More Thoughts on the Brexit

Now that I have your attention, allow me to wax ever more eloquently on the Brexit.

Over the last eight or so days, I have experienced a sustained sense of euphoria (Not least because of the pulchritudinous patriotism of Elizabeth Hurley) because of the plucky Britons voted to leave the execrable European Union.

My first thoughts were emotional. Hurrah! And a well-deserved kick in the rump to the globalists! That’s still there of course. In the interim, I have been enjoying (if such is the word) more sober thoughts. All to the good mind you.

I still think that the still proud people of Great Britain –England mostly–did the right thing. Of this there can be no doubt. That doesn’t mean that the Oligarchy will simply pick up its marbles and go home. Already there are deep rumblings about a “do over,” and the infighting among the Conservative “Leave” politicians is not a good thing. I still don’t know why Boris Johnson took himself out of the running for Prime Minister but hopefully, that is neither here nor there. We’ll see.

There is no doubt that the “Remainders” will try to slow-walk Britain’s exit from the EU. The Scottish Parliament is talking about a veto. (I’d rather they vote again on secession.) This is going to take two years and a lot can happen in the meantime. Still, I’m hopeful.

For one thing, the economic sky hasn’t fallen on London yet. After a brief and precipitous fall, the stock market has come back. Also, the Germans seem anxious to see Britain leave. Lest we forget, Germany is the real economic powerhouse of Europe. And then France, the Netherlands and Italy are making secessionist noises. Whether they actually succeed is beside the point at this juncture. What matters is that a nation rose up and said “Enough!” to the Bruxellians and this has not been lost on dissatisfied masses of these and other countries. I imagine that soon enough, Germany will have had enough of this nonsense.

One reason for the massive dissatisfaction of course is the behavior of the masses of Third World migrants who are not only parasitic but violent to the extreme. The triumphalism of the Islamic contingent which is “native” to Europe likewise plays a huge role. The globalists overplayed their hand in this regard. In their desire to displace the indigenous people of Europe, they moved too quickly. In short, they fouled their nest.

There’s another aspect to this phenomenon that bodes well for more secession. And that is that Russia has a vested interest in seeing Britain go. Under Blair and Cameron, Great Britain carried water for the Military Industrial Complex that is The Beltway. Without it in what’s left of the EU, France and Germany will be pulled into Russia’s gravitational orbit. Because they were not as smitten by the Neocon intelligentsia, this is something which they’ve more or less wanted anyway. It’s not too difficult to foresee a lessening (or even an ending) of the sanctions imposed by the West on Russia.

At its most basic, people can’t stomach permanent and unnecessary pain. White guilt, colonial guilt, the supposed evil of the Crusades –whatever–only goes so far. Even masochists have their limits. Well-heeled European intellectuals can always decamp for the United States, or if they’re Jewish, Israel awaits. The average Serb, Greek, Briton or Frenchman who works for a living doesn’t have that luxury. And why should we expect otherwise? Europe is their homeland. The peel of churchbells, not the call of the muezzin is what one thinks about when he thinks about Europe.

My own thoughts are emboldened by what this means globally as well as here in the U S of A in that the Brexit was not foreseen. Even the betting markets predicted that Remain would win. As such, it has totally scrambled the tables.

Politically, this bodes well for the Trumpian insurgency. It is clear that the Obama regime was thrown back on its heels as was the Hillary campaign. She put her electoral eggs in the Remain basket and was unwilling to countenance a different outcome. Being the rootless cosmopolite that she is, neither she, nor Obama, nor Jeb! nor any other post-American leader could see it any other way.

This is true of the Cuckservatives as well. (I can no longer in good conscience call these noodle-armed milquetoasts “conservative.” There is nothing conservative about not caring about your nation’s borders or its people. I don’t care how well you know Reagan’s speeches or The Federalist Papers: it’s all about the people.)

Like the good little cosmopolitans they are, they know nothing about Flyover Country. If they are not actual atheists –like George Will–they are atheists in all but name. They have forgotten things like transcendent truths. Like Esau, all they care about is their stock portfolios, not the working man and his family who have lost out in their Darwinian jungle of “free trade and free minds.”

The good news for Hillary of course is that she has four months to recover from this debacle. To rediscover her traditionalist roots, which like her Arkansas or African-American accent can be revived as the need arises. Bill, the old Horndog hisself could have pulled this off in a heartbeat. Hillary on the other hand is not nearly as gifted a politician.

We’ll see. In the meantime, regardless of how seamless the Brexit takes place, or whether Trump’s nationalist lurch continues to take off, the fact remains that there’s no going back.

So go to your nearest pub, order a fine stout or ale (might I suggest Smithwicks?) and say: “God save the Queen!” John Bull still lives! Now it’s time time for Johnny Reb and Billy Yank to rise to the occasion.

And that’s a good thing.


  1. I raise my glass to the Texit movement. May they be not long behind.

  2. Cynthia mae Curran says

    What’s flyover country, a lot of places in the midwest like Indiana are doing better than California because its cheaper to live.