OCA Investigation Petition

The following is taken from a website that contains a petition asking for a full investigation of the actions that led to the resignation of Met. Jonah.

The full text and petition can be found on the OCA Investigation Petition website. You may sign the petition there is you so choose.

Synopsis: We petition for an independent investigation of the events surrounding the removal of Metropolitan Jonah from the office of Primate of the Orthodox Church in America.

Recipients: We address our petition to the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), to the Seventeenth All American Council of the OCA, to the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America, and to the Primates of all autocephalous Orthodox Churches.

Note: If you choose to sign this petition, please note that you will be agreeing only with the text of the petition, not the references and the background information.


We, Orthodox Christians of North America, appeal to the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) and to the Seventeenth All American Council of the OCA with a request to investigate events that appear to be improper and to have occurred in relation to the removal of Metropolitan Jonah as Primate of the Orthodox Church in America.

We ask for an independent investigation of the following.

  1. Whether it is against the OCA Statute for the bishops to request and/or accept a resignation of their Primate[1] since resignation is different from retirement mentioned in the Statute of the OCA.
  2. Whether three bishops of the OCA, +Benjamin, +Nikon, and +Tikhon, met privately, banding together, on or about July 5th of 2012, without participation or knowledge of their Primate, Metropolitan Jonah, in violation of three of the Holy Canons[2],3],[4] and agreed (conspired) to request his resignation as the Primate of the OCA.[5]
  3. Whether this meeting was followed by telephone calls to some of the other bishops of the OCA to secure their acquiescence to the conspiracy.[2],3],[4]
  4. Whether the Chancellor of the OCA, Fr. John Jillions, misinformed Metropolitan Jonah on July 6th of 2012 about the above mentioned event, telling him that ALL BISHOPS of the Holy Synod of the OCA unanimously request his resignation.[6]
  5. Whether, following the resignation (through obedience and conciliation) of Metropolitan Jonah, the bishops of the Holy Synod failed to meet to discuss the situation and take appropriate measures but, instead, communicated via a teleconference, without physically coming together for prayer and free deliberation.
  6. Whether the Holy Synod unlawfully appointed a locum tenens of the Archdiocese of Washington despite the fact that Metropolitan Jonah did not resign or retire as the bishop of that archdiocese.[7]
  7. Whether on or about July 16th of 2012 Bishops Matthias, Michael, Alexander, and Tikhon published letters with untruthful and incorrect information,[8] which was meant to damage the reputation of Metropolitan Jonah.  These four substantially identical letters purportedly explained the reasons for asking the Metropolitan to resign.
  8. Whether other OCA bishops and/or OCA officials or employees participated in publishing a substantially identical letter on the OCA web site,[8] under the typed signature “The Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America,” which was widely publicized in national and international media.[9]
  9. Whether other OCA bishops, priests, and employees consistently conspired to remove Metropolitan Jonah as the Primate of the OCA.[10]

We further request that the detailed results of the investigation be made known to the Orthodox Faithful and that appropriate measures in accordance with the Holy Canons be executed based on the results of this investigation. These suspected events may involve several bishops and priests of the OCA; therefore, we ask that help from other autocephalous Orthodox churches be employed to assist in the investigation. This may involve appointing an independent investigative group or committee composed of or including members of canonical Orthodox churches other than the OCA.

We further appeal for assistance to all the heads of all autocephalous Orthodox Churches, and to the bishops of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America, to provide such help in both the investigative process and that of remediation. We ask for appropriate conclusions to be derived on the basis of the results of the investigation. Should the current OCA leadership refuse to undertake an independent investigation or make the results public, we ask you to help the Orthodox Christians of North America by initiating an independent investigation on your own.

We emphasize that this petition does not constitute an accusation of any church body or any individual(s) but presents a request for investigation and remediation through proper canonical procedures.

The full text and petition can be found on the OCA Investigation Petition website. You may sign the petition there is you so choose.


  1. Too little too late.

    Big celebration at OCA DC Cathedral today, I was there, bishops a plenty. Tied to confront the bishops about this and I was prevented. Archimandit Tikhon there too. No one is making enough noise except the liberals. Poor poor Jonah, we have failed him. I am so depressed.


  2. Tilting at windmills, this is. Is the synod going to agree? Is Syosset going to agree? Would either do or allow a credible job? Even if every member of the OCA signed this, it would not matter. It’s broken, folks. Irreparably. There is no question about what we are dealing with. Accept it and stay, or reject it and move on.

    • We may not be able to hold them accountable. But somebody has to try, dammit.

    • All in the Family says


      We know it is broken and if the Parma Council is nothing but an exercise in pro-forma church baloney, more people will get the idea and leave. They are leaving already. Yes, this petition, protests, people trying to ask questions at the Council and told to sit down and shut up, being ruled out of order, may be what happens, but fewer and fewer people will be fooled and the demise of the OCA will continue.

      As others have said here, saving Orthodoxy here is the goal, not the OCA.

    • Note that this petition is also addressed to all the heads of all autocephalous Orthodox Churches. It asks for an interference in case the OCA leadership refuses to act properly. There may be some hope in that.

      Frankly, I don’t see any analogy with Don Quixote’s unfortunate choice of targets here. Rather, this petition seems to provide an opportunity for everyone not happy with the treatment given to Metropolitan Jonah to voice their opinion in unison. I think this opportunity needs to be taken seriously.

    • Do you remember that Metropolitan Jonah was told by Met. Hilarion Alfeev that MP has no evidence of the support from the laity? It was in California, at the end of August. Even if the petition will be ignored by the Synod and Syosset (and most likely it will be so) the petition with signatures will work perfectly as a proof of support for Patriarch Kirill and other church leaders as well.

      • Veronica, is Metropolitan Hilarion scheduled to get a copy of the petition?

        • No, but he made himself available.

        • Thomas Paine says

          Met. Hilarion Shmilarion; he has no authority here. Nice fellow, but what the OCA decides is unto itself. The MP is of no consequence and certainly not the Bishop of Istanbul.

          • You sound like a clown, but clowns have no significant authority in the Orthodox church.
            We don’t need to cross the border to find authority for the OCA authority. It’s here, free, and always at hand. It’s called the IRS.

          • Today it’s “Met. Hilarion Shmilarion”, tomorrow it’ll become “Patriarch Kirill Shmirill”. Then maybe the OCA’s autocephaly shmautocephaly will become a dead letter shmetter when they are not added back to Moscow’s diptychs shmiptychs.

