More Deplorable Stuff

Check out the flag above her right hand. My guess is that she was visiting Bill’s dorm room where she subjected him to Alinskyite ravings before allowing him to have his way with her. All I can say is it’s sure getting crowded here in our basket.

I expect the Crybullies (aka Social Justice Warriors) to go on a rampage any moment now. I mean, let’s not be hypocrites now, capiche?

It’s the least they could do since they took The Dukes of Hazzard out of circulation. To think I’ll never be able to see Daisy Duke wearing her, er, Daisy Dukes again causes me much despair.

Oh well, I suppose it’s good practice for when the globalist/totalitarian agenda is finally complete.


  1. I can hear the priests of socialism now…
    “Let all the Adorable Deplorables depart! Depart ye Adorable Deplorables! All that are Adorable Deplorables depart! Let no Adorable Deplorables remain! Let us the Faithful pray for the Adorable Deplorables1
    Marx have Mercy!”
    (okok, sarcasm off…)

  2. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    Feel better? Stop giving sarcasm a bad name. It’s not always puerile!

    • Alex Slepukhof says

      Your Grace,
      Being a hopelessly heterosexual, Christian, ridiculously well armed conservative “deplorable currently in hospice, I not only belong in the “Adorable Deplorables,” basket, I can charge rent. But I always value the advice of learned and spiritual man such as your self. Therefore let me return the favor with a bit of advice. Search well under your couch cushions for loose change and buy yourself a sense of humor.

      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        You hit the nail in the head, Alex! I saw no humor at all in your puerile and tasteless self=centered spoof of the Dismissal of the Catechumens from our Divine Liturgy! That’s what I meant by “giving sarcasm a bad name!” Concentrate on prayer and healing instead, Use your time wisely.
        I was disappointed when Mrs Clinton, whom I have NEVER liked, backed off from her accurate assessment of Trump’s sycophants as adorable “Deplorables!” There are many better modifiers than “adorable” that she might have chosen…..perhaps in backing off she was already suffering a fever?

  3. Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

    I guess the worse a weekend Trump has, the more banal and irrelevant a Hilary post George Michalopulos will make on Monday morning. Sad!

    • George Michalopulos says

      Yeah, Trump’s weekend was so “bad” that he’s now leading in all the polls. A few more “bad” weekends like that and he’ll sweep all fifty states.

      • Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

        Not only is he not leading in all the polls, polls have lag time. Every time he starts making some headway in his polling numbers he can’t help but start sabotaging himself with lack of control. Sad!

        • And once voters see how ill-prepared he is in foreign affairs and domestic policy at the Monday debate, his numbers will dwindle. Hillary, for all her defects, is the most prepared to be in the Oval Office. There is no training available for Trump in that office.

          • Sure, Hillary has a lot of experience like the The Three Stooges have experience doing the plumbing. One debacle after another and another. Yes, she like all most other Democrats was on board with George Dubya going into Iraq and rubber-stamped the invasion. As Sec. State all the debacles of Arab Spring. Egypt, Libya, Benghazi, Syria, ISIS, all these things under hers and Obamas watch, Afghanistan, the body bags just keep rolling right along. Hillary I think is kind of like “Moe” and Obama is “Larry” while Bill is “Curly.” ‘Clank ‘clank hammer the one pipe and then the other three burst “whats the matter nyak nyak wiseguy slap slap clonk clink.” …. Like Trump said, “LOTS of experience,” but its all “DISASTER.” Now look at all of Hillary’s endorsements the who’s who of NWO Globalism. Bush Sr. just recently came aboard, that fits perfect, other Bush and other Bush. Koch Bros. Arch villain George Soros. Cheney probably. Bill Crystol and those other Neo-con “weekly standard” PNAC guys. Loathsome tripe like Lindsay Graham, Romney, Beck and so on, if they are not outright endorsing Clinton then they are helping her anyway by default and who else, probably Condoleezza and Powell and lots of others. No wonder Hillary wore that flaming Red Dress that almost looked like a Burqa at first debate. Trump should not have had that blue tie, they obviously did a swap agreement (I believe Trump did fine, I like the color blue as a color but for debate he should have team color on, this was all part of this “being presidential” jazz).

