More Wikileaks: The GOA and John Podesta

One of the things that has come out from different angles over the last year, is the nexus between the Phanar and the Globalist agenda. As noted last summer, the driving force for the Cretan Robber Council taking place were American, British and Israeli intelligence sources. That’s why the Russian Orthodox Church engineered a successful boycott. That’s it in a nutshell.

Another tangent was revealed by, a Russian website which exposed the connections between the IOCC, George Soros, Fr Alex Karloutsos and the various “color revolutions” which overthrew (or attempted to overthrow) governments that were friendly to the Russian Federation.
Going back to the 2009 “Apostolic Journey” (a.k.a. “Bart’s Mississippi Riverboat Cruise” in some circles), one name kept cropping up –that of John Podesta. It was at his Center for American Progress for instance, where the Ecumenical Patriarch gave his keynote address. The CAP was set up by George Soros in case you were wondering.

Podesta, is Greek on his mother’s side and that gave him cache within the broader Greek-American community which he used to make inroads. Podesta, for those who may not know, was the CEO of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign. (In the late 90s, he was Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff.)

Now, thanks to Wikileaks, we know that Podesta and his brother not only participated in certain occult rituals but may be implicated along with Anthony Weiner in a possible paedophile ring in Portugal. (More to follow on this.)

Regardless, the easy familiarity between John Podesta and Karloutsos raises an eyebrow or two in my opinion. Karloutsos, for those who may not know is a type of Papal Nuncio –the EP’s eyes and ears in America for all practical purposes. Please take the time to read the following passage from Wikileaks.

[Memo to Pres-elect Trump: Please pardon Julian Assange. The guy deserves a medal.]

From: John Podesta

Mills, Cheryl D
Sent: Sun Dec 20 12:24:13 2009

Subject: Fw: Fwd: 5635

Sorry to bother on the Sunday before Christmas but the Echumenical Patriarch’s crowd are extremely worried that he
may get arrested or otherwise harassed/attacked as a result of the 60 Minutes interview he gave which airs tonight.

Thought it was worth passing along and that you might want to get someone to pulse the Emabassy in Turkey.

Hope you are getting a little rest after one hell of a week. Notwithstanding some press whining, I thought BHO and HRC
did a fabulous job in Copenhagen and that the schedule structure has a much better chance of success than sticking with

Kyoto architecture. Congrats to all..

From: Fr. Alex Karloutsos
To: John Podesta

Sent: Sun Dec 20 00:33:57 2009
Subject: Fwd: 5635

Dear John,

Thank you for responding to me re:the safety of the EP. Unfortunately, the 60 minutes interview has been raising
jingoistic fervor in Turkey. As I told you, the Foreign Ministry called HAH on Friday to express their dismay and concern

that He was disparaging Turkey in such a public manner. Of course, HAH expressed His love for His country, Turkey, but
reiterated the painful, laundry list of issues faced by the Greek Orthodox Christian minority. Today, many of the news

outlets in Turkey are attacking HAH saying that He has condemned Turkey’s good name. One of the nationalist papers
called HAH crazy and pictured Him hanging from a cross. (see attachment) The Foreign Ministries said, acourse, that

he was sure the EP made “a slip of the tongue.”
Our concern is that some nationalists will attempt to do damage to the Patriarchate or, ever worse some nut from the

Grey wolves will be let loose to hurt/kill HAH. Of course, the Government may over react once they see the full
interview. It is an honest piece of journalism – but very very tough “to face the country in the mirror”. Sadly, some

Greek Nationalists fan the flames from their side as well.
I am also sending you a blogwhich shows some of the the lunacy out there on this issue.
Fortunately, we have good friends like you and an Administration that believes in human rights, religious freedom, civil

rights and dignity of every individual. Above all, we believe in, and glorify, the manager-born Messiah whose message of
good will amongst women and men is best expressed in social/divine justice for everyone.