          • “itself”. . . includes it’s laity.

          • Oh Thomas,

            You are living in a dream world if you think that the OCA is untouchable here and that its actions have no consequences. You sound like Benjamin or Nathaniel when they rant and rave about the OCA autocephaly.

            Moscow of no consequence? If so then why did +Alexander and Kishkovsky even go to Kiev to try and explain the removal of +Jonah, only to have their heads handed to them by +Kirill? No consequence?

            As for Constantinople, I think that the talks they will have with Moscow in London in a couple of weeks will be most important to the ” we can do whatever we want cuz we are the OCA”.

            Mr. Thomas Paine, you may wish to remember the words of your famous namesake:

            A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.
            Thomas Paine

          • Thomas Mathes says

            Thomas Paine, I couldn’t disagree with you more. Fundamental to Orthodoxy is the communion of Churches and the mutual recognition of governing bishops. Consider the recent case where the Ecumenical Patriarchate and other ancient Orthodox Churches removed their recognition of Irenaeus as Patriarch of Jerusalem and recognized the election of Theophilos as the new Patriarch of Jerusalem.

  3. Seems the OCA website is down at this time? Weird! It is 8:39 Eastern time as I type.

  4. Heracleides says

    New image – “Big Daddy” – may be viewed here.

    P.S. Join us in Parma for the Great and Unholy OCA Fantasy Council.

  5. Heracleides says

    Couple of more images – “Silenced” & “Your Vote” – may be viewed here.

    Hat-tip: Syosset…er, Soviet Propagandists.

    • “Silenced” and “Your Vote” are excellent. The soviet-era theme fits so well.

      Don’t think that the Petition, the cartoons, this website are ignored. They are not. Ab. Justinian and Fr. Tikhon are well aware of the mess in the OCA and spoke to many St. Nicholas faithful about their dismay. IP addresses don’t lie and we are not being ignored in Moscow nor Constantinople.

      Something is afoot. Intel from various parts of the USA indicate that Greek clergy helping in OCA parishes are beginning to be questioned by their bishops why they are not serving in Greek parishes. Could this be the precursor to a real chill in Greek/OCA relations on the parish level?

      Coupled with the continued cold shoulder from Moscow, now the Greeks, and the heads of Churches meeting in London in two weeks, I sense that the OCA situation is being pushed to the front burner in London. Not good news for the OCA synod.

      Exposing the rigged Parma Council is not a waste of time nor effort. It is a noble fight to rid the Church of corrupt leadership.

  6. V. Rev. James Bernstein, Dean says

    Looks like I am the first priest to sign the petition !!!! What an honor!
    It may be difficult to get OCA clergy to sign because those who want to sign will fear reprisals from their bishops. Married clergy are especially fearful of repercussions as bishops can easily transfer clergy without so much as an explanation. And transfer them to who knows where. Metropolitan Jonah is a man of great integrity. His personal integrity in my opinion out weighs the combined integrity of much of the OCA leadership. I do believe that time will vindicate His Beatitude as his strengths are not going away and he is no doubt learning from his mistakes. He is extremely gifted, articulate and above both – humble. His humility is exceptional. May God grant him many years. In Christ.

  7. Dear Whoever is Putting the Petition online,

    There is no CLEAR


    There is apparently no updating of signatures happening. If people sign something, they will want to see their signatures.

    Fix, please.


    Our dear Metropolitan served today with the Sretensky Monastery choir as his choir. An Akathist was served by the Metropolitan after the liturgy in the presence of the Iviron Icon from Hawaii which was gushing myrrh. The icon’s guardian was handing out little paper icons in either English or Slavonic, your choice and people were rubbing the backs of the icons with the myrrh and it was gushing for each person nonetheless. Some people just put their foreheads to the icon after kissing it and they were wet with myrrh but it did not sting anyone’s eyes. The last time I saw this icon it was only condensing a little in back of the glass, but this time, even though it is small, the myrrh was profound.

    • I was there, and what a moment, and was happy to see Fr. Potapov. I am afraid this petition is too little too late. We are not vocal enough, we complain here and elsewhere but nothing is happening in our favor, or should I say in Metropolitan Jonah’s. I tried so so hard today to speak to Archbishop Yustinian, but I we prevented from getting to him by Fr. Perich’s closeted mafia. I thought about Bishop M, but by that time he was out of my reach. On a Sunday like this why where supporters of His Beatitude not there in force? A show of support for His Beatitude would speak volumes to Metropolitan Hilarion.

      I spoke to a friend at the cathedral today who told me a little about Bishop M’s history. He is a convert from Boston where all the homosexual-liberalism is. Is it any surprise what happened to His Beatitude? Where is the holiness and righteousness? The cathedral in DC will forever be a place of martyrdom, the place where they ruined a good and honest man who stood for the truth. So you get rid of the Metropolitan and he is replaced by the elements that he himself fought to save Holy Orthodoxy from.

      With this petition, we are addressing an empty chair.


      • Well I was there, and several others were there supporting+Jonah, but it was soooooo crowded who could get to anyone! Plus I was watching my kids and my new born Godchild. Hard to have a conversation with all that.

      • Bite yer tongue, Photius,

        I was there but wasn’t really looking for people. I did ask for a blessing from the Metropolitan. I even heard a surprising monologue in favor of the Metropolitan from a St. Nicholas regular I would not have suspected would make such a thing, including his own theories on why some folks are “enamored with living in a Jewish neighborhood on Long Island” and resent those who don’t see the point of its remote location. “They want a monk to be a magic CEO. But we need holy leadership and we had it with him. They have to give the monk a staff for the business part.”.

        For three and a half hours, it was so crowded that it was hard to do a half poklon / bow, even after the liturgy when the Akathist was being read and sung. People, including the Metropolitan, were there for the services, not to carry picket signs.

        Here, check out pics number 20, 28 and 132 at http://marinacavanaugh.com/Photography/WonderFilledWeekend/. This is only one person’s pics and she concentrated on her friends in the choir from a whole weekend. There was one fellow filming the whole liturgy for TASS and another filming for maybe the ROCOR archdiocese, seen him before, so probably you get to see a whole buncha folks.

    • Dear LOH,

      There are some nice photos at


      • Dear Anna,

        Those are the same picture, just fewer of them and smaller. http://www.eadiocese.org/News/2012/oct/dc.lg.jpg from the website you gave is good. I’m interested in seeing Youtube recordings of the Saturday at St. Nicholas and Sunday at St. John the Baptist services. A lot of people were filming, so I have hope.

