Oligarchs Gotta Oligarch

This story is explosive on its own merits. If nothing else, it’s the smoking gun that proves that Hunter Biden was peddling influence back when his father was Vice President.

It gets juicier though, believe it or not, Hunter was peddling influence to Michael Karloutsos, the son of “the then-head of the Greek Orthodox Church”. In other words, agents of the Obama Administration were asking the GOA to help them out with this Ukrainian business deal.

According to Helleniscope, it looks like the younger Biden asked Michael Karloutsos, to help set up this posh dinner meeting back in 2015 with the Ukrainian, Russian, and Kazakhstani “associates” of Hunter Biden. The ostensible reason was to discuss “food insecurity”.


This begs the question, however; why was Michael Karloutsos so important to Hunter Biden? Look at the headline again and you’ll find your answer: Hunter needed Michael’s help because Karloutsos’ dad “…was the then-head of the Greek Orthodox Church”.

Leaving aside the faulty ecclesiology, we now have more dots to connect with the creation of the schismatic Ukrainian Orthodox Church. A full year before the infamous Cretan Robber Council, where Karloutsos’ dad said on camera and in no unequivocal terms that there would be no discussion about autocephaly for the Ukrainian Eparchy at all. He even said that that eparchy was a part of the Moscow Patriarchate.

The New York Post is a heavily NYC-centric newspaper. One wonders why they mischaracterized Fr Alex Karloutsos as the “head of the Greek Orthodox Church”? Has the (former) Vicar-General misrepresented himself to the local New York press all these years?

It’s more than likely an indication that the GOA was setting the stage for Patriarch Bartholomew’s Ukrainian gambit back when Obama was President.

For a more humorous take on the political angle, I direct you to The Jimmy Door Show:


The upshot is that this meeting took place when Creepy Joe was still Vice-President. And of course, it’s just a coincidence that Hunter was making $83,333 a month while serving on the board of Burisma at the time.

And of course, it’s just a coincidence that Hunter’s salary was cut in half two months after Biden left office.

It’s all a coincidence; nothing to see here, move along.


  1. Austin Martin says

    And people wonder how a just God could send anyone to hell…

    • George Michalopulos says

      Austin, I get your point, but to wish hell-fire and damnation on piss-ant things like this is a little excessive in my humble opinion.

      Of course this does not take away from the now-constant embarrassments that plague the GOA.

      • Austin Martin says

        I’m half joking, half answering common atheist criticisms, half reminiscing on 2 Peter 2.

    • UtrechtFrederick says

      Pray for them, though when we dehumanize our Patriarchs and Bishops by mocking their names or removing their titles before they are defrocked by a synod in articles, its easier to fall into hatred and pronouncing judgement as if we are God – which only heaps fire on our heads.

      Apostle Carpus, May 26 Prologue of Ochrid by St Nikolai
      ” St. Dionysius testifies that Carpus was a man with an exceptionally pure mind, meekness and innocence; that the Lord Jesus, with His angels, appeared to him in a vision; and that he never began the Divine Liturgy without first receiving a heavenly vision. ”

      And yet:

      It happened that the Apostle Carpus lost his patience and began to pray that God would send down death upon two sinful men: one a pagan and the other an apostate from the Faith. Then the Lord Christ Himself appeared to Carpus and said: “Strike me; I am prepared to be crucified again for the salvation of mankind.” St. Carpus related this event to St. Dionysius the Areopagite, who wrote it down as a lesson to all in the Church that prayers are needed for sinners to be saved and not for them to be destroyed, for the Lord is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9).

      • George Michalopulos says

        UF, our criticism about the hierarchy is not hateful or condemnatory. I for one would leap for joy should the EP would repent of what he did in the Ukraine.

        God does not desire the death of a sinner. Nor do I.

        • Austin Martin says

          I don’t desire the death of a sinner. I just want them out of positions of influence.

          When Bartholomew dies, they will find someone twice as bad to take his place. Bartholomew is not the problem, just as Biden is not the problem.

          • Gail Sheppard says

            If there is only one person who can fix a serious problem then he becomes the problem when he doesn’t. – (I understand where you’re going with this, though.)

            I wonder how many people realize that Bartholomew nixed the possibility of unity in our country by what he did in Ukraine. Krill is never going to commune with the Greeks and frankly, the rest of us won’t either.

            This is where the whole idea of repentance becomes so important. If one man could find it in his heart to walk back his decision in Ukraine, it would change everything. The schismatic church can try this again the right way. They can repent and come in under the MP and be properly ordained for Pete’s sake!

            But pride always gets in the way.

            • George Michalopulos says

              “Pride [always] goeth before a fall”, does it not?

              Austin, I totally get your point, when the system is broke, changing the player at the top is not going to make things any better.

              However, it can make things less worse. Bartholomew’s predecessor (Demetrius) was a kind man of prayer who tended to his own knitting. Contrast his tenure with that of his successor. It’s like night and day.

  2. There will be an investigation.”

    Three years of silence because… “We cannot comment on ongoing investigations.”

    One month after the next critical election: “The vice president met with world leaders. They discussed world food shortages.”

  3. Jane Tzilvelis says

    Thank you for all who have served. Thank you. May the Lord have mercy on those who used America for their personal enrichment. We take nothing with us from earth when we go to the grave. ✝️??


