What “New Gospel” Is This?

Having been hit by the same globalist arrow, Pope Francis, like Bartholomew, is in love with Mother Earth.   

Instead of dreaming of ways to spread the Gospel, they’re dreaming of ways to exploit the Gospel to protect the environment.  If it takes a presence in the Amazon, Francis can do it.  If it requires reestablishing female deaconesses and elevating married deacons to the priesthood, Francis can do that, too.  He can also pull a “Ukraine” and gain control of any territory outside Bartholomew’s boundaries and he can do it without coming under the scrutiny of the Local Churches.

You see, to Francis and Bartholomew, the distinction between Orthodox and Roman Catholic is negligible.  “Unity with Diversity,” is just another way of saying differences don’t matter.  Everything is expendable for the sake of globalism and if they divide and conquer, they can fly under the radar of the traditionalists (for lack of a better term) on both sides of the fence and accomplish the same result.           

To those of us going, “huh?” they say: “Concerned about the attachments the Amazon peoples have to their native beliefs?  Don’t be.  We’ll incorporate them into their worship.  –  Worried the people will confuse the Theotokos with a wooden statue of a pregnant fertility goddess?  Not a problem!  We’ll tell them the word Gaia was the first name for the Theotokos and “Theotokos,” as the new Eve, means “Life-Giver” so Gaia and Theotokos are the same.  –  Wondering how to explain the fetus inside the fertility goddess?  We’ll say it’s the baby Jesus, the great I AM, and represents the incarnation.”  Like Jonathan Michael Lovitz, the pathological liar on Saturday Night Live, I can almost hear Francis saying, “Enough of the tiresome prayers.  The Gospel has been way overdone, anyway.  We’re going to show our love for God by protecting the environment.”  To which Bartholomew will nod his bobblehead up and down and say, That’s it!  Yeah!  That’s the ticket!”  

The mission of the Church is clearly changing from spreading the Gospel to leveraging the Gospel to convert indigenous peoples to a globalist point of view.  That’s a LOT of voices to add to the mix and if anyone dares question them, the race card will rear its ugly head to confuse and obfuscate what’s really going on.  Who better to speak for Mother Earth than the Amazon, the mother of mothers?  It ain’t hard to see the potential here, folks.

As if things aren’t bad enough, the Pope is now apologizing to those who might have been offended by the actions of outraged Catholics who threw those horrendous idols in the Tiber river last week.

The back-story is basically this: because Pope Francis is all atwitter for environmentalism, indigenous people-ism, and pretty much anything else that isn’t too Christianish, he blessed a blasphemous fertility idol at his so-called Amazon Synod. Needless to say, this sent shock waves throughout the Catholic world, especially those Catholics who are known as “tradcats”.

Well, they had enough and so, they took matters into their own hands and chucked these idols into the Tiber river. Fast-forward to today and we find the Pope not only apologizing to the idol-worshipers but thinking about pressing charges against the devout believers who took matters into their own hands.

The Ecumenical Patriarch, not to be outdone, decided to double down on what he did in Ukraine. You see, he kinda, sorta, had to do something because of Democracy on the one hand and those Wascally Wussians on the other. For good measure, he’s pretty much on board with Pope Francis because there is this curious thing called the “modern gospel” which needs to be preached and only he and Francis can do it.

You can read all this for yourself if you don’t believe me.


  * * *

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – At the closing of the meeting of bishops on the Amazon this Saturday, October 26th, Pope Francis declared that he intends to create an organ within the Vatican dedicated exclusively to care of the region.

The department should be within the Department for Integral Human Development Service, commanded by Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana.

Francisco said that the Amazon region is very important. “Ecological awareness is moving forward and today it is denouncing a path of forced exploitation and corruption. Amazonia is one of the most important points of this. A symbol, I would say,” he . . .    https://riotimesonline.com/brazil-news/brazil/vatican-to-create-organ-to-care-for-amazonia-announces-pope-francis/

* * *

 “. . . the pope has insisted that its primary purpose was that of an ecological conversion– a theme he returned to on Sunday, insisting that the global Church has much to learn from the Amazon region. . .”  https://cruxnow.com/vatican/2019/10/27/pope-closes-amazon-synod-warning-of-walls-neglect-of-traditions/


