Michalopulos Essays

The Hidden Anti-Semitism of Christopher Hitchens and the New Atheists

Anti-theist rationales mirror those of holocaust deniers and others.

Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies

A timely and readable defense of theism from one of the best writers around today. Witty, funny, and sometimes witheringly sarcastic. You’ll learn a lot about history from this book and it will steel you against secular pieties of the rulling class.

Canon 28 and Eastern Papalism: Cause or Effect?

Papalism did not rise up overnight. What happens when primacy morphs into supremacy.

E Pluribus Unum: One Church From Many?

What might an American Orthodox Church look like? Here’s one answer.

Reflections on the Recent Pre-Conciliar Meeting at Chambesy

One of the first pre-mortems on the Jackalope of Chambesy and why that elusive animal is destined for extinction.

The “Myth” of Unity: A Response to a 2009 Address Given at St Vladimir’s Seminary

Bottom line: Narrative matters. Yes, it’s an apologia for the OCA’s primatial claims but it’s based on the facts presented by one of its staunchest critics.

The Role of Metropolitan and Its Relationship within the Episcopate: A Reappraisal

How do you make a Church irrelevant? How about passing out titles like candy?

The State of Kansas vs. Frank Schaeffer in the Murder of Dr. George Tiller

The decline and fall of a once brilliant Christian apologist — or how not to be taken seriously anymore.