Our Own Incitatus Moment

There comes a time in many an empire’s life when it becomes obvious that the emperor has gone off the deep end. 

<—A great leap forward for women everywhere.

According to Suetonius in his Lives of the Twelve Caesars, Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus, Rome’s third emperor, had a beloved horse named Incitatus.  (Latin for “full gallop”).  He loved him so much that he decided to make him one of the two consuls of Rome.

According to another story, this one by Dio Cassius, he made Incitatus a priest.  Either way, Incitatus was well-attended with servants and had a stable made of marble, where he would entertain senators and other dignitaries who came to sup with him.  (He liked oats sprinkled with gold flakes in case you were wondering.)  In Gaius’ eyes, Incitatus could do no wrong.  Suetonius wrote that upon his election to the Senate, he defecated on the Senate floor and nobody dared say anything about it.  

What’s that you say?  You’ve never heard of a Roman emperor named Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus?  Well, that was his real name.  His nickname, the one everybody knew him by, was Caligula.  (Which means “little boots”.)

Now I suppose you’re getting the picture.  Caligula was –how shall we put this?–stark raving mad.  His atrocities were legendary.  If you want to get a picture of his depravity, check out I, Claudius on Amazon Prime.  If memory serves, in Episode 9, he needed money to replenish the treasury so he forced the wives of the senators and equites to serve as prostitutes in a makeshift brothel he created in the palace for that purpose.   (Seriously, check out I, Claudius –the late John Hurt’s portrayal of Caligula was so over-the-top that it became one of the most memorable parts of that series.)  

Believe it or not, initially, Caligula was quite popular with the plebeians and the lower orders, being that his atrocities were aimed primarily at Rome’s elite.  But his depravity became so egregious, that after four long years, he was hacked to death by the Praetorian Guard.  Even a corrupt system can only take so much.  

So where was I?  Ah yes, our Incitatus Moment.  Or should I say our “Caligulan Moment”?  

It looks like we arrived at this inauspicious point last month when a freak was made an admiral.  A four-star admiral.  Four stars are the highest rank in our armed forces in case you were wondering.  

So what great feat of heroic navigation or oceanic exploration did this person, Admiral “Rachel” Levine do?  What Trafalgar or Salamis dots his resume?  None at all.  Was he fearless explorer of the antipodes in the manner of Admirals Byrd or Perry?  Perhaps he pioneered nuclear power like Hyman Rickover, taking the United States Navy from a coal-burning fleet to a nuclear one?  No, nothing of the sort. 

So why was he made a full admiral?  Because this is where we are as a society.  Oh, I’m sure there are those of us who think amputating one’s penis is heroic; then I guess you could say pumping your body full of hormones is daunting (I certainly wouldn’t do either one).  Those who might hold these views I would say are outliers.  I rather doubt that any of you reading this story thinks that these acts merit his inclusion into that pantheon of naval heroes such as Nelson, Jones, Nimitz, or Farragut. 

But we crossed the Rubicon which divides sanity on one bank from insanity on the other side years ago when President Obama telephoned a mediocre basketball player and told him that he was “a hero” for coming out of the closet.  Gone are the days when storming a Japanese machine gun nest was what constituted heroism.  Nowadays I suppose, grabbing one’s ankles and hoping for a kiss afterward is what constitutes gallantry.  

Well, not me.  In my desire to “live not by lies”, I refuse to acquiesce to this insanity.  Unfortunately, just like the senators, consuls, praetors, aediles, and tribunes of ancient Rome, who also did not feel that Incitatus was worthy of any Roman honors –but said nothing–our own leadership class is similarly inert.  Instead, they pretend to be awe-struck by Naked Emperor Biden’s political masterstroke. 

Folks, this whole thing’s gonna blow.  There will come a time, sooner or later, when our modern version of the Praetorian Guard will not be able to keep this crap-show going.  

When something this stupid, this irrational, this demented, is perpetrated by our chief executive, you can start counting the weeks before he’s taken out by the 25th Amendment.  

It’s inevitable at this point.  Incitatus wasn’t the straw that broke the camel’s back as far as Caligula’s enemies were concerned, but it did put a strain on things.  Within a year after Incitatus’ ascension to the consulship of Rome, the assassins had their way.  

If I were Kamala, I’d be keeping a diary.  Just in case she has to convene the Cabinet.    

Just sayin’.   

