The Loss of a Civilization

Helen of Troy

There is little doubt in my mind that 2020 will go down in the history books as one of the worst years on record.  We all know the drill so I won’t bore you with the details. 

Speaking for myself however, I am most disturbed by the fact that we have lost Western Civilization.  Or the very least its memory.  There is a concerted attempt to wipe away any vestige of honor and pride in our accomplishments.  And make no mistake, it is a concerted effort, one put in place decades ago by evil, misguided, and resentful men.  The tools they used were things like Critical Race Theory, Cultural Marxism and Emancipatory Politics.

The war on Confederate statues and monuments in America was but one symptom of this dreaded disease of hesperophobia.  First they came for the statues of Robert E Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson; then they came for those of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Christopher Columbus.  Now Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and Ulysses S Grant have had their heads on the chopping block (metaphorically speaking). 

Overseas, we have seen Winston Churchill’s statue in London savaged; in Scotland, some miscreants vandalized the statue of William Wallace.  In Holland, a replica of the Black Madonna of Czestochawa, paying homage to the thousands of Poles who fought defending that nation from the Nazi menace, has likewise been desecrated. 

I could go on but you get the picture.

But now, word comes from Massachusetts that Homer’s Odyssey is now being taken out of the educational curriculum of at least one school.  You can read the sordid details for yourself, courtesy of Nick Stamatakis of Helleniscope.

Now, please don’t be trite and try to tell me this is only one school.  It is.  But when I think of the horrible anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-Western programs over the past two generations, I’ve come to the realization that we didn’t get to the present Walpurgisnacht by accident.  Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, our cultures weren’t destroyed overnight. 

Like the camel’s nose under the Bedouin’s tent, it began in little increments:  a school here, a university there.  And it wasn’t just the secular institutions.  Even the spiritual were targeted.  First, it was a little “dialogue” within some mainstream denomination.  Then it was “diversity” and before you know it – Presto!  The traditionalists are on the outside looking in.  

It’s not because of my Greek blood that I’m so concerned about all this iconoclasm.  This too, shall pass (but not without much blood being spilled).  It’s the very idea that all that is true and beautiful is —must–be cast aside for what exactly?  And why? 

Before I offer an answer to these questions, we must consider what it is about these two epics that so exercise the modern book-burners in Massachusetts.   

The Iliad and the Odyssey are the oldest texts in all of Indo-European, i.e. Aryan, literature.  They predate the Mahabharata by at least five hundred years; the Prose Edda by a millennium.  And if we believe the Higher Critics, they predate the Torah by two hundred years.  They are not only the template for all good literature, they are foundational to our culture.  They have everything within them:  love, honor, rage, loss and reclamation, among others.  At their base, however,  is love lost and love regained.  All other novels, dramas, and sagas are but mere reiterations (conscious or not) of the human story first  told by the blind poet Homer.  They are also the archetype of all good stories that follow.  

Ironically, given the glowing tributes we now give to homosexuality, it is a paean to the ideal of heterosexual monogamy.  Consider, if you will, that the entire cycle begins when Helen, the wife of Menelaus King of Sparta, is raped by the handsome Trojan prince, Paris, who then absconds with her back to his homeland.  Menelaus’ honor is outraged and he importunes upon his brother, Agamemnon, the High King of the Achaeans, to muster an army of Greece’s greatest heroes to avenge him.  A horrible war is instigated and all of the vices and virtues of the soldiers, on both sides, are heightened to extremes, unimaginable to our present, debased, soy-boy culture.

And all for one woman; one woman who was wedded to one man.   It was because of the Fair Helen that the Iliad was written and a thousand ships were launched. 

And it was because of another woman, the long-suffering Penelope, that the Odyssey was crafted.  Both sagas were epic in scope.  The former described thousands fighting an horrendous war and the latter detailed the storms and suffering that one man heroically endured in order to get back to his wife.  

Both stories have been told and retold dozens of times.  And deservedly so.  They were neither fairy tales nor legends.  They formed the foundation of our culture.  

And perhaps that is why the orcs and trolls of the modern academy feel any remembrance of them must be destroyed.  It’s not enough that the statues of the great captains of America: the Lees, Stuarts, and Jacksons, must be demolished.  It is all which birthed America and Europe that must be destroyed, root and branch.  

Do I think they will succeed?  In a word, no.

