Let Us Reflect on the “Joy” of the Season!

I have a feeling that the older I get, the more prophetic St Anthony the Great’s words about the end of the world become.  You know:  “everybody will be mad but you and they will grab you by the throat and say ‘why aren’t you normal like us?'”

In a way, they’ve become sort of a balm for my bewilderment.  Kind of like “OK, what should we expect?  St Anthony predicted this almost two thousand years ago.  Chill.  It’ll get better eventually.”  Eventually.  When the Lord returns and sets things aright.  

Until then, we’re totally screwed.  

Anyway, it looks like the Lutheran Church has now hopped on the Great American Drag Queen Reading Hour.  And of course you can’t say anything about it because reasons.  I mean –seriously?  How dare we?  


 St Anthony’s words?  More prophetic.  And more real –by the day.

Somehow, I don’t think that Martin Luther would have been pleased at the way things turned out in his “reformation” of the Catholic Church.

I’m worried about the general leftward drift of some of our own Orthodox jurisdictions.  It’d be nice to hear how hierarchs from the Church of Constantinople are going to react to this nonsense.  If they are.  So far, they’re concentrating all their fire power (such as it is) on caterwauling about “freedom of religion” in the Ukraine.  So far, I’m not encouraged:  https://orthodoxtimes.com/archbishop-of-america-let-us-offer-the-cave-of-our-hearts-as-a-safe-shelter-for-those-we-love/

Gotta love it.  Might as well grab a big bag of popcorn and enjoy the show.


  1. Don’t pay attention to the mentally ill man in a dress, focus should be here:

    Appeals Court Allows Biden Private Business Covid-19 Vax Mandate To Take Effect, Setting Up Supreme Court Showdown:


    Namely the deadly “vaccines,” and the Mark of the Beast like vaccine/health passports.

    “QR codes are about fascism, not medicine”: An exclusive interview with Dr. Denis Ivanov, a member of Russia’s Doctors For Truth:


    The sad truth about Sputnik V: Even with zero transparency it’s clear Russia’s flagship vaccine is underperforming:


    Vitaly Zverev, a professor of virology who has received all sorts of laurels, recently noted the close correlation between the increase in vaccination and the increase in morbidity and mortality from COVID in Russia.

    A vaccine that is effective should have some kind of noticeable neutralizing effect—but COVID mortality is actually increasing as more and more Russians are coerced into getting the shot.

    Zverev made this observation during an international conference held earlier this month.

    The academic also pointed to the unprecedented number of reported side effects from COVID vaccines worldwide—while stipulating that figures on post-vaccination complications are not available in Russia.

    Bishop Porfiry:


    Our great thinker and Christian prophet. Fyodor Dostoevsky, whose 200th birthday we recently celebrated, showed what kind of civilizations and culture, would result from these mistaken ideas. He showed that there’s a natural tendency in human beings to think of themselves as gods. And in this day and age, if we look around us, and we see those terrifying children who come with guns to to their schools and murder, their slogan is: “I am God” – that is how they feel.

    This is also the self-perception of the rulers of the world, who have tremendous power, who run entire governments. They are planning to wipe out most of humanity, 6 billion people, to leave only a small part of us, but not only that, they are planning, and are held back only by the by the current limits of science, to violate man himself, to desecrate the innermost part of man, the image of God within us, and to destroy that image, in order to turn human beings into a cross between a biological, technical, and digital being. They call this a “post-human.” They call it “convergence. (The Singularity)”

    These powerful world leaders are marching under the banner of trans-humanism and post-humanism. This is what this culture of defending human rights has come to, this idea at the center of Western civilization for the last two centuries. And therefore, it is clear to us what kind of spiritual victory must be won, and where it will be won. It will be won in our hearts.

  2. Luther may not have been pleased, but it’s the logical next step in the proto-Modernist movement he helped start. Transgender ministers will be the next step in their war on reality. And God will get new pronouns “They/Them/Theirs”. Heck, a new translation of the Bible with pronouns for everyone in the footnotes wouldn’t surprise me at this point. After all, it would be intolerant of us to just assume the gender of Abraham or Moses without asking them their identity.

    Those wise words of St. Anthony will only get more important to remember as time goes on.

