Making Things Up as You Go Along

One of the silver linings of the past year is the clarity that it has forced us to see things.  Not only in the secular sphere but in the spiritual one as well. 

Clarity allows us to see things as they are.  And as we have seen from the ever-changing COVID story, the trannification of our armed forces, to the humiliating defeat of the United States by men wearing pajamas, we can finally see that we are not a serious nation.

It’s about time we finally came to that realization.  Because only by seeing things clearly, do we stand a chance to find our way back to reality.  That is if it’s not too late.

So, too, in the spiritual sphere.  

It has long been my contention that we could add the Ecumenical Patriarchate to the list of institutions that have lived in an illusory landscape.  Because, you know, there is no “New Rome”.     

I do not say this flippantly.  Nor am I happy to bring this to your attention.  But making things up as one goes along is one of the hallmarks of an institution that is not serious.  The vacuous titles that they bestow upon mediocrities is a hallmark of its unseriousness.  Specifically, the title of Archon of St Andrew, named after the First-called Apostle, who in reality, did not found the patriarchate of Byzantium.  (Another insignia of frivolity.)

Below, you will find a story about the latest Archon of St Andrew.  For those of you who may not know, this title is bestowed only to Greek Orthodox Christians who are American citizens.  Yet, while in Kiev, Patriarch Bartholomew decided to bestow this honor of one Andriy Matsola. 

Mr Matsola is a brewer from Lviv, who, from humble beginnings, became quite wealthy.  One could easily say that he is an oligarch.  Given the Patriarch’s bestowal of this award on him, it’s a safe bet to say that he’s tied in with the ultra-nationalists.  Especially when we consider that he comes from Lviv, which is the capital of Galicia, that province of Ukraine which is most closely associated with the uniate church. 

Below is a more detailed account of this strange incident from Nadia Bazuk.  (Courtesy of Helleniscope): 


  1. Here’s more mince from Greece…

    Metropolitan of Alexandroupolis:
    “By 2040 people will be hacked – The new religion is a reality”,elem

    ‘ The Metropolitan of Alexandroupolis, Anthimos, spoke about a “new, wonderful, world”, in the context of a “new globalization”, but also about “hacking people”, anticipating the “Great Restart” of which Kyriakos Mitsotakis is a big fan.

    The Metropolitan of Alexandroupolis Anthimos on Monday, September 6, participated in the Round Table, organized by the Academy of Theological Studies of Volos, on “We and the others: Facts and perspectives on Hellenism and Orthodoxy” in the framework of the action of the Forum Committee “Greece in 2040 “, in a central hotel in Athens and claimed, among other things, that ” we will participate in the wonderful new world, which will be digital “.

    “The changes that are being made will establish a new globalization, the digital one” , continued the Metropolitan and underlined that our society is introduced to artificial intelligence, algorithms, biotechnology and genetic engineering.

    “The concept of superhumanism, that is, the upgrading of man, has already recorded four applications: 1. The physical upgrade, 2. The emotional upgrade, 3. The mental upgrade, 4. The moral upgrade.

    “The new religion of data is already a reality long before 2040 and it will be possible until then for people to be hacked and for algorithms to teach us, before we understand ourselves,” said the Metropolitan.

    He went on to say that global governance was at stake due to the clash of the Great Powers, adding that in this new reality, Greece would have little to no chance of developing an autonomous policy and should therefore co-operate.

    “The political and cultural map of the planet will change. The impasse between the State and the citizen, which we now live with through vaccinations, will intensify even more. The old conspiracy theories will numb the population and will be intensified by the natural effects of climate change along with the prophetic catastrophe. “The immigration crisis will threaten even more the traditional reconstruction of our country” , he concludes.

    Let us remind you that he is the Metropolitan to whom I had referred to the illegal immigrants and had said: “We will embrace them, they will take our children as brides”. ‘

    From the digital upgrade of Man,
    Lord deliver us …

  2. Wonder if they consider becoming an “Archon of the Patr of C’ple” a new mysterion or sacrament of the Church…. curious if they ask the “new Archon” to go to confession first.

    All of this make-believe “Queen of cities” and “New Rome which no longer exists” theatrical garbage is silly and ridiculous. Just like the Biden administration, they have no clue how dysfunctional, corrupt, and ridiculous they appear. The EP and his clique live in their own narcissistic, make-believe world.

    For a true Galician who was a serious Orthodox Christian and a martyr, we may want to focus on and pray to the Hieromartyr Maxim (Sandovich). His feast day recently occurred on Mon. Sep 6 (Aug 24 according to the traditional calendar).

