Never a Dull Moment

That is, when it comes to Pope Francis and his never-ending antics.  

For those who may (or may not know), his much anticipated “Synod on Synodality” commenced the other day.  This is a horrendous turn of events as far as the Tradcats/Radtrads are concerned, and –all things being equal–it really should have no bearing on those of us in the Orthodox Church.

Or it shouldn’t. 

Unfortunately, the globalist heresy isn’t confined to Catholicism.  As you can see, Patriarch Bartholomew as well as three other Orthodox bishops wanted to get in on the fun as well.  

Let me explain.  Patriarch Bartholomew decided to attend the opening ceremony and give an invocation.  So, too, did bishops Alexandria, Romania and Serbia.

And that’s what’s worrisome.

In fact, to the extent that this Synod tries to undo the last one thousand years of hyper-papalism, it’s not a bad things at all.  In other words, its stated goal is to recognize that the Christian Church for the first millennium was a conciliar Church and not a top-down autocracy.  We’ve always believed that.  The problem of course is that this gathering is not what this is really about; conciliarity is merely the window-dressing for what the modernists within the Catholic Church really want, which is female ordination and the blessing of homoerotic unions.   

On the other hand, we can look at who was not there:  neither Russia, Bulgaria, Antioch, Georgia, Jerusalem, et al, sent any of their bishops.  Interestingly enough, no bishops from the two other Greek-speaking Churches (i.e. Greece and Cyprus) were there.  (It’s as if they are drawing a line in the sand, “We went along with you in the Ukraine, but we won’t go along with you any further”.)  

Nor for that matter was any bishop from the fake Ukrainian sect created by Bartholomew.  You’d think given Serhei Dumenko’s uniate/globalist sympathies, he’d have been welcomed there with open arms.  

As for the three bishops who did attend, I must assume that they are sympathetic to the globalist agenda themselves.  It’s also possible that when it comes to their respective synods, they are outliers.  Perhaps they will be disciplined.

Or so I hope.

Anyway, the fallout from this Synod as far as the Catholic Church is concerned will be significant.  And it ain’t gonna be pretty.  A blind man can see this.  Do the four Orthodox bishops who attended the opening ceremony not see this?  Or do they not care?   

It may be later than we think.  It is possible that it is the globalists who have drawn their own line in the sand and they really don’t care what the consequences are.  



  1. I didn’t go. I was too busy clipping my toenails.
    A one world religion praying to there true “god”. Preparing the way for the AntiChrist! The End Times appearing before a very eyes.

  2. ‘” … Nor for that matter was any bishop from the fake Ukrainian sect created by Bartholomew. You’d think given Serhei Dumenko’s uniate/globalist sympathies,
    he’d have been welcomed there with open arms.”

    Isn’t Bartholomew the head of that sect?
    Isn’t that what its Tomos claims?

  3. Anyway, the fallout from this Synod as far as the Catholic Church is concerned will be significant. And it ain’t gonna be pretty.

    100%… I touched on this in my previous post.

    Do the four Orthodox bishops who attended the opening ceremony not see this? Or do they not care?

    My hunch is a resounding “they do not care” and have bought into the “mission.” Alexandria I’m not really surprised…

    Interestingly enough, no bishops from the two other Greek-speaking Churches (i.e. Greece and Cyprus) were there.

    From what I gather the majority of Greeks in those countries are pretty anti-Catholic, at least as far as a union goes. I think the reason they went along with the OCU, at least some of the bishops, is because the OCU is an internal Orthodox affair and at least has the trappings of Orthodoxy, even if they are schismatics. Roman Catholicism does not have that same allure. Let’s not forget that after the false council of Florence the Greeks chased their bishops out of town, at least the ones who were pro-Florence.

    The problem of course is that this gathering is not what this is really about; conciliarity is merely the window-dressing for what the modernists within the Catholic Church really want, which is female ordination and the blessing of homoerotic unions.

    This synod, like Vatican 2, is a Trojan horse to allow more aberrations in. You can bet that where there is a Jesuit leading something that this is the case. In Roman Catholicism you don’t have to “officially” change teachings for the praxis of belief in Roman Catholicism to change. You use sophistry, ambiguity and half truths from the top down in order to unofficially change the teachings.

    Perhaps they will be disciplined.

    I hope this is the case. But, you have to wonder if they received permission from their respective patriarchs to go, or, if they went rogue on their own.

    This is a relevant article from ByzantineTexas:

    Of note is this particular section with commentary:

    “Nobody can publicly contradict” the church’s current rules prohibiting women’s ordination, the pope wrote, “however it can be a subject of study, as is the case with the validity of ordinations in the Anglican Communion.” Read: everything is negotiable if we “study” it enough.

    Sounds a lot like the Fordhamites doesn’t it?

    • George: “Interestingly enough, no bishops from the two other Greek-speaking Churches (i.e. Greece and Cyprus) were there. ”
      Could it be that Greece and Cyprus have no “Patriarch” and they are thus tacitly covered under Bartholomew?

      • George Michalopulos says

        Doubt it. for two reasons:

        1. Bart needs as many autocephalous Churches as possible to prove his strengths, and

        2. He always includes Cyprus as one of the “ancient and autocephalous Churches”.

        The latter is Micky Mouse way of augmenting the authenticity of the four ancient patriarchates + Cyprus over and above that of Russia.

      • Bart might think that he speaks for the Greeks and is the “ethnarch” of the Greeks. But, that does not mean that the Greeks see him that way. The Churches of Greece & Cyprus are their own Churches headed by Archbishops who are independent of Bart, even if they did side with him on the OCU.

        • Petro, here’s the dirty little secret among the Greek people: outside of a few sycophants, nobody really takes Bartholomew or the rest of the Phanar all that seriously. I won’t go into the sordid little details as to why this is but it has something to do with luxurious lifestyles, stolen Rolex watches and God only knows what else.

          It’s sad, really. But there you go.

  4. I suppose I’m disappointed in the Serbian bishop. But there’s always one bad apple, isn’t there?

    Since Vatican I, the RCC has always been just one bad pope away from becoming the Episcopal Church. This ole boy looks like he’s the one.

    So be it. All to the greater glory of God.

    Since the Great Schism, the West has descended into a cacophony of heresies: the RCC, Protestantism, Evangelicalism, Liberalism, Marxism, Leninism, etc. We’ve had a few in the East, namely the Oriental Orthodox. But that’s far less of a straying than that to which the West has succumbed. Now they’re dragging the Fanar down with them. Voluntarily.

    The Lord works in mysterious ways.

    • Amazingly, with the Oriental Orthodox to this day, their Liturgy looks like a real Liturgy, their icons look like real icons, etc. When an OO family wants to join a local Orthodox parish, the learning curve is not steep. (Eritreans, Armenians…)

      Somehow Roman Catholicism has gone astray in ways the OO churches wouldn’t dream of…

    • Right now I’m listening to Jay Dyer’s livestream. “The Cope Mechanism”. Hilarious but true.

  5. McCarthy was ousted. One Mac down, two to go.

    • George Michalopulos says

      I can’t say that I’m happy –unintended consequences and all that.

      Regardless, he had to go. Right now, the Congress needs more chaos, not less. Hell, the entire political system needs to be shaken up.

      It needs a Disruptor. I have someone in mind…

      • I 100% agree, George — unfortunately, these days, our American government needs chaos. It’s an accurate representation of the energy of the country, of what’s going on — without chaos, it would be more fakeness and would be all pretend. Pretending things are fine never helps.

        Take a lesbian female “bishop” presiding at a “mass” or “liturgy” – yes it can be made pretty with nice vestments and beautiful choral music in a grand gothic building — superficially attractive, yes, but underneath and at root, it’s all rot and pretend.

        Hopefully we Americans who care about our country are on the path to quit pretending…. Chaos in the halls of Congress among those who are supposed to represent us is part of this process as we quit pretending. At least this is my opinion.