  3. “Archbishop of America”? Ha!

  4. John the Baptizer went out into the desert and cried out to the people to repent! Perhaps we are to be doing the same thing. He took on the powers that be with prayer and fasting. Or as a friend of mine used to say, “Why worry when you can pray!” I think God is using this period of time to test the Church in order to see how we react in times of persecution. So far there has been lots of whining. Life is not what it used to be.

    And yes, he was beheaded due to his faithfulness. Better beheaded and stay true to God than go to hell.

    • “Why worry when you can pray!”

      I agree. And at risk of sounding like Billy Graham, I do think much of this has come upon us to get our attention and bring us closer to God. What do we do instead? Judge our fellows, and I am guilty. That said, I do think we need to speak out when something is in need of correction. It is hard to speak the truth in love. God help us.

  5. These are part of the death throes of Protestantism, at least the of mainstream kind.

    It’s painful to watch.

    The 1960s hippie leftists now run these mainstream Protestant churches, and they think this stuff is grand. They don’t really care if they’re caretakers of a church as it collapses, as they’ve never really believed in the Truth of a Church to begin with.

    To them, it’s all, “eh, if our Church dies, who cares? Let’s at least have fun on the ride down.”

    Already we’re seeing these legacy gothic structures with no faithful, repurposed for other uses. The ECUSA Cathedral in DC (offensively called the “National Cathedral” – as if our nation’s faith is the leftist episcopal church!) has an endowment in the billions and will last as a structure long after it’s ceased to be a worshipping community. They still worship something there, I think, though it’s not the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Most of the time that place functions as part museum, part concert hall, part funeral venue for leftist politicians.

    Old leftists run these mainstream Protestant disasters. Young leftists don’t go to church. May this ersatz, pretend “faith” of the leftist Protestants just be put to rest already.

    • George Michalopulos says

      You hit upon something FTS. And that’s the financial angle. The leftist theologians planned for one of two eventualities:

      1) that in taking over their denominations, they will “reform” them and they will go on surviving into perpetuity, or

      2) they didn’t care whether they would collapse and wither; as far as they were concerned, they would go on existing for about a generation or two –tops–but that was enough for them to make a decent living for 30-40 years, either until they retired or died.

      Either way, they were still in the money.

      • George,

        Yep. Why do you think leftist ninnies who don’t believe in God, Christ, or the Church go to the ridiculous mainstream Protestant “seminaries”?

        Easy way to make occasional vague talk about a “God,” “inclusivity,” “justice,” or whatever other buzzword of the day there is – and easy way to make a living off of the massive endowments these places have.

        The retirement/pension fund for ECUSA “clergy” alone is in the billions. (So much for the OCA or the nonexistent ROCOR clergy pension fund….)

        From a financial perspective alone, leftist Protestant clergy is an attractive “job” for careerists who want to be taken care of and who care little about the Cross. Soon enough they won’t even have to worry about caring for parishioners, since there won’t be any. All they need to do is line up the next drag queen hour!

        May God bless and protect all of our faithful and steadfast Orthodox clergy who don’t take this route but who often make little in financial compensation and/or are often required to have secular jobs – and little, if any, pension.

        The intangible rewards our clergy have, of course – including maintaining one’s integrity and living in communion with Christ and His Church – are beyond priceless.

  6. Too easy. Gonna try not to react directly.

    Within Protestantism, there are different shades of heresy and apostasy. This group of Lutherans seems to be out there with the Episcopalians. Even within “Lutheranism” there are different synods with different policies.

    But really the bright line that seems to divide the merely heterodox from the full on progressive apostates is the issue of women’s ordination. Once they cross that line usually it’s down the crapper from there: feminism, abortion, LGBT, etc. Setting women in authority seems to be the kiss of death. St. Paul refused to place women in authority over men. And, frankly, men have to already be pretty beta to even consider such a thing.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Misha, I must agree with you. Ever since the Piskies ordained priestitutes and then elevated some to bishopesses, they could not withstand the sodomite juggernaut. Feminism was the wedge issue that softened up ECUSA. And the United States Armed Forces for that matter.