One cannot replace that which is beautiful with that which is ugly.  Not for long anyway.  And make no mistake, modern “liberalism” is nothing more than a death-cult predicated upon ugly ideologies such as BLM and whatever foolish SJW ideology reigns supreme.  Its avatar is the reprehensible and grotesque thug, George Floyd, a man who contributed nothing to the world that is uplifting.  Our overlords are like the trolls in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, incapable of anything but brute force.  Cultural Marxism is a nihilistic ideology that creates nothing, upholds nothing, but destroys everything.

Still, there is hope.  What battles the Cultural Marxists win are temporary.  Think of Attila and his hordes.  Or the Vandals or Goths.  They destroyed much but what did they create in the wake of their destruction?  Nothing.  As a wise man once told me,” any jackass can kick down a barn; the problem is that he can’t replace it.”

A better question would be why do these barbarians seek to destroy?  Not just the Huns of old, but the modern Social Justice Warriors who seek to burn all the Great Books of the Western Canon? 

Perhaps an even better question would be to ask:  is it because their internal, spiritual ugliness recoils in horror from beauty?

I believe we have our answer. 

Let us gird our loins.  2020 is over with but the fight is just beginning.  Nevertheless, we will win.  Because as Dostoyevski said, “Beauty will save the world”.  


  1. Michael Bauman says

    2020 the year in review

  2. Michael Bauman says
    Hope and the mechanism of loss

    Despite its greatness including great beauty, has Western Culture been strong and vital enough to support Christ centered communities that are penitential and sacramentally focused on “the least of these”?

    I honestly do not know.

  3. This article gives a little more detail:

    You will notice in the article that the first instigator against the Odyssey is a “queer, Black teacher, researcher, and organizer who dreams and works toward liberation”.

    They hate us because they are not part of us. Of course a black lesbian is a communist. Of course a black teacher would want to destroy anything about white heritage. Nothing about the Odyssey resonates with them.

    This is what equality looks like. We gave these people positions of authority and just trusted that they would play by the rules of civic nationalism. It was naive and stupid.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Austin, while we seem to broadly agree, I do not see this critique in racial terms. Many of the leaders of the whole anti-western/Christian/American narrative are old-stock Americans.

      If you want to see this invective in its undiluted glory, just pay a visit to your local Unitarian or Episcopalian church. Even the Southern Baptists are now on board.

      • George,

        Thank you for not allowing Blacks to be excluded from the struggle. Obviously, our brother Austin has not read the Iliad since Ethiopians (Blacks) play a prominent role in the defense of Troy. As a Black man, I stand with F. Douglass who said, “I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong.”

        If anyone studies what went on in the Jim Crow South, they’ll find governments, corrupt media and the medical community foisting all sorts of crimes upon its own citizens. “What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. Is there a thing of which it is said, “See, this is new”? It has been already in the ages before us.”
        ‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭1:9-10‬ ‭

        • cynthia curran says

          I never thought that the Iliad mention Assyrians or ancient Ethiopians but it makes sense since the ancient Greeks probably had at least trade contract with the Egyptians,.

      • Thomas Gouvisis says

        I believe there will come a day when the Orthodox Christians will be prosecuted, condemned, hunted and burned at the stake in the rage to destroy the Truth. There are many times where similar events happened throughout Greek and Orthodox history.
        It’s already started. A civilization that despises itself will destroy everything to silence the screams in their own heads and self-hatred with their own death.
        What does this sound like ?
        The last strongholds of Orthodoxy will be for the faithful to take refuge and defend the monasteries.

  4. Seems to me that if we have lost our civilization, it is because we assumed it would go on for ever without tender loving care.

    The worst part is that we are losing the desire to be civil to one another.

    Somewhere I read recently that many of the people involved in BLM grew up fatherless. Interesting correlation.

    So what is driving so much anger?

    • Lina I applaud your observation about the loss of civility and question about cause. These angry folks clearly lack the love of Christ which fills hearts and heals souls which we possess, thank God. We are blessed as Orthodox to the nth degree and the world needs us to share it one on one, especially when others are not civil. When we begin to empathize with their pain (as you have by mentioning the fatherless) rather than judging and reviling them for their warped stances , they may begin to see themselves as the icons of Christ they are. Surely set boundaries and seek what is right but the way in which we speak and act must be discernibly different than what they have experienced in their loveless lives which led them to this dreadful conclusion to destroy rather than build in love. The Orthodox prisoners in camps who loved and prayed for their guards and tormentors ~ what an example for us all in our privileged land facing less onerous social prisons presently.