P.S. If you were wondering how far down the abyss we’ve gone, watch this short clip about those boys in Kentucky who dressed up in lingerie and gave lap dances to grown men.  Yes, you read that right.  Looks like we’ve got our own homegrown bacha bazi culture here in the U S of A.





  1. George Michalopulos says

    This just in: when “Admiral” Levine was in charge of the pandemic in Pennsylvania, he/she/it mandated that all nursing home patients stay there, thereby increasing the death count.

    He/she/it took her own mother out of the nursing home she was in and put her in a hotel in Hershey, PA.

  2. The Biden administration continues its erasure of women at a breathtaking pace…I noticed that CDC guidelines stipulate that “pregnant people” should get boosters. I wrote asking them — what are pregnant people?? Don’t you mean “pregnant women”? Aren’t you supposed to be the medical science experts? Are you unaware that there have been NO changes in human biological reproduction?? Lord have mercy on us all.

    • “ As a result of a controlled clinical study under a strictly designed research protocol, nine subsequent UTx procedures have resulted in six healthy live births, the first of them in 2014.”


      The above quote from the website (see link) shows that we are in the days when men who transgender to women will be able to get a uterus implanted and have a baby.

      Levine is a very sick man. How he can claim to be a scientist and deny the science of his own body bears this out. He truly needs prayer.

    • These are the same sort who often speak of “homosexual couples and their children” without expressing even a hint of cognitive dissonance.

    • cynthia curran says

      Yeah, and the Republican New Yorkers gave Biden a life rope by supporting the infrastructure bill. Yeah, I do love the tale of Caligula’s horse though. Yeah, and one of them is probably Orthodox since he has a Greek name.

  3. I moved away from Kentucky just 8 years ago and look where it went in my absence. I blame myself.

  4. Short note: I had the impression that Levine was being made a Navy admiral, which would be strange indeed. But Levine is an admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, which I’d never heard of until today. I guess it explains why you always see the Surgeon General in a military-style uniform.


  5. cynthia curran says

    Yeah, and the Republican New Yorkers gave Biden a life rope by supporting the infrastructure bill. Yeah, I do love the tale of Caligula’s horse though. Yeah, and one of them is probably Orthodox since he has a Greek name.

  6. Antiochene Son says

    In related news, the USNS Harvey Milk was launched this past weekend.

    — The Navy is gay?
    — Always has been.

  7. The strong arm of the CEO of Pfizer?

  8. Antiochene Son says

    Hail progress! The Republican Party has been gay for a long time, but it has now openly and fully embraced the LGBT agenda: RNC announces ‘Pride Coalition,’ partnership with Log Cabin Republicans ahead of midterms

    Melania Trump accepted a homosexualist award at the same event.

    Speaking of cognitive dissonance:

    “When LGBT conservatives are included in Republican campaigns, we win,” Moran told Fox News.

    There is no such thing as “LGBT conservatives.”

    I boycotted an election for the first time at the beginning of this month, and that will continue indefinitely it seems. I will accept no “but the DEMON-RATS will win and it will be worse!!!!” lines of argumentation. Republicans now embrace the signature issue they fought tooth-and-nail against less than 15 years ago.

    Donald Trump was the catalyst who closed the gap when he praised the homosexual who introduced him at the 2016 RNC. So I assume all the Trump flag-wavers are now big LGBT supporters, because Zion Don is. Judging from the comment section, that would seem to be the case:

    If someone wants to identify as a dog and bark at cars I don’t have a problem with it till its my tires they’re trying to bite and they expect me to be upset for running them over.

    As a republican, I welcome all who share my conservative views and principles

    it is no one’s business what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their home

    True conservatives do not care about your skin color, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

    That’s conservatism, that consenting adults should be able to live their lives however they want as long as they do not infringe on anyone else to do the same.

    I wonder how these “rock-ribbed conservatives” feel as they literally repeat Progressive talking points from circa 2004. Here’s a gem:

    Most of us will at least agree that we don’t care what two consenting adults do, but like you suggest, asking us to accept males in girl’s bathroom, in sports, etc..is a deal breaker for me.

    Classic moving the goalposts. So 30 years ago gay rights were too far, and 20 years ago gay marriage was too far, but in the Current Year™ as long as they’re consenting adults it’s all good. But don’t go in the girl’s bathroom! (By the way, 2030 just called and the GOP fully supports gender ideology in that year.)