        • October is the month when, in Japan, the rice paddies are burned. The wet paddies have been drained and the stalks have been harvested, the rice kernels have been separated. The bundles of grass are gathered and set on fire. There’s smoke across the nation from the controlled destruction – an annual nuisance, but a necessary one.

          The allusion is apropos to the season. It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff in our national government. As Tucker Carlson says, we are living in the midst of a revolution, whether we are aware of it or not. Those politicians who aren’t aware of its severity are going to be caught flat-footed. Foreigners are invading us from the south, crime-infested inner cities are uninhabitable, young black men are out of control, and sexual deviants are acting like spoiled brats.

          Grocery prices are breaking household budgets, energy prices are through the roof, the federal government is funding a corrupt regime in a far-off land, our national debt cannot be repaid, the federal government takes in $5 trillion per annum, but spends $7 trillion, the debt-to-GDP ration is an unsustainable 123%. That means it takes a year and a quarter to pay off one year of federal spending.

          The likely winner of next year’s presidential contest has pledged to fix these crises, but he is being hounded by frivolous lawsuits whose sole purpose is to nix his chances of getting elected. The Democrat Party is ashamed of their own country, despises their nation’s ethos and foments lawlessness in all its forms with the intent to bring our country to its knees swiftly and irreparably.

          The Democrat Party is the enemy of the state.

          Republicans who don’t get it, i.e., the GOP office holders who won’t wake up and open their eyes to see the fire that’s blazing are in a drunken stupor. They who are willing to tolerate the intolerable are themselves in league with the enemy and, by rights, should face the same ultimate fate.

          The former speaker of the House reneged on a promise vis a vis non-funding for Ukraine and slow-walked the impeachments necessary to remove the worst deadbeats and radicals from the current administration, starting at the top. So, for the first time in history, the speaker of the House has been removed mid-term. Let that be a lesson to every one of the representatives who simply serves the status quo for his own security. He may be next.

          The intentional burning of the chaff on Japan’s rice paddies serves to clear the fields and prepare them for the coming year of planting and harvesting. It’s long past the time for the Republicans in the House to elect a new speaker who will bring the controlled destruction that is desperately needed in the federal government. It’s the largest organization in the world; a temporary shutdown may prove to be the shock treatment it needs to regain its fiscal responsibility. And, a decisive speaker is absolutely necessary to making that happen.

          • “…the federal government…the largest organization in the world”

            …except, possibly, the government of the People’s Republic of China.

      • Gingrich wrote in the WP that Gaetz should be expelled from the House. That surprised me a little. I’m about convinced that they’re all so corrupt that no light can escape. Newt had been making some sense lately. But advocating expelling Gaetz for no violation of anything?

        Really, at heart, they’re all just a bunch of lawless, entitled fascists. That’s our government.

      • I agree, George.

        I’ve noticed more and more commentators take note of how what’s happening in America and terming it “late-stage empire.”

        I have to agree. Are we totally analogues to the end of the Roman Empire? Sure, to some extent. Will our outcome look the same? No. No two situations are alike.

        My prayer is that we have time to right the ship before it’s too late, but, I do agree that this current system has go to collapse.

        Something interesting to note is that Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire in 380 with the Edict of Thessalonica. The date thrown around for the fall of the Western Roman Empire is 476. So around 96 years. What came about after that? The rise of Chrisendom.

        Just saying, maybe the “old system” had to collapse for that to happen.

        With the massive growth in Orthodoxy in America and in the West in general, maybe we are seeing our version of that.

        May it be blessed if that’s the case.

  6. Can anyone explain what a “Synod on Synodality” is ?

    • It’s one of those, ““Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise…” sort of things.

      Bartholomew needs to be seen as part of the Catholic “Synod.” They included that word to make a statement. “Bartholomew is with us now: he’s part of our Synod.” I gather it was several hours long. While Francis sat, Bartholomew stood. (I’m sure it didn’t mean what it looked like, but did you notice Bartholomew’s left middle finger and where is was pointing?

      Francis further dissed Bartholomew by attempting to meet with Patriarch Kirill and saying all those nice things about how Russia should be proud of its national heritage. If Bartholomew thought they would lead together, he was sadly mistaken.

    • It’s Talk on Talking.

    • Can anyone explain what a “Synod on Synodality” is ?

      It’s the Roman Catholic “speaking into existence” what they have already previously decided what they’re going to do. They’re rocking it Anglican style now.

  7. Late yesterday this story broke on LifeSite News:

    If I were still a devout Roman Catholic (as I was until the age of 16 in 1967 at an all-boys Roman Catholic high school in New Jersey), I would have to conclude that Pope Francis is a precursor of the Antichrist. Francis may be that in any case.

    As an Orthodox Christian, however, I can only lament the plight of my devout Roman Catholic relatives and friends and hope that they find their way soon to traditional Orthodoxy (which does not, of course, include the Patriarchate of Constantinople in its present state).

    • Father bless. To be fair all the Popes were forerunners of Antichrist post-Schism. Just look no further than the Uniates in western Ukraine when the Poles ran things. That’s how the religion of the final Antichrist will be. You can keep your Liturgies and your Byzantine vestments and your doctrines, just bow down to him as God. Chilling isn’t it?

    • George Michalopulos says

      We should all pray for your relatives, friends, and acquaintances Father. As we should pray for all our Catholic friends who are at the end of their collective rope. Especially the TradCats.

    • Father, very distressing, but not surprising. The mainstream RCC has been going the way of Anglicanism for a long time.

      I imagine that this image is a good one to keep in mind these days?

      Hope you and your family are well !!

  8. I think it relates to the lack of a basic education and it is one of the reasons why we are seeing western civilization crumble. Basic theological dogmas are being thrown out due to ignorance. Once ignorance by the laity or common man sets in then that opens up the door for the AntiChrist. Here’s another example, today I was talking to a family member about the debate on the House floor yesterday before the ousting of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. I stated that that Congress has the power of the purse and by withholding funds is Congress power to force the Executive Branch to enforce the laws. I was informed that that it was the Judiciary Branch that enforced the laws and that the head of the Judiciary was the AG. I was also informed that the Judiciary Branch was created by the Judiciary Act of 1789! I was flabbergasted by such a statement. I always thought that the highest institution of the Judiciary Branch was the Supreme Court. After my mind was thoroughly blown by such ignorance, I then proceeded to ask people what the 3 branches of the Federal Government was. I asked ten people and none of them had a clue. This is why we must educate ourselves with Holy Scripture, this why we need to know how our government works. The Evil One works through ignorance. Thanks for letting me rant.

  9. Antiochene Son says

    Shame! I would rather see it razed to the ground than in the hands of pagans. Why did this happen without a blip?

    • I’m with you on this one.

    • For shame on the OCA!!!

    • It looks like this building was built fairly recently (early 2000’s). Does anyone know what led to it being sold? Could the congregation not afford the upkeep? As everyone else has said, it’s very sad, and no good reflection on the OCA.

    • The photos of the building on Google tell such a tragic story…recent photos show it being used for pagan worship, but then many of them (1 year ago and more) show it still as a functioning Orthodox cathedral with priests, icons, and worshipers. It’s like Hagia Sophia being turned into a mosque. How could they have done this voluntarily?!

      • Antiochene Son says

        The article notes the title changed hands directly from the OCA to the Hindus. So yeah, clearly no fight was had. They should have sold it to a holding company at least so their hands would be clean. Especially since they took a 75% hit anyway.

        Was there no Orthodox parish, no Christian church of any kind, that could have used it instead? Turning it into condos would be better than this.

        And the cathedral of all things! Archbishop Alexander?

        • The OCA Bulgarian Diocese does have another cathedral, St. Nicholas in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

    • Then there’s this article from 2 years ago…

    • This is far from good news, I agree. But let’s be fair. There is a perfectly legitimate process by which an Orthodox temple can be “de-sanctified” (Forgive me, I don’t remember the exact term), and I think it is safe to assume that it was done in this case.

