Mitt, What Do They Got on You?

The Cuck from Kolob* strikes again:

Dude, we know you don’t like The Golden Don. Even though he pulled your fat out of the fire when you and he got on a plane and flew to Boston, where he got a judge to issue a gag order on an unflattering story about you. Seriously, that’s some ingratitude.

I, for one, was shocked back in March of 2016, when you gave perhaps the most eloquent speech of your life against a presidential candidate. Unfortunately, it was against Trump. The guy that belonged to the same party as you. After my anger subsided, I asked myself: “Where was this iteration of Mittens when he was running against President Obama?” Why couldn’t you have used this same passion against one of the weakest incumbents in American history? If you’d harnessed that same fervor against Obama, perhaps we would have been spared another four years of misery. Instead we were saddled with two terms of the weakest economic growth in history; a lost decade of malaise, anemia and countless missed opportunities.

But no, in true cuck fashion, you would have rather seen your country gangbanged by racial conflagration, unlimited mass immigration and international chaos (Remember Libya? Tip of the iceberg). You happily stepped aside and watched rather than say anything hurtful against the first African president of the United States. But Trump, who’s actually put the federal judiciary into conservative hyper-drive and has given us the best economy in decades –you know, the things you “conservatives” supposedly care about–him, you’re wanting to throw to the wolves. And all for what? Simply this: you don’t want the nice old ladies at the country club to think ill of you.

Your dad famously said that he was “brainwashed” by the Establishment when it came to the Vietnam War. Your actions make me think that there’s a defective genetic strain operating here; one that dictates that you must be liked by your enemies whatever the cost. Remember when they said you were Hitler; that you were a misogynist; that you were cruel to animals? That your sons were goofballs who bred like rabbits? And don’t get me started about what they thought about your religion. We won’t go there.

But I’m gonna cut you some slack. Yeah, you’re a cuckservative and all, I get that. You guys think that everybody will like you and so you choose to lose honorably at the first opportunity. But I think there’s more going on here than that. You don’t want the Senate to investigate Hunter Biden and his role in Burisma. The question is “why?” Is it possible (just possible?), that you don’t want the American people to know that one of your senior political advisors back in 2012 (Joseph Cofer Black) served on the same Bursima board of directors when Hunter Biden was there, making out like a bandit on said board? Can you say conflict of interest? I can. Perhaps like all the other members of the Swamp you’re covering for Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry, whose sons are neck deep in the cesspool that is the Ukrainian oligarchy.

Yeah, I’m gonna go with that.

That still doesn’t absolve you from your perfidy, Delightful Peter. If there’s any justice in the world, you’ll go down and go down hard. Just like everybody else on the Trumpenfreude list. (

In the meantime, watch your back. Nobody likes a rat, no matter how delightful he fancies himself to be.

*Hat-tip to Razorfist. Check him out, he’s good.


  1. Antiochene Son says

    He’s desperate to be the new John McCain. But at least McCain could claim to be a war hero. Romney is the definition of a cuck. And both losers lost to the most vapid candidate the Dems ever ran, what does that tell you?

    • Monk James Silver says

      But Trump said that McCain was not a war hero.
      Standards of behavior change so quickly in the false value systems of this shallow culture of ours!  We’d do well to follow the psalmist’s advice:  ‘Trust not in princes, sons of men in whom there is no salvation.’

      • Antiochene Son says

        McCain could claim he was a war hero; I think the idea of a “war hero” is thrown around far too loosely, and McCain was not one in my opinion.
        But as always, the Psalmist is right. The ever-greater investment that people put into politics betrays a lack of faith in God, and I say that to myself too. No matter who is elected, the lumbering spiral of society continues downward. Only a repentance on the scale of Nineveh and restoration of faith in God will stop that.

        • George Michalopulos says

          AS, you’re completely right on that. A Nineveh-magnitude type of repentance is needed. But probably not forthcoming.