Thank you
Father Alex •

Forwarded Message B6
From: “nikolaos manginas”

To: “nikolaos manginas”
Sent: Saturday, December 19, 2009 4:33:57 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern

Subject: 5635


  1. For crying out loud, whatever his political views might be John Podesta did not participate in “certain occult rituals”. Or his brother. There is literally no evidence in this in the hacked emails, not even doctored evidence. Just because George Michalopulos can get away with engaging in slander and defamation of people he disapproves of politically, doesn’t mean that he should.

    • George Michalopulos says

      You sure about that?

    • Even if there was video proof that Podesta participated in “certain occult rituals”
      you would deny it… anyway .. Podesta just loves that pervert’s “art…

      • Just a quick addition regarding “spirit cooking” — in Crowley’s “Gnostic Mass,” it’s called a “cake of light” but the ingredients are essentially the same, which seem to derive from Hindu tantric rites. Whether or not Abramovic simply took the “cake of light” idea and used it for her own purposes is unclear. But, it does raise a question as to whether or not she has experimented with Crowley’s magick and whether or not she continues to do so. In a way, it’s nothing new — Fin de siecle Europe, especially the Brits — were heavily into the occult. Now, there are a fair number of academic studies on the topic. On one level it’s a bit ironic, though, that Podesta’s possible link to this sort of thing has generated concern in some quarters when mystical Freemasonry has engaged in equally occult-tinged practices for centuries. Given the presence of Masons in various positions in the government throughout the county’s history, what ultimately amounts to a Gnostic orientation driving towards Kurzweil’s “singularity” among the technocratic elite is not surprising. I suppose it depends on how paranoid one is or the thickness of one’s “tinfoil hat,” but the symbols are there in the nation’s capital and a quick read of Pike or Manly P. Hall makes one wonder. Of course, there’s also Ben Franklin and the Hellfire Club. Interestingly enough, when one starts to dig into this sordid material, there is often a confluence of revolutionary politics, Gnostic-themed occultism, entertainment, and the murky world of intelligence services (the “forest of mirrors”). Good luck in determining fact from fiction —

  2. Yawn

  3. “Above all, we believe in, and glorify, the manager-born Messiah whose message of
    good will amongst women and men is best expressed in social/divine justice for everyone.”

    Fascinating pathology.

    Notwithstanding “that choice thing”, it amazes me that they cannot see that they are enemies of Christ. But in order to “not see” themselves thus, you must understand that they have to have rationalized away Christ as an early progressive whose Body was not, in fact, resurrected but rather thrown to the dogs. Were that not the case, they would fear God regarding their attitude toward religion in society, the patriarchy, homosexuality, etc.

    Bear in mind that this is a tonsured member of the clergy.

    Well, easy come, easy go, I guess.

  4. “”””””””””” social justice “””””””””””

  5. Christopher Keller says

    What does this show except an Orthodox person being concerned about a Patriarch?

    • George Michalopulos says

      Good question. The said passage from Wikileaks is rather innocuous in the main. My unease however was based on what we know about Podesta and his dining arrangements and the easy familiarity between him and Karloutsos.

      If nothing else, it fleshes out the back-story between the Phanar and senior agents in the NWO.

  6. The manager born Messiah?

  7. Read is report to know more about the Greek mob connection and what they are doing

    • I followed the links and found a bunch of conspiracy theories about a restaurant in DC which features various music and art events, some of them tasteless. The music and events are hosted by an Orthodox young woman of my acquaintance, oddly enough, who has also done a lot of her work with the girl scouts after getting out of college. It is amazing what conspiracy theorists will make up.

      • If this “Sasha Lord” is the “Orthodox young woman” of whom you speak, I wonder indeed how “Orthodox” she is. Merely by heritage/inertia? From what I read she seems to dabble in the Satanic. Also a “certified yoga teacher” is hardly a model of Christian Orthodoxy.

        “Sasha Lord had her 30th birthday party at Comet Pizza in DC. The video of which is posted on Youtube. Creepy at best.”

