Happy 100,000 Day! Monomakhos Thanks You

One of the staff here at Monomahkos informed me that since we first introduced this blog in October 2010, we have just reached 100,000 comments mark.  Further, as of May 2019, there are roughly 873 unique visitors per day and 26,190 unique users per month.  https://hypestat.com/info/monomakhos.com

This is no accident, my friends.  It is all because of you.  You are what makes this blog special.  You each bring unique gifts to the table.  What you have in common is your willingness to discuss tough issues, honestly, often without pulling any punches.

Clearly, we don’t always agree on everything. That’s impossible and frankly, undesirable. As the late, great Mayor Ed Koch of New York said, “If you agree with me on 9 out of 12 issues, vote for me. If you agree with me on 12 out of 12 issues, go see a psychiatrist.” Nevertheless, the vast majority of you care about Christ’s Church, and for that, you all deserve a great big pat on the back. Moreover, your caring and involvement in the Orthosphere have made positive changes. At the very least, it has prevented potential disasters. Of this I’m sure.

Thomas Jefferson said that “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” He was right and it is in this spirit that we here at Monomakhos have strived to function. I pray it will always be so.

I want to personally thank you for enriching my life and for being a part of what started out as a little experiment to see if like minded people might want to talk about our world from an Orthodox perspective.  Your interest has exceeded my expectations and I am most grateful.  Thank you.      

P.S. Going forward, I promise to concentrate more on the religious and cultural aspects of life; geopolitical concerns will only continue to be apart of the mix as events warrant and especially as they affect Orthodoxy. –GM

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  1. Thanks to your patience and perseverance to get to this day, George!

  2. Beryl Wells Hamilton says

    Hey there! I was around posting not too long after that, and oh boy, the moisture that has gone over the weir (as my Dad used to opine), since then. Congratulations, George and thank you!

    • Beryl Wells Hamilton says

      In fact, I googled and found out I was posting on Monomakhos in May 2011 as Jane Rachel, so your blog is eight years old!

  3. Thank you, Beryl. And Ioanni!

  4. Gail Sheppard says

    Congrats, George! May God grant you many, many years (on your blog, too)!

  5. Constantinos says

    Congratulations on your vision, wisdom, and perseverance. Thanks for giving us a platform to vent.

  6. Greatly Saddened says

    George … Congratulations and thank you ever so much for all that you do. Eis Polla Eti!

  7. Xronnia Polla George! The most patient Greek I know. Excluding my mom. Right or wrong you always try, give, and do what you believe is best for Orthodoxy. Can’t knock you for that. Hristos Anesti, levendi!

  8. ChristineFevronia says

    May God grant you many years, George! The past decade would not have been the same without you. Thank you for hosting this forum. I have grown quite fond of the Monomakhos tribe, and I hope the next 100,000 comments are as insightful (or at least as reflective of the human condition) as the past 100,000.