  1. Something that faithful RC hierarchs are dealing with is how would it be possible, if it is even possible, to depose a pope, given that he is the ultimate authority, even above an Ecumenical council. This has caused a conundrum with them.
    We are NOT RC’s, we have ways to depose heretical hierarchs, and it is past time that Bartholomew is deposed. This “new gospel” is from Satan and the patriarchs needs to get together and rid the Church of Patriarch Bartholomew 

  2. Menas,
    “Something that faithful RC hierarchs are dealing with is how would it be possible, if it is even possible, to depose a pope, given that he is the ultimate authority, even above an Ecumenical council.”
    The alternative is that the people go ago from the pope together with a minimum number of RC bishops. The the Pope will be left alone.
    Of course the Pope has thought of that possible move and that is why he is building up his SECULAR power so that he can fight the “deserters” in many secular ways.

    • Correction: 
      “…that the people go away…”
      “Then the Pope will be left alone.”

    • Antiochene Son says

      The problem is that RC canon law says the pope is whoever the college of cardinals elects. Even Sedevacantism is not plausible under any reasonable reading of canon law. There is literally nowhere for them to go at this point. The rad trads have run out of time. The folly of RCism is manifest and the whole world now sees it, led by idolator Jorge Bergoglio and his band of Latin American commie sycophants.

      Orthodox apologist Jay Dyer had a fantastic stream on Youtube last night about the Amazon Synod that’s worth checking out. https://youtu.be/kogSOHsaZis?t=272
      This is the time for the Orthodox Church to step up our proselytizing efforts to RCs. Be on watch for new visitors at your parishes and be ready to welcome them. They will be bewildered, afraid, and maybe angry. Let them find what they are seeking here in the true Church. 
      These are things Bartholomew doesn’t believe in. He follows the guidance of the damnable World Council of Churches against so-called “sheep stealing.” He seems to believe there are many flocks and many shepherds, not one.

  3. Francis and Bartholomew are birds of a feather. I am wondering what will happen when they come into union with one another. Will there be two popes? Will there be a pope of the West…and a pope of the East…or will one submit to the other?

    • I saw this Ioannis!
      The people are without knowledge. They must be informed so that they will be able to prevent themselves from succumbing to the twisted machinations of Bartholomew. The Greek Orthodox laity are at a Vespers service in Germany and an RC Cardinal is handing out the Artoklasia. They are kissing his hand as they receive it. It is time for the people to wake up!

    • Απίστευτο.

    • Antiochene Son says

      It seems that Germany is to heretics as bizarre sex criminals are to Florida. Why are there so many?
      Of course there’s Luther, and the Amazon Synod was funded and pushed by the German synod of the Latin Church, and now this?

      • Michael Bauman says

        AS, I have a theory as to the propensity of Germans to heresy you note: the area of what was later Germany was evangelized by Arian missionaries many of the most iconoclastic Protestant sects came from that area.

        The modern philosophies that cemented nihilism in our culture came primarily from Germanic minds. Darwinism the lone virus that did not come from there was given a cruel and vicious twist by the primary German proponent, Ernst Haeckel.

        Then there is a statement that one of my history professors in college made (paraphrased) “The German language is deficient in its ability to express love.”

        Not being a linguist nor a German speaker, I cannot speak to the truth of that, but the professor was a man with an eidetic memory who made a practice of colleting tidbits of cultural history. The the formal German for I love you is “Ich liebe dich”. Try saying that and see how loving you feel. In non formal speech it is simply “liebe” but still.

        Nevertheless, there are saints who love the land and the people. Since I am of German ancestry, I have looked. St. Walburga of Eichstadt, a myrrh-streamer (a pre-schism saint) and the modern Orthodox saint, Alexander Schmorell, a founder of the White Rose Society who was martyred by the Nazis. to name two.

        My sister-in-law who is native Swiss, Mat. Margaret Bauman, did a piece on more such people a few years ago published in Road to Emmaus
        https://www.roadtoemmaus.net › Orthodox_Roots_Woods_and_Water

        God is working there in a deep and hidden way to be sure, but He is working. Glory be to Him.

        • Tim R. Mortiss says

          For sure, ‘je t’aime’ beats ‘Ich liebe dich’ every time….

