometers in diameter – this is already too small to see. This is why I said you would have a hard time putting any piece of a hydra, no matter how small, inside a cell. Now you’re saying we’re dealing with things on a nanometric scale, which is typically used to describe things on an atomic scale. That means tens to hundreds of times smaller than the very smallest single cells. This would mean we had to cut the poor hydra vulgaris to a point where it’s size is now below a single cell (while a hydra consists of many hundreds and thousands of cells), and at this point we can’t really call it a hydra vulgaris or anything at all really since it wouldn’t have any of the most basic ingredients that make up an animal cell. That would be like taking apart the Empire State Building to a level of individual bricks, and then taking one of those bricks and calling it the Empire State Building.

                  Everything I’ve read about the hydra’s near magical abilities of reconstructing itself, involved cutting it in half, or perhaps a few times in succession, but not hundreds or thousands of times as implied by your comment.

                • I had my annual medical checkup Friday and during the conversation I asked how the office was treating covid cases. I was told, “ Only by zoom.” “Will you prescribe Ivermectin”, I asked. No, I was told. That is only for parasites.

                  Then I read about the possibility of this creature called Hydra Vulgaris here.

                  Any connection between injecting a parasite and shutting down the availability of obtaining a parasite medicine like Ivermectin?

                  • Gail Sheppard says
                    • Gail, et al: as a health professional, I consider it nothing less than medical malpractice to not prescribe drugs that have at least some proven efficacy.

                      And I would think it unconscionable to purposely withhold information from the public because a more expensive drug is in the pipeline.

                  • ” ‘Will you prescribe Ivermectin’, I asked. No, I was told. That is only for parasites.”

                    Saying Ivermectin is for parasites is like saying the main use of water is for flushing toilets. Ivermectin is one of the few Zinc ionophores, along with Hydroxychloroquine, and Quercetin, allowing your cells to absorb more Zinc, disrupting viral replication. There’s no profit, depopulation, transhumanism, and Mark of the Beast type vaccine passport systems in off patent treatments that are cheap, safe, and effective.

              • Thanks, Dan. But I’m wondering WHY they found Hydra Vulgaris in vaccine vials in independent testing? From what I’ve read, reputable doctors have found those organisms in the vaccine. Regardless of what you think about the rest of it, the important question is actually why are they there?

                • Gail Sheppard says

                  “Hydra has become one of the most studies organisms due to its ability to regenerate even after being cut in half or being put in a blender and centrifuged.”

                  They use them in regeneration studies. They’re like stem cells that never die.

                  • With all due respect Gail, the three links you provided provide no further proof, while the websites themselves are highly suspect. In example, the first one is littered with ads for snake oil treatments like “Native American health secret” and “hydro nano oxygenated water”.

                    It looks like the claims made by the osteopath Dr. Carrie Madej, are largely behind each one of those news stories you linked. The only other mention of hydras in vials, is supported by this following statement: “The information around the researcher and circumstances is being kept anonymous currently to protect the source.” That is just BS.

                    What’s contained in those links does not pass a minimal “sniff test” to even start a serious discussion. At a minimum, what they had to do to be taken seriously was show themselves taking an untampered-with vial, opening it in a way that precludes contamination, inspecting it under a microscope, and then posting a picture of the result. If they saw graphene oxide tubes or little squids in there, we should be able to see it for ourselves. For some reason, they could not do this.

                    • Gail Sheppard says

                      RE: “The information around the researcher and circumstances is being kept anonymous currently to protect the source.” That is just BS.”


                    • Dan “inspecting it under a microscope, and then posting a picture of the result. If they saw graphene oxide tubes or little squids in there, we should be able to see it for ourselves. For some reason, they could not do this.”

                      This is what I would call the Guttenberg Effect.

                      After inventing the printing press, Europe was flooded with a surplus of weird and eccentric ideas.

                      Internet is a printing press on steroids. Everyone, even the most bizarre lunatic can gather following.

                    • Gail Sheppard says

                      My job is not to prove anything to anyone. I provide information. That’s it.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      And you do a very good job of it my Dear!

                      Seriously, all we can do at this point is give out the necessary information and hope that it reaches those who want/desire/need it.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Dan, I’m curious: why do you call Dr Madej an “osteopath”?

