Milo Comes Out!

Christ is Risen!

In response to some of our readers, Yours Truly decided to present a story that was an “upper.”  At least we think so.  Last December, at the Stop the Steal Rally in Washington, DC, Gail and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Eric Metaxas, the emcee of the event.  Though we’ve never met, I’ve been a fan of his for several years.  I’ve also been a fan of Milo Yiannopoulos.

Yup.  That Milo.

Now, I realize that Milo isn’t to everybody’s tastes.  I, myself, could’ve done less with the flaming in-your-face gayness and more of the right-wingery thing, but this guy has major cojones.  He was constantly under attack during his speaking engagements receiving numerous death threats.  That’s more than I can say for the “alt.lite” Conservative, Inc. blowhards who crawl back into their hidey-hole the moment someone calls them a name.   

Having said that, I realize that a lot of his schtick was the flamboyance.  Who else could have pioneered free speech under a nationwide “Dangerous Faggot Tour” while maintaining a staunch Catholic stance?  (As Gail likes to remind me:  “God draws straight with crooked lines”.)

Nevertheless, I sensed something was “up” with Milo; that not everything was A-OK on the other side of the rainbow, at least as far as Milo was concerned.  Despite his flaming faggotry, he was not a happy camper. 

It seems I was right.

Last month, Milo announced that he has come “out” — out of professional homosexuality, that is.   For the last year, he has  dedicated his life to St Joseph the Betrothed and in doing so, has not become “an ex-homosexual,” per se, but rather a struggling Christian who has “given up sodomy”.  That’s a crucial distinction in my opinion.  In an interview with Metaxas, he describes much of the mendacity and hypocrisy that make up “Being Gay.”  It’s quite enlightening.  He blows the lid off the fetid enterprise (to smithereens). 

But it is not always a pretty thing to watch; no ideological program that seeks to upend tradition ever is.  Lies and intolerance abound all around.  Big Gay, Inc. is no exception.  Milo has found his integrity and after years of struggle, he’s no longer able to square sodomy with tradition.  And he’s coming out of the gate like gangbusters.  Liberals especially, come under fire, but so do the Catholic institutions which foster homosexuality.  He’s pulling no punches.   

I doubt Milo’s journey is over or that his race is won.  As Orthodox Christians, we pray at every service for “a Christian ending to our lives” and that’s a tall order.  We are all sinners –it’s in the Bible, you can look it up for yourselves,.  And as I wrote above, he’s got major cojones.  He’s gonna need them, too, because he’s just planted a big, fat target on his back.  The things that go “bump” in the night are going to be out looking for him. 

Anybody who questions our present secular orthodoxy is ripe for the picking.  Of this, there is no doubt.  Any person who lives by Solzhenitsyn’s dictum live not by lies will receive the requisite blowback just because.  As he so eloquently states in the interview, homosexuality is not without its perniciousness: “One form of darkness attracts the others”. 

It’s worth taking the time to watch the following video.  It’s got my two new favorite people in it:  Eric Metaxas and Milo Yiannopoulos.   You’ll learn a lot about them and be entertained, as well.  It’s definitely a twofer no matter how you look at it.    



  1. Let us all pray for Milo.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Absolutely. He may encourage others to do the same.

    • CS Louis says

      I don’t doubt the power of God to help anyone towards repentance, but it’s difficult to take Milo seriously. I will believe him when he stops make little side jokes about gay lifestyle and instead shows real remorse – not just for what he did, but for the harm he did to others that he led on that destructive path. And what’s with his references to a roommate? It’s like an alcoholic saying, “I’ve given up drinking, but I’d like to continue my job as a bartender”.

      • Austin Martin says

        Funny story. I quit drinking last year, but I spent Christmas Eve working behind a bar anyway. I joked, “It’s just inevitable that I will spend Christmas Eve at a bar. Happens every year.”