  8. The emails themselves don’t have too much in them but read against the backdrop of Podesta’s connections to movements within the American Catholic Church set on either forcing a “progressive” agenda or even fomenting a schism, there is reason to be concerned about cozy relationships between Mr Podesta and figures within the leadership of American Orthodox jurisdictions.

    Re: Podesta and Catholic Church

  9. Having read and poked around some of the Podesta emails, I get the impression that the Democrat party is playing Greeks and Greek Orthodox for fools. They’ve got Podesta (who brags about one of the icons in his office being a gift of the EP), Biden, and Chris van Hollen (whose wife and kids are Greek Orthodox) as the “friends in high places” for the Greeks, but when Erdogan gets to the point where he wants to exert even more power (which, I’m sure he would have done with the election of HRC) the whole of these “friends” would do absolutely nothing to help the EP.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Yup. Like blacks in America, we Greeks have been played for chumps for way too long by the Dems. You are right: there is no way that a President Hillary would do anything against Erdogan or come to the aid of the EP. Like Chalki, he’s just there as some type of window-dressing to constantly stoke the fire and get some $$$ from wealthy Greek-Americans. It’s basically a racket.

    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

      They do nothing for Greek and have done nothing for Greeks, except stroke the ego of a few Greeks here and there who are legends in their own minds.

      I also find it to be complete and utter BS that I am supposed to care about the religious liberty of the EP that the GOAA screams from the mountain top, but our own religious liberty being eroded here in America means nothing to the GOAA and not even one word from the GOAA.

      Thank you Archons…NOT!

      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        Peter A. Papoutsis, I believe you say the Democrats have done nothing for the Greeks. Compared to whom? What party backed Dukakis? How has your own religious liberty eroded? What immigrant ethnic group has been favored MORE than the Greeks by the basic north European population? Neither the Greeks nor the Hindus nor the Buddhists nor the Confucians nor the Jews has had their religious freedom threatened as much as the Muslims here, and none of them by Democrats.

        • Peter A. Papoutsis says

          Good one your Grace that was so funny I forgot to laugh and so delusional I became concerned for your mental health. It has been of question of late.


          • Lee Roy Fitzgerald says

            I’ll second that.

          • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

            Peter A. Papoutsis, when facing questions he cannot answer, consistently resorts to impotent ridicule. No Socrates or Plato he!

            • Peter A. Papoutsis says

              Or you.

              Plus what answers do you want that you wouldn’t dismiss? Again your Grace I don’t play your games. I am content to let you play while I referee.


            • Your Grace-
              I believe you overestimate the veracity of your “questions that cannot be answered.” Only someone who is shamelessly in the tank for the Democrat party or one hopelessly ignorant would not be able to see how the Left in this country is working towards coercively engineering public opinion regarding traditional Christian morality or moving towards persecution in the external forum.

              Regarding those poor Muslims that you likewise seem to have a blind spot for: when large numbers of their membership stop emulating their “prophet” and committing or condoning terror, perhaps they can enjoy unencumbered freedom as those other, more peaceful groups currently enjoy.

              • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                “Veracity of QUESTIONS”
                I questioned some assertions of Mr Papoutsis and made one assertion. I believe the response to the questions was to be expected: Don’t answer; attack the questioner!
                “I believe you say the Democrats have done nothing for the Greeks. Compared to whom? What party backed Dukakis? How has your own religious liberty eroded? What immigrant ethnic group has been favored MORE than the Greeks by the basic north European population? Neither the Greeks nor the Hindus nor the Buddhists nor the Confucians nor the Jews has had their religious freedom threatened as much as the Muslims here, and none of them by Democrats.”

          • Indeed.


    Christiane Amanpour on the election coverage. People of her ideology weaponized the courts. Now she laments that journalism has been weaponized.