        • Thank you for the link, dear LOH!
          I couldn’t get the slide show to work for me, but I looked at the little photos and enjoyed the audio.

          Please take a look at http://www,pravoslavie.ru/foto/image 8120.htm
          Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov) of the Sretensky Monastery presented the translation of his book “Everyday Saints” at the Library of Congress on Oct. 5…

          • Sorry, it was late last night… Correction: http://www.pravoslavie.ru/foto/image8120.htm

            • Dear Anna,

              Really great photos. I was so sad not to be able to attend that event. To see the slideshow, go to the part of the page which has the words on it WonderFilledWeekend and mouse over it until you see a front arrow to click on which starts the sildeshow.

              Maria Cavenaugh puts beautiful music in all her slideshows. She is a kind of genius at these shows. She is also a good reader, clear with her enunciation, beautiful voice

  8. Alfred Green says

    ***Unfortunaterly Orthodoxy is not a democratic entity. Don’t be surprised if the petition goes the way of the Edsel.

  9. Charles Demetrios says


    After much thought and prayer, for me personally (and yes, I signed the petition) I believe God wants me to be right where I am, in the OCA, for the foreseeable future. Do I necessarily like the decisions the bishops and the MC are making? Emphatically, no I do not. Yet I have become convinced that it is not for me to judge their deeds and words, whether by what I post here, say to others, or do via my parish attendance and support. However, I remember a few things that a wise priest once told me:

    1) be concerned primarily with your own salvation, and others will follow. As St. Seraphim of Sarov once said, “save yourself, and a thousand around you will be saved as well.”

    2) don’t worry about the Church. If she has survived through Arius, Nestorius, Monophysitism, the Turks and the communists, then trust that our Lord’s promise (that the gates of Hades shall not overcome) is true and will hold until His great, glorious and dreadful return.

    3) don’t be overly concerned about what goes on at the diocesan level. Does it affect our daily/weekly lives in our parishes and homes? Do their sin(s), or the sin(s) of the priests affect the sanctity and efficacy of the sacraments? Does what they (the bishops) do have any real impact on how we live our lives and work out our own salvation? I would suggest that, while they may think they have that kind of far-reaching influence, in truth they do not.

    Brothers and sisters, stop and think about this. The Church has survived countless intrigues, heresies, bad priests, bad bishops, bad metropolitans, bad patriarchs, and bad governments. Do we really think that the current situation, bad as it may be, really is worse than what the Church went through with Arianism? or Iconoclasm? or at the time of the Schism? or the Crusades? or the Turkish conquest? I would strongly state that it is not even close.

    In closing, my suggestion is pray for our hierarchs, but do not allow yourselves to become too spun up about their foibles, sins and passions. The Lord is their Judge, just as He is ours, and their judgment will be much more severe than ours as simple laity, deacons and priests. Remember, that “there is no one who lives and does not sin.” Just because someone gets a crown and a veil doesn’t exempt them from that, just as we are not exempt from loving them and being in submission to them, as they are our leaders, and are charged with watching over our souls, and will have to give an account. Peace to everyone. Christ is in our midst!

    • Charles Demetrios says

      And as a statement, I believe to +Jonah’s state of mind regarding this mess, check out his Facebook page here.

      • Lola J. Lee Beno says

        This is an unofficial FAN page that was set up by one of his supporters, and is not necessarily endorsed by Met. Jonah, I should hasten to point out.

      • Mark from the DOS says

        That page states it is an “unofficial fanpage” I do not know that it represents Met. Jonah’s state of mind about anything. I also signed the petition and I thank you for your thoughtful reminders above. Indeed, the Church shall prevail. Whether or not this jurisdiction survives is another question.

        Your closing reminder that Christ is in our midst heartened me greatly. When we respond, “He is and ever shall be” we attach no qualifiers. Christ is in our midst, with or without our bishops. Christ is in our midst whether our bishops or good, bad or mediocre. We are the body of the Church, and Christ is truly in our midst.

        • Charles Demetrios says

          Whether or not this jurisdiction survives is another question.

          Mark, I would posit that, once the jurisdictional kerfluffle that is the Orthodox Church in North America gets brought into proper order, none of the current jurisdictions will survive in their present form. We will all have to ditch our phyletistic tendencies and prejudices and learn to get along, instead of looking at each other as being under either a “foreign bishop with Papal ambitions” or “reprobates who want to remake us in the image of the EcUSA.” Our responsibility is, as I see it, to pray for them as our leaders, each other as brothers and sisters, and ourselves as unworthy, sinful servants of our Lord. Orthodoxy in America will survive, regardless of anything that anyone does, and that is what is the most important thing to hold onto, IMHO. I covet your prayers, my brother.

          Your sinful and wretched fellow servant,

          Charles Demetrios

      • Charles Demetrios, that is a fan page run by someone else. Metropolitan Jonah has nothing to do with its contents.

        • Charles Demetrios says

          Thank you, Lola and Helga, for pointing this out to me. I should have checked more thoroughly before posting that. George, if you can, would you please edit a disclaimer into my post. Also, for anyone and everyone else, I apologize for any false impressions given by said post, and repent of any wrong caused by it. Please forgive me, a sinner.

          • The Village Voice says

            Last weekend in DC was very interesting with the Cathedral administrator, John, or is it Ivan Perich, making his presence known, however more and more folks are figuring out that Perich is the mole in DC reporting back everything he hears from and about +Jonah to Kishkovsky and +Alexander. Didn’t take him long to flip on Jonah after the new power brokers took over in DC.

            To the faithful in DC, be very careful what you say to your “administrator” unless of course you want it to get back to the folks in Syosset, which could be a good thing or not, depending on what you say.

            And, stay tuned because there is more news about Ivan, opps John Perich to share in the days ahead!

      • I don’t go to (or approve) of facebook and you cannot see whatever you want us to see without being a member

    • Charles Demetrios, no one is suggesting that the Church (as a whole) will not survive this. You’re arguing against something nobody is even saying.

      While yes, we need to be concerned about our own personal salvation rather than judging others, the one we saw beaten and left for dead is not a stranger to us, but our own beloved Metropolitan! Are we all to be priests and Levites, passing by on the other side? Will foreigners be the only ones to take him up and tend to his wounds?