          • Michael Bauman says


            • The problem that the mainline churches fail to recognize is that it’s the new calendarists (especially in Greece) that have a fetish with their revised Julian calendar. New Calendarists in Greece have always employed violence and intimidation to silence opposition. When Elder Ephraim switched to Rocor in 1991 he received death threats from the very people who were his friends. (New Calendar) Women wearing head scarves are bullied by new calendarists as Ottomon era throwbacks and the reason it’s a virtually extinct tradition among greek women. When protests in Greece in support of Esphigmenou take place hooded counter protesters mobilize and attack out of no where. When protests were made in Greece over a theatrical play (I believe called Corpus Cristi) many Orthodox Christian’s protested it as blasphemous. Sure enough elements in the media maligned the protesters as old calendarist fanatics (which was untrue) and thus non old calendarists should support the play. In the past month though many have seen the comments from various Greek Orthodox blogs from Greek new calendarists who now are going after Slavs and the Church of Russia. These past months (and years since Crete council) I never encountered such hatred from my Slavic brethren as I have from members of the Church of Greece and the Phanar which I am a member of.  Thus the animosity against the old calendarists have now been directed to people such as myself and others such as those who post on this blog and to the Russian christians.

        • Monk James Silver says

          As a student of language, and fluent in several languages myself, I have to say that this is all very shallow and superficial.

          People who speak other languages might have their feelings about how German sounds to them, but they are in no position to comment on how German sounds to the Germans.

          And I am especially offended by the idea that the German language is particularly likely to lead people into theological error, since — as I’ve written here before — all the best heresies originated in Greek.

          • Tim R. Mortiss says

            “As a student of language, and fluent in several languages myself, I have to say that this is all very shallow and superficial.”

            Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

            • Ranting loonies and heretical and schismatic and smooth right on ‘ do yr thing ‘, guys and dolls,   sound same in all languages.  Took me many years to appreciation of German as an Anglo Greek, for whose family was personal, until I got over the Hitler ranting and listened to my sister in law’ s musical Austrian German and understood Culture better. 

          • Monk James Silver,
            ” as I’ve written here before — all the best heresies originated in Greek.”

            yes, and as I then replied:

            “All the Bible books have been saved in Greek”
            Even those of the Old Testament: They were translated into Greek by the 72 (70=LXX) Jewish Learned Fathers BEFORE CHRIST!Most of the O.T. quotations by Christ and the Apostles are from LXX.
            The current O.T. (Massoretic) was translated/adjusted in the course of centuries AFTER CHRIST according to the “Massor” (bond, tradition). Remember, Christians pointed to the O.T. (LXX) texts for proofs of Christ...Did you expect the heresies to be written otherwise, e.g. in Latin or Hebrew?Greek was then the Lingua Franca”

          • Michael Bauman says

            Monk James, the language comment is superficial please forgive me for offending you. The fact that much of Germany was evangelized by Arians is not superficial though considering the iconoclasm of many of the Protestant sects that arose from that same area. Yet, all human hearts that are not guarded tend to heresy whether they be Greek, Jew, German, or ‘merican.

            All the best heresies originated in Greek, because that is the theological language of Christendom. Each culture and language has its own ethos and its own darkness and its own light.

            The research that Mat. Margaret did on Orthodox saints in German lands is priceless to me. She even brought me back a vial of the myrrh from St. Walburga’s myrrh streaming relics in Eichstadt. Her relics have been gushing myrrh for centuries on a regular schedule from about now to the end of January.

            Whatever the darkness in the Teutonic soul, God is in their midst. Antiochean Son’s comment brought up an old piece of trivia from my past which should have been left there.

  4. Unless ye eat of My Body and drink of My Blood, ye have no life in you. The Word of the Christ never returns to Him void. The End begins after Iran is conquered, the beginning of the End being completed. Love God and serve Him alone, live by His Word and not bread alone, do not tempt God. this is the Vision given in the perfect prayer, The Lords Prayer, It is the straight and narrow road.

  5. These 2 scary clowns follow the beast and lead many to perish. By their works and fruits ye shall know them. They have no likeness to God. 