    • There are so many saints whose names I do not know.
      Thank you for reducing my ignorance.
      Saint Maxim (Sandovich) is a true ikon of the Lord.

  3. The answer to “why” is more than adequately summarized by the final paragraph of the article:

    Why did the “green” Patriarch Bartholomew choose such a person to make him a member of the Order of St. Andrew? Well, it seems that the answer is money…

    There is no another known path to “archonhood.” In the EP all things are lawful to those willing to part with cash.

  4. Dear editors:
    For an excellent synopsis of the “Uniate” Roman Catholic Rite history see the below.
    Doxa to Theo, John D.

    UNIA: The Face and the Disguise By Protopresbyter Fr. George D. Metallinos, former Dean of the Athens University School of Theology
    UNIA: The Face and the Disguise (
    “When we say “Unia” we mean a religious-political formation that was fabricated by the Papacy for the Westernizing of the non-Latin East; its spiritual-political subjugation to the authority of the Pope. In other words, it is directly related to the Papacy’s expansionist policy; it is the most consistent expression of European feudalism which continues to our day, through the State of the Vatican.”

    AN OVERVIEW OF ORTHODOXY IN UKRAINE. PARTs 1,2,3 Nun Cornelia (Rees) An Overview of Orthodoxy in Ukraine. Part 1 / OrthoChristian.Com

  5. US on track to default on national debt:
    Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen

    ‘ NEW DELHI: US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned congressional leaders that the US is on track to default on the national debt in October if the White House and Congress are unable to raise the debt limit. In a letter, Yellen said that the Treasury Department would likely run out of cash and exhaust “extraordinary” measures to keep the federal government within its legal borrowing limit at some point next month, The Hill reported. “Once all available measures and cash on hand are fully exhausted, the United States of America would be unable to meet its obligations for the first time in our history,” Yellen said. “Given this uncertainty, the Treasury Department is not able to provide a specific estimate of how long the extraordinary measures will last. However, based on our best and most recent information, the most likely outcome is that cash and extraordinary measures will be exhausted during the month of October,” she continued, the report said. The Treasury Department has taken so-called extraordinary measures to prevent the US from defaulting on the national debt since the federal debt limit was reimposed on August 1. If the Treasury Department runs out of ways to stave off a default without borrowing more money, the inability of the US to pay its debts could send debilitating shockwaves through the financial system. (IANS) ‘

    Is this the right time for Joe to mandate vaccinations for everyone…?

    • George Michalopulos says

      Gee, if only there was some mechanism that Janet Yellen could refer to, to help stop us from spending ourselves into oblivion.

      I just wish there was some institution that we had recourse to.

      I’m stumped.

      • Sort of like a fire chief staring at a blazing fire across the street from his fire station and thinking “if only there was a way we could try to put this fire out. I just don’t know what to do.”

        • I’m not in any way making light of the situation we find ourselves in, but sometimes satire and humor is the only way to stay sane when things unravel. Your remarks about the fire chief reminded me of this hilarious offbeat satirical animated film “Chief, Your Butt’s On Fire!” which can be viewed as more or less how our government is currently operating. The chief and the wannabe chief minions don’t do the obvious thing and put out the fire, instead they “fire” the only person who saw the situation clearly and was trying to do something about it.

          Just watch it:

  6. Australian Health Officials talk up the NWO

    “They’re not hiding it any more…”

    Democracy is dead.
    Evil walks the earth – openly…

  7. George Michalopulos says

    Speaking of the “event” put on by the GOA last night, I got this from a friend:

    “After $100 million, 20 years, and on the 20th anniversary, the St Nicholas Shrine finally lights up for the world to see. Press around the globe announced this once in a lifetime event of our National Shrine to be finally illuminated at Ground Zero…The numbers were truly amazing!
    “A massive crowd of 50 people which includes the 20 photographers showed up for this ‘blessing’ of turning on the light switch. The worldwide publicized live feed had a staggering 620 views!

    “They could not even get 20% of the [GOA] priests in the US to watch this, or apparently their own friends or family.

    “Elvis has left the building.”