            With Hillary more experience is never ending deficit spending, that is experience if you want another 20 Tril. in debt. Race riots every other day Democrats are really good at stoking those. Nearly half US on Food Stamps. NAFTA TPP experience, Hillary was completely a blank face and speechless when Trump talked “Trade” because she has no clue, her “experience” is in race baiting and fem baiting and smear negative ad campaigns. Hillary has experience giving Goldman Sachs wonderful speeches they pay 200 million for and they run that foundation where the Saudis can make their “humanitarian” aid contributions to the slush fund. I’m sure Mark Cuban can give Hillary plenty of helpful advice, maybe some tutoring on doing trade deals however Hillary does not care about trade deals. Hillary has lots of experience with immigration you can see that today with her policies and whats going on in France and Germany and she wants to bring that here as well. Not build “fences” but “bridges” at the border like how the Pope advises another wonderful democrat idea. “Free trade” especially for the drug Cartels. Of course the whole gay agenda has to move forward placing urinals in the ladies rooms on campuses and getting Obamacare to do sex change operations or just the taxpayers to cover that and nominating trans judges something she may do. Of course raising taxes on everyone and the upper 1% get them to pay off all student loan debts, brilliant Bernie idea, sure, Hillary has a lot of ……… “experience.” (meanwhile her impeached lech of husband will be back in the White House running around having fun playing games and poor Hillary having enough health issues as it is will have to deal with that commotion, distraction and what if she does get that 3AM call when all of that is going on things can really become messy)

      • George – let’s not hallucinate!

      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        George! If Trump “tells it like it is,” what does it mean when the IRS reveals he’s NOT being audited?

    • I Love Carbs says

      Man you were mad at the time you wrote this, you must be livid now.

      The raw petulance of the left is at times confounding… “b-but… we aren’t supposed to lose! That’s not faaaaiiiirrrr!!!”

  4. Mark E. Fisus says

    My goodness, Bill could have had anyone. Or was she a “tame the shrew” challenge gone horribly wrong?

    I doubt that it was Bill’s dorm room. What kind of dorm room has bookshelves like that, and do you think Bill actually spent his time reading books.

    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

      Mark, I have no love for Mr or Mrs Clinton, but I believe he, as a Rhodes Scholar, DID spend time reading books. I’m not denying that your own dorm lacked bookshelves!

  5. Dear Mr. Michalopulos

    I wanted to address this to you after I became aware that you had written on a Social Matter entry I did a while back called ‘You Sunk my Vatican II’ addressing the Council in Crete. I thank you for your kind words and for consideration of what I had to say.

    A commenter on that article expressed some hostility towards me on account of a reasonable familiarity with my works, so I just wanted to set the record straight.

    1) I did write an open letter to the Pope in Rome, and addressed him with his preferred title of ‘Your Holiness’. If you have a read of that letter you will find that it is one that is highly critical of his tenure in that position. I used his preferred title out of a respect for the readers (many of whom were Roman Catholics with a similar hostility to the Pope and his politics, but a respect for the office), rather than any kind of formal recognition of his authority. To be clear, I believe the Pope to be in schism and not authoritative in any matter. The honorific was a formality, and within the online community of rightist religious thought, we have developed a wish to be as cordial as possible with one another.

    2) It was said I encouraged the Eastern Orthodox Church to embrace RC teaching on marriage. This isn’t exactly true. What I have said is that I found certain Roman Catholic arguments for a zero tolerance policy on divorce to be convincing, and I find this subject somewhat important due to the big problem Russia is having with the sheer number of marriages ending in divorce. I prompt more dialogue on this subject by learned religious scholars, further examination, that is all. I did not, to my knowledge, urge any kind of ‘capitulation to Rome’. I have, in addition, made clear that I believe Rome to be completely wrong on the issue of priestly marriage, but I digress.

    3) Finally it was said that I endorse ‘NeoReactionary thought’ as if this was some awful thing. NeoReactionary thought is not explicitly political, but rather a way of looking at metapolitics, taking a very realist view of how cultural narratives work and influence people, and how these become degenerative when they violate certain natural parameters along issues such as sex, religion, race, governmental structure, and economics. There really isn’t anything spooky about it.

    Kind regards, yours in Orthodoxy.

    Mark Citadel

  6. Older But WIser says

    I’m not sure that the polls mean very much, at least not the public ones. I understand the candidates have internal polling that is more indicative, and that Mr. Trump’s internal polling shows he is doing well, while Mrs. Clinton’s shows why they are in panic mode. Time will tell, only God knows what the outcome will be. Remember the polls prior to the Brexit vote.

    Anyway, it is possible for people who want nothing to do with divorce to find them selves divorced, when a spouse decides to take off for whatever reason. I have seen it happen. No fault, and all that. So is is wise or decent to arbitrarily treat every divorced person the same, rather than talking with each indidually?

