Metropolitan Nicholas Retreats

They got to him. . . 



  1. Gail Sheppard says

    [Editor Note:  Click on image to make it big enough to read.]

  2. Beyond pathetic. No courage at all.

    “Yes Comrade General, I’m sorry for transgressing the tenets of the Communist party and for going against you. Yes Comrade General, I owe full allegiance to you and to Lenin and the Party.”

    The Ethiopian eunuch has more cajones than this “bishop.” If he we’re my hierarch I’d leave that jurisdiction immediately.

    And folks wonder why the GOA is in dire need of real Christ-centered courageous and honest men to serve as leaders?

    It’s crucially important to note that this GOA bishop does not mention Jesus Christ once in this embarrassing pseudo-“mea culpa.”

    The GOA does seem beyond hope. Just go ahead and formally become Roman Catholics or Episcopalians already, please.

    • He folded like a bad poker hand.

    • Colorado,
      “It’s crucially important to note that this GOA bishop does not mention Jesus Christ once in this embarrassing pseudo-“mea culpa.”  “

      Hey, he did mention the EP FOUR times,
      “à la manière papale”!
      Things are more serious than we thought.

  3. He says he made ‘two factual errors’.
    Only two? So the rest is not ‘factual error’?
    Message received – and understood.

  4. Forgive my naivete but what sort of leverage (a/k/a hammer) would fall on the Metropolitan? I know the Archbishop is his boss, but are we talking about a threat to the Metropolitan’s job? Forced retirement? Withdrawal of insurance benefits? Reassignment? I hate the notion that someone “snitched.”

  5. What? I’m shocked! (Rolls eyes) 
    I could have almost guaranteed this would happen. At least he didn’t get an “early retirement” 

  6. Did he really just say that the new AB is fiscally responsible and transparent!!!

  7. American Priorities Only says

    Suggest that everyone give some thought on how to confront Bart in NYC and Washington and how to make it a media nightmare for him.  These guys are all Borgia and Medici  imperial princelings. There is nothing Apostolic or holy about any of them. Nicholas is a pitiable enslaved boy, because he certainly is not a man. 

    • American priority only.  
      Yes if his visit goes of with the usual crap the faithful deserve all they get. It needs a national.boycott by ordinary people. Do you wonder why people are walking away in droves? Do these so called Men of Christ ever look in the Gospels to see how they march up and with who? ( I’m looking at you Judas and Caphias,  although Theodore of Alexandria  a shoo- in for Judas. 
      When they get up and shout their anodyne words, do they understand how pathetic they are.?   I grew up respected these people but I see i was deceived and  robbed by them.   They have convinced themselves  that what is good for them, is good for Christ.  I am SICKENED and appalled. In a way better if bishop had kept his mouth shut.  But what he said is out there.  And note how the mafia moved to curtail damage. Their play book will be, ” THIS IS ALL IN THE PAST. Resume normal service, AND PASS THE DOSH PEASANTS AND GROVEL”. 

    • Priorities,
      I understand your handle denotes a focus on Local Church among other things like anti-globalism, so as regards the Fener we must be in agreement: kowtowing to a foreign Head of Church is inimical to the growth of American Church life.
      Here we see one more example of how the EP extracts apologies from any who would oppose their agenda in any matter, under threat of sanction. It’s truly a cult, with an abuser at the top of the pyramid, not too different from Moonies, Rajneeshis, Branch Davidians and Republican Party of President (Impeached) Trump. 

      • George Michalopulos says

        Lance, please address POTUS by his correct title: Exalted Leader.

        Thank you kindly.

      • Michael Bauman says

        They make Met. Philip Saliba of blessed memory look like a piker (with some noted exceptions).

      • Lance – President Trump is Acquited! And he’s better than any past liberal flake Presidents … 
        God help us, may America never see another liberal looney Leader again.
        Please people, vote Trump!

      • Michael Bauman says

        Lance I could perhaps accept ypur description of the Republican Party if you also included the Democrat Party with former President (impeached) Clinton who at least committed documentable crimes sufficient to get him disbarred.  
        Fact is all political parties are slime tests.  But some slime is more palatable than others.  
        You do understand that officially any faithful believer in Christ is a deplorable as far as Democrats are concerned. 

  8. Antiochene Son says

    He never accused Elpy of anything, so I’m not sure why he was personally due an apology in any case.
    Obviously it’s a hostage letter and a non-apology. We’d all have liked him to be willing to go down for his truthful words, but the Archdiocese is paying for his cancer treatments too. Imagine the threats he has probably received. 

    • Yes I feel sorry for Nicholas. Chemotherapy as many will know, leaves one feeling worse than done over.  More important is what he did not go back on. But their play book is not to deny the past or as much as cannot be hid,  but to claim it’s all in the past.  They want to get back normal service and normal grift.  In Christ’s name of course. 
      It’s up to the faithful now. Are they dumbed down fools or thinking Americans?  Are they going  to let the may media circus role or boycott it all?

  9. Rhonda Dodson says

    Ref “They got to him. . . “Did anyone seriously doubt that they wouldn’t?
    Behemoths of corruption are not easily nor quickly corrected nor cleansed; nor is their path readily changed to one of repentance.
    Usually, & sadly for the GOA, the entire corrupt edifice will have to totally collapse before it can be either rebuilt or another arise from the ashes of the former corruption.

    Sounding more and more Episcopalian by the day. Seriously, how can the bishops of the other jurisdictions in the U.S stay silent about this?