        • George Michalopulos says

          FWIW, Milo did a video in which he took his 4 carat, $145,000 gay “engagement” ring to Hawaii and tossed it into the Pacific.

          He called it the “Sodomy Stone” and like Frodo, he wanted to cast it into one of the volcanoes there but the rangers wouldn’t let him do it. So he hired a boat, and after a bottle of vodka and some cigarettes, he filmed himself tossing it into the drink.

  2. Centurion says

    Powerful testimony of the power of Christ to heal and restore our humanity. When you love truth and God as much as Milo obviously does, you will find salvation.

    There are tens of thousands of other women and men who have experienced the same thing:

    What Milo says is reflected in the preaching and teaching of the Church:

    “You are not “gay” or “homosexual.” You were not “born this way.” You are men and women created in the image and likeness of GOD! You were all designed by Him for everlasting life in His Kingdom. You struggle with carnal temptations and spiritual passions, like every single man and woman since the fall of Adam and Eve. In other words you are human.

    Sin does not characterize you. Passions do not define you. Do not self-identify with any sin or any passion. You are not your sin. If you are a Christian and believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, the Son and Word of the living God, True God of True God, the Redeemer and Saviour of all mankind, then you must reject and abandon the “gay” or “homosexual” identity or label. “You are not your own; you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

    You are a man or a woman made in the image and likeness of GOD. A creature that must continually cling to Christ and walk the narrow road that leads to salvation. A human being that can become divine and holy through God’s grace, Christ’s love, and the power of the Holy Spirit, through the intercession of the Saints, and help from prayers and the holy sacraments, worship, and practices of the Holy Orthodox Church.” – Fr. Ioannes Apiarius

  3. George, Gail –

    I’m the one that complained about all the gloom and doom. Thanks so much for responding, for listening. This is great, and something I would have never come across.

    I thinks it’s nice to shift gears every now and then.


  4. Maybe Milo can become the next Roosh V and make some positive change.

  5. Anonymous II says
    • Thanks for posting this. Sounds to me like our Local Churches need to start revising our catechisms… because soon, obviously, vaccination will be required to be an Orthodox Christian. If you can’t even enter the church without a “passport” then how can you be baptized or chrismated? How can you confess and receive Communion? How can I attend services on the feast days? With such a disgusting and ominous precedence being set in Cyprus, Slovakia, Greece, even the Holy Land, you would think that the Orthodox news websites would be bursting at the seams with statements of protest and resistance from bishops, priests, laypeople, and already the Holy Synods of many Churches would have issued decrees absolutely forbidding any kind of proof of vaccination for admittance to the Liturgy… but instead, we’ve got silence. It seems that our hierarchs are not going to go against this. Patriarch Kirill and Bartholomew have both been vaccinated. The Romanian patriarch supports the vaccination measures in the Holy Land – ROCOR says nothing. Athos says nothing. No one says anything. They don’t care that the Church is now cooperating with the state (receiving directions from international organizations) to require Christians to be injected with an experimental drug in order to enter Church. They actually see this as a positive development, apparently. Anyway sorry for the rambling comment. I noticed the vaccine passport thing in Slovakia in the news sometime during Holy Week, and I decided to wait until after Bright Week to investigate this, and your comment is a very timely reminder that it is now time to do so. I thought that when the passport thing was introduced to the Church, the outcry would be overwhelming. But it’s already here, and everyone is just OK with it. I’m confused. Apparently this is not news and no one cares. Apparently a Jewish Greek homosexual FBI informant announcing to the world that he isn’t engaging in anal sex with men anymore is the biggest news in the Orthodox world currently.

  6. Austin Martin says

    Yeah, I’m not believing him. He’ll do anything for attention. Isn’t he married to a man? Pretending to give up sodomy is a way to get back in the spotlight after disappearing for a few years.

    No homosexual is conservative, because there is nothing they want to conserve. They can’t even conserve the basic natural order of biology necessary for survival. Certainly they don’t believe in traditional family structures or marital roles. Certainly they don’t want to roll back the sexual revolution.