    • Lina,

      You are correct. We are experiencing now the third-order fallout from the sexual revolution in the 1960s. Our toxic society has not bothered to try to help heal the fatherless and family-less children who are victims of this self-centered “revolution.” Some of these children find healing on their own. Many do not and end up turning their pain into hatred of the family, of faith, and of country.

      I urge any to read Mary Eberstadt’s “Primal Screams.” She’s an acclaimed cultural critic who argues that the rise of identity politics is a direct result of the fallout of the sexual revolution, especially the collapse and shrinkage of the family.

      She was interviewed on the Federalist podcast on Nov. 13, 2020 – to help us understand how our cultural crises directly result from pandemic American fatherlessness – much worse of a pandemic than covid. But covid is much easier for our toxic culture to fixate on.

      A shorter version of her work was published in First Things last month:

      Our pathetic leaders won’t address the underlying problem that she outlines, because they can’t. To do so would be to admit that the sexual revolution was pointedly disastrous from its outset, an admission that would be anathema to them.

      Just like many Soviet leaders in the 1930s, our pathetic leaders would much rather watch our society crumble than to admit they were wrong.

      On a more pleasant note, happy 2021 !

      • Johann Sebastian says

        This First Things article is a nice one, but the only thing I don’t agree with is linking allegiance to country with allegiance to family and faith.

        If we’re talking pre-1960s America, I’d be singing a different tune, but with policies that actively undermine family and faith, there is no longer any reason to pledge allegiance.

        • Steven J. M. says

          Speaking of losing (more and more) respect for one’s country, it’s come to light that the so-called conservative Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, has changed the words to the national anthem, so as to appease the Aborigines – and all without putting it to the people. Where it used to say “we are young and free” it now says “we are one and free”, and this is said to acknowledge that the Aborigines were here thousands of years before white settlement.

          In short, what an ugly, BS gesture. 1. It plays right into ugly, BS identity politics. 2. As Avi Yemeni said, we’re hardly one and free when state borders are closed due to new lockdowns (which btw just so happened to ‘become necessary’ again around the time that Christmas and summer holidays were emerging). 3. The Aborigines – along with all the gays, trans, vegans and feminists etc. – will be vaccinated (and God only knows what else) too.

          Such love and care.

        • Loyalty to the nation is not necessarily loyalty to the state.

          • Johann Sebastian says

            This makes one think that perhaps there’s a bright side to phyletism. But America never was and likely never will be an Orthodox nation.

            • America isn’t even a nation now. It’s just a conglomerate of financial and business interests used to harvest cash for funding Israel. A large golem, if you will.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Basil, it’s more complicated than that. I’ve known many Arabs and Levantines, and almost to a man, their view of Israel’s creation was to insure Western military interests. I was told that there were “twin hammers” to keep the Arabs (read: oil interests) under control: one was Israel, the other was Iran.

                Iran was lost to the West with the fall of the Shah in 1979. That made Israel’s utility more valuable to the West.

          • Agreed.

            • George Michalopulos says

              PS, the “agreed” was to Basil’s comment. The jury is still out on whether Orthodoxy can baptize America.

        • Just because secular leftists currently control our academies, media, and government doesn’t mean that they permanently define the spirit of America.

          Ask any Russian expat in the 1920s-1980s living in America: Did the Soviets permanently redefine what it means to be Russian? Absolutely not.

          The Soviets wrested control of the Russian state for a temporary period, only thanks to the financial support of New York and London bankers, and to the active deception of influential Westerners like Walter Duranty.

          Highly recommend the 2019 film “Mr Jones” which depicts the secularist western collaboration and deception that was necessary to enable the Soviet experiment to survive beyond 10 years.

          Russia has been reborn and is emerging as the standard-bearer of the 21st century Christian civilization. They need to now get rid of that embalmed sociopath Lenin from the Kremlin.

          Leftists do not define the spirit of America. Any American military servicemember/veteran or any other patriotic American should have no shame about his/her patriotism.

          Secular American leftism will collapse in time. They’re already starting to eat themselves, which they always end up doing.

          • Matthew Panchisin says

            Dear FTS,

            “Men came and thought that they could replace the natural laws”

            Wake up Americans for it is the same and more insane, for now you even have supporting women, see the feminist movements.

  5. “Communism begins, where atheism begins.”
    Karl Marx


    Kill all history
    And all are born yesterday
    By some mystery

  7. George,

    Once upon a time, in a beautiful, perfect garden, Man was warned not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. One rule, what could go wrong?