      This is presumably a case in which the parish membership shrank and could no longer afford the upkeep. Very sad, to be sure, and certainly cause for concern. But lest we rush to judgment, it may be helpful to think of this scenario in reverse. When a parish outgrows their temple and builds or purchases a new one, is it wrong to sell the old property? Do we condemn anyone for doing so? No. Not as long as the above-mentioned “desanctification” process is observed.

      • This unfortunate turn of events reminds me of what happened to Ss Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Chicago. Several decades ago it was sold to the Nation of Islam and it’s their preeminent mosque.

        • Antiochene Son says

          That is also horrible. But for some reason watching video of Hindus offering fruit to their demon gods in the exact spot where the altar once stood is uniquely sickening.

      • This is what happens when the OCA allows for separate splinter Bulgarian and Romanian and Albanian independent dioceses within their jurisdiction, instead of one unified church. Because from what I’ve heard, the “regular” OCA parishes in that area are thriving and could have used that sanctified temple. This is a rotten situation that the OCA continues to foster as it has odd ethnic, independent offshoots instead of one unified church.

        • Yes, it’s definitely weird. I hear these ethnic dioceses are a legacy from what attracted the Bulgarians, Romanians, and Albanians to join the OCA decades ago, but these “ethnic” dioceses were never dissolved.

          Does the Church of Russia have a separate “Albanian Diocese” or “Greek diocese” or “Romanian diocese” for Albanians or Greeks or Romanians living in Russia? I don’t think so.

          There are probably far fewer Bulgarian-Americans in the Bulgarian diocese than there used to be. The money or demand just isn’t there to support a Bulgarian Orthodox Cathedral near Toledo.

          Sad situation – the Rossford cathedral is beautiful and it’s so terrible to see it go pagan to the Hindus, even if many of them are good people – but seems that this is a scenario that was set up for failure decades ago.

          • In my considered opinion –and it’s only my opinion–the ethnic dioceses should have been disbanded once the Communist nations fell. The OCA provided theological cover for those Albanian, Bulgarian, and Romanian parishes that did not want to answer to a foreign patriarchate.

            Now that those patriarchates are free of Communism, they should do one of two things: 1) coalesce with the patriarchal parishes that do exist in America or 2) disband and allow themselves to be absorbed into the territorial diocese in which they reside.

            If they choose #2 and still want to maintain an ethnic tie, then I suggest that the territorial dioceses of the OCA set up ethnic “usages” which can provide resources to those ethnic-origin/majority parishes that still wish to maintain their particular rubrics.

        • In Antioch there was no common table
          between the the Jews and the Gentiles;
          and St Paul, rightly, went ballistic…

          Had he not done so,
          what Church would we have today?

      • Antiochene Son says

        If a parish outgrows its building and its existing temple has been consecrated (not a temporary space like my parish is in) the parish should split and plant a daughter parish in a strategic location.

        • This parish didn’t outgrow the cathedral. It’s downsized considerably and is using a Catholic church for its gatherings.

      • Solidarity Priest says

        There is no such service. A properly consecrated Orthodox church should NEVER be used for anything else. The OCA parish which I serve now did raise its old temple to the ground after the new church was in use, just to prevent such a thing. What’s even more disturbing is that the cathedral has been downgraded to a mission and that they are using the facilities of a Ukrainian Catholic church. The Ukrainian Catholics are undoubtedly praying to sink the legitimate Ukrainian Orthodox church and we are helping them. Shame indeed!

        • “There is no such service”

          I won’t argue the point. All I know is that it has been done… in the Antiochian jurisdiction at least. Perhaps it was less ‘by the book’ than it seemed to be. I also have personal knowledge of three OCA parishes that sold their old temples/buildings, though I wasn’t around at the time to know how it was handled.

          • Solidarity Priest says

            Yes, it’s been done. This doesn’t make it right. In fact, thirty or so miles away, another former OCA church is now some type of private housing. I assume that the reason the former church here was razed to the ground is that the then rector knew what was right and the people followed his direction.

    • It is quite embarrassing, to say the least. (I heard two different accounts as to what exactly happened there.)

      • What happened to it?

        • Illumined, I was told by a reliable source that the former cathedral was a hotbed of infighting. The people were treating it as a cultural club, rather than an actual church. (Covid also hit them hard with decreased church attendence and donations/contributions.) If someone knows otherwise, then do please expound.

          • Sounds entirely plausible unfortunately. “Repent or I will remove your lamp stand.” And so these words once again came to pass.

  10. Next up? Synod on Bestiality?

    Human-Pig Hybrid Created in the Lab

    ‘ In a remarkable—if likely controversial—feat, scientists announced that they have created the first successful human-animal hybrids. The project proves that human cells can be introduced into a non-human organism, survive, and even grow inside a host animal, in this case, pigs. … ‘

    Luke 11:29 [KJV]
    “This is a wicked generation.”

  11. Archbishop Viganò: Catholics must seriously consider
    the possibility that Francis isn’t the pope

    The defect of consent in the assumption of the papacy

    ‘ … Thus, taking notice of the fact that Bergoglio is a heretic – and Amoris Lætitia or his declaration of the intrinsic immorality of capital punishment would be enough to prove it – we must ask ourselves if the 2013 election was in some way invalidated by a lack of consent; that is, if the one elected wanted to become pope of the Catholic Church or rather head of what he calls “our synodal church” – which has nothing to do with the Church of Christ precisely because it stands as something other than it. In my opinion, this lack of consent can also be seen in Bergoglio’s behavior, which is ostentatiously and consistently anti-Catholic and heterogeneous with respect to the very essence of the Papacy. There is no action of this man that does not blatantly have the air of rupture with respect to the practice and the Magisterium of the Church, and to this are added the positions taken that are anything but inclusive toward the faithful who do not intend to accept arbitrary innovations, or worse, full-blown heresies. … ‘

    Once again, Viganò lets fly
    and does not hit the wall!

  12. Not all Anglicans are wimps…

    Rev. Calvin Robinson wins settlement after he was
    ‘canceled’ for opposing drag queen story hour

    ‘ Rev. Calvin Robinson has won an out of court settlement after being cancelled by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) for opposing ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for children.

    After critiquing Drag Queen Story Time on his GB News show and on Twitter, Robinson was terminated from his role on RAD’s education sub-committee.

    Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, Robinson made legal claims of harassment, direct and indirect discrimination on the grounds of his Christian beliefs. He was awarded £8,000 [$9724 U.S.] after the RAD settled the matter rather than face scrutiny in court.

    In February 2023, Robinson, a former teacher and safeguarding officer, attended a protest organized by Turning Point UK against a Drag Queen storytelling event set to be held at a library in Lewisham, London.

    The events, which had been taking place at the library and frequently at a local pub in the area, involved Drag Queen ‘That Girl’ performing age-inappropriate ‘interactive’ kids shows to young children.

    Organizers said the aim of the events was to give young children the opportunity to learn about “diversity, inclusivity and a world where they all belong.”

    The events in Lewisham are not isolated and are similar events being held in public libraries across the UK aimed at very young children.

    The peaceful protest, however, was met by a mob of ‘anti-fascist’ counter-protestors who had to be held back by a police cordon as they aggressively confronted those who opposed the sexualizing of children.

    Signs from the counter-protestors read: “Queer joy is for all ages.”

    When Robinson spoke at the protest, the ‘inclusive’ counter protestors shouted: “Drag queens are welcome, vicars are not. You’re not welcome, go home.”

    The following day, Rev. Robinson covered the story on his weekly Calvin’s Common Sense Crusade on GB News.

    He said:

    Yesterday, I attended an event in South London, protesting against Drag Queen Story Time.

    I find it shocking how commonplace Drag Queen Story Time is becoming.

    Don’t get me wrong, adults reading stories to children is a wonderful thing, it truly is. Having been a schoolteacher, I can tell you I wish more parents would read to and with their children. However, why does the LGBTQ+ lobby insist on conflating adult entertainment with story time? This baffles me.

    Drag Queens are, after all, adult entertainment. Men dressed as women, often scantily so, in a sexualized manner, performing a strip-club routine, usually for cash. It’s not my cup of tea, but in a liberal society, I appreciate that is how some people want to spend their time. Over 18s, that is.

