Enoch Powell: Vindicated!

Perfect storms rarely happen but when they do –well, then you know why they’re called perfect storms. (Forgive the tautology.) There’s one brewing in England right now. It’s so big that it even skipped the Pond and made waves here in the States. In England itself, it’s as big a news story as Edward VIII’s abdication.

Recently, in Rotherham, England, the sun, moon and stars all seemed to align to create a perfect sociocultural firestorm of controversy. Over the last fifteen years or so, about 1,400 girls –some as young as four years old–had been systematically brutalized by gangs of men. That alone should have raised alarm bells in this northern Yorkshire town. But it didn’t. Instead, there was nothing but deafening silence.

The reason? Because the girls were all English and the perpetrators all Pakistanis.

Mind you, it’s not that the authorities didn’t know. They knew. They knew from the very first but ecause of a combination of fear at being called “racist” and having to live with that epithet for the rest of one’s natural life, and possible unemployment on top of this was just too mbuch to handle. The rational thing to do was to do nothing, just look the other way spend more time at tea. As for their Prog overlords, they came up with all sorts of excuses, anything but the truth. Being themselves good little cogs in the machine (and well paid at that) they were paralyzed with fear –fear at being called “racist.” You see, that’s the new shibboleth, that word that causes one’s ideological enemies to quake in fear. Like the drug Tubocurare, it causes instant paralysis. You have to give the devil his due: It’s a great tactic; after all, if you want to further your totalitarian agenda, what better way to do so than to have your enemies police themselves? That way all debate is shut down. Name-calling isn’t necessary, just the threat of being called a name. Orwell called it Crimestop. That’s how false religions perpetuate themselves.

So is all lost? Make no mistake, what we are witnessing is the beginning of the death-throws of the false religion of liberl\progressivism. Like all dying behemoths it will cause much collaterol damage. Nor will it go peacefully into that good night. The devotees of false religions scream bloody murder as they are taken to the guillotine and/or lined up against the wall, hoping against hope that Mdme Hillary will come to the rescue. And if not, Noam Chomsky will speak the eulogy. History will vindicate the great martyr Hugh Hefner who fooled thousands of girls to “be free” and “in control of their bodies.” Likewise Spike Lee will receive a measure of grace for his revolutionary (yet unwatchable) ouevre. The screaming will commence, curses hurled, but in the end it wont matter. For one thing, the shoe is now on the other foot. The ordinary schlub can see with his own eyes Negros acting as savages burning down their own neighborhoods, making them unlivable in the process. What venture capitalist is going to go into Ferguson now? It’s Detroit on a smaller scale.

More recently, serial hoaxer Al Sharpton tried to rile up blacks in America with the incident in Ferguson. Once contrary evidence was put forward, The Uprising in Ferguson fizzled out. Again, alternative sources put out evidence which showed us that Michael Brown wasn’t always dressed in his graduation robes. Despite directives from the inJustice Department, many saw fit to fight back and put out the video of the Not-so-gentle-giant shoving a little foreigner around like a piece of trash. That pretty much sealed it.

But now back to Rotherham. The English natives have had enough. The sting of being called Racist has lost all its horror. After all it was racist fathers who didn’t let their daughters walk the streets of Rotherham alone. I’m sure they gave them choice advice on how to behave if confronted. It was their “racism” that saved their daughters; whereas the daughters that were molested came almost exclusively from single-mother households, some whom had Pakistani boyfriends.

That “honest discussion about race” that our esteemed Attorny General wanted us to have but which never came about due to white cowardice (or so we were told) was just a ruse, a bluff. Holder, a high yellow Negro himself who comes from a long line of mullattoes and never grew up in the “Hood” knew that most white people are decent like himself and his extended family. It was nothing but an audacious gamble to get white folks to unaninimously crimestop. It worked here. But id didn’t work in England. In time, it won’t work here either.


  1. Bishop Tikhon Fitzgerald says

    The shame of being revealed as a racist has not been diminished one iota.
    What happened in England has not changed any narratives, but has made some “Christians” imagine that a score has been made against their ideological bogeymen.
    American racists’ toes simply curl up with delight at the news from England. It’s sad to see this weakness on display.

    • It’s sad to see so many other weakness on display—especially in leaders of the Orthodox church who ought to know better.

    • Thomas Barker says

      Your Grace,

      Does not the term ‘Pakistani’ denote country of origin, rather than race? Had a group of Italians been caught for the offenses, would you claim that it is racist to rant against those danged Italians? Do you consider Italians to be a race? I found the brief essay edifying, as I had suffered under the misapprehension that Pakistani men prefer men with round, muscular buttocks.