      • “Maybe all dying institutions devolve this way, from an insistence on intellectual rigor to a flabby preoccupation with appearances. It happened in the Episcopal Church, once renowned for its liturgy, now a stop on architectural and garden tours. Only tourists go there anymore.” (Tucker Carlson’s The Long Slide, pg. 101)

        Ouch. I sit here decompressing from my recent stint in a GOARCH parish, reflecting on the vacuous sermons given through masks behind a plexiglass shield. And disappointed at the half-hearted effort to start again to do “ministry” activities the same way we did them before the pandemic sent us all to our rooms. Meanwhile, the archbishop makes dignified appearances that appear staged and boring. He seldom says anything catchy about the groan in our hearts we don’t know to say but we wish he knew in his heart and would say it for us.

  7. I’m worried about the general leftward drift of some of our own Orthodox jurisdictions.

    The best way to handle that is to stay, pray, and stand fast for what we believe. The church has seen worse (Nestorious), but if all the people who are aware of what’s going on leave or don’t convert, then what do you get? Another Church of Woke. So let us continue to fight the good fight in God’s one and only church.

  8. Expecting the episcopacy to do something actually orthodox is like voting Republican in the hope that they’ll do something conservative.

  9. Isaiah 41: 10
    Fear not, for I am with you;
    Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
    I will strengthen you,
    Yes, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand

  10. Why should we reflect on this? Even the vast majority of Lutherans are probably not reflecting on this. They are reflecting on Christ. Yet a purportedly ‘Orthodox’ website appears to maintain that we should reflect on the nonsensical foibles of protestants. This nonsense is simply pornography for partisan politics, hence it’s reporting on Breitbart.

    • It’s all in order to distract from the real issue – Patriarch Kyril has been having secret meetings with the Pope and is going full steam on an ecumenical path behind the scenes. He is much more dangerous than Bartholomew who is openly preaching heresy! He wants us all to believe he is a traditionalist and following the truth path, all while playing victim. Don’t forget…..many of the elect will be deceived!

      I know Gail, you probably consider me a troll, however I believe the real trolling is coming from the misinformation y’all keep repeating here without acknowledging what Patriarch Kyril is really up to and attempting to sway public opinion! Are you and George theologians? Or even clergy? (You no doubt would ask me the same questions and I can say yes to the latter!)

      I realize this is your blog and you have the right to do as you please, however as you should remember that have no authority to speak as though your opinions and beliefs are other than just that – what YOU believe. You will have to answer for those you lead astray!

      • Gail Sheppard says

        Just don’t be a jerk to people and you’re in! We don’t have to be unfriendly to one another because we disagree.

        * * *

        This is how I see it:

        Kirill, the Pope, and Putin are teaming up to defuse Ukraine. They don’t want NATO in there.

        Bartholomew is a puppet of our State Department and the State Department would LOVE to get NATO in there because Ukraine is the only country standing between us and Russia.

        As you may recall, Kirill and the Pope were all hot and heavy in discussion when they met in Cuba when Bartholomew announced his intentions of going into Ukraine in the first place. The Pope came down on the side of Russia. He said Kirill was the only legitimate hierarch in Ukraine.

        The Pope wants to unite our two Churches before he leaves this planet. The original plan was to go through Bartholomew, but Bartholomew is problematic because the Orthodox won’t follow him; not after what he did in Ukraine.

        I imagine the Pope might have an interesting proposal for Kirill: “Bring me back as the Bishop of Rome, giving me primacy (first among equal), and then I will call the Council you need to resolve this mess.”

        Frances may also be thinking about Fatima. This prophecy doesn’t mean much to us but the Catholics take it very seriously. They’ve got to consecrate Russia. This could be a way to do it.

        With regard to your complaint, why is it a problem if George and I express our own opinions? I think it’s pretty clear we’re not speaking from authority, given our only “claim to fame” is that we own a blog!

        You are the first person who has ever suggested that we come across as experts! We’re not. We’re just reading the tea leaves like everybody else.

        • Gail, I have a side question, do you know if GOARCH has approved a new charter yet? Aren’t they still operating without one?

          • Gail Sheppard says

            I think they decided they could go back to the old one. George, do you know?

