No Second Wave

We understand President and Mrs. Trump tested positive for the virus.  We pray for their full recovery. 

Cases continue to rise, but is the pandemic over?  According to Dr. Michael Yeadon, former VP and Scientific Officer of Pfizer, it is:  “No science suggests there will be a second wave.” 

“Dr Yeadon is a co-founder of Ziarco and CEO. He is an Allergy & Respiratory therapeutic area expert, developed out of deep knowledge of biology & therapeutics, and is an innovative drug discoverer with over 25 years of experience in drug discovery and development. Dr Yeadon has published over 40 original research articles and since 2011 has consulted to more than 20 biotechnology companies. Prior to consulting as an independent, he was Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of the A&R Research Unit of Pfizer.”  (Excerpt of bio on

Major Points (Sept 2020):

  1. 30% to 50% of people started with a level of immunity that makes them not susceptible to the virus due to circulating t-cells; antibodies would not be created.  If you test negative on an antibody test, it does not mean you haven’t been exposed.
  2. Only 20% to 25% of people needed to be infected for the pandemic to come to a standstill through the herd immunity threshold.
  3. Similar coronaviruses (SARS & MERS) had only one wave; not two.
  4. Common PCR swab tests amplify the virus (sometimes a small, dead virus that cannot make you sick), resulting in possibly 10Xs more false positives for people who are no risk of getting sick and are of no risk others.  
  5. Number of deaths has been falling (in UK) for 6 months.
  6. More young people are testing positive because they would have been the first to have gotten it (due to less social distancing) and survived or they are false positives.  Positives need to be re-tested immediately to rule out false positives.
  7. Lockdowns may have occurred too late (and masks even later) to have made a difference (in UK).
  8. More people will die as we head into winter, but this is not necessarily indicative of a second wave.  
  9. Government entities continue to be wedded to the original Ferguson model.

First Interview:

Second Interview:

Mrs. Monomakhos


  1. Ronda Wintheiser says

    “Viral Issue Crucial Update Sept 8th: the Science, Logic and Data Explained”  

    If you are not able to listen to this (it’s only 38 minutes long, and Ivor Cummins’ Irish lilt makes it easy), the upshot of the data and analyses he provides demonstrates that historically, nothing — not lockdowns, not masks, nothing — affects the way these viruses behave, the infection rate, or the death rate.  


    • Gail Sheppard says

      It’s sad when things like this happen and not just for the obvious reasons.

      A terrible virus is unleashed. People are dying horrible deaths, losing loved ones and we have no answers. And it’s all played out in the media in living color.

      Time passes. We learn more. We learn how to treat it. It moves through the population and we see that vast majority don’t get sick at all. We realize it is not as bad as we once thought. We try to educate the people around us.

      The pandemic hit us all at once, but the realization that it is safe “to go back in the water” is slow to take hold. People are scarred by their fears and slow to let go of what they think they need to be safe. Measures that were ill-timed and may have had little to no impact on anything.

      I have such contempt for the people who brought this on us.

      • Johann Sebastian says
        • Gail Sheppard says

          And there is a REASON they’re not talking about China, especially with regard to COVID, and that is because we, too, were at fault for funding the gain-of-function research enabling the bat virus to jump to people in an effort to develop a vaccine for a possible future outbreak, which they believed was imminent. They don’t want to have negative attention focused on the NIH, who is kind of spearheading the development of a vaccine.

          One such study showing we were working with the Chinese: (Look Under Funding & Acknowledgements)

          This study was jointly funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China Grant (81290341) to ZLS; the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the National Institutes of Health (Award Number R01AI110964) to PD and ZLS, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Emerging Pandemic Threats PREDICT project Grant(Cooperative Agreement No. AID-OAA-A-14-00102) to PD; and Singapore NRF-CRP Grant (NRF2012NRF-CRP001–056) and CD-PHRG Grant (CDPHRG/0006/2014) to LFW.