    • Solitary Priest says

      You know, the apologists for this will point out that this is Vespers, not a liturgy. It is still wrong. Again, Lipper avoids the issue of his Patriarch ignoring the canons. But His All Holiness has a doctorate from Rome! It would seem that the people here at the church in Germany have been brainwashed by the ecumenist message. Maybe Al Sharpton can do Vespers with the EP clerics next. As long as they don’t also invite a rabbi☺

  6. Antiochene Son says
    • Well at least Moscow has stated they will stay in communion with those bishops in Greece who do not agree with this. Is there any parallel like that in Church history? I would imagine something similar during the Arian crisis?
      Maybe this will lead the way for canonical recognition of the Greek Old Calendarists l, as I don’t think there is any theological impediment to bringing them into communion? 

      • Old Calendarists are against Ecumenism and the use of the new calendar so they would never join the MP. ROCOR (without the MP) can recognize them as they never formally broke communion with them, instead the SiR at the time (the group they were in communion with) amicably parted ways when the union with the MP became official. The ROCOR seminary bookstore still sells hagiography of old calendar saints and men like Brother Jose Munoz and Fr. Seraphim Rose are effectively old calendarists (read their writings and which churches they communed if you have any doubts).
        At this point the mask has been ripped off on how abruptly the “docile new calendarists” can turn from “loving christian moderates” into wolves. The Greek Elders of the past century referred to this calendar schism as two opposing camps of the Church. (Again something you wouldnt know as the writings of these saints are carefully selected and only favorable sounding excerpts are printed) Circling the wagon and claiming your baseball team is better than theirs is childish.  In reality the greek National schism between Venezelists and Royalists never ended.

        • Gus Langis: “Old Calendarists are against … the use of the new calendar so they would never join the MP.”

          Russian Church uses Old Calendar.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Martin, if I may add, I have heard that the MP will accept parishes which use the New Calendar. ROCOR won’t but Moscow seems to be carving out an exception for those parishes which are otherwise traditional in rubrics and liturgy.

            Anyway, that’s what I’ve heard.

            • This is correct; if I remember correctly, some MP parishes in the Netherlands even use the new Paschalion.
              Now, if you want to be shocked even more, there were entire ROCOR dioceses, notably the Bulgarian and Romanian dioceses,  on the new calendar, possibly even the new Paschalion in the cases of the Dutch and French missions.

              • Monk James Silver says

                For different reasons, the Orthodox in Finland and Mexico follow the Gregorian calendar even to calculate the date of Paskha.

                While it’s far less than ideal that we don’t all use the same calendar for everything, it’s truly scandalous that we don’t at least observe the Lord’s resurrection on the same day.

                We would do well to rethink all of this, abandon our complicated mathematical calculations, return to a faithful application of the principles established by the first ecumenical synod in A.D. 325 regarding the date of Paskha, and consider adopting the recommendations of he ‘Aleppo Statement’.

              • Basil: “if I remember correctly, some MP parishes in the Netherlands even use the new Paschalion.”

                Maybe, some marginal exceptions are possible, because of economy. But in general and in principle, MP adheres to the  Orthodox Julian Calendar. If Greeks return to the Old Calendar, Russians will be happy.

                • Solitary Priest says

                  St. John of San Francisco, while Bishop of Western Europe, blessed the Dutch mission to use the New Calendar, even for Pascha. As I recall, he allowed the French mission the New Style, but not for the Lenten-Paschal period. Why the discrepancy, I can’t say. Obviously, he felt there were pastoral reasons for doing so.  
                       The Saint also ordained some questionable people. But I would be the last one to criticize him. God has shown him to be a Saint, that is sufficient for me.

            • Solitary Priest says

              I understand that some MP parishes in North America were allowed to go over to the New Style. I don’t know about any of their other dioceses outside of Russia.
                   We must remember that most MP parishes, at least in the US, were originally made up of basically the same folks as made up the old time OCA parishes; former Uniate Rusyns and Western Ukrainians. The exceptions might have been the West Coast and New York city, where folks from the Russian Empire and their descendants prevailed. I’m not sure about now, given the fact that new arrivals from the former Soviet Union seem to be almost everywhere. The MP was known for having parishes outside the mainstream of Slavic settlements; in places like Alabama, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Arkansas, though the Arkansas parish is long defunct. When I used to visit the New Hampshire parish, they were mostly English-speaking, and had gone over to the New Style. Now I see from their website, that they are mostly Russian-speaking, Old Calendar, and now have two priests.