    In my opinion, for children to be exposed to such behaviour is surely not age appropriate. As a former safeguarding officer, I can tell you until recently it would most certainly have been considered a safeguarding concern. What has changed?

    I have seen too many videos surfacing of drag queens performing in front of bewildered young children, with adults watching on in amusement – including allegedly in the local area I was protesting at yesterday. Whatever happened to protecting the innocence of children?!

    Turning Point UK organised the protest this weekend and invited me to speak, which I was happy to do. What I was not expecting was the busload of rent-a-mob hard-left LGBTQ+ activists to turn up. They yelled expletives, threw eggs, and held up some really horrendous signs, most of which I cannot repeat on air, but there was one particular suspect sign which read, “Queer joy is for all ages,” which seems to expose their motives. They’re saying the quiet part out loud. The hard-left and the MSM will label the protests far right, but since when has protecting children been an issue reserved by the far right?

    Once again, in a liberal society, adults can live their lives however they see fit, for the most part. What goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults is between them and their God. However, it is when they attempt to bring children into it that I feel as a society, we should stand up and say no.

    I leave you with the question, ask not why your children need to spend time with drag queens. Ask why drag queens are so keen to spend time with your children.

    Robinson then also posted a tweet on his personal Twitter account, which included a link to the YouTube video of the segment.
    9731 have signed the petition.

    Robinson had been invited by the RAD in 2020 to become a member of its education sub-committee. The role was a voluntary position to advise RAD on how to better their engagement with the education sector, as Robinson was a former teacher.

    Correspondence from members of the RAD reveal the gushing warm welcomes Robinson received after joining the committee. But after Robinson’s critique of Drag Queen Story Hour, everything changed.

    On 9 March 2023, he received an email from RAD’s Board of Trustees and CEO Tim Arthur terminating his membership of the committee with immediate effect. The letter said:

    We are writing to notify you that, in accordance with our internal processes, the decision has been taken to end your appointment to the Education Sub-Committee of the Board of Trustees, effective immediately.

    The decision has been taken with reference to your commentary on a recent public event in Lewisham. While tolerance of all views (including views that the majority of our members and staff disagree with) is a core value of the RAD, we cannot condone the way in which you have chosen in this instance to express your views, which has a very real impact on the RAD, on members of our staff, and on our members.

    As a direct result, it is our considered view that your continued membership of the Sub-Committee will endanger the RAD’s reputation and standing and would interfere with the effective functioning of this important sub-committee. We therefore consider your position to be untenable.

    We would ask that you return any confidential materials pertaining to RAD that may be in your possession immediately.

    Shocked and dumbfounded, Robinson responded:

    Thank you for your email.

    I would like to respond with a couple of questions if you do not mind. Firstly, you claim to tolerate ‘all views’ and that it is not my views which are an issue but “the way in which I have chosen in this instance to express [my} views. Could you please elaborate on what that means. As a clergyman, I always express my views in a respectful manner. I have never broken the law (be it legal or moral), and I have never so much as used expletives, so your statement will need further clarification.

    At the public event in Lewisham, which you mentioned, I was campaigning against the sexualization of children. Is it the RAD’s stance that the sexualization of children is appropriate?

    I have donated my time to the Royal Academy of Dance at no benefit to myself. In good faith at the request of the previous incumbent, especially for this reason. He saw the way the Academy was going and wanted to ensure some semblance of diversity of thought and opinion was maintained.

    It seems you do not share his noble values. In return for my donated time and energy, I would have appreciated a parting thanks; at the very least, I would have expected for you to have the decency to engage in conversation if any concerns had been raised.

    To be dismissed without so much as a conversation, never mind an investigation is highly irregular and, frankly, rude.

    If the primary consideration is RAD’s reputation and standing, I hope the Board and CEO considered the ramifications of the fallout from my making this decision public. Had we had a conversation – which may have resulted in a way to continue to work together or may have resulted in us agreeing to part ways amicably – I am sure we could have worked together to avoid media fallout either way.

    I put it to you that you have received a small number of complaints from intolerant individuals, and instead of attempting to engage with my Christian perspective, you have chosen cowardice and intolerance.

    You have until Sunday to respond. Should you choose not to, I will make it clear in my media coverage that you had no further comments. I think: the British public will be keen to know, why RAD approves of the sexualization of young children.

    RAD bosses refused to answer Robinson’s questions leaving him no alternative but to pursue legal action supported by Christian Legal Centre lawyers.

    However, after proceedings were issued, but before the first tribunal hearing, a settlement was reached with lawyers acting for RAD.
    ‘Cancelled for my Christian beliefs’

    Responding to the RAD’s decision to settle the case, Robinson said:

    ‘I am pleased that the bullies did not win and that they have learnt you cannot push people out for holding traditional views – Christian views. However, the Royal Academy of Dance has made it clear that they are a radical organisation pushing trans theory, queer theory and critical race theory, all of which are harmful and divisive branches of neo-Marxism. The RAD has a new page up on their website with their own version of the trans/racial pride flag, featuring a ballerina, called ‘Celebrating Pride.’

    It is sad to see that, on the one hand, they insist on pushing these toxic ideologies upon young people, and on the other hand, call themselves inclusive whilst excluding anyone with traditionally British views. Say a man can become a woman and invade women’s protected spaces, and you’ll be encouraged; say you are against the sexualization of children, and you’ll be fired from their organization. What does that say about the Royal Academy of Dance? I hope questions are being asked about their royal charter.

    Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said:

    This is an important win for Calvin.

    It is a loss to their institution no longer to have Calvin on their board. He brings brilliance, truth and clarity in the midst of cultural confusion.

    Protection of the next generation means having the courage to expose the immoral ideology behind Drag Queen Story Hour and the confusion it heaps upon young children.

    It is only a small thing, perhaps; but
    from little acorns grow big oak trees.

  13. Vincent James Frattaruolo says

    Bergoglio is a monster., alias Pope Francis is a creature of the Liberal West. He was pro-vaccine, pro- LGBT, pro great reset, pro-climate change, pro-abortion and pro-WEF. He is anti-traditional Catholicism. My advice to the Orthodox is to stay far away from him.


    Really good to see this.

    Can’t help but think this is a sideways jab at Elpi seeing as how he spoke at an intelligence meeting about this very thing…

    • Antiochene Son says

      The war will only end when NATO decides that Ukrainian lives are more valuable than their attempt to bleed Russia dry. That’s what it’s ultimately all about.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Or until Blackrock makes a side-deal with Putin for whatever is left of the Ukraine. Otherwise, I don’t think they give a rat’s ass about the lives of Ukrainians, after all, they’re just a bunch of Slavs.

        • Solidarity Priest says

          Right you are, George. In fact this nasty war is Hitler’s dream come true; the two largest Slavic nations killing each other!
          Trouble is, Eastern European people, like the Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, and Hungarians have long memories. They remember how the West sold them out to Hitler in 1938 and then to Stalin in 1945. Also, we didn’t come to the rescue of Hungary in 1956, nor Czechoslovakia in 1968 against what then really was an evil empire. I think, George, that like me, you would be the first to support a truly democratic Ukrainian nation IF it were fighting against a Communist USSR, but that’s not what we have here. Ukraine is no democracy and Russia isn’t the Soviet Union.

          • Very much agree with you Fr. And here’s the irony: if the Ukraine were truly a liberal democratic polity, one concerned with its territorial sovereignty, it wouldn’t be involved in a war with Russia. It’s because it allowed itself to be beguiled by Western NGOs that it is in this mess to begin with.

            • What we are seeing is a very odd ideological battle on the Western side. Though they are Eastern Slavs, Western Ukrainians fancy themselves to be Aryans, somehow fundamentally different than Russians. The truth is that they are all Rus’, which is a mixture of Eastern Slavs, Vikings and Mongols with a touch of Finns thrown in for good measure. So you have dark haired, dark eyed Rus’ and you have blond-haired, blue-eyed Rus’. But it is all the same gene pool, much like you find in the UK.