      • Bishop Tikhon Fitzgerald says

        Oh, dear! Racists are identified by their classification of their enemies and ideological bogeymen AS members of hostile and dangerous races. Thus some Englishmen and some would-be pundits writing here treat Muslims as members of a vile and misanthropic race. I, Thomas Barker, have NEVER referred to
        pakistani peoples as a race. However, the anti- Pakistani forces are racISTS!
        Now that YOU introduce the topic of “round, muscular men’s buttocks,” should an Islamist refer to the proclivities of Irish, French, Belgian, German and Polish CHRISTIAN CLERGY for tender boyish buttocks, ETC as having something to do with Christianity and its dangers? How about Crusaders spearing pregnant Muslim and Jewish women in Jerusalem and bragging about it in their memoirs? Burning Jews alive after herding them into their synagogues? What choices did the conquistadores offer the natives of the Western Hemisphere? ‘

        • “Thus some Englishmen and some would-be pundits writing here treat Muslims as members of a vile and misanthropic race.”

          To be precise: as members of a vile and misanthropic religion—and that’s putting it kindly.

          You really should avail yourself of a larger intellectual tool-set. When all you have is a race card, everyone looks like a racist.

          • Bishop Tikhon Fitzgerald says

            I’d hide my identity too, if I posted such semi-illiterate blather! I don’t agree with your last sentence even if such is your very own personal experience.
            You need to get out more….out of that ingrown storehouse of trite idioms.

            • You wound me, sir.

              Before I go, I’d just like to point out the pavlovian ease (since it seems to have escaped you) with which you pigeonhole Americans who are alarmed at the events in Rotherham—including, by extension, George as well as those present—as racists.

              To whit: “American racists’ toes simply curl up with delight at the news from England.”

              Apparently, you don’t read what you write.

              Have a blessed weekend.

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              • Bishop Tikhon Fitzgerald says

                ‘ I “pigeonholed” SOME Americans—those that are delighted at the news from England, “one.”
                They are delighted because they hold the old European racist stereotypes of Muslims. At least they preserved some standards: They don’t call Muslims “Saracens”. That would definitely give the game away!

                • Is the rumor true that during your time in the military you had a tendency to pigeonhole then as well?

                  • Bishop Tikhon Fitzgerald says

                    Heracleides Pompikos! True! And not only during my active duty in the U.S. Army. 1954-7 and U.S. Air Force 1960-65 & 1966-71, but ALL MY LIFE! I pigeonholed my own father of blessed memory (he usually concluded all discussions of race with “”Well, THAT may be true, but they still STINK!”) as an incorrigible racist, but many others. Nobody ever appreciated a racist joke ,more than ever-memorable Archbishop Dmitri, either. PIGEONHOLED! Do you somehow disapprove?

      • or ‘bubble b**ts’ as one might prefer, Thomas.

    • Michael Bauman says

      It is not racist to prefer to be with people who are perceived to be more like you–that is human
      It is not racist to want your family to be protected from predatory thugs–that is human
      It is not racist to expect a government sworn to afford that protection to provide it–that is human

      Racism is the irrational and wrong belief that “the other” is inherently and ontologically inferior to you simply because they are of a different race (whatever that means).

      The racism here seems to lie with the Pakistani thugs.

      Unfortunately racism has come to mean a white person who does not agree with everything non-white people believe and do. Or simply a white person who prefers to be with other white people.

    • Ladder of Divine Ascent says

      Rotherham is the real reason that the Yes vote to Scotland leaving the UK suddenly surged 20 points, now being too close to call. Hopefully, Scotland rebuilds the old Roman walls and ends all Muslim immigration, because the UK is clearly committing suicide and will be entirely under Sharia law soon.

      ‘Twice as Many’ British Muslims Fighting for ISIS Than in UK Armed Forces:


      As for the apologists of the false Islamic religion that separate billions of souls from God, persecutes the saints, and leads to eternal damnation where they curse the “Christians” who lied to them that they worship the same God. Perhaps should take their “you’re a racist” lectures to the disfigured black confessors, who surviving widows and orphans of martyrs, who converted from Islam:




      Mulinde was raised in a staunch Muslim family and his father served as the local Imam. He was a sheikh before getting converted to Christianity.

      Mulinde said the attack occurred shortly after his church had concluded a seven-day crusade at in which over 300 people gave their lives to the Lord.


      Anyone who doesn’t understand the inherent evil of Islam, will like Obama, end up funding/arming/supporting Islamists in doing this crap.