    If they do, then they’re not conservatives. Anyone who switches their loyalties based on one item is not loyal to their supposed ideals and principles.

    That’s right, I am not a Conservative. Conservatism has proven itself to be useless at best, and super gay at worst. If you support the GOP, you support Progressive Democrat policy, period.

    You just don’t know it yet.

    I don’t know if there is a name for the set of beliefs I hold, but this new extremely libertine path the GOP is charting only further reinforces that it’s the Democrat Party of 20 years ago. I will continue to not vote for Republicans and they will continue to lose. Both parties are forced-marching us into cultural hell.

    The only way to win is not to play.

    • ‘I don’t know if there is a name for the set of beliefs I hold…’

      How about “Christian Orthodox” ?

      • George Michalopulos says

        OK, I gotta do it: LET’S GO BRENDAN!

        • Where are we going?

          • George Michalopulos says

            Surely, even those of you on the other side of the Pond are aware of the “Let’s Go Brandon” phenomenon?

            • Indeed. But surely you are also aware of
              Brendan the Navigator without whose navigations
              it is likely that none of you would be on your side of the Pond…? 🙂

            • Gail Sheppard says

              Notice it’s with an “o” and not an “a”, Brandan. We would never allow them to sully your name, my friend. 🙂

              It’s such an American thing to do, though. We laugh and we look like we’re having a little fun but make no mistake, we’re seething inside, especially now that they’re targeting our children.

              An American mom is as dangerous as a moose. Threaten their little ones and they will stop what they’re doing and stare as if you have lost your mind. They lay back their ears and raise the hair on their hump, neck, or hips. They then smack or lick their lips, and click their teeth. Finally, they lower their head and walk toward you. They’ll urinate and make sure you see the whites of their eyes, as they whip back their head like a horse and charge. They’ll crush you with their whole body as they trample you to the ground.


              Watch out, Brandon with an “o”. I can hear them smacking their lips in the distance.

    • Politics is a cynical game of power – a power derived from votes (election fraud notwithstanding).

      I have been saying for many decades that Christians needed to consistently vote against politicians who support abortion, homosexuality, etc., regardless of party, and that by not placing these issues above all others we were essentially giving expressed political consent for them to continue on the path which these God-hating (overwhelmingly, until recently, Democrat) politicians have taken us.

      The more “enlightened” (mostly Roman Catholic and Orthodox) Christians, however, kept insisting that there are “other life issues” that are “equally important” such as war, the death penalty, poverty…

      No Christian with half a brain believes his or her vote is, in most cases, a clear choice of (the truest) good and evil. It is, and always has been, a choice between the lesser of evils

      Well, let’s see here…

      • Number of legal abortions in 2020 = Between 600,000 and 1,000,000 depending on who is reporting.
      • Number of U.S. prisoner executions in 2020 = 17.

      • Total civilian deaths from the “war on terror” (both parties) over 10 years = 350,000. Number of legal abortions in the US during the same 10-year period = Between (roughly) 6 million and 10 million depending on who is reporting.

      • Total number of citizens denied essential food, housing, healthcare: I’ll bet they could be counted on one hand, and even at that, it would not be the result of any government’s (or political party’s) policy.

      What these (God forgive me) fools failed to realize is that by deceiving themselves into believing that – in political terms – all issues must given equal weight, they kept giving themselves permission to support candidates who actively promote the manifest evil of abortion and its offspring of homosexuality, LGBT, etc.

      And further… being Christians who (rightly) believe the law cannot save anyone or make them righteous before God, they deceived themselves into believing that the law doesn’t matter at all. And this in spite of the fact that the liturgy of St. Basil tells us, “Thou didst give us the law to aid us.” And this in spite of the fact that they obviously believe the law does matter when it comes to these ‘other issues.’ And this in spite of the fact that the law is clearly pedagogical (i.e., it teaches what is right and wrong). And this in spite of the fact that the law demonstrably has, in fact, actually changed people’s hearts over time. Witness prevailing attitudes toward abortion (on the negative side) and civil rights laws (on the positive side).

      It is, in fact, the expressed political permission that these (again, God forgive me) fools kept on giving to promoters of manifest evil on a scale that exceeds that of Hilter or Stalin that has now led many Republicans to believe that abortion, homosexuality, LGBTQ, etc., are potentially winning issues.