    The Sin was sold to the Woman by appealing to her desire for power. Doubt arose as to the Lord’s good intentions. Was He just patronizing them? And what was this seemingly magical object called “evil”. None had ever heard of such a thing. All was good.

    So she chose to see evil. And she gave the ability to see evil to Man. But there was no evil in the world. So they found it anyway, in themselves. And they were ashamed.

    So that is why people tear down civilization in a frenzy of anarchism. They doubt. They mistrust. They crave power. And they desire change to something unknown out of curiosity.

    They envy out of self hatred and they lash out.

  8. Another good piece on how we got here and how repentance is the way out:

    • Michael Bauman says

      Michael, thanks for the link. Unfortunately, the current Pope is on board with the globalist agenda as is Pat. Bartholomew. How is the “consecration” to happen?

      • You’re welcome. I don’t know as dark as it looks, especially with Bergoglio stacking the College of Cardinals…he has apparently appoint 57 percent of Cardinals eligible to vote in Conclave so the next pope may be a Francis II, but only God knows. If the consecration is to happen it will have to be an intervention of Divine Providence, in short miraculous. Nothing God can’t do, but the question is will He?

  9. Michael Bauman says

    Food for thought.

    Of course Henry Adams said the same thing 50 years earlier. Download and read his book: “The Degradation of The Democratic Dogma” from Goodreads. Even Google says it is a work of “cultural significance”
    Especially his essay: “The Rule of Phase as Applied to History”.

  10. Always leads to physical death and destruction, night wahr? One practical antidote:

  11. Michael Bauman says

    A place and voice of Orthodox culture.

  12. Jane Tzilvelis says

    Chris Hedges explains it clearly in Empire of Illusion!

    • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

      Not a good way to begin the New Year, Jane, by recommending anything by Chris Hedges, a notorious left-wing political and religious extremist. You might check his bio online.

      (Full disclosure: Mr. Hedges and I are alumni of Harvard Divinity School, but attendance at that institution is the only thing we have in common other than our creation as human beings by God the Holy Trinity.)

      • Jane Tzilvelis says

        Thank you for your thoughts. I do not agree with every stance Chris Hedges states; nor will I label him a left wing extremist. In my view, he made some solid points in his lecture. He has seen tragedy in other lands that most have not. I appreciate his lectures and like to keep a balanced perspective. Not left or just right. Thank you for your view.

        I will label myself as Just Jane.

      • Chris Hedges gives a very pessimistic but accurate account. There is too much anger in his words to read them. I believe it is his lack of Christian hope gives him despair. He sees only the world.

  13. Michael Bauman says

    As I have mentioned here before my Dad was a recognized leader in public health beginning in 1950 and until he retired in 1973.

    He was a leader because he had knowledge, intelligence and a bedrock commitment to the health of the community he served. He lead from a coherent set of principles which he also preached incessantly to my brother and me as we were growing up. I checked with my older brother to make sure I was correct in my recollection. He approved and also said that Dad did his work from a set of operational principles. He knew his principles, he articulated them in word and deed and was willing to fight for them. So I want to share my summary with you as a possible guide to navigating the current crisis.

    Leon Bauman’s, MD, MPH Operational Principles of Public Health:
    1. Life and health are ecological with ecology being defined as the interrelationship between an organism and its environment.
    2. If you improve the health of one person, the health of all improves
    3. Everything is public health: medicine, dental, property maintenance, literacy, faith, community, etc.
    4. Treat the person, not the disease.
    5. Be open and honest
    6. Give care to the people who need it most and make it accessible
    7. Create and support community to reduce isolation. Thereby the health of the community.
    8. Don’t Spit on the Sidewalk!

    The last is a slogan propagated by my Dad’s hero in public health, Samuel J. Crumbine during the fight against Tuberculosis in the early part of the 20th Century. My Dad had on his desk a recreation of one of the sidewalk bricks Crumbine used.

    He had to fight every year to get his budget approved. He overwhelmed the City and County commissioners with detail, cost-benefit analysis, his incredible intellect and his imposing physical stature. In an earlier life he had been a wrestler and football lineman. In 1932, his wrestler, Pete Merhinger won an Olympic Gold Medal. My Dad knew how to battle with integrity.

    His principals were derived from growing up as a pioneer in western New Mexico where he experienced the presence of God in all things.

    May the Joy of our Lord be upon us all.