      Muslims Take Christian Women And Cut Their Breasts Off:



      Sister Hatune also told of meeting a 21-year-old Christian girl from Jordan. Once a captive, her abductors “every day” “were raping her all night.” When they weren’t satisfied with her ransom money, they “cut her face in different ways.” Another time, Sister Hatune met 280 girls. She described how they were “misused” by their kidnappers, some of whom “cut breasts and other [sensitive areas].” “I saw them with my own eyes,” she emphasized. Those are the stories the media should report – the “human face of this tragic reality,” as Mother Olga described.

      The wise Orthodox like Putin on other hand, understand exactly what Islam is, thus are able to discern and cultivate “better” strains of it, thus Russian support for Assad, and the one video where the Orthodox woman is seen blessing the Chechen troops off to kill Obama’s Ukie junta Nazies.

      • Bishop Tikhon Fitzgerald says

        “Ladder of Divine Ascent!” you wrote ” the UK is clearly committing suicide and will be entirely under Sharia law soon.” Why should the UK be different from Egypt, Syria Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Yemen, etc., NONE of which is “under Sharia law?” Can you name a country outside of Brunei that IS “under Sharia law? “

        • Michael Bauman says

          Your Grace, can you name one country with substantial Moslem population where the tension between Sharia Law and the established law of the land does not exist? Is not Saudi Arabia largely under Sharia Law as is Iran. ISIS is all about establishing Sharia Law.

          Even if they are not, it seems to me I have heard something about not being able to serve two masters somewhere.

          It is particularly troubling in England because it was from England that we largely received the concept of rule of law rather than by man and equal protection under the law. Of course we have abandoned that belief and practice but it is still a lofty goal for ordering this life, even under a monarchy.

          Under our Constitution (I know, stop being so archaically silly) no Moslem who does not renounce Sharia Law can legally hold public office.

          Egypt is not under Sharia because the people revolted and the army supported them yet even there Sharia is still practiced off the radar.

          The Orthodox people I know who have lived in Islam or have studied Sharia are untied with Ladder: Islam is demonic leading people into darkness. Have you ever read the words of Fr. Zakaria Botros?

        • Can you name a country outside of Brunei that IS “under Sharia law?

          This is almost too easy. Too, too easy.

          If I were you I’d quit while I was behind.

          • Bishop Tikhon Fitzgerald says

            I’m waiting, “one” You haven”t named one because you can’t. you just ASSumed that, oh, Turkey, or The Islamic Repunlic of Iran, or Egypt or SOMEBODY must have made Shariah the law of the land. Sorry, I’m enjoying this win.

            • Bishop Tikhon Fitzgerald says

              The following don”t know what Shariah consists of: “one,” Misbael Bauman, “Ladder of Divine Ascent,”

    • I thought the Orthodox were oriented towards ancient beliefs. Both of my grandfathers are older than the sin of “racism.”

      • I don’t recall reading much from the Fathers about racism or equality, other than the obvious observation that we are all “sons of the same father [Adam]” and that “there is neither Jew nor Greek”. I know the Greeks, in a phyletist council (1872) declared “phyletism” to be a heresy (thus seemingly excommunicating most of the Orthodox world).

        And we all know the Fathers’ ideas about involuntary servitude (cf. St. John Chrysostom). Yes, this is decidedly a modern preoccupation.

        • Michael Bauman says

          Misha, it seems to be an odd and seemingly incompatible mixture of egalitarianism, colonialism and the Darwinian idea of separate ‘races’ which it fact has no scientific basis. Ultimately racism declares that we are not all equal under the law or under God–some are more (or less) equal than others.

        • Bishop Tikhon Fitzgerald says

          Obviously, the Greeks are a different race: they have no “sh” sounds in their language and could never therefore pronounce “shibboleth.” Right? Even today, they’d come out with something like “TSibboleth!”

  2. Fr. George Washburn says

    Are we supposed to be seeing the beginnings of some death throws ….or death throes?

    • Bishop Tikhon Fitzgerald says

      Father George, aren’t those “death throws” usually called shrouds?

      • Bishop Tikhon Fitzgerald says

        I have to remark that the thumbs-downs that Fr. George and I got are clues to the long sought answer to the question, “Why Johnny can’t read.”

  3. why I am I no longer seeing the comment section of your posts?

  4. Tim R. Mortiss says

    Clearly, Pakistanis do not constitute a “race”. “Pakistan” is the name of a country, adopted in 1947. It has many ethnic groups within its borders.

    I’ve never heard anybody suggest that anti-Americanism is “racism”. Same thing…..