              This Ukrainian nationalist mythology is quite wicked and based on Nazi ideas of racial superiority. That is to say, the entire modern Ukrainian nationalist movement from the time of Bandera forward is essentially Nazism. Now, there was an earlier nationalism based on the particular local Ukrainian language and customs, a parochial elevation of regional culture into a national culture. But that was coopted by Banderism. You can see this in the culture of Canadian Ukrainians and the maniacs in the Western Ukraine.

              So you have the reality: Slavs killing Slavs rapidly in atrocious numbers – versus the fascist illusion: Aryan Ukrainians “defending” themselves against the evil Russian-Orc Untermenschen. And you have the truly breathtaking sight of Ukrainian Jews cheering on the “Aryan” cause in their anti-Russian zealotry.

              Once the spell of ideology has lifted, the Ukrainians will realize what they have done and the guilt will be transferred onto the West and they will end up in a similar position to the Chechens, except that culturally they are much closer to the RF. But internecine warfare is usually the worst kind – brother against brother for some reason brings out the worst in us.

              This is what happens without Christ at the center. It is a war of barbarians against the revitalized Christian Rome.

      • Or when Ukrainians in general finally come to the realization that they have been used by the powers in the West in an astoundingly callous and inhumane manner.

  15. Antiochene Son:
    “The war will only end when NATO decides that Ukrainian lives
    are more valuable than their attempt to bleed Russia dry.”

    …or when Blackrock has all the bits that it is after
    and wants to enjoy peaceable possession thereof?

  16. Anonymous II says

    Planned Parenthood is Helping Teenagers Transition After a 30 Minute Consult. Parents and Doctors are Sounding the Alarm.

    The abortion provider is wading into transgender care, doling out prescriptions for estrogen and testosterone, including to special needs kids.


  17. Speaking of never a dull moment, it looks like Hamas is rocking the crap out of Israel.

    • I woke up to this news as well. Looks like someone is opening up another front.

      Let me speculate: the Collective West is going to have to make a decision pretty fast as to which country is more important to them, Israel or the Ukraine?

      If I might go off on a tangent here, isn’t it now obvious that Trump was a better president? When he was in power, we weren’t at the brink of WWIII in the Ukraine on the one hand while four Arab states and Israel signed the Abrahamic Accords. In other words, peace was breaking out all over.

      I guess we can’t have that, can we?

      • Nope!

      • Another source. I thought I recalled some stories recently about Jewish persecution of Christians in Israel lately. I don’t think this plays into any narrative except that of the emergence of Haredi Jews as problematic.

        Israel has slowly become more traditionalist Jewish in religious terms due to demographics. In fact, the Orthodox Jews are the indispensable party now to any government and will inevitably dominate Israeli politics in the future. Dr. Steve Turley did a good program on this.

        I predict serious protracted conflict because the secular Jews were the moderates (by and large, except for the religious anti-Zionists) and they are going the way of the dodo.

      • Let me speculate: the Collective West is going to have to make a decision pretty fast as to which country is more important to them, Israel or the Ukraine?

        Totally agree, George.

        I’ll add a second possibility: This is being done on purpose to distract from the Ukrainian defeat. I don’t just mean the counter offensive but a total Ukrainian loss.

        I have a hard time believing that Israel had no idea this was coming. Israeli Intelligence is some of the best in the world so if they truly didn’t see this coming then I guess they aren’t that good.

        Now that Hezbollah is in the fight it will be interesting to see who else is drawn into this. Israel is isolated in the Middle East so if Iran gets into this fight then that means things are about to get more serious.

    • It is tempting to jump to conclusions; however, there is a deeper story surrounding recent events, especially at the al-Aqsa mosque.

      It certainly makes things more exciting. I’m generally neutral on the Palestine issue except for support for Arab Orthodox Christians against all adversaries on either side. I have no soft spot in my heart for either the Israelis or the Muslims.

      However, it is possible to see the entire conflict as part of the anti-colonial wave that is building universally. In any case, I’m sure the Israelis can take care of themselves and, I assume, that this is a provocation calculated to entice them to do so, possibly to sabotage any reproachment between Israel and the Saudis.

      So we shall just have to see how it pans out.

    • Antiochene Son says

      This is what happens when you lock a population in a living hell (Gaza) with no way out. No hope, why not go for it? Palestinians have been living in an open air prison for years.

      The Israelis have been targeting Orthodox Christians as well in recent months. I’m against conflict but it’s not hard to see who provoked whom.

      • The Israelis had to have known this was coming, which means they may have let it happen as an excuse to end this thing. Will be interested to hear Misha’s take on all this. I’ve been getting a bad vibe about Israel like something is about to pop. Their people are flooding the streets in protest. Got to be something going on that needs to be fixed.

        Some are saying the Israeli military and Israeli people need to arrest Netanyahu and his “Satanic gangster followers.” That the attack on Israel by Hamas was orchestrated by Benyamin Netanyahu in order to create an excuse for the mass slaughter of the Palestinian people.

        I’d believe it.

        However, if this war comes down to the greater provocateur, the Palestinians would get my vote. They’ve turned down a dozen peace agreements. What exactly do the Palestinians expect? That the 4th largest power in the world is going to bow down to them and say, “Gee, we’re sorry. Here’s your land back.”

        The Palestinians remind of a story about a guy who went to see his doctor with a strange ailment. When the doctor asked him what was wrong, the man started flailing his arms over his head and said, “Doc, it hurts when I do that.” The doctor says, “Then don’t do that.”

        I wish the Palestinians would quit getting themselves killed. Israel is not an enemy you want to have.

        Did you know in March it was reported we sent 158B to Israel? So when the money stops going to Ukraine, we send it to Israel??? Is that the plan? Why are we giving Israel money?

        I’m tired of being dragged into other people’s problems. If we keep going downhill, we’re not going to be able to help anyone. We’ll just be in the business of getting more people get killed. If we had encouraged Ukraine to get rid of our biolabs, let the separatists go, and agree to remain neutral, think of all the people we could have saved. But no. We go into countries to help them get killed in wars they cannot win. We give them our old equipment, no training, and no air support. We load them up on trucks, send them into the line of fire, the trucks come back, and we load them up again. This came straight from a mercenary’s mouth.

        There comes a time when every nation will be humbled. Sometimes even by God. Let’s hope it’s not our turn. We have made, and continue to make, the stupidest decisions. You’d think we were all war mongers when the truth is only a handful of people are benefiting from these wars. Follow the money. They’re going to get us all killed.

        • Antiochene Son says

          World opinion has turned strongly against Israel and whatever colonialism remains out there. I read recently that Baby Boomers are the last generation in which a majority support Israel. This will be played as a ploy for sympathy too. We’re giving them money for obvious reasons, but we shouldn’t be.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Netanyahu knew and let this happen as an excuse to bulldoze the West Bank. That means all Orthodox Arabs in Palestine are in danger. But it also means Israel is desperate. It may well not exist in 20 years.

          • I think they all are in danger. At least that’s what I’m now hearing from my sources. Someone needs to stop them. This isn’t what anybody wants.

        • I’d be very curious to know how much of its ammunition Israel has sent to Ukraine. Has Israel been depleted of weapons as the rest of the West has?

          It seems like Hammas/Hezbollah has planned this knowing that weapons have been depleted.

          I also heard Alex Chritophorou state that Hamas has essentially destroyed Israel’s Iron Dome system. If that’s the case that’s huge as this is what makes Israel impervious in the Middle East unlike its neighboring countries.

        • I prefer to stay neutral in clashes between Muslims and Jews in the Holy Land. However, I strongly oppose any negative effects of either side on Orthodox Arabs.

          That said, this scenario is one which begs for, “Love your enemies” and “Do not resist evil”. The Israelis constitute an overwhelming force which cannot be defeated, only provoked to ruthless retaliation, just like the Romans in the time of Christ.

