Military Age at Border

This 10 second video shows about 750 migrants being held at a Border Patrol Processing Center in El Paso, Texas, more than six times the facility’s normal capacity. Every single person there is male aged 25 – 35 (Military age)

Military age men all refugees


  1. Anonymous II says

    Is this preparation for WWIII? One has to wonder.

    • They say they are being trained to start a civil war. Lord have mercy.

      • Even as degraded and demoralized the present U S Army is with all the woke experimentation, the Establishment can’t trust them completely to put down the native American population.

        So, I have to say “yes”.

  2. Michael Bauman says

    Even though the definition of”traitor” to the United States is intentionally narrow: ‘Advocating the violent overthrow of the US government’. Biden and his team are the next worse thing. The major political parties (each of them) barely escape since elections have become all but violence in their means and ends