    • Michael Bauman says

      There are no ‘races’–we are all human. The differences are pigmentation, language, culture and technology even political. Phylitism, it seems to me, lies in arrogating these created things to the level of the divine–Idol worship in other words.

      We all have the same draw to holiness as we are all in the image and likeness of God. We all have the same draw toward immersion in the passions as we are all fallen. The particular passions may vary some from culture to culture but that does not constitute a “race.”

      DNA tests are beginning to suggest that there is not the difference even between Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon and Homo Sapiens as was once thought.

  5. George Michalopulos says

    Unfortunately Michael, the regnant religion of Darwinism would disagree with you. Leaving aside the egalitarian nonsense that the late Stephen Jay Gould emitted, the Darwinian definition of races and the view that these races are in fact “sub-species” is making a significant comeback.

    • Tim R. Mortiss says

      Whatever races may be, sub-species they are not.

      • Biologically-speaking, human races are somewhere between wild “subspecies” and domestic “breeds.” Subspecies have been subjected to natural selection. Breeds have been subjected to natural selection + artificial selection. Humans have also been subjected to both, but the artificial selection has been less consciously systematic and thorough and end-oriented. Of course, if you’re a Christian, animal & human development/differentiation has also been subject to God’s will although I don’t know how we could possibly discern to what degree this development & differentiation is a result of God’s positive will vs. God’s permissive will.

    • George Michalopulos wrote:

      the Darwinian definition of races and the view that these races are in fact “sub-species” is making a significant comeback.

      Considering you appear to regularly douse your brain and immerse your soul to drink deeply in wells of racist filth, I can understand why you might believe such a delusion.

      Forget being up to date in cutting edges of field specializations, even a cursory understanding of mainstream science reporting in the relevant areas would be enough to dispel such notions.

      One of the effects of increasingly cheap genome sequencing and ever growing computational power is the ability to do start doing broader crunching. Among other things, significant genetic advantages for intelligence are turning out to be extremely elusive and inconsequential.

      Sneering at Darwinists on one hand and on the other hand using them as a fig leaf to justify your racist diatribes is cheeky, I’ll give you that.

      • George Michalopulos says

        the “racist filth” I supposedly “immerse” myself in is nothing but the works of the Great Man himself as well as the great evolutionists of the 20th century. Just because you operate under the delusion that Darwinism is not a “racist” doctrine doesn’t mean I have to be so gullible.

        Indeed, it would surprise many of us hear how much real Darwinism is making a comeback in the popular culture. This started with The Bell Curve fifteen years ago and has gained traction with Nicholas Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance. Of course the reality is that our elites have long held Darwinism’s racialist presuppositions as inevitable. Towit: Panned Parenthood, Eugenics, forced sterilization, etc.

        • Michael Bauman says

          My maternal grandmother and her sister were part of the eugenics movement of the early 20th century. They worked for the U.S. government. My grandmother who was the first woman to graduate from the University of Iowa medical school was charged with establishing beautiful baby contests at state fairs in the agricultural heartland. In these contests the babies were judged much like cattle and no non-white babies were even allowed in the contests.

          They were not intrinsically evil people they were just subject to the prevalent cultural mind and lacked the spiritual resources to resist.

          Now it seems that the prevailing cultural mind is shifting, not away from racism, but to the belief in the concept of the “white devils” .

        • Bishop Tikhon Fitzgerald says

          Oh well. Racism exists independently of any concept or reality of “race.” Think of how one might be a deist even if there were in fact no god at all! Racists rely on the idea of race as a kind of shawl or comfort blanket enabling them to propagate their neurotic fears of “THE OTHER” in a quasi but entirely unreal ethic.
          The fondness of modern Greeks for the “Golden Path” kind of racism seems ironic but one senses behind it a real needy NEED to belong to a special ‘race.” It’d be touching if it weren’t so misanthropic and puerile, rather than child-like!!

          • Your highness, “racism” in contemporary usage has no real, objective meaning. It’s either used as a slur or to mean “not liberal or leftist with respect to race and/or ethnicity.”

  6. Your “Darwinism” is some kind of mythical bogeymen construct that has nothing to do with the modern fields of biology, genetics or neurological studies. It is nothing more than a useful straw man for you to criticize while simultaneously using the false tenets of its ‘religion’ as a pseudo-scientific backing for your own racial prejudice.

    You’re going to bring up A Troublesome Inheritance? Really? The book where one hundred and forty-three scientists signed a letter stating the author misused their work and that he was, in scientific speak, smoking crack?