          • Gus Langis says

            It’s high time we recognized new calendarism for what it is a disease one inclined towards western seculat hegemony. The Greek tradition of cutting the Vasilopita has nothing do with secular New Year’s and good luck. Transfering the feast of St. George on the n.c. is not what the Father’s envisioned. Attacking women who still wear headscarves by Greek men in Greece because they are throwback old calendarist women is appalling (yes this occurs and those women have to explain their spiritual father sanctions it.) Until we recognize new calendarism in the ecclesiastical sphere as a disease and not some practise based on eikonomia nothing will change

        • Too true.  In different ways it’s still liberals and royalist in Greece even jf konstatine is of the map for most modern Greeks. For understandable reasons as he failed his test!! 

        • Antiochene Son says

          The Calendar schism is silly, and as I understand it, the document that defines changing the calendar as heresy is a forgery anyway. There is no basis on which to say changing the calendar is heretical.

          There’s nothing wrong with changing the calendar, but there’s a lot wrong with having 3 different calendar systems in the Church simultaneously. That is the real scandal, one set out by another papist Ecumenical Patriarch.

          I don’t care what calendar we use, but we should all use the same one.

          • Gail Sheppard says

            I absolutely agree.

            • Gail re calander yes. There is nothing Holy about a roman calandarists or a papal enshrined one. It is what came with change, and LET US REMEMBER THE UKRAINIAN EASTERN RITE CATHOLICS ARE OLD CALSNDAR MOSTLY.

          • Antiochene Son: “There’s nothing wrong with changing the calendar”
            I do not agree. There is a lot of wrong with changing the calendar. Putting aside the obvious disruption and confusion, there is something deeper.
            It desacralises the sacred, same way as moving Sunday a day or making 5 days weeks. This is the real reason why the modernists did it, same way as they do with church music and all other things they can lay hand on. If they could they would degrade the Holy Icons too, and spit on them (their mindset is well described in That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis)
            People are afraid to admit that they have feeling of sacrum and awe, in order not be called superstitious and backward, so they are being manipulated.

            • Antiochene Son says

              So when they regularized the calendar in the 4th century, did it “desecrate” Pascha to move it from 14 Nisan to the Sunday after the spring equinox? No. Don’t be silly.

              I have no problem observing a church calendar that is 13 days behind the secular date, if that is what everyone agrees to do, but having an irregular calendar is not mystical unto itself, because it was not intended to be that way.

              I do hope they fix the calendar situation before, if the Lord tarries, we come to celebrate Pascha in the middle of the winter though.

              • Antiochene Son: “So when they regularized the calendar in the 4th century, did it “desecrate” Pascha to move it from 14 Nisan to the Sunday after the spring equinox?”

                This was done with reverence, for compelling reasons under inspiration of Holy Spirit and for many centuries The Church worshiped in it.
                Would you dismiss the Holy Icons and Scriptures because human hands were involved? Or would you mishandle the Ark of Covenant like Uzzah, because it was made from wood? The Orthodox Calendar is as someone said the Icon of Time, do not demote it to a mere utilitarian tool.
                I say, when the Day of Resurrection is on the Earth, it is in the Heavens as well and saints pray with us. Yes, I want to be silly and will stay silly.
                Antiochene Son: “I do hope they fix the calendar situation before, if the Lord tarries, we come to celebrate Pascha in the middle of the winter though.”
                It is already celebrated in the autumn. The Earth has two hemispheres!

          • Michael Bauman says

            AS, normally I agree with you but in this case you are not correct. The calendar difference is not silly, it is tragic.

            1. The calendar change was and is an assault on the Church similar to what the EP and western powers are trying to do today. The new calendar was forced upon many in obscene ways and for one reason only, to divide the Church and separate us from Russia. The accuracy factor was not a significant reason for forcing the change although that is the propaganda.

            2. The Church calendar is not just about keeping track of events in a linear fashion, the Church calendar is much more important that that. The Church calendar is an expression of the Church’s sanctifying time itself. The pattern and flow of the Old Calendar is much more in tune with that. In moving to the new calendar the arrangement of the feasts and fasts was significantly changed.