      • Antiochene Son says

        Myst – I have relatives with kids in the school. It’s a private school, so I suggested all the angry parents get organized and withhold their tuition payments. The school doesn’t have the administrative staff to go after hundreds of delinquent families, so such an action would rapidly bring the administration to its knees.

        But no, that would “not be Christian.” That would “hurt the school.” Well, if you think the school is hurting your kids, what’s more important?

        They also could have organized to demand the resignation of the school board, or, since a quorum was present, made a motion to dismiss the school board. There are mechanisms to get things done, but it takes strength, willpower, and knowledge to accomplish it. And getting organized, which conservatives are really terrible at — to their continual detriment.

        Going to a meeting and telling the board members to watch their backs is just stupid. You have to act in a strategic and smart fashion, not make empty threats that will land you in jail.

  7. George Michalopulos says

    Here’s why I think the DOJ directive was an unforced error (or is it a desperation gambit?):

  8. I distinctly remember the FBI being all over this:

    Or not…
    Protest for me. Terrorism for thee.

    • Yes, it is really me…the Brian. Good to be back. Thank you Gail and George for clearing up the confusion.

  9. Attending physician, Dr. Daniel Nagase,
    saved lives from Covid, until the authorities in Alberta
    relieved him of his duties. Listen to his account of the heinous
    criminal acts upon dying patients in his rural Alberta hospital!

    Remember Nuremberg – for they are at it again!

    [Video – 09:12]

    • Unmitigated and absolute evil. God bless Dr. Nagase for insisting on being a human being.

      Lies, lies, and more lies. “We have our policies. Let them die.”

      I refuse to participate in lies any longer. There can be no more compromise.

  10. Billy Prempeh:
    “We will not be your Vaccine guinea pigs anymore.”

    “Dear White Liberals …
    I thought black lives matter.”

    [Video – 02:20]

  11. Somebody had to have thought this thing up in order for it to play out as it has.

    Someone in a think tank or, more likely, in a Democratic back room (like Carville, for instance), sat down and asked themselves how can the Dems take power and seal the deal, so to speak. The hysteria over Covid, the vaccine, etc. – all of it has the feel of scripted kabuki through which we must pass in order to get to . . . their objective. The crazy memes about people who don’t take the virus seriously being murderers, or that those who refuse the vaccine are public enemies, unworthy of organ transplants, education or admission to nice clubs . . . this is all theater. No one in his right mind believes in such inanities except those feigning belief for the purposes of accruing dominance over others.

    The Achilles heel is that the Constitution allows wide discretion to the states to regulate under its police powers public health, safety and morals: Normally, this only comes into play in times of public emergencies or for general health purposes (mandatory sewer connections, condemnations, etc.). However a “pandemic” is just the sort of manufactured crisis which would allow otherwise unconstitutional tyrannical behavior to occur at the state level in the interest of prophylaxis. The flaw is that there is no objective standard for risk tolerance.

    And if it were a real pandemic, with an illness having a significant mortality rate for the average person, then some of what we have seen might be warranted. However, in this instance, with a mortality indistinguishable from influenza, it is simply an open, totalitarian power grab launched by liberals and leftists terrified at the prospect of a Trump second term, ending their cultural and political hegemony.

    These years will be remembered as the years of American Madness, probably starting in March, 2020. This is a time in which objective truth became irrelevant to a whole cross section of the political spectrum and dishonest schemes and hoaxes became the norm in the political polemic. The hoaxes on display at present:

    1. “Climate Change”
    2. Russian Collusion
    3. Covid and its vaccines
    4. “The Big Lie” lie, aka The Steal
    5. Competent Joe

    I’m sure there are others. But this web of bald face, easily demonstrable-as-such lies are the social water in which we are bade to swim. That is on top of the lies behind “systemic racism”, feminism, LGBT, etc.

    It is truly amazing that anyone remains sane. I’m reminded of the beginning of Red Heat where Arnold takes the fresh morning edition of Pravda and immediately puts it in the birdcage for his parakeet.

    • cynthia curran says

      Well, I guess Mississippi where that thinking on the left is less popular took a company away from San Diego. Who says the south is so bad.

  12. Why do they test their jags on children?

    Meryl Nass MD – Live Streaming from
    Polish Parliament – 2nd October 2021

    [Video – 08:25]

    “A cynic (or perhaps a wise man) might say that the FDA has colluded
    with COVID vaccine companies to sacrifice children on the altar
    of six months of additional profits. …

    … when you want to test a dangerous product on children,
    whose children do you use?”