      And what about the others? How Christian is it to consign them to the last judgment and eternal damnation? It would be better for them to face the dread judgment seat as repentant laymen, than to take their priesthood or episcopacy to hell with them.

      • Charles Demetrios says

        Helga, while no one has explicitly said that the Church won’t survive, the comparisons to the EcUSA are implicitly making the same statement, IMHO. And, while we are to care for others (especially beloved hierarchs) what I have seen happening on this site over the past several weeks and months has been care for and defense of the one (+Jonah) over the need to care for and pray for the others (the active bishops.) Did you read my last paragraph? I know that you did from reading your response. I did not mean in any sense to consign them to the last judgment and eternal damnation (even as it seems many here are willing or, God forbid, eager to do.) On the contrary, I was trying to encourage everyone to not give up on their hierarchs and to pray for them. We pray for our Lord to have mercy upon them and save them. We can also pray for their repentance. Prayer is a powerful tool, my sister. However their repentance and salvation comes about, I do not know (nor can anyone else, for that matter.) Whether as retired or deposed laymen, or as functioning bishops, God knows. We don’t, and can’t know what His will is in their lives (in my experience, it’s hard enough just to figure it out for our own lives.) In the end, however, this is all just my opinion and my view of the situation. Admittedly, too, this comes from one who is fairly new to the Church (chrismated at Elevation 2011) and has his own serious issues and passions which have to be dealt with and overcome. Please pray for me.

        Your sinful and wretched fellow servant,

        Charles Demetrios

        • Dear Charles / Demetrius,

          I think everyone here is praying for the whole Synod and the whole of the OCA. The Metropolitan is good for the OCA. In church, we regularly hear intoned “Holiness befits Thy House forevermore!” The Metropolitan strives toward holiness. So should we all. Everyone also prays regularly for the whole of the Orthodox Church and Orthodox Christians without regard to jurisdictions.

          By the way, for us ignorant of that acronym, whatever is the EcUSA?

          • Charles Demetrios says

            EcUSA = Episcopal church (I refuse to give it the honor and dignity of a capital C) USA, loh. Thank you for your response, btw. I truly hope that everyone on here, lurkers as well as regular respondents such as yourself do pray regularly for the OCA and the larger Orthodox Communion. However, certain comments that seem to keep getting repeated on this blog seem to give the impression that many here have given up and are looking to abandon ship prematurely (or are cheering as she sinks.) As a former USN sailor, I offer that, while the OCA is a severely damaged ship, she can be repaired. Whether that will involve an entirely new Synod, the return of +Jonah, or what, I do not know. What I do know is that I personally will strive to, as much as I am able as a humble layman, patch the holes I can through whatever means I have at my disposal. Please pray for me, my sister.

            Your sinful and wretched fellow servant,

            Charles Demetrios

            • Dear Charles Demetrius,

              Dry dock for the OCA! A matter of time and requisitioning the right materials. Let’s pray for that.

      • Fr. Vincent says

        Helga said:

        “…no one is suggesting that the Church (as a whole) will not survive this. You’re arguing against something nobody is even saying.”

        Just as a clarification, some are indeed saying this. In this discussion thread, in comment #36732, the poster known as “All in the Family” said:

        “As others have said here, saving Orthodoxy here is the goal, not the OCA.”.

        Just thought you should know.

        • Fr. Vincent, while the fullness of the Orthodox faith is found in the OCA, it is by no means the entire Orthodox Church, and it absolutely can fall away from Orthodoxy. This does not mean the Church itself will die, but this one can wither on the vine and be cut off.

          If we said that each Local Church would not fall on the basis of Christ’s promise to St. Peter, we would be liars. There was a Local Church so important, so distinguished, that it was once listed *first* in the diptychs. It was founded on martyred Apostles. Yet it fell away from the Church entirely. Does the OCA think it is more infallible than the old Church of Rome?

          • Fr. Vincent says


            Why are you trying to have an argument with me, when I have no argument with you?

            You stated something which you believed was correct, and I merely pointed out that it was incorrect, based on the post that I gave from “All in the Family”. I’m not saying one or the other is correct, I’m just saying that according to this “All in the Family” person, some indeed are saying that Orthodoxy itself is at stake, when you said they weren’t.

            Are you able to accept that correction, or not? From the several “thumbs down” that my simple pointing out of the error has already received, it appears that some are not.

            • Mark from the DOS says

              If you wished anybody a blessed nameday and many years, you would get at least 3 thumbs down from viewers on this site, Father. I don’t think the thumbs down indicates agreement or opposition in any way here. I think it simply reflects sour moods at the time somebody reads something!

              Asking your blessing,

              • I got multiple thumbs down below just for asking people to pray for the Metropolitan. It’s not something to take too personally.

            • Fr. Vincent, I’d be able to accept a correction if you were actually correcting me. But All in the Family said “As others have said here, saving Orthodoxy here is the goal, not the OCA.”

              Let’s break it down:

              “As others have said here” – All in the Family is agreeing with previous commenters

              “saving Orthodoxy here is the goal” – the intention is to preserve existence of Orthodoxy here, meaning “in America”.

              “not the OCA” – it is not necessary to preserve the institutional existence of the OCA itself in order to preserve the existence of Orthodoxy here in America.

              At no point is the fullness of the Church referenced as being in any way vulnerable to extinction, whether All in the Family would be arguing for or against that idea.

              You are getting a lot of thumbs down because you are both incorrect, and being somewhat belligerent in your incorrectness. Most people don’t care for that. Correct your facts and your attitude, and you may find more thumbs up in the future.

    • Dear Charles Demetrios,

      Thank you for your post. Everything you said is true, but only to a point. When I was growing up, I heard a lot of terrible things in my church about the KGB. I heard about how the Soviet government deliberately tried to infiltrate churches in the former Soviet Union and that members of the clergy, including bishops were co-conspirators. I thought it was a bunch of garbage at the time. I thought that the priests and bishops who spoke about such things were completely out of their mind. Well, what do you know, history has proven that those old priests and bishops of my childhood were right.

      If, as you said, it was a matter of foibles, I don’t think most people would really care much. But scandal after scandal in the OCA has revealed significantly deeper problems of theology, christology, eccelsiology, and soteriology. When priests and bishops conspire to throw their first hierarch out of the church, I think there is something seriously wrong. When a national church refuses to come come clean about the homosexual exploits of its most senior leaders, what does that say about leadership? When the places of spiritual formation such as monasteries begin to practice quack psychology instead of Orthodox theology, it’s just rotten to the core.