      I remind you here of how this comment began: that politics is a cynical game of power derived from votes. The Republicans (or at least the vast majority of them) have never been our ‘allies’ as such. They have, however, until relatively recently generally followed what they perceived to be the will of their Christian constituents in order to retain power.

      The fact that many Republicans no longer perceive the will of their constituents to be Christian in terms of morality is in very large measure the direct responsibility of those who have long deceived themselves about the relative importance of ‘the issues’ when it comes to voting. Far too many simply refused to vote against manifest evil, thereby giving their political consent to its furtherance.

      In short, Christians have refused to be salt and light and are now reaping precisely what they have sown.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        There are no more parties.

        There are globalists who have the means to change the world and the rest of us. We are far greater in number and are “waking up” to the goals of the “woke” elite.

        No Republicans.

        Patriots, to be sure, but the name Republican means nothing anymore.

      • Antiochene Son says

        Great comment Brian. And now both parties stand on platforms of manifest evil, so for me there is no longer a justification for voting. The degree of difference between the lesser of two evils is now so slight as to be an illusion.

        The dead will bury their own dead. The effort put into party politics should be spent on our children and the church. We can’t hope to preserve society through democracy anymore, so we have to gird up our loins to resist it instead.

  9. Conservapedia is a little gem which I come to appreciate ever more each day:


    Schlafly refers to “Obamunism” as a term coined by Obama critics to describe his conflagration of communism, socialism and fascism. As he goes on to explain, fascism is the nearest equivalent from the the perspective of state-corporate interaction. That is why I think “Obamascism” with the “-sc-” may be the most appropriate term.

    All this crap is coming from the Obama Administration leftovers, Obama and Clinton (who served as his SOS). As I’ve remarked in the past, the cast – Jake Sullivan, Susan Rice, etc. – are all familiar operatives. I actually don’t think that Obama or Hillary are that bright but that they sailed to the heights on the wings of ideology and identity. Obama speaks in cliches, and Hillary is the icon of a bitter shrew who would kill for the sorority.

    I believe it is the Obamascist operatives who are really running the show in concert with the intelligence services. They are closely allied and connected to the CCP as well, which due to its merger of the state and corporate forces is also better described as fascist than communist. This is probably better understood as elite merger than elite capture, for although Biden is owned by the Chinese, the Democratic Party are still smart enough to know the leverage that the Liberal Establishment has economically with China (borrow a hundred thousand and the bank owns you, borrow a trillion and you own the bank) and so they see themselves in a cooperative rather than subordinate role.

    In that sense, Biden is a captive puppet. Those not so brazenly beholden to China who are nonetheless hip deep in the Demofascist project can cut ChiCom Joe off at the legs at any moment if they want and replace him with Ms. Cackle. That’s why Pelosi curiously began work on legislation expanding the 25th Amendment toward the end of Trump’s term after the election. She wanted the sword of Damocles ready to go as a controlling mechanism.

    So, if you wonder why the Chinese are grouchy, consider that they can read the political map as well as anyone. In America, on one side you have nationalists (Trumpistas) with a hostile attitude toward Chinese economic and geographical predation; on the other hand, you have a house of cards led by fools who could bankrupt the country and reduce American debt held by the Chinese to smoldering rubble either by accident or even on purpose.

    And behind the scenes, Putin grins like the Cheshire Cat.

    Have you checked the price of oil lately?

    • George Michalopulos says

      Trenchant analysis Misha. While I do agree that our massive debt is a two-edged sword & we could bankrupt the Chinese, they hold the ultimate trump card: going off the petrodollar. That would turn us into Weimar Germany overnight. At that point a Benjamin would be as useful as toilet paper.

      The CCP would absorb our debt default by calling in their chips from their Belt and Road project. The other sweetener for them would be seeing America turn into a dystopian conflagration in which the.various races descend into a Hobbesian nightmare.

      • That is an excellent point, George. Both Russia and China have been scheming on the currency question and will eventually try something. Pressure on that will increase as inflation rises. China already is pushing the “petroyuan” and Russia is moving its oil exports to euros.

        The dollar retains its status as the world’s reserve currency, however. Though there would be serious domestic consequences for losing that status, it is doubtful that China would see an American led world wide depression as a positive. Russia, ironically, might be in a better position to weather such a storm since its economy is not so interlaced with America’s. Inflation, especially of oil prices, certainly are not and would not hurt them.