    I think you mistake “real Darwinism is making a comeback in the popular culture” with “hack work being appropriated by racist fools to push their causes”.

    Of course the reality is that our elites have long held Darwinism’s racialist presuppositions as inevitable. Towit: Panned Parenthood, Eugenics, forced sterilization, etc.

    If that had been in vogue for more than a couple decades and out of style for something less than almost a century now, this might be something resembling a valid point. It is not. And that’s leaving aside the minor detail that the racial ‘science’ of that era was based on utter rubbish to begin with. It still doesn’t validate your own racist opinions. It isn’t 1916, what’s your excuse?

    • George Michalopulos says

      Nate, do you even know the title of Darwin’s magnum opus?

    • George Michalopulos says

      Yes, 143 “scientists” (I’m presently looking into how many of them are evolutionary biologists) have signed a public letter decrying Wade’s book. So what? The regnant egalitarian religion demands that they do so if they don’t want to lose their jobs or be slathered with the label “racist.”

      All that being said, Darwinism and its implications regarding the various races of mankind is making a decided comeback. No matter how much you hold your breath and stomp your feet, the racialist genie was let out of the scientific bottle long ago and he won’t be put back in.

      • You missed the detail where the scientists involved are saying that Wade misused their own work. Your reading comprehension is truly a marvel to behold.

        The regnant egalitarian religion

        You aren’t making a great case for White supremacy here.

        All that being said, Darwinism and its implications regarding the various races of mankind

        The Origin of Species was published over one hundred and fifty years ago. Attempts to mold pre-existing racial superiority complexes into the emergent field of evolutionary biology ultimately failed.

        I think at this point it is entirely fair to question whether George “barbarous races of the world” Michalopulos actually believes that some human beings are superior to others on the basis of their race. The person pushing a racialist message here isn’t modern science, but Mr. Michalopulos .

        • George Michalopulos says

          Again, all I ask you is for the original title of Darwin’s magnum opus. Not what you wish it was nor what you think he might have meant had he been subjected to the modern religion of egalitarianism.

          And, no, I’m not a white supremacist. I am a Christian. I am also proud (I know: a sin) of my European heritage. If anything, whites are far less racist (in the pejorative sense) than non-whites. If you choose to disbelieve that all that tells me is that you are willfully blind of current events or ignorant of history (cf the Japanese during WWII), If you want a straight-up dose of racism go read the Talmud and/or google the writings of some Hasidic heavy-hitters. I’ll give you their names if your interested. (Warning: it won’t be pretty.)

          • Tim R. Mortiss says

            “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.”

            George, is there any merit to Darwin’s insights and theories?

            This is something that has never troubled me. Let’s take cats, for instance. Tigers, lions, cougars, bobcats, and housecats are related. This is obvious. How are they related? Well, they are mortal, sexually reproducing animals. Therefore, to say they are related is to say they share descent from a common ancestor. That’s what “related” means.

            We encounter a personal God. But He is also wholly transcendent. We say that, but what do we mean? When we see the inconceivably ancient universe, with billions of galaxies and unimaginable extent, we get a glimpse of this transcendence.

            So, when you go on about “Darwinism”, what is it you are attacking? So-called social and political “Darwinism”? Biological evolution? Or what, exactly?

            • George Michalopulos says

              Unfortunately, there is much merit to “Darwin’s insights and theories.” Or should I say “power” instead? Think of Bill Dembski, the holder of two PhD’s and a tenured professor at Baylor (a Southern Baptist university for Christ’s sake!) who was drummed out of his position because he dared question Darwinism. Anybody who questions Darwinism (or Neo-Darwinism and/or materialism and/or random evolutionary evolution) will immediately feel the sting of the lash.

              Unfortunately for the Liberals, it’s all going to explode in their faces because their regnant religion of egalitarianism (which they don’t really believe in BTW: think cognitive dissonance), is incompatible with Darwinism. Even now, we see the rumblings of true Darwinists reverting to the racialism of the early great Darwinists (including Darwin himself) in increasing numbers. Multiculturalism and its incessant violence it produces as well as the scramble for resources is already bringing this to a head.

    • Read the book and read the letter. The letter stated what Wade already stated in the book. That in some areas he was offering speculation (I would say informed conjecture) that we don’t have enough data to prove or disprove yet. The letter did not suggest he was “smoking crack.”

    • Michael Bauman says

      Nate, philosophical materialism, which Darwin’s work did much to promote, is not a “bogeyman”. It is real and antithetical to the faith.

  7. Well, waddya know? The estimable Pat Condell has a new video touching on this very theme: Laughing at the New inquisition.