  13. US Government Collapsing and We’re
    Pretending It’s Not – News Update!

    [Video- 08:23]


    It seems the National Archives flagged the US Constitution as containing ‘harmful material’.
    Meanwhile, across the Pond, The Lancet has described women as “Bodies With Vaginas”.
    This is so inclusive it does not distinguish between the quick and the dead…

  14. Gad Saad (on Tucker Carlson):

    “If we can activate our inner honey badger and speak in unison
    we’ll get rid of these parasitic ideas by next Tuesday.
    If we don’t, it’ll be a slow train-ride to Hell…”

    Honey badger ? Can’t keep him down…

    [Video – 04:11]

  15. “No” of Greek fighters to forced embolism:
    Special forces and pilots lead

    ‘ More than 50% of the officers of the Navy’s Underwater Disaster Unit (UMC) refuse to be impregnated with the experimental preparation called “vaccine” against Covid-19!

    According to data published by defencenet. gr (we do not want to mention the exact number, but only the percentages), the most special and select unit of the Greek Armed Forces resists to the end the vaccination and its executives reject the pressures so far.

    The attitude of the MYK executives, but also of other special units (sounds similar, though not so high percentage, in the EDF, the Select Parachute Department of the Army) was a key element in “convincing” the government not to generalize its measure forced holiday without salary of civil servants, as the country would lose 40-50% of the Armed Forces executives.

    Also, 40% of PA pilots do not receive compulsory vaccination.

    At the same time , a large number of unvaccinated civilian staff have returned to the GNA at the invitation of the Directorate, as the services simply “do not come out” and the hospital does not operate.

    Respectively, the same happens in NNA, the hospital of PN.

    Especially in the Navy, the fighters of the first line, of the warships, that is, resist the forced vaccination.

    On the other hand, a Greek non-commissioned officer was arrested in the early hours of Sunday on his return to Greece from the Skopje border, on the grounds of violating the health protocols regarding the coronavirus.

    According to information, the 40-year-old did not have a vaccination or illness certificate, nor the negative rapid test that according to the current regulations he must have in order to enter the country. Unless of course he is an illegal immigrant in which case there is no problem and no fine.

    In fact, according to the same information, the non-commissioned officer – as well as his foreign wife – refused to undergo a rapid test at the country’s borders, as a result of which they were arrested and fined 5,000 euros!

    The couple was arrested and fined.

    In addition to the case, the Military Judge was arrested and asked for the non-commissioned officer to appear before him. That means a strong Armed Forces! ‘

    The general rule of thumb for Greek governments for decades has been:
    Don’t mess with the military!
    This may not end well…

  16. Auditing Britain: Powerless

    [Video – 19:36]

    Police Person: We are here to protect and serve the community.
    AB: I don’t need protecting. Serve? Go and get me a coffee, a cappucino…

  17. “Dan, I’m curious: why do you call Dr Madej an “osteopath”?”

    George, I’m sorry – I could not reply under your post since the thread had become too long. I didn’t really mean anything by it, since it’s just the way she’s introduced in most of the articles where her “revelations” are cited. I just actually googled her, and it looks like her full title is Osteopathic Internal Medicine Doctor. I don’t want to get started on how osteopathy is the same quackery as homeopathy, chiropractic, etc. For this, one could read what the American Medical Association, or the American Association of Medical Colleges has been saying about them for the last century.

    My point was simple, and that’s that a person that has no background in a subject was making very far reaching claims. The analogy would be, I suppose, asking a tire repair specialist if he wanted to take a crack at reconditioning your totaled transmission. Hopefully you recognize that this would not be a wise approach.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      And who would have a “background in all this stuff?”

      A doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.) is a fully trained and licensed doctor who has attended and graduated from a U.S. osteopathic medical school. A doctor of medicine (M.D.) has attended and graduated from a conventional medical school. After medical school, both M.D.s and D.O.s must complete residency training in their chosen specialties. They must also pass the same licensing examination before they can treat people and prescribe medications.

      Dr. Madej is but one of many who have been reporting on COVID and the vaccines.