          • Gail Sheppard says

            Here’s a study that shows they evaluate viruses for the ability to replicate in relevant human cell culture models and to cause disease in animal models to evaluate therapeutics (antivirals and monoclonal antibodies) and vaccines.

            This is a little technical, but scan it so you can appreciate how some in the scientific community justify gain-of-function research where they cause viruses to jump species like they did with COVID. The pause they’re talking is probably the one that went into effect in 2014 when 200 some scientists objected to this kind of “research.” It was lifted for coronavirus and the rest is history. A million dead and counting:

            “The current government pause on these gain-of-function experiments was brought about in part by several vocal critics who feel that the risks of this work outweigh potential benefits. On multiple occasions these individuals have indicated that some of the SARS-CoV work discussed in the Menachery et al. (2) article is of no merit. Such conclusions are inaccurate representations of the substantial advances provided by this work. As a consequence of these experiments with bat CoVs, we know that at least two of these circulating viruses can infect human airway cells, that vaccines do not prevent infection, and that monoclonal antibodies might be used to treat infection with at least one of these viruses should it enter the human population. These findings provide clear experimental paths for developing monoclonal antibodies and vaccines that could be used should another CoV begin to infect humans.

            The critics of gain-of-function experiments frequently cite apocalyptic scenarios involving the release of altered viruses and subsequent catastrophic effects on humans (8). Such statements represent personal opinions that are simply meant to scare the public and push us toward unneeded regulation. Virologists have been manipulating viruses for years—this author was the first to produce, 35 y ago, an infectious DNA clone of an animal virus (9)—and no altered virus has gone on to cause an epidemic in humans. Although there have been recent lapses in high-containment biological facilities, none have resulted in harm, and work has gone on for years in many other facilities without incident (10). I understand that none of these arguments tell us what will happen in the future, but these are the data that we have to calculate risk, and it appears to be very low. As shown by Menacherry et al. (2) in PNAS, the benefits are considerable.

            A major goal of life science research is to improve human health, and prohibiting experiments because they may have some risk is contrary to this goal. Being overly cautious is not without its own risks, as we may not develop the advances needed to not only identify future pandemic viruses and develop methods to prevent and control disease, but to develop a basic understanding of pathogenesis that guides prevention. These are just some of the beneficial outcomes that we can predict. There are many examples of how science has progressed in areas that were never anticipated, the so-called serendipity of science. Examples abound, including the discovery of restriction enzymes that helped fuel the biotechnology revolution, and the development of the powerful CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing technology from its obscure origins as a bacterial defense system.

            Banning certain types of potentially risky experiments is short sighted and impedes the potential of science to improve human health. Rather than banning experiments, such as those described by Menachery et al. (2), measures should be put in place to allow their safe conduct. In this way science’s full benefits for society can be realized, unfettered by artificial boundaries.”


  2. Michael Bauman says

    One scenario: Trump dies (God forbid). Pence becomes President, declares martial law and throws all the Dems, BLM, Antifa thugs in jail.

  3. Seems wiser to me Gail to avoid the paid pharmaceutical and/or tech industry’s folks entirely, even if they are saying what we like to hear presently. We know human nature as Orthodox Christians and see how easy it is to be changed by our associations consciously or unconsciously. I will wait a bit to hear from the unpaid and unrewarded or for those who recant at cost to themselves. Call me burned or better “awakened” by the last 30 years of history.


    Blast from the past.  From saner days.