    Imagine a homosexual Christian saving his gay virginity for gay marriage, making sure he and his gay lover don’t go any further than gay kissing like in the true love waits movement. Laughter is the correct response. Wearing a purity ring for the man God eventually intends for him to, well, you know…

    Milo is just libertarianism with gay sarcasm. He accepts all of the premises of late 20th century progressivism, but he’s worried that the feminists and Muslims are going to ruin his fun. What about him is right wing?

    I was also unaware that the Roman Catholic Church was opposed to homosexuality in any meaningful way. It seems to just be a formality on paper.

    All that being said, the media smear of him, what, three, four?, years ago, it was just disgraceful. They actually made me feel sorry for him.

    If someone wishes to leave the homosexual lifestyle, the first step is to quit thinking of yourself as a homosexual. As long as you continue to identify as gay, you will fall back into it. The solution isn’t to pretend that you’re now attracted to women, because that’s just exchanging one lust for another. The solution is to just move beyond sexuality and quit thinking of things in terms of identity and orientation. These are made up concepts from 200 years ago. At no point before the 1800s did anyone identify as exclusively homosexual, because the concept of sexual identity didn’t exist.

    Some people claim that Lincoln was a closet homosexual. The evidence is present but very inconclusive. It’s possible that he got along with the lads as a young man, but liberals seem to think that in his later life he was thinking, “Martha just can’t satisfy me like the dock workers used to.” It’s ludicrous.

    Sodomy has always existed. Sexual identity hasn’t. Go ask the Afghanis or the ancient Greeks.

    While on the subject of made up propaganda words for sexuality, let me point out that the term homophobia was invented by a Jew. I’m just putting that fact there without any broader context.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Austin, while I appreciate some of your critique, I think you are being uncharitable. You are also wrong on the main point: Milo is no longer “gay married”, nor is he an “ex-homosexual”. He said that he is “no longer practicing sodomy”. He also said many other things in this interview.

      • Austin Martin says

        He said they still live together.

        Maybe I’m wrong. I hope I’m wrong. But this whole “celibate gay relationship” thing that British “Christians” promote as a compromise, it’s just not how sexuality works. It’s an artificial construction.

        • Perhaps he is using the term ‘live together’
          as meaning ‘share the house’ but not ‘share the bed’.
          I believe some separating heterosexual couples do the same.

    • I wonder — am I really a straight man or perhaps I’m really a woman who is also a lesbian? Either way that would explain why I married a woman?
      I know that sounds stupid but it’s not any more stupid that the trash the liberals are saying. At least I’m joking. I can’t say that about the liberals.

      • George Michalopulos says

        My favorite is that “I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body”. –Kaboom!

  7. Absolutely love both— sheer honesty— something missing in our frivolous “p.c” group…

  8. Some Thoughts on St. Thomas Sunday says

    This topic reminds me of Metropolitan Jonah’s talk to the ACNA’s first convention when he was invited to speak there in 2009 (while he was still First Hierarch/Metropolitan of the OCA). The talk is still available on YouTube and through his Holy Archangels Orthodox Foundation website — about 50 min I think. Well worth a listen to.

    Obviously, the talks of unity between the Orthodox and the ACNA have gone nowhere, most likely because, like most western Christian confessions, they are simply too steeped in accepting “cultural truths” about things like homosexuality and are unable to throw out western secular cultural garbage in order to get to the heart of the matter, i.e., Christ. Many Anglicans also adopted far too much Calvinism and need to cleanse themselves of that (Calvinism was confirmed by the Church to be a heresy, and rightly so). We Orthodox Christians living in the West are far better positioned to throw out western secular garbage simply because, well, our faith just ain’t Western.

    In his talk to the ANCA, Metropolitan Jonah truthfully mentions how homosexualism not only “destroys authentic masculinity, it destroys authentic womanhood.” He talks about how the modern “gay identity” is “not something healthy, but something to be healed”.