      There is also Dr. Jane Ruby, Dr. Robert Malone (who created the platform for the messenger RNA vaccines), Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Zelenko (who had treated 6000 Covid patients), Dr. David Martin, Dr. Michael Yeadon (former Pfizer VP), Peter A. McCullough, Dr. Christiane Northrup, and several doctors who are anti-vax across the board. There are also 57 leading scientists, doctors, and policy experts who have released a report calling in to question the safety and efficacy of the current Covid-19 vaccines and are now calling for an immediate end to all vaccine programs.

      If you have nothing specific to add, we’ll stop the conversation here. We’re aware of your opinions. Thank you.

  18. This is interesting. In a nutshell, it explains the disarray of the Democrats at present due to tactical failures of their intelligentsia.

    The essayist takes the long view that their electoral ceiling for the Democrats was in 2008, when they had 60 in the Senate.

  19. I thought of this post the other day when I was reading about a member of a local school board who had resigned because they were tired of having their car and house vandalized, dead animals left in their driveway, etc. The fruits of Bannon indeed. The school boards aren’t the tyrants in this story, neither are the FBI. It’s theses people, the guy ‘losing his head’, or rather, trying to push the envelope to intimidate and threaten people trying to serve their community.

    Naturally, these would-be tyrants aren’t operating purely organically:

  20. Shock: The carcinogenic ethylene oxide was found
    in the swabs of the rapid test of Covid-19!

    ‘ Shock! The absolute confirmation of the “sprayed”. The swabs used for PCR and Rapid tests actually contain ethylene oxide, a carcinogenic and mutagenic substance, banned by the European Union.

    The AlarmCall team performed a laboratory analysis of rapid test sampling swabs for CoViD-19 sterilized with Ethylene Oxide (sterilized EO – Ethylene Oxide) in an accredited laboratory.

    Laboratory analysis showed the existence of the prohibited carcinogen, mutagenic and toxic substance at a concentration level 36 times above the detection limit of the method used. The detection method used is based on the German standard L53.00-11999-11 with analysis in GC-EAD gas chromatography system.

    According to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), Ethylene Oxide is a banned substance with zero limit because it has been identified and classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic.

    Foods in which any amount of Ethylene Oxide is detected are immediately withdrawn from the market for reasons of public health safety according to official documents of the Republic of Cyprus.

    The swabs used for this laboratory test are of the same type as those used and / or widely used in public and / or private hospitals and laboratories.

    In view of the above laboratory results dangerous to public health, the following reasonable questions arise:

    How much risk of carcinogenesis and mutations are children and adults exposed to from regular contact with this dangerous substance? According to the current decrees of the Ministry. KD Health must perform this medical examination at least 121 times per year.

    Who are the competent bodies of KD that are in charge of checking and certifying the suitability of the medical equipment that is used regularly and en masse for the management of the CoViD-19 pandemic?

    Has the level of concentration of this dangerous substance in medical equipment used to manage the CoViD-19 pandemic since March 2020 been checked by the competent bodies of KD?

    There has been an analysis of risk, danger and consequences for citizens belonging to vulnerable groups (children and pregnant women) and not, who are obliged under the decrees of the Ministry. KD Health to carry out this medical examination regularly and en masse from March 2020?

    Why are foods in which any amount of Ethylene Oxide is detected immediately withdrawn from the market, while the same is not done for medical equipment that comes in direct contact with internal tissues of the respiratory tract? ‘

    As Elizabeth Barrett Browning didn’t write:
    How shall we kill thee? Let us count the ways…

  21. “Yeah, all those darned right-wingers who destroyed Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Chiraq, Louisville, etc, last year.”

    We can go further than that, 2016 (3:54 to end of video):

    And compare how the brave “protesters” took over a Senate building, broke in and “demonstrated” on the floor during ongoing Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, right next to lawmakers, and nobody was even killed:

    The rule of law in the USA is dead, if you’re a Leftist you can literally murder random people driving down the road in cold blood, be protected by the police/DA/city-council/mayor/governor/judges/etc, and praised by the media.

