Merry (OC) Christmas: A Homily from HH Patriarch Kirill

Since many of our readers follow the Old Calendar, we here at Monomakhos think it befitting that we should acknowledge this fact.* As such, we are posting the homily from His Holiness Kirill, the Patriarch of Moscow and all-Russia.

Khristos razhdaetsa!

*I realize I’m two days late. Please forgive me. Also, a blessed Theophany for those on the NC!


  1. At the Nativity season, the Patriarchs and Heads of the autocephaleous Churches traditionally compose Nativity homilies for their flocks. This year by far the best in my opinion is that of Archbishop Anastasios of the Church of Albania. I say it’s the best because it clearly speaks to the current crisis in the Church and prescribes the easily overlooked Christ-centered solution to that crisis. You can read it in today’s(1/9/2020) Orthodox  Christianity blog.

  2. Has the Russian Church mentioned anything else about setting up a parallel jurisdiction in Turkey? I was speaking with a Russian girl at my parish about this and apparently Turkey has a huge Russian population, not to mention those that visit. What do those Russian do who are visiting/living there? Do they go to EP parishes? 
    I would imagine they are waiting to see if there is a positive outcome from next months meeting that Jerusalem has called? 

    • Timmy Lemur says

      The MP has its own priests, but not its own buildings, in Istanbul and Antalya, which are also the only two metroplitan areas with EP parishes that have weekly services. It would be more interesting if the Russians sent a priest to a city (sau, Trabzon) with a Russian population but no EP parishto compete with. 

      • I’m guessing we will find out their plans here in the following weeks 
        As a side note, and not entirely related to the current schism, I have often thought that the Russian Church should spearhead mission/evangelism work in Turkey. Either the EP has no desire, or is constrained by politics, to do mission work among the Turks I would think that the Russians would not be in the same situation and would be able to reach out to the local population. Given the huge number of Russians who live in Turkey (about 10x the Grek population), and since many of them are married to Turks, I would think it would be a great mission field. I’m not even sure that there are canonical Turkish language liturgies celebrated in Turkey as the EP seems to be little more than an ethnic Greek outpost 

        • Turkey is a Muslim country with an Islamic President. Getting buildings for churches may be difficult.
          The EP has been closely constrained since Kemal’s victory in 1923.
          There is a ‘Turkish Orthodox Church’, but nobody seems to rate it much.

    • Then there’s this:
      Run it through Google translate and see what the Russian church is doing in Turkey.
      I can see a vicariate of some kind being erected at some point.

  3. Thanks for posting – I seem to observe  two Xmases, especially because my December 25th’s are mostly characterized by visiting family (12 hours away) and Feast there (where Christ’s birth is rarely mentioned). The OC Xmas is when I get to ponder the wonder of the Incarnation.

  4. Greatly Saddened says

    Below please find an article from Wednesday, February 5th, on the Orthodox Times website.
    Home > Orthodoxy > Patriarchates > Patriarchate of Moscow
    Russian Orthodox Church proposes priests stop blessing nuclear, weapons of mass destruction
    Feb 05, 2020 | 12:53

  5. GS
    If we consider who pays “” I wonder whether it is worth even looking at them, let alone reading them.