            • George Michalopulos says

              Not at all! Does anybody know?

              Really, does it matter? GOARCH had a valid charter 30 years ago; it was tight and well written. Then the EP just tossed it aside like yesterday’s trash.

              Moral? It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. With Phanariotes, words don’t mean things. They’ll find some long-forgotten canon and dust it off if it suits their purposes.

              • In April 2021, they made a committee to discuss a new charter.

                Currently, their website presents the 2003 charter under the GOARCH Administration documents:

                I don’t know if it is suspended or otherwise in force.

                • Gail Sheppard says

                  They’re going to be in a world of hurt if the following makes them ineligible to be a “hierarchical church.” In a property dispute, parish property belongs to the broader church only if it is a hierarchical church.

                  (Defines the organizational grouping)
                  This organization is an independent organization or an independent auxiliary (i.e., not affiliated with a National, Regional, or Geographic grouping of organizations).



                  • The GOARCH is a hierarchical church.

                    Maybe some GOA parishes have their own charters declaring them independent of GOARCH, as if they belong to the “unaffiliated” category that you mention.

                    It seems that on one hand these GOARCH parishes are somehow affiliated with the national GOARCH. I guess you could check the parish charters and see if they ever mention joining GOARCH.

                    IIRC, chronologically in some ECUSA cases:
                    Some ECUSA parishes or ECUSA Dioceses had parish or diocesan charters saying that they are independent of the ECUSA in terms of ownership, but the parishes and dioceses still voted to belong to the national ECUSA.
                    Then the ECUSA nationally passed a resolution, like at an assembly, saying that the national ECUSA gets the parish property in case of a schism by the parish.
                    After the resolution passed, the parishes stayed on as members of ECUSA for decades. In other cases, some parishes joined the national ECUSA after the ECUSA had already established this policy.
                    Now more recently the churches tried splitting from the national ECUSA. Nationwide, state courts tend to side with the national ECUSA in the property dispute issue. One reason can be that the parishes stayed on with the national ECUSA when the property dispute eventuality issue was decided on decades earlier by the ECUSA’s assembly.

                    A similar situation is currently existing with GOARCH. GOARCH is declaring that GOARCH properties belong to GOARCH, yet it looks like GOARCH parishes are staying on under GOARCH instead of challenging the declarations or objecting.

                    • In regard to the legal disposition of parochial properties in the Episcopal Church (originally PECUSA, then ECUSA, now TEC), here is a good explanation of what Al Gore might have termed the “controlling legal authority”. (See link below.) It’s Canon 1.7.4, better known as the infamous “Dennis Canon”, conjured up by a racial activist lawyer and NYC suffragan bishop. “Bishop Walter Dennis served on the boards of Planned Parenthood, the Episcopal Society for Cultural and Racial Unity, and the National Association for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.” (New York Times obituary, April 3, 2003)

                      The canon was passed by the General Convention of 1979 amidst the suspicion that many in the Episcopal Church were distressed at the novelty of the ordination of women and the newfangled prayer book (Book of Common Prayer, or BCP). The leftists were rightly concerned that traditional parishes and even dioceses might bolt, so the Dennis Canon was a resolution passed stealthily to keep them “on side”. Briefly summarized, the canon states that all parish properties in all dioceses of ECUSA are held “in trust” for the national Church. Thus, the national Church, headquartered at 815 Second Ave. in Manhattan, which ironically had made no contribution toward the construction or maintenance of any of the far-flung parishes, nevertheless usurped ultimate ownership of each by the stroke of a suffragan bishop’s quill and a show of hands in plenary session. The Dennis Canon was henceforth much maligned by conservative vestries (parish councils) throughout the land who, one after another, suffered in court the loss of ownership of their stately buildings. Thank God there have been a few exceptions.


                    • Gail Sheppard says

                      But then there is the whole Church/State conundrum: http://www.christian-attorney.net/church_disputes_lawsuits.html

                    • Gail Sheppard says
              • I think a charter “matters” to some extent or in some way because obvious violations of the charter can at least make them look bad, whereas they would prefer to argue that they follow the charter if it is in force. Obvious violations might also give rise to legal difficulties in court. If the charter didn’t matter at all, then Abp. Elpidophoros wouldn’t have bothered to void it.