          In general, the Christian Arabs follow that policy, or something like it. The Muslims would be wise to imitate them. However, if you want peace, you need a two state solution where the two groups, Jews and Muslims, are physically separated and sovereign over their own people.

          Israel is just another commercial against multiculturalism.

          I don’t support the missile attacks. I don’t support the provocations at al Aqsa. I don’t support the awful conditions in Gaza. All I would say is that this is what happens when you found a colony of European Jews in a place inhabited by large numbers of Muslims.

          What did they expect?

          Now that the tide once again is turning against colonialism, the Israelis are in for a rough ride, especially given their increasingly traditionalist demographics. They tend to be the most radical.

          • this scenario is one which begs for, “Love your enemies” and “Do not resist evil”. … In general, the Christian Arabs follow that policy, or something like it.

            That may be true of the Orthodox priesthood in Israel–Palestine, but the laity have always been another matter. For example, the founder of the PFLP, George Habash, was an Orthodox Christian. And the Anglican Hanan Ashrawi was a senior figure in the PLO and a minister in the government of the Palestinian Authority until she resigned in protest over political corruption. Jim Forest (of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship) spoke at a number of youth meetings hosted by the Jerusalem Patriarchate before the First Intifada, and the level of anger expressed by the young people who attended convinces me that these two examples are not outliers.

            By the way, they are Palestinian Christians, not Christian Arabs.

            • Interesting. Nonetheless, I prefer my own nomenclature. If they ever attain sovereignty I may reconsider.

              • I’m an American Christian, not a “Christian Englishman”—even though my family has been speaking English for more than a century.

                • Yes, but you do not understand that to call them “Palestinian Christians” has political implications. You are recognizing “Palestinian” as a nationality. I’m not prepared to do that. Of course, I could call them ”Israeli Christians” . . .

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    I’m with you here, Misha. “Palestinian” is not a genetic ethnicity (a la Scots, Welsh, Greek, Pashtun, etc) but a regional eponym (e.g. British, Balkan, Iberian, etc.).

                    Within each of the latter modifiers, any number of ethnicities can live within said region. In Iberia for example, live Portuguese, Catalans, Galicians and the descendants of Jews and Moors (who interbred with the majority Catholic population).

                    In the Balkans are Albanians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Serbs, Wallachians, etc.)

                    Palestine historically has been the abode of Arabs, Jews, Greeks, Armenians and Druze.

                    • “Palestinian” appeared in the middle of the last century. Before the debacle of the State of Israel (which I agree has brought nothing but sorrow and carnage) the entire area of Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria was called ash-Sham. This more or less corresponds to our term “the Levant”. The borders there are quite arbitrary and were drawn by the British. Jordan is 70% Palestinian and is the closest thing to a Palestinian state at the moment.

                      In the end, hopefully, there will be a two-state solution where there will be a State of Palestine. This may or may not be a precursor to the dissolution of the State of Israel or they might exist together side by side for some time.

                      While I am quite fond of Arab Christians, I am not at all favorably disposed toward Muslims, especially Sunni Muslims. Their record of murder and oppression of Christians is long and a pathological tendency inherent in their religion. While I have sympathy for the dhimmi mentality, I certainly do not share it, having no historical analogue.

                      The Israelis I have mixed feelings about. I am encouraged by the demographic trend that is gradually handing power over to Orthodox Jews. They may be more hardline, but in the end, I’m not sure that that is a bad thing for either side. Of course, they are a living rejection of Christ so I’m not going to favor them in any particular way.

                      What is necessary – and I cannot stress this enough because it is the key to many of the world’s woes – is that these two groups: Israeli Jews and Arab Muslims, are separated into mutually exclusive sovereign states. Multi-kulti does not work. It does not work in Israel; it does not work in Europe; it does not work in America. My guess is that the Orthodox Jews will actually in time be more predisposed toward a complete separation from the Muslim Arabs and may have more backbone in this regard than more liberal Jews.

                      Eventually, multi-kulti will likely destroy America. We saw a precursor to that in the riots of 2020. Apart from separating the races/ethnicities into different states, there isn’t a solution that I see. And that one is politically untenable.

                      Now, if you have a complete adoption by the foreign ethnicity of the dominant culture (as was widespread in the Greek Eastern Roman Empire), then it can be managed. But that takes authoritarian rule and a hierarchical mindset.

                      Basically, it’s all a mess. But God can make lemonade out of lemons.

                      But in the face of globalism’s war with “multipolarity” (aka, “nationalism”), I’m reminded of the Tower of Babel.

                  • The Patriarch of Antioch is a ‘Christian Arab’.

              • Antiochene Son says

                The only reason they haven’t is because the Zionist-controlled US government props up the Israeli state and gives them cover.

                I’ve never met a single Orthodox Arab who doesn’t support the Palestinian cause against Israel. Of course most of the Palestinians are Muslims, and you’re right that in the long game it will still come down to Christian vs. Islam. But Islam is also secularizing in most countries, so I don’t think it would necessarily be like the bad old days. Arrangements that allow Christians their place are possible, like in Syria and Lebanon.

                Dhimmitude wasn’t great for the Christians, but at least it was a stable situation where everyone knew their place. That is arguably one of the most important things for a society. Israel’s existence is a destabilizing force that will not cease until it ceases to be.

                • “But Islam is also secularizing in most countries, so I don’t think it would necessarily be like the bad old days.”

                  Don’t fool yourself. They are oppressive and will remain oppressive so long as they remain Muslim. And since at least 1979, I do not think the trend has been secularization. They were secularizing so long as Liberalism was in the ascent. Since it began its decline, they have been at the forefront of religious revival.

                  I will ally with them against the Liberal Borg, but we cannot coexist in the same territory indefinitely.

                  • The more I study Medieval history, the more respect I have for Islam as a civilizational realm. That said, I can’t bring myself to believe that the House of Isaac (us) and the House of Ishmael (them) can survive peaceably in the same polity for long.

                    Now that I got that out of the way, I can say that yes, Islam has been going down the secularizing path for several decades now. However, they have the ability to “snap back” to their cultural origins than the West, which thanks to the Reformation/Enlightenment, has lost the ability to become Christendom again.

                    We see this especially in France, where millions of Algerian immigrants have been secular for two generations but, having seen France cast off Christianity, is rebounding to a militant Islam.

        • Galinushka,

          The other thing I will say is that taking sides in this conflict (Israel) puts us in a bad position either way.

          Firstly, the same people that have relentlessly demagogued the Ukraine conflict are doing the same on behalf of Israel in this new one. And they will twist and lie and propagandize relentlessly. It is already being exploited by MAGA against the Biden Administration for giving money to Iran and for leaving weapons in Afghanistan, both of which ended up apparently supporting Hamas. And you will see countless images of Palestinian atrocities and endless arguments about the clear moral superiority of Israel.

          Israel is a European colony in the Middle East. America’s reflexive support for it is on this basis and on the basis of the number of Jews in America and their political clout. They are also a major customer of the MIC. But let there be no doubt that Israel is a colonial enterprise. So why not support the Palestinians?

          That’s equally problematic. Arab Muslims are barbaric heathen in the way they conduct themselves in conflict. Targeting civilians is preferrable for them. Kidnapping and rape are the norm. I could go on.

          Moreover, though the enemy of my enemy may be my ally, that does not make him my friend. Russia has made allies out of Syria and Iran. But that doesn’t constitute an endorsement of everything they do. And, ultimately, Christendom and the Ummah are mortal enemies. We should never, ever forget that. Temporary treaties and alliances against common foes (Liberalism, et al.) may be wise in the short or medium term. But in the long term we are destined to a zero-sum conflict. Thus, I shed no tears over anything that harms Islam.

          However, Arab Orthodox Christians are caught in the middle of all of this and we should unreservedly support them against all adversaries. Anyway, that’s my two cents.

          Now, all of this has geopolitical aspects as well. It is a second front of sorts in the war against NATO and may be handing America more than it can handle. It also is just another reinforcement of the anti-colonial narrative, as was the coup in Niger. It may be an attempt to derail the whole Saudi/Israeli rapprochement in light of the thawing Saudi-Iranian relations. I don’t think it is the SVR but it is likely Iranian inspired.