  2. GSV Cargo Cult says

    One would think paragraphs of sputtering invective would be applied at, oh, say the Trump Administration’s colossal mismanagement of the rapidly spiraling COVID-19 situation in the US rather than Mitt Romney pointing out a simple and obvious truth.
    I suppose one can take for granted the incorrect claims about the economy under Obama and Trump respectively in the above essay. Nothing new there. But what on earth is up with secret joint trips to Boston and judicial gag orders about stories? Is this more along the lines of how Pelosi wasn’t going to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate because Trump was blackmailing her? That was quite the theory.
    At this point apparently there are only two factions left in the GOP, the cuckservatives and the Banana Republicans. 

    • Will Harrington says

      I see many claims that the Trump administration and the CDC have mismanaged the corona virus, but no convincing explanations of what could have been done better that don’t seem to involve magic wands that create large quantities of accurate tests. There have been announced estimates of test numbers that have not been met, but I have not read any story that lays out why. What are the problems in production? Lazy and incompetent journalist seem to think that there job consists only of seeing  problem and blaming Trump. Lazy media consumers let them get away with this. The truth is, the Presidents job is to let the CDC do what their protocols tell them to do and otherwise stay out of their way. The protocols, unfortunately, can only be truly tested in an actual crisis and modified after the fact. Trump’s job is to try to prevent panic and he has been trying, despite the aforementioned lazy journalists who care mostly about ratings or clicks and their equally lazy customers who will be prone to panic.

      • Antiochene Son says

        It’s not directly Trump’s fault, but the bureaucrat gang got involved with the development of the test kits, and decided to make it test for SARS and MERS also, which added complexity and potential for contamination when only a simple test was needed. This wasted the last two valuable weeks, and outside of draconian measures we are beyond the point of containment.
        Paul Begala thinks that Trump is setting Pence up to take the fall so he can name Nikki Haley as VP. I hope not, because I will not vote for that woman.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Cargoist, how exactly did Trump mismanage the Corona virus? I ask for specifics, not generalities.

      And when you answer (if you answer), who acted with more alacrity: Trump or Obama? Unless you answer this question as well, your answer will not see the light of day.

      • Gus Langis says

        Writing this on March 15. I was told by today millions in the U.S. would have coronavirus. My restaurant is still open, slower but I still get customers. They canceled school which means I will be getting even more high school kids than I usually do at night. There are only 720 cases here in NY since this started, note they never subtract those who’ve already recovered. Its mass hysteria.

        • Not Mass Hysteria.
          Please consider, Gus and others of like mind:

           If there are few deaths, then glory to God!  No one wants to hear about lots of death in order to justify these preventative measures! 
          This is a novel virus, one that none of us has immunity to.  The elderly have been particularly vulnerable.  Yes, many thousands of elderly people die of the flu every year, but note that we have vaccines, drugs and some immunity to the flu – yet these thousands still die.  The point of these quarantines and closings is to mitigate the impact virus which is “ten times more lethal than the flu” (Fauci) – in other words – we are all trying to contain this viral fire BEFORE it becomes an uncontrolled viral wildfire.

           I say this as a survivor of the 1968 Pandemic (“Hong Kong flu”) that almost killed me but claimed the lives of “only” 100,000 Americans and “only” 1 million worldwide.

          • Gail Sheppard says

            We cannot know it is “ten times more lethal than the flu.” Based on the most serious cases, who surfaced first because they needed access to care (and were subsequently tested), this is looking like the mortality is similar to the flu, even though, as you pointed out, many more people have contracted it because we don’t have a vaccine. This is a significant distinction. You would expect to see a death count dramatically higher than what we’ve seen with the flu because no one has immunity. We haven’t seen that yet.

            • “Yet”

              President Trump today:

              “It seems to me if we do a really good job, we’ll not only hold the death down to a level that’s much lower than the other way had we not done a good job, but people are talking about July, August.”

        • You should close your restaurant to dine-in customers. I think it unlikely you will, but within the next 24-48 hours your governor will probably make you do it.

          I do not know who told you there would be millions by March 15, but they got their math a little wrong. If the US case count today on March 15 (a little over 3,000) were perfectly accurate, which it is not, it would still take a little under five weeks to reach a million cases at a 20% growth rate. In reality the US will probably hit that in the next two or three weeks. The shortage of tests means we have no idea how many cases there are in the US today.

          At a 20% growth rate it takes about two weeks to go from one million cases to ten million cases.