                • Gail Sheppard says

                  It matters if you’re in a legal battle that may be happening in the near future, there is a group of laymen who will be allegedly filing a temporary injunction against the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese to question if U.S. law was violated, in relation to the operation of non-profit organizations – with members who pay a subscription – when a foreign corporation outside the United States (i.e. the Ecumenical Patriarchate) disregarded the bylaws and regulations of the GOA when “selecting” the new leader/President of a non-profit organization within the United States.

                  The group recognizes the separation of Church and State in the USA, but will be making an argument that because the “members” of the non-profit/Church are citizens of the United States who pay a “subscription” or “membership fee” to participate in the non-profit organization/Church, the injunction will ask the Court to determine if a foreign legal entity can impose on a non-profit organization their new President without needing to follow the approved bylaws/regulations of the non-profit organization. We know the Patriarchate does not need to adhere to the recommendation of the United States, but that does not mean they can blatantly disregard the bylaws of the organization.
                  A new argument can be made that the laymen do not need to follow the regulations set forth by the G. O. Archdiocese because the new precedent set by the Ecumenical Patriarchate. From Monomakhos! https://www.monomakhos.com/igoreing-501c-bylaws-again/

                  • Interesting.

                    Well, the bishops of the GOA/EP seem to not care about defending the Faith, but sure do care about their $$, maybe the best way to take them down or make them pay attention is to hit them where it hurts…their wallet

                  • Is there case precedent on this?

                    When the CP appointed or removed heads of GOARCH in the past, did it violate the bylaws, and would a past practice of violating the bylaws set a precedent that violating it is okay?

                    • Gail Sheppard says

                      That’s an interesting question, Hal. Yes, he’s done it before.

                    • If it’s OK to violate the law because you
                      or your predecessors did it and got away with it,
                      then there is no law.

                      “Come back King John? You were right after all?”
                      I don’t think so…

                    • Brendan, I agree with you, but unfortunately that’s the whole concept of precedent as it exists in Anglo-American law; that one misapplication can be used to justify further misapplications ad infinitum. There’s no concept in law that’s more diametrically opposed to the intentions of a law’s authors.

                      If the conclusion is that there is no law in this country, that doesn’t sound too far fetched if the progressives have their way.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Anonymous, are you sure that Pat Kirill has “been having secret meetings with the Pope”? I’d like some corroboration for this assertion.

        Having said that, Pat Bart has been having open and frequent meetings with the Pope.

        I can’t say that you’re wrong or that Kirill isn’t playing a double game –he may very well be. But I have to go with what my eyes tell me.

        Now, I have no problem “reading between the lines” when it comes to high-level communiques, meetings, etc. I know that “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” and all that but the sparsity of such activities between Moscow and Rome makes me wonder if there is any fire there at all.

    • Because they are the Canary in the coal mine. Make no mistake, there are elements in our midst who seek to do the same to us. Look no further than Archbishop Elpidophorus. Remember that liturgy he gave at a rainbow flag waving Episcopalian church?

    • Sergei,

      My opinion is that it’s important we speak out. No one else is standing up for traditional Christianity. No one else except the Orthodox Christians and some small-o orthodox Christians in western confessions.

      It’s easy to miss if we’re inside the faith, but millions of unchurched Americans read about this drag queen hour B.S., they think that this is what Christians do, and they then turn away from Christ because they have a disordered impression of Him and His Church. When in reality, what they’ve rejected is but a pathetic straw man (or straw drag queen, if you will).

      No one else is speaking out about this garbage. We must because someone has to. The Lutherans certainly aren’t.

  11. More touchy, feel good words from the so called Archbishop of America. Who’s his speech writer, what a joke !

  12. His speech reminded me of this:


  13. In news labeled under “irony” Patriarch Bartholomew…who has been vaccinated four times…has tested positive for Covid.

    • “In news labeled under ‘irony’ Patriarch Bartholomew…who has been vaccinated four times…has tested positive for Covid.”

      Ideally, he’d be on the same page as the Russian bishop who’s called out the “vaccines” as depopulation agents and a transhumanistic attempt to destroy the image of God inside of man. Unforunately, he’s only at this point, which would being a safe moderate take back in March 2020, but not Dec. 2021.