      I know you and many others don’t want to believe that the OCA basically needs to start over with a whole new crew of bishops. Like my little KGB story, it’s easier to believe that none of this is true but unfortunately it is.

      I applaud the efforts at the petition and I hope and pray that a few good people will go to Parma and protest peacefully inside and outside the church. People like Frs. Tosi and Jillions should not have the right to ram an election down anyone’s throats. Right now this just looks like a Soviet-style election.

      • Charles Demetrios says


        If you remember, I also mentioned sins and passions along with foibles, and that I do not agree with the decision they made to demand the Metropolitan’s resignation.

        Do I necessarily like the decisions the bishops and the MC are making? Emphatically, no I do not.

        I am perfectly aware that the bishops in the OCA are sinful men, again I mentioned that also.

        Remember, that “there is no one who lives and does not sin.” Just because someone gets a crown and a veil doesn’t exempt them from that

        I am also even more aware that I am sinful as well, and, as bad as they may seem, I cannot but see myself as worse (to do otherwise is to sit in judgment of my appointed leaders.) As to their theology, Christology, ecclesiology and soteriology, I cannot speak, except that perhaps +Jonah was right in reminding everyone that congregationalism is a sin (and I think he even referred to it as heresy.) I have yet to hear anyone on the MC or Synod proclaim something questioning the Resurrection, or for that matter, any other dogma laid down by the Seven Councils. What I do hear is much about their morals (granted, with evidence at times, but not always.) And while bishops should be above reproach morally, are we their judges? I know, in my own life, there have been times that I have done things that were deserving of the highest moral condemnation. So I am now to judge those who are appointed to instruct me in the Faith? I am reminded of the story of St. Moses the Black when he was obliged by his monastic brethren to come judge one of their number. Won’t repeat it here, but it definitely informs my outlook on all my brothers and sisters in Christ. All that being said, I thank you for your thoughtful, well written post. Please pray for me, sister.

        Your sinful and wretched fellow servant,

        Charles Demetrios

  10. The Village Voice says

    Last weekend in DC was very interesting with the Cathedral administrator, John, or is it Ivan Perich, making his presence known, however more and more folks are figuring out that Perich is the mole in DC reporting back everything he hears from and about +Jonah to Kishkovsky and +Alexander. Didn’t take him long to flip on Jonah after the new power brokers took over in DC.

    To the faithful in DC, be very careful what you say to your “administrator” unless of course you want it to get back to the folks in Syosset, which could be a good thing or not, depending on what you say.

    And, stay tuned because there is more news about Ivan, John Perich to share in the days ahead!

    • It seems the OCA becomes more like the Soviet Union with every passing every week.

    • It’s Archpriest John Perich or Father John. Also, using the + business is no respect to our bishops. By the way, do you represent The Village Voice or work for them?

    • Yana Porter says

      If you’re going to make remarks like that, perhaps you ought to verify the truth of what you say so the truth is documented. The fact that you’ve not troubled yourself to do that, nor bothered to come out and put your name to it it can be documented makes you appear to be not only gossiping, but hiding whie you do it.

      Respectfully, I submit that if your comments have real integrity you offer up the facts for why this is known and say who you are.

  11. Everybody,

    Please remember to pray for Metropolitan Jonah tonight, tomorrow, and for the duration of the Synod fall meeting. This is where the Synod intends to decide His Beatitude’s fate. It will be a crossroads for us all.

    Please pray for Metropolitan Jonah, his parents, James and Louise, and his sister, Laurie, for their health and well-being.

    Please pray for Archbishops Nathaniel, Nikon, Tikhon, Benjamin, Alejo, and Bishops Melchisedek, Michael, Matthias, and Alexander, that they will take the necessary steps to save their souls.

    The 9th is both Archbishop Nikon’s birthday and Archbishop Tikhon’s nameday.

    Order for Reading Canons and Akathists Alone

    Akathist to our Lord Jesus Christ, Light to those in Darkness

    Akathist to the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos

    Akathist to St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco

    Although I have not found an akathist to this saint, it would also be fitting to also ask the supplications of St. Jonah of Moscow (also known as St. Jonah of Kiev). You could say St. Jonah was the original “Metropolitan Jonah”, for he was the Metropolitan of the Church of Russia at the inception of its autocephaly. St. Jonah not only knew the burden of primatial leadership, he also knew the pain of being wrongfully deprived of his see.

    • Tom Jeffrey says

      Please also pray for Abbot Gerasim (Eliel), as he is slated to endure the vetting process (again) by this (new) Synod. Abbot Gerasim was to be the sole episcopal candidate to be voted on at the DOS special assembly that was cancelled at the 11th hour in July, immediately before +Jonah’s resignation.

      Lord have mercy…

      • Defend the Faith says

        Today the Synod of the OCA begins its meetings in Syosset. Fine words were spoken by the Locum Tenens, Archbishop Nathaniel in his opening remarks as shared by Chancellor Jillions. Words that under normal circumstances would bring hope to the faithful of the OCA. However, words are one thing, deeds are another.

        The fate of Metropolitan Jonah will be executed in the coming days. The Synod will be called upon to act the way Archbishop Nathaniel words suggest. But will they? Will they cast +Jonah aside for good, to a life of internal exile in the OCA? Will they even speak to +Jonah, face-to-face, man-to-man, Christian-to-Christian?

        As of this day, they have only spoken or ignored him via letters and emails. Even in their discharging of +Jonah as Metropolitan they have not personally met with him or spoken to him. Yes, words are one thing, but deeds are another.

        Does +Jonah regret signing his resignation letter? Would not that be a question they would ask him in person?

        What if +Jonah does regret his decision would they reconsider it? Would they even entertain such a conversation?

        Or is this Synod so captive by their decisions that they think a reconsideration a sign of weakness? Christ Himself submitted to all weakness by hanging on the Cross, yet He revealed His true strength in weakness.

        In the Synod’s quest to “move forward” are they not casting aside real lives, real people who have dedicated their lives too to the Christ and His Church?

        When is charity, love, respect and forgiveness seen as weakness?

        The OCA is in turmoil and yet we have seen not one iota of clemency from this Synod. Rather we have been treated to a steady stream of hard fisted deeds.