    When one compares the 34,000 dead from the flu to the 200,000 allegedly dying from Covid, one must bear in mind that the numbers describe two different things.  The flu numbers actually may describe how many people succumbed to the flu this year in America.  They are based on estimates, but they are educated guesses.  The Covid number represent nothing more than the number of people who have died who also tested positive for Covid or may have died having been diagnosed with it, though untested, at some point due to flulike symptoms.  And that is leaving out the monetary incentive of upcoding.
    In short, the Covid numbers are wildly, wildly inflated in terms of methodology.  Not only that, but it is no secret that the numbers have been wildly inflated by other factors as well, such as upcoding and possibly more nefarious motivations:

    And the reactions to this – lockdowns, etc. –  increased, rather than decreased, the death toll:

    While it is true that the KungFlu is no hoax in the literal sense; i.e., that there is no such virus at all; nonetheless, the “crisis” created is certainly a hoax and unfounded.  There is no reason at all to be reacting the way we are other than political maneuvering and the resultant group think and hysteria.  The general public will not appreciate this for several years but, as Siddhartha remarked, “There are three things that cannot long be hidden:  the sun, the moon and the truth.”  It is already common knowledge on the Right and well documented in a tide of articles with hard data to back it up.
    Even some on the left have jumped ship due to the effect on the lower classes:

    The only “second wave” will be a replay of the first wave – hyping the numbers for political purposes. 

    • Johann Sebastian says

      Yes, when the leftists were downplaying the virus and those of us who were showing concern then were decried as “racists” and “xenophobes.”
      Too bad we didn’t stick by our guns.

  5. People are making too big of a deal about President Trump getting the virus. He’s got excellent medical attention and access to promising treatments. Once he gets through this, he’ll be back better and stronger than ever. Then the Democrats will see that their fear-mongering was for nothing. Guess who will look like a clown then.

  6. Sane advice from Oxford, Harvard, Stanford trio?
    Focused protection instead?    One reason Trump looks rash IMO is his refusal to acknowledge the reality of his own vulnerability which makes Biden appear wiser.  Trump continues to embody male  teen bravado which concerns folks.  Biden is of course wrong about locking down life for the much less vulnerable and thus harming the health and well-being of the majority  and does so to please nefarious interests all starting with Big (Pharma Tech Medicine Government) thus being destructive while our President does fight and act protectively in the main    Just hoping the good will prevail in November   

    Re the debate itself  a colleague who watched thought DJT  looked unwell at the time, likely coming down with it then.    

  7. PS at the end of the Focused Protection article is a link to a petition for what is called the Great Barrington Declaration and which embodies the recomnendations Gail and George have had all along (please correct if I am misrepresenting) though some of their science differs.   I signed and encourage you to sign if you agree and share widely with others. The cachet of these institutions makes it easier to convince the elites though this message was of course shared much earlier by wonderful scientists and doctors who were then reviled.

  8. I can’t imagine why anyone is saying, “I told you so.” re: Trump testing positive. If he became deathly ill, well, yeah, maybe then they might have a point – but not really. People do die, you know.

    Publicly he has played along with the silly charade as much as politically wise. Privately and tacitly he has treated it like the flu.

    His symptoms are not even as serious as a relatively moderate case of the flu, by most accounts, and he is to be back in the White House today.

    This is the reality of the Kung Flu: It is a minor inconvenience, if that, for almost everyone exposed. Only those already weakened and in high risk categories need have the slightest concern about it. Moreover, the vast majority of them will be just fine and many will experience no serious symptoms (like the president himself. age 74).

    This stupid crap is why we shut down a multi trillion dollar economy, ruined countless businesses and upended countless lives through layoffs.

    It may be the dumbest thing any civilization ever did.

    • Johann Sebastian says

      The dumbest thing any civilization ever did was to build a multi-trillion-dollar economy through an inordinate reliance on an adversarial, expansionist, and communist China.

      The second dumbest thing any civilization ever did was to allow huddled masses of freeloaders to its shores and through its borders with promises of bottomless handouts at the expense of and detriment to its own citizenry.

  9. At last! A clear exposition of the PCR scam
    followed by a plan of action. [49 min video]

    Fork it into them…

  10. If Trump wins, it will be despite (not because of) the Republicans,
    as this Ekathimerini interview with John Bolton makes abundantly clear:

  11. George Michalopulos says

    Well, this is interesting: it seems that Dr Birx way back in March predicted 200,000 deaths in the US if “we did everything perfectly”.

    By the Left’s own criteria, they owe President Trump an apology.