          It is not a hoax, it is not hysteria, it is not hyperbole. This is the biggest public health crisis in our living memory. The extreme measures you are seeing now are a desperate attempt to avoid the scenario where we end up with over a million dead Americans. And it is probably too little, too late.

        • Gus Langis, are you aware of what is happening in Italy, in Spain, even in France?  You think the deaths in Italy are the product of mass hysteria?  Certainly there is a degree of panic involved in how people are reacting, but that is because there is no vaccine and much is still not generally known about the virus.  There are also reports now of people coming down with the virus a second time, which is not a big surprise since it had previously been reported that having the virus does not confer immunity.  This situation needs to be taken seriously.

          • Gail Sheppard says

            If these people tested negative at some point after having the virus, it might have been a “false” negative; in other words, they hadn’t truly recovered.

            No one is arguing that the situation shouldn’t be taken seriously, but we’re being lied to the way we were during the Cuban Missile Crisis when we told to get under our desks in the event of a nuclear attack. There was no expectation that we would survive, but the powers-that-be thought it would be best to let us think so by giving us something to do.

            No one can stay in their house long enough to wait this thing out because it isn’t going to go away anytime soon. If it’s eradicated, it won’t be for a very long time. We have been working on a vaccine for the common cold for decades now and haven’t figured it out. From a vaccine standpoint, this is very similar.

            It’s fine to wash your hands or use an alcohol based sanitizer but 30 seconds later, it no longer protects you or anyone you might come in contact with. It’s unrealistic to expect to be tested unless you meet specific criteria. If you are tested, it’s not going to help you. Because I find solace in the fact that the vast majority of the good people in our country are expected to survive, it doesn’t mean I am insensitive to those who won’t. Frankly, I’m surprised that the death rate isn’t much higher because those who would have been tested up to this point knew they had come in contact with someone who could have given them the virus AND they were really sick.

            One of the things that really hurts this country is that we don’t take care of our health. Comorbidities (like diabetes) due to our poor diets and inactivity can really put us at risk. In addition, 60% of patients either don’t take their medication or take it incorrectly. If we could fix that one thing, we’d be a lot better prepared to face these things.

            We need to be taking the right supplements, too. Vitamin D3 is a must (and in sufficient quantities to get into your bloodstream). Vitamin C, in high doses, is also helpful. Frankly, I recommend whole plants like Juice Plus. I swear by this stuff. I have had major health issues turn around as a result of taking it. There are other things, as well, like getting adequate rest. These things won’t keep you from getting the virus but it could help you to fight it off. This is the kind of stuff they should be telling us on the news. Not giving you the false hope that if you just stay away from people it will resolve itself.

        • Please take a look at this link.

          The point is, the spread of the virus has been exponential.  And many people who carry it are now showing symptoms, or are contagious even before they show symptoms. By the time you realize how bad it is, it will be too late to do much about it.
          If you’re not sure about it, take another look at the situation in Italy.  Or think of it this way: Would you play russian roulette if you knew that there was only one chamber with a bullet in it?  I know I would not.  Err on the side of caution.  And listen to how the doctors in Italy and Spain are describing how they didn’t take it seriously enough when they might have been able to keep it from spreading so quickly and catastrophically.
          Mr. Langis, if I were you, I would close my restaurant immediately and post a sign on the door telling people to go home and not mingle.  Unfortunately, high school students are not as likely to heed a warning but one must do what one can.

          Pray, as well, but also remember, Συν Αθηνά και χείρα κίνει.
          For more information on what one can do, see:

          • Gail Sheppard says

            Much of what is being said in your first link is based on the authors projections. He prefaces his predictions with: “It’s a matter of days. Maybe a week or two. . . – This was written 3 days ago. Let’s look at what else he says:

            1. “. . . your healthcare system will be overwhelmed.” [I think this is fair. But not because the public is going about their day, ignoring all the directives. I think most people are trying to do what they can. I know I am. The healthcare system may become overwhelmed (edited: is overwhelmed, as in present tense, if we’re talking about agencies like the CDC and the WHO) because they are unprepared. Just having a routine procedure in a hospital is often an ordeal because of the voluminous paperwork required to meet HIPAA and CMS requirements, which drastically slows things down. See the documentary “Code Black”. It’s an eye opening movie. This hospital was briefly my account back in the day and it was a champion at saving lives because it operated like a mash unit. Hospitals no longer know how to do this because they’re buried in regulations, which BTW, is a uniquely “United States” problem. My money is on our healthcare staff, though. Our doctors and nurses know what they’re doing. The administrators are going to just have to get out of the way. If equipment is needed, trust me, someone in the hospital will roll up their sleeves and find it even if they have to have it shipped in from Mexico. Those relationships exist because we often sell them our older equipment to them. If this thing gets as bad as this guy is saying, you’re going to see truly heroic behavior on the part of our front line healthcare staff.]

            2. “Your fellow citizens will be treated in the hallways.” [Patients are already placed in hallways as our hospitals are so crowded.]

            3. “Exhausted healthcare workers will break down. Some will die.” [Maybe, but the percentage of healthcare deaths will be negligible in comparison to the general population because we generally don’t employ the elderly to take care of patients.]

            4. “They will have to decide which patient gets the oxygen and which one dies.” [Running out of oxygen is unlikely and they do not decide who dies. They triage patients based on need. The most critical are treated first. If someone dies, it’s usually because the patient didn’t have access to treatment sooner or there was nothing that could be done to save them.]

      • Take a look at this then:
        And comparisons with Obama are really beside the point.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          The author of this article, Daniel Larison, has a PhD in history from the University of Chicago.

  3. WeShouldJoinThemToo says

    Whatever Mittman is up to it’s not without full coordination with the LDS Salt Lake City’s Star Chamber Council of Apostles for world domination. They have 7-8 US Senators now and they move those political chess pieces very carefully. WSJ recently carried a detailed expose of their $100 billon–yes with a b–investment fund with 501c3 status. These guys are extremely slick, never forget that. 

  4. Sage-girl says

    Could it be Mormonism that did Mitt in? His inappropriate jealousy over Donald Trump is over the top, he’s lost it –  it’s true, way back, had Mitt displayed same passion attacking Obama he could’ve won!
    GO TRUMP??

  5. Christine Fevronia says

    George and Gail, did you see that the OCA is going to sell the Chancery? There is a committee to determine the site of relocating the residence of the metropolitan and archives. I say Huzzah for Met. Tikhon!!! Huzzah for the Metropolitan Council!

  6. They want an exorbitant amount of money for the property. 

    • Michael Bauman says

      StephenD, but do you know what they will take?

      • Monk James Silver says

        It might not matter.
        As I recall, the Griswold estate stipulated that its gift of the Syosset property to the OCA would be rescinded if the OCA ever attempted to alienate said property from its use and ownership  by the OCA.  An original letter to this effect —  not to mention copies of it —   is still in existence and probably still has legal force.  
        This restriction seems not to be widely known, but it must be acknowledged and legally satisfied before any plans are made for the OCA’s disposal of the property.

        • Christine Fevronia says

          That’s interesting. I’m confident the Council has a copy of that letter otherwise they wouldn’t be moving on that, but stranger things have happened. It would be amazing if the Chancery could be moved to the Monastery of St. John in Manton, CA. Sitting on 42 acres, it includes a large housing facility, a beautiful church, a farm, outbuildings, a guest house, and is only a 20 minute drive from an active airport. There are only two monks in residence. It would make so much sense to use what is already available.

          • St. Tikhon’s is a better idea, since it is in the middle of the OCA’s northeastern heartland and closer to the DC cathedral than Syosset. With all those seminarians and monastics around, there will never be a shortage of people to help out with big projects.

            • George Michalopulos says

              I agree with you there, completely. Either there or Washington, DC, which is the capital of this nation. Of course I realize that real estate there is probably cost-prohibitive.

  7. George Michalopulos says

    POSTDATE: It looks like Mittens caved (partially at least). He decided that he would not hold up Sen Ron Johnson’s investigation provided it was “closed-door”.

    This sounds like he’s OK with throwing the Bidens under the bus while at the same time “directing” the investigation to look the other way regarding his own involvement.