          How will it play out? God knows. But it certainly does not hurt the Russian war effort.

        • So much for Israel’s Iron Dome, right? There is definitely something else going on.

  18. Pray for all involved, especially the Arab Orthodox. But my take is that re: Israeli Jews vs. Palestinian Muslims, there is no good guy, nobody wearing a white hat – just two demons fighting.

    • George Michalopulos says

      It looks like some of the munitions used by Hamas were provided by the Ukraine, in other words, bought and paid for by American taxpayers (courtesy of Larry Johnson):

      “There are several reports circulating on Middle East Telegram channels claiming that Hamas attacked Israeli positions with weapons supplied by Ukrainian sources. In other words, military aid sent to Ukraine by the United States and NATO allegedly was used in the savage attacks launched by Hamas. If confirmed this is likely to accelerate demands in the U.S. Congress for tighter oversight on weapons supplied to Ukraine, which will delay promised aid.”

  19. This is actually what I’d been fearing might happen on Brandon’s watch. If you look at the potentials, the Ukraine thing would be a major concern if Putin did not have a cool head. The China/Taiwan thing, I’m convinced, is all bluster for various reasons.

    But here you have a truly dangerous mixture. Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Iran all seem to have a part in this. Israel is led by a war hawk. The surrounding Arab states were in various stages of making nice with Israel but they are armed to the teeth as well. Their publics despise Israel. And you have Biden and Co. making pathologically bad decisions at the top of the heap.

    What could go wrong?

    • And did you notice a lot of these “Palestinians” were black like the agitators in France. Palestinians aren’t black, are they? Some of these people look like the military-aged men we’re bringing over our borders. These people could be U.S. trained mercenaries.

      Hamas and Hezbollah have a good thing going on over there. All the money for the people coming from the outside is given to them. They take some off the top and then take care of the people. Hezbollah is normally associated with Lebanon. Hamas with the Gaza strip and Syria. – They’ve had this arrangement going on for at least a decade if not two. Why would they all of a sudden wage a full-on attack of the 4th strongest country in the world?

      And where is Waldo (Assad) in all this? This is all very weird.

      • Anonymous II says

        I think Hamas is made up of a large % of CIA agents.

        CIA via Ukraine funneled and armed Hamas. Among others.

        Hamas “leadership” has publicly stated Iran is funding them. For that to immediately be a storyline pushed by Hamas shows bigger picture ulterior motives behind the scenes. Because it’s not Hamas as is being presented. It’s western intelligence which wants war with Iran.

        There is no way the Mossad wasn’t aware of this incoming attack and one of the most militarized borders in the world just happened to be caught with its pants down by armed paragliders. This is the 2023 version of men with box cutters. Factions of Mossad knew about this and worked with the CIA/Hamas as a false flag terror attack.

        What the true plan here is who knows. War with Iran? A new way to funnel money and ditch Ukraine? Destabilize the Middle East and try to create a much larger Muslim war against Israel after they carpet bomb Gaza?

        The real psyops I’m seeing is the propaganda which will drum up Muslim v the West local Jihad in Europe and America. Open borders and sleeper cells will be awoken. Or so we’re told. If we learned anything from all the terror attacks pre-Trump which magically disappeared is that, they too are funded and guided by the CIA and dark factions of our intelligence agencies.

        So pro-Palestine Muslims, or to be specific- the fighting aged male Muslim soldiers who have crossed borders into Europe/USA, will be armed and used as helpful idiots to stir up terror. Largely funded and armed by way of the arms trafficking and smuggling in the Ukraine proxy operation.

        I’ll have to wait and see if there is a larger plan here regarding Iran and pulling in Russia/China, etc. Although they’re too smart to take the bait. Of course, I also believe the governments here are not as intelligent as most think and they are full of largely incompetent people who can’t see the forest from the trees. So you have intelligence programs/agencies working directly against the same governments they represent. Case and point would be what is occurring right now is in direct opposition to the Biden Admin and makes them look incompetent. Releasing billions to Iran only to see them fund Hamas and a terror attack vs women/children is Israel? As if all that just magically fell into place over the last month…

        The Biden Admin largely is incompetent, not just by appearance, filled with brainwashed university grads who can’t see beyond pronouns and rainbows. This goes for the GOP as well as the RINOS and neocons are fully aroused right now at the prospect of more military conflict.

        But the dark factions with the CIA/etc play Wash DC politicians like puppets. All they want is to destabilize and funnel profits. And those weapons in Afghanistan and those weapons in Ukraine didn’t only end up with Hamas. They are across Europe, across the Middle East, south of the border with Cartels and likely have made it into our country.

        Then to add to all this there’s possibly connected items such as Trump and an election year around the corner and the national emergency alerts we all just received.

        So much theatre. Impossible to know what exactly is going on and IMO so much is compartmentalized between governments/agencies/factions who all represent opposing interests.

        Hug your wife. Hug your kids. Enjoy your family. I’ll probably go buy a couple more guns just for peace of mind. But I fully expect to see period of destabilization internationally as we did pre-Trump. Because it is intentional. Funded by our own.

        By the way, tens of thousands of Armenians were just attacked by Azerbaijan and forced to flee their homes. I didn’t see one Armenian flag on any social media profiles, let alone any government buildings.

        Just a reminder not to take this stuff too seriously. It’s clown world, and we can’t fix it. Pray for the people suffering and losing their lives everywhere, but don’t let it stress you out. Lord have mercy.

        • Lots of good stuff here. – Trump’s not going to be all that far from the presidency if he becomes Speaker. We need deal makers right now. Not war mongers. I hope he doesn’t “step in it” by automatically siding with Israel.

        • “What the true plan here is who knows.”

          CHAOS. That’s the plan:
          where the demons thrive,
          where they feel at home.

      • It is weird. And I did catch the black faces. I smell a psy-op but I’m not sure of the nature or pedigree.

        • See, the thing is that the Gaza wall has underground sensors that can detect a cat’s footsteps near the fence. It’s that sensitive. We’re talking hundreds of Hamas fighters with gear and vehicles.

          It smells like Hamas was baited.

          Now, of course, I’m not saying the Mossad knew exactly what Hamas would do during the incursion. Nor am I saying that we are being told the truth about what they did indeed do during the incursion. But you have to step back to 30,000 feet if you want to drink in the big picture.

          We have the Biden Regime leaving billions of dollars of military equipment and ammo in Afghanistan, much of which went straight to the black market and probably to Hezbollah and Hamas, etc. We also have the Biden Regime releasing $6B in funds to Iran shortly before this attack, which may have allowed Iran to fund and otherwise support it, which they almost certainly did.

          We have a war in the Ukraine which NATO is losing decisively and all this leading up to an election year. The US could sure use a war they can actually win. Why not kill some more “little brown people” (as George Carlin used to say)? That’s easier than Russians or Chinese.

          And now we have dead Americans and both Israeli and American hostages.

          Biden is looking less like Obama’s third term and more like Jimmy Carter’s second.

          The whole thing could be an elaborate baiting operation orchestrated by the CIA and Mossad in order to rally the West behind a common cause and disrupt relations between Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel while eliminating Hamas and giving a pretext for war with Iran. The Duran boys have reported that Biden was probably going to try to bribe the Saudi’s away from BRICS with nuclear weapons technology. IMHO, that may have been too much for the Israelis and for the CIA so they might have decided they had to instigate a different operation to fix it all.

          Just musing. I’m not committed to any such hypothesis. It’s very fluid at the moment and we will get a better picture as time passes. But it does stink to high heaven of some type of game being run.

          Jake Sullivan’s recent remarks about Middle East quiet remind me of Jimmy Carter shortly before the Iranian revolution. He called Iran, “an island of stability” in the region.