      Translated into English with Yandex.

      Finally, we have heard the Patriarch’s word regarding the issues of vaccination enforcement and QR codes that concern everyone in our country. After two years of silence, the Patriarch clearly and unequivocally spoke about the inadmissibility of segregation of society on any grounds, voluntary vaccination, as well as the inadmissibility of thoughtless digitalization, because of which people will be controlled by machines. “In fact, a simple and, importantly, an extra-judicial mechanism arises for excommunicating a person from basic rights— such as freedom of movement or being in public places, until this person fulfills the conditions for issuing a QR code,” the Primate of the Russian Church noted. Thus, he confirmed that the Church is alive and it hears people, caused hysteria in a number of offices on the Old Square with his speech and forced the media to cowardly cut speech, choosing only words about the “seal of the Antichrist”. But it is unlikely that our propagandists will go against the Church, recording the Patriarch as “enemies of the people”, and the president has not yet said his word.

      The official response from the Church regarding coronabesia and segregation of people had to wait exactly two years. Everyone was waiting for the Patriarch’s words, and instead of him, officials from the Church spoke, who repeated the propaganda cliches of pharmaceutical corporations. And finally, today, December 22, 2021, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, speaking at the diocesan assembly of Moscow, in his report paid special attention to the appeals of believers regarding QR, vaccination and segregation of people.

      The answer was calm and balanced, no one betrayed anyone, but even what was said has already caused hysteria in the ranks of propagandists and forced the media to openly distort the words of the Patriarch. What was actually said can be read on the official channel of the head of the Synodal Department for Relations between the Church and Society and the Media, Vladimir Legoyda. And first of all, Vladyka declared the voluntary vaccination.

      “As you know, I myself was vaccinated last year on the basis of doctors’ recommendations. At the same time, I am convinced that getting vaccinated or not is not a doctrinal question at all. This is a purely medical issue, a matter of personal choice and responsibility of a person, his life experience. In this regard, it is absolutely unacceptable to abuse pastoral authority on this and similar issues. And even more so, vaccination cannot be considered in any way as a sign of apostasy. Even if the whole world becomes an arena of segregation on an immune basis, the Church must remain free from such segregation and accept all people striving for Christ,” His Holiness said at the very beginning.

      How long have we all been waiting for these words! Here is the answer to all the bureaucrats who are running around with papers today – even if the whole world shouts “crucify”, fine and deprive – you will not get approval from the Church. Whatever it is, but Orthodoxy is about people and love, not about loot and obligations.

      Yes, the Patriarch further urged people not to lie. Moreover, he called on both sides. “At the same time, the sin of lying should be called both the deliberate insufficient and unreliable informing of people about the effects of vaccines, and the spread of unverified rumors and myths about the consequences of vaccination,” he said. And yes, he is right here, it’s time for us all to repent and sit down at the common table to discuss both the consequences of vaccination and its effectiveness against infection, and rumors about the consequences. Katyusha has repeatedly written that it is precisely because of the lack of this dialogue and the planting of the cult of “enemies of the people” instead that we have what we have.

      But the main thing was said further, because the Patriarch moved on to the topic of QR and digitalization.
      “The issue of assigning electronic certificates to citizens about the passage of a medical procedure, about the state of health — the so-called “immune status” using QR codes is now closely related to the topic of vaccination. The Holy Synod, in its August 25 message last year, noted with concern: “The use of digital identifiers, automated decision-making that could lead to the defeat of people and entire communities in their rights, extensive collection of personal data, including health information, as well as the processing of this data – all this requires control from society, including from the Church as a public institution.” The concern expressed by the Holy Synod fully persists today. The growing scope and volume of the collection of information about a person’s private life, including his health, as well as the accumulation and processing of relevant data opens up the possibility of unprecedented control over people’s lives — their movements, purchases, preferences, even the content of their communication. But the possibility of control is also the possibility of restrictions on human activity on almost any arbitrarily chosen basis and even coercion to what a person does not recognize as necessary or considers dishonest or sinful.