    This kind of talk sounds heretical to Western ears because our culture is so imbued with it — it is everywhere, the idea that one’s sexual urges are irrevocably part of his/her (or your pronoun of choice! ugh!!) identity. It’s such garbage, yet the West has adopted this framework of looking at the world — without any documentary evidence that it’s true — hook, line, and sinker. As such, this way of thinking has become part of the Western Christian confessions. Yes, there may be a few holdouts, but not for long. Same thing with women’s ordination, another insurmountable stumbling block between the Western Anglicans and the Orthodox. Westerners just cannot stop hearing “You must hate women!” whenever Orthodox mention that the Church has never believed that God intended women to be part of the presbyterate or episcopate (neither the Orthodox Church, nor the Roman Catholic Church, nor any of the Oriental Orthodox Churches) . Getting past this way of thinking that “You must hate women!” is just too big of a stumbling block for most Western minds, it seems.

    Only Orthodox Christianity can allow a soul to fully develop our nous, which is that receptive quality whereby, when we see or hear or sense something, we learn/know/understand/see it to be from God. We learn from these noetic experiences; they shape our being, our understanding, and our worldview.

    Even though every living human being has a nous that needs to be developed, the West behaves as if the nous doesn’t exist. Thus, the West rejects entirely the noetical part of humanity. This goes hand in hand with Western Protestantism, which really never believed that “knowing God” was/is possible. We Orthodox, however, disagree vehemently.

    Through a noetical framework, for men who struggle with same-sex attraction/addiction (it usually is an addiction as well), they grow to learn and understand that ANY same-sex desire is a misplaced desire for Christ. It’s often a childlike desire for a father or a father’s love/affirmation/acceptance that the man never had (it’s documented that well more than 90% of all men who struggle with SSA admit to terrible relationships with their earthly fathers — hello, this ain’t simply a coincidence! The numbers of those claiming “gay identities” have skyrocketed along with the parallel rise in fatherlessness across the Western world.).

    Christ has the power to heal this misdirected yearning for another man’s love, teaching those who struggle with SSA that their hearts are really guiding them to love HIM. Like many men before, Milo probably learned (the hard way) that he was searching for something in sexual gratification that did not exist. What his heart has been searching for all along — what all of our hearts ultimately search for — is Christ.

    It’s likely that Milo’s Greek heritage makes it easier for him to believe in and to understand the noetic part of our humanity — to learn to develop his nous. Greece culture is historically imbued with Orthodox spirituality, so for one of Greek heritage, the fact that noetic knowledge exists and can be developed is understood as real. But most of our Western brothers and sisters don’t even know that the noetic part of humanity exists. Modern western media/(anti)-social media/politics/news shows/TV/movies reject the concept altogether. They closest they get is to pay homage to Buddhist spirituality, or through the beauties of “eastern” (non-Christian) mysticism. The Alan Watts hippie garbage. (Alan Watts, remember, died at age 58 of alcoholism — miserable and alone.)

    In a sense, the modern American Left is correct, sexuality certainly can be fluid, though from an Orthodox standpoint, there’s only two kinds of sexuality: that exercised as God designed it to be (in marriage, to strengthen and solidify the marriage bond and obviously, since He loves us so much, God made “making babies” intensely pleasurable), and then that exercised outside of how God designed it to be (which always ultimately brings pain, sorrow, and suffering, because exercising sexuality outside of how God designed it to be exercised distances us from God (otherwise known as sin)).

    Just like the modern Gnostics reject the concept that being born male or female may have any deep meaning (rejecting that God made us male or female for a reason) — instead, they often say, delusionally, in true Gnostic fashion, that our physical bodies are prisons that our “real selves” must break out of! — the modern world also rejects the entire concept that sexuality can be used in a unhealthy manner.