  22. cynthia curran says

    Well, we are not help by some of the right liking big cities. David Bahnsen of National Review comes to mine. He is even worst than Kevin Williamson. Bahnsen problem is growing gup in Orange County Ca when it was more republican and trying to impressed the left by liking New York City. He has an investment company in both Newport Beach and New York City. The dude really thinks that NYC could become moderate in politics like the election of Eric Admans, black democratic, but New Yorkers are far more intolerant than leftist even in California. Why because I told them that high housing cost is why they NYC are jobs to Plano Texas. Well, iwas called a bot and that New York City is wealthier and has a larger population than Plano. Yup, open to moderates, huh. In fact while Bahnsen is against the woke stuff supporting New York City even over Orange County Ca means this stuff will stay alive. New York along with Seattle, San Fransico is where this stuff came from. This episode with the New York post with New Yorkers calling me a bot is one reason why NYC even has a lower rating with me than LA does.

  23. In refutation of Critical Race Theory,
    here is Your Song For Today:

  24. Virginia was a clean sweep for Republicans and New Jersey may get a Republican governor (which no one expected).

    Difficult to overestimate the significance of this. Up until now, we did not know if the Establishment was even going to let us win in relatively unrigged contests. Trump was 4-0 last night. That should reassure many of us that election reform is working. 95% of poll watching positions were filled in Virginia. The normal in a presidential election year is about a third, twenty percent in an off year. There seem to have been some feeble attempts and cheating, not sure the extent. But the margin was prohibitive. We’ll have to see in New Jersey as there is likely to be a recount, possibly audit.

    Manchin has already stated that the big reconciliation bill (“1.75 trillion” which is perhaps half the actual cost) is a collection of accounting gimmicks which won’t get his vote. If the progressives continue to refuse to vote for the smaller infrastructure bill in protest, nothing will get done.


    McAulliffe was a Clintonista, not a progressive. Bernie/AOC/Buttgag owns the party now. The Democrat rationalization will be that their candidates did not run far enough to the left. If centrism was rejected, that’s the only place left to flee. It’s bs, but the Dem base has moved, probably unalterably, to the left. This is suicidal . . . and beautiful. They tried to make it about Trumpism and a race war and they still lost.

    Hopefully, this is just the beginning of a long string of victories. Glory to God. We should not look to politics for salvation, only to Christ. Nonetheless, if God’s people do not stand up, the world goes to hell.

    This is the beginning of the uprising.

    • Antiochene Son says

      Will Youngkin restore the Confederate statues in Charlottesville or elsewhere? I’m not holding my breath.

      That is why as governor he will form a Virginia Holocaust, Genocide and Anti-Semitism Advisory Commission and push the Virginia General Assembly to pass a state law adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s working definition of anti-Semitism.

      LOL, that’s what we need. Very important work needs to be done raising Holocaust awareness, I’m not sure we’ve heard enough about it.

      Elections literally don’t matter at this point. McAuliffe, Youngkin, all run by the same international financial interests.

      • George Michalopulos says

        At this point, “Holocaust awareness” is merely a political sop, right up there with “mom and apple pie”. It means nothing, it accomplishes nothing save a type of virtue signaling. Regardless, I am so gratified that Youngkin pulled this out and comfortably so. I predicted not that long ago that Virginia was not lost to the orcs. Now if only we could get those statues back…

        Also, NJ was a total kick in the balls as far as the Left is concerned. Will NJ go red? Probably not but Long Island did. Nixon and Reagan were able to win NY state because the bedroom communities of Long Island (especially Nassau) went red back in the old days.

        It’s only a matter of time before the entire world knows the true electoral history of 2020 and “81 Million and Kamala too” is shown the door.

    • Beginning of the uprising? More like the non-starting.

      AS is right: voting means nothing now. The normie Republicans who think that these elections mean anything are the same people who think that you can defeat voter fraud by simply voting harder.

      Multiparty liberal democracy is a fraud and having some districts go red is not going to solve the problem.

  25. Antiochene Son says

    Rod Dreher gets it right in an uncharacteristic way:

    The Right needs to use the power of government — the only institution we might control — to fight back, and fight back hard. Rhetoric is not enough.

    Welcome to reality, Rod! We can’t just run away, we have to seize institutional power and use it fearlessly.

    • George Michalopulos says

      I guess Rod had a change of heart. When we had an 400 lb alpha male gorilla raining herd on the Left, some on the Right were too busy sipping their tea with their pinkies raised and “tutt-tutting” the Bad Orange Man for –gosh, darn it!–all those mean tweats.

      Clearly we’d have been better off with refined gentlemen like Mittens Romney who know how to lose graciously while their country is being overrun by hordes of Third-worlders.