    • Judy Collins: A beautiful, pure, clear, strong voice.
      Perfect to sing the song of the redemption of a sinner: John Newton.
      To God, all is possible.

      Thank you Jane. 🙂

  4. Re: Other Oligarchs: Jeff Bezos, Amazon, Abebooks, and Bookfinder:

    I wasn’t inclined to comment further after a comment I submitted regarding Iran and its alleged threats against other countries in its region was apparently disapproved. However, on an unrelated subject that resonates with the tile, “Oligarchs,” I feel compelled to correct a misunderstanding I may have created about where one can order books without contributing to Amazon.

    In 2008 Amazon acquired AbeBooks. What I learned earlier today is that Bookfinder [dot] com, which I had offered as an “Amazon-free” source of books, was previously acquired by AbeBooks (in 2005). (https://www.abebooks.com/docs/CompanyInformation/PressRoom/bookfinder-acquisition.shtml ) So, the bigger fish that ate a smaller fish was later eaten by the biggest fish, a metaphor that does not need much imagination to apply to the business practices of companies like Amazon, etc.

    I have learned of a better source of books: https://bookshop.org/ .You can order books and selected your local bookseller who will receive a portion of the revenue. I do not know all the details, but I did speak on the telephone with a local, independent bookseller who is listed on bookshop.org and he assured me that purchasing through bookshop.org is “Bezos-free.”

    I apologize if I previously gave anyone a false assurance that bookfinder [dot] com was not connected to Amazon. I only learned of it today and want with this comment to set the record straight.

    And please overlook the double posting. My first attempt did not appear to succeed.

  5. Taxi (sorry: bus) for Fauci?

    Karen Kwiatkowski: The Sacrifice of Fauci

    ‘ … In the world of sociopaths within government and government’s corporate and non-profit influencers, there is no loyalty. There is only service to a cause, and when the cause changes or the service is no longer useful, men and women, their lives and reputations, are less than pawns.

    For most of last year, Fauci was very useful in painting former president Trump as a science denialist and dictatorial prick. This impacted the election as much as any other factor, including US voter fraud and manipulation, which has been endemic since the late 1700s. Fauci as sympathetic, oft-abused, and wholly innocent fear-monger-in-chief throughout 2020 was an effective tool, and he was utilized well by the opposition party. Naturally, Biden’s advisors kept him on.

    But as Mark Twain noted, truth eventually puts her shoes on and begins her race. …

    The placeholder president and his utterly incompetent vice president both need to be replaced by popular, racially diverse, and soothing globalists, with experience, perhaps before 2024. Barack Obama will lead this effort, and he is electable, especially if Fauci’s arrogance, lies, and criminality can be used to showcase Obama’s moral vision and predictive wisdom. … ‘

    Oh dear…

  6. George Michalopulos says

    Don’t mean to quibble buy once someone has served as President for a full two terms (as Obama has) he’s ineligible for the Vice-presidency as well, since there’s a 1 in 3 chance any VP can ascend to the presidency.

    Or so I understand the 25th amendment.

    • George Michalopulos says

      My mistake: 22nd Amendment.

      Another curiosity: a VP who ascends to the Presidency can run for election and re-election and thus serve more than two (2) full terms. In other words, had Clinton been removed from office in 1999, Gore would have become President, and with the power of the incumbency, been elected in 2000 and then stand for re-election in 2004, thereby serving 10 years.

    • Oh dear…” has many levels, George 🙂

  7. Anonymous II says

    Two important observations and predictions.

    First, a warning:

    “According to the intelligence community, terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today,” Joe Biden said. “Not ISIS. Not Al Qaeda. White supremacists.”

    Let’s be clear. White supremacists aren’t neo-Nazis and skinheads. Nope.

    A white supremacist includes ANYONE resisting Antifa, BLM, the ACLU, the ADL, SPLC, the globo-homo Covid cult, and other Marxist products. The globalists are destroying our culture, our families and cities, undermining our parishes, and guess what – – most of our hierarchs and priests are on board, or, at best, passive.

    We need to publicly and privately address this issue. Our culture is under attack. Don’t believe me?

    Here’s a second observation.

    There was a ‘hack’ on the oil pipeline and now a ‘hack’ on meat production. These were blamed on Russians, of course. But the hacks are fake. Obviously.

    They’re getting us prepared for the big hack that will affect the financial institutions. These small hacks will make people think the big one is real – – imagine, we cannot get our money, can’t get paid, can’t purchase food, trucks can’t get the food to the stores because no money = no gas, etc.

    They’ll come to our ‘rescue’ with the Universal Basic Income in the form of digital currency and pay off all our debt (mortgages, etc). Cash will be declared worthless and in exchange for the UBI, we’ll have to turn over all our property to the government. We’ll also have to get the deadly vaccines. If we don’t, we will not get our UBI.

    The Great Reset is underway.

    Fathers, brothers, mothers, how do we publicly and privately address this issue?

  8. Why You Should Disable ‘Amazon Sidewalk’
    on All Devices Before June 8


    ‘ On June 8, Amazon will automatically connect all wireless smart devices, including Alexa and Echo speakers and Ring cameras, to a “mesh wireless network” that could pose privacy and safety risks. ‘

    Don’t just turn your TV off.
    Pull the plug…

  9. George Michalopulos says