    But we all recall Cronkite after Tet saying the Vietnam War could not be won, don’t we? We all recall Dan Rather touting “fake but accurate” documents, don’t we? We all recall the late Peter Jennings comparing the American electorate to children in their “terrible two’s”, don’t we? And we all recall the offhand remark of Evan Thomas of Newsweek about the effect the press coverage has on any given presidential election:

    “The media, I think, wants Kerry to win. And I think they’re going to portray Kerry and Edwards …as being young and dynamic and optimistic and all, there’s going to be this glow about them that some, is going to be worth, collectively, the two of them, that’s going to be worth maybe 15 points.”
    — Newsweek’s Evan Thomas on Inside Washington, July 10, 2004.

    And this admission against interest:

    “Of course it is….These are the social issues: gay rights, gun control, abortion and environmental regulation, among others. And if you think the Times plays it down the middle on any of them, you’ve been reading the paper with your eyes closed.”
    — New York Times Public Editor Daniel Okrent in a July 25, 2004 column asking, “Is The New York Times a Liberal Newspaper?”

    * * *

    Now the press is an unelected fourth branch of the American government. That they are intentionally helping totalitarian progressives impose their moral ideology on the world means that they are fair game. Journalism is a weapon, always has been, always will be. The notion of a “free press” is nonsense. The British have always known this and put prior restraints on them. The reason for this is that the press have a strong influence on public opinion and so, if they collaborate to move the public in a particular direction, they can usually do it. They have and they do.

    So one must fight fire with fire and weaponize ones own journalists and deploy them for battle (along with hackers, etc.). It only levels the playing field. The ProgLeft will cry foul, of course. That is their current posture.

    But everybody knows that the game is up and that there is not now, nor has there ever been an unbiased free press fit to serve as a watchdog over government. That is simply one of many Progressive lies.

    What a strong government should do is occupy the journalistic field but leave room for loyal dissent – up to a point. That is what is done in the RF and hopefully that is what Trump will be able to institute in America and the West.

    His legacy depends on succeeding at that mission. I’m not sure he is aware of that.

    In Europe, it is a bit more open at this juncture.

    And why does all this matter:

    1. Both Progressivism and Sunni Islam actively work for the destruction of traditional Christianity. They are each totalitarian political philosophies with an ideological component that must displace Christian morality and theology to survive and prosper.

    2. Progressivism is not strong enough to defeat Sunni Islam, but will succumb to it if it prevails in the West. Progressivism has abandoned and outlawed the patriarchy, the foundation of a strong society. In doing so, it creates a culture dominated by “beta males” and women, in effect a matriarchy with the state as Big Momma. HRC was thus poised to be the Queen of Babylon, the Mother of all Whores. For now, the Lord has spared us this. Yet there is another queen on the throne in Germany . . .

    Paul Krugman also laments today regarding “The Populism Perplex” why it seems voters in Casey Co., KY, coal country, voted for Trump by 87% when Hillary’s policies were more realistically geared toward their economic interests. He suggests that Democrats better find out before the next election.

    It is truly priceless, this pretending that they can’t figure it out or don’t know. It’s really quite simple:

    They hate Krugman’s values, love their own, and vote accordingly. Appealing to them would mean changing progressive values. That being unthinkable, they must spin their imaginations – a blind man in a dark room in search of a black cat who is not there.

  11. Mark E. Fisus says

    Nothing to see here. All I see is the Clinton camp working the Greeks like another special interest to pander to. Disappointing but hardly surprising.

    The only noteworthy thing is “nikolaos manginas.” Sharp intake of breath – poor dude.

    Clinton lost, folks, move on. We won. Quit beatin this dead horse.

  12. Bruce Wm. Trakas says

    Fr. Alexander is the part-time “Archbishop’s Assistant for Public Affairs,” of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. It’s part of his job responsibilities to develop effective working relationships with the point people of each Presidential administration. Except for the last few years of Archbishop Iakovos’ tenure and the last two years of Archbishop Spyridon’s tenure, Fr. Alex has been responsible to coordinate arrangements for GOArch’s presence at various relevant civic activities for more than 30 years. He is known to be organized, knowledgeable, and effective. Fr. Alex is very close with incoming Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, already, who is a devout Orthodox Christian and former member of his Parish Council in Wisconsin.