      By the grace of God, at the present time in Russia, the importance of preserving and protecting traditional religious and moral values is emphasized at the highest level of state power, and we firmly hope that this situation will continue to be maintained. However, many people in our country are concerned about the very risk that the use of technology, once legalized as a temporary measure and in exceptional circumstances, may subsequently be resumed, significantly expanded and lead to restrictions on fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as interference in people’s private and private lives. People are concerned about the introduction of a mechanism of “permissive” procedure for granting such rights and opportunities that were previously not questioned by anyone and were publicly available. In fact, there is a simple and, importantly, an extra-judicial mechanism for excommunicating a person from basic rights— such as freedom of movement or being in public places, until this person fulfills the conditions for issuing a QR code. In other words, the question is not about the connection between vaccination and QR codes, but how this system can be used in the future,” His Holiness said.

      This turned out to be the part of the Patriarch’s speech that all our media cowardly crossed out of the story about Vladyka’s speech. Moreover, it has already caused hysteria among the leaders of the Covid and Cuarization party. After all, the Patriarch did not just condemn digitalization – he clearly and unambiguously indicated the purpose of digitalization – the establishment of control over people in order to make them obedient cattle that have no right without the approval of the owners, moreover, it is not yet clear which owners.

      Moreover, he clearly linked the impossibility of uniting the plans of the globalists and the existence of Russia as a center of traditional religious and moral values. Either one or the other. Or today we are putting everything under the control of WHO, the IMF or other structures, but then we become the outskirts of the “Brave New World”. Or we will remain Russia, but preserving traditional religious and moral values not only without pederasty, feminism, but also without equalizing human and animal rights, as it began to happen in Europe, chipization and replacement of human rights with “norms” issued to people within the framework of covid, green or gender agendas.

      “We firmly hope that the state authorities, first of all its legislative bodies, will listen to the opinion of people concerned about the changes that may occur in the life of society as a result of increasing digitalization. It is important to remember that any technologies can only benefit when they are controlled by a person, and not when human life is made dependent on impersonal technology. Moreover, the use of tools that can affect the personal life and freedom of every person should stem from public consensus and be controlled by society,” the Patriarch added, continuing to drown the plans of globalists in Russia.

      Actually, there’s not much to add here. Unless only the fact that the attempt to replace society with paid experts and sociologists only worsened the problem, depriving people of trust not only of these experts and sociologists, but in many ways the government itself.
      And only at the end did Vladyka say what had been advertised by all our news agencies. “At the same time, I must say that it is inappropriate and sinful to talk about vaccination or about the assignment of a QR code in connection with it, as if it were the “seal of the antichrist.” It is also a sin to sow panic. Such arguments lead people away from understanding that enslavement to the antichrist consists in renouncing loyalty to the Lord in their deeds, words, in refusing to stay in the Church — and the notorious “seal” is only an external sign, a visible expression of the accomplished apostasy, from which we will firmly keep ourselves in love with Christ,” he added.

      And he’s right here, too. At least so far no one is forcing you to give up God in exchange for a quar. But what Western experience shows us and Popova, for example, is the current events and the creation of a quasi-religion of Covid, openly, what they say there is at least a rehearsal of how the events of the last days will take place – a fact. The scrapping of all moral and ethical norms, the equalization of man and animal, the prohibition of celebrating Christmas and the transformation of Santa, that is, St. Nicholas, who suffered for his faith during his worldly life, into a pederast, the actual refusal to condemn experiments on people is not only the way to a “New World Order”, but the way to “post-Christianity”, which will lead the Antichrist. If the Lord doesn’t stop everything sooner. Is there a need to panic here? No. But it is also impossible to remain silent, showing the “Era of the new slavery”, which is now being promoted by the elite from Wall Street.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        The only thing I quibble with is his belief that telling people about the dangers of the vaccine is “a sin because it is sowing panic”.

        I think it’s appropriate to yell “FIRE” in a crowded room if there is really a fire. If panic ensues it’s because of the fire; not because someone pointed it out. – There is a fire.

        • In a turn of irony related to the vax, I’m guessing you have seen that Patriarch Bartholomew, who has been fully “dosed” has contracted covid. The GOA is also demanding that all employees receive the booster by early 22’