    The older I get, the more I see how incompatible the Orthodox Christian worldview is with most of the worldviews operating around the globe today. It reminds me of the saying, “The man who believes in God will see God everywhere; the man who rejects God will not see God anywhere.”

    Godspeed, Milo, on your journey. Welcome home. Христос воскресе!

  9. Sam Young says

    I know this is a tough one to read and also then to ascribe to… But it Is the holy Chrysostom who had these thoughts (by revelation from from God I suppose) and then wrote them down with his pen to be then passed down to distant times and generations.

    • Austin Martin says

      There’s a lot of choice quotes here, but if I could I only pick one:

      “For I should not only say that you have become a woman, but that you have lost your manhood, and hast neither changed into that nature nor kept that which you had, but you have been a traitor to both of them at once, and deserving both of men and women to be driven out and stoned, as having wronged either sex. ”

      Libertarianism is a fraud, because it’s not an ideology. It’s a strategy for a weaker minority. Libertarian groups always turn authoritarian once they get power.

      In the 90s the gays just wanted to be left alone. And now that they have mainstream acceptance, they want to ruin your life for not condoning them.

      Furthermore, they never really kept to themselves. Sex is never just two consenting adults. The presence of open homosexuality has eroded social norms. Previously, if you gave a teenage boy a pat on the back, it was a friendly gesture of affirmation. Now people assume you’re a pedophile.

      Of course all of this is a very nuanced argument. The secularists just appeal to love, and there’s no 150 character answer you can give. Perhaps you could just say, “you don’t know what love is,” which is true but irrelevant.

  10. CS Louis says

    I don’t doubt the power of God to help anyone towards repentance, but it’s difficult to take Milo seriously. I will believe him when he stops make little side jokes about gay lifestyle and instead shows real remorse – not just for what he did, but for the harm he did to others that he led on that destructive path. And what’s with his references to a roommate? It’s like an alcoholic saying, “I’ve given up drinking, but I’d like to continue my job as a bartender”.

    From the article: At the same time, Metropolitan Paul of Drama has stated that he himself will report several of his own priests to the local Prosecutor for violating the state curfew, “because I feel a burden on my conscience and I do not want to be indirectly responsible for illness, or much more, the death of anybody.”

    Also, given HCHC’s background this should be no shock:

    • George Michalopulos says

      more like “Metropolitan Paul of Dramaqueen”.


    • “because I feel a burden on my conscience and I do not want to be indirectly responsible for illness, or much more, the death of anybody.”

      Then he should be opposing masking, social distancing, lockdowns, and the kill shots, because if you support any of those, you’re contributing to mental and physical illness, poverty, and death. And anyone who got vaccines, especially the mRNA shots, not only are you not a hero, every day more evidence emerges that you’re the actual threat, shedding and endangering the unvaccinated, especially women, with something worse than what you were supposedly inoculated against.

    • Seraphim says

      Isn’t there something in Scripture about not taking fellow Christians to court? This man is the shepherd and he’s turning his sheep over to the wolves. If he had wanted, he could have suspended or defrocked them right? He had ecclesial options here. Those of you who have read my comments on here shouldn’t be shocked to know I side with the priests here. But seeing the metropolitan’s response would have removed all doubt, if there had been any, about who is on the side of right in this case.

  12. Antiochene Son says

    I have personally known someone who experienced a complete reversal and normalization of a broken sexual orientation. Such is a miracle that our God is able to work.

    But I agree with CS Louis and others who have a difficult time believing it in Milo’s case.

  13. Anonymous II says

    Anyone else wondering the timing of Netanyahu’s troubled election/government and recent ‘attacks?’


  14. Michelle says

    Christ is Risen!

    Remember when Klaus Schwab warned us that the next entire system failure after Covid will be due to hackers? It’s happening now with the gasoline shortages.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      That’s right!!!!

    • But was it the Russians to blame,
      or was it the Schwabians?

    • Michelle says

      I received my employer-mandated Johnson and Johnson vaccine today. Feels really weird. Please pray for me!