  14. Why do these barbarians seek to destroy?

    Because they are unable to create, and in knowing that despise all that can along with their creations. Rather than address their own deficiencies and lack of grace they seek to pull all of society down to their level.

  15. Thomas Gouvisis says

    In 2005 I went to Greece with my fiancé to visit my parents. We did the usual tour, Parthenon, Agora, Palamide, Delphi. She fell in love with the church at Kapnikarea. we also spent a whole day at the Archeological Museum in Athens.
    At the museum, on the second floor there is a large collection of amphoras with intricate artwork as if they had been made yesterday. Her admiration had overflowed with the statues and artifacts to include the Antikithera mechanism.
    Upon admiring the amphoras and the restored Minoan frescoes, she said to me “I understand why so many have wanted to destroy Greece. They saw such magnificence and felt inferior and small and their feelings turned to envy and hatred and the burning to destroy this beauty and culture.” I responded to her that the biggest mistake the Greeks made was to give the lights to the world. Like Prometheus, the Greeks continue to pay the price and are their own worse enemies.

    • George Michalopulos says

      I didn’t know that about the Aussies. Sad.

      FWIW, the current state of conservatism in the West today is merely a warmed-over Cultural Marxism with a little laissez-faire economics thrown into the mix. In America, we can thrown into the mix our 2A rights.

      That’s about it.

      • Steven J. M. says

        Indeed. And it’s been a long time coming. But to help lighten the situation somewhat, below is a short 2 minute video of the then PM of Australia getting caught flat footed by a cheeky little boy asking about her (and other’s) membership with the disreputable Fabian Society.

  16. Not everone is afraid of the Bogeyman.
    Here is New Year’s Eve in Minsk:

  17. Anonymous II says

    A New York state lawmaker has introduced a bill that would allow the government to detain people deemed “a potential public health risk.”

    Authored by a Democratic member of the New York State Assembly N. Nick Perry, Bill A416 calls for the “removal and/or detention” of individuals who are identified as a “case, contact or carrier” of a contagious disease.

    Such person or group of persons shall be detained in a medical facility or other appropriate facility or premises.

    The sweeping powers would be employed in the event of the state government declaring a health emergency due to an epidemic of any communicable disease, the bill proposes. The legislation states that the government must provide “clear and convincing evidence” that the health of others is in danger before ordering a person or group to be detained. People being “removed” will have the “right” to legal representation and are allowed to supply the telephone numbers of friends or family to receive notification of the individual’s detention.


    • Where will the concentration camps be set up?

      • If we’re lucky, they’ll convert the monasteries, like the Soviets did. NY has a couple of good Orthodox monasteries that I wouldn’t mind spending my last days in, even if they were converted to COVID GULags.

      • Sorry to say, but the structures are already in place. They are know as FEMA camps and I don’t know if all the sites online that talk about them still exist. Funny how all the crazy paranoid conspiracy theorists are starting to look like wise old sages.

    • Johann Sebastian says

      Does the same apply to people coming into this country by land, air, or sea?

  18. Lockdown Awakening! Police in Spain Join the Freedom Protest

    It looks like the dam begins to break,
    in Spain at least…

  19. Here is the latest Leftist assault on children

    If this is taught to six year olds, how do you get them to stop
    long enough to learn anything else at all?

  20. George Michalopulos says

    File this under: “Why We’re Screwed: Naval Edition”

    What with LBGT/Drag Queen Revues in the Navy, we better hope that the US goes back to being a vassal-state of China under Biden.

  21. The Devil’s Bargain?

    According to the Moderna website:
    “We have developed proprietary technologies and methods to create mRNA sequences that cells recognize as if they were produced in the body.”

    Note well the term proprietary. It means they own it.
    Just like Microsoft owns the software on most personal computers.
    Remember the Blue Screen of Death, anyone?

    On the same page, they further state:
    “We start with our desired sequence for a protein.
    We design and synthesize the corresponding mRNA sequence – the code that will create that protein.
    Before synthesis, we also engineer that mRNA sequence to optimize the mRNA’s physical properties, as well as those of the encoded protein.
    We deliver the mRNA sequence to the cells responsible for making that protein via one of several modalities. Reaching different types of cells requires different delivery methods.
    And, once the mRNA – the instructions – are in the cell … human biology takes over. Ribosomes read the code and build the protein, and the cells express the protein in the body.”

    In other words, their proprietary code controls your bodies’ expression of proteins.

    On another page they state:
    “We need to get the mRNA into the targeted tissue and cells while evading the immune system. If the immune system is triggered, the resultant response may limit protein production and, thus, limit the therapeutic benefit of mRNA medicines.”