            I asked my bishop, His Grace Basil (Essey), about the calendar issue some years ago, he simply responded that, if it continues to be an issue that disrupts the Church, we (the new calendarists) should be the ones to change back since we are the ones who changed in the first place.

            My brother is a priest in an Old Calendar jurisdiction and I have friends who follow the Old Calendar within the OCA. I have listened to them over the years and understand the depth of the issue.

            The increased stridency of the new calendar proponents in recent years shows me that there is a much deeper importance than is normally discussed.
            The obsession with linear accuracy and “being in line with everybody else” is part of the modern delusion of progress. I too wish we all on the same calendar but that calendar ought to be the Old Calendar.

            In Australia and the entire southern hemisphere, Pascha is already being celebrated in the middle of winter.

            Returning to the Old Calendar would make us seem even more strange than most of us do now, and possibly increase the loneliness factor but to those who long for union with Christ is should not be a block. For me, I must admit, I thrive on the being different part, I got used to it long ago and finally learned to embrace it in all aspects of my life with only minor discomfort.

            We are different, called by God to be in the world but not of it so that we and our holy temples can be a door way into the Kingdom of Heaven. Why try to hide it? Matthew 5:15 instructs us not to if you recall.

            If you will hear, adherence to the Old Calendar is an important part of the light we have to offer to the world. Glory to God.

            • Michael Bauman: “Returning to the Old Calendar would make us seem even more strange than most of us do now, and possibly increase the loneliness factor”
              I admire Jews for not trying to make their Calendar “accurate” and “relevant”

              • Michael Bauman says

                Martin, I am curious as to why you selected that partial sentence of mine as a pull out since as a stand alone, it tends to indicate that I oppose the Old Calendar–which I do not at all.

                The whole thing: “Returning to the Old Calendar would make us seem even more strange than most of us do now, and possibly increase the loneliness factor but to those who long for union with Christ is should not be a block. For me, I must admit, I thrive on the being different part, I got used to it long ago and finally learned to embrace it in all aspects of my life with only minor discomfort.”

                “We are different.”

                • Michael Bauman: “Martin, I am curious as to why you selected that partial sentence of mine as a pull out since as a stand alone, it tends to indicate that I oppose the Old Calendar–which I do not at all.”

                  I know, I just wanted to elaborate on what you said 🙂

            • Antiochene Son says


              I appreciate your post and agree with almost everything you wrote. I personally think, pragmatically, we should all be on the Old Calendar. It is tragic that the Church was divided the way it was over the matter which was forced without a consensus. The biggest tragedy may be that it pushed the most ardent warriors against modernism out of the canonical Church, which only weakens the Church.

              Perhaps I was a bit flippant in saying it was silly. But I do think that it has tinges of flat-earthism to adhere so strongly to the Old Calendar as to go into schism over it, as if the Old Calendar was handed down from God. The fact is, it was the most accurate that Julius Caesar’s astronomers could reckon, and centuries later it was found to be slightly inaccurate, which has caused it to drift 13 days. To imply (as some do, not saying you are) the calendar is dogmatically impossible to change is…a bit wrong.

              The Revised Julian calendar though is an abomination because it truly does disrupt the Church’s liturgical cycle. No Kyropascha and a shortened (or no) Apostles Fast. It’s a compromise that is worse than either extreme.

              But the Gregorian calendar for all intents and purposes is exactly the same as the Julian calendar, it’s just shifted 13 days (to match the seasons more correctly) and there are a few less leap years.

              Anyway, sorry if I caused offense. It wasn’t my intent.

              • Yes the calander has become short hand for so much else.  And I agree to make a fetish of it is wrong.  And after all the Ukrainian uniates, well in Europe certainly, are old calander, so what does that prove??   
                But as with Old believers in Russia,  it was at a critical juncture in Church life , the loss of the most committed believers.  Let us hope the Church of Greece will not be diluted again. 

    • History will not fondly remember him for this act of schism.  Now it is time for Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus to give us a few words.

  7. Here is an excellent article! A must read!
    Bartholomew is a russophobe. He cunningly used the dysfunctional, fascist, nationalistic and russophobic elements in Ukraine, as a way to exact his revenge for Russia not attending his precious robber synod. He is a criminal. The OCU is a sewer drain and anyone who supports it will be flushed.

