New on OCATruth: “The Russian bear stirs”

Those who would divide the house of God better take a good, hard look at who disapproves of their actions! If this does not strike fear in their hearts, what will?

From OCATruth:

We’re hearing this morning from a well-placed source that the continued machinations of Bishop Benjamin and his Synodal colleagues are being badly received in Moscow. A blistering letter from the Moscow Patriarchate was delivered to Syosset this week, we hear, in which Moscow said it sees clearly overt actions by two Synod bishops to remove His Beatitude. Our source did not reveal the identity of these bishops in Moscow’s crosshairs, but my guess is that they are Benjamin and Melchizidek. We are told that the Moscow letter sternly warned that these actions will not be supported by the churches abroad that recognize the OCA’s autocephaly, and that those bishops will be open to ecclesial sanctions if they don’t cease and desist.

Go to the OCATruth website to get the full story and an excellent commentary.


  1. A. Rymlianin says

    I think that a number of our bishops are not feeling so sure of themselves right about now.

  2. Should things go so far as to have the MP place ecclesial sanction on one or more of the HS bishops, would that mean that parishes of the impacted dioceses could petition to elect new bishop(s) to replace them?

  3. I appreciate Moscow’s support for Metropolitan Jonah. I just hope there are more overt gestures of support that follow this. HB is going to need it going into the MC/HS meetings after Pascha.

  4. Michael Martin says

    Hi, George:

    I am not in the OCA, or even in the U.S. for that matter. However, I think very highly of Metropolitan Jonah, and it grieves me to see this happening. Jonah has been in my daily prayers, never more so than now.

    The authors at OCATruth have said:

    These people really are going to take the OCA to the brink of schism to have their way. It’s incredible to see. …. To continue on this lunatic path is to break the Church in two.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think it is either vanity or lunacy that is driving them, but stark, naked fear. As Rod Dreher said previously:

    I may be wrong about this, but I can’t shake the sense that there’s something yet to be revealed, to be called forth, so it can be cast out. I’m not precisely sure what that thing is, though people who have been in the OCA for longer than I have been, and who have paid closer attention, may be able to put a name, or names, on it. Still, I have a growing sense that slowly but surely, this dark thing is going to roll into town at high noon, and we the townspeople had better figure out now whether or not we’re going to face it down, or make our peace with it in hope that we can go along to get along, and live our lives in peace. …..

    One more thing: I am confident that most, maybe all, of the bishops know how many heads this beast has, and their faces. And that they are more afraid of him than they are of God.

    When I first heard news of this whole business, that was my first reaction, too. Unfortunately, I think Rod is right in his assessment.

    At this point, I don’t see any of Jonah’s opponents repenting at all, no matter what the consequences to themselves or those around them.

    I can only see this whole business ending in one way. I won’t spell out what that is. I will let the great Mozart do that for me:

    May God protect and have mercy upon you all!

    Michael Martin
    Auckland, New Zealand

  5. Harry Coin says

    George, this post of yours quotes an anonymous source in an article on an anonymous website. Right? This is the article you want people to take seriously. Who are you and what have you done with George?