        The world is interconnected enough, however, that you expect any such changes to arise and set in gradually to avoid sudden disruptions. For if America descends into an economic spiral, likely so would Europe, and China, and Russia.

        Nuclear weapons may be one of the best things ever to happen to humanity. All the economic stuff used to get ultimately sorted out through wars. Now, that prospect is too costly for the major players. They simply have to find another way of managing their economies and the world economy.

        • George Michalopulos says

          As Yogi Berra said, “It’s hard to predict the future, especially when you don’t know the outcome” (paraphrase). My take is that should America descend into a hyperinflationary dystopia a la the Weimar Republic, the question is: to what extent will it drag down the other major powers/economies?

          If you think of America as a nation like Russia or China, Iran, Mexico, France, etc., then we’re definitely screwed because all those other countries are far more homogeneous than ours. Even Israel, which has a 20% non-Jewish population is still nationalist enough to crack the skulls necessary to keep the Jewish demographic on top. China of course is 90% Han Chinese and they have no compunction whatsoever of busting the heads of minorities to remind them that they are second-class (if that).

          If that’s their calculation, then they might go ahead and bite the bullet and expect America to become a dystopian hellscape.

          On the other hand, I see the various Red-State governors telling the Biden malAdministration to go pound sand on an almost daily basis. This is causing a fracturing of the demographies in which the productive segments of the Blue States (regardless of race or ethnicity) are making beelines to the Red States.

          Now, one could say that this will make the Red States purple or blue. There was a chance for that, the tipping point was in 2018 when Cruz in Texas and DeSantis in Fla just barely pulled our electoral victory. Our gaslighting media told us in 2020 that these two states were “in play”. Didn’t happen, not even close. The Blue Tide in those (and other) states has since receded. And now thanks to the worst economy since the 70s, the days of Democratic dominance are over.

          The rampant anti-Americanism of the Democratic Left should have destroyed the Democrat Party in the 70s but they were crafty enough to nominate a born-again Christian from the Deep South (read: white supremacist). Carter however ruled over the worst economy and it took another born-again Christian from the Deep South who “promised to end Welfare as we know it” (read: white supremacist) a decade later to take back the White House (together with a spoiler in Perot).

          The pro-American mask of the Democrat Party is now completely torn off the face and we now see the anti-America ogre (George Soros) which controls that party. I honestly don’t know what person they have in store on the national level.
          (Obama was an outlier, in that by voting for him, whites could absolve themselves of racial guilt. And no, Biden did not get 81 million votes.) At any rate, the nation is so horribly divided that it can’t be put back together anytime soon.

  10. Goodbye Premier Dan Andrews.
    The Melbourne Rebellion has begun.


    [Video – 09:14]

    Aussie Cossack:
    ‘ There is more Aussie spirit in the crowd than in the Upper and Lower House of Parliament combined! The whole world is watching today’s events in Melbourne in deep awe and respect to the people of Melbourne! Dictator Dan Andrews will face the same political fate as Romanian Communist Leader Nicolae Ceaușescu. ‘

    Advance Australia Furious…?

  11. Random question George and Gail, will y’all be starting back up the videos again soon? Lol

    • Gail Sheppard says

      It’s probably time for us to fill you all in on our adventures with the St. James-New Studion Monastery in Piedmont.

      This week, the nuns from the Sacred monastery of St. Nina were here, as were the monks, abbot, priests, and inquirers from St. James. And get this: there were a few hundred people (some Orthodox/some not) and several jurisdictions represented at these presentations they were doing.

      I was joyful in my “Martha” role at home. I actually bought the house I have now before I married George. In the back of my mind, it made sense to me to buy a lot more ‘house’ than I needed so I could house Orthodox clergy who come in and out of Tulsa for meetings, conferences, etc. We had 4 nuns and 4 monks rotating in and out over the last 3 or 4 days. What an incredible blessing.

      Tomorrow, I plan to leave my “Martha” role at home and go to the monastery to attend their open house tomorrow, Sat. 11/13.

      You’re all invited!

      • George Michalopulos says

        Petro, it’s time for another video (or three!). Things have been joyfully hectic. And Gail is right: now is the time for Gail to become more like Mary and less like Martha.

        Speaking for myself, we should be starting up again next week.

        Thank you for your interest.

  12. Actually, you’re a little slow. We had that moment when Al Franken was installed as a senator.