    In other words, if you have a healthy immune system which is doing the job for which God gave it to you, their injected ‘software’ won’t work. So they must avoid and trick their way past this immune system to colonise your cells and hijack them into producing whatever they want them to produce.

    How is this any different from any other viral infection?

    Then, if we do sign over to them the right to inject their technology into us to commandeer our cells, they tell us they might protect us from a virus with a survival rate of 99.95%. But if they fail to protect us and we suffer injury or death, neither we nor our dependants will have any claim upon them.

    Is this not a classic case of the Devil’s Bargain?

  22. Here is the cure:
    Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of
    Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19

    In March 2020, the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) was created and led by Professor Paul E. Marik to continuously review the rapidly emerging basic science, translational, and clinical data to develop a treatment protocol for COVID-19. The FLCCC recently discovered that ivermectin, an anti-parasitic medicine, has highly potent anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties against SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. This conclusion is based on the increasing study results reporting effectiveness, not only within in-vitro and animal models, but in numerous clinical trials from around the world. Repeated, consistent, large magnitude improvements in clinical outcomes are reported when ivermectin is both as a prophylactic agent and in all phases of the disease from multiple, large, randomized and observational controlled trials. Further, data showing impacts on population wide health outcomes have resulted from multiple large “natural experiments” that
    appear to have occurred when various regional health ministries and governmental authorities within South American countries initiated “ivermectin distribution” campaigns to their citizen populations in the hopes the drug would prove effective. The tight, reproducible, temporally associated decreases in case counts and case fatality rates in each of those regions compared to nearby regions without such campaigns, suggest that ivermectin may prove to be a global solution to the pandemic. To our knowledge, the current review is the earliest to compile sufficient clinical data to demonstrate the strong signal of therapeutic efficacy as it is based on numerous clinical trials in multiple disease
    phases. One limitation is that half the controlled trials have been published in peer-reviewed publications, with the remainder of the controlled trials results taken from manuscripts uploaded to medicine pre-print servers. Although it is now standard practice for trials data from pre-print servers to immediately influence therapeutic practices during the pandemic, given the controversial therapeutics adopted as a result of this practice, the FLCCC argues that it is imperative that our major national and international health care agencies devote the necessary resources to more quickly validate these studies and confirm the major, positive epidemiological impacts that have been recorded when ivermectin is widely distributed among populations with a high incidence of COVID-19 infections.

    We don’t need no vaccine viruses

  23. George Michalopulos says

    Things like this fascinate me:

    Pure, authentic Americana. As opposed to all the SJW/BLM BS we’re presently subjected to.

  24. George Michalopulos says

    And then, there’s this: one of President Zachary Tyler’s (d. 1862) grandsons just passed away:

  25. Moderna’s COVID Vaccine is an ‘operating system’ –
    is this Transhumanism?

    “Documents obtained from Moderna reveal that the co-called vaccine being peddled by the company is actually an ‘operating system’. This startling admission confirms what vaccine skeptics have claimed – that COVID is about control, not a virus.

    It won’t be lost on anyone who has done due diligence over this pandemic to see past the glib claims of paid-off politicians and compliant media that all is not as it seems.

    To start, it is no coincidence that one of the key promoters of these new mRNA ‘vaccines’ is none other than Microsoft billionaire, Bill Gates. Bill gave a Ted Talk where he boasted vaccines can help cut global population by 15 percent.

    Yes he said cut population. How does that work – by deactivating these vaccine-implanted operating systems in us?”

    It’s plug ‘n’ play people.
    Or, perhaps, unplug ‘n’ can’t play people.
    But, whose hand is on the plug?

  26. Professor Dolores Cahill: People Will Start Dying After COVID Vaccine
    “Dolores Cahill, a professor at University College Dublin and recognised international expert in this field, predicts deaths will occur around the world as a direct consequence of taking the COVID-19 vaccines.

    In her latest video interview the influential professor, Dolores Cahill, makes this grim prediction based on what is known already about the vaccines, their rushed development and the entirely novel approach using mRNA instead of conventional antibodies.”