    • Solitary Priest says

      We know all this, that is, those of us who haven’t swallowed the Fanar-Ukrainian chauvinist BS. At the same time, name-calling and extremist statements won’t help our cause. Why sink to the level of the Ukronazis? I feel for the little old grandmother in Ukraine; the one who just wants to go to church, put up her candles, and say het prayers. Though when it comes to Dumenko, there are lots of things I could call him. True, he is highly educated, but so was Arius. And Filaret Denisenko is even worse. Some years back, I was speaking to Metropolitan Anthony, the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church USA, and he didn’t seem impressed by Denisenko. If fact, to this day, six or seven of his parishes are in litigation for having gone over to Denisenko. Denisenko, ever the careerist, has established cordial relations with the Uniates. Sadly, Ukrainianisn trumps Orthodoxy, that’s why I believe that the UOC-USA climbed on board with this EP-Poroshenko-Denisenko deal. They didn’t want to risk losing any more U.S. parishes.
             For what it’s worth, I will not serve in those UOC-USA parishes, even if my bishop is in communion with them. HE certainly opposes what the EP did in Ukraine. I notice the local Serbian clergy are, if anything, even more vocal about the Ukrainian situation, than ROCOR. A Serbian monastic priest told me that he attended an ordination in an OCA parish. He was going to vest and go into the altar for communion, but seeing a UOC-USA priest going in, he declined. Let our armchair theologians here make of that and of my position what they will.

      • Dear Solitary Priest,

        I am guessing that the accusation of name-calling was directed at me? Calling Bartholomew a criminal was not meant to be “name-calling.” I used that moniker precisely because of the old babushka who is trying to pray peacefully in her Church. When Churches are seized and/or raided…when parishioners are beaten…when services are disrupted…it is a crime. Those responsible are criminals. Bartholomew created this abomination and he continues to give it his “blessing”. I consider him to be at least an accessory to all the crimes being committed. Was the sewer statement a bit extreme? Probably…but I could not think of a more appropriate analogy at the time.

        Forgive me if I have offended you.

  8. Gus Langis says

    Ecumenism trumps Orthodoxy as well. But all the ecumenists and Phanarites have to do is wait us out. We are fickle and change the goal posts as we become desensitized towards syncretism. We make excuses for all the joint celebrations with papists while the Orthodox majority applaud these joint sessions as “Love”. 

  9. Alitheia1875A says

    The Old Calendarists certainly don’t feel strange. The calendar issue by itself is no longer the driving force behind what keeps Old Calendarists separate. It is ecumenism, joint prayer, new theology and submission to the secularism of the modern world that has infected Orthodoxy that make “world Orthodoxy”, whatever that is, think of Old Calendarists as strange. It is interesting to note that of late there has been some consolidation not only among some Greek Old Calendarists but also the Greeks with Old Calendarists in Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, etc. Also, lest we forget, it was ROCOR that originally gave the Greek Old Calendarists their validity. GOA Archbishop Iakovos went to Metropolitan Anastasy’s wake when the Metropolitan reposed. When asked why he went to the wake, Archbishop Iakovos said he went to pay his respects because Metropolitan Anastasy was a real bishop.

    • While I have no opposition to the Old Calendar churches (at least the sensible ones – there are a number of flakes), it should be pointed out that Metropolitan Anastassy was actually opposed to the consecration of hierarchs for the Greek OCs, as he believed it to be an internal issue in the Greek Church. He was not pleased when some of his bishops went ahead and did it anyway.

      • Alitheia1875 says

        It was an internal issue. But it was made political political and not spiritual. Eleftherios Venizelos was a secularist and cousin of Meletios Metaxaki, arch-mason. The Greek government, police, etc,. were set against the Old Calendarists. Beatings, priests stripped of beards, churches, vandalized, mysteries not recognized, etc., etc. A stain  on the country’s history.

        • George Michalopulos says


          • I have experienced the ‘ synod in resistance’, based at Fyli, out side Athens in their monastery of St Iouliana and Justinian. They are sound and provide good Orthodox witness to the population around, be they old or new calander. Yes there are some mad flakes around and fraudsters taking advantage, but as the years go by I see that what ROCOR and Greek old calandarists were saying and were laughed at, BY ME AT TIMES, has become truth. Mea Culpa, Meal Maxima Culpa.