      • Lord bless you, Michelle.

        Here’s a possible help – I don’t know if it works,
        but I guess it’s worth a try:

      • Michelle,

        Can you clarify – how can an employer (or anyone?) require that anyone receive a phase 1 clinical trial emergency use vaccine?

        I’m not trying to be difficult — I simply don’t understand.

        Yes I’m well aware that 95% of American society talks about the COVID vaccine as if it’s been out for decades, with proven efficacy and demonstrated little to no risk of harm (like the polio vaccine). All of this may be true, but we won’t know that for years. No one even knows if vaccine generated-immunity is better than, equal to, or worse than natural immunity from having been exposed to COVID already.

        According to FDA rules, phase 1 clinical trial emergency use vaccines must be voluntary only. How can an employer legally mandate that their employees get it?

        I pray that you will be ok, which honestly is the most likely outcome. Most people who get the vaccine seem to do fine.

        • “Most people who get the vaccine seem to do fine.”

          Perhaps… But what will happen when a wild coronavirus
          turns up in the autumn or winter? This we don’t know.

      • Employer-mandated? Don’t we have civil rights anymore? Thank God I’m self-employed.

        I hope you don’t suffer from any adverse effects, Michelle.

  15. From Paul Kingsnorth, the English writer (and former Wiccan!) who was recently received into the Orthodox faith through the Romanian Orthodox Monastery in Shannonbridge, Ireland:

    “I grew up believing what all modern people are taught: that freedom meant lack of constraint. Orthodoxy taught me that this freedom was no freedom at all, but enslavement to the passions: a neat description of the first thirty years of my life. True freedom, it turns out, is to give up your will and follow God’s. To deny yourself. To let it come. I am terrible at this, but at least now I understand the path.

    “In the Kingdom of Man, the seas are ribboned with plastic, the forests are burning, the cities bulge with billionaires and tented camps, and still we kneel before the idol of the great god Economy as it grows and grows like a cancer cell. And what if this ancient faith is not an obstacle after all, but a way through? As we see the consequences of eating the forbidden fruit, of choosing power over ­humility, separation over communion, the stakes become clearer each day. Surrender or rebellion; sacrifice or conquest; death of the self or triumph of the will; the Cross or the machine. We have always been ­offered the same choice. The gate is strait and the way is narrow and maybe we will always fail to walk it. But is there any other road that leads home?”

    Sometimes I read something such as this and it is what my soul has been yearning for but my underdeveloped brain has been unable to put into words…..

    Yes! True freedom means giving up my will and following God’s, and yes I’m terrible at it, even after trying to be Orthodox all of these years, so so terrible at it. Getting up and falling, and getting up again, falling again, and then getting up again. Such is the Christian life.

    Yes my soul — the noetic part of me that I sometimes delusionally think is developed but then I realize how little of my “nous” is aware of God — after all I am a Westerner, and Western culture goes deliberately out of its way to pretend — no, to demand! — that God does not exist, to pretend (and to demand!) that He is not there, that He does not love us, that He is not there just waiting for us to run to Him, into His arms. Such is the West’s primary sin these days — that it pretends and demands that God not be there.

    Yes the noetic part of me knows that no other way leads home. Thank you, Paul, for putting these thoughs into words today. And thank you to the Romanian Orthodox Monastery in Ireland for planting the seeds to renew the vision of St Patrick.

  16. I’m not sure this is a particularly good story, apart from the tabloid appeal, any more than Jenner’s bid to become CA governor. I do not trust people with such demons, on principle.

    But, on a more positive note, here is a column from Jeff Greenfield which we should greet with joy. This is what we attorneys call “a statement against interest”, i.e., confessing something that actually is against your interest and hurts your case. These are among the most reliable statements because there is usually no selfish motive for uttering them.