    • Christine Fevronia says

      News flash: People have already died to create COVID vaccine
      Unborn babies used for vaccine development were alive at the time of tissue extraction during their abortion, to bring you the COVID vaccine:

      “They will actually deliver these babies via cesarean section. The babies are still alive when the researchers start extracting the tissue; to the point where their heart is still beating, and they’re generally not given any anesthetic, because that would disrupt the cells that the researchers are trying to extract. So, they’re removing this tissue, all the while the baby is alive and in extreme amounts of pain. So, this makes it even more sadistic.” –Pamela Acker, Biologist, author, former lab researcher of the HEK-293 vaccine line of aborted fetal cells

      For more information:

      Lord have mercy on us sinners!

      • Thank you for this link, Christine.
        I have watched the entire video
        and passed it on to many others.
        I hope everyone else will do the same.
        This story needs to be much more widely known.

        • Christine Fevronia says

          What we Orthodox have silently and with consent allowed “science” to do in the name of medical progress will most certainly come back upon us. Participation at a March for Life once a year is meaningless if those same participants just roll up their sleeves and get injected with fetal cells harvested from live birth Cesarean abortions. The pain of a COVID-19 vaccine puncture is nothing compared to the pain these unborn children–with beating hearts–endured while their bodies were desecrated and then murdered to bring about that vaccine.

          Have we no shame, my Orthodox brethren, that we have not risen to the challenge to fill that vacuum of ethical leadership on such issues? How can we expect to be judged kindly by the Creator when we have taken His most sacred creation, our unborn children, and have with such egoism decided our lives are more valuable than that of our brothers and sisters in the womb? If we decide, in full knowledge, that we will support the atrocity of live-birth murder of our unborn brothers and sisters just so we personally do not catch this virus, then how can we even face Our Lord? Surely we are guilty of approving of murder just so we can save our own skin.

          And where, oh where, are our spiritual leaders with guidance for their flocks on these very real life and death bioethical decisions? Vaccines not produced by abortions are on the horizon. Surely we should consult with our pastors to obtain religious waivers until such time as those come on the market.

          And if in these last days of our once wholesome culture, in which those of us who express our thoughts online in forums such as this, are hunted and persecuted in the public square for freely speaking our beliefs (with some of us at risk for losing employment), then I say so be it. The protection of the least of these, our precious unborn children, is a cause I would gladly leave father, mother, and employer for.

          Please pray for me, a hot-headed sinner.

  27. Censorship by the NYT again: RFK Jr not allowed to rebut his niece’s opinion hit piece:

  28. A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment latest update from AAPS:

    Please also watch the companion videos:
    1) Video by Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, available at:
    2) Video by Dr. Peter McCullough, available at:

    If you would like to support ongoing and future efforts to protect patient rights, you can do so by contributing to the American Health Legal Foundation:

  29. Early treatment of COVID ~ 15 min video by Peter McCullough MD with pithy explanation of virus and treatments and visual of what meds, supplements and equipment one needs at home. Filmed on his 10th day at home in self-quarantine on the protocol with COVID

  30. Pithy intro to at-home early (immediate!) treatment of COVID ~ 15 min video by Peter McCullough MD (Vice Chair Internal Medicine Baylor Hosp Dallas) with pithy explanation of virus, treatments and visual of what meds, supplements and equipment one needs at home. Filmed on his 10th day at home in self-quarantine on the protocol with COVID

  31. ‘ Asked what he would do about abortion in light of Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court, Biden noted the “expectation” that Barrett would vote to overrule Roe. He then declared: “The only responsible response to that would be to pass legislation making Roe the law of the land. That’s what I would do”.’

    Moloch would be fed…!

  32. Vaccine reaction update including nursing home deaths 7 days after vaccinations:

  33. New Year Message from Klaus Schwab-ro Blofeld

    Pity Donald Pleasance is dead. He’d be great in the film.

  34. Johns Hopkins Scientist: ‘A Medical Certainty’
    Pfizer Vaccine Caused Death of Florida Doctor

    ‘ Pfizer said it is also investigating Michael’s death, though the drugmaker told multiple news outlets it doesn’t “believe at this time that there is any direct connection to the vaccine.”

    Shortly after the first reports surfaced of Michael’s death, Pfizer told USA Today:

    “There is no indication — either from large clinical trials or among people who have received the vaccine since the government authorized its use last month — that it could be connected to thrombocytopenia.”

    But, as Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN, president of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), said last week, Pfizer’s statement doesn’t square with the facts — because ITP is a well-known adverse event associated with vaccinations. ‘

    So what are we dealing with here, then? Lies? Damned lies? Or statistics?

    • Yes Brendan, thank you. When CHD is blocked from posting, the circle will be closed. I hope other platforms will remain open for all of us to use.

