MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: We Have Ourselves a “WHO Czar”

By Gail Sheppard

So, it looks like it’s been decided. We have a Public Health Czar under the International Health Treaty.

They’re in the process of taking the sovereignty of 194 nations; one of them ours. 

They are so much further down the road than I imagined and ready to spring into action. Those fast asleep are going to awaken to a nightmare.

Caution:  language. I think this guy is a pastor I have NEVER heard him be this “candid” with his feelings.    Mrs. M




  1. Like me and other have said, Monkeypox was perfectly timed.

    I’m starting to think it will no longer be tenable to live in America, or, at the very least not close to any cities. This kind of thing will be more difficult to implement in rural areas.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Two more years of Sleepy Joe, only to be replaced at the last minute by another Dem or RINO, will give us 6 more years of dystopia.

      Yeah, I’d say get out of the big cities ASAP. When the sh!t gets real and an actual insurgency takes place, the grids that power the inner cities will be the first to go. That’ll be after the truckers have refused to take food to the few remaining inner-city grocery stores.

  2. Sweden just announced a fifth vaccine.

  3. Just a dad says

    Why am I not shocked: First, I read that the global chairman of my firm is in Davos at the World Economic Forum to participate on multiple roundtables, give speeches, hobnob with fellow globalists, etc. Lovely, my firm is so woke. And now when I click on the link above, being lazy and doing it early in the AM from my work computer (which I use for a few tame personal things, like monomakhos, news, etc.), I get a hideous red banner to tell me that I have been blocked from “accessing a site which violates the firms standards of appropriate internet usage”. It seems porn, online gambling, gaming and violence, and that video link above are all the same as far as my firm is concerned.

  4. My crowd is the 70 year and older crowd— we are all escaping to the exurbs– beyond the big city by close to 100 miles!

  5. In a spot of good news, looks like I need to move to Oklahoma, y’all seem to be doing it right George & Gail:


    Oklahoma Gov. just signed a bill into law that bans abortion from fertilization when life begins
    The law is in effect & all abortion facilities are closing tomorrow
    One of the strongest protective measures for preborn children in law A great step for human rights!