        Words are one thing but we will be judged by our deeds. Let us pray that this Synod during these days will show us all true Christian leadership by opening their hearts to the higher ideals and virtues of the Christian life and not limit themselves to fear and self-righteousness in a vain attempt to ignore the pain of the OCA. Shall they embrace it and admit their own failings or will they simply continue to blame the other and “move forward”?

        May the Holy Spirit lead them to compassion and the start of a renewal of our trust in them for the sake of all of our salvation.

        • Disgusted With It says

          Archbishop Nathaniel can give a wonderful speech, but that’s all it is. You ask if they will be real MEN and speak with Metropolitan Jonah face to face, but that is certainly not going to happen. This is a synod of cowards who prefer to work by hiding behind others, removing delegates and/or alternates who dare to question their actions, and would even go so far as to be sure to hire police to intimidate and remove those who actually show up to share an opinion contrary to their infallible edicts. No, they are not MEN.

          MEN are confident enough in themselves and in the knowledge of the fact that they are truly doing what is good and right for the Church and would “own-up” to their actions face to face. MEN have a capacity to work with those who don’t necessarily agree with them. MEN do what is right, not what is easiest or most beneficial to personal agendas. No, again I say, they are not MEN.

          And unless people — clergy and delegates at the council — take a stand for what is right, nothing will change and everyone will own this embarrassing disaster. I pray that the clergy and delegates will at least stand up and be MEN and WOMEN of good character. They, the synod, believe they are entitled to rule over all of us like dictators. Remind them that they are mistaken.

        • I’m afraid that if Metropolitan Jonah would NOW try to withdraw his resignation, the members of the Holy Synod might be counseled by their advisers to state it is a “further” example of his indecisiveness, and that it would be wrong to enable him in this indecisiveness! Someone like the chancellor might ask “And what if Your Beatitude would decide next month to resign again?”
          I don’t think that any of the following would want their private lives to be made public as they would be if they were to become Primate: ‘Archbishop Benjamin, Archbishop Nathaniel, Bishop Melchizedek, and they’d probably decline nomination/election, or refuse to be nominated, unless they just wanted to see who and how many voted for them. Bishop Michael and Archbishop Tikhon will be the most likely candidates favored by the Synod, and only one of the two really wants it. So, get used to the idea of the one or the other. They’re not going to be persuaded by any huge popular vote: they probably have learned their lesson on that one!! There’s almost NO privacy for the Primate at Syosset. Metropolitan Herman absolutely refused to move there. Metropolitan Jonah likewise avoided it as often as he could. Anyone could visit Syosset in Metropolitan Theodosius’s day and “accidentally” walk right into his second floor office, living room, kitchen, and bedroom, always open.
          I DO think that Bishop Michael could get a handle on things almost right away; that he’d be a strong primate and “his own man.’ I’m not a prophet, but I can opine that he’ll be the primate on my (80th) birthday, November 14th. I think he’ll clear the deck and all the clergy “cases” will be resolved in short order. He should be allowed to ask for and get a Chancellor who can work with him the most productively and efficiently, someone who will neither see hiimself as “Priest to the Priests” (which is exactly what a bishop is, NOT the chancellor), nor spend time composing spiritually pompous “diaries.” And he might even be able to give the coup de grace to the Name And Blame Game, that was initiated by Metropolitan Herman and Archbishop Job and was euphemistically entitled “transparency and accountability.”
          Name and blame. Name and blame. Name and blame. It was like sliced bread until someone turned the naming and blaming on the namers and blamers.

          • Too many OCA bishops put the “sin” in Synod. I wish Metropolitan Jonah would tear up his resignation! He may not be perfect, but at least he can take a vow of celibacy and keep it.

    • Dear Helga,

      Here y’all go:


      Give it to the Metropolitan. He understands Russian. Get a good Russian to translate for everyone else.

      • Thanks, Loh, but that akathist is for a different St. Jonah. Met. Jonah’s patron reposed in 1461.

        I have found that October 5th was the Synaxis of the Holy Hierarchs of Moscow, including St. Jonah of Moscow. Let us beseech their prayers for their daughter church in America.

        I have also found an archived link to a service for those who have departed into error. Perhaps we would find this helpful. It contains the following Scripture readings:

        Romans 16:17-20

        Brethren, I beseech you, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple. For your obedience is come abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf: but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil. And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

        Matthew 18:10-18

        Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven. For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost. How think ye? if a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them be gone astray, doth he not leave the ninety and nine, and goeth into the mountains, and seeketh that which is gone astray? And if so be that he find it, verily I say unto you, he rejoiceth more of that sheep, than of the ninety and nine which went not astray. Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish. Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if h e neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican. Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

        And these prayers:

        O Most High God, Master and Maker of every creature, that fillest all things with Thy majesty, and upholdest them by Thy might! To Thee our all-gifted Lord do we, who are unworthy, bring thanks, for Thou turnest not away from us on account of our iniquities, but all the more Thou goest before us with Thy compassions. Thou didst send Thine Only-Begotten Son for our deliverance, and didst preach the good tidings of Thine immeasurable condescension to the race of man: for with desire dost Thou desire and await, that we should turn to Thee and be saved: condescending to the weakness of our nature Thou dost strengthen us by the all-powerful grace of Thy Holy Spirit, and comfortest us with the saving faith and perfect hope of eternal blessings, and guiding Thine elect unto the Sion above, Thou dost keep us as the apple of Thine eye. We confess, O Lord, Thy great and invincible love for mankind and loving kindness.

        But seeing the feeble impulses of many, fervently we pray Thee, O all-good Lord: look upon Thy Church and see, that although we have received Thy saving Gospel with gladness, nevertheless the tares of vanity and passions have made it bear little fruit in some, and in others no fruit, and through the multiplication of iniquities some by heresies, others by schism, in opposing the truth of Thy Gospel, apostatize from Thine inheritance, reject Thy grace, and subject themselves to the judgement of Thy most-holy Word. O Most compassionate and all-powerful, be not angry to the end, O Lord! Be merciful, Thy Church prayeth Thee, setting before Thee the author and finisher of our salvation, Jesus Christ, be merciful to us, strengthen us in Thy right faith by Thy might, and unto those that are deceived do Thou enlighten the eyes of their reason by Thy divine light, that they may understand Thy truth: soften their bitterness and open their hearing, that they may know Thy voice and turn to Thee our Saviour.