          PS: I have seen footage of Israeli ex-military who simply cannot believe that this was an intelligence failure. For example (ffwd to 8:00 mark):

          • Isn’t it crazy how Ukraine has quite literally dropped out of the news

            • Petro, remember how the entire world forgot the COVID/vax controversy on Feb 22, 2022, when the RF invaded the Ukraine?

              It was as if we turned on a dime.

              Ukraine? What Ukraine? Poor Zelensky, he looks like the chump holding the bag.

              • George, Zelensky is…a chump! (Time for him to make his escape!)

              • Exactly, George. This is the new distraction from Ukraine.

                What is going on behind the scenes in Ukraine is that Russia has amassed ~1 Million troops are will be going, it seems, all the way to Transnistria taking Odesa along the way.

          • George Michalopulos says

            I too, can’t believe this was an Intel failure on the part of Israel.

            • The real tragedy of this, George, is that Hamas only committed these atrocities but the general populace of Gaza will suffer horrifically while the Western world cheers the Israelis on. Mutual mass murder.

              • My thoughts exactly. The Palestinians are going to get annihilated because of the actions of Hamas. If they were not going to go for the kill shot then they have doomed innocent people who live in Gaza and the Palestinian Territories.

  20. For those interested (like me) about how Hamas could keep all this so secret, take a look at this:

    “Hamas only uses Huawei phones and computers.


    “Huawei didn’t allow back-door access to the NSA, CIA, Mossad, Five Eyes into its cell phones, routers, computers, et al. That’s why Huawei was banned in the U.S., Europe, and its vassal states.

    “Apple, Samsung, Intel, et al., all complied and allowed back door access to the NSA, CIA, Mossad, Five Eyes.

    “All electronic data and communication is run through and monitored by Palantir AI software. Palantir is a Silicon Valley tech/software company funded by the Black Budget and all Western intelligence agencies— NSA, CIA, GCHQ, Mossad, Five Eyes— rely on Palantir’s AI software for intelligence gathering and monitoring.

    “Palantir can’t scoop up any Huawei data and Hamas smartly uses Huawei.”

    Info courtesy of Sonar21.

    • OK, as long as we’re talking about Palantir, it used to be part of my portfolio when I worked at a Fortune 500 company. It was so top secret, even I knew nothing about it. Only the project manager did. I did get to see it in action, though. It was more than amazing. Before coming to my company (or maybe during), it was used to track terrorists. . . terrorists like Hamas. I suspect Palantir can scoop up any data it wants. The people who use Huawei probably just don’t know it.

      Huawei is a Chinese company. China is part of BRICS. Come January, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will join BRICS. For BRICS to succeed, the world has to change.

      The Palestinians won’t change. This issue between the Palestinians and Israel destabilizes the whole region (the world, really).

      I could see BRICS soliciting the help of China to access Huawei. Perhaps Hamas, on behalf of Iran, helped to stage this thing to make it look like the Palestinians waged a major war against Israel. (If the Palestinians could do something like this, they would have already done it.) This gives Israel the excuse they need to take care of them.

      I am saying this with a heavy heart.

      Many have tried to change the minds of the Palestinians and redirect their energies toward peace. All efforts have failed. They would rather fight a war they cannot win. Those of us who love them have begged them to stop. Then we’re the enemy for wanting to save them from themselves. It’s a no win, painful situation.

      • Gail, it is a “no win, painful situation”. In the darker recesses of my mind I wouldn’t be at all surprised that the Collective West helped orchestrate this in order to derail BRICS+six as they consolidate their power.

        It’s a fluid situation.

        Having said all that, the Trump years look like a veritable golden age in retrospect, with gas at $1.87/gal and peace breaking out all over.

      • “Many have tried to change the minds of the Palestinians and
        redirect their energies toward peace. All efforts have failed.
        They would rather fight a war they cannot win.”

        When there are two peoples who both want exclusive ownership of
        and habitation rights in the same piece of land, war is inevitable.

        However claims of exclusive rights to Palestine
        were introduced by the Zionists, not the Arabs;
        who only coalesced into a nation in response
        to their expropriation by the Zionist forces.

        And Zionist tactics would make the Nazis proud:

        Traces of Poison–Israel’s Dark History Revealed

        Israel, not Iraq, holds that distinction of being the first country in
        the region to use weapons of mass destruction with genocidal intent.

        ‘ … Acre was to be the next Zionist target. The Zionists besieged the city from the land side, and started showering the population with a hail of mortar bombs day and night. Famous for its historical walls, Acre could stand the siege for a long time. The city water supply comes from a nearby village, Kabri, about 10kms to the north, through an aqueduct. The Zionists injected typhoid in the aqueduct at some intermediate point which passes through Zionist settlements. (see map)

        The story can now be told, thanks to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) files which have now become available, 50 years after the event. A series of reports, under the reference G59/1/GC, G3/82, sent by ICRC delegate de Meuron from 6 May to about 19 May 1948 describe the conditions of the city population, struck by a sudden typhoid epidemic, and the efforts to combat it. …

        Lieutenant Petite, a French UN observer, reported that looting was being conducted in a systematic manner by the army, carrying off furniture, clothes and anything useful for the new Jewish immigrants and also part of “a Jewish plan to prevent the return of the refugees”. Lieutenant Petite also reported that the Jews had murdered 100 Arab civilians in Acre, particularly those who refused to leave.

        More horrors have been reported by de Meuron. He spoke of “a reign of terror” and the case of the rape of a girl by several soldiers and killing her father. He also wrote that all male civilians were taken to concentration camps and considered “prisoners of war” although they were not soldiers. This left many women and children homeless, without protection, subject to many acts of violence. He also notes the absence of water and electricity. …

        This episode, which started with poisoning Acre water supply and ended with the collapse of the city, the depopulation of its inhabitants, and its occupation by the Jews, whetted their appetite to try this crime again.


        Two weeks later, after their “success” in Acre, the Zionists struck again. This time in Gaza, where hundreds of thousands of refugees had gathered after their villages in southern Palestine were occupied. The end however was different.

        The following cable was sent from the commander of the Egyptian Forces in Palestine to General Headquarters in Cairo:

        “15.20 hrs, 24 May [1948] Our Intelligence forces captured two Jews, David Horeen and David Mizrahi, loitering around army positions. They were interrogated and confessed they had been sent by Officer Moshe to poison the army [and the peoples’] water supply. They carried with them water bottles divided in the middle. The top part has potable water and the bottom part has a liquid contaminated with typhoid and dysentery, equipped with a rear opening from which the liquid can be released. They confessed they were members of a 20-strong team sent from Rehovot for the same purpose. Both have written their confession in Hebrew and signed it. We have taken the necessary medical precautions”.

        In Ben Gurion’s War Diary, the following entry is found on 27 May 1948:

        [Chief of Staff Yigel Yadin] picked up a cable from Gaza saying they captured Jews carrying malaria germs and gave instructions not to drink water”. This is typical of Ben Gurion’s oblique writing of history. He was fully aware of the weight of history when such crimes are discovered. Nuremberg trials were held only three years before. More on the background of this cable was given in Yeruham Cohen’s book, In Daylight and Night Darkness, Tel Aviv, 1969, pp66-68 (in Hebrew).

        The criminals were executed three months later. On 22 July 1948, the [Palestinian] Higher Arab Committee (AHC) submitted a 13-page report to the United Nations accusing the Jews of using “inhuman” weapons and waging a genocide war against the Arabs through the use of bacteria and germs, developed in specially-built laboratories. … ‘

        A “genocide war…through the use of bacteria and germs,
        developed in specially-built laboratories”
        . … ‘

        What? Like in Ukraine? To be used in the Donbass?

        Bang goes the theory that Ukraine can’t commit atrocities
        because its elected President (Zelensky) is a Jew.

  21. Chickens coming home to roost from everywhere:

    The Ukraine (impending implosion)
    Afghanistan (billions in ordinance left behind, funneled out)
    Iran ($6B, fungible to Hamas/Hezbollah)
    Israel (Yom Kippur attacks)
    Gaza (present bombardment/siege)
    Biden Regime (bank rolling it all)