    Now, bear in mind that the man is a confirmed progressive and buys into the “Big Lie” completely. Nonetheless, he sees that there is really no GOP civil war and a potential red tsunami in the making for 2022 and 2024.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Misha, I agree with the broad outline of what Greenfield is writing but his conservaTrumphatred makes me question his bona fides. He’s pretty much bought into every lie told about Trump. How he was “indifferent” to the pandemic; seriously? He was on TV everyday having a press conference and unleashing Mike Pence on Operation Warp Speed. And so on.

      Still, I get your point: because of Greenfield’s rabid indifference to the truth, the fact that he doesn’t see a GOP civil war and thus a GOP romp in 2022, he is arguing against his own interest.

  17. Kids can explore pronoun options
    on box of Kellogg’s new ‘pride’ cereal

    ‘ May 14, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — In what is perhaps the most unappetizing headline of 2021, the Weekly Metro announced that “Kellogg’s new LGBTQ cereal wants to fill your mouth with pride,” because everything must be gay now and the virtue must be signaled. Big Business has realized that there is a lot of money in wrapping yourself in the rainbow flag, and so as “Pride Month” (yes, an entire month) grows closer, corporate social media avatars, ATMs, and business signs will suddenly be bedecked in rainbows.

    Kellogg’s, which has traditionally been known for its cartoon animals, is partnering with GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) to release a new cereal called “Together With Pride,” which will hit the shelves next month and cost $4 per purple box — $3 of which will go to GLAAD. The cereal itself will feature rainbow-colored cereal in the shape of hearts and edible glitter. Kellogg’s, which has partnered with GLAAD at least once previously, has featured nearly all of its famous cartoon characters on the box.

    “We believe that all young people and those young at heart deserve an environment where they can grow up to be their best selves,” the caption on the box reads. “That’s why we’ve joined forces with GLAAD by going purple on Spirit Day to stand up against bullying in all forms, and support a more accepting world for LGBTQ youth.” It goes without saying that this sort of publicity stunt also allows Kellogg’s to pose as being on The Right Side of History as opposed to merely a breakfast cereal — and it is important, apparently, for children to think deeply about gay issues at breakfast.

    In fact, Kellogg’s went above and beyond to ensure that your kids can go woke just after waking. On the side of the box, children are asked to choose their pronouns, with options like “he/him,” “she/her,” and “they/them,” which, if you haven’t been keeping up, isn’t plural so much as “nonbinary” or just bewildered. There are also some helpful blanks spaces in case you want to fill in your own, because at this stage in the revolution we’re just making stuff up and everyone has to go along with it. (I’m not kidding. One clever teen chose “His Majesty” as his preferred pronoun.)

    This sort of thing has become standard over the last few years, and it is a good indication of which way the cultural winds are blowing. Corporations are greedy, and so they have three primary reasons for going gay: First, they sense that the culture is leaning in that direction, and so they want to be seen as precisely where their customers are. Second, many corporate business leaders are filthy rich liberals who feel guilty about how well-off they are and feel the need to justify their wealth, and so joining the revolution on the Right Side is one way of doing that.

    And third, many companies are screwing their employees in favor of their shareholders or utilizing cheap labor in developing countries, so it helps to have some woke credentials to stave off questions from progressives who trade social virtue signaling for actual leftist policies. Corporate power may be growing at a rate that makes the Gilded Age look poor, but GLAAD is glad to provide cover in exchange for a few bucks for decadent displays of public nudity. Happy Pride, everyone. ‘


  18. Sam Young says

    So it’s okay to be gay… as long as you are politically oriented to the Left. In any case, I think St. Chrysostom taught that any kind of “gay” was condemned by the Church because it was a misuse of the gender one was born with.

  19. Apparently Milo was interviewed by Roosh V tonight. Did anyone watch it?

    George, did you ever reach out to Roosh about doing an article on here? It’d be good to have something from him on here and might open up new readership. A few guys at my parish have been talking a lot about his Orthodox book reviews in recent weeks.