More Mengele: Human Capital Episode 1

unborn-baby-600x400Well, the hits just keep on coming.

At this point, someone who’s pro-abortion will have to actively turn away from these grim realities which keep on popping up, anywhere and everywhere, thanks to Breitbart and the guerilla media. (I can see Breitbart’s shade doing his best Obi-Wan Kenobi imitation: “if you strike me down, I will only become stronger!”)

A piece of advice for the pro-abortion crowd: come clean, admit it. Go the full eugenicist and openly state that “of course we’re putting the majority of our abortuaries in minority neighborhoods! Of course we’re trying to make money while at the same time committing low-level genocide! How else are we going to get reimbursed for what we do? You think that paltry $500 million the government gives us is paying the bills?”

Just be honest, like your foundress, Margaret Sanger. You may not get any more allies but even your opponents would respect you if nothing else for your candor.

Source: Breitbart


  1. Horrifying. I wonder if this isn’t God’s final wake-up call. If this country does not rise up over such a horror show as video of these devils picking through fetal organs, we are truly lost.

    I only hope future generations curse us for our blindness, because at least their humanity will be intact.

  2. pelagiaeast says

    Oh, the irony. These non-human tissue clumps donating to humans. Wonder at what point it becomes HUMAN parts.

  3. Anf now there’s this:

    Investigator Says StemExpress Bought Intact Dead Babies from Planned Parenthood

    What do they do? Just reach in gently and smother them with a pillow? This is indisputably murder.

  4. Pere LaChaise says
    • Oh, for crying out loud. The latest video shows a dying baby with his chest moving, his leg flinching a bit as if he is trying to kick like he is still in the womb.

      What exactly do you think abortion at 19 weeks looks like? Do you think the abortionists are like that brat with superpowers on the Twilight Zone? They can just wish the offending fetuses “into the cornfield” and they’re gone?

      Or maybe you missed the video that showed the technicians poking through the parts of a baby, laughing because they spotted his penis. “Another boy!”

      May the memory of these little ones be eternal.