  8. Honestly at this point there just needs to be a mass exodus from anything GOARCH/EP related…and EPexit if you will (play on Brexit but I couldn’t think of anything more clever)

    Just starve the beast and let it die

  9. New York Times Features a Muslim
    to Lecture Trump Supporters About Jesus

    ‘ Three days before Christmas, the New York Times ran a piece by the sinister propagandist Wajahat Ali, entitled “What a Muslim Could Teach Trump Supporters About Jesus.” What he could teach them, in short, is that Jesus was an open-borders globalist Socialist, and if they aren’t, either, then they just aren’t good Christians. …

    Though he tries to maintain a respectful tone, Ali can’t help but show his contempt for Christianity and Christians: ever the victim, he was “often the token Muslim” at “Bellarmine, an all-boys Catholic school in San Jose, Calif.,” where he “began freshman year thinking the Eucharist sounded like the name of a comic book villain,” only to find that “it’s a ritual commemorating the Last Supper. At the monthly Masses that were part of the curriculum, that meant grape juice and stale wafers were offered to pimpled, dorky teenagers as the blood and body of Christ.”
    TRENDING: 15 States Finally Standing Up Against Obama’s Unconstitutional Regulations

    He adds that while at Bellarmine, he “also read the King James Bible and stories about Jesus, learned about Christian morality, debated the Trinity with Jesuit priests and received an A every semester in religious studies class.” Of course: those Leftist Jesuits would have considered themselves “Islamophobic” if they had given him anything less than an A.

    Ali doesn’t know as much about Christianity as he wants you to think he does. His claim to have read the King James Bible while at Bellarmine, suggests that his memory here has been aided by some Internet searches for what the most common translation of the Bible is. Maybe he read it on his own, but apparently graduated from high school in or around 1998. Few, if any, Catholic schools ever used the King James Bible, which was a Protestant translation first published in 1611 and rejected by the Catholic Church. Because of its archaic language, it was widely discarded in the mid-twentieth century. The idea that a Catholic school was using it in the 1990s is ludicrous. If he read the Bible at school, Ali almost certainly read the translation known as the New American Bible, and if he read the King James Version on his own, it’s unlikely he understood much of it, unless he had mastered Shakespearean English by the time he attended high school.

    Even less plausibly is Ali’s witheringly contemptuous “recollection” that “at the monthly Masses that were part of the curriculum, that meant grape juice and stale wafers were offered to pimpled, dorky teenagers as the blood and body of Christ.” No Catholic school in the 1990s anywhere would have used grape juice for communion. No Catholics use grape juice for communion, as it is considered that if wine isn’t used, the sacrament is not valid. Ali’s attempts to provide atmospheric verisimilitude to buttress his arrogant lecturing of Christians slips on the comic banana peel of his ignorance. …

    The arrogance of it all is what is overriding. Bringing in a cynical and deceptive Muslim who endeavors to shame Christians by claiming they’re bad Christians for rejecting a globalist, socialist agenda — that epitomizes the New York Times today. ‘

    ” And so it [the NYT] goes…”

  10. EcuManiacal Patriarch says

    Can anyone speak to an assertion I have heard that OCA St. Tikhon’s seminary/monastery has demanded mandatory vaccinations for staff and monks? The same has asserted that this will most likely extend now to students.

  11. Catholic Students Sue Catholic School For Refusing
    To Grant Religious Exemptions To COVID Vax Mandate

    ‘ A group of students is suing their Catholic Jesuit university for refusing to grant religious exemptions to the school’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

    On September 8, four students filed a lawsuit against Creighton University claiming that the school violates students’ religious freedoms by refusing to provide a religious exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine. The lawsuit specifically charges Creighton with “arbitrary and disparate treatment of students and violations of religious freedom.” … ‘

    Curiouser and curiouser…
    I expect Creighton’s excuse is Jesuitical…

  12. The Omega Brief

    The Omega Brief is a consolidation of evidence of criminal activity provided
    by national and international expert witnesses, revealing bad actors who
    are responsible for the coronavirus pandemic. Federal agencies established
    treatment guidelines, based on a chosen narrative to direct the actions of
    state medical boards, physician and hospital treatment options, and state
    and local Departments of State Health Services.

    Evidence presented is from patents issued to Federal agencies,
    Federal employees, pharmaceutical companies, and
    based upon agency guidelines.

    Includes recent activity of FDA recall of PCR testing, etc.,
    VA study conclusion and relevance on Remdesivir,
    alleged under reporting of vaccine injuries.

    New evidence is being uncovered daily,
    for latest information.
    To receive alerts and action items
    Text “DEFEND” to 855-822-1010. ‘

    A useful and interesting compendium…

  13. Dave Cullen: The Hill I’m Willing to Die on

    [Video – 12:34]

    A cogent analysis of where we are now;
    and what’s coming if we don’t resist…