      Censorship/Web freedom question please?
      If IOS and Android decide not to allow certain apps (such as Signal, Brave browser, protonmail apps) , we could theoretically still sign in on Brave Browser and use it to get to their websites correct? As long as they have a platform which has not been deemed “illegal.” Of concern, Even the Brave Browser policy implies that interpretation of wording could block folks from using it. I don’t think Parler has that language which may explain why it is under immediate attack? Concerning to me if Brave Browser is the best option out there for open source end to end encrypted (ETEE) browser (unless you compromise it by allowing support of creators/developers via ads, I gather)? Any explanations, suggestions appreciated. I already have Signal for ETEE texts and calls/video calls and protonmail for email and DuckDuckGo for search but seems the browser is key? Thanks for any help understanding the mechanics here. English lit major brain.

  35. “Below we provide the latest update from key COVID-19 lawsuits
    from around the world being pursued by international lawyers,
    including the highly-successful German attorney, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich.

    Table of Contents:

    Status of the PCR lawsuit at the Regional Court of Berlin

    Lawsuit on PCR test submitted in New York

    Portugal and Ecuador show Germany who the real banana republic is

    Canada submits first class action suit for compensation
    which will be an international class action

    Further points: Lawsuit against the EU Commission
    for its approval of the vaccine to be declared null & void;
    constitutional complaint lodged against the measures by a German judge”

  36. IVERMECTIN: note the 40 studies of Ivermectin compared to the various novel monoclonal antibody infusions. AAPS Applauds NIH Revised Stance on Ivermectin for COVID-19 – AAPS | Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

  37. Sweet civilized moment to savor: Tom Brady with Drew Brees and family after the game:
    …and this is the way it used to be in Congress across the aisle “after the vote.”

  38. “Fascism is Back” What can we do?
    Number One – read this:

    • Steven J. M. says

      With almost everything and everyone being called a fascist now, this makes sense – projection and the like being one of the devil’s craftier tools. And in a similar way, this should mean that misanthropy, misogyny, racism and hatred of gays and for the planet are also on the rise. And what do you know? They are

      • Gail Sheppard says

        The globalists are always at play. One of their tricks is to take something in the news and turn it around to being about an issue they created. The following is an example. They characterize the Trump rally as being about “white rage,” which they reinterpret as “white rage against blacks.” – The break-in of the capitol, of course, had nothing to do with “rage against blacks” but they’re not adverse to changing the narrative to fit their agenda. Like Pavlov’s dogs, they hope to ring a bell to get people salivating over the issues they’ve created.

        Search Facebook

        THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 2021 AT 7 PM CST
        White Rage: A Community Discussion
        Online Event
        Event by Oklahoma Center for the Humanities
        Thursday, February 4, 2021 at 7 PM CST
        Price: Free
        Public · Anyone on or off Facebook
        On January 6, an insurrectionist mob attacked the United States Capital. Carried on the long tide of America’s violent racist history, they carried the flag of the Confederacy and some even prepared for a public lynching. Even with the lessons of Charlottesville still fresh, some still sought to turn away from the spectacle and find comfort in a fog of forgetfulness by saying “this is not who we are.”
        As the distinguished historian Dr. Carol Anderson has argued, however, American history since the Civil War has been driven both by the dream of freedom and by the engine of white rage. Every step forward—from the 14th Amendment though the Civil Rights Movement to Tulsa’s own prosperous Black Wall Street—have been greeted by racist reactionaries.
        We are seeing this moment play out once again and invite you to join the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities for a virtual discussion about the history of white rage in America, with a particular focus on the intersection of 1921 and 2021. This conversation will focus on Professor Anderson’s book, White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide and will feature two prominent scholars: Julian Hayter from The University of Richmond and Robert Jackson from the University of Tulsa.

        • Steven J. M. says

          That’s it! It’s pretty much the old ‘believe the opposite of what’s in the news’ trick of the Christians. If it says anti-fascism, read pro-fascism; if it reads humanism, feminism, BLM etc., think the opposite

          Certainly, if the society is a healthier one, then the rule changes, but we’re not living in healthy times, and so the rule (or the trick) is a pretty good one.

          • Steven J. M. says

            Actually, where I used the word “humanism” above, it could be taken as an endorsement for humanism. Not so. I should have used “(genuine) love for humanity” instead.

            With that cleared up, I feel better

  39. OCA suspends pro-life priest Fr Mark Hughes. Censorship? Have they violated his rights as a citizen?