        Correct, O Lord, the corruptions of others and the life not in accordance with Christian piety: make us all to live holy and undefiled, and so let the saving faith take root in our hearts and remain ever fruitful. Turn not Thy face away from us, O Lord, give us the joy of Thy salvation: and grant, O Lord, to the pastors of Thy Church holy zeal, and dissolve their cares for the salvation and conversion of them that are deceived, with the spirit of Thy Gospel: That all being thus guided may, we attain to where there is the perfection of faith, the fulfilment of hope, and true love: and there with the choirs of the most pure heavenly hosts may we glorify Thee our Lord, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, unto the ages of ages.

        • Sorry, Helga,

          It was so late at night that when I found a Saint Jonah, I just copied the URL and the stuff and did not try to translate it because my eyesight was so poor at that point. Teach me to surf the web until the wee hours. I did like the tropar and kondak on the page you mentioned:

          Troparion (Tone 4)

          O Russian Hierarchs,
          Guardians of the Apostolic tradition,
          Firm pillars, guides of Orthodoxy,
          Peter, Alexis, Jonah, and Philip,
          Pray to the Lord of all,
          To grant peace to the world and great mercy to our souls.

          Kontakion (Tone 3)

          You were holy as hierarchs;
          You taught the people and you were well-pleasing to God.
          He has glorified you with incorruption and miracles
          As disciples of the grace of God.


          found the Synaxis canon, btw. It is here:

          Канон святителям Московским
          Петру, Алексию, Ионе, Филиппу и Ермогену
          Память празднуем 5 (18) октября

          Тропарь, глас 4-й
          Первопрестольницы Российстии, истиннии хранителие апостольских преданий, столпи непоколебимии, Православия наставницы, Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, Владыку всех молите мир вселенней даровати и душам нашим велию милость.

          КАНОН, глас 8-й

          Песнь 1

          Ирмос: Воду прошед, яко сушу, и египетскаго зла избежав, израильтянин вопияше: Избавителю и Богу нашему поим.

          Припев: Святителие Московские Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, молите Бога о нас.

          Многими содержими напастьми, к вам прибегаем спасение получити, о велиции святителие, Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене! От лютыя нужды и бед спасите нас.

          Святителие Московские Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, молите Бога о нас.

          Страстей прилози и многия печали и беды погубляют мою душу; умирите, святии святителие, к Богу вашими молитвами, и от печали на веселие преложите.

          Слава: Спаса Христа молите, велицыи чудотворцы и избраннии, Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, избавитися нам от бед и скорбей и варварскаго нахождения вашими молитвами.

          И ныне: В скорби ны и болезни суща, посещения Божественнаго и промышления еже от Тебе сподоби, о Богомати, Владычице.

          Песнь 3

          Ирмос: Небеснаго круга Верхотворче, Господи, и Церкве Зиждителю, Ты мене утверди в любви Твоей, желаний краю, верных утверждение, Едине Человеколюбче.

          Святителие Московские Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, молите Бога о нас.

          Заступницы и покровителие граду Москве вы есте по Бозе, Божии угодницы, направите нас на пристанище спасения: вы бо есте верным ограждение.

          Святителие Московские Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, молите Бога о нас.

          Молим вас, святии чудотворцы, Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, душевное смущение и печали бурю разорити нам и тишину подати к Богу вашими молитвами.

          Слава: Благороднейшии и благим подражателие бывше, от Бога чудесы обогатившеся, всем помогайте, молящеся Богу, вас прославляющему, Своя угодники.

          И ныне: Лютыми недуги и болезненными тяжкими варварскими находы истязаемым, Дево Богородице, Ты нам помози и печаль на радость преложи.

          Господи, помилуй (трижды).

          Седален, глас 4-й

          Прострите ваша длани, святии отцы, ко всех Владыце, имиже добре потрудистеся, и Богу угодисте, и требующим неоскудно подасте, и устне ваша на молитву отверзите, имиже Бога славословисте, и люди на Богоразумие настависте, ускорите убо на помощь нашу, и от находящих на нас бед и зол и всякия нужды избавите нас вашими молитвами к Богу.

          Слава, и ныне: Дево Всенепорочная, Яже Пресущнаго Бога рождшая, со святители Того непрестанно моли, оставление прегрешений и исправление жития дати нам прежде конца, верою и любовию поющим Тя по долгу, Едина Всепетая.

          Песнь 4

          Ирмос: Услышах, Господи, смотрения Твоего таинство, разумех дела Твоя и прославих Твое Божество.

          Святителие Московские Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, молите Бога о нас.

          Страстей моих смущение и многих бед нахождения бурю утишити молитеся, святии отцы, к Богу вашими молитвами.
          Святителие Московские Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, молите Бога о нас.

          Милосердия бездну прострите нам, святии отцы, призывающим вас на помощь, яко Милосердаго Бога имате, послушающа ваших молитв.

          Слава: Надежду имуще вас, святии отцы, Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, и яко стену недвижиму к Богу ваша молитвы, зол и всех бед избавляемся.

          И ныне: Исцели, Чистая, душевныя наша немощи и страсти телесныя, поспеши, Госпоже, здравие подати молитвами Твоими.

          Песнь 5

          Ирмос: Просвети нас повелении Твоими, Господи, и мышцею Твоею высокою Твой мир подаждь нам, Человеколюбче.

          Святителие Московские Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, молите Бога о нас.

          Исполните, святии отцы, веселия живот наш, избавляюще нас варварскаго нахождения и междоусобныя брани.

          Святителие Московские Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, молите Бога о нас.

          Избавите нас от бед, святии чудотворцы, яко предстателие теплии и молитвенницы о душах наших.

          Слава: Разрушите мглу прегрешений моих и безместных деяний вашими к Богу молитвами.

          И ныне: Яко стену нерушиму и пристанище стяжахом, и душам Тя совершенное спасение, и пространство в скорбех, о Владычице, ныне нас от страстей и бед спаси.

          Песнь 6

          Ирмос: Молитву пролию ко Господу и Тому возвещу печали моя, яко зол душа моя исполнися и живот мой аду приближися, и молюся, яко Иона: от тли, Боже, возведи мя.

          Святителие Московские Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, молите Бога о нас.

          Смерти и тли, и варварскаго пленения избавите, и огненнаго запаления свой град сохраните к Богу вашими молитвами.

          Святителие Московские Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, молите Бога о нас.

          Заступники вас вемы и твердыя хранители граду нашему, святителие Господни, тем к вам прибегающе, милость приемлем и бед избавляемся.

          Слава: Яко стену и пристанище стяжахом вас, святии чудотворцы, пространство в скорбех подтверждение и спасение душам нашим.