    • Fr. Alex is the “eyes and ears” of the EP. He was instrumental in the “retirement” of the great Archbishop Iakovos, who worked on unity, which brought fear to the Phanar that their power would be diminished. That entire saga including Spyridon, could take a few blogs in themselves; it was a very sad time and a lot of behind-the-scenes machinations.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Isn’t it tragic how much we lost ever since Ligonier?

        • Michael Bauman says

          George, it seems tragic. The Patriarchal Bulgarian bishop Met. Joseph has been quoted as saying that all of the participants at Ligoner will have to die before we get another chance. Obviously he was making reference to the sojourn in the desert endured by the children of Israel.

          I believe my Bishop Basil was the youngest bishop there and he is very much alive, thank God.

          Nevertheless it needs to be a time of repentance hoping for a Joshua to lead us.

          Lord have mercy.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Michael, I used to blame the bishops (still do to an extent) but the problem lies at least as much on the laity. We are like the children of Israel who were participating in idolatrous rites while Moses was on the mountain receiving the Tablets.

            And, we all have our reasons, don’t we? How many of us in X jurisdiction want to be under a bishop of Y ethnicity? Especially when Bishop “John” of Y ethnicity is morally compromised? Then again, how much does Bishop Elijah of X jurisdiction want an Old-calendarist parish under his omorphor?

            “This [meaning my] wicked generation must pass” before Orthodoxy gets its act together in North America. That means everybody from bishops on down, myself included. The entire Canon 28 mythology itself will have to be repudiated. I fear that it will only be cleansing via persecution that this will be accomplished.

            • Peter A. Papoutsis says


            • Michael Bauman says

              Indeed. I suspect that persecution, if we bear it, does much to winnow the tares in our hearts.

            • Tim R. Mortiss says

              A most interesting post, George. I began ‘fellow traveling” with Orthodoxy in around 1980. Read all I could lay my hands on. Went to Holy Week services for years…..on, and on. Every convert has a similar story. Finally, through my youngest son, who’d watched this half-hearted process all his life, I was brought into the Church at last.

              I remember– everything was going to be good, the OCA was American Orthodoxy, everybody knew “jurisdictions” were out of order and would soon fade away…..

              That didn’t happen, did it? No kidding….

        • So true, so sad.

          As I heard it from people close to the event, Slovak Met. Nicholas Smishko and ‘Ukrainian’ Abp Vsevolod Maydanskiy, both of my acquaintance, each of them a toothache of a man (as we say in Irish) betook themselves to Constantinople and lied to Patriarch Bartholomew about what was happening in North America as resolved at Ligonier.

          Those two blackguards were concerned only with preserving their ethnic fiefs and couldn’t care less about canonical unity among the Orthodox here. May the Lord forgive them their betrayal of Abp Iakovos Koukouzes, especially, and of all of us who hoped for so much better after 1993.

          The devil’s not so much in the details as it is in faithless bishops.

          • Monk James says

            I think I meant Patriarch Demetrios but wrote ‘Bartholomew’ instead. Please forgive me!

            • Bruce Wm. Trakas says

              You were right the first time. Patriarch Dimitrios passed from this life October 2, 1991. Metropolitan Bartholomew of Chalcedon was elected Ecumenical Patriarch on October 22nd and enthroned on November 2, 1991. Ligonier occurred in ’94.

              • This was pointed out to me by some other people, too. I thank you all for your kind correction.

  13. And on it goes, fellow Monomakhites:

    Over at Taki’s, they are ruminating about the faux hate wave against blacks, Muslims, etc.

    And this:

    “Everyone I Don’t Like is a Russian Hacker: An Emotional Child’s Guide to Avoid Taking Responsibility for Your Crimes”

    If I were her, I wouldn’t poke Trump too hard with that recall stick. He might turn on her.

    Hopefully Daddy will shut down the sandbox for awhile.