    • Michael Bauman says

      Older, my dear wife is one if whom you speak. Her first husband beat her and cheated on her. Her second husband whom she married out of desperation because she had three children, promptly “lost” his good paying job while she worked two. Eventually he started cheating on her with her “best friend” and plotted to murder her. Her third husband had his problems (PTSD) but he loved her and she brought him to God. He died in the seventh month of their marriage.

      Then I came along by God’s grace we are in the Church together and have been assured by our bishops that our marriage is blessed by God.

      My wife was a Roman Catholic for awhile, but they wanted two things to allow her to commune: money and the declaration that her children were bastards. Sounds an awful lot like the selling if indulgences to me.

      We were not married in the Church in the usual way, yet we were and are.

      Today’s world and the lack of real support for marriage makes any zero tolerance cruel.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Michael, just my 2c (I’m not a canonist) but I’d say that a very reasonable case could be made that your wife’s second marriage was in no way valid. The fact that he tried to murder her surely must be taken into consideration. As for her third husband, one could make a case that this was invalid as well as his PTSD made him non compos mentis and thus incapable of giving his consent.

        • Michael Bauman says

          George, the second marriage was a travesty from the beginning. Her third marriage was a real marriage. He was a sixth degree black belt in Okinawan Karate and could have easily killed anyone he really wanted to. He used the discipline of karate to gain some control of his anger. Their marriage was a good marriage in all but length. If some what of an adventure. My wife did a believers baptism for Sean while he lay in a coma. I firmly believe that was one of the main reasons God brought them together. Just as He brought us together so Merry would come into the Church(one reason)

          Sean was a good man, one I am quite sorry I did not have the opportunity to know personally. He loved my wife and took care of her. I am also glad that he and my late wife are a part of our family.

          We live in His grace. All things are as they should be. However it happened, our marriage is blessed by God. I tell the story simply to illustrate how difficult it is to have a legal policy on receiving divorced people. It is only somewhat easier if both were Orthodox.

        • Michael Bauman says

          George, I am rather sure I could have found an Orthodox priest somewhere who would have married my wife and me officially in the Church sacramentally. Perhaps my own brother. But, I hate that way of thinking and acting.

          Instead, I was obedient to my own bishop and the blessings of God flowed. My ultimate obedience covered and obliterated my willful disobedience to my priest and the canons by marrying outside the Church.

          God is merciful even to me, a sinner.

  7. Thomas Barker says

    The photograph is a good reminder that the real Hillary is a person we never see. Hair dye, blue contact lenses over brown irises, dental veneers, chin implant, facelift, a Pantagruelian amount of makeup and an innumerable collection of 2X Chairman Mao leisure suits. It’s the Devil’s mockery of concinnity and an apt metaphor for the hiddenness of the Clinton agenda.

  8. Peter Millman says

    Greetings George, Would you mind if I changed the subject? As we know, an Orthodox priest cannot marry after ordination. I have read the posts of a (in my opinion) whiny Greek Orthodox priest on another forum, and in the newspaper who remarried after his wife died. After being laicized, he has complained about feeling abused and mistreated. He stated that his children are happy to see a smile on his face now that he is remarried. On a personal level, I have no sympathy for him because there are worse things than loneliness. He even goes so far as to say that the canons about a priest remarrying are forgeries. In my humble opinion, he knew the rules before he was ordained. In my own church, the former priest left the Orthodox Church in America for the Anglican Church so he could remarry after his divorce, and remain in the priesthood. My question is : if he knew the rules going in, why is he complaining? Why doesn’t he just act like a man and take his medicine? I would be very interested in reading your opinion and that of other posters. Many thanks for your kind indulgence.

  9. Michael Bauman says

    Peter, the men you speak of are victims of the mind of the world that tells us we have a right to everything we want. Even priests are not immune.

    It really is not about the rules. Each of them had an opportunity to use the pain of their lives to minister to others. It is a sorrow that they did not, but the story is not yet done. May God have mercy on them and save them.

    Yes there are worse things than loneliness but not everyone can bear it. I could not. I too wanted what I wanted. God was/is gracious to me, in part because — well I really do not know why. He just is. He will be and is merciful to those men too.

    Glory to Him.

  10. 24 Comments in and NO ONE has pointed out that this is a fake picture? There are plenty of things to legitimately criticize her on… This ain’t one.