          И ныне: Заступницу Тя живота вем и Хранительницу тверду, Дево, напастей решащу молвы и налоги бесов отгоняющу, и молюся всегда страстей мя избавите, Всенепорочная.

          Господи, помилуй (трижды). Слава, и ныне:

          Кондак, глас 3-й

          Во святителех благочестно пожисте и люди к Богоразумию настависте, и добре Богу угодисте, сего ради от Него нетлением и чудесы прославистеся, яко ученицы Божия благодати.


          Первозваннаго наместницы и Российстии первопрестольницы, велиции светильницы, Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, Троице поборницы, Православию наставницы, в мире благочестно пожисте и учением своим вселенную просветисте, сего ради Царствию Небесному наследницы бысте, нетлением и чудесы прославистеся, яко ученицы Божия благодати.

          Песнь 7


          От Иудеи дошедше, отроцы, в Вавилоне иногда верою Тройческою пламень пещный попраша, поюще: отцев Боже, благословен еси.

          Святителие Московские Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, молите Бога о нас.
          Наше спасение, якоже восхотел еси, Спасе, устроити, прославляеши Твоя угодники чудесы, вопиющия Ти: отец наших Боже, благословен еси.

          Святителие Московские Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, молите Бога о нас.
          Волителя милости, Егоже роди Мати, молите, святии Христовы святителие, Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, избавити нас от прегрешений, и бед, и зол, зовущих: отец наших Боже, благословен еси.

          Слава: Сокровище спасения и источник исцеления, наставницы покаяния вы есте, Божии угодницы, вопиющим: отец наших Боже, благословен еси.

          И ныне: Сокровище спасения, и источник нетления, Тебе рождшую и столп утверждения, и дверь покаяния вопиющим показа: отец наших Боже, благословен еси.

          Песнь 8


          Царя Небеснаго, Егоже поют вои Ангельстии, хвалите и превозносите во вся веки.

          Святителие Московские Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, молите Бога о нас.
          Помощи вашея требующия не презрите, святии отцы и наставницы Православия, поющия и превозносящия Христа во веки.

          Святителие Московские Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, молите Бога о нас.
          Неможение душ наших исцеляете и от телесных болезней возставляете вопиющих и превозносящих Христа во веки.

          Слава: Исцелений богатство источаете к вам притекающим, Божиим угодником, и верно поющим, и превозносящим Христа во веки.
          И ныне: Напастныя Ты прилоги отгоняеши и страстныя находы, Дево, яко да Тя поем и превозносим Чистую во веки.

          Песнь 9

          Ирмос: Воистинну Богородицу, Тя исповедуем, спасеннии Тобою, Дево Чистая, с Безплотными лики Тя величающе.

          Святителие Московские Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, молите Бога о нас.
          Точения слез не презрите, молим вас, святии отцы, Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, и всем утешение подати, блажащим вас.

          Святителие Московские Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, молите Бога о нас.
          Радости сердца наша исполните вашими к Богу молитвами, святии отцы и заступницы теплии.
          Слава: Светильницы пресветлии, Троицы поборницы, Петре, Алексие, Ионо, Филиппе и Ермогене, труды и подвиги вашими мрак неведения отгоняшеся, благоверно вас ублажающих.

          И ныне:

          Света Твоего зарями просвети, Дево, мрак неведения отгоняющи и лютых бед спасающи, иже благоверно Богородицу Тя исповедающих.

          • http://eadiocese.org/News/2012/oct/mhspeech.en.htm

            Wasn’t sure where to post this . . .?? But was in awe of how quickly they addressed their Church. Nice to see transparency and timeliness. I believe they made reference to the OCA there too . . . .

            • justagoodoleboy says


              This is an issue that I think gets overlooked, the strange administrative model that we have seen in the oca. The oca model seems protestant to me or maybe some orthodox hybrid.

              It appears to me that Metropolitan Jonah was trying to act as a Metropolitan in the normal sense. I am starting to see our problem as less of an issue with individuals (even though there are big issues) and more of an issue with a abnormal and maybe even a hetrodox administrative model.

              The question I have is whether we are moving to an orthodox administrative model or whether those in power believe what they are currently doing is God’s Will and will stick to their plan to the end.

              I have great respect and love for “hetrodox” and see God’s Love in them and working in their lives, but I prefer a Orthodox Church

              • oliver douglas says

                They smile in your face, but all the time they want to take your place . . . the backstabbers.

              • I think you nailed it, justagoodoleboy. We got a Metropolitan who actually wanted to act like a Metropolitan, but the administrators kept wanting to play Whack-A-Klobuk.

    • Thank you, Helga!

  12. George Kender COmney says

    Why are the last nazi war criminals, like Alois Bruner, hiding in Syria? Nesselrode sent Porphy Uspensky to de-Hellenize the Antiochians which led to Michel Aflaq founding the Nazi Ba’ath party which is why ras-Putin hid Saddam’s WMD in Syria! Ohlig & Puim show Islamic extremism came from Syriac miaphysates, products of Chrysustolm trying to consummate the Channukah crimes of his Seleucid forefathers. (“Questioning is the subversion of faith” Homily I on I Timothy I- Such was the dark mind that led Justinian to abolish the universities and Olympics and bring on the plagues.) Ochrafuxy is the mother of Islam and bolshevism because they reject Aristotle in favor of Plato. We need a Christian Samaritania buffer state surrounding Israel. Just as we neutralized Greece during the Crimean and Cold wars, we need to give the Balkans back to the aboriginal Albanian Pelasgians to prevent soviet access to the straits. Iran and North Korea both share borders with Russia and are ras-Putin’s ploy to raise oil prices which is why we must fearlessly pursue the therminucular rapture against the magog’s attempt to destabilize the Saudis.

  13. cynthiacurran says


  14. cynthiacurran says

    Well my regular keyboard doesn’t work for some funcations like the like space bar. I’m using the online keyboard. As for Justinian truth about shutting down the neo-plationic academy and maybe the olympics but I believe it might have been done by Theodosius the Great. As for the Plague I don’t believe he can be responsible for that, the Secret History says so,but while there is some truth in the Secret HIstory it exaggerates. The Plague might have came out of Africa among the trade routes that were before Justinian, and in Justinian reign there was a real cold year where one could not see the sun. Cold Winter causedt the virus to stay alive and spread thru